Meet Kristin Cavallari’s Son Camden Jack

09/19/2012 at 08:30 AM ET

In this week’s PEOPLE, Kristin Cavallari and her fiancΓ©, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, open up their Chicago home to introduce 6-week-old son Camden Jack and reveal how life changed instantly with their “new family.”

“I like having this life that I’m responsible for,” Cavallari, 25, tells PEOPLE. “It’s exciting and so rewarding,” but the Laguna Beach and Hills reality star admits, “it’s also a little scary!”

After a relatively easy pregnancy (“I was lucky,” she says), her new priority became even clearer once she held Camden in her arms for the first time.

“It was the most incredible moment I’ve ever felt,” she explains. “With Camden, I’ve realized what really matters. We’re a family.”

And the first thing Cutler, 29, noticed when gazing down at his newborn son? “He pointed out right away how big his feet are! And his hands were massive — he’ll sure be able to hold a football.”

Jonathan Clay Harris

For exclusive photos of Camden — plus details about Cavallari’s life as a new mom and if more kids are in their future — pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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JJ on

Well maybe there is hope for this girl to grow up yet. Congrats on baby Camden!

Jane on

Cute baby! It’s nice to see she waited 6 weeks. Unlike some that have babies on the cover days after birth.

Julianna on

What an adorable baby! He looks like his mama.

amanda on

He looks like a little doll baby! How cute! Congrats to them both πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

cute little baby πŸ™‚

Maryanne on

Awww. He is cute. Congrats to all.

rye on

Beautiful baby, nice job!!

Devara on

What a sweet baby! I wish them all much happiness.

Janice on

Great picture; thanks for sharing with us! So cute! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

She looks beautiful! And her baby is so adorable. πŸ™‚

Jesse on

So cute! He seems like he’s posing…lol. Adorable.

Mandy on

Aww! He’s cute!

Guest on


Yre on

Somebody went overboard with the photoshop. Good grief.

Aol on

This baby is very odd looking

Cara on

I can see where this baby looks like Kristin. Having seen pictures of Jay as a baby, it looks nothing like him.

Jessica on

Cute pic, she looks great I’m a huge fan of hers from MTV and its hard to picture her as a mother!

chels on

What is going on with her left arm and right hand? It looks very odd. Cute baby though.

Guest on

What an adorable baby and she looks great. Congrats!

KD on

he is adorable..sad ppl comment on a baby look “odd”..jeez

Cara on

This is one picture of Jay as a baby.

Lady on

What a little cutie, still love the name Camden too!

Debs on

Adorable baby!

Julie on

What a cute baby! He is such a gift.

Lee on

Adorable…does anyone else not notice the photoshop mishap? The extra “hand” that is between hers and his?

denise on

So cute. Congratulations.

Cara on

SARAH- You might need your eyes checked. They look nothing alike.

Maggie on

Lee – that’s a sliver of baby tummy…

TJ on

Could they have photo shopped this any more?! Both of their skin is mannequin like. Whatever happened to “real?”

Bobbi on


LeecyM on

Hes cute!!!

Tiffany on

Lee, that’s not an “extra hand”. It’s his belly from where his shirt is riding up.

Sacmar on

He has beautiful blue eyes!

Sara on

Forgive me, but, does he have 3 arms? Kristin looks genuinely happy. Congrats on baby Camden!

Sherry on

Awww..he is so handsome. You look wonderful Kristin. Motherhood really agrees with you. Congratulations to you and Jay.

Mel on

Adorable baby!

Karen on

hes so cute!

Anonymous on

hes a cutie pie

kris on

Lee, that isn’t a 3rd arm or hand..that little bit of skin u see is his baby tummy poking out. It’s been photoshopped yet, b/c her skin is like perfect…but I only see two of her hands and two of Camden’s hands.

kris on

That baby looks like Jay and I love the name Camden..cutie!

boohoobytch on


lindsayalguire on

Such negative people!!! There is no third hand – that’s a tummy… stop looking for things to be negative about! I think it’s a really nice picture πŸ™‚

lindsayalguire on

I think it’s a great picture! Very cute πŸ™‚ And there isn’t a third hand on the baby – that’s a bit of tummy! I don’t understand people who are so quick to try and find anything to negative to post!

