Marla Sokoloff’s Blog: Back In My Jeans … Seven Months Later

09/14/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Elliotte’s first red carpet – Rachel Murray/WireImage

Our celebrity blogger Marla Sokoloff is a new mama!

Since audiences first got to know her at age 12 as Gia on Full House, Sokoloff has had many memorable TV roles — Jody on Party of Five, Lucy on The Practice, Claire on Desperate Housewives – as well as turns on the big screen in Whatever It Takes, Dude, Where’s My Car? and Sugar & Spice.

Sokoloff, 31, also sings and plays guitar and released an album, Grateful, in 2005.

She wed her husband, music composer Alec Puro, in November 2009 and the couple — plus pup Coco Puro — make their home in Los Angeles.

You can find Marla, now mom to 7-month-old daughter Elliotte Anne, on Twitter.

I just want to start this off by saying an enormous THANK YOU to each and every one of you that left a comment, tweeted, emailed or simply just read my previous blog entry.

Your overwhelming love and support meant more to me, Alec and Elliotte than you will ever know. Sharing our story was not only one of the scariest things I have ever done, but it was also shockingly cleansing for me. It felt oddly good to get all of the heartache out into the open and it made me feel even more proud to be little Elliotte’s mommy.

As promised, I read every single comment (although it did take me a little longer than normal to read them as the tears would just not stop!) and I even got the chance to connect with some incredible CCAM families via my fancy new email address,

Who knew that something so rare and isolating could bring so many of us together? I’m happy to say that my nightmare is over and the misery has now somehow morphed into this exceptional time in my life that I will certainly never forget.

We are less than two months post-op and Elliotte has left those old lung problems behind and has moved right on to more important things like … teething! She has two brand spanking new bottom teeth and a whole lot of drool to show for it!

Pool time with my shady lady – Courtesy Marla Sokologg

So here I am seven months in … hearing that loving and understanding voice in my head say, “You just had a baby, Marla. It took nine months to put on, it may take nine months to come off.”

Then I say, “No Miss Voice in My Head, I didn’t just have a baby — that was seven months ago. Also — I live in Los Angeles remember? Women here wear short shorts and bikinis three weeks postpartum. That rule doesn’t apply when you live in the judgiest place on earth!”

I went back to work 3½ months after giving birth. The shoot was local and the time commitment was short enough that it felt like I was just dipping my toe in the working mom pool.

I was very quickly reminded that my job as an actress is one that I truly love. I simply hated being away from my daughter, but I was relieved to find out that my passion for what I have done for the past 20 years was still intact.

I was less than relieved to find out that my hatred of the dreaded wardrobe fitting was also still intact with a whole new set of insecurities to boot. Not only was I trying on sizes I had never seen before, but also I was now venturing into the fun-filled world of girdle-style undergarments.

(Listen up ladies — Spanx on your wedding day is one thing, but a tummy-taming bodysuit starts to feel more like a straightjacket complete with broken ribs at the end of a 14-hour work day!)

I arrived on set armed with excitement but also an intense insecurity, as I felt this overwhelming need to tell every single solitary person who came within an inch of me that I had just had a baby. (At the time, “just had a baby” was still applicable.)

I hate that I was so hard on myself. I hate that I felt like people were judging me for having a few extra pounds on me. It wasn’t until about halfway through the shoot that I had an epiphany. I have a daughter now. I can’t be like this anymore. I need to set a good example and teach that baby girl as she grows up to love her body no matter what.

Silly faces with my girl – Courtesy Marla Sokoloff

I find it depressing that society puts so much focus on “body after baby.” I realize that my writing this blog is doing just that, but in doing so I want to put the focus on the healthy role models that have inspired me and gotten me through the past few months.

Celebrity moms like Alyssa Milano, Hilary Duff, Jenna Fischer and Jessica Simpson who have made it known that they have really put the effort in to do it the healthy way. No diet pills, cayenne pepper cleanses, juice fasts or eating their baby’s puréed food.

In fact, most of these moms have said that they would rather spend time with their little ones then sweat it out at the gym — a quality I personally find admirable!

Obviously, getting back to my fighting weight was not my primary focus these past few months. My only concern was my daughter and her health. Once her surgery was behind us, I really started to make the effort to put my health in the forefront.

I got back to working out and even started cooking again, which is an accomplishment in and of itself with a baby. (Just for going to the supermarket alone us moms deserve a medal!) I’ve decided that the slow cooker is my new best friend and welcome all recipes if you have any good ones!

I don’t have a personal trainer or a fancy chef to make me healthy meals, so it’s up to me to make the right choices and get my badonkadonk to the gym!

