Nick Lachey Is ‘Officially In Cheesy Dad Mode’

09/17/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Yitzhak Dalal/Hilton Media Group

Nick Lachey is one proud new papa.

Since he and wife Vanessa welcomed son Camden John, it seems as if the doting dad has been busy soaking up plenty of time with his new son.

“Officially in cheesy dad mode,” Lachey, 38, Tweeted Monday afternoon.

“Camden is easily the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. @VanessaLachey and I are truly blessed!”

Born on Sept. 12, baby boy has already made waves in social media circles after new mom Kristin Cavallari commented on the Lacheys’ name choice.

“Apparently Camden is a popular name!” Cavallari, who welcomed son Camden Jack on Aug. 8, Tweeted last week.

— Anya Leon

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Reesca on

Great, another celebrity that will be on this site every other day being a media whore. I wonder how long before their kid gets put on a magazine cover. I give it another 2 weeks tops.

Ashley on

Did they really have to add Kristen to this post? Ugh

Kristin on

I personally think that Camden is a really cute name. I don’t care if there is a gross city with that name as well. I think it is a cute name. And compared to most celeb baby names, this is great. Very happy for them. I know Nick has wanted a child for a very long time.

JJ on

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a cheesy new dad 🙂 But did you really have to ruin the article by mentioning Kristin Cavallari? This article was not about her.

JJ on

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a cheesy new dad 🙂 But did you really need to ruin the article by mentioning mention Kristin Cavallari? This article had nothing to do with her.

Cynz on

It’s funny how you think you know what love is before you become a parent. However, after you have a child or children, you begin to truly understand what love is and you know that you would gladly die for this little person that has just become your entire world!

Anonymous on

Love them! 🙂

CuT on


Annie on

@Evelyn, I busted out laughing and shed tears reading your post…that was hilarious!

WTG on

Hilarious that these idiots name their kids after a a trash heap that that is in the top-5 for murder rate.

jess on

Agree with Evelyn that they didn’t name him some odd name like Mango, Orange, or Banana. Good for Nick on being a proud dad. Better than a dead beat dad.

ace11 on

Maybe he will grow up now??

and stop acting like he is 20??

Jennifer on

I don’t understand why people think they named it after the city in NJ. I have friends who named their kid Camden after Oriole Park. Perhaps they just liked how it sounded, ever think of that???

mom of 2 on

Cute name, congrats to both! Can’t wait to see pics!

Mary on

If you don’t like celebrities why do you come to people magazine?

Haters on

How is he being a media whore? He tweeted something on his own twitter page. People chose to make a big story out of him, not him.

janb55 on

well said, Evelyn.

i need a name on

Kristin Cavallari can not take credit for anything original. Camden is a popular name. She needs to get a life.

tigerlily on

@Me — Get over yourself. You’re on a celebrity news site. There are going to be plenty of articles about him because he is a new celebrity Dad. Sorry someone had to inform you of that fine detail.

Lynne on

Yea, “Me” … what an idiot he is being on a celebrity baby blog talking about his baby. Actually, the idiot is you.

Phoenix on

Good times.

rachel on

I love Nick Lachey and Vanessa. So happy for them..

denise on

AMAZING…people complain about stories with celebrity babie, s, are jealous to not end their own kid isnt on the cover of a magazine, and hate the people in the stories..YET THEY COME TO A CELEBRITY GOSSIP WEBSITE…..ILLITERATE PEOPLE IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY

Sandra on

How single minded are you to think that the only possible reason to name a child Camden is because of NJ. Every parent is an attention Whore when it comes to their child, it just so happens that we all do not have a national stage to do so. When I had my first son I took so many pictures that the photo booth guy knew me by name, knew my drop off and pick up schedule and could practically chart Aarons growth through the photos he developed. Cee-Lo Green to the miserable people and congrats on the new little bundle of love.

Cindy on

I love the name!!! We have a 12 year old named Camden Drake. We didn’t name him after Camden, NJ (especially since we live in TN). We wanted a name we could shorten to Cam but didn’t want to use Cameron, as we thought it was too common. Congrats to the beautiful couple!!!

boohoobytch on


Marky on

I was just in Camden, Maine, a few days ago, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! Camden, NJ is not the only place named Camden, and people need to get over the idea that’s the reason for his name. Everyone will know, when the parents tell, otherwise, don’t complain. Truth is, my family uses the name John in honor of an early ancestor and the grandparent(s) they loved. I used the name John for my son because i wanted to honor my father who I loved very much. Think it’s stupid? I don’t care, and neither does my son! This couple loves their new baby and they named him what they wanted to, end of story. And, BTW, he can be on mag covers if readers are interested. Maybe I don’t care, but lots of people obviously want to see this new baby, and that’s just fine.

congrats on

so happy for him ….hes wanted a family for years. that will be one very loved child!!!

