Kerri Walsh Jennings Expecting Third Child

09/24/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty

She’s just won her third Olympic gold medal … and now Kerri Walsh Jennings will have a third child as well.

The beach volleyball superstar, 34, and her husband Casey Jennings will welcome baby number three in April, they announced Monday on Today.

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant,” Walsh Jennings jokes. “Today I’m 11 weeks pregnant.”

Due April 9, the new arrival will join big brothers Sundance, 2, and Joseph, 3.

The couple say they started trying for a baby about a month before the London Games, assuming it would take some time to conceive. Little did Walsh Jennings know, she’d be playing the gold medal match with partner Misty May-Treanor at five weeks along.

“I thought it could have been the stress of the Games and travel throws your schedule off,” she explains. “At some point, you’re late and then you start feeling something. And I definitely started feeling something in London.”

Unlike her pregnancies with her sons, Walsh Jennings is experiencing morning sickness this time around.

“This little one is kicking my butt! The first two were pretty easy, but with this one, I’m sick every day,” she admits. “I’ve got some awesome acne. I just feel different.”

— Sarah Michaud

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Marcia on

Congrats Kerri! Misty May will be the next to announce her pregnancy. She has said she would retire to focus on family.

lovesKerri! on

OMG! Congrats!!! Love her!! Misty May and Kerri were AMAZING at the London games – you girls ROCK THE HOUSE!! What a blessing! Congrats again to you and your family!

Anonymous on

What fun news! Now her baby can say I was at the Olympics while in mommy’s belly! Cool! Maybe Kerri will ‘hit the boy jackpot’ as I say about my three boys. Good luck and hope the sickness goes away soon!

Brooklyn on

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant,”

That comment comes off a little weird to me…I mean I guess it’s true, but it feels to me that she’s saying that to get more praise? I don’t know, just seems a little off. Anyways, congrats to her.

Kristy on

Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!! Kerri makes BEAUTIFUL Babies. Hopefully this one will be a girl. Congrats! ❤

Anonymous on

Its a girl.

CBW on

So great! With all that morning sickness, I bet she’s having a girl!

Traci on

Congrats Kerri! This pregnancy feels different, sounds like she is having a girl this time!!!

Jana on

Congrats!! I bet she is having a girl since this one is so different!!

Jess on

Congrats to you and your family. You deserve all the happiness life can bring. You’re such a fantastic role model for our youth today. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

Alissa on

Congrats!!! Kerri makes it all look soooo easy! I’m sure it’s not, but being an Olympic athlete (twice) then having two babies back to back, training for a third Olympics, winning again and another baby…I’m just tired typing it all! LOL!

jennifer blair on

congrats kerri to you and your family. this must of been a shock to you when you found out. i hope the little one will get a gold medal at some point.

Mia on

Sounds like a girl to me too! – Congrats!

Jennifer on

Sounds like someone is having a GIRL. Congrats!!

dupster51 on

She was amazing in the Olympics, and now to find out she was pregnant–even more amazing Go Kerri GO!!!

akri on

Soo happy for her! I’m going to miss them 2 playing 2gether but looking forward to seeing her in 4 yrs and hopefully another gold medal.

kat on

She is real and I am so happy for her. Congrats!

Anonymous on

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country”. You did not do this for the USA. You did it for yourself! What an idiot.

Le on

Same thought

Maggie on

Congrats! You’re due one day before me! 🙂

niks on

She makes it seem like she was in the war not the olympics… anyways congratulations

Liz on

She was being lighthearted – it comes across in the video if you click the link, all typed out not so much.

Congratulations! Love Kerri. I’m very interested to see what they name this one – their two boys’ names are so different but her and Casey always have such great explanations for why they chose what they did.

Kim on

Anonymous = Troll. Please let my response be the only one to it.

Tee on

congratulations to kerri and her husband! that’s awesome news 🙂

and for those that continue to hate on her, just remember that she’s won three gold medals and you haven’t, so shut up and keep it moving.