The truth is I have no idea how far away I am from my actual pre-baby weight as far as numbers go. I don’t own a scale and I’m not going out of my way to find one!

I do know that as of last week, I’m officially back in my old jeans — which was so exciting I literally wanted to scream from the top of the tallest building to announce it. (I’m afraid of heights, so I tweeted my victory instead.)

I know by Hollywood standards, taking seven months to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans is an abomination … but go easy on me, I just had a baby.

Red CARpet Safety Event with the family – Rachel Murray/WireImage

Until next time … xox

— Marla Sokoloff

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Jen DC on

Focus on filling your belly with nutritious foods and most likely those last few pounds will be easier to lose.

I just made lentil soup (seems a little early in the soup season, but oh well!) in the slow cooker. 4 hours (high) with tumeric, coriander, cumin, salt, pepper, squash (added in the last 10 minutes)… They are delicious and filling and full of fiber!

She’s soooo cute and I love her baby swoop bangs!

Joseph Tannenbaum on

Sounds very upbeat! Sound also like your head is in the right place. Glad the baby is doing well now. God Bless

Marie on

I adore you as Jody on party if five! I’m glad your daughter is recovering! She’s such a cutie pie! 🙂 blessings to you and your amazing family! 🙂

Anne on

Marla, I love your blog and think that you do just a wonderful job as a mother. You’re right, everything changes when you have a little girl. You have to be a role model and show her what really matters in life. It is funny how that changes the instant that they put that baby girl in your arms!

Rachel on

i know JUST what you mean.

people kept telling me “you JUST had a baby” but when you look in the mirror and see something so foreign (or in my case see weight that i had lost all of 2 years ago). it’s so hard! and it seems so far away.

yet sure enough, my daughter turns 7 months tomorrow, and i while not back in my prepregnancy jeans, am prepregnancy weight. its coming off different this time, and i definitely need to accept and embrace it.

i had initially set a goal. to lose all the weight in 48 weeks. 8 weeks recovery and then giving myself 40 weeks to take off what took 40 to put on. ive crushed it! wont say that mentality has been easy but i did it 🙂

i’m excited for you. getting your confidence back, your health in check elliottes health in line. it’s wonderful and i’m SO happy for you!

Emily S on

I have loved following your story. I have a 16 month old – and you have so much to look forward to! Thank you for being so honest and open – you are much more relatable than many celebs!

Stephanie on

You are truly a role model and inspirational to people!!! There are very few of you out there.

JLL on

I think you are a precious person, and soo glad your baby is on the mend. She is soo sweet!!!

Katlin on

Congratulations on your success! I just wanted to say that she is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen. I am so happy to hear that she is doing well.

Rebecca on

So glad your daughter is doing well! And thank you, it took me almost 9 months after each of my 3 pregnancies to lose the weight. I felt like people were watching me to see if I still had a bump or if my butt would go back down to size. It’s hard enough for women to raise newborns, let alone be judged for how we look soon after.

Jessi on

Having a daughter who sees you as her primary role model and example of womanhood means hang-ups and insecurities about our physical appearance can’t be indulged anymore. Or, at least not mentioned when she’s within hearing distance 😉

My priorities have shifted SO much since having kids. No, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to work on my body and look for clothes or anything else (shopping for jeans with two little boys in tow is impossible). But I really don’t care! After growing, delivering, and feeding three babies, I am so proud of my body.

What matters is what it’s capable of, not what it looks like. And my daughter needs to internalize that message from a young age. I want her to respect her body and use exercise and diet to keep it healthy – not for any aesthetic reasons.

The crockpot saves my life on crazy days filled with school, activities, errands, and other obligations. We mostly eat vegetarian, but I often turn to chicken for slowcooking because vegetables can get overcooked and turn mushy if you’re not careful. Some favorites: (make your own ranch mix if you don’t want to use the package)

SAB on

LOL, i love that picture of you and your daughter. Too cute. Good on you for setting a positive example for your daughter and other women about losing weight the healthy way. Best of luck to you and your family.

ForeverMoore on

What a gorgeous girl! She is such a sweet little baby, so happy that she is healthy and happy 😀

Jillian on

I feel you on the weight issue my baby is just 6 weeks and I still have alot to lose.but csec twice is alot harder to get the belly back right. But have two wonderful babies out of it. Crock pot check out great site. Your baby is gorgeous. keep the blogs coming !!

Kelly on

Marla, I so look forward to reading your blog! I’ve been a fan of yours since seeing Whatever It Takes. Your daughter is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad to hear she’s recovering well.

s on

Good for her. I admire the actresses who take a healthy approach to slimming down after a baby instead of fitting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes three weeks later. There are more important things, and I can easily tell you which lost opportunity (losing weight or being with my baby) I would regret more.

