Melissa Joan Hart Welcomes Son Tucker McFadden

09/19/2012 at 08:45 AM ET

It’s a third boy for Melissa Joan Hart!

The actress and husband Mark Wilkerson welcomed son Tucker McFadden at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 18, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively. He weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz.

Tucker, whose middle name is a family name on Wilkerson’s side, joins Braydon, 4, and Mason, 6½, at home.

“Mom and Dad are elated and can’t wait to introduce him to his brothers,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

The Melissa & Joey star, 36, announced her pregnancy in April. They chose to await a delivery surprise.

“We have a few favorite [names] — we keep tossing them around,” Hart told PEOPLE last month. “I’m just to figure it out on the day. I don’t like to name ’em before because I’m like, ‘What if I change my mind?'”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

LaLa on

Wanted her to finally have a girl. Guess daddy can’t make girls. Cute name,congratulations!:)

Monika on

LaLa, don’t be stupid.

Jess on

Haha ya lala don’t be stupid

val on

Ummm…the dad does set what sex the baby will be. Each parent contributes a chromosome. A woman is XX and the man is XY. It’s up to whichever of his chromosomes the dad contributes. So Lala isn’t dumb…just a little tactless perhaps.

Sandra on

Congratulations on the birth of your son! She was so huge it looked like she was having triplets. I really thought she was going to have a little girl for those big brothers to protect, but I guess I was wrong.

Anonymous on


Isabel on

Congratulations to her and her family! Three boys is so wonderful.

sally on

Congrats — she seems like such a good person and such a good mother!

sally on

Congrats! I have to say, she looks beautiful when she is pregnant!

Ava on

LOL I knew it and I called it!

denise on


Halley on

Congrats! I have two boys and would love a third! How fun!

Anonymous on

Congratulations! 3 boys will definitely be a handful (but a huge blessing nonetheless). 🙂

Love the name, too!

audra on

I think it’s adorable having 3 little boys to love. The older two will still protect, even tho he’s a lil boy! She does seem like an amazing mom! Congrats!

Sally on

Cute name! Congratulations to them! They seem like such a down to earth “Hollywood couple”. Was hoping for a girl for them, but congratulations nonetheless!

AJ on

Congrats to Melissa and her family! I’ve always been a fan of hers and thought she seemed like a nice, down-to-Earth person. Love the name!

audra on

Congrats to them! I bet the two older ones r so excited, my older two were boppin around like pixies when I had my 3rd, wishing them lots of love & luck!!!

Alissa on

Congrats! 3 Boys…how special! (Coming from a mom of 3 sons)

Julianna on

That’s a different name. Congratulations to Mel and Mark!

Keep Trying on

3 sons congratulations to the Hart family though they were probably hoping for a girl.

Monika on

Keep Trying, not everyone wants girls. I hate dumb comments like this.

BetC on

It is so special and unique to have 3 of the same gender. I think she is extremely fortunate to have another son!

boohoobytch on

had no idea she was pregnant again, congrats

Vanessa on

3x’s lucky! It’s always amazing seeing families with 3+ boys or girls.

kitty62862 on

Awww! Wonderful!

She looks the same as she always has. Happiness will do that.

Connie on

Tucker Wilkerson = Tuck Your Winker, Son 😦

Poor kid.

KO on

Yeah Tucker-Wilker is kind of a tongue twister, but I think Wilkerson is a pretty difficult last name to work with when you like the modern style boys names like they do. Glad he’s not another Camden! There’s more of them than you can shake a stick at in Hollyweird these days!

As to the gender comments Melissa’s probably got at least 6 good baby making years ahead of her if she feels like her family is not yet finished.

mally on

i have 2 boys and would LOVE a 3rd! congrats and cute name!

Colleen on

Yeah Connie, I’m sure a lot of people will think of that when they hear his name. Ridiculous.

Tee Tee on

Another son! Congratulations to Melissa and Mark!

stacey on

While not at the top of my favorite names list, tucker is still cute, has a nice southern sound to it, and it is FAR better than most celebrity baby names.

Her little boys are so beautiful, I’m sure this little guy will be too!!

tgauden on

Three boys! How wonderful! I have 4 boys and as they have grown they are awesome! Boys love their moms and never stay mad at you! Only mad until dinnertime! lol. Not a hand full at all; never have been. Boys are more boisterous than most girls but boys are way less moody! Congratulations!

ugh on

you all with the riduculous boy comments, starting with lala’s. children are a blessing, boys included. lucky for melissa that she got another HEALTHY child! good grief.