Nancy on

I hate that name…

SAE on

my daughter is named jamison…not after the liquor nor is my husband named james…i like the name, period end of story. camden is great and i am sure it means a lot to them. lighten up folks!

Meli on

Ah that’s so cute. Love when dad is in love with his wife and baby. They are a cute couple.

Kasia on


Cameron on

Kristin will do anything for publicity – and because she’s not happy at home – her husband is a Dbag. Seriously

Grace2 on

A father is smitten with his baby. Good for him. I’d rather read about this than see a parent take it for granted and show little interest at all. I may not be a fan, but I do love when daddies in particular, gush over their babies.

mom on

all of you who comment on how ‘boring’ this is – you read it and took time to comment so must not be too boring… CONGRATS to the new parents…you know what love is before, but it completly changes when you have a child!!

Lizzie on

NICK & VANESSA seems to be soooooooo in LOVE, they are a grrrr88888 lookin’ couple, their Precious Baby Boy is probably ever so CUTE, wonder if he has DIMPLES!!!! Gee, NICK & VANESS dated, got married & THEN HAD THEIR PRECIOUS BABY BOY!! A hardy CONGRATS to them!! VANESSA is soooo beautiful & thank GOD she didn’t gain 391 pounds, unlike ole HAG, TUBBO, HUGE j !!

tweeter on

So glad he didn’t have babies with Jessica……he is so much better matched……love the name……it’s not crazy like “Inspektor” or “Morrocan”

Shon on

Wouldn’t it be funny in about 20 or so years Jessica Simpson’s daughter and Nick’s son got together…just saying!!

KiM_1990 on

Congrats to the new parents. How sweet of the proud papa. Love them and can’t wait to see pictures of the new baby. Great names also!

Summer on

I really like the Lacheys and wish them the very best. I think they make a great family.

Anastasia H Beaverhousen on

Hooray! I love Cheesy Dad Mode! Go Nick 🙂

Edie on

Camden…New Jersey..I prefer simpler names…Cammie sounds too girlish to me. Well as long as he is healthy that is what counts.

Edie on

Best wishes for a long and healthy life..

Anonymous on

guest, Marky, et al- Exactly! They more than likely named their son Camden for someone (and in fact, his middle name, John, IS after someone. On his birth announcement post, some posters said that John is Nick’s father’s name) or something other than the city in New Jersey! Or they may have simply liked the way the name sounded!

Anyway, as far as selling pictures to a magazine goes….I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Nick and Vanessa DON’T do that. I have a feeling they may debut Camden on twitter instead. 🙂

All of that being said, I for one, love that Nick seems to be enjoying fatherhood!

beverly durham on

funny this “ME” seems to hate celebrities and their babies,but she has posted on every story on people mag website..i just read a couple of posts she has done on other stories here…lol..this is to ME..if you hate celebrities so much..WHY ARE YOU HERE AND POSTING ON EVERY ARTICLE ON HERE!i’m not a big fan of nick,but this is a celebrity site..good for him to be cheesy dad and people they can name their child anything they want,JUST LIKE YOU DID YOUR CHILD..hope nick and wife have a very nice life an their baby will be very loved,as it should be…so “me”don’t come to a celebrity site and keep posting “nasty”comments,just makes you look very stupid!

Sydney on

Cute name Camden. However, I think Camden John Lachey flows better than Camden Jack Cutler. My opinion which is worth zero. That said, it is the parents’ choice and I respect that. Now to IDIOT WTJ, there are SEVENTEEN towns (cities) in the US with the name Camden, including the very picturesque Camden, Maine. The Lacheys as well as the Cutlers probably researched names in the many books of baby names before choosing the name Camden.

mandysandy on

I’m glad they had a boy, Nick is such a man’s man !! I think he’ll be an awesome dad.

Stacy on

I love the name Camden so much. I named my son Camden Brooks (Brooks is his middle name) in October 9, 2006 when I gave birth to him. I liked how it represents the Irish and English ancestry I come from. Also name is based on the Camden family on 7th Heaven show. I was going for a name that nobody else in my family had, I don’t like name repeats in my family because their is so many of us cousins that has same middle names because it was our gradmother’s.

Anonymous on

Cameron- And you know Kristin is unhappy at home how? Do you live with her and Jay (and btw, they haven’t gotten married yet)?

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that none of us can possibly know what Jay Cutler is really like!

TG on

Too Cute! Good for them and what a cute name! I’ve always loved Camden for a name since 7th Heaven Days haha!

bren on

What makes you think they were even thinking about jersey??..Im from camden nj!! And i think all those comments are very rude..grow up!!..if you dont have anything nice to say dont say nothing at all..congrats to nick n vanessa..