Cara on

I posted up a picture of Jay (here) and that baby looks nothing like him. Some of you are on something, I think. The baby does look like Kristin though.

nana08 on

Cara, what’s this obsession you have with this baby picture of Jay and his son looking alike you are the only one sweating this. It’s not that serious. They look alike, they don’t alike. Get over it .

Anonymous on

Little Camden is a doll!! Congrats!

ace11 on

She hit the lotto

Set for life now

Sleeps with Cutler, Curtains for him

Jessica on

Cute baby, with gorgeous eyes

guest on

why did People airbrush out her bicep on her right arm? weird.

Tiffany on

He looks goofy like his dad.

guest on

why did People airbrush her bicep off of her right arm?

BBB on

I still can’t believe she has a baby. It feels like just yesterday she was a bratty teen on Laguna Beach and then a bratty early 20s girl on The Hills, here’s hope she’s not a bratty mid 20s mother.

AJ on

Lol Camden Jack, meet Camden John (Lachey’s son) Wow, names are so similar and they were only born a few weeks away…kinda freaky. But congrats!

Cash on

Wow, he is WAAAAAAAAY better looking than his daddy!

hbomb1225 on

@cara you really feel deeply that the kid looks nothing like Cutler. IMO he looks like his dad because he has the same look in his eyes that his dad always has.

Costateofmind on

Who do you think cries the loudest in that family? Daddy Jay or baby Camden?

fanofboardwalkempire on

What a beautiful little baby boy- I think he looks like his father!

Congratulations to the happy family.

Gretchen on

Is it just me or is she holding the baby awkardly? Like she doesn’t know what she’s doing or something.

Emmy100 on

He looks like Steven Colletti

tina on

Cute little Bear cub. Congrats Kristin and Jay.

Courtney on

beautiful baby

Connie on

I don’t see an extra hand I see his tummy right next to her that is showing – so not sure what was cropped or photoshopped besides zits or something. Cute baby!

Cara on

hb1225- Did you look at the picture I posted? That kid looks nothing like Jay. You’re seeing things.

smartgirltoo on

People has got to get better at photo shopping … go for the NATURAL look. You have got these people looking so fake … statues and clowns. That poor baby looks like a plastic doll….come ON PEOPLE get it “REAL”

Lara on

He’s ok looking – I’ve definitely seen cuter babies.

Natalie on

Wow she looks AMAZING and that little boy is Beautiful!!!!!

Haters be quiet ! Get a life!!

stephanie on

Look at his eyes awww such a cutie!!

ds on

I guess he will get better looking as he grows up

Denise on

Looks just like the dad. Exactly

karuna on

the kid is adorable however when i first looked at it, i swear he had three arms… i kid you not… had to do a retake! it is just the way his arm/belly are that makes it look like three arms… still a cute kid though.

Maria on

SO BEAUTIFUL CONGRATS Kristen on your new adorable baby boy ..You are going to be a great mother!!!
I wish you the best.

jenny on

Why are people arguing over who this baby looks like? NO, he doesnt look anything like the pic posted of Jay, but most 6 week old babies look completely different by the time they are Jays age in the photo!!! Regardless, he is a cute lil feller!

I'm Standing Right Behind You on

She’s been Photoshopped…but he is one cute baby!

Maria on

Cute baby…

No photoshop mishap – that isn’t a hand…that’s his tummy, he’s wearing a top and trousers with no vest underneath(I had to look really close)

Nikita on

Aw he’s adorable!!!!

Shiv on

I’m guessing the haters are ugly, fat and have unattractive kids.

Lisa on

Now she has something to keep her busy while Jay is out banging every female in the universe.

Interesting how he isn’t in the picture with them.

kendrajoi on

I cannot stand her- she’s a psycho who got pregnant to keep her man- but Camden is really cute. I still don’t see a wedding happening.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Baby Camden is just beautiful and reminds me of Jay with his eyes- Congratulations to the happy family. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, health and happiness

Anonymous on

Kristin is so gorgeous, and little baby Camden is so adorable!! Congrats to the both of them! πŸ™‚

hbomb1225 on

@cara no I didnt because I dont really care what Jay looked like as a baby. I stick by my he has the same look in his eyes which is the look of being dumb (which I expect from a baby not a grown man like Jay). And to @cost I think Jay is the louder cried, maybe thats why the baby has the look on his face, hes thinking “wow my dad cries way more than me”.

mona on

he is so cute:) Congrats

Sun on

He’s adorable — congrats!