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

I thought for sure she was having a girl.

Congrats and many blessings!

Vanessa on

I’m sure Holiday will chime in any second to “pity” Melissa Joan Hart on her 3rd son. (eyeroll)

sarbear on

yay!! i was hoping her third was a boy. congrats to them!!!! having boys is the absolute best!

J on

Connie, that was just stupid…

Paula on

Congratulations to Melissa, Mark, and the three boys!

To those of you who were hoping.wishing for her to have a girl – why not hope/wish for her to have a healthy baby, instead of one sex over the other?

Anonymous on

So envious of her. Wish I could have three boys too. I bet karma will hit me bad and give me three girls, I just know it.

Mina on

Congrats! Boys are fun! They are so much easier and laid back. No girl drama.

On to the name Tucker. UGH! I went to school with a Tucker. He will be called Tummy Tuck-er. Or “Tucker is a sucker…or even worse in high school a mother-tucker”. That is a southern kind of cowboy-ish name, but I personally do not like it at all! I’d rather be Pilot Inspektor than Tucker! I cant even say the name with a straight face without giggling. It even sounds funny. Almost like a joke or a nickname.

Mason and Braydon are such adorable names….what happened here?

L on

Congrats all children are a blessing!! My beautiful daughter is awesome & not at all moody! Hate all stupid comments regarding either gender.
God Bless!

Sarah on


L on

…and my daughter loves me beyond the moon & back as well!!! She tells me everday just like I tell her as well. 🙂

kim on

why do people always assume that when you have 2 or more kids of the same gender that you automatically ‘want’ another child of the opposite sex?? not EVERYBODY in this world wants a little girl, or vice versa.

Jan on

So happy for them and so happy to see a child star who grew up to have a stable home life and family. She can talk to Joey Lawrence who was one of three boys!

Kate on

Actually Melissa herself said she wanted to experience a girl and that she would keep having them until that happened. She’s been quoted in interviews. I think 3 boys is fine, but it’s gotta stink wanting the opposite of what you get. As far as the name goes… I automatically think “Tucker the *ucker”. Bad name. I’m not a fan of last names as first names – they are trendy. But she chose 3 trendoid names for boys.

JMM on

Congratulations to Melissa and her family. Another handsome boy! I had hoped for a little Melissa but am delighted for them all the same.

lovely123 on

My husband has an aunt that had four boys. She would always say she always wanted a girl. She now has TEN granddaughters and not a single grandson. His aunt is constantly in Princess heaven. No joke.

Another Tucker's Mom on


Brooklyn on

Not gonna lie, was hoping it would be a little girl, but I’m sure they’re elated! I personally wouldn’t use that name, but that’s because I sometimes dog-sit a dog named Tucker…so it’s already associated with him! Congrats to the whole family.

utterone on

Braydon, Mason and Tucker…where’s George Carlin when you need him?

KO on


Romy on

Tucker?? after all that, Tucker??

Ami on

Knew it would be a boy.

Anonymous on

I just had my third boy 6 weeks ago. They are amazing!!! Congrats!!

Annica on

I find it obnoxious that people assume that everyone wants one of each. Or of you have 2 of the same sex, that the couple had the 3rd child to try for the opposite sex.

His on

Congratulations to the Hart-Wilkerson family! Three boys is a blessing and Tucker is very cute! I’m a Momma Bear of five little boys and it’s wonderful!

Ps- I had a son, b/b twins and then another set of b/b twins. My SO and I decided on trying for babies, not a girl. I’m delighted with boys, I’m not a girly girl and my SO loves having his own basketball team of boys to wrestle with. We always get ‘are you going to try for a girl’ and the answer is ‘hell no!’ Each of my boys is a blessing and I love them as is!

Momma to Elijah, Henry, Donovan, Jude and Leo and damn proud!

Sharon on

Love their names 🙂

Brianne on

Congrats, Melissa and Mark! I’m sure Tucker is precious! Sending love your way!!!

Kresta on

Welcome to Tucker! I did think he was going to be a couple of pounds heavier but I was right about him being a boy. I am sure he will be just as cute as his older brothers.

tanya on

congratulations! i love the name!

