Kristin Cavallari: My Labor Was Worth Every Minute

09/20/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Jonathan Clay Harris

While her pregnancy may have been smooth sailing, labor was a whole new ball game for first-time mom Kristin Cavallari. (Yes ladies, she went for the epidural!)

Fiancé Jay Cutler was away at Chicago Bears training camp, prepping for the current football season when the former reality star woke up at 4 a.m. with what she thought were contractions.

“I texted Jay and he happened to be awake and he said, ‘I’m coming home!'” she recalls.

After a call to her doctor, Cavallari, 25, deduced that it must have been false labor.

“We went for a walk and I could get through the pains,” she explains. “I said, ‘Ouch this really hurts,’ but I was kind of laughing through them. My doctor was like, ‘Trust me, you’ll know when it’s the real deal!'”

Later that day, she did. When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital. And after 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, Camden Jack arrived at 2 a.m. on Aug. 8 — his due date.

“The pain was like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” the new mom admits of her labor and delivery. “It was so painful but a different kind of pain — because I knew we were going to meet our son. It was worth every minute and I’ll do it again.”

For exclusive photos of Camden — plus details about Cavallari’s life as a new mom and if more kids are in their future — pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Susan on

This doesn’t seem like a very solid relationship. Clearly she got knocked up to save it. But he wasn’t there for the delivery and not in the newborn shots. yeah this will be over before the kid is one.

Susan on

Just like most Dads he was working. If you read the article you will see he came home that afternoon. Go be bitter towards someone else.

morgan on

Jay is a professional football player… Just because he missed the People magazine shoot doesn’t mean he wasn’t there for the real ones. And do you read? It says he was there for the delivery. Stop hating cuz you’re jealous.

CM on

Susan, where does it say he wasn’t there? Oh yeah it doesn’t.

Hilary on

You know everyone has a different birth story and experiences, should not be a competition! In the end the best part is having a beautiful, healthy baby. I like that she said she would do it all over again, that says alot…and I couldn’t agree more! Congratulations to them both!

Lisa on

Susan, you are an idiot! Clearly u are a negative person and can’t be happy for someone.

NAVYwife on

@Susan, I hate to break it to you but jut because he’s at work an not in any pictures means NOTHING. My husband is in the military an #1. I lived ALONE from week 27 until after we brought our baby home from the hospital. Ten days later, I lived alone again. My husband was not in any newborn pictures either, infact, he wasn’t even in the same state.

So, are you also going to tell me that I am in an unstable relationship an I got pregnant to save it?!?!?

Don’t judge. Not every woman is lucky enough to constantly have their man by their side.

Kimberly on

We had the same due date August 8th, I had my baby Colin Jeffrey on August 3rd though! Congratulations!

bh on

Try it without an epidural and 32 hours of labor.

Dla on

Where in this article does it say she had an epidural? Just because she’s a celebrity you assume this??

CM on

Dla, at the top of the story…

Tara on

Congratulations Kristin and Jay!! Having a baby is the best thing ever! I love my daughter more and more each day!! They are such blessings!!

LVB on

Really? She was in pain WITH an epidural?? Try having two kids and be in labor for 16 1/2 hrs, push for 4 hrs, WITHOUT an epidural and then she say she was in pain! Lord, these young ladies think they have it so rough!

Jill on

Shut it. Leave the poor girl alone. Everyone’s different.

Jessica on

LVB, oh shut the hell up everyone is different, you think you had it rough think of the poor native American women that did it alone without anyone I was in labor for 36 hours and took me half that time to get to 4 and I got the shot as well and still felt pain and than doctors had to give me a c section try that for pain you dumb f u c k

Amanda on

Wow Jessica. That’s mature. Mama is a classy lady swearing at strangers on the Internet. Your family must be proud.

slcota on

All the haters just stop.. everyone has a different labor experience.. what hurts one person might not hurt the next!! I am happy for her.. she seemed to have an easy pregnancy, and overall an easy delivery.. no complications. I have had 3 kids.. all 3 I had a different experience… Why are mothers so hateful and hurtful to one another?!?!

Sara on

Well said slcota!!!

Pam on

Everyone always thinks they had the toughest labor. Love the comments

LK on

Susan…..It clearly states “When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital”. Why is there a need to criticize her? I didn’t realize you were in the relationship too.

Catca on

Ladies, it’s not a contest about who was in the most pain in labor. There is nothing wrong with her feeling pain in labor (that’s normal) and asking for an epidural as a result (also normal).

You also might want to read a little better. The story clearly states that her fiance was away at training camp, not off partying somewhere and came home as soon as she told him she was in labor. It was false labor so he went back to practice, came home and the real labor began. He was there for that and the delivery.

How do you know he’s not in any newborn pics? People mag showed 1 pic as a preview of their spread and if he’s not in the pics, it’s because of an editorial decision on the part of People, not because there’s a problem with the relationship. It’s difficult to get knocked up to save a relationship without a willing partner.

Congratulations to the Cutler family and welcome to Chicago Kristen and baby Camden.

angrybabykitty on

Awww…he has beautiful eyes!

Mary on

No epidural for me, 3 kids. I had an epidural for a recent knee replacement surgery, it seemed to take forever for it to wear off.

Kerry on

Good for some of you that had children without epidurals….it doesn’t make you any better than the rest of us.

Just because you get one doesn’t mean you don’t experience pain. You have no idea how long anyone was even in labor before accepting the epidural. I had a C-section (preemie), normal w/ epi and another C-section at 38…they were all painful but worth it.

Women need to quit putting each other down for this, it is really unfortunate and ugly.

Sarah on

Please…try it without an epidural…she doesn’t even know the pain lol

CM on

Sarah, maybe she did and decided after a few hours to get one.. Story doesn’t specify. Lots of women try to go natural and end up with the Epi… Doesn’t mean they are more or less “tough” than someone else w/a different experience.

antoniah on

Susan, please re-read the article?!?! He wasn’t there? You draw lots of conclusions that no matter how hard I read between the lines can’t see. Give people a chance to play their lives out without the need to rip them apart constantly.

LizzyM on

10 hours of labor? What a baby! Try 24 hours of laor and 1 hour of pushing…then we can talk!

Lisa on

LizzyM, that’s all she’s known, it’s her first child. Like another post said… It’s not a competition. It all f’in hurts. We share that as women, it’s not about one upping each other

Tennessee Mom on

My monthly cramps hurt far worse than my labor pains. I had to be induced. The staff kept telling me I was having contractions according to the monitor but I felt NOTHING. They had to break my water for me.

They told me it was time to push, no episiotomy…they were just trying to get her to crown. Then BAM. My daughter was brought into this world like a rocket on the 3rd push. It was HILARIOUS. The Dr. screamed. Her entire body literally flew out and nearly hit the ground. lol. The Dr. had to lunge to catch her.

I had it easy compared to some horror stories I heard. My epidural got twisted, I could feel my legs but it thankfully numbed the areas that mattered most. I was 20 then. My hubby and I are ready to try for more. I’m hoping and praying this goes as smoothly. Ugh. Others pregnancy stories freak me

Tennessee Mom on

Forgot to add I’m 33 now. Does it get easier with age??? Lol I raise a glass to ALL mothers. We are all awesome!!! 🙂

MAL on

Some of you ladies are such dorks. Labor and the amount of pain you felt isn’t a competition!

“Try it without an epidural and 32 hours of labor.” Followed by…”Really? She was in pain WITH an epidural?? Try having two kids and be in labor for 16 1/2 hrs, push for 4 hrs, WITHOUT an epidural and then she say she was in pain! Lord, these young ladies think they have it so rough!” Next I will see “Well I was in labor for an entire week and pushed for 48 hours!!! WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL!”

Really ladies, that’s great and all – maybe even give yourself a pat on the back – but trust me when I say no one really gives a sh*t. Just be happy for Kristin or any other mom out there who delivers a healthy baby. Being a mother is hard enough without having to deal with people constantly judging you – LITERALLY from the moment you give birth.

Momof3boys on

MAL, you rock! Love ur response!

t-a on

So so true! Love this.

Jamie on

The baby looks just like him. Yikes!

