Shakira Expecting First Child

09/19/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Dominique Charriau/Wireimage

Yes, Shakira is pregnant.

The singer, 35, confirmed the news in a post on her website Wednesday, explaining that she needs to cancel a work commitment as a result.

“As some of you may know, [boyfriend] Gerard [Piqué] and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby! At this time we have decided to give priority to this unique moment in our lives and postpone all the promotional activities planned over the next few days,” she writes.

“This means I will not be able to be a part of the iHeartRadio Music Festival … I’d like to thank Clear Channel and my fans for their constant love and understanding. Big kiss!”

Shakira and Piqué, 25, central defender for FC Barcelona, confirmed their relationship in March 2011. This will be the first child for both.

On Tuesday, NBC announced that she will temporarily replace Christina Aguilera as a judge on season four of The Voice.

— Sarah Michaud

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amanda on

yay! good for shakira! hope she has a fabulous pregnancy and safe delivery !

alex on

How exciting! Congrats to Shakira & her beau!

Valeria on

This news is awesome! incredibly happy for both of them

Annie on

The bump don’t lie

Dana on

Lmfaooooooo good one Annie haha

Lydia on

She’s been wanting to be a mother for years! Congrats, beautiful!

Sadly, she’s going to be criticized heavily by the Spanish press because she’s very spiritual/religious (Catholic) and she’s not married. Shakira, is a long term type of gal, but for some odd reason she doesn’t want to get married.

em on

I’m Hispanic but I will never judge her. I think she is an awesome human being with a big heart. I also don’t think that a woman needs to be married in order to have children. So happy for her! She’s gorgeous

Jess on

Totally agree

Denisse on

I have been waiting for this day ever since 2001!!! I’m so happy for her Gerard. He is one my favorite soccer players (who plays for my favorite team in the world FC Barcelona) and she is one of my favorite artists of all time! Congrats to them both! ❤

fanofboardwalkempire on

very exciting news! thrilled for them both! YAH!

tashastar81 on

Congrats to her, for others who want to criticize her about having a baby out of wedlock, who are you to judge her? Marriage isn’t for everybody, but babies are a blessing so as long as she and her man are happy they’re bring a life into this world, I’m happy for them.

Lisa on

congrats to you!! there is NOTHING like your first! 🙂 Enjoy!

tashastar81 on

Good for her and her man! Babies are a blessing rather you’re married or not.

lorraine on

Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!congratulations to both of them 🙂

Mara on

Congratulations!!! That is going to be a beautiful or handsome baby(Shakira and Gerald genes-does not get better than that). Latinos!!!

Rosa on

Felicidades Shaki que tengas un embaraso FABuloso como tu 🙂

Anonymous on

Congrats – But I hope she can still do The Voice.

Timing might be really close to delivery…best wishes!

Jan on

@lydia then shes neither , just pregnant.

Danielle on

Congrats to Shakira and Pique for this wonderful news….it’s going to a beautiful baby…..God bless.

Margo on

That’s awesome!!! Congrats to the couple!!!

Woah, over the next few days…is the baby due soon–they sure hid it from the public for a while!

Annie on

Congrats Shakira! I am so happy for her! I love her music and style!

Julianna on

OH MY GOSH! So happy for Shakira and Piqué! They’re an adorable couple and are going to be amazing parents to a seriously gorgeous baby!

Jess on

So excited for them! One of my favorite soccer players in the world and one of my favorite musical artists in the world! That’s gonna be a seriously gorgeous baby wether its. A boy or girl!

sabrina on

COngrats…. Im happy for both of u…. And there is nothing better then being a MOMMY..

kim on

this ‘unique” moment….??? awkward wording. she doesnt sound too enthused

Andrea on

FINALLY & HORRAY! Whether she has a little boy or girl he/she will be adorable! I was hoping she would be pregnant soon. Congratulations!!!

host on

wooo hooo!!! another pregnancy we need to know about!!

JJ on

Congrats. Although I would have thought that her being a first time mom that she would wanna spend her time with her baby and the father, family time instead of filming The Voice in Los Angeles, she’ll be away in L.A for a whole season, while Pique will be be alone in Spain without her or the baby.