Lindsay on

she comes from a family of mainly girls.. so i guess the boys had to take over this generation!! congrats!!

L on

Those that are saying that boys are the best & she lucked out having another boy sound idiotic. I have 2 daughters & would not say that I am unlucky for having girls…please! They’re my children & am blessed & feel just as lucky! I don’t think boys are better & I don’t long to have one either. I think having a healthy & happy child/children is best and what matters.

L on

PS- girls are just as fun & no drama for this mama! And when it comes to shopping even more fun!! Yipee!

Anyway, I have 5 nephews & I wouldn’t say they’re not fun or fun to shop for….they’re awesome too & I love them! Just wonder why some people have to put stupid comments like one gender is more fun & not full of drama…don’t forget some of you were little girls once who eventually grew into women, even if you were/ are tomboys…so again I say comments like these are ridiculous & plain stupid..grow up & just be happy for healthy children…sheesh!

bobbiebob on

I was one of three girls. My dad was once asked what he’d have done if he had three boys. He responded “Have two more and have a basketball team.” We were “Daddy’s girls” until he passed away. Wishing them all good health and happiness always.

Azure on

Yay another boy! i love having three of my own! How could anyone ever think someone would be disappointed in having a healthy baby?!?

Anonymous on

KO- More Camden’s in Hollywood than you can shake a stick at? Last I checked, there were only two so far! 😉

Kate- Exactly! Melissa has indeed expressed wanting a girl before (and that, at the time, she planned to keep having kids until she got one), so I can understand the girl comments. I, too, hoped she’d finally have her much wanted-daughter!

But anyway, congrats to them!

Bree on

Yay!! I was wondering when this little one was going to arrive!! So excited for Melissa and Mark!! Can’t wait to see pictures, I am sure he is just as handsome as his parents and older brothers 🙂

As for everyone saying it is to bad they didn’t have a girl or saying that they should keep trying, get a life!! I see nothing wrong with having all your kids be the same gender. I keep telling hubbnowy that we are going to have all girls (We have a nine month old daughter) and I would love that, I would also love it if we have nothing but boys or 1 more girl and 2 boys or two more girls and 1 boy. As long as my kids are happy and healthy gender is secondary. That being said I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a boy but if I get four girls instead I am not going to have any regrets about it.

At the end of the day as long as my kids are happy and healthy that is all that matters and I am sure Melissa and Mark feel the same.

Penny on

Congrats 3 little boys and 1 big one, i hope she has her own bathroom that’s a lot of pee on the toilet seat 🙂

Holiday on

Congrats to them! I thought for sure this would be her baby girl though. I hope she isnt too disappointed because I remember in interviews after her first son was born she was saying how much she wants to have a daughter. Now she has 3 sons and no daughter.

Holiday on

Mina girls are not drama! Besides you have said before you have just one son. You dont understand daughters since you do not have one. My daughter is 2 and this is the time where toddlers are supposed to be trying and difficult and she is a complete sweet heart and tells me she loves me and kisses me so many times per day. My son is a sweetie too of course but you should not bash girls… especially considering you do not even have one.

Mina on

Holiday, first of all, I AM a girl…1 of 3. All of us girls gave my mother more drama than our brother. Second of all, I have 4 best friends…and they all have girls, no boys. I can tell you my son is more laid back than any of their daughters. My close cousin has a teen daughter and a teen son. The boy is a dream…just kind of does his own thing…and her daughter is just such a typical teen girl! I want to smack her!

I’m not saying every single girl walking planet earth is that way, but most are. They are wired that way. Its biological. Girls mature faster. They hit puberty earlier. Ever been near a girl on a bad day during her period? Mood swing city. They have estrogen flowing through them. They are more emotional and sensative. They care more about their looks and what people think, causing esteem and body issues. Why do you think make-up was invented for girls and boys never wear it? Boys most of the time just dont give a shyt. Not saying ALL boys, but most. Spend 1 day in high school and see for yourself.

I wouldnt want to take the risk.

meghan on

Good call, Vanessa!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Melissa, Mark, Mason & Brady on the birth of baby Tucker!!

