Motherhood Is a ‘Profound Change’ for Claire Danes

09/20/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Emmy nominee and mom-to-be Claire Danes isn’t exactly sure what to expect of motherhood, but tells Anderson Cooper it is sure to be a “profound change.”

“There’s no way of anticipating what that’s going to mean for [husband Hugh Dancy and me], but we are very excited,” the Homeland star says during a Thursday appearance on Anderson Live. “We are going to love this person, I know that.”

When asked what kind of mom she’ll be, Danes admits she may have a leg-up on one stage of babyhood.

“My mom ran a toddler school in our loft; I grew up in the city,” she explains. “So I grew up with 1-and 2-year-olds all throughout my childhood, and I know about early childhood development — that particular window I am pretty educated on.”

The actress adds with a laugh: “Anything before and after I might have some trouble.”

Courtesy Anderson Live

Danes admits she couldn’t wait to find out the sex of her first child because she has “no patience,” but reiterated that she and Dancy have chosen to keep the news secret. “It’s important to keep a little something to ourselves because we are so public,” she explains.

To accommodate, Cooper surprised Danes with two onesies with a Homeland twist. One pink and one blue, each reading CIA — “Cutest Infant Alive.”

— Sheila Baylis

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Sarah on

I know this is awful but I just keep thinking I hope Hugh Dancy doesnt get stolen away from Claire when she is 8 months pregnant like the way Claire stole Mary Louise Parker’s husband away when MLP was that far along…

bebe on

1st MLP was living w/ Billie not married. 2nd – What do YOU know about the relationship? They could have split up and kept it quiet for privacy sake. 3rd – Who was Clair commited to? She was single girl who fell for a guy. She made no promises to nonbody. For that matter Billie may not have either. You DON’T know so mind your business.

Hea on

Sarah – You’re right, it’s an awful thing to wish to happen to someone. Especially someone you probably don’t even know other than from gossip magazines and such. You can’t steal a person unless you kidnap them. I’m pretty sure that Billy went willingly and that was his responsibility and his mess – not Claire’s. While I think it’s egoistic to pursue a person in a committed relationship, I’m aware that it is up to the one who cheats and/or decides to leave. You can’t force someone to fall in love with you and, once you fall in love, strange things can happen. Life is sadly not a fairytale.

Rusty on

I think it’s awful that people keep bringing up a situation which no one (outside of the couple) really knows the details… There’s no indication that Mary Louise holds a grudge, so why do complete strangers keep bringing it up?

Just My Opinion on

@ Sarah, how do you steal a human. He’s a grown man, he left cause he wanted to leave. Where is his fault in your comment?

boohoobytch on

first, she’s not a mom yet and second – Karma is a an ugly chick and she’s waiting in the wings for this one….

Renee on

Is the whole Billy Crudup thing really relevant to her life and her baby now. She is not even with the guy anymore, she is married to Hugh Dancy and having his baby. I am sure glad no one else ever made mistakes when they were younger. I hope she has a happy and healty baby. Congratulation to her and her husband, Hugh Dancy.

Emily on

A bit arrogant. That’s how it comes off at least.

What I think... on

Marriage is a public and legal contract- honoring the contract is not only the responsibility of the ‘signers’ , but the public. Both violated the trust inherent in a contract- true Claire couldn’t have led/stole him away if he didn’t participate but she was part of it. Both are cheaters- and they had to lie and deceive others to make that happen. They are icky people.

ali on

But billy and MLP werent married… Just BF/GF

Millie on

Come on girls! She made a HUGE mistake and I am sure she is aware of that herself too. Let it go already.

Cindy on

I’m not defending either party but Mary Louise Parker and Billy Crudup were never married. Look it up (those of you citing the “legal contract” of marriage).

Anonymous on

I think it is so funny that people say “(whiny voice here) I can’t believe people are bringing up the Mary Louise Parker thing.” Well, reality is that Karma is a b*tch, and anyone who shacks up with a man who has a very pregnant girlfriend deserves the same.

karma sucks on

She deserves nothing better than a stillborn baby.

Karma is a bitch…just like this home wrecking wh0re.