Alex on

Wow! She got herself a toy boy 😉

Kim on


lisa on

Congrats to her! I cannot believe she’s 35, she looks the same as she did when she made “Laundry Service”!

Tiffany on

I always find it very amusing how some/most people act like the marriage is a bigger commitment than having a child, which is really backwards.

My BIL has a child with a woman and she is pregnant again. If you ask them when they are getting married they get mad and say they aren’t ready.

You aren’t ready to get married but you are ready to have multiple children? Makes sense…

jessicagiovanna on

@Kim; I think the sentiment was lost in translation. She may have been trying to say Extraordinary? In any regard, good for them.

Anonymous on

I can’t wait to see her baby bump…bet she looks great as always…congrats!!!

Carys on

It seems like most men now marry their girlfriends once a baby is on its way or after its been born. What a shame that they have to be be pushed into marriage almost all the time.

Mia on

Congrats to her on having a baby she’s always wanted…..but she was with her ex – for like…10 years? They never married – now she’s with someone she’s only been dating for under 2 years + now they’re having a baby? Commit. Being boyfriend/girlfriend is such an elementary stage in a relationship. If you really plan to be together for the rest of your lives and can picture building a future together – then make the real commitment and get married before having kids ( a huge lifelong responsibility – hopefully with someone you actually want as a life partner.) It doesn’t take any special love/commitment to have a baby with someone….sad.

Sarah on

Congratulations! Their baby will be beautiful!

Leslie on

According to foreign press she is pretty far into the pregnancy at this point. So basically she is having a baby with a 25 year old guy she’s been dating for less than a year before getting preg?

Susan on

Congrats to Shakira and Gerard! I have been a huge fan of both of them all of these years.

And because I know there are going to be a plethora of comments about Shakira and Gerard not being married-even though I believe that babies are for after marriage ,it’s none of your business. So calm down, people.

Jess on

I totally agree Susan! Whether they are married or not they will be great parents and will support and love thier child unconditionally

notsosure on

Who? Oh yeah. She was a one hit wonder.

leslie on

A “One hit wonder?” Where exactly have you been?? Shakira is NO one hit wonder! I think you may need to pay attention to her music a bit more closely. She is a wonder artist! I am sooooooo happy for them! People can talk all they want about them not being married but it’s really none of your business. Get over it, be happy for them and take care of your own lives.

Crystal on

This is wonderful! Although I do get a kick out of those criticizing because she’s not married because “marriage is a real life long commitment” you should have before baby. Is it now? Last I checked, you can check out of a marriage anytime you want to and people continue to do at an alarming rate. Doesn’t seem like a life long commitment to me….

Mia on

How can you have a child (let alone children) with someone….yet not be ready to marry then? Obviously they are not sure there relationship is going to last. It’s sad and ridiculous that people are having kids so casually….yet don’t care about really being married/committing to each other for life. If I was with someone and he said “I want to have kids with you – but not ready to get married.” I would leave – ASAP. If you aren’t ready to get married and be with that person – then don’t have kids with them.

Whatever!!! on

Can you go sit somewhere please and get off your high horse. Amy Poelher and Will Arnett have 2 boys under 3 years old… how is that marriage commitment working out for them thus far???

Jenniffer on

Sooo happy for her !!!!
May the baby bring happyness and blessings to both of them !!!!!!! I love Shakira !!!!!

Kat on

What else is new, find a man, agree to get knocked then decide later whether to get married! And what’s up with Latinas and younger guys, Eva… er…. Shakira?

Jessie on

Firstly in order to be committed to someone you do NOT have to be married. You can be committed to someone for life and still not be married. Marriage is a legal union that comes with commitment. Same difference. So what is the difference of someone being in a committed relationship for 30 yrs and actually someone who got married (such an amazing commitment for life) yet get divorced in 2 yrs. Times are changing so does everyone else who has a problem with people having children who are not married. And marriage more important than children? Hugely mistaken. Like someone said there is no bigger commitment than children. So everyone needs to build a bridge and get over it, we are in 2012. A time of wonderful single mothers, more than 50% divorce rate, and children out of weddlock!!!!!

His on

I would really like someone to tell me when marriage equals lifelong commitment? Last time I checked, the divorce rate is incredibly high.