Glad your baby girl is doing well, Marla–it is indeed a very isolating experience to have a baby who is not well. My daughter was extremely ill as a newborn and I believe that it was her resilience and strength that got her through it–a trait she still carries with her now at 5 🙂

Laurel on

Thanks so much for this post…I’ve been feeling a lot of guilt that I haven’t been able to get all the weight off yet after my son’s birth and its great to hear someone else who’s had the same experience:)

BRod on

Maybe LA is the exception – especially in your line of work, but most of the time people are thinking about themselves, not others. They are too busy obsessing with their own looks to worry about yours. This was an epiphany I had about a year ago. It was comforting 🙂

Misty on

I love how honest and down-to-earth you are, and how realistic you approach life and your daughter! Good for you for remembering that she comes first, and I love that you want to be a good role model for her. You are lucky to have her, and she’s just as lucky to have you. 🙂

rara on

Your blog is such an inspiration to young moms out there like me Marla! I have a 6 month old baby girl and I am constantly worried about how i look and how my body looks. You’re right, the people that you listed are amazing women, and we should all aspire to be role models to our kids. Very beautiful pics!


What???????? I used to watch Full House ALL THE TIME but don’t remember ever seeing the character of Gia.

darrr on

good for you Marla! glad to hear baby is doing well

NewMamaToo on

Good for you! People are hard on you whether it takes you 2 months or 2 years to lose the weight. I delivered my amazing daughter 6 weeks early and spent the next few weeks running back and forth to the NICU and trying to keep myself and my life together. I lost the baby weight in 6 weeks and was so disheartened when I found people were talking about it behind my back. I would have traded my speedy weight loss for a full term baby and a couple of extra pounds any day!

I’m so glad you’ve found your confidence again and are focusing on being healthy and setting a good example for your super adorable baby girl!

Devon on

I’ve always struggled with my weight (I’m 5 feet tall and every pound on me looks like 5 pounds on a “normal” height person) and was thrilled that the pounds flew off while breastfeeding….then I was done, baby weaned, and it all came back with a little extra.

I’ve always been hard on myself, sometimes in healthy ways, but mostly not. And then I, too, realized I had this perfect little girl — who happens to have my exact body type — and needed to change my way of thinking..

Now we’re expecting baby #3 and, while my body is far from perfect, I’ve learned to be healthy. I walk and do yoga as much as I can possibly fit them in. I eat healthy foods, but indulge once in a while. My daughter has learned to love dance and soccer and baseball, and I practice with her. My son is learning to love an athletic girl with curves. But most importantly, I’m healthy, which means that I’ll be spending lots of time with these wonderful little people in my life. And THAT’S the right perspective, not whether I’m back in runway shape in a shocking 6 weeks. 😉

Amanda K on

My baby just turned 7 months last week, and it was the same day when I realized I could fit back into my own pre-pregnancy jeans. Baby time is quality time! I didn’t start working out again until she started sleeping early, so that I don’t have to miss my time with her. We are so hard on ourselves as new moms!

s on

Good for Marla. It’s much more important to spend time with your baby than hit the gym for 2-3 hours a day to get your body to go back to the way it was. We’re not human rubber bands. Glad the baby is healthy now. That’s a very frightening experience–I almost lost my daughter to illness as an infant. If anything, it makes you value what is really important, and being with my baby was much more important than dropping the extra weight right away!

wvwoman on

1 Hour + 1 Mess = 5 Crock Pot Meals!
Make 5 slow cooker meals at once & freeze them–what a concept, huh?! Janell has 2 sets of them so far:

jean on

too cute

Stefanie on

Can you please write your blog more often? 🙂 i love your stories and its good stuff to prepare should the day come of becoming a parent!:)

Vanessa on

I love reading your blog, you seem like a great person and your little girl is so so cute, glad to read she’s doing fine.

Mandy on

Congrats to you & so happy your baby is okay. Everyone needs to realize that everyone gains & loses weight differently. Some people do drop weight fast, while others don’t. Neither needs to be called names for it. I’m with you about wanting to spend time with baby instead of working out all the time. I didn’t go back to the gym until my daughter was 3 months. I mainly go as a way to handle stress & get into shape so I can chase her around when the time comes.