Anonymous on

Congrats! My due date is also April 9th! 🙂

Kica on

It’s gonna be a girl! 😀

WooHoo on

Love, love, love her! Congrats!

rosa on

congrats!! sounds like a girl!

Pat Serio on

I’m predicting a girl Kerri…. congratulations!! you have beautiful children !!

Chris on

Why would she start trying to conceive a month before the Olympics? To say “we thought it would take a while to conceive” makes no sense. It’s not like it’s a cumulative thing. It only takes once.

Lindsay on

Chris, it may take only once but maybe she figured it would take awhile because of her age. For most couples it usually takes between 3-6 months if they don’t have fertility issues.

doseedo on

Totally agree, Brooklyn.

Sunshine on

WOW!!! Such wonderful news!!!! As far as I am concerned Kerri is GOLDEN, absolutely love this girl. Together with Misty they were the very best….EVER. I hope someday they will reunite again. Until then CONGRATULATION to the Mommy to be and I think this time it might be a little girl.

Marcia on

It’s a girl. I was far sicker with my daughter than I was with my son, but she was so worth it!

SoOverYou on

No, she made that blanket statement about “throwing her body around fearlessly for the gold” to take the sting off the fact that she was pregnant and involved in serious activity, you know, everyone frowns on that. To each his own, not sure why you’d risk trying to conceive before such an event and chance losing the baby, but everything is alright, so I wish her the best.

boohoobytch on

omg, that’s a blessing considering the wear and tear their bodies went through….wishing her a healthy and safe pregnancy/delivery – I too think it’s a girl (I’m not a mom, just heard horror stories about girls lmao)

Teresa on

CONGRATS!! So happy for them! Hope it’s a girl this time..:-)

Anonymous on

Kim were you offended by my comment? Thank you for the special shout out. You must be related to this jerk.

Lisa on

These two women just seem so great – I don’t follow the sport but I enjoy seeing them play in the last 3 olympics. And every article I’ve read on them has shown that they work very hard but are down to earth and very genuine. I love how she said “awesome acne”! LOL. Congrats on the gold and the baby!

MollyF on

Annonymous, you must be a chicken, because you hide behind the Annonymous name. You sit behind your keyboard and want to spew ignorant comments. You’re the one who is a jerk.

Congrats to Kerri. 🙂

fakename on

oy, “sundance.” poor little guy.

Anonymous on

Very cool news !!! I’m thinking a girl too

Jay on

I don’t mean to be critical but why wouldn’t you wait one more month until after the olympics to start “trying” to get pregnant? She is young and has two other kids so infertility doesn’t seem to be a problem. Hope the baby is ok.

Paula on

To all of you who are saying she’s going to have a girl just because she’s had morning sickness this time around – you could be wrong. Just because she has this time does NOT mean it’s a girl. Every pregnancy is different, as any of you who have had more than one child know. Does NOT mean she’ll have a girl. Look at Melissa Joan Hart as an example. She said this last pregnancy was WAY different than her previous two, and now she has three sons.

Wives tales do NOT predict the sex of a baby, just saying.

Anonymous on

The baby will be fine; that tiny little thing has plenty of space for any jars to be absorbed at the point of pregnancy that she was at when she was playing at the games.

Also, don’t be deceived; I have two boys and felt great with one and so, so sick with the other!!

fanofboardwalkempire on

Just thrilled for Kerri and her family- what great news.

this little baby paricipated in a gold medal win! how very cool is that? YEAH! great news.

ELC on

Congrats…maybe its a girl this time now that you are not feeling the same?

arialovegv on

3rd gold medal, 3rd child! It was meant to be! Congratulations Kerri! So excited for you!

Lea on

“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant,”

– that statement makes me sick to my stomach.