Some people get married. Some don’t. How would you like it if I came up and told you to not get married because that’s what I believe? You’d tell me to butt out, it’s your life. Well, you really are in no position to judge others.

And this is coming from a happily married woman of 15 years. It’s right for me, not for others and I accept that and butt out. It makes me a nicer person to be around.

Anyways, good luck Shakira and Piqué! As a big Barca fan, I’m happy for them both! 🙂

Anya on

She is way too old(10 years age diffrence) and also too short for him.He’s pretty good looking guy,I wonder what he sees in her,she is so simple and plain to not mention her bleeding goat’s voice(terrible).

Whatever!!! on

No Anya you don’t sound bitter at all… continue!!! 🙂

Today on


Anonymous on

Congratulations!! I pray all goes well for Shakira!

Whatever!!! on

All requirements for her to be stoned by the irate masses I think…

Anonymous on

Mia- Or maybe they ARE sure the relationship is going to last but just don’t feel the need to get married. Not everyone does, and as other posters have said, Shakira was with her previous bf for 10 years (an eternity in Hollywood!).

So obviously she believes in long-term commitment but just isn’t the marrying type. In my opinion, although I believe very strongly in marriage and wouldn’t even sleep with someone I wasn’t married to (let alone have kids with them!), it’s very possible to be committed without a piece of paper telling you so.

JJ- How do you know that? Maybe Gerad will accompany her and the baby to LA! Or maybe she’ll leave the baby in Spain with him while she’s filming.

Crystal- Excellent point!

All of that said, congrats to them! And I wonder when she’s due? Have their been any “bump” photos of her?

LM on

Yay! Congrats Shakira.

Claudia on

i think she was more stable with the other boyfriend she had like for 10 years than with pique he’s too young for her i hope i’m wrong i really like her

Rachael on


Stop trying to run Shakira’s life. Take care of your own life and quit worrying about hers. Or anyone else’s!

michele on

Aww, yay! Good for them! And she didn’t say that she was “over the moon,” so everyone wins in this situation

lovely123 on

Cool – another celeb having a child with her boyfriend.

Pao on

OMG, people stop hating!! This is big wonderful news, a baby is a blessing, she wants to b a mom, and she will b a wife when she and he decide its best!!! Best wishes to Shakira and Pique!!!

Megan on

Totally worth skipping promotional activities! She deserves to celebrate!

Monica on

That’s going to be ONE GOOD LOOKING BABY!!! Congrat! 🙂

Angela on

🙂 Congratulations to them!

Anonymous on

I wish it was with Gypsy Rafa. kidding…..

Amber on

congrats to the happy couple, its about time!

Stacey on

A total hypocrite (like SO many others) about how they are SO Catholic and then besides the pre-marital sex, they have an illegitimate child. Don’t write a bunch of nasty responses, because one, I couldn’t care less what this woman does, and two, I only stated the truth.

Mia on

I’m just stating my opinion…..getting pregnant is in the spur of the moment + most people are thinking about the moment and not the next 20 years of their life. Marriage symbolizes commitment, future and 50+ years..Going out of the way to get married shows a bigger commitment to the person you are in a relationship with. It’s an adult/mature thing to do….getting pregnant by someone you are just dating is pretty easy + doesn’t prove a real life commitment. Anyone can just date + get pregnant…You can’t get married by accident.

I’m not saying getting married is bullet proof – people can break up whether they are married – or just playing house. However, it seems like all of the people that say “getting married is a piece of paper” they either break up + marry other people, or they end up getting married afterwards. Yes – having kids is a huge responsibility for life….but not really towards the person you have the child with.

It’s fun to play house – but getting married is a 100% different level. And if you are with someone that you want to be with for your life – you should want to marry them. It’s completely backwards to not be fully committed – but yet have kids together…… step up + get married. It’s backwards – how can you have kids with someone….and then make the future/marriage an after thought.

guest on

yay”! congratulations. And to all the people yapping on about marriage and stuff: it may be important for you to get married but not everyone feels the same. They can still be committed to each other and more important to their child. Doesn’t make them bad parents or amoral.

