Giuliana Rancic Says Baby Smell Is the Best

09/20/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Edward Duke Rancic might be adorable, but according to his mom, the little guy smells just as good as he looks.

During a chat with PEOPLE on Thursday, Giuliana Rancic revealed her favorite thing about motherhood so far. “I love the way he smells. There is nothing like baby smells,” Rancic, 37, notes. “Maybe it’s the shampoo, I don’t know. Babies just have the smell.”

Another simple pleasure she relishes in? Just spending time with her three-week old. “I love holding him β€” there’s nothing like looking into his eyes,” she says, adding that they were originally brown, but are now a dark blue.

The E! host and her husband Bill Rancic — who shared a new photo of their bundle of joy in cute pajamas with Today on Wednesday — also already figured out something that first time parents usually struggle with — how to get him to sleep!

“He loves head rubs,” she said. “He can be so alert and awake, but the second Bill rubs his head — he’s out!”


And it seems that being a new mom has slowed down Giuliana, at least in the style department. “I’ve toned down my look in terms of my everyday look,” she admits. “I’m definitely wearing ponytails all the time.”

The Rancics welcomed their son via gestational surrogate on Aug. 29 Β in Denver, Colo.

— Jennifer Cress with reporting by Andrea Lavinthal

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Kimmie on

Absolutely adorable. Baby looks alot like her hubby!

Audrey on

He sure is a cute little guy, congratulations to the new parents<3

Grace on

Looks like he is getting ready to take Seacrest’s job!! What a cutie…and a beautiful combo of G and B!! God Bless the Rancic’s!!

Angie Seaton on

Congrats to you guys !!!

He is just precious !!

Ashtyn on

What an adorable and perfect baby!!! Congrats!!!

amy on

Seriously a perfect combination of the two of them! Glad to hear they’re enjoying parenthood.

MyTwoCents on

What a beautiful baby!! Can’t congratulate them enough!! Thrilled for them πŸ™‚ He’s gorgeous!!

Karen on

Precious! Couldn’t have happened to a sweeter couple!

Bisodun on

He is so cute. I love G&B and am so happy for them.

Kat on

Congratulations! Giuliana please eat something!

Ani on

Congratulations once again. Finally a baby dressed as a baby with cute pajamas on!

I agree with her, there is no other smell like the baby’s smell.

Thanks for sharing it!!!

Sonja on

Cutie pie! I love baby the combo baby lotion and mother’s milk too. Makes me wanna hug my children.

Yeye on

He has her head!

Marisa Docu on

Oh my god looks like his father! very cute baby! congratulations to the Family Rancic.

Julianna on

This is one of my favorite families. Bill and Giuliana went through so much to have this little guy… I think baby Edward looks a lot like mama, he has her eyes.

Julie on

Congratulations to this wonderful couple!

Marcia on

Very cute little guy. ALMOST as cute as my kids ; ). Congrats to them.

Anonymous on

Looks like Bill!

Deborah on

I don’t like the fact that every article refers to Baby Duke as Giuliana’s baby.

Linda on

I am so happy for them. After all that they have been through, it’s time for some good things to happen for them. Enjoy your son for many years to come.

2timeMom on

My baby boy is 3 mths old. I love holding him close & smelling him. Everything about babies are magical! They are truly God’s angels ❀

Anonymous on

Congratulations! What a sweet blessing he is and so adorable!

Yazmin on

What a cutie!!!!

Anonymous on

How cute is he!?! Congrats to the new parents!

Sarah Singleton on

Little Edward is sooo flipping cute….love the pjs…best of luck to Bill& Guiliana

boston on

Looks exactly like Bill with her coloring!

michelle on

Hes so cute! enjoy him

Emry on

IM sooo happy for them!!!

2timeMom on

My baby boy is 3 mths old. I love holding him close and smelling him. Babies are truly angels from God!

Kathy on

Wow for the most part the comments below are happy which is how it should be. I am very happy for the happy couple to have such a wonderful little bundle of joy. I would love to see more pics.

Congratulations to Bill, Giuliana and their little bundle of joy!

Snow on

Aww, yes looks like Daddy.

Sarah S. on

What a handsome little guy!

Courtney on

I’m happy for them. I know that what they went through was heartbreaking..But now they have their happy ending..All the best

A on

Looks like Bill

jaintn on

Pretty baby. He looks like his daddy.