Amanda on

It hurt and she had an epidural? What a waste of massively drugging her newborn baby into a state only Cheech and Chong would understand. She should try the pain of having one naturally.

AQ on

The epidural isn’t what “drugs” the baby. It is the optional narcotic pain killer they put in your hand IV prior to offering epidural. You’re not a better mother because you did it pain killer free. You are awesome NO MATTER WHAT way you give birth.

Amanda on

What is it naptime? All the whiners have too much time on their hands and are online. Save your guilt for someone who cares, not a complete stranger. What a loser, trolling the Internet for people who live their life differently than you. Then whining around their opinion. If an epidural numbs your whole lower half, imagine what it does to a being not even half the size of your lower half. There is a reason they don’t crawl up and start breast feeding on their own after their mother took an epidural. They are drugged!

Tara on

Seriously, labor is NOT the worst pain Ive had- the biopsy on my cervix was MORE painful. Yes, I was lucky- I was in labor for about 6 hrs, 7 if you count when my water broke and an hour later the contractions started but yes the contractions were painful.

My friends grandson was born on monday- granted the mom was in labor for less than 3 hours- but she has 80+ stitches and YES that is possible as shes not the first Ive known to have torn from vagina to anus. 3 pushes and the baby was out- the baby was crowning before they could get the epidural. Yep, she was a lucky kid but Id take 30hrs of labor over all those stitches that make it soo painful for her to walk and sit.

Didn't Read on

Susan clearly you didn’t read at all, he was there, they said by the time he got there, she was ready to go, so where do you see what he wasn’t there. Why are you concerned about their relationship anyway? They have a healthy baby out of this whether you believe it was a accident or not. And to those who keep saying. “well I had mine naturally” who cares. She did what she had to do for her.

Lori on

Come on People Mag. Why when you “break” a story, you have to continue to keep on reporting it whether it’s a birth, a wedding, a divorce, etc. Give us some fresh news.

Lau O. on

All those saying try it for this many hours with no meds, do you want a medal? That was YOUR CHOICE, not hers. Why do women have to be so damn catty to one another?

Anonymous on

YOU decided to go through hours of labor without pain medication and SHE decided to to have pain medication….. that does not make you braver, stronger or a better parent…..

I have had 3 children (my youngest is 9 wks old) and I had an epidural with each one and I and my children are all happy, healthy and intellegent beings. Having medication to dull pain is not a sin and folks should recognize that and stop making those of us that choose an epidural a lesser WOMAN because of it.

And Susan……. did we read different stories.. Jay returned later that afternoon AND THEN they went to the hospital…. so he was there for the delivery.

stee on

@Susan, the article says they went to the hospital after Cutler got home from football practice.

Jenny on

Wow I am amazed at all the mean, bitter comments on here!!

I have had one delivery with an epidural & one without & ya know what? My first born (with the epidural) came out into a peaceful environment & it was beautiful, my second came out into a stressful room, I was in a lot of pain, my husband was worried & my son wasn’t breathing when he came out & ended up in the nicu.

EVERY story, pregnancy & delivery is different women need to stop judging other women. I think what she was saying was that it was very painful before she got the epidural & that’s why she got it but she would do it again.

Lighten up ladies!!! I’m happy that Kristin has a healthy baby!!

ema2010 on

I don’t understand why some women compare labor experiences like men compare d*** size…as long as the mother and child end up healthy, does anything else really matter?

stee on

I am laughing at all these comments about how much worse the labor other people had. You are also the same people who get mad when a celeb tries to downplay the delivery and say it wasn’t too bad or it was pretty short.

Let’s all just agree. Yes, your labor and delivery was the most painful and difficult we’ve ever heard of. You, yes, YOU! comment writer, are mother of the year.

tiffanie on

Apparently labor and delivery is a contest.

What is so wrong with her taking the epidural for her pain? The point is that a beautiful baby was brought into this world.

And lastly, why does it matter to you about her relationship? People are so concerned about celebrities lives and details of it.

Point is, she had a beautiful baby!

KD on

I love how the public knows exactly why she got pregnant, her motives, his motives and if he was there or not…so many other non-celebrities I know have the perfect life (sarcasm here)….good lord get over it.

I have never gone through labor, 2 emergnecy c/s, but have been in the delivery room twice..I don’t care how many drugs or what your choice of delivery is…it’s not easy, everyone’s experience is different, I’d never take that away from any mom…you can’t relate to my emergency c/s so why should I try to relate to anyone giving birth….sounds like Kristen is growing up. Congrats.

Guest on

Am I the only one who was taught “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? Maybe if people put a little more effort saying positive things instead of negative… we’d be a more friendly society.

Melissa on

Guest, I couldn’t agree more!!


When I had my son 21 years ago, my labor was 23 hours and I was so sedated I could not speak. So I did a sign to the doctor to tie my tubes and finally he got it but said he could not b/c I was so sedated. The pain was so unreal and when we got home with our beautiful son, I told my husband to get a vasectomy. I knew I could not go thru that again but it was worth it for my son because he is the greatest.

Maeve on

I love people magazine, but this girl is not a celebrity. Please stop posting stories of her.

Erica on

I think the hospital environment and fear mongering of other women is what causes women to have more pain than necessary during birth. It is an experience we were built for, but our culture doesn’t allow us to experience it as it was truly meant to be.

I have had four very different experiences and I can tell you the best birth I had was my fourth when I finally decided enough and chose a homebirth…amazing!

My congratulations to all women no matter how they birthed their babies…it is the most awesome experience in the world to have grown a baby in your womb and then to FINALLY get to meet the little one! Epidural or none, hospital or home…what a defining moment in woman’s life.

Congrats Kristin!

mobile20 on

Everything is a competition with women , including who had the hardest labor, who sacrificed enough, who deserves it more. I, for one, and totally sick of it. Let’s try and bond together instead of ripping each other apart.

ace11 on

Did Jay ever get a DNA test?

She has been with many men

Melissa on

Wow, and people wonder why there’s so much hate in the world. Stop being so judgemental! So you had no epidural, that don’t make you better than her. Geez, women are so petty and do nothing but put each other down. It’s sad & twisted. Get some self esteem and love in your heart.

Lauren T on

For the mom’s who gave birth without an epidural…do you want a medal? I had epidurals with both my children, and it did not take the pain away, just dulls the pain. I felt every contraction, every movement, and felt my beautiful, healthy babies enter the world. That does NOT make me any less of a real woman for doing so.

Keep your judgements to yourselves! We should be empowering each other as mothers and congratulating her for doing something amazing and delivering a HEALTHY child. Isn’t that all that matters, the health of the children that come in the world? Get your priorities straight!

Congratulations to Kristen and Jay!

guest on

I had two children, one with an epidural and one who came too fast for the epidural. Both were equally painful. The epidural gave me relief for a few hours, but when it time to push it, I could feel everything and it hurt like hell. Don’t assume you know what her experience was like.

April on

Susan, Where do you see he wasn’t there for the birth?

Andrea on

I labored for 31 hours with my first baby, pushed for 2 1/2 hrs and my epidural wore off, and broke my tailbone pushing him out. Had a c-section my second go around with my twins. Talk about some pain! :-/

clmiller2 on

These labor stories posted in the comments section are about as bad as men and their big fish stories..

Marisa on

I knew there would be horrible comments just by reading the headline. You negative ladies are so predictable. Congrats on a healthy, beautiful son!

Jenn on

Why are mothers so hard on each other? It really makes me reconsider whether or not I even want to have kids if my every decision is going to be subject to this much scrutiny. Women need to be more supportive.

Becca on

Geez…some people are so hateful! It DOES NOT make you a better woman or mother because you have a baby without meds!

I have 4 kiddos…2 with an epidural and 2 without (not by choice, babies came too quick) and I would HIGHLY recommend an epidural! Who the heck would want to feel that pain if you don’t have to?!? With an epi it was calm and enjoyable! Without it was misery!

Everybody has their own experience and to bash her for hers is crazy! Can’t we all be happy she had a healthy CUTE AS A BUTTON baby???