Anonymous on

I don’t get why everyone’s harping on the age difference. Age is just a number (to a point, anyway! Obviously I don’t agree with marrying someone who’s old enough to be your grandparent/young enough to be your granchild!), and there are plenty of couples with a 10-year or more age gap out there that have gone the distance!

sherquetta ingram on


JJ on

Anonymous–Gerard is a soccer player who is always travelling from city to city with his team, he cant just go with Shakira to L.A while she’a filming the show for a whole season. He’s not Mr. Shakira, he is a professional athlete with his own career.

JM on

Sigh, it obviously needs to be said again:

i know this may just absolutely ASTONISH some people who have yet to venture outside of the 1950s, but marriage is just not that important to some people. that does not make them bad or immoral people, in fact, hold on to your seats now, it says absolutely NOTHING about the kind of people they are. NOTHING. or is there, in your experience, something inherently superior about those people who are married?

get over yourselves, get out there and experience the world. you just might find that there are all kinds of different people out there, with all kinds of different lifestyles, diversity is a good thing. don’t be afraid, open your mind to the possibility that your way may not be the only way….

christ sake, some people …..

His on

I love this post! Everything I wanted to say and couldn’t put into words 🙂

JM on

Oh, and also, congrats to shakira and pique, lucky baby with daddy playing for such a great football team, i bet he or she will get to go to some interesting matches 🙂

losa on

Shakira was born on February 2, 1977.

Gerard was born on February 2, 1987.

It would be funny if the baby birhtday will be on February 2, 2013.

lindsay on

anonymous, you are delusional. i am 35 and currently pregnant with my first child, got pregnant NATURALLY the FIRST ovulation cycle off the pill after being on it for 7 years, was SO EASY for me to get pregnant! now i am due like any day now. women can get pregnant from start of period to menopause technically (span of 30+ years) so anonymous, go back to primary school and sex ed because you are just dumb. congrats to shakira!

Sarah on

Congrates dear being a mother is not an easy thing wish u and ur guy all the happiness in d world. Every woman deserve to be a mum and talking about marriage before having kids is not that simply she is 35 yrs for God sake how much longer do you guys want her to wait before having a baby if marriage is not coming her way she should at least hav a baby while she can before time runs out. Wish her luck and stop judgeing.

Ann on

Best wishes!!!!!

Anonymous on

Thats the stupidest thing ive ever hears that hispanixs will be mad for this. Theyll be happy and if they arent so what.

Way to stereotype.

Reesca on

Is she one of ‘those’ pregnant women, who feel like they are too fragile to do anything once they get knocked up? Not understanding why she feels she can’t do her job just because she’s pregnant.

Gamby74 on

That is going to be a gorgeous baby. Congrats!

Shea on

She is going to be a disgustingtly cute pregnant woman.

jm on

Congratulations! I am happy for them. I just hope their relationship last. I am sad to notice that her being ten years older than him will probably turn into a problem in the long run. I truly hope I am proven wrong.

Bob on

The relationship will never last. No marriage = no committment. The kid will be without a father figure in its life soon enough.

star on

Gerard is hot! Great looking couple! Congrats!

Melanie on

Wow. He is very good looking. Congratulations. But they should get married. Although to be fair, with a 10 year age difference, it won’t last anyway I guess….

T in Texas on


heroisms on

Congrats to Shakira & Piqué!

Of course having a child is a much bigger commitment than getting married. You’re free to divorce your spouse and never see him/her again; but you can never completely break ties with the father/mother of your children – even if you hate each other, that relationship is forever!

Denise on

Can we please stop calling the sport ‘soccer’? It’s football, as it is obviously played with your FEET. Always bugs me that Americans claim that name for a type of sports that’s about holding an oval shaped non-ball with your hands.

Quietyou on

Why is everyone criticizing?! If you don’t like the news story then don’t comment! Why do you people act like marriage is a MUST to have children? People don’t need the law or a religion to seal the deal…geez people, grow up!

kristin on

So happy for her! I think her a her bf are so cute

chismosa on

Gerard is a FABULOUS player, so so cute and I have adored Shakira for ages– felicitaciones!!! So happy for her

Daisy on

Whoa Anonymous w/the caps on … you are one ANGRY person totally out of touch with reality. Go back to the psych ward you freak.

chismosa on

Felicitaciones to them! I love Gerard Pique, one of the BEST defenders in the world and i have adored Shakira for years and years. So happy for them.

