Leigh-Allyn Baker Welcomes Son Baker James

09/21/2012 at 07:30 PM ET
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Good luck, Baker!

Leigh-Allyn Baker, who plays a mom of five on Disney Channel’s hit family sitcom Good Luck Charlie, welcomed her second son via c-section on Tuesday, Sept. 18, she confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are so blessed and thankful to welcome Baker James Kauffman into our family,” Baker, 40, and her husband Keith Kauffman — who are already parents to 3-year-old son Griffin — tells PEOPLE.

“We are more than just smitten. We are absolutely, madly in love.”

Baby Baker weighed in at 6 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

In June, Baker revealed that the couple was considering their naming options.

“James is my husband’s middle name and my father-in-law’s name,” she said. “The other name is Baker, my maiden name. It will either be Jasper James or Baker James.”

Baker it is!

— Michelle Tauber

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clmiller2 on

aww.. yeah he shares my Bday!! love the name!

Lisa on

What if he one day wanted to take his mom’s last name? He’d be Baker Baker. Really?

Kell on

Why in the world would he take his mothers last name? My first name is my mothers maiden last name and I love it. It’s a namesake and it gives it meaning.

Jude on

Lisa if u would read the article before commenting u would realize what she said. Her maiden name is Baker her husbands last name is Kauffman.

Cooper on

What will they nick name him, Bakey? Strange.

Nicole on

Some people don’t use nicknames. They’re not mandatory. Both my kids go by their actual names.

Sarah S. on

Congrats to her and her family–she seems like such a great Mom! πŸ™‚

Becky on

Love the name..Congrats.

Mindy on

Please stop this trend of belts above bumps, it looks really silly and seems like it would hurt when you sat down.

mamato3littles on

Named him Baker after her surname Baker? Weird.

Barbara on

First of all, I love her! As a mom who has has to watch quite a bit of kids tv, I love her show because she is so entertaining. Second, Baker is a great name. People who have to make snarky comments leave me baffled. Do you manage to have grace and manners in your face-to-face interactions? Say something positive or don’t post. It’s a baby blog, not TMZ!

BlueSkidoo on

I love using mom’s last name as a first name. And why would they need anything for short? Not everyone has a nickname.

DaisyMoon on

Love her, hate the name…

Why give the first son a normal name, but not the second? Poor kid…

I’ll bet you anything he’ll choose to go by *James* when he’s older.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

JMO on

I love her on glc. Not a fan of the name though.

RKF on


What an awful first name.

NaMe90 on

I like the name. Cute idea.

kristin on

My dog’s name is Baker.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

Congrats and many blessings…loved her on Will and Grace.

Kristen on

So what have you women named your children? Please offer up your choices so we can let you know if we approve or not.

Anonymous on

I don’t understand why people think using mom’s maiden name for part of a child’s name is weird. My ancestors are from the South and in doing genealogy research I’ve seen this quite a bit, mainly with sons. My mom’s maiden name is Walker and if I ever have a son that’s what I plan to name him.

Lindy on

I for one think the name is awesome. I am a fan of using the mother’s maiden name as the child’s first name. And I plan on using my maiden name as a first name for one of my children (as long as my sister doesn’t steal it first). Baker is a good name, and not all that strange.

Ari on

I really wanted to use my maiden name for our first child’s name but we ended up with all girls and my maiden name is Scott! I like the idea of giving your children the mother’s last name as a first name (when you have a surname that works). I like the name Baker! It’s cute and fairly unique as a first name.

MeredithM on

It’s nice they used her name as the first name. And if he wanted to he could always go by James. Congrats to them.

RS on

Love the show! congrats!

Marilyn on

That makes three celebrity babies born Sept. 18: Leigh-Allyn, Melissa Joan Hart, and Robbie Williams (he had a girl named Theodora but her nickname is Teddy).

Sharon on

Congrats to them! I think the name is adorable!

Sharon on

Ari, Scott is my husbands name πŸ™‚

MOM on

we love Good Luck Charlie, the mom is my favorite and i am “old” lol, my 10 yr. old will let me know when it is on because we sit and watch the show together, Congratulations on your baby

Emily on

Lisa, what are the odds of him growing up and taking his mother’s maiden name as his last…??

Anna @ Blissfully Banana on

Who remembers her from Will & Grace??

Xan on

Funny, I spoke about this fascinating habit with my (hispanic) grandmother earlier today. I told her that my husband (caucasian) wanted us to name our future son his grandmother’s maiden name. If we did that with my grandmothers’ maiden names, our child would be Estevez or Pena. To each their own, but honestly, it seems like a very silly tradition to me. I like when surnames just stay surnames. If I want to honor someone in my family, giving them that person’s first name seems more appropriate (at least to me).

stomptheknob on

I love her on “Good Luck Charlie.” My kids love the show and she is fabulous on it. I am so happy for her and her boys.

Lynn on

First of all, he could go by “BJ” if he wanted a nickname which would be fine since a lot of people use their first two initials together and secondly, many people take their maiden name and use it as a baby’s first name.

I know of someone who took their maiden name of “Reed” and named their oldest son by her maiden name and another whose maiden name was Clark and her son is named Clark so that’s not particular strange or uncommon for people to do that. It is done quite a bit if the woman is an only child and would like to have the name carried on in some way.

Just because not everyone wants their child to be named John, William, or Robert doesn’t make them strange since there are all sorts of names in the world to use.