Really was expecting her to have a girl for some reason… Not sure on the name Tucker but it does go well with Mason & Brady…

Isabel on

Holiday, it’s funny that you’re singling out a poster when in almost every time a son is born to a celebrity, you post about how superior girls are and how every woman wants one.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Was hoping they’d have a girl too! Of course little boys are great also (I have one of each myself, and to be honest, found my son easier than daughter, less drama, less moody!!), but perhaps a little part of her was secretly hoping for a girl to mix it up?!, I would’ve been hoping for that being honest, esp after two boys, just to experience the opposite, that’s what I’d like anyway, everyone’s different and perhaps they dont mind either way.

Same sex siblings in my view generally seem to be more competitive, the number of families with 3 girls I know that fight, too similar, and they clash big time!. Healthy baby’s the main priority however but thought it might be a little girl finally. Congrats on arrival of baby Tucker!

charly on

Congrats now get them tubes tied

Sharon on

Congrats!! Love all their names! Vanessa, i thought the same thing. Its funny cuz on another one of her comments she said her daughter was older…hmmmm…..

meghan on

I know I drove my mother crazier than my three brothers put together. Of course our relationship was and still is very warm and loving. That’s just life. Not only one thing or the other.

Carol on

Congrats to Melissa and her family, I’m sure they’re all excited! I’m a mom to two sons…they were a breeze to raise (even in teenage years) and are both laid-back grown men now. I thought I wanted a girl thirty years ago, now I find that I’m glad I didn’t have a girl.

I’ll probably get slammed, but I wonder…Melissa has stated she’ll have children until she has a girl…wonder why they have not been told of ‘sperm washing’, where the man’s sperm is washed to separate the X and Y sperm and then only particular sperm that is wanted can be used to fertilize eggs. The cost is less than that of going the fertility drug route (I know, that doesn’t apply to Melissa, just comparing cost). Melissa could have the procedure done using only X sperm. It’s a thought, that’s all.

Kate on

Because that’s just playing God

Helena on

Oh such wonderful news for Melissa & Mark.
3 Beautiful Boys what a blessing!
I had a feeling it was going to be another boy.
That is my wish for my husband and I to have 3 boys! Yippee…

God Bless your entire family!

Vanessa on

Holiday loves to hate on beautiful little boys all of the time. I really do feel awful for her son. He’ll always be “second best”.

Holiday on

  • Oh good lord Vanessa I absolutely do not hate baby boys. I stated tons of women including myself wanted a girl after having a boy. Its true! I read a recent article saying that more than 80 percent of couples who do gender selection want girls.
  • Vanessa on

    Selective memory, moron? You stated previously that you pitied families with multiple boys. You’re a sick, twisted freak.

    Anonymous on

    Vanessa- She’s also stated many times that she loves her son every bit as much as her daughter and that there’s nothing wrong with boys. She just happens to feel that women should have at least one girl! In anycase, I think whether or not her son is “second best” should be for him to judge and decide, not us!

    Carol- Maybe they have but they don’t believe in hand-picking the gender of their babies?!

    Mina- I have to say, with your comments about girls and not wanting to “take the risk” of having one, I’m glad you don’t have any! Just because the girls you know are moody and “difficult” doesn’t mean all girls are like that!

    Also, I don’t think comparing what teenage girls are like vs. teenage boys is fair. Most teenagers go through a moody and/or “difficult” patch. That’s just part of going through puberty and fiiguring out who you are and who you want to be as a young adult…and it isn’t dependant on gender!

    Bottomline: Boys aren’t better than girls, and girls aren’t better than boys. Each have their quirks…and each are equally loveable! 🙂

    Sharon on

    Vanessa dont even waste your time on that troll….on one comment way back she said her daughter was older and hoped for a second girl, then says multiple times her son is older…which is it?

    Marie on

    I wanted her to have a girl! Haha. But oh well, congratulations! I’m sure he’s adorable just like his brothers! I like the name! 🙂

    Vanessa on

    Anonymous, you are as delusional as her apparently. I’ve been reading her comments for several months, so I’m not making a random assumption.

    Sharon, you’re right! I sure hope she’s fake. It’s clear she puts girls above boys.

