Jessica Alba Teaching Honor the Benefits of Giving Back

09/14/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
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Who said Jessica Alba‘s children are too young to be involved in her charity work?

The actress — and co-founder of The Honest Company — is already taking action when it comes to teaching her daughters Honor Marie, 4, and Haven Garner, 13 months, the benefits of giving back.

“I talk to Honor about not wasting and recycling. I talk to her about having so many things and that there are children out there who don’t have what she has,” Alba, 31, told PEOPLE at Self magazine‘s Women Doing Good Awards on Wednesday.

“So when she is done playing with something or outgrows something,” she continues, “it goes to a baby who doesn’t have it.”

But while she may be following in her famous mom’s footsteps when it comes to spreading the love, Honor’s future career plans don’t seem to involve the big screen.

“Honor is just running her mouth about her observations on the world, and her desire to be a doctor mermaid,” Alba shares, adding Haven has been hitting a few milestones of her own lately.

“I think Haven will be walking soon and every day she is saying a new word — right now it’s hot,” she says.

From her acting — she will next appear in A.C.O.D. — to running her eco-friendly company, Alba is a strong believer in staying organized — but admits even the best laid plans can go awry.

“I am really into schedules. It helps me stay sane,” she says. “You will never be perfect so just trying to take it one day at a time, do as much as you can and live in the moment.”

– Anya Leon with reporting by Stephanie Davila

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Anonymous on

Yeah, I’m sure she really knows the benefits of giving back.

Anonymous on

I’m glad that Jessica is teaching Honor to think of those in need, but I wonder why they give her (Honor’s) clothes away rather than saving them for Haven to grow into?

Joyful on

Jessica has said what most of us also strive with our own families! I like that she says positive stuff whenever she gets the opportunity to express real opinions on life! Jessica’s love for her girls and wanting them to know how to do good things with their blessings is wonderful.

Leslie on

Such a perfect person. Everything she does is rainbows and unicorns.

Anonymous on

Anonymous- (the very first poster) If you’re referring to Honor, of course she doesn’t. That’s why Jessica is teaching her! 🙂

Kandyce on

A rich girl giving her old toys to kids who are less fortunate – how kind. How about giving a portion of her company’s profits to underprivileged kids, or teaching her kid to buy new toys and give them to others.

Anonymous on

Thats a lovely notion, but Jessica could just pass the toys on to her younger sister, and take the money she was going to purchase the next lot of toys with and purchase some food for a homeless shelter, hungry children can not eat toys. We use to drive charitable donations (children’s clothing) to Romanian orphanages. We would often come back to visit the kids a week later after making the rounds and most of the clothes were gone. When questioned the staff would remind us that the children can not eat a baby Gap t-shirt but it would fetch a bag of potatoes in the village. Her point was taken!!!!

tnreich on

Regarding the clothing comments, I think Jessica means once Honor outgrows a toys- developmentaly or maybe just interest wise. They, and all celebrities, receive tons of free stuff from big companies in hope that the celebrity will been seen out it public with the item or will talk about it in an interview which translates to big business for the company!!

Anonymous on

It is more wasteful then to buy the toy a second time for the younger daughter. What a joke.

Jeff on

How is this news a rich kids give it up a little big deal!

Jordyn on

I’m sorry. She just comes across as completely fake.

ck on

Geez people! The woman is doing a great job at raising her kids, but apparently not good enough! What do you want her to do, give away all of her money and live in a box on the street because there are many people who have to do that every day?!? If you negative posters had the money and resources she had, would you be giving as much as she does already? Hate to see how you guys live your life every day!

TK on

My goodness, apparently if you’re a celebrity you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Nowhere in the article does it say her family and her business do NOT give to other charities or support programs for underprivileged kids. All she said was she’s trying to teach her kid that she is privileged and other kids are not. That is something that is sadly lacking today in a world where many kids get everything they want and have no respect or appreciation for it. Maybe teaching her to give away her toys now will lead to her giving up time and money later. Would you prefer she taught her to throw some money at a cause and it will go away?

KRS on

Some of you seem to be missing the point. Jessica seems to be trying to teach Honor to give back and be charitable…and donating toys or clothes is a great way that a 4 year old can understand and appreciate. It wouldn’t quite be the same lesson for Honor to see her mom writing a cheque (though I’ll bet she probably does that too). Why are some people always looking for something to complain about!?

boohoobytch on

a parent that’s actually teaching their kid something – brilliant, I applaud her

M on

I kind of want to be a doctor mermaid too.

guest 1 on

I am not trying to be overly critical of this woman, who seems to be one of the nicest celebs out there, but sometimes I think this whole ‘give it away to charity’ thing is just so people don’t feel so guilty about all the stuff they buy for their kids. So they can buy and buy and buy for themselves and their kids and not feel like they are being spoiled by it.