Crystal on

Loooove Keri!!! I was THRILLED for her and Misty when they won the gold. Fabulous ladies for our children to look up to. Congrats on the pregnancy. It doesn’t matter why they started trying a month before the Olympics. That is there business and we don’t have the right to question their motives for having another baby. Why doesn’t everyone get off their high horses and congratulate the parents to be instead of being rude and critical? Sheesh! People can be so cruel and judgmental. Congrats again to the Walsh-Jennings family!

Audrey on

Olympic athletes should be given pregnancy tests prior to the games and be made ineligible if they are pregnant. No way she did not know she was pregnant 5 weeks along. She chose to take a risk and now she has to explain it and oh, I bet the baby is born “early”.

amy on

What a bunch of sniping harpies on here.

Anonymous on

Liz- That was my guess, too (that she was being light-hearted)!

Lindy- Exactly! My guess is that it took them a few months to concieve the boys (despite the extremely close age gap between them, Kerri has made it clear multiple times that both were planned!) so they thought it would be the same this time.

In anycase, congrats to them, and it DOES sound as if a little girl might be on the way! 🙂

JR on

I wonder if they will name the baby “London” or “Londyn” or something with a British flair.

Maybe “Sandy” as a salute to the ground she was throwing her pregnant belly into.

Big Ed on

If this is exciting to you then I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should start living your own life instead of living through others!

Sharon on

Big Ed, apparently you are interested, too, if you are on this website.

Sandy on

wow to be in the early stages of pregnancy and pushing your body so hard! amazing! many women are throwing up and laying on the couch- exhausted! good luck and I hope it’s a girl!

Kat A. on


mom, ph.d. on

f*ck anonymous. uneducated hater. sorry for your kids.

mom, ph.d. on

@amy: it’s been like that since took over. they don’t moderate so trolls like anonymous love forums like this.

Sandy on

What an idiot.. She endangered her babys life and we are supposed to say what that we are soooo proud of her olympic performance? She should be ashamed of herself.

meghan on

Sandy, she’s not an idiot and she’s not a porcelain doll. Her baby was not in danger and what she does or does not do is none of your business.

Sharon on

I love her!!! I’m so excited!! I agree with all the other posts…i think this one may be a girl 🙂

Sharon on

I love Kerri and Misty May!! I’m so excited for her. I agree with the others…i think this one may be a girl 🙂 By the way, people who are freaking about about her straining her body-she will be fine. I have a friend who owns a gym. She ran 5+ miles/day and worked out constantly in the beginning of her pregnancies, and she had 3 healthy babies.

Anonymous on

Audrey- She never said she didn’t know. It IS possible that she didn’t, though. Not all women rush out to buy a pregnancy test the second they’re “late”.

And as for explaining why she took a risk….I hope she doesn’t! She doesn’t own anyone an explaination of her choices!

Anonymous on

Okay, I re-read the article, and I stand corrected. She DID make it pretty clear that she didn’t know. But like I said in my previous post, she may well be telling the truth!

Anita on

Congrats Kerri & Casey on your exciting news! I loved watching you & Misty May kick some v-ball but in London!

JaxnRhythm on

she feels different because she’s having a GIRL!!!!

Reuben Dyer on

April 9th is my bday! Hope it comes then!

Melissa on

CONGRATS KERRI! Guess what crazies? You can still conceive a baby while playing volleyball at the Olympic games in London. I am sure she did not know that saying she was throwing her body around at five weeks pregnant would make you all go nuts; Just like she probably did not know at the time she was five weeks pregnant! And who is the Looney Toon saying she should have waited until after the games to try to conceive because she already had two healthy children…Is this China? Are we allotting for how many children Kerri can have when? That is the most disturbing post of them all….

Denise S. on

I had morning sickness for 4 months with each of my BOYS. I don’t know why people think you’re having a girl when you have morning sickness. It has more to do with the hormone levels than the sex of the baby.

Syd The Kid on

i love you!!!!