WhiteLily20 on

I found this funny, because I had 21 hours of labor, with over two hours of pushing and NO epidural! Talk about pain! I wish mine had been as easy as hers :p Thank goodness you really do forget the pain, though, once it’s all over 🙂

Mandy on

Yes it is possible to be in pain even after having an epidural. I tried doing it without one, but I was coming off th etable, the pain was so bad. When I finally gave in & got one, it didn’t work at all. I had to feel the doctor turning the baby & I pushed for 4 hours & was in labor for 15 hours.

It was the worst pain I have ever been through & I wish I was one of the lucky ones who only pushed for a little while & had short labors, but oh well. I had a healthy & beautiful baby girl & that’s what matters.

Congrats to Kristin & Jay. May they have many happy days with their son.

Anonymous on

I feel like I’m in elementary school on these comments “IIIII had a bad labor, IIIIII didn’t do this, IIIIIII didn’t do that. Come on, people. This story is about HER…. No one cares if you are a better woman because YOU had 50 million hours of labor. My Goddddd. Grow up ladies. It’s just an article.

Melissa on

These comments are so silly- all women commenting about how their labor was longer and they didn’t have the epidural? Like it didn’t hurt cause she didn’t push for as long? Labor hurts, there’s no getting around it. Relax girls, she still pushed a human out of her so she’s allowed to say that.

That being said, I REALLY don’t like this girl.

lisa on

Beautiful baby. She is obviously totally in love with that baby and her guy. It is amazing how many people are so quick to say negative things over a small article about someone else’s labor experience. Pleaseee… Much happiness to their little family.

Dallas 756 on

Pet peeve – moms who think they’re better than other moms because they didn’t get an epidural (or insert any other parenting decision). Get over yourself.

Tiffany on

Just because you have an epidural doesn’t mean your labor is necessarily pain free. My first labor was 31 hours and I still had severe back pain despite the epidural. Good for those of you that didn’t have pain meds. My first child was 9 lbs. 12 oz. (I weighed 150 lbs) and I’m glad I got the epidural.

With my third child I didn’t have time for an epidural. I didn’t get a medal for that so I don’t understand what the fuss is about. He weighed 9 lbs 8 oz regardless of what was flowing or not flowing in my veins.

If I have a headache I take Tylenol instead of sitting around complaining for hours while I “tough it out”. Why the heck would I “tough it out” giving birth????? lol

Nimbus on

Spell check much? What does “deduced” mean??

Erica on

I agree with Jenn! Mothers are way too hard on eachother! It’s fun to share birth stories but when women criticize eachother as not being woman enough for having an epidural or crazy for not having one, it’s ridiculous. She has a beautiful baby and hopefully her birth was everything she wanted.

Anonymous on

My labor 9yrs ago was 16hrs long. And yes i did have an epidural. And hell no i aint never doing that again. I dont understand anyone who does this several times. You guys are masochistas!!
Someone asked how come she was in pain if she had an epidural. Well they wont give you the epidural until you are dilated a certain number of centimetres/inches. So before you get there you are pretty much screwed, in agony. Aparently before you are dilated that much, the epidural would interfere with the cervix dilation process.

Erica on

You know what else is funny-I remember when Giselle had her baby and said it wasn’t all that painful and women everywhere hated her for it! lol Who cares! Everyone’s experience is different. If a woman has minimal pain-awesome…if a women wants an epi-whatever! Let’s share our birth experiences without being petty and mean!

Maggie on

LOL Nimbus – next time pick up a dictionary before making yourself look like an idiot.

Dla – it’s right in the first sentences…

Reading comprehension, ladies.

Susan on

Kudos to her for actually pushing out her own baby. Most of Hollywood take the pre-planned C-section a few weeks before their due date. Look at Tori Spelling and her 4 c-sections, probably with a little tummy tuck immediately afterwards!!!

Powerof1 on

I can’t speak for Tori Spelling, but a lot of women are rushed in to have what is called an emergency classical cut C-section. Depending on the type of incision you get on your uterus, you are not permitted to deliver any other way other than C-section, due to the risk of uterine rupture. This is a different cut than a standard C-section. Again, why judge?

Amanda on

What does Tori Spelling have to do with it? If you watched her show you would know with her first that she tried to deliver vaginally, but she had complications and ended up with a csection.

scarlett on

My doula has always said if you can smile, laugh, or say ow this hurts…then you’re definitely not in real strong labor yet! Don’t know why you had pain with an epidural…thats the whole point.

B on

This INFURIATES me… I am so sick of reading these comments..
Stop JUDGING this woman, my GOD!

Why are mothers LIKE this? We should be supporting and encouraging each other, not tearing each other down! She’s a first time mom, I’m sure it WAS painful even with the epidural.

I had my first with an epidural and my second two without, but I’m not here to bash this girl.. We all do our best and try our hardest…

I’ve really had it with you mothers who sit up on your high horse and look down your noses at everyone else. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

I struggle with postpartum depression, party because of people like YOU that I feel I have to constantly measure myself against… I’m never good enough and it’s sad.

Click on my name above, (“B”), to read my blog about postpartum and everything that comes along with it.

And let’s all being a little kinder… being a mom isn’t easy and we NEED one another.

SB on

Dear Celebrity Baby Readers,

Until the article is actually about YOU, nobody really cares what your experience was. Every woman’s birth, post birth, feeding plan, weight loss, etc. is different. We all still had the kid which is a feat in itself.

A mother who had an epidural, didn’t breast feed and had no problem losing her baby weight (GASP!!)

Jasmine on

Well said Catca! BRAVO! Congrats Kristin and Jay!!! Enjoy being a mom! He’s gorgeous!

claire on

Geez! You people are something else… I couldn’t care less who this person is, but comments about pregnancy/labor are more of a competition or a badge of honor with all of you. She has an adorable baby, a relationship and is happy. Give it a rest! Instead of being hateful and competitive, try setting a better example for your children.

Anonymous on

AMEN MAL!!!…. Some mom’s on here think what they went thru was so much worse, which in turn (in their eyes) means they are so much better!!! PLEASE. Everybody’s experience is different. B-cuz you were in labor for x amt of hours, pushed for x amt of hours, and did it w/out an epidural, doesn’t mean you should put yourself on a padestal. Get over yourselves!!!

Connie on

Wow the haters and the competition. I thought the womans movement was to help empower woman to make their own choices; but I guess for some women making your own choices isn’t enough, you have to put down woman who make choices different from yours.

The end result of any pregnancy and delivery is a healthy baby and healthy mom. Yes we are built to carry and deliver babies, but we forget all too soon that only a 100 years ago woman and babies did not survive the experience as routinly as they do now in our Country and many other countries. Just because you have a vagina does not make that baby coming out a guaranteed success for either yourself or your baby.

Congrats Kristin and enjoy your baby!

Alissa on

Congrats!!! And yes, I think that is one of the most profound experiences in a woman’s life…giving birth. Realizing that it is a painful and at times scary experience that women look upon with wonderful emotions because it symbolizes the moment their lives changed forever, is a great epiphany to receive. Logically it makes no sense why women would ever choose to be in that level of pain and discomfort, but emotionally it makes perfect sense. Hope all the moms on here have a blessed day!

Auspicious Kitten on

Who knew that the Moms and Babies section would be full of women making catty comments and judging other womens’ labor pains. When did women start sucking this bad?

Nicole on

Just because some of you all on here made it through labor without epidural doesn’t mean that others have to. I, too, had a lot of pain with the epidural, maybe it didn’t work, maybe it didn’t work all the way. Just because you made it through without, is not an accomplishment! Shaking my head at some of the people on here running there mouth. Why go through that kind of pain if you don’t have to? Does it make you a better mother??? Does it make you appreciate your child more??? I don’t think so. Get a life!

Kat on

I do agree it is a different kind of pain, in my experience it made it harder to compartmentalize. And that was 29 hours of labor, with a late epidural that only worked on one side, that ended in an emergency c-section. At least with dental pain or injury pain, you have a bit more of an idea what to expect!

i need a name on

I feel like lazy Mom. I some pain, but then the Epidural kicked in, and I fell asleep. The Doctors had to wake me up and after 20 minutes and 5 pushes my Son was born.

Cassie on

To all the sanctimommies out there: don’t pull your rotator cuff patting yourselves on the back for your omgsoamazinglybetterthananyoneelses labour experience.