Wow on

Wow, I’m sure you have been an absolutely perfect little angel you’re entire life. But judging from your completely horrific comment, I’m probably not too far off in guessing that you’re a miserable person. Hope that works out for you, and I can’t wait to see what karma dishes you during the happiest time of your life, should you ever have such an experience

Sheri on

That is a horrible thing to say…

Wow on

Karma is just a person with no life of their own who gets off on wishing evil things for people this “person” doesn’t even know. Get a life already Karma

ali on

Wow “karma sucks” I sincerely hope that applies to you too. You are genuinely a HORRIBLE person. And I say that thinking that I have found your BEST quality.

guest on

Wow! This comment is evil! PEOPLE needs to delete this!

Holly on

Wow either you are not a parent or you are just a sick individual. The fact that you would wish a stillborn baby on anyone is completely disgusting! I have one child and another on the way; the thought of anything bad ever happening to one of my children makes me sick and I would NEVER wish that on anyone. Clearly you are a heartless and disturbed individual and you should keep your hateful comments to yourself!

Kelseu on

I think that comment was uncalled for, wishing someone to have a stillborn baby.

Frances on

I just hope it changes her morals. Perhaps she’ll learn not to cheat. I’m sure Mary Louise Parker was terribly hurt when Danes scre*ed Billy Crudup. At 8 months pregnant, Mary Louise Parker deserved better.

I, unlike Sarah who posted, don’t think my sentiments are awful. Awful is hearing a self-centered cheater gush about her pregnancy and happiness. Talk about being a bit**.

Karma is waiting for her.

Wow on

Was she dating someone at the time? Wouldn’t that make him the cheater?

Bea on

Well said HEA! Not sure why this keeps coming up. No-one knows what went on and yes, it takes 2 to tango.

Ally on

To everyone who keeps saying she pursued him, only the people involved know what really happened. He was older than her and could well have been the one doing the pursuing. She was young and possibly naive. It was a long time ago and they all seem to have moved on, so maybe it’s time for people who never even met them, and don’t know what actually happened, to move on too.

Mommytoane on

Ok. #1. Its true. You can not steal a human away from another human. People have to want to leave, and lets face it, a lot of people have babies to save a relationship. #2. Who gave any of you the God given right to judge another person? Are you perfect? I think not. Get off your high horses, and stop judging. And Keep in mind, when you point one finger at someone, you have three pointing right back at you. Karma is a bitch, and lets hope ladies, it bites you all in the arse for being so cruel.

On the other hand, Good luck to Claire! Having your own is definitely 100% different than watching someone elses child. Best wishes on the pregnancy and life ahead.

meghan on

Let’s keep beating that dead horse. I bet MLP doesn’t care as much as you harpies do.

meghan on

You judgy bitches are no better than karma sucks.

Erin on

On one hand I really like Claire the actress, on another I’m not a fan of her the person in terms of her actions. Some people have gone disgustingly far and are clearly trolls.

But on the other hand those apologists whining that they were only boyfriend/girlfriend, really? So they need a marriage certificate for it to matter, total nonsense. And that it was ages ago when she was young? It wasn’t THAT many years ago and she wasn’t THAT young, she’s hooked up with her co-stars whilst in mid relationship more than once and as for the time difference, that’s stupid logic. So Hitler and nasty serial killers did bad things so many years ago but they’re absolved now? Extreme example I know but same logic. Actions are a testament to a person’s character and values. Her actions, not so bad but not savory at all.

That said I hope she has a lovely healthy baby and that Homeland continues for a few years yet.

rachel on

Wow! As much as you all are hating on Claire, were you hating on Gisele Bundchen when she was pregnant? She “stole” a man who was expecting a child with someone else. Geez.

Congrats to Claire! I doubt she gives a fig what anyone here thinks about her.

a oliverlane on

I lost one of my bff to a horrific car wreck this week, months after she was widowed by the same. Now 2 boys are left w/out parents on earth, not that that has anything to do w this article, but please, you people, GET A GRIP.. life is too short, It’s not your concern, they have moved on, we all have judgement days WITH THE LORD, let thee who live in glass houses cast the first stones….

Chrissy on

I don’t like cheating anymore than anyone else but she didn’t “steal” someone. He was a grown up, he did what he did. He’s just as responsible if not more so because he was the one who made promises spoken or unspoken to MLP.