Karen M. on

Wow, she looks amazing!

cris on

Cute baby…

Sarah on

Some of you people are crazy saying there is a third are,really!?Its his tummy,wow! We all know people are photoshopped for magazines so get over it already!Cant people EVER have just nice things to say about a new Mom and her adorable baby boy!

dancer92136 on

So handsome.

Steph B on

Jay’s been messing around on Kristin for months. He’s hardly with the baby. They don’t even talk to each other when he is home. Mark Ballas needs to be tested for that kid. She was seeing him when Jay dumped her..

Anonymous on

What a relief to see celebrities with babies who are not cute! LOL! I don’t mean to be mean, but i guess they can’t have everything! Thank God!

justlise on

Camden must be the name of the hour for the celebs. strange.

Didi on

How cute! Congrats to her!

Deborah Bruno on

He looks just like his Daddy πŸ™‚

Robbie D on

So adorable

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats on baby Camden.

Nina on

Most of you might not know this, but I too am a reality star currently starring in my real life.

Ashley on

She looks beautiful, and her baby is so wide eyed! Good luck to the new parents, cute baby.

Big Fan on

The money shot huh? He’s cute but keep the kid outta the press!

Jeana on

Nice looking baby. He definately looks like a boy. Very cute….

brandi on

90% of the people commenting on here are idiots. Photoshop this, Photoshop that. Holy cow! Its called lighting and make up. After my daughter, i lost all my pregnancy weight within 4 weeks. I was wearing normal size clothes and back to wearing makeup. Kristin looks beautiful and Camden is very cute. Last I heard, this was jays FIRST child. There are no other boys. For all those commenting about oh poor him, it wasn’t a girl. Im pretty sure you idiots are talking about Tom Brady who has 2 boys and wife Giselle is knocked up with baby #3.

Congrats to the Cavallari/Cutler family. May you continue to be blessed

kim on

i love the glow of a new mom in love with her child. you can see the happiness in her eyes and smile πŸ™‚

Kari on

The baby is so stinking’ cute, but doesn’t it look like he has 3 arms and hands? I’m confused, he’s got the two obvious hands but what’s that bump in the middle. I thought it was his sleeper but then there is skin at the end. My point, is it bad photoshop?

Renee on

I agree with all of the comments about how this photo has clearly been altered. Her face and arm have clearly been altered to make her look thinner. One would think that People Mag would have better quality photographers that could have handled that with lighting instead of photoshop. She just had a baby, she’s not supposed to be ultrathin. The baby is super cute though, Congrats.

Anonymous on

awwwwe cute baby!!!!!

texaschickeee on

typical first time Mom’s statements. Now I want him in LC clothes or I don’t believe they ever made up (like I care)

Melisa on

Is it me or does that kid have three arms?? You can CLEARLY see his hand peeking out by his chin, by her chest, and on the right.

guest on

People completely photoshopped her bicep of her right arm. What, is it unattractive for her to have anything but “stick arms”?

Kasie on

There is nothing like trapping people

Kathy M on

That is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

Anonymous on

Cute? Not ugly but certainly not cute!

shelly E on

Well, that’s the perfect way to get yourself a baller for life: get pregnant! They were having problems and then all of a sudden ‘ooops, I’m pregnant’ She has already made a snotty comment about Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s new son because they named him the same. I’m sure you have your names picked out pretty much way before they are born! GO PACKERS!

Brooklyn on

Very cute! Look like he has big blue eyes!

Nice on

This is one cute Baby…..She looks beautiful too

Jessica on

The kid doesn’t have 3 arms! It’s his stomach–u can see his shirt riding up! morons
He’s very cute and she looks very happy. Let’s hope she’s matured since last seeing her on tv! Congrats to them

jomama on

too much airbrush…she looks fake with a very long face

jenny on

@Kari and Melisa….do you even read the posts made prior to yours? It has been cleared up several times that he does not have 3 hands, his little belly is poking out of the bottom of his shirt! READ people READ.