Life is not a contest. Stop acting like the babies you birthed and grow up already!

Amanda on

I think a lot of commenters on here need a little cheese with their whine. Ignoring strangers, that unbeknownst to them don’t agree with you, must be a sign of maturity.

heather on

wow, some of you are just pathetic. it’s not a competition. get over yourselves. no one cares about your birth story!

jj on

At least she admitted it wasn’t a walk in the park unlike most of the celeb moms. And whether you are in labor for 3 hours or 30 its still hurts. And btw, I have 3 children. I have done labor with an epidural and without. It definitely helps but it is still painful, just dulled a bit. Jeez why do moms always have to be so judgey on each other?

chelsea on

My doctor puts it like this. You don’t get a medal for doing it drug free. It’s going to hurt so do whatever you need to so that you can be comfortable and enjoy the experience. The end result is what’s important. Kristin is saying the pain she experienced (whether it was for 5 or 35 hours) was worth it for her little guy. Don’t over analize it too much ladies.

Anonymous on

For those criticizing Jay, NFL players stay at a team hotel during training season. Glad he was close by so he could be there for her and his son.

star on

It has nothing to do with young ladies. Labor is painful no matter what you are on. Some pain isn’t as much as other woman might have it but everyones experience is different. Epidural reduces the pain but doesn’t completely eliminate it.

Lisa on

22 hours of labor (2 epidurals that did NOT work) and 2 &1/2 hours of pushing. I don’t feel any sympathy for Kristin.

star on

Everyone is so quick to judge. She is 25. Not necessarily a little girl and no where on here does it say she received an epidural so why the assumptions? If she did its her business. Her son is here and he is gorgeous! It was worth it like she said.

Vicki on

It is called LABOR for a reason 🙂

jenz on

Wow! I am amazed with the way people can turn such a proud moment into a big deal of drama. I am the mother of 9 children. That’s 9 separate births with 9 very different feelings of pain. I had one very short all natural birth it was too easy 3 hours didn’t push baby came out on her own, the nurse delivered her. Another labor horrible 20plus hours with a epi and it only worked on one side. Please don’t knock this lady or her husband. Be happy its not about a kardashian or Lindsay Lowhan sw

Meme on

OMG why are all these women on here trying to compete with others about how long they were in labor or whether or not they had an epidural. This is not a competition people! You would think since you have kids, you wouldn’t be so childish/catty. If you want the prize for the longest labor or not using an epidural for the worst pain ever known to any human, ask your child’s father. Don’t come online and try to diminish other women’s experiences because they had an epidural and/or “short” labor.

boohoobytch on

after her snarky BS with Nick and Vanessa, I sooo don’t care about this Z-Lister…I thought she was pretty a long time ago but her face changed with her attitude…it’s so true that your views change when you no longer like someone

Becky on

@Mal-You are spot on! These women talking about how long they were in labor, whether they had epidurals and how long they had to push are ridiculous DORKS! Nobody cares!

@Nimbus-You knucklehead! If you don’t know what “deduced” means, try looking it up, Genius. It means “To reach a conclusion by reasoning”. No spell check needed on that one, you pompous turd.

KP on

Really?? Hello labor is supposed to be painful. Why is this person “famous”again?? She’s a nobody.

Rosey on

I didn’t know there was a lame pain threshold contest that made you a better person. You didn’t get an epidural, and you’re commenting on hers? Wow, you must be special.

kazumi on

please do not underestimate the pain she felt just because you think yours was far worse, and clearly, this experience has changed her life so give her a break and just wish her and her family well instead of spewing acid

anónima on

@Lydia, I´m Spanish and I think you don´t know what you´re talking about. In my country gay marriage is legal(all over the country, not only in some parts of it), many people get together and don´t get married… And they aren´t judged by it. Is funny that you shoud say that about the spanish press (and about the society, as the press is directed to it) when this is the site where I´ve read more judgemental comments.

LA Mom on

She was laughing through contractions but got epidural anyway? Just to ease herself and so her baby be born drugged up? Nice one. Yes those who did it naturally without pain meds do deserve a medal! Cause that is the best for your baby. (those who needed a c section excluded). If you r not ready to put your baby first then you not ready to be a parent. What does she know at 25? Crazy!

Amanda on

Right on!

Tracy on

Seriously people. Get over the negative comments. Everyone’s labor is different and just because some did it without an epidural does not make you any better. The only comments should be “Congratulations.”

Maggie on

LA Mom, that’s a completely different part of the story. She was laughing at her doctor told her that was a sure sign she WASN’T in labor yet, so no, she didn’t get the epidural then – she was still at home.

princessprettyxx on

I am not a huge fan of Kristin Cavallari, but wow. So many haters and I am not going to sit here and type about how my labor and delivery was, but everyone experiences it differently. She obviously did an amazing job.

I mean look at that picture of her cute baby. He is definitely worth it and if I was her, I would say the same thing. I would definitely do it again. Being a parent is one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences ever. So stop with all the negativity.

guest on

I had epidurals with both of my deliveries, and they were awesome!! I wouldn’t change a thing. I had a calm, beautiful, painless deliveries and most importantly, a healthy baby. Kudos to all moms, no matter how they deliver.

Angie on

I would have paid big money to push for only 20 min. 3hours of pushing with my first…and 1 1/2 hrs of pushing with my second! 20 minutes would have been awesome!

Kimberlie on

Oh LA Mom, you must be a highly praised doctor to know so much about epidurals and that women shouldn’t have them. She did what she wanted for her birth, not yours twit.

Anonymous on

I had 28 hours of labor.. and 4 of pushing.. with an epidural. I honestly don’t see how women have natural childbirth. You are tougher than I am! I am such a wimp when it comes to pain! Whoever developed the epidural deserves a special place in Heaven!

Jessica on

Oh please… My labor was 89 hours and I pushed for 24 without any pain medication, oh and I walked 10 miles to the hospital in the snow! Stop trying to one up each other ladies.

Erin on

@Susan, where does it say that he missed the delivery?

Allie on

How exactly us this girl famous? Ugh.

Stephanie on

No one said labor was fun easier or painless. Its a part of life and us women are grateful to carry a child. who cares about the hours or if you had pain med. Hell its painful but who really remembers it. i just remember seeing my beautiful baby. Don’t even remember the pain. Leave her alone.

Meena on

You and every other mom out there. Next!

h0 on

She’s gorgeous as usual and he is so adorable; he is smiling at the camera. They’re so happy. He has pretty blue eyes.

Jennifer on

Wow…I love how everyone who had a baby without and epidural has the nerve to say she “wasn’t in pain” b/c she had one. Yah, yah…you had your baby natural — GREAT JOB! Want a trophy? That doesn’t mean everyone else has it so much easier than you. Having a baby natural does not make you superwoman…get over yourselves and leave this more new mommy alone! She’s explaining her birth experience so shut it.

Amanda on

Jenn, you should take your own advice.

doseedo on

Puhleeze to all the “one upping” moms out there who brag about not having epiduras and bragging about enduring incredibly long labor (you signed up for it, sister). Epidurals don’t work 100% of the time, and breakthrough pain is not very uncommon. Kristin very well could have been in a lot of pain even with the epi. Especially if they turned it down or off for pushing.

In the end, it’s about having a healthy, happy baby.

Charli on

Congrats to her and her fiance! To the rest of you who want to compare your labor to hers, GET A LIFE!

Today on

Baby boy is so adorable :))

Alecia on

Congrats Kristin and Jay!! Camden is a cutie!!! My best friend’s nephew is named Camden.. She thinks that is the coolest thing ever to have her nephew and your son have the same name and same spelling!!!

Shaw on

Oh puleaseeee 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing WITH an epidural?!?!? Com’ on girl, suck it up. That was nothing!!!!!!

Marissa on

Yes, yes all of you real woman who went through delivery without an epidural are so much better than the rest of us. You’re all just condescending snots.

Amanda on

Marissa – Whiner.

Erin Vieira on

Why do women always have to one up one another??? Child birth is painful, plain and simple, whether it is one hour or 24, with an epidural or without.

Katie on

The comments from the mothers who labored longer than Kristin did sound a little evil. Seriously, does the fact that you pushed longer make you a better mother or something? Why the need to come down so harsh on her?

