Drew Lachey Expects His DWTS Skin Tone to Confuse His Daughter

09/25/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Drew Lachey is ready to dive back into dancing.

The 98 Degrees singer, 36, — who is partnered with Anna Trebunskaya rather than Cheryl Burke for Dancing with the Stars all-star season — calls ABC’s hit show, “a fun, energetic thing to be a part of.”

But much of his excitement about being on the program for the second time is having his little girl Isabella Claire be a part of the experience.

“In season two, my wife [Lea] was nine months pregnant with my daughter, who is now 6,” Lachey tells PEOPLE.

“They’re going to come out to L.A. for the entire run, for as long as I’m on. For me, personally, I need that balance. I need to have my family close by, so I can do the rehearsals, so I can do the show. Then I can leave it all and go home and be normal and be Dad.”

One thing the father of two looks forward to when he breaks away from his DWTS duties is “not [worrying] about whether it’s rhinestones or tulle, or spray-tanning or Fake Bake,” he says, jokingly. “Those are the hard, pressing questions you have to deal with on Dancing with the Stars.”

Adds Lachey, “I mean it just really, really weighs on you. So for me, I need to be able to go home and play with the kids and be real.”

The tanning is what the former mirrorball trophy champ expects to confuse his daughter the most.

“The skin tone might throw her off a little bit,” he says, adding with a smile, “But she likes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so she might just think I’m an Oompa Loompa.”

The bedazzled costumes, on the other hand, aren’t an anticipated concern for the star.

“My daughter is very theatrical,” Lachey explains. “She loves her little musicals at school, and being in dance class, and the costumes and all that stuff. She’s seen me in costume for Spamalot, she’s seen me in costume for Hairspray. She’s probably going to be like, ‘Oh, what are you doing? Cleaning the house?'”

— Dahvi Shira

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Renee on

Aw! That’s really cute. I know Melissa Rycroft said that she’s also excited to have her daughter in the crowd!

Anonymous on

I really like Drew–he has always seemed very down to earth. I felt bad that he was in the bottom two last night because I didn’t think he deserved to be. He wasn’t the best dancer on night one, but I didn’t think he was one of the worst two either. I’d love to see the fans vote based on the actual dancing this year, and not make it a popularity contest–to see who the actual all-star dancer is, not just the one with the biggest fan base.

Anonymous on

Nick Lachey was member of 98 degrees group not Drew

Lucille on

They both were in 98 Degrees.

Pam on

Drew AND nick were both in the group!

shelley on

They bothwere in 98 degrees

Yolanda on

Drew was also in the group of 98 degrees. Look it up

Anonymous on

Drew was in 98 Degrees too.

Sara on

Actually Nick and Drew were both part of 98 degrees – they were 2 of the 4 members of the group….

Alyssa on

They were both in 98 Degrees, along with Jeff Timmons & Justin Jeffre.

Guest on

Just in case anyone missed it…they were both in 98 degrees. Haaaaa

Anyway, Drew seems like a nice family man!

Anonymous on

Wait, were they BOTH members of 98*? 😉

Lizzy76 on

@Anonymous, is this why you are using this name? because you have stupid comments. Drew was in 98 Degrees. The band consisted of 4 guys Nick, Drew, Jeff and Justin. Good God, Educate yourself before coming on here and looking like and A$$

Lizzy76 on

@Alyssa, you are absolutely correct, I agree

cathy on

his young child is going to be confused about this “color” from DWTS? is this individual that shallow or just stupid? Babies are stimulated by primary colors, not the color of a fake and bake tan….get a grip!

Kaite on

She is 6, something tells me she will notice!! Lol!

Anonymous on

They were on the Today show summer concert series 08/17/2012 as 98 degrees.. youtube it

Ann on

Can’t believe he was in the bottom two……he can dance which is more that that boring Bristol can say….when did she become a STAR?

michelle on

Drew and Nick were both in 98 degrees….don’t comment on facts like that if you don’t know.

SJF on

Where does his family normally live? ““They’re going to come out to L.A. for the entire run, for as long as I’m on. For me, personally, I need that balance. … etc.” His daughter is 6? She should be in Kindergarten or 1st Grade and if “She loves her little musicals at school, and being in dance class…” she shouldn’t be ripped out of her environment and away from her friends just so he can have *her* support. He’s the father. He should suck it up and travel home on weekends and whenever he can. They aren’t the Joli-Pitts – at least those kids have private tutors and are used to traveling their whole lives (and have built-in playmates in the form of many siblings). His comments seem selfish and incredibly immature. His skin tone comment is either a bad joke or he’s incredibly stupid. Does he have a history of racism or is the headline just to grab attention for an otherwise lame article?

cocochanel on

His wife is coming with him, cause last time he had a affair with his partner (Cheryl “the hoe” Burke) she is dancing with Emmitt Smith this year. Get the hell out of here with all that “family man” his wife is not going to let him go anywhere without her!!

Margo on


Maybe this is why his wife and kids will be there 24/7 – his wife needs to keep a close eye on him.

Margo on

Google Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke – you will see why his wife and kids need to be close and keep a close eye on him.

boybandfan on

Drew and Nick are Brothers orig. From ohio drew still lives there