Rachel on

Awesome blog! Precious baby girl!! You sound very down to earth and very real!! You look great, and you seem to be doing things the right way. Good Luck to you and your sweet family!!

guest123 on

it’s not an abomination… woman thinks that! Maybe some male photogs but no one else and who wants their ignorant opinion? That;s really great story but just a side note to all women out there……you DON”T have to be your old size! You are maturing and having children and it’s no longer required to be one teenage size forever, what nonsense! You need to be healthy, you need to exercise but you don’t require to be ‘a size’ or by a certain date either, ever. I wish more women who model or act would actually realize this as they are the majority and can have the say if they actually took it.

fanofboardwalkempire on

What a beautiful baby girl you have! congratulations and I am so pleased to hear that your darling little gir is doing well in her recovery. Your blog is great and heartfelt and is sounds so realistic as you tacke your baby weight gain- go for you for going slow and steady. I really enjoy your blog. thank you.

Susan S on

Thanks for such a great update!! I, too live in LA, and I have 2 daughters to raise in this crazy, body-obsessed city. I love your outlook. I think it’s so important to teach them to love their bodies no matter what. We are their role models,and their mentors and they seem to love us no matter what size we are right?!! Glad your daughters health issues are behind you. She is super cute and I think you look amazing so whatever you are doing, keep on doing it!!! What kind of workouts do you do?

Bella Blu on

Go Marla! And go baby Elliotte!

Jess on

I cried when I read your last post, but I tend to do that more often now that I’m a mommy. You are so strong to go through something so heart-wrenching while talking about it so openly. I have an 8 month old daughter and have just started rocking my jeans again. I’ve never felt so sexy in my jeans! Its the little things these days…

Cat on

Marla – So proud of you for taking your time and putting your daughter first. I was lucky to lose my weight quickly…and then proceeded to put on 15lbs after I stopped nursing. My primary doctor was the one who pointed that out so I found a new one. 🙂

Best of luck getting back to where you want to be and so glad your little princess is doing so well!

Eri on

Super cute!

Marcie on

Good for you! All women have felt those feelings of embarrassment after a baby, and for no reason! You are clearly a wonderful example for your daughter and for other new moms!

Jessica on

Congrats on the sweet baby girl! I love you and I think your message is amazing! Screw the haters- get back to pre baby size on your own terms and on your own time! You rock!

AlexisGrau on

Lol love it! I say “I just had a baby” all the time.

We just celebrated my son’s first birthday last week

Stefanie on

I have to say I love Elliotte’s name & those last two pics are ever so cute! (Also very glad to see you did a great job trying to protect her from the sun!) I’m glad you don’t own a scale and didn’t didn’t rush right out there to find the latest way to be model like.. As the most important thing is to spend time with your new little girl.. And like to said to teach her to love herself no matter what!!! (Especially in Hollywood where it will be extra hard for her to learn that! ) Keep up the great job mom!

Katie on

Great job sweetie!

LSim on

This was one of the most down to earth blogs I’ve read from a celebrity blogger. Congrats on your jeans victory. You are a wonderful mommy. Praying for your little one. My first is due in 6 months!!

K from Canada on

Once again, stellar post! First off, you look amazing & the face to face pic is adorable (totally copying it).

My little man is almost 5 months so I know exactly what you mean about new sizes & feeling like you’re being judged. That was until I read somewhere that “There are many women who are unable to get pregnant that would do anything to have that body”. That hit home & made me realize I’d give anything for my guy & he is ALL that matters.

Thanks for your inspirational posts, I can only hope at 7 months pp that I will fit into my jeans and scream with joy! Xo

MelLouise on

I remember watching her in The Baby Sitters Club movie as a kid Love her

Dee on

SHE is gorgeous just like her momma! Glad she’s doing well post surgery. BTW, I think 7 months is great since my daughter is 14 & I still can’t wear the jeans!

Shannon on

I have three kids ages 5, 3 and 1. I still can’t fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I am convinced that my hip bones are wider than they were before! I make healthy meals for the whole family and I get out of the house to a zumba class twice a week in addition to excercise at home. Being a mommy is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life.

Congrats to you on your journey through motherhood! Just remember that YOU are your own kid’s mom…what anyone else says doesn’t matter. You just do the best you can for your family 🙂 I look forward to more blog posts, love your attitude Marla!

KT on

Seven months is pretty awesome. I “just had a baby” 17 months ago and my pre baby pants are tight, but I can wear them finally! I’m not worried. I work full time, manage to feed both my daughter and husband a home cooked meal almost every night and try to get one or two yoga class a week for some alone time. I’ll get there probably about the time I get pregnant with my next baby! 🙂

Lana on

Your blog is so cute and fun to read! You look great hon 😉 I’m 9 months out from having a baby myself, and yes, it does feel good to be back in those jeans!!!!