Mistye on

I love the name!! My father has his mother’s maiden name as a middle name, since I’m a single Mom my son has my maiden name, problem solved! I have a creative name, creatively spelled too, (Thanks Dad!), so I think anyone brave enough to give their child a name that isn’t so generic is awesome! My son’s name is Jacob, not even on the top 100 boy names list when he was born, two months later it was number 1!!! LOL…

Anonymous on

Congrats to modern comedy queen Leigh-Allyn and her boys Keith and Griffin on baby Baker James!!! She needs in a little girl in her male world!!!;)

Anonymous on

Cooper- I actually once knew someone with a son named Baker, and she called him “Bake”. That may sound weird, but it actually fit him and sounded endearing! πŸ™‚

Anyway, congrats to the family!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Leigh-Allyn, Keith & Griffin on the birth of baby Baker!!

I actually much prefer ‘Baker James’ to ‘Jasper James’ and she seems like a really nice lady!!

Charlotte on

Aw so cute! Thought she was set on Jasper but this name is adorable! Congrats to them πŸ™‚

Sue on

Love the name! How wonderful to give your child a name that has meaning rather than a ridicuous name that means absolutely nothing! GREAT name!


LOL, I would never go by “BJ”. Reminds me of B***job ^^

The name Baker is strange but he could always use James.


Marie on

I like Good Luck Charlie and she’s entertaining. I don’t like the name Baker though. Why choose your maiden name as your child’s first name? I was hoping she was gonna choose Jasper James! Anyhoo, congratulations! πŸ™‚

Shannie on

I think the name flows together nicely. My maiden name is my son’s middle name. I like the idea of uainf our maiden name, its a nice way fo carry on your name. Ironically, it seems like my maiden name is becoming a Disney favorite, it’s the first name in a few Disney shows right now.

Jat on

I guess I am way too old….but, I really don’t think the belt right below bustline and above the pregnant belly is attractive. It seems like it would be so uncomfortable.

Anonymous on

Love love love Amy Duncan!!! Congrats to her!

momma bear on

I just love this lady on GLC, even when my kids are at school I will sometimes watch the show by myself! Personally, I don’t like the name she chose but that is her right to name her children what she wants to. Enjoy your beautiful healthy baby!

marlee on

My daughter’s middle name is “Baker” – she was named in honor of a family friend of ours. She adores her middle name, and claims she is such a good baker (she is!) because of her name. Congrats to Leigh-Allyn on her second son. My family loves watching her on “Good Luck Charlie.”

Carrow on

Jasper James is a really cool name! I might have to steal it for myself.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations! How exciting and I love the name!

Debi t on

My husband is named his mothers last name Nelson. Seems like it would ba uncommon but I have met others with the name. Congrats to her and her family.

Rachel on

Totally not digging the belt. I’m sure it was her childless stylist’s idea.

taunyacurry on


Alyssa on

That belt looks STUPID

soph on

Uh, Lisa? I’m pretty sure “one day” he’ll realize that taking his mother’s last name wouldn’t make any sense.

Sarah.S. on

Congrats! Baker has a family connection and I am sure he will appreciate that when he gets older. It’s significantly better than some random name created because it ‘sounds nice’.

Rosie O on

I absolutely love her on Good Luck Charlie. Congratulations to them all!

essie on

that is the dumbest name ever….regardless of it being her maiden name….so silly. poor kid. baker? ugh!

KJW on

Congratulations!! Baker is a great first name I think that it’s really neat that you gave him your last name for his first name! How cool!! Good Luck Charlie is my favorite Disney show! Momma Amy Duncan rules!

Kirsha on

I like that she took a surname, hers, and used it. My son’s whole name is surnames. His first name is in honor of a friend of mine that died at 18, his middle name is my maiden name, and of course then his last name. He knows the meaning of his name and likes it.

Anonymous on

Jude- Yes, and she was saying that if Baker were to choose to use “Baker” as his surname rather than “Kauffman”, THEN he’d be “Baker Baker”.

Brooke on

Congrats to the family!

I love the idea of using a madien name as a babies name. In fact when I have a baby I will use my moms maiden name as it’s name, πŸ™‚

Tammy on

My son’s name is Baker! We do call him Bakey sometimes and we love it. It suits him.

Robyn on


Tracy on

We watch alot of “Good Luck Charlie” in my house. Love her on it! I too really like the name she picked. Congrats on the lil one!!!!

Allison on

With a 6 yr old daughter in the house, we watch a lot of GLC. I love it and love having a show the entire family can watch. Shocking to see all the negative posts. We need to encourage each other and teach our children to do the same.

Hailee on

I absolutely LOVE watching Good Luck Charlie with my sister. Amy Duncan is 1 of my favorite characters on that show! πŸ™‚ Congratulations on Baker Kauffman and have a good time with him!

Erin on

I love her! With all the crazy names now what is so weird about Baker? People thought I was weird because I named my son Richard after my dad instead of some name like Aiden or Tyler but its my dad’s name and it means alot…congrats to her and her beautiful family!

Stacie on

Y’all are a bunch of F-in assholes!!! She’s from Kentucky!!! Maybe it’s just a “southern” thing, but, it’s not uncommon to name a child by a moms maiden name! Just because it might not be “the thing to do” where YOU live, doesn’t mean it’s “weird!!” I have a friend who named her child Baker, and as far as I know, it’s NOT a family name! It’s not a weird name! It IS a normal name! At least it isn’t “Apple!!” :/

hiitsme on

hi I love the show the name is cute no matter what no one says

hiitsme on

cute name no matter what no one says πŸ™‚

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