Helen on

Ladies, let’s be nice. Those of us that are moms all have our own stories of labor and delivery. Let’s not all try to one-up each other.

Gretchen on

How many women would say their labor was NOT worth every minute? Geez. What a self-serving twit. And why is she holding that poor baby so awkwardly? it’s like she doesn’t know what to do with him.

Anonymous on

She’s 25 , she should have a college degree and traveling the world , not having babies !

KP on


Anonymous on

Two kids here, one was 8lbs 9oz, 21.5″ long, no drugs, that is pain…please Kristin.

Aimee on

Will women STOP competing with other women when it comes to their labor & delivery? Why does everyone feel the need to one-up another mom with their story of pain? “I did it naturally, no drugs!” Good for you. Guess what? I had an epidural and had a gorgeous baby & I still feel awesome. Because delivering a baby IS hard work. UPLIFT each other, don’t downplay another mom’s experience because yours was “harder”.

Shoutout to ALL mom’s

WOW on

It is unbelievable how mothers on these types of stories or websites try to “out-do” one another by telling their story of the pain they went through and how they are sure it was worse than the next. I guess those ladies have NO ONE else to talk to so they have to come on here to feel good about themselves. Let me fill you in, you probably didn’t have it worse than someone else who thought they had it worse than you.

Just because someone received an epidural doesn’t mean the epidural worked or that they were pain free. Just as someone who didn’t receive an epidural may or may not have experienced the same level of pain. Every pregnancy, labor, and baby is different and is handled differently. Be respectful and show love for a fellow mother instead of being so crass.

And to all of those who just want to put down her relationship, it is only because you want to justify your own as being in the crapper! Especially if you had a baby, you need to grow up and stop acting so childish, elsewise your setting a bad example already.

Lindsey on

‘Later that day, she did. When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital. And after 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, Camden Jack arrived at 2 a.m. on Aug. 8 – his due date.’
Sounds like to me he WAS there for the labor… Take a closer look!

Brandi on

THANK you to the ladies that spoke up about all the mean comments being left! Very well said! I was scrolling through these comments and I was wondering what was with all the negativity! I didn’t care for Kristin too much from the Laguna Beach show but became a fan when I saw her on The Hills so when I heard about her pregnancy, I was excited for her. I think she looked radiant and just glowed throughout her pregnancy and I love this picture of her and Camden, she looks truly happy so you can’t help but to be happy for her. 🙂

I think everyone’s experiences in pregnancy and childbirth are different and it doesn’t make you any more of a mom because you had a long and painful labor instead of a short and easy-breezy one. Share your experiences to gain insight and to relate to each other as women and mothers instead of using your labor experiences as a way to one-up and be critical of each other. Your experience is your own…don’t knock other moms down for having a different story to tell.

Congrats to Kristin and Jay on the birth of their beautiful son!

Jamie on

I guess I’m not sure why all these bitter women have to throw their two cents in about “trying it without an epidural”. Why the heck would you want to do that when we have drugs to make labor easier? It’s not some badge of honor anyone cares about, but if you feel the need to broadcast your “toughness” and high tolerance for pain, kudos to you.

K8tyB on

So this is your top story?? Really????!!! Women all over the world give birth every single day, without pain meds…so why isnt their story on your website. Come on PEOPLE, you really need to dig a little deeper! Sheesh!

guest on

She’s only excited because now she gets to go back to ingesting mountains of cocaine while Jay Cutler cries like the little b!tch he is.

GTFO of Chicago. We hate these losers here.

Guest on

That baby is gorgeous. I’ve never said that but he is! SOOO adorable!

Margie on

This is the top story?

Cass on

I am due next Saturday with my first and these are the stories I HATE reading. We all know giving birth isn’t a breeze, I don’t need to hear how painful it is 😦 I am scared enough as it is!!!! I realize she doesn’t owe discretion to me, someone she doesn’t know. But I can’t believe how many of my friends can’t wait to tell me how much pain I’m going to be in…like I don’t know this already??!!

Amy on

Congratulations, Kristen. The baby has officially extended your 15 minutes to 20. In another 5 minutes, we won’t know who you are anymore.

Cass on

For whatever reason, some times, my posts do not get loaded. I’m sure this one will but my last one did not…I don’t get it.

Just Me on

Ummmm…’s called “literacy”….

“When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital. And after 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, Camden Jack arrived at 2 a.m. on Aug. 8 – his due date.”

Kimmie on

I know what Kristin is talking about because the pain is like nothing you’ve every experienced and I had my kid in 1981 before the epidural was available. Some of you are commenting on Kristin’s relationship and that’s terrible. She is a beautiful woman and did not have to trap Jay. Anyone that has had an on again off again relationship know that sometimes you stop the pill when you’re off and have makeup sex that is so passionate, you don’t think about protection. Grow up people, it happens.

Anonymous on

OK he was at the delivery. Are we reading the same article Susan?

Lisa on

I hope it hurt. That’s what she gets for having a child out of wedlock.

Anonymous on

Susan–you must not have read the whole thing….It says “when he returned from practice she was ready to head to the hospital”

Anonymous on

Why do stars think that their labor is so important. Woman have been having babies for thousands of years.

Why do they think they are special???????

Misty on

Beautiful baby boy. 🙂

Manon on

I had both my kids in the late 70’s w/out even an aspirin- Now, that is pain!!

AL on

Wow! Such hating here. Beautiful story with ugly comments. Take a look in the mirror.

Guest on

“When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital. And after 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, Camden Jack arrived at 2 a.m. on Aug. 8 – his due date.”
yes, he was there. they’ve been together for awhile-even though they did break up at one point, but who knows these days. they could split up before the wedding or last 50 years

Kim on

Why do so many of you feel the need to be competitive about the pain and length of your labor and deliver? She had an epidural and she had pain. So what?

RealityTea on

He is the cutest little guy! Wish them the best!

Windy on

OMG People! If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!!! No reason to be bitter towards her!!!

Realistic on

Omg so she had an epidural. Big deal. Millions of women do. In my situation, an epidural prevented a C section because my muscles relaxed. No one is any better than anyone else. Let’s just rejoice in the miracle of life that we were able to grow within our bodies.

Jennifer on

As long as you bring a healthy baby into the world, it should not matter if you gave birth natural or not!! I have 2 wonderful children. I am no less of a woman because I had an epidural. I had 83 stitches with my little girl. My kids are happy and healthy. I am just as much of a woman as the next!

Anonymous on

What catty witches you all are!! This isn’t a contest for Pete’s sake! Each and everyone of you who are claiming “she doesn’t know what pain is…. blah, blah, blah….” is setting the the worst example for their child to live by. Congratulations to the worst Mothers of the Year! How pathetic are y’all? She had her son Camden, the way she was meant to have him. He is healthy, and appears to be happy, loved and frankly, that is all that matters!

Havana on

And you are a saint Lisa. Grow up you immature self righteous brat. What a group of classy ladies…I mean ugly hateful Trolls. Hope all of you have mass disrespect and criticism thrown at you for EVERYTHING you do in life. You women must really hate yourselves. I would, if I acted as horribly as you. You give all women a bad name!

Lyndzie on

i find it odd that Jay would be awake at 4am if he is at training camp. Im sure training for the NFL season requires alot of rest in between sessions. Could he have been with another woman at that time perhaps?

Karen F. on

I have 4 children. The first child was natural childbirth and my smallest. My second child was 2 pounds bigger and I had terrible back labor and no drugs and it was not a pleasant experience. I decided with my 3rd and 4th child that an epicdural was the best for me.

Amanda on

Whiners Unite! If you can’t take the heat, don’t read the comments.

Guest on

Epidural injections only make the inevitable take longer. Best wishes to all of them.

Pam on

What a bunch of rags on here. You all have it way worse!! Here’s your cookie!! Now go eat it and shut up!!