    Holiday on

    Vanessa you are the crazy one if you have been stalking my posts for months. Please get a life or hobby! I love my son just as much as my daughter! He is perfect and she is perfect. I DO feel bad for moms of all boys (or girls) that really want the other gender. Melissa has stated she wants a girl so much and will keep trying until she gets her. So yes thats sad and I feel for her. Now seriously lay off and go take care of your heard of boys please

    Vanessa on

    Thanks for proving my point, boy hater. 😉

    Nina Pie on

    Awwww! Congrats and how lovely. I know two families three boys and it’s pretty hectic, but it looks like so much fun! On the otherhand, can the people who keep saying boys are better than girls or families with children of the same gender only are more special please stop? I don’t see how getting defensive and comparing families makes you any better than ones saying it should’ve been a girl.

    robinepowell on

    Congrats to Melissa and Mark. Too bad Melissa didn’t get the girl she wanted. I have a feeling if she tried for a fourth baby, that too will be a boy.

    As long as her babies are born healthy, that’s all that matters.

    Holiday on

    My son is my life and to say I dont love him is the most hurtful thing you could say. I sacrifice so much so that he can go to a private school, I volunteer in his class room 3 times a week, I am the den leader for his Tiger Scouts, my husband and I coach his soccer. He is my LIFE ( and so is my daughter!!) . You know what I have read crap on here that I did not write and I think its very immature and heartless of you or who ever did it to write stuff under my name. Yes I have said I think all women want a boy but there is stuff that I know you or someone else wrote.

    Ariel on

    Holiday – Here’s the problem with your posts. When you state an opinion and some disagrees with you, you automatically spit back that they are either jealous and that’s why they disagree with you or they have to be a hater.

    You have a hard time grasping on to the fact that people who don’t agree with your opinions on how to live, parent, etc are perfectly happy. You seem to think everyone wants your pity. They’re an only child, I pity you. Your sister isn’t your best friend, I pity you. You have sons? They must be rowdy wild boys, I pity you. They tell you they were perfectly happy as an only child, they’re jealous because you had siblings. They say that they have 2 well behaved sons they adore, they’re just jealous because you have a precious son and a precious daughter. See?!

    Maybe it’s time to stop telling people you pity them because they live a different life then you do. Believe it or not there are many ways to live life, raise kids and be perfectly happy!

    Sharon on

    Well said, Ariel! That’s coming from a perfectly happy only child 😉 and someone who has no children yet, but would absolutely love to have a boy. People should just be happy they can have kids…there are many couples out there who cant and who long for a child regardless of the gender…shame on you people who “pity” those with children of the same gender.

    Anonymous on

    Holiday- So you’ve been a victim of people gettng stuck under your name, too (and for the rest of you, yes, it DOES happen. Sometimes, especially if someone’s using a public computer, PEOPLE will list them as another poster. Apparently it “remembers” the last person that commented from that computer or something.). Ugh, I’m sorry about that!

    That’s one of the reason I just post as “anonymous”! 🙂

    Maggie on

    But Anonymous, even without a name, we all still know you’re CelebBabyLover because of how you type and the things you say. Same with Holiday.

    And personally I just think that’s an excuse people use to deflect attention. Most IP addresses don’t lie, that’s why sites ban people by them.

    Sharon on

    I agree…it is an excuse.

    Shawna on

    I have one boy (age 11) and two girls (ages 10 and 6). I love my son more than anything in the world. He is definitely a mommy’s boy. But I would be outright lying if I said I didn’t want a girl after having him. I desperately wanted a girl and, yes, I would have been heartbroken to have 3 boys and no girl. I would have loved all of them but I would have always felt like something was missing from my life. I am a major girly girl and I love having daughter’s to share that with. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

    Why is wrong to want both genders? When I found out I was having a girl I was thrilled. I have a boy and a couple of girls and I couldn’t be happier! And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with Melissa if she did feel a slight twinge of sadness that she didn’t get a girl. That is a human, and totally normal.

    seila on

    mc fadden? it reminds me of one tree hill’s mouth mc fadden hahaa

    Jessica on

    They purposely didn’t find out the gender because guess what, people….THEY DID NOT CARE! They wanted a healthy child and that’s what they got. Congrats to Mark and Melissa.

    Deb on

    Congratulations to the family. They have such a beautiful family, who knows maybe she will try for that girl and have a 4th.

    Shannon on

    I was so hoping they would finally have a princess:( I fully admit I had 2 girls first and was thrilled about that. My 3rd was a boy and to say I was sad is an understatement. Now he is a month old and I am starting to accept the fact I will not have a 3rd girl.