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09/18/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Lis on

Prenatal Sex Selection needs to be illegal. And quickly. I cringed reading the article. I myself have two little boys and (not going to lie) would absolutely LOVE to have a little girl someday as I am a self-proclaimed girly-girl and the furthest from athletic. However, MY BOYS ARE MY WORLD! And I believe everything happens for a reason and we are given the children we are given for a REASON!!! My little boys are the sweetest, most adorable things on the planet and I would be lost without them!!!!!! And where does it stop after the “sex selection”…soon people will be choosing hair, eyes, body type, etc. etc. etc. Extremely unethical if you ask me…

Kim on

It’s horrible that the school did not provide a lunch for the autistic boy, however, I think the blame also falls on the parents because if you read the article it states that they did not pack a lunch for their son and their lunch account at the school was in the red and they had not put money in it. DUH!! As a parent you cannot expect that things will be taken care of for you..I know that sounds harsh but the school staff is spread so thin that things fall thru the cracks..unfortunately this child could not speak up for himself..

alicejane on

The parents said they didn’t fully understand the system. Maybe the parents thought the money is withdrawn monthly, when it’s done weekly – anything is possible. We don’t know. It was probably just some small oversight that had a really sad consequence. But it also sounds like this is the first time it’s happened to this family (granted school just started, but still). Why couldn’t they have just given the kid some food and called the parents? Or called the parents to ask them to bring a lunch? No child, anywhere in the world, should go hungry for a $2 dispute.

Kim on

Alicejane — it’s true that the school “should” have given the boy a lunch but the fact remains that if the parents would have packed a lunch for their child or figured out “the system” before school started like a responsible parent then this would not have happened. I have two kids in the schools and I know how confusing it can be but I figure it out so my kid is not left without a lunch!

alicejane on

This is true, Kim, and it is the parents’ responsibility to know the system. But sometimes people make mistakes, and maybe the parents honestly made a mistake. For $2, the school should have fed the kid. Make it clear to the parents that this can’t happen again, etc., but if the parents “failed” their son, so did the school. Just my humble two cents!

Anonymous on

Lis- I have to disagree somewhat. While I don’t think gender selection for vanity reasons (i.e., the parents simply want a girl and not a boy, or vice-versa) is a good idea, there ARE times when it can be a very good and possibly even life-saving thing.

For example, Muscular Dystrophy (which is virtually always fatal, usually before a child reaches adulthood) affects boys almost exclusively, as it is carried on the X chromosome, which boys only have one of (girls, on the other hand, have two X chromosomes, so unless they inherit a defective X chromosome from both parents, they can only be carriers of the disorder).

So if a woman knows she carries the gene for MD, she and her husband could avoid having a child with the disorder by using sex selection to only have girls. And that’s just one example of an X-link disorder that could be avoided. There are several others, many of them fatal or extremely debilitating like MD.

And as for being able to select hair and eye color…From what I’ve read, it’ll be a long time before that’s possible, and it very well may never be. This is because hair and eye color are extremely complicated things that are determined by more than just one set of genes.

In fact, from what I’ve read, Scientists don’t even fully understand the exact processes that determin hair and eye color yet!

Anonymous on

alicejane- I couldn’t agree more! It sounds like it was just an honest mistake on the parents’ part.

Holiday on

People on here always say I favor baby girls and it is not true. I just wanted a girl after I had my son and apparently I am not the only one according to that article where people pay 20,000 bucks and more for a baby girl. Like I have stated not all but MANY MANY women long for girls.