Zuzu on

I am a labor & delivery nurse and there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting an epidural. It’s quite disgusting to see mother’s trying to one up everyone or discredit Kristin for getting one! It’s called Birth By Design and that’s what has become so great about the L/D process. I love those mom’s who can stick it out without pain intervention and am there to support them 100%, but some simply don’t want the pain and would rather not go through that.. everyone has different nerve endings and feel things differently. I once had a labor nurse put an epidural in a different light.. she said, “Would you have a cavity filled without Novocaine??” Just something to think about! Congrats to Kristin & Jay.. beautiful baby boy!!

Amy on

Why is anyone comparing their experience with hers OR thinking that she is asking for some sort of sympathy or a pat on the back? She’s simply discussing her personal, unique experience. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain. What might be mild to me could be excrutiating to someone else.

Goodness, I’m thankful that I’m not friends with some of the women posting here. I can’t imagine having a conversation with people who are so insecure that they have to one-up what’s simply part of telling a story. Gross.

Amy on

Wow Lyndzie. Just shut it.

public concensus on

Kristin Cavallari: My labor was worth every bit for my FINANCIAL SECURITY for the next 18 years! And yes I’ll do it again to EXTEND that 18-year financial security!

Anonymous on

I like how everyone has to one up her story…seriously ladies, this is why we are known as petty. So dumb. Congrats Kristin!

Summer on

Absolutely beautiful photograph of mom with her new baby. Thank you.

Anonymous on

Catca….perfectly written. Most people are terrible at reading comprehension, and that is clearly evident on this site. Before anyone writes something stupid, read the article again, then go back and read it again. Then scroll down at the comments, go back up and read it again.

Anonymous on

I realized around 11 that I did not want to have kids. I am now 44, happily married to a like-minded guy and totally at peace with my decision. It is really nuts how we all judge one another about this very personal decision. CHILL PEOPLE.

Vanessa on

Stop hating!!! People get a life.

macey on

WHO IS THIS WOMAN….????????????????????


I’m a psychiatric nurse! You’re all a bunch of clucking hens. 😉

Shea on

Is it just me or does she look kind of awkward? Like the baby was handed to her as a prop. Maybe just a new mom thing or the way I’m seeing it…..

Lindsay on

What kind of prizes did you ladies get for going epidural-free? Oh, that’s right. There aren’t any. That’s why you like to make snarky comments about women who choose to get one.

Amanda on

Why are you even commenting unless you feel guilty Lindsay? I can’t stand all the whiners on here. “Ohh someone I don’t know has different beliefs than I do. Boo Hoo.” It’s annoying reading all these pathetic comments. Feel better? You are all the same. The ones who think they are better for not, and the ones whining about them. Whining about it doesn’t make you a better person either. Maturity is not present in Celebrity gossip comment land. Congrats Kristin. It’s nice to see you with your new family.

Amanda on

Give me break Lindsay. Shes famous for being on a tv show where she was ‘snarky’ to other girls and slept around with her guy friends. It’s celebrity gossip for a reason. I’m going to say what I want. Don’t read the comments if you can’t hand the opinions of other readers.

trish on

I think Camden is trying to take care of business in the above picture. I think he’s passing gas! LOL!

jessica2514 on

@Susan – the article does not say that he wasn’t there for the delivery. “When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital.”

soonergirl on

This article isn’t an invitation for all the mothers to comment about how much WORSE their labor and delivery was, with details ad nauseum! Geez, let the new mother tell her story without you guys trying to out-do her like it’s a competition.. IT ISNT ABOUT YOU THIS TIME, MOTHERS!

Cassie on

Seriously, to all of you giving your birth details – no one gives a shit! This article is about HER and what SHE went through. Last time I checked all births were not text book. So, GASP she may have had a different experience than others.

Go and parent your kids instead of acting like a bunch of morons on a comment section of a website!

pollyhanaha on

I was such a hippie when I had my kids. All 4 with not one drug. I felt since I had spent 40 weeks protecting my baby from all things considered “bad” that I would not flood my babies body full of chemicals for the sake of my own comfort. Seemed logical (to me) at that time. BUT NOW!! No way would I not use some form of pain control when giving birth. Being a good mom has nothing to do with “how” we become one. Its about the love involved. Fathers don’t go through the physical pain of birth but they are still called “Fathers”.

Brittanney on

24-hours of labor, epidural after 14-hours of pain. I wish my labor was only ten-hours!

JessicaB on

wow, my birth experiences were very positive. it would be sad to look back and remember things the way they are described here. guess im lucky

Karen on

Why, in every post about someone going through labor and delivery, does everyone think they need to put their horror stories about their own? Yes, I have had 2 children.. but I don’t go around telling everyone about my experience!! Read the story, have your own thoughts, but leave the “I was in labor 355 hours, without an epidural, blah blah blah” out of your comment! Nobody wants to hear it!!

sunniemonnie on

New mommy high..good for her its a wonderful thing.

Alexandra on

First off, every woman who gives birth is amazing. And I think ALMOST every woman would agree that the pain is totally worth it. We all have our own horror stories to share but whether or not you have an epidural does not define your strength. If you did it without, then I take my hat off to you. I tried to do without but after 34 hours of labor I ended up with an emergency c-section and therefore an epidural. Now I’m pregnant with our second daughter and she will be born in 12 weeks VIA c-section as well but I will not beat myself up because I cannot deliver babies “naturally”. I am no less a woman and I think those of us who have had c-sections will agree that the pain during healing is excruciating. Cheers to all of us moms and remember we are all wonderful. 🙂

doseedo on

Man, you all think you had it bad… I hereby declare my labor and delivery was the worst in the history of mankind. If anyone’s vag deserves the medal of honor, it’s MINE. Phooey!! to all you so called Mommy martyrs.

My son was 17 pounds at birth. His head was 19 inches around. I labored for 7 days withough an epidural or pain meds. Completely natural. It was a dry birth. The AC had stopped working in the hospital- I refused ice chips. It was the middle of August. Did I mention he came out sideways? It took a team of surgeons 3 days to stitch me up.

Amanda on

Doseedo, Bet you have a penis too. Dick.

Steph on

Hahaha this is perfect doseedo.