JM on

Ha, Denise, so true. I always refer to American ‘football’ as handegg, as that is more accurate.

Bob, what simple world do you come from where being married equals absolutely certainty that the other person won’t leave you? having a child together is a much bigger commitment than being married. or what do you say to all those people who get divorced? why wasn’t their marriage so iron-clad?

Anonymous on

Congrats to them both! Here’s to an easy pregnancy and safe delivery!

linda on

congrats to both!! =)

Anonymous on

OMG! yeayyyyyy, I’m so happy for her. I never, ever posted anything before for anyone else, but for some reason, I’m so happy to hear this about her! Congrats Shakira


Did anyone tell her to kiss her hard body GOODBYE?????

George William Gockel on

Congratulations Shakira.

Nanlisa on

Another celebrity couple having a child out of wedlock! God’s plan for the family is still a husband and wife with children. Not a boyfriend and girlfriend with children. St. Paul says to flee fornication, which is exactly what this is.

If Shakira was around back in the 1930’s and 40’s, her career would have been destroyed if she ever got pregnant out of wedlock. Back in those days, morals clauses were put into the stars’ contracts.

When Ingrid Bergman got pregnant ouf of wedlock back in the late 40’s, she was denounced in Congress and called a “free love cultist.” But sadly, what was considered scandalous over fifty years ago is now being widely accepted today. Our society today has simply thrown God’s laws, especially when it comes to sex, marriage, family, and relationships, into His face, and choose to live on our terms. That’s not right. All sex outside of marriage is wrong, and that’s the bottom line.

Let us pray that America will turn back to the Christian principles on which she was founded. Thank you.

h on

@Dana, you’re a dumb bitch, you know that? Take your idiotic hatred for people who are better than you elsewhere. You’re a stereotypical mean girl who likes treating people like crap.

Liz on

Regardless she is married or not I’m happy for her… im a Latina and I come from a good family I’m married but I dnt thing every body should be married in order to have kids… the world changes everyday and I dnt feel ashame for her… I think someone said here that shakira was more stable with her ex but like I said everybody is changing and even tho she was with her ex for so many yrs I doesn’t mean they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives… maybe she is having a different connection with her actual boyfriend and maybe she found in him what she rally wanted from a guy… and to add more to another comment she is not a one hit artist I’ve been following her since the begginning of her career in the 90’s it’s just that few yrs ago she tried to get into the american business and it worked very well for her but she has so far rround 6 or 7 albums if not correct me please and I know most of her songs…. she is a big hearted person that loves to help people in need that’s why she created Pies Descalsos Fundation to help kids without an education and she is been willing to help other organizations too… dnt judge her just because she’s not married she’s not the first or lastone in not getting married in this world…. Felicidades Shak!!! Te queremos =)

Lea on

@Lydia: I don’t know where you’re from, but I have never seen the Spanish press critisising someone for having a baby without being married. That’s quite an ignorant and ridiculous comment.

V on

This isn’t the 1950s. However, the way some of these kids are brought into this world does effect them. Alot of these kids are strugging to cope with their homelife. Imagine being a six year old with a couple half brothers and sisters from mom’s three old boyfriends. Six year olds like a simple daily routine. All marriages are not a guarenteed success, however, the idea of a young baby starting out in a household with married parents is really nice for the child. There is stability in that. In a child’s mind, there is a sense of permanence and security.

Marie on

I don’t understand why some people are up in arms about her not being married. She’s been seeing him since late 2010, so going on 2 years and they appear to love each other a lot. She stated before that she just doesn’t need the convention of marriage to be happy but that she does want children. So my question is, who are you to judge her?

Masoud on

congratulations! but i think it is very soon to have a child so i am happy with that again congratulations

Chiara on

This age difference does not matter now. They are in love. It will come on the checking list later, in a year or two…or maybe even later. At the age of 35 he will look more than good. At the age of 45 she will be aging women doing all possible things to prevent aging. Dear Shakira, you should have learnt something from Demi M. And yes, I do agree, if he is not ready to marry her now, it will not last. Everyone wants to get pregnant in that very first year or two of relationship. Not everyone wants to get married. Those who wants do not calculate.

Chelsea on

Wow waiting for first baby