Valerie Tower on

This story just brightened my whole day. Congrats to the Rancics!

Stephanie on

Awww what a cutie its about time they have a little one to enjoy

Misty on

I’m not that familiar with these two, but I’ve seen how much they ached for this baby. I’m very happy for them, he is a cutie. πŸ™‚

Rachel on

Is he not the cutest thing? Looking just like his daddy!!!

Barb Faber on

He is adorable I can see alot of his Daddy in his little face….. God Bless ❀

Patti on

Amazing story!! Beautiful baby boy..Congrats Giuliana and Bill you guys deserve this precious gift.

Becky on

She is correct, nothing better than the smell of a baby..Congrats to the new Mom and Dad..He really does look like a combination of both of them.. One lucky baby boy and I love his name..

Anonymous on

What a cutie. Congratulations!

jen vee on

sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them! hes a doll!

Agoodwin on

Deborah – He IS her baby. Her eggs were mixed with her husbands sperm – the baby has both their DNA. The surrogate was simply the incubator.

Dawn on

As soon as I saw Edward’s picture on the magazine cover last week, I melted. He is sooo sweet. I am a member of the Edward Duke Rancic fan club. Congrats to Bill & Giuliana.

sharon on

I ‘m just thrilled for her and her hubby….. they went through sooooo much to have a little angel and I’m glad they finally got their bundle of joy!

God Bless this little family!


They give me hope πŸ™‚

Deborah on

Agoodwin.. I know and that was my point!!! He had 2 parents why is the media always saying it’s HER BABY.. Bill is his father!! Why not say Meet:: Bill and Giuliann’s baby. I think alot of women would be upset if they were referring baby Duke as just Bill’s baby!!

Anna on

Do they call him by his middle name Duke, or his first name Edward? Not that it matters, just curious, because it doesn’t say in the article, but on the home page it says ‘Baby Duke’.

Just wondering

Anonymous on




Rhonda on

She is right! There is nothing like the smell of baby. My youngest just turned 1 and I miss that smell. So happy for Giuliana and Bill. They went through so much over the last few years and deserve happiness.

Misty on

Their baby is just adorable and I am so happy for them! Nothing like the love a mother has for her child!

Shenae on

I don’t think he’s that cute in this pic! I think when he gets out of the newborn stage, he will be.

Serika on

Congrats he looks like Bill. I mean no harm and I am not even a fan of hers but Guiliana doesn’t need to be talented. She’s a journalist. She went to college, got her degree and is working in her field. That is the American dream. Save that talk for the Kardashian threads.

Tiffany on

I think he looks like daddy!

Serika on

Aww he looks like Bill. I am so happy for them I love to see people who will love and care for a baby get their dream. I am not even a fan of Guiliana but that was a silly remark to say she isn’t talented. She doesn’t have to be she is a journalist, she went to college and trained and is working in her field. I would rather read about her and Bill then the freaking Kardashians

jsp81355 on

Oh my goodness, he looks just like his father! What a precious boy. God bless Duke and his parents. I’m so glad their dreams came true.

Rory Alexandra on

All you people with hateful comments are so rude. & just because she couldn’t carry him doesn’t mean that she didn’t use her eggs. She freaking battle breast cancer you rude people. I don’t think you would like people saying hateful things to you & your family if you went what she went through.

Cyndi on

He’s adorable!! Congrats, again!! He sure looks like his daddy!!

Annabelle on

He’s adorable! So glad your dream came true and you have this little guy.

KJW on

so very precious!!!!!!!

Melissa on

I am so happy for Guliana and Bill! Blessings to them and their precious baby boy!

BBB on

They had a surrogate, right? Because that baby looks like Bill.

margar on

there he is! all that struggle, heart ache, hoping, faith and finally a miracle to make this little man. can’t be happier that they were finally blessed to have a baby.

Anonymous on

My first born (boy) just turned 30 on August 29th. He’s a great person . . good birthdate. Lots of love and blessings to you all!

Anonymous on

Happy for them, baby looks like Bill.

Anna on

He is precious-but what about privacy? Pictures at every turn, his own Twitter name. Come on! This kid will be forced in the spolight because of fame hungry Momma! I thought she was going to slow down and actually be a parent?

Shama on

What a blessing, Congrats!!!!