Shayla on

I think the women commenting about her having an epidural and not going natural are just bitter they had to go thru that much pain and others didn’t! They have the meds for a reason. It hurts I’m sorry so ya I’m gonna get an epidural sorry some of you didn’t maybe then you wouldn’t be so bitter towards those of us that did. It makes it much more pleasant not having the mother screaming, I’ve had 2 boys my 1st I was only 19 well a month later I was 20 and I was scared outta my mind about labor. I knew I was going to get an epidural most likely but I was scared of that as well because everyone scared me w how big the needle is. Plus my younger sister had a baby a few days after I found out I was pregnant and she had a horrible delivery! She is a very tiny person I think she weighed only 128 lbs at delivery which was 28 more than her usual weight, anyway the epidural did not work right she was shaking and had some weird pains in her arms that she was freaking out about and then when she tried pushing she couldn’t get my niece out after over an hour so the doc finally helped w forceps! And let me tell you especially for the ladies praising their selves for how long they pushed, she could barely walk!! All the pushing for so long had done some things I won’t mention down there and we had to help her out for a week after cuz she was in such bad shape. Back to me who used and epi and it worked fantastic! My 1st son like I said I was young I had never had any kind of pain meds before, so I waited as long as I could to get it, I went in at 10:30pm dilated at only 2 but my water broke. I just dealt w the pain till 6am ya I barely slept the whole night because of contractions so I finally got it and took a nap so I’d be rested for pushing at 2:30pm it was time and I pushed him out so quick the doc had to tell me slow down a couple times lol and it was fairly pain free I could still feel pressure from him moving thru the birth canal. I had to have a few stitches so another reason I’m glad I didn’t do it without assistance. My 2nd son was even easier since it progressed a lot faster! I was 26 he is 1 now. I started contracting in the morning so got family together and waited till they were close together, then off to hospital at 10am or so. When I got there I was already a 6 I was like wow took forever last time, so got my room and called for my epi right away cuz if you wait too long it’s not going to work properly. It was great having all my family there visiting w me until it was time, and I had a really awesome doctor so he didn’t mind if they stayed. So I got to have 2 sisters, my mom, spouse and his mother in the room w me. I pushed at bout 3:45 and like last time only a few pushes and he was here! 1st son 7lbs 10oz 2nd son 7lbs 12oz. All I’m saying is it makes it a heck of a lot easier and enjoyable w an epi. I think woman who gave birth before meds would have gladly taken an epidural had it been available, times have changed we don’t have to go thru all that pain anymore unless you want to! I didn’t feel loopy or drugged from the epi, I agree w a previous commentor that it’s the iv pain meds some get before the epidural, because they are scared of the epidural pain a family member of mine tried to get me to get 1 but I refused. The epidural is easy so long as you keep calm and have a good doc, you can’t feel how big the needle is it’s just a poke. Giving birth to a baby is amazing any way you choose to do it, no one is better than anyone because they chose all natural. Both my labors were pretty easy considering how it could have been and I wouldn’t do it any other way. Congrats to Kristen on giving birth to a beautiful son!!! And to the negative nancies trying to one up us epi takers, sorry your labor was so painful, but doesn’t make you or your experience better than anyone else’s!!! I’m just shocked by how long some of these women pushed for, cuz like I said my Sis pushed for only an hour and she was so exhausted & swollen her recovery was horrible. I can’t imagine how these women were doing down there :/ my sons are healthy and smart and just perfect even though I had an epidural. Anyway I’ve gone on far too long simply just saying all women are made to carry and birth children I’m sure I COULD do it natural but why would I when it is easier done nowadays. It’s simply disgusting how people treat each other these days so hateful always cutting each other down, you don’t like Kristen ok don’t read her story there are some of us that actually enjoy hearing each others birthing stories! I couldn’t believe all the negative comments I read, I am always sharing and comparing w my friends NOT competing. My friends and family are more interested in hearing my story about my 1st child being a boy when I thought I was having a girl ultra sound tech said girl, and how shocked we all were. I had everything for a girl and I went way girly like pinks and purples so ya I had to sell all the clothing and blanket items to a second hand store and buy all new stuff! That was difficult to deal with not labor, I had brought a pink diaper bag and a little dress for pictures, but thankfully my family all helped out! They brought boy outfits and blankets to the hospital for us, 1 grandma went and got a new diaper bag, and my mom went to my apt and changed out all the bedding so when he came home he had boy themed bedding instead of girly ones. Oh and not to mention we then had to worry about a circumcision something we hadn’t even had to think about before! So quit being so mean and negative to one another about stupid crap, all women go thru it if they want to and are able. I feel bad for the women who can’t even carry a child 😦 they have it the worst! At least you were able to have a baby! Congrats again to Kristen and to all women who have had children!!

Amanda on

Holy s h i t Shayla! I think you wrote more than the author did in the article.

Icky on

If she had an epidural, why was she in pain? After 36 hours of natural labor, I was given the option of an epidural or a C-section. I chose the epidural, and 4 and 1/2 hours later, my daughter was born. No food, no sleep, and 40 and 1/2 hours of labor was all I needed to decide that there would be no more kids.

Guest on

Everyone needs to chill out. Nothing these celebrities do will ever be fine with everyone. When someone has an all “natural” birth and talk about how smooth it was, everyone goes on how fake they are. Now when someone talks about their “real” birth, she doesn’t understand the meaning of pain. In the words of Ellen, let’s all just be kind to one another.

Kari on

I find it very strange you never see her and Jay together. At least hardly anyways.

Lynn on

I think she should try about 27 hours and then have an emergency C-section with a spinal because you’ve had no other medicines so that’s the only way they can do it is w/ a spinal since there’s no time to spare. Then we can talk about pain and everything else that goes along w/ it.

DH on

The baby is adorable. From Laguna Beach to a gorgeous mom.

Congrats Kristen!!!

Ava on

Sometimes the epidural wears off! She was lucky she had a relatively short labor and pushing time for a first time mom, though!

Rose on

That baby looks like he is smiling at the camera. He’s cute. If you’ve never had kids, you can never imagine the change that takes place in you once you become a mother. Your priorities change and despite the pain you would do it all over again. The father was there for the delivery.

Mary on

Congrats Kristin! The baby is beautiful, seems like she’s all grown up from Laguna Beach/ The Hills day. And yes, I agree some of these comments are so critical and hateful.

joan on

I am just giggling at the 10 hours of labor. Hopefully, she realizes that is NOTHING to what most women go through.

DanniNica on

The best part of these articles are the comments. Thanx for keeping me entertained!!!!

Lou on

Another “celebrity” making asinine comments. I mean really…is there a Mom who DOESN’T think the labor was worth the baby? Um, no. So why make such a superfluous comment?

Sandy on

“My labor was worth every minute” Ha!! Who writes this cr*p??!! LIke you had a choice?

Laila on

so, what mom would say the labor wasn’t worth it? Really…

Mel on

So, Susan, He wasn’t there for the delivery, huh??? Then why does the article state: “Later that day, she did. When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital.”
Apparently you need to READ more.
So sick of people undermining others and how they do things because obviously your relationship is PERFECT

Misty on

Yay he’s so adorable. It is all worth it. My first was all natural. Towards end I wanted epidural, but too late. It was time to push. So with my second, hands down epidural, it was better, smoother labor. It was perfect. Painful still, but easier. And it worked out medically better than first who came too fast and ended up on oxygen for a couple days. I believe epi slowed down me a bit and all was so much smoother.

Beckster on

Oh my goodness, people! She’s not trying to trump your labor stories, so calm down! Seems like some women just can’t appreciate any other story but their own. Lots of women have epidurals and are still in pain. She didn’t say that she was better than any of you, so chill out. Why can’t women stick together, congratulate her and move on???? Sheesh.

Vanna on

Some people on here get so upset at someone else’s birth story. Holy cow! Some of you need to hear birth stories where their child almost died to put life into perspective. I have and because of that any birth success, medicated or not, is terrific.

Bugg eyed Bob on

Bet the baby can throw the football better than his dad. Course anyone can!!!

Anonymous on

I won’t be doing it with or without an epidural.

Shamile on

Congrats Kristin. He is too adorable for words. You look very happy.

Shamile on

Oh he is so adorable! Congrats Kristin and Jay.

Anonymous on

Great for her! She’s obviously in love with her baby.

I am due in January and plan on laboring naturally but have left medications on the table! It won’t make me less of a woman to take the pain medications and it doesn’t make her less of one either. Haters gonna hate.

Anonymous on

lol ok ladies, it’s not a competition, it’s labor. WIth or without an epidural, everyone’s experience is different. Did you want a medal for doing it without an epidural or something?

items90 on

So happy for them! What a cute baby! Can’t believe people are hating. So pathetic.

Steph on

“Oh yeah? I was in labor for 56 hours and had triplets with NO epidural! Your birthing experience probably felt like a massage compared to mine!!”

Seriously, some of you moms compete with each other in every aspect of the parenting experience and it’s sickening. Spare us the gory details of your labor, because no one is as impressed with your endurance as you are.

Brittany on

The moms who comment on here have got to be some of the cattiest women ever. Who the eff cares if she didn’t feel “the real pain” because she had an epidural? The outcome is the same for everyone – a child. Get over yourselves.

doseedo on

LOL@Amanda. It’s pretty obvious doseedo wrote a joke post in response to all the Mom’s writing in about their birth trauma stories.

Lighten up, sheesh!

Amanda on


Mel on

Why do we have to judge her birthing experience? Just because some women don’t have epidurals and some do doesn’t mean the ones that do are less of a mother. As long as mom and baby are safe and healthy, it’s really no one’s business to judge what they went through. It’s sad that women do that to each other.

Katie on

Wow 20 mins of pushing… she’s lucky… I was in labor for 15 hours and pushed for 3 hours but had to have a vacuum to get my son out in the end.. But wow.. exhausting! But definitely would do it again in a heartbeat he’s a joy in my life. But I hope it works out for them! And from what I read he did make it and he did get to be there but it doesn’t entirely make it clear..

“Later that day, she did. When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital.”

Kristy on

I love how many women are making comments, like, “try doing it without an epidural”… So just because she chose to have one she’s not allowed to admit that she experienced any pain during labor??? She still went through labor and gave birth, geesh! Congrats to Kristin and Jay on their little guy, they seem very happy.

crystal on

i love when people admit that the pain was worth it. it totally is. there is no other time you can go through that amount of pain and get a reward so great. i loved being in labour lol did so three times and i would go for another 10 if kids weren’t so darn costly ha! people are very uppity and crude on these sites, yikes.