Can she never be redeemed? Once you cheat you should just go curl up and die? There’s no life after it? He’s the one who left a pregnant girlfriend, and who are we to say that things were working out or they should have stayed together?

I think it was a sad situation but there comes a point where people need to move on. She’s entitled to a life after that scandal. It’s pretty sad to talk about karma when a baby is involved. I just wish them a happy safe birth and a happy marriage. The past is the past. Move on.

Bree on

@Karma Sucks, have you ever had a still born baby? Have you ever gone in for a routine appointment and been told that your baby, the child you have loved and planed for and cherished, was dead? A child that you never got to hold or cuddle or play with. Have you ever had to then give birth to that child torn between wanting it to be over and wanted to run and hid because you knew as soon as you gave birth you would have to say goodbye to your baby forever, that once you gave birth you would never get to hold her or see her again?

NOBODY deserves to go through that pain, that total agony, that total heartbreak, not even the devil himself should have to go through that.

While I don’t for one second agree with the choices the Claire AND Billy made, it is in the past and they have all moved on, including MLP.

To wish that hell on someone shows how ignorant you are and what a total troll you are.

Karma does suck and she is coming right for you sweetie, while I would never wish a still born on you or anyone else perhaps going through something like that is the only way you will truly understand what you are wishing on someone you have never even met.

To say something like that is so utterly disgusting and evil. People like you make me sick.

Anonymous on

guest- I couldn’t agree more. Karma Suck’s comment needs to be deleted immeditely! Wishing that an innocent baby would die is pure evil!

Wishing that an innocent baby’s family will get torn up isn’t much better, and I can’t believe so many people are actually hoping Hugh will leave Claire! Can’t we have a little compassion for the baby and hope that, for his or her sake, they’ll stay together?

Renee- I agree, she made a mistake, and she may deeply regret it for all we know. Also, she may have learned her lesson and vowed never to cheat again. People grow and change, and “Once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t always true.

And finally, she may not have knowingly cheated. It’s not uncommon for men in situations like this to lie and say they’re not in a relationship (or that they’ve ended things with their wife/gf if the woman already knew about her).

And if that WAS the case with Billy, perhaps Claire was horrified when she found out that he’d lied about being single. It could even be that she apologized to MLP in private. We simply don’t know, nor will we ever.

I’m NOT saying that Claire not knowing that Billy was in a relationship with someone else would make what they did right….just that we shouldn’t automatically assume that she knowingly had an affair with him!

Peace on

That comment will come to you. A baby deserves life. Be very careful. A pray for peace in your life.

maggiemai on

I wish them well! Life turns out as it should! I love Clair Danes!

NLP on

I think Sarah’s comment is legitimate. I also think others who say nobody knows but the 3 involved are correct too. The fact is that if he was in a committed relationship then both Billy and Claire behaved badly and wronged Mary Louise and her child.

It appears that Claire is happy with Hugh and Mary Louise Parker appears reconciled and content. I wish all involved the best and happy lives. Life is too short to carry resentment.

Amy on

Wow! These comments are getting cut throat around here. Whether or not what she did that many years ago or it was wrong, she is not with that person anymore and is married and expecting a baby. Lets stop with the hate. It only drags you down, especially when you don’t know the person.

Why am I the only one who thinks her dress is too tight to wear while being pregnant? Not too sexy tight, just too tight altogether.

Jay on

I like Claire Daines but I always feel like she uses particular words or not words you would use in everyday conversation to make herself seem more intellectual. I don’t know. It just rubs me the wrong way and comes across as pretentious.

SmiaVS on

She used to be so pretty and unique-looking. She’s still attractive enough, but why did she have to go the boring blonde route. We have enough of those already. She looked better with darker hair….

Kerrio on

Everyone talking about karma needs to realize that you’re sending out bad karma just by wishing ill to an unborn baby. Grown up! That being said, on a personal level, I just can’t bring myself to watch anything with Claire Danes, anymore. I just see her as an immature home wrecker. That’s my personal opinion, and I could give a rat’s how talented she is. I just see a selfish b*tch and say “nope, pass”.