Megan A on

I love your posts! I “just had a baby” in July and avoid the closet where my former jeans reside. We’ll be friends again soon enough, I guess.

And crockpots rule the world. I’d vote for one for president if I had the option.

Thanks for sharing such a positive outlook on stresses we all face…your posts are like talking to a girlfriend!

Melissa S. on

Hey Marla,

I write to each time you post, because I feel a connection to you, as our daughters are only a few days apart, so we are going through so many of the same things at the same time.

I get EXACTLY what you are saying about the “I just had a baby” thing. My first-born daughter, who will be eight in two more weeks, went to school and I forgot to get her all dolled up for picture day!…I forgot it was picture day! My days are hectic, with working full time and having at most two hours in the evening to prepare dinner, eat, homework, baths and bedtime routines that I simply forgot to send her to school with picture money or to “do” her hair. I felt like such a schmuck and called the photographer and explained that I “just had a baby” and things are hectic at home right now. When they asked how old my “new baby” was, I was a little embarassed to sputter…”um, 8 months” in a whisper.

But the truth is, you DID just have a baby and it easily takes a year to kind of get back to normal. Hey, you’ve been focused on Elliotte’s health, so give yourself a break!

From what I am reading, you are doing a great job! Congratulations on fitting into your jeans–some women never will again, so you are doing great!

One last thing; Elliotte is absolutely beautiful!!!

Looking forward to your next post… 🙂

amw on

you look amazing then and now, and i appreciate you being vocal about your inner monologue to struggle with your body. for me, my belly button was always an “innie” and with pregnancy it definitely popped out and became an “outie”. it will never go back. no matter how many crunches or workouts i do i will never have an option to get a pre-baby body back. the belly button seems very minor, but every time i look down, i see a foreign looking region of my body. its a good thing we moms get so much out of the mom-ing thing, because there certainly are many things that we have to sacrifice, not the least of which is related to our bodies.

as for slow cooker stuff, i hear ya. if you like indian, the Indian Slow Cooker book by Anupy Singla is AMAZING!! so healthy.

sunny on

Marla, your baby is so cute. Second, stop thinking of those woen who were in bikinis post-partum. They have all probably gone to their surgeon for a post birth “mommy makeover”. They are not normal. You are. I didn’t even start trying to lose my birth weight until after the baby’s first year,because I was nursing. I did lose it all three times, but felt no pressure. That is an entertainment industry delusion and why we see so many industry women who are or border on anorexia.

Sophie on

Thanks so much for speaking out about bodies after babies. I’m only 22 and have no plans for babies in the near future, but I’m often worried that my husband (and society in general) will be expecting me to bounce back like Gisele Bundchen and Victoria Beckham did after their pregnancies (not that I look like them now, of course!) But I always really appreciate when celebrities are honest and admit that it’s not as easy as some make it look. I really commend you for that and Miss Elliotte is gorgeous!

Jenna on

I remember when I went in for my six week check up after having my son. I had weighed in at 156 lbs right before having him, and the scale read 152 lbs at the check up. She said, “You lost 4 lbs!” I looked at her and replied, “I had a 4 pound baby…” It will come eventually 🙂

leslye on

When did it become a competition to see how fast you can get into your skinny jeans and do a photo shoot in a bikini. GOSH when will this obsession with being a size sub zero ever end??? REALLY young girls read these magazines and forget that these people have cooks and trainers and can get photos airbrushed. There is NO set time that ALL women must meet to get back into whatever size and does it matter really!! So now these people are not focused on the thrill of having a child but worrying that everyone will judge them for not getting into the prepregnancy figure eg. Jessica Simpson. SO what she has to feel like a failure cuz she doesn’t meet up to the women that are fortunate enough to have the bodies that do go back easily. NOT every women can ever get back to that shape. The body naturally changes after having a child. I am so tired of hearing each new mom come out and brag about how quickly they can beat some other mom into those jeans and bikinis… IT is pathetic and disgusting… SO DONE WITH IT.

hmm on

I think that’s what’s so commendable about this blog. Marla is aware of those pressures and she’s very aware that role modeling good behavior for her daughter starts young. Good job Marla. Love the pics!

GDL on

i usually don’t like to read celeb mom blogs because it seems unreal to me. i really enjoyed reading your post. please keep blogging.

Jacksgran on

Marla your daughter is gorgeous just like her mom. 🙂

Ella on

Out of all the blogs I have seen on here over the years, yours is my favorite. I look forward to your posts because you sound like a human being and a real mother. You speak from your heart and it shows. I’m so glad to hear that you are setting a positive example for your daughter as well as women across the country. Your baby is beautiful and she is so blessed to have you for a mom.