Mommy2Princesses on

Congrats Kristin and Jay! Every parent (no matter who) deserves to have a healthy and beautiful child. It seems they have just that… what a beautiful little guy!

Ruth on

I’m jealous, I had an Epidural that didn’t work, 21.5 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing only to have to have an ‘assisted’ birth. I don’t feel sorry for her.

ChillMom on

Darling baby!

Ya’ll just need to chill out. It’s not a contest about who had the most pain, nor does anyone here know anything about their relationship. Remember what Thumper’s mama told him? “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all!”

Amanda K on

Umm…sometimes, ladies – and by ladies, I obviously mean ALL of you out there whose birth experiences were just so dramatically MORE painful than anyone else’s, because Heaven forbid anyone else has gone through the same thing you have – epidurals don’t work. I speak from experience, as I’m sure MANY, MANY other women also know and would be more than happy to blather on about on here.

Just be happy for her…don’t you remember how amazing it feels to have a baby??? Why don’t you bond over THAT, and not insist on competing like you’ll win some amazing prize for “Worst. Labor. Ever.” It’s called motherhood. Get over it.

Brenda on

Ugh women sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, so damn catty. Sometimes I think some just see her name and are prepared to hate everything she says no matter what. She was just describing her birthing experience, you know..hers. Its is not about Molly, Susan or whomever everyone has had different experiences.

And if she experienced pain then she did, I bet some of you criticizing her have never even given birth! Giving birth is not some competition, some of the statements here are just silly and embarrassing. You can still feel pain being in labor for frigging 30 minutes, not to mention this is her first child!

Sheesh at least cut the girl some slack.

Btw some of you seem to know an awful lot about her relationship considering I’m positive you’ve never even met them.

Jessie on

Labor is labor!! 1 hour or 33 hours… it’s still painful!! Welcome baby Camden

PS on

Everyone’s got a different pain threshold, and some people respond to anesthesia more than others. I don’t think an epidural is a sign of weakness either.

I ended up getting an epi after my doctor put me on pitocin with my first and I dang near threw myself out of the hospital bed screaming because the contractions hit SO hard after that. I would have been too exhausted and out of my mind to have the strength to push if I’d tried to keep going any longer without relief.

I agree this is not a contest… and I can attest as someone who also pushed her babies out fast, there can be a LOT of pain associated with that, epidural or not. If you feel you’re the hero after you’ve gone through your experience, good for you, but don’t use it as a marker for placing yourself higher or lower than someone else whose experience was simply *different*.

It’s her first baby and she just wants to share the joy. Let her.

SofiasMommy on

Aww, my daughter was also born on Aug. 8th, her due date. They told me less than 5 percent of babies are actually born on their due date, esp. for 1st time moms. What an amazing experience. I rather more enjoyed labor and giving birth w/o epidural than the 9 months of hell and agony 🙂

Makayla on

Back when I was pregnant, I told my doctor the moment I go into labor I want the epidural. There will be no heroic’s from this girl.

Nicole on

For people who can read in the first damn paragraph it says and in parentheses she had the epidural! And why does that matter anyway?

anon on

For anyone asking if I want a medal for having an unmedicated natural birth…HELL YES I DO!! And if you have one, you would want a medal too! 🙂

CCEx on

Women who “need” epidurals and put the risks of that above their baby are weak. Infuriates me that some women spend more time researching the stroller they want than preparing and educating themselves about labour and delivery. They’ll get an epidural at the first twinge, but cringe at the thought of a ham sandwich. Epidurals carry heavy risks.

reality diva on

Wow, thanks for sharing – no one’s ever had a baby before so we didn’t know about contractions, labor pain and pushing the baby out. Where is that baby-deliverin’ stork when you need him?! Thanks also for showing us another baby born out of wedlock. Your parents must be so proud of their daughter who has no education, no career, and a baby daddy.

Amanda on

Reality diva – Blah blah blah. I find it hard to believe you read anything she wrote. Your comment is beyond random and has nothing to do with the opinion she stated.

T on

Y’all are harsh. I think it was rather sweet how she basically admitted it sucked and hurt like hell, but was obviously worth it. Kudos to her, and you haters need a(nother) hobby.

reality diva on

I had 10 epidurals and 10 kids so I beat all of you! I also had two litters of puppies and 4 litters of kittens so no one can top that! I will out-birth all living creatures from now into eternity!

Anon on


Well, thank goodness “strong” women like you exist to put down the others who ask for an epidural. Does it carry risks? Yes, as most things in life do. But how often are those risks a reality? Not often enough, apparently (and thankfully!), otherwise it would not be used by DOCTORS in hospitals all over the world. If you didn’t need one, great, but don’t put down those who do.

bella on

jeez all women try to be better than everyone else in here… so WHAT if you had it worse, who cares! its beautiful either way, stop hating eachother so much

Jess on

Wow, some of you moms are LOSERS! “Try doing 454322 hours of labor followed by 3428432 of pushing with NO EPIDURAL!” OK, I assumed you all also walked uphill to school both ways with no shoes on in the snow? All of you putting down this girl are DESPARATE for attention and will put down anyone else who gets it instead of you.

1. Nobody cares about your labor. For real. Millions of women every year do natural births – great, whatever. You’re not special, you don’t get a cookie for doing it that way.

2. How about all of YOU trying being a laboring mother in a third world country like Ethiopia where there’s NO medical care, an infant AIDS crisis, & things REALLY suck. “THEN WE’LL TALK.”

God, people are such pathetic pitiful idiots.

Mrs. A on

Wow. Women! We are our own worst enemies. And what is with all these posts about how many hours of labor you were in and the fact that you did it without an epidural? You get a trophy for that? You are a better mom than those who didnt?Please shut the hell up. Thank you.

Amanda on

Mrs. A, I wish people like you would do the same. It’s no better.

beans on

Wow big surprise, a bunch of moms complaining about their labor and putting down this broad for finding difficulty in her own. Stop looking for excuses for gratitude/compliments. There is literally noting more irritating nor repetitive than you woman looking for praise for having one of the easiest jobs available… A mother.

Amanda on

Beans – Spoken by someone who is clearly not a parent yet.

Anonymous on

susan did you not read the article , it said later that day when he returned. he was there!! hello

Chance on

With All of the guy’s she’s been with, I’m surprised the kid didn’t walk out. lol

Jess on

Let me make a few things clear to all of you pathetic attention-seeking mothers:

1. Nobody cares that you did it without an epidrual. Seriously, nobody.

2. For all of you who say, “I did 42842 hours of labor followed by 1521 hours of pushing” are always the same babies who say they walked to school, uphill both ways, barefoot in the snow.

3. How about this? How about all of you WHINERS go to somwhere like Ethiopia, where there’s NO prenatal or labor & delivery care for moms and they’re giving birth in a freakin’ tent somewhere in the middle of a field. “THEN WE’LL TALK.”

Holy God, women are pathetic and pitiful and desparate for attention sometimes. No wonder men call us whiny and naggy.

Amanda on

Jess, it’s called home birth here, as opposed to a tent in the middle of Ethiopia.

renee on

Dang she is just recounting her expierience why are people so quick to hate on this girl .. At least they are making a effort to be proper parents..He is a cute baby regardless and she is apparently very proud of her family..

Erin on

my son connor was born on aug 8th on his due date too!

Erin on

i had 4 hrs of labor with the first, 2 hrs with the second…virtually pain free, why is this a pissing contest to see who had the worst labor…who the f cares???…HATERS WILL HATE!!

Luis on

LVB, Susan, bh, Sarah…….

It must be sad to read an article about a woman who is being open and honest about their experience and only have snide comments to reply with.

I hope that you have kinder people in your lives than yourselves.

cc on

If some of the people who post here would read correctly it states “When Cutler, 29, returned from football practice that afternoon, Cavallari was ready to head to the hospital. And after 10 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, Camden Jack arrived at 2 a.m. on Aug. 8 – his due date.” Pls read before making a post you dont understand or didnt read or better yet get a life before you read trouble in another couples relationship.