Third Child on the Way for Harold Perrineau

09/21/2012 at 02:30 PM ET

Harold Perrineau Third Child on Way
David Livingston/WireImage

Three’s company!

Harold Perrineau and wife Brittany are expecting their third child in late winter, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The new addition will join older sistersΒ Wynter Aria, 4, andΒ Aurora Robinson, 18, at home.

Perrineau received much acclaim for his role of Augustus Hill on the HBO series Oz, and as Michael Dawson on ABC’s Lost. He currently plays the antagonistic Damon Pope on FX’s Sons of Anarchy. Later this year, Perrineau, 49, will star opposite Brian Austin Green in the TBS series Wedding Band.

Brittany, 36, is the co-creator of Ice Cream Heads, a children’s bath and shampoo line due to launch in October. The products will be available online and through select retailers.

— Monica Rizzo

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! The age difference between their kids is pretty interesting, but I like it.

Easyup on

Don’t know them but are you sure you have the right picture? Age 49 and 36, he looks 19 and she 23, anyway, congrats.

Alissa on

Klutzy_girl: I had to re-read it, I thought it said 18 months. Yes, that is a big gap, I wonder if they are both theirs or not. Anyway, congrats to them and the new baby, new show and new business.

Liz on

Congrats! Loved Harold on Lost.

Alissa, yes both girls are theirs, they just started young and then took a break. πŸ˜‰

marybeth on

love him in Oz! such a great show!

Emry on

they look like heidi and seal with such a different skin color against each other, i didn’t know he was married or had kids, i LOVED lost though!!

LW on

Harold Perrineau is 49?!!!! Wow – It seems like only yesterday he was Mercutio in the Leo DiCaprio/Clare Danes Romeo and Juliet. He’s a great actor….and congratulations!

librababe on

Wow, I like the kids’ age differences, that’s really cool. Beautiful family.

toni on

She had her first child at 18 and he was 31. I’m happily surprised that they have made it work for so long. Maybe thats why the break between the 1st and 2nd daughter. Brittany probably took some time to know herself.

RKF on


Huh? They look nothing like Seal and Heidi whatsoever! Not all African-Americans and pretty blondes are identical.

That being said, they look *really* young! Wow, I need their skin care routine. Congrats to them.

swill7410 on

The older one is not his…

Anonymous on

swill7410 both children are most certainly is. How dare you assume that they are not. That is just rude.

Dana_Dane on

swill7410 Both girls are theirs, Robinson is Aurora’s middle name

tellinit on

They look beautiful together. Who the hell cares about color.

He has lovely dark skin, and hers…a delightful shade of alabaster.

Lana on

My children are 17 years, 11 months apart. Sometimes things just happen in life that make big age differences.

Shirl on

Congratulations!! Beautiful couple!! Can’t wait to see pic of the blessed baby!

Just my 2 cents on

They do look really good for their age!

Unfortunately I hate his character on SOA but thats the way it’s supposed to be I think. πŸ™‚

Congrats on the pregnancy.

stacy on

Congrats to them! They got married in 2002, so at least they waited and made sure it was meant to be. Kudos to them for being a Hollywood couple together for over 18 years….

sonya on

Congratulations. so glad everyone is happy and healthy.

Rent the movie ‘The Bear’. Perrineau was great in that movie along with Anthony Hopkins.

jones on

Congrats to them. I had to laugh about the comment about him receiving acclaim for his role on Lost. To me he was one of the weakest actors on that show.

Ivy. on

This is exciting. They make gorgeous children! I was at the premiere for LOST’s final season and (then) baby Wynter was absolutely stunning! I love the names they’ve chosen for the girls, too.

Becky on

Don’t know who they are, but congrats on the new baby..They are a very good lookin (and young looking) couple..

jjjj on

He goes for the hot white chicks.

elysummers on

@Alissa, Harold and his wife are that old, and the kids are Harold and Brittany’s kids. I’ll bet he is a great dad, husband and a really nice guy.

swill7410 on

Ugh Anonymous & Dana you’re exhausting…I went to school with his wife many moons ago & he is most definitely not auroras bio dad…but as a former single mother who married an amazing man who is more than a father to my oldest I should have phrased it differently…my mistake…

Anonymous on

swill7410- And how do you know that? DId she tell you? Or did you just see her with another guy and assume? At any rate, if they say that both of the girls are theirs together, then I believe them!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Also, if you click on where it says “older sisters”, it takes you to an article with a picture of the whole family…and you can see that Aurora looks just like Harold (but with Brittany’s skin tone)! πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on


Geetz on

awwww congrats!!!!!!!! i’m sure their 3rd will be as gorgeous as his/her sisters. both aurora and wynter are very beautiful

Sarah K, on

They only got married in 2002 (Aurora was already 8), so swill7410 may be right here.

Connie on

Such a large age gap between the three children.

Anonymous on

Sarah K- Lots of celebs have kids before getting married, though (and some, such as Brad and Angie, opt to wait several years between the two!), so I don’t think that means anything.

Pammy on

From what I have read, Harold’s mother is named Aurora…so I would assume his daughter is named for her. And, that would mean that Aurora is definitely his!

rosa on

yuck! harold please come to your senses soon.leave snow white for tiana πŸ™‚

rosa on

harold,please come to your senses soon. gabrielle union is gorgeous…just saying

Tru on

Both kids are theirs together. If you look up their profiles on the internet, Brittany is also an actress, you see all their background information that states this. They had a daughter in 1994 but never got married until 2002.

Danielle on

Didn’t you learned anything from the experience of Heidi Klum…..?

Rhonda on

Congratulations to them! They’re a great looking couple and their children are gorgeous. He does not look his age.