Lisa on

Jealous much??? Sorry ur life is pathetic and u have a problem being happy for someone. If u don’t want to hear about her then get off People mag.

CCE on

Do you think Guliana is pathetic then too? She has an hour long show dedicated to bashing others. If anyone who is negative is pathetic then the shoe fits.

Congratulations to the new family.

Shelby on

OMG…PRESH! What an amazingly adorable little boy πŸ™‚ God Bless them and America!

ann on

He’s so cute. As far as the ponytail, i wore it for a long time when my kids where little and no hoop earrings cuz they pull on it when you’re carrying them.

Angela Martin on

I love Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Congrats to both of them! Beautiful baby. As a woman struggling with fertility issues myself, it saddens me to read the few “negative” comments that were posted in regards to this article. Doesn’t anybody live by the motto “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” ? I know we are all entitled to free speech, But be tasteful and use common sense people! Be blessed.

Joann on

I love the way babies cross their little ankles! SO cute!

cali on

Yay! Soooooooo happy for G&B, they are going to be great parents! They are one of my Fave Celebrity couples. Love, Love them!!!

rebecca on


tia on

He is beautiful and all of you are just lucky to have each other! You two will do very well as parents …….dont worry just take each day as it comes!

Faye on

He looks like both of them.

Sara on

Oh my gosh! He is so cute!!

Gladiola on

What a sweet little boy! Perfect in every way! Now Giuliana and Bill should just chill out and enjoy their bundle of long awaited joy!

denise on

Beautiful. All the best to this beautiful family. Enjoy him.

Anonymous on

wait 6 more months and see if the smell is the same is all Ima saying…

Ava on

What a cutie pie! So happy for your family, Giuliana and Bill!

Mere on

Congrats to them! He is gorgeous! So happy they finally have their baby after all they have gone through! Congrats!

linda on

wish you guys all the best!! =)

Lisa on

LOVE baby smell… Tried to use the baby shampoo on my 9 year old son’s head, but nope… still smells like a 9 year old!

marlena on

It is not possible for the baby’s eyes to change from brown to blue! dumb azz! Cute baby though

irene on

babies babies and more babies!!!….sooo cutee!! aww

theresa on

How beautiful. God Bless you all!!

Safira on

So precious! I love the way babies smell too!

Safira on

Congrats, he’s beautiful!

tuck19 on

I’m so happy for both of them, especially Giuliana after all of her personal struggles. Congrats!!

Anna on

He looks just like his daddy.

DH on

The baby does look so much like Bill. Such a doll!
Congrats Rancic’s!!!!

Amy on

This woman is possibly the biggest fame wh*re on the planet besides maybe the Kardashians.

Tatiana on

Congratulations 2 B&G on their new arrival of pure JOY!!! I will always be a devoted fan, love watching their show & seeing the struggles they have faced together, just proves that they are real people just like every1 else. They deserve all the Happiness & Love that this little miracle will give them! Much Love πŸ™‚

Terri on

What a sweetie! Looks so much like Bill! I am so so so happy for them! Love their show, courage and strength.

ronessahamilton on

he is so cute

Brooklyn on

Very cute. He looks like his dad!

I'm Standing Right Behind You on


noella on

I doubt they stay together much longer. They run to the media everytime something happens in their life. Take away the cameras and focus on your marriage and children.

Diane on

They went thro so much, I am so thrilled for them and hope maybe God will bless them with another.

Anne on

Ugly picture of the kid, I am sure he is cuter than that. Not sure why they gave their son a dog’s name though. Duke?

Emmmz on

Congratulations from Salt Lake City! You’re in for it now… You will love every second.

Emmmz on

Congratulations! You’re in for it now… You will love every second. So handsome.

Guest on

Yikes!!! What happened here???

TG on

What a cutie!

Pamela on

Congrats to you both. He is a beautiful baby. Love the hair.

Joan on

They have been through so much with her cancer and everything else that has happened. I am so happy for both of them. That little boy is just as cute as he can be.

susan on

he is perfect, wonderful that they are loving being parents as much as they dreamed they would.

Joy on

Happy, happy, happy! So happy for them. I wish all three of them long and joyful lives.

924chick on


Andrea on

Isn’t he precious! I’m so glad she’s found happiness after going through such a difficult time! God bless Duke!

Melissa on

Congrats to the Rancic Family!!! He looks just like his Daddy!