Jeana on

Alot of families do this. It is the right thing to do

Twizzy on

How dare she have money AND buy her kids toys! That is appalling! It never ceases to amaze me how rude and snarky people are. All the article said was that she wanted to teach her kids to be thoughtful of others less fortunate, recycle, be appreciative of what they have. Why you read that as a license to complain about what she’s NOT doing is beyond me.

Michelle on

Wow… you want to complain if someone gives or doesn’t give. It’s a no win. I am FAR from being well off, for that matter I am far from living comfortably, but I teach my children the same thing. This is a big deal for kids, it is hard for them to give up toys no matter how many they may have. But if you instill this small notion in them, it will grow. My son who just turned 5 went in his room the other day to clean it. He decided that he was too big for some of his toys so he filled up 2 boxes of toys to give to kids that need them. I was so proud of him!

jojo on

I don’t know why so many of you people making comments are tearing up this attempt to teach her child something good… do you stand outside of donation spots at Goodwill and make comments on what people are dropping off? Do you yourself make any efforts or attempts to give back? One poster said she did. I have always taught my son to donate items when he is done. We do it with clothes and toys. I don’t think it’s wasteful to have to buy it again if and when baby #2 comes along.. it’s better to be used than to sit and gather dust. The woman is doing a good thing, as she does with her company. Someone snarlingly mentioned what she does with her money, well, put yours where your mouth is bc the Honest Company donates money and products to their nonprofit partner Baby2Baby – this company helps support families in need by providing them with essential baby products, like diapers, ensuring that all families are cared for. how many diapers for the needy have you purchased?? no one is worse at tearing someone else apart than a woman!

jojo on

it’s silly to think that this woman does this so she can buy what she wants and not feel guilty. there’s nothing to feel guilty about. i don’t feel guilty when i spend $$. do you? i do what i can for the needy. i donate time and money and i can assure you that i’m one of the minority that does.

Manomer on

Right CK I agree….that is what these people want….apparently they would not be happy unless she donates everything she has b/c obviously the article says that Jessica refuses to donate money she only donates old toys and that her life is so perfect. It is just ridiculous to read some of the comments. SHUT UP already. Is it Ironic that I HATE negative people?? 🙂

MRJ on

To Anonymous: Not many 4 year olds would grasp the concept of giving back however it is admirable that Jessica is showing her and hopefully some day Honor will grasp what she is actually doing.

MRJ on

to guest1: It is not a concept that just the rich do. Why not take something that is in good shape but not being played with and give it to someone who can use it. Would it be better off thrown to the back of the closet or sold at a garage sale? When I lived in Arizona there were a group of men that collected old useable toys and took them to the reservations at Christmas time and gave them away. I also went thru my daughters toys at that time and sent anything that was still in good shape that she didn’t play with anymore. I’m not a celebrity or rich by any means.

Tara on

Good for her, teaching her children to give back.

eyeliketodothat on

kind of like my kids when they give to Goodwill and salvation army or St. Vincent. Damnit why didn’t people put that in there.

Linda on

First of all, I can’t believe that people can find so many things to criticize. Second, a child has no relation to money, but the act of giving away something that she has enjoyed is much more meaningful. Third, who says the toys etc are things that Amanda purchased? As a first child, and a child of a celebrity, a large part of the items were probablty gifts.

sindrii on

alba: you are very cute but, who cares what your super pampered kid does???
really, showyour sunny smile and keep quiet.

Linda on

I think it is better to teach a child to give away a toy or piece of clothing, than it is to say, “We’ll keep this for ourselves to use later.”

Courtney on

While she is doing a good thing by starting this behavior with her girls, I do not think they really “get” it. We give away our old toys also, but not for the publicity!

meme on

I have a 2month old baby and I use the Honest diapers and wipes!! great products…

cn tower on

It’s heartening to see a celeb who promotes generosity and encourages her daughter to help those less fortunate. As someone else mentioned, she’s probably gifted with more toys and kids’ stuff than she knows what to do with so I hope she gives some of that away to charity.

Anonymous on

TK- Right on! A couple years ago, there was an article on here with Oliver Hudson talking about doing the same thing with his older son, and people criticized him, too (with some of the most popular comments being along the lines of “The kid’s three! How can he possibly understand what he’s doing?!” and “Wouldn’t donating some of his new toys (he had just had a birthday) make more of an impact?!”

When did teaching your kid to think of those in need become a bad thing?!

GinaG on

How about passing her outgrown clothes and toys on to her baby sister? That’s what the rest of us mere mortals do when our kids outgrow things….so sick and tired of celebs acting as if they are so charitable — save the earth by not consuming so much crap and reusing your stuff by passing it from kid to kid. The only thing she is teaching Honor in this situation is that when Honor gets tired if her toys, a “poor” child will be so happy to take them —how rude!!

Liz on

It’s good to teach even young children about giving back and it’s nice to see stars encouraging this quality in their children