Ashley on

She is so pretty and he is a little doll–congratulations to the family!

Amy on

I think he looks a lot like his mom. The eye shape is very similar if not the color and his mouth looks like hers. She looks so happy – the way you should when you have your baby. I don’t see photoshopping here. She’s pretty much the size I think she would look – she wasn’t heavy before or during her pregnancy, from pictures. I think what you are trying to say is her skin looks airbrushed? Big difference. Could be makeup. Could be lighting. Could just be a very lucky girl. Who cares – it doesn’t take anything from you, does it?

Annie on

What a little cutie pie!

319Mommyof2 on

Adorable baby boy! He looks like his Dad, but all newborns tend to look more like their father…until they get older:)

Maria on

He’s beautiful! Kristin and Jay have truly been blessed! Congratulations and best of luck to Kristin, Jay and Camden.

Janet on

Beautiful Baby, Congratulations to the happy couple.

Sara on

What a beautiful baby

Jeanine on

Oh he is adorable! Congrats !

Allison on

I wonder who cries more, the baby or his father?

Cheryl on

I’m still not sold on this girl – she was such a jerk on all of her shows. Baby or not, that is all I can think of.

Brookie on

Ok, I must admit- I’m a bit jealous. I dreamed of marrying Jay Cutler when he played at Vanderbilt here in TN. But I have also since married and had 2 kids so I guess I missed that boat- HA! Congrats to Jay and Kristin- best of luck in parenthood! And some of you people that are beyond ridiculous in your comments, do you honestly have nothing better to do than sit and bash people you will never know, and they will never know you? Does it make you feel better inside?

Anonymous on

That’s his little belly showing between the hands, not an extra hand. Hope they get married!

A&MsMom on

She looks beautiful. Congratulations, Kristin & Jay.

Anonymous on

Too cute! But when I put the name together for some reason I think of Captain Jack LOL! Camden Jack Cutler-makes a good pirate name

Anne on

What an adorable baby! Congratulations to Jay and Kristin, you are very blessed!

ks on

It’s his belly sticking out from his t-shirt, dummies.

Debbeko on

Heehee. My baby smiled too when he was an infant, and he is 18 now, and still a smiling. πŸ™‚

Jamie on

having a baby has def. made her more likeable! he is a cutie for sure.

Jenn on

She looks absolutely in love and has that new mom look- I just had my twins last week and it sounds cliche but they change everything and I see the same look in her eyes I have when showing off my boys or even talking about them!

WhiteLily20 on

I love seeing that new-found satisfaction in life that so many new moms experience. Congrats to her!

Steph B on

I’m still trying to decide who the real father is. She was with a few guys after Jay dumped her and even when Jay came back for ex-sex. He had no intention of just seeing her again, until she pregnant. He knew she was available because she kept emailing him about needing him. She knew she was screwed when he dumped her, so she took her revenge. Plus she had no career and lost her house. She was living with her manager.

Robyn on

He is a little strange looking. Snooki’s little boy is alot cuter. How scary is that?????

Laaaaaaaa on

He is so cute! Kristin looks a little odd…happy…but odd. I think the photoshop job was botched. She doesn’t look like herself. Well, at least they didn’t mess up her smile. That is the look of joy in motherhood right there. πŸ™‚

pixie on

Congrats on the baby! But I have the feeling those two will never bother to get married. Or at least he won’t.

Melissa on

OMG Why are some “Celebrities” pimping out there babies for pictures in Magazines????? Don’t they make enough $$$$. Here’s a thought, if you are so hard up for money get a real job and let the baby lead a normal life!!!

Laaaaaaaa on

Baby: Cute! Mom: Photoshop fail!

Sarah on

That is her arm! He’s wearing a onesie. It’s just her hand is on his back…I don’t get where you saw baby skin.

myladyeve on

Looks like the dad.

Anonymous on

That is a n adorable baby he has a beautiful mother and father.

Hotmom on

The photoshopping is over done n yes they photoshopped the baby he has three arms u can see the skin.