Shenae on

What are you guys on? Not that cute, sorry!

amy on

Darling baby,what a blessing.

KK on

So happy for them. It’s nice to see great things happen to good people who truly deserve to be parents.

Amy on

He is absolutely adorable. Congrats to G & B on their baby boy.

Jammina on

he is so adorable and so blessed!

I wish them well. I hope they teach him to believe in God. I think Guliana and Bill are very traditional and will be awesome parents. I am glad they were able to have a natural child –even if via gestational carrier(Nicole Kidman did too)

Angel on

He does look a lot like Bill, but I was just thinking he’s got her huge eyes! He’s going to be a little heartbreaker for sure! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Becky on

Adorable! and it is so nice to see him dressed as a baby should be! In a sleeper and on a receiving blanket! Lucky baby!

Dani on

If you don’t care about this family’s little miracle then don’t click on the link! I personally am so happy for them! They seem like such a sweet couple and I love watching their show. Airing their struggle has helped many couples who are going through the same thing. Congratulations Giuliana and Bill! Here’s to a long and happy life for little Duke! πŸ™‚

Nikki on

Congrats to them! What a cutie!

FYI, baby smell usually comes from spit up milk. Seriously……

Sure shampoo smells good, but you can tell if it’s the shampoo/baby wash/laundry detergent or not….

Shar on

I am so thrilled for you guys. I have watched your show and know the background. Baby Rancic is so darling, and looks just like Bill. I am so happy for you! Enjoy every moment!

linda on

He is just gorgeous! Congrats and may God continue to bless you both and your beautiful baby.

L.D. on

I just found out my dad died via the internet, so seeing this absolutely adorable cutie made me smile. He is going to be one cute little guy, and yes, he is a great combination of both of them. Adorable!

Crystal on

After all her heartache a lovely blessing came their way πŸ™‚ Shame on those who bash her/post jealous comments. A cancer survivor becoming a mother is news!! As someone who has lost her sister to cancer recently GROW UP!

Janet on

So cute and so deserving of such happiness.

Anonymous on

BBB- They DID have a surrogate, but Edward is biologically their child. If I’m remembering correctly, they had one frozen embryo left over from their unsuccesful IVF attempts and had that put into the surrogate. Basically, they made a cake and then baked it in someone else’s oven. πŸ™‚

To the poster who was confused as to whether they’re calling him Edward or Duke…I’m pretty sure I read something somewhere where they said they’re calling him Duke.

Anyway, Duke is adorable, and he looks like Bill! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

I literally let out a big loud ‘ AWE ‘ when i saw this little guy. Precious and i’m betting he was worth every struggle these two had to face.



guest144 on

Best wishes to all three of you. Baby is adorable. He sure looks like Bill, only much cuter.

Catbyrd on

He’s absolutely adorable. Congratulations to Giulianna and Bill!!

Donna on

Beautiful baby. Wishing them all a lifetime of happiness.

rachel on

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations to both. Also to the surrogate. What an amazing woman she must be to make this miracle possible.

Char Kwedar on

Beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

jackie2830 on


Ann on

He is a little dollbaby…….best wishes to the parents who are awesome so this baby will know what true love is all about.

Loli on

He is cute, hopefully he doesn’t get her hairline πŸ™‚

Danielle on

He is the split image of Bill. God bless.

KD on

I agree the baby smell is the best…I love to sit and smel my son’s hair (he is 3 1/2) after his nightly shampoo never looses that it factor for me!

Ms. Jeffie on

Receding hairline already!…..However very cute and precious. Congrats!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for Giuliana!!! After everything she’s been through, she finally got her miracle baby!!! Edward Duke is adorable and I love that name!! All the best and more to the Rancics!!!

H on

GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

megan on

You don’t rub a baby’s head. They have a soft spot. It’s a bad idea. What a liar.

Anonymous on

megan- Then I guess I’ve just imagined all the people I’ve seen rubbing their baby’s heads! πŸ˜‰ Yes, babies have soft spots (that’s right, they have more than one!), but that doesn’t mean rubbing their heads is dangerous. You just have to be careful to avoid the soft spots is all (which isn’t hard to do at all)!

jackie2830- Not everyone is cut out for being a stay-at-home parent. If Giuliana wants to work, I don’t see why we should bash her for that.

Meli on

So sweet but I really don’t like the name Duke.