Andrea Madrigal on

OMG THE BABY HAS 3 HANDS!! LOLOL… This photoshop bs is out of hand!

deleted on

not to cute but im sure he will grow into some good looks!!! sorry Kristian

deleted on

kinda cute!

j on

How many arms does this baby have? Great photo shopping!

Brianne on

Congrats, Kristin and Jay! Camden is adorable! People- I’d think you would be better at photoshopping, cos she looks unnatural! Once again, congrats!!!

Nicole on

I’m confused…so having a child makes you a family. What, you weren’t one before? Why do people think a child suddenly completes the picture? There are plenty of families w/o kids. This has trap written all over it.

MRJ on

I don’t think he has an extra hand. I think his left hand is up by his face, his belly is showing a bit and his right arm is down.

John F. C. Taylor on

She is NOT a star. Most reality shows are trash. Nobody on these shows deserves or has earned the title star.

Andrea on

Cutie pie! πŸ™‚

unknown on

Geez is he’s tummy not a third hand damn can a baby show a little bit of skin all u dumb butts should looks closely if u can’t too bad but they both look great

Leslie on

Pimp that baby out Kristin!

elle on

ugh….scary looking baby!

Cathleen on

Adorable! I love his blue eyes. Congrats to Kristin and Jay!!

Anonymous on

my goodness people…relax! I cant believe how hostile, criticial. and over analytical some people are about a picture of a mom and a baby. Wouldd it kill some of you to just say congrats & then sutup. Or how about saying nothing at all if you have nothing nice to say.

Anonymous on

He’s a cutie! looks alot like his dad

Ann on

The baby is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to both of them!!

Angela on

Very alert little guy. Most newborns are fast asleep in their pictures. Very cute and congrats to his mom and dad.

nancy on

Awwwwwwwww a future cute..congrats u 2..GOOOOOOOOOOOO BEARS ! πŸ™‚

sherquetta on

cute little baby

charly on

She looks so much better with neutral makeup. Weird looking baby but hopefully Camden teaches this hoe to grow up.

Lyla on

I was never a big fan of hers on the show, but she looks so happy and healthy! It’s good that she’s embracing motherhood. Plus, that baby is ADORABLE! Congrats!!!!!

joan on

Hopefully he will grow out of the ugly stage he is in right now. NO picks of the dad? Weird.

Brenda on

Some of you people aka Cara and co are really sick trying to ‘prove’ something with a six week old baby. Maybe some of you need to study genetics, sometimes you really dont get a sense of who the baby is gonna look like till he’s older. Even then sometimes children ends up looking like grand parents etc. And whether he looks like Jay is only a matter of opinion.

I guess Jennifer Gardner’s kids arent Ben’s because they all have blond hair like their GRAND MOTHER. Leave this little baby alone. Cute Kid, Kristin looks happy.

Brenda on

Really Sickening that some aka cara and co are obsessing over baby pics of Jay and trying to ‘prove’ something. Gimme a break, if he was unsure that could have easily been proven. And btw study genetics cause Im sure some of you think Jen’s children arent Ben’s Affleck cause their hair color is …blond like their grand mother!

And seriously if you have nothing nice to say, being quiet would suffice. Cute kid and Kristin looks happy as for no Jay not weird considering his history with the media. Plus People Mag is geared towards women many times the woman is on the cover with the baby.

Brenda on

So sorry about the double posting, didnt see the first one so I wrote a new one.

Nadine Ross on

Camden is a cutie pie. May God continue to bless and expand your family!

JJ on

The kid looks like Cutler.

damian ellis on

we are happy for jay and kristin new baby boy may god bless you all i love you

Anonymous on

He doesn’t have a third hand you idiots … That is his belly sticking out in the middle.

Anonymous on

Are we starting a prayer chain that the baby recovers smoothly from surgery to remove his third arm?

Amie on

Beautiful mama and her beautiful baby boy! The smile on her face says it all. Congrats to them both!

Liz on

Oh now that is a darling baby!

jake on

I don’t understand Hollywood or you people that get all wrapped up in it. These folks break up, get back together, break up again, have babies, get engaged, get married, get divorced, have more babies with more people….. It’s disturbing, yet all the while there are millions of you that eat it up. Get a life.

cynthia on

funny looking kid