Nick and Vanessa Lachey Welcome Son Camden John

09/13/2012 at 01:10 AM ET

The littlest Lachey has arrived.

Nick and Vanessa welcomed a sonΒ on Wednesday, Sept. 12, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“We are incredibly proud to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Camden John Lachey,” the couple tell PEOPLE in a statement.

“Born today at 6:54 p.m., he came into this world at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches. Love has truly been redefined for both of us.”

The couple, who married in July 2011, announced the pregnancy in March. In July, Wipeout host Vanessa, 31,Β revealed that theyΒ were expecting a boy.

“I can’t even explain how excited I am,” the 98* singer and Stars Earn Stripes competitor, 38, told PEOPLE in August.

“For someone who has wanted a family for such a long time, I’ve looked forward to this moment. Now that it’s almost here, it’s awesome.”

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Chloe on

adorable name! I hope they call him CJ that’s always been my fav nickname!

Marie on

My 8 year old daughter is named Camden. It’s after Camden England. A very fun & cool place. Camden Maine is another beautiful city. Unless you’re from NJ, most people don’t associate the name to the city there. I love the name, and I’m very happy for the beautiful new family!! Blessings to them!

Anonymous on

I have a 15 year old son named Camden! That my maiden name! I’m always so shocked when I hear others using it!

Erin on

Love, love, love them! So happy for them! Congrats, I’m sure he is too cute!!!

SHar on

Congrats to these two people. After the fiasco with Jessica I hope these two live happily ever after. And I love the name.

April on

congrats to the proud parents

tm on

FINALLY!!!! A normal name for an adorable little boy!!! Congrats to them!!!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations! Camden sure has become a popular name. I wish them well…

Alix on

Aw, what a sweet family. Really happy for them!!! πŸ™‚

Raveena on

Aww, congrats to Vanessa and Nick! That’s such an adorable name and I wish them all the best! ❀

Kat on

Congratulations Nick & Vanessa and welcome to the world, little Camden. This will be an amazing adventure for you all. Don’t forget to smile, laugh and love everyday. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, make sure you get enough sleep each day. Congrats again, you are a beautiful family.

amanda on

congrats nick and vanessa ! what wonderful news ! i bet he is cute as a button !

Lisa on

Kristin Cavallari’s son’s name is Camden Jack. I wonder why Nick and Vanessa chose to name her son Camden John. Frankly, I find it a little strange. Those names are awfully close/similar.

katie on

Vanessa has made comments that they have had the name picked for awhile. So its obviously purely coincidental. and I doubt they would change the name based on the fact that someone else has a similar one.

Tonya on

Not just someone else, Nicks ex gf, or ex “friend”.

Lisa on

dear “team Jessica”….for the record,I’m sure that Jessica would be happy for her ex husband..Im sure she wants him to be happy,ages moved on(and on and on..) so why shouldn’t he?? I think that is a very mean spirited thing to say..either you are just bored,or your just a negative person.not sure which. Whatever! I happen to be happy when a loving couples no matter who they are welcome a beautiful baby into the world. Welcome Camden!!!!!

Anna on

same here… the name is way too similar!

Tonya on

Odd that these exes chose to give their sons the same names, and born 4 weeks apart. Even if I had been dead set on the name before hearing my ex was naming their kid the same name, I think I would have to pick something else. But I guess it’s not like they hang out. It just looks weird!

Huh?? on

Exes? Same name? Wait Wat ? Kristen and nick from what I know where ever dating . You might have been mixing that up because Jessica Simpson has a girl and named her maxwell drew Johnson . No where near similar.

anonymous on

Congrats to them, the name is beautiful and simple.

Gigi on

Love the name Camden!! So glad they chose something uncommon, but not weird. That’s going to be a beautiful child.

Mary on

Congratulations to the proud parents! I wish you both the best (-:

Holiday on

Nice name! Congrats to them

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for Nick and Vanessa! I love the name Camden, I wish you all the best. Enjoy every minute, they grow up way too fast. Can’t wait to see pictures of your gorgeous family! Congratulations!

Carolline on

The name Camden becomes a new trend, huh? So adorable. Congratulations, Nick and Vanessa. πŸ˜€

sharon on

I just have to say I love this couple and I’m so happy for them and what an adorable name for I’m sure is a handsome little boy…

God Bless this new little family, you’d never know she was carrying such a large baby WOW now I bet she goes back to pre baby body quick, she was all baby it looked like … Enjoy that little angel!

Kayla on

I love how everybody gave Kristin Cavallari crap about naming her son Camden but now everybody loves it.

Congratulations Nick and Vanessa! (: I love the name

Chica on

That was my exact same thought when I saw the name. A majority of the people hated that name just a few weeks ago…now they love it. Go figure…

monease on

That is why you can’t trust a bipolar society

Kasia on

Awww, I love this couple. Congrats and best of luck

Charlotte on

Another Camden! Such a cute name πŸ™‚ Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!

Anonymous on

Just FYI cause I saw a few posts about it, John is Nicks fathers name. Not sure where Camden came from. I wish them well.

Joann on

They should have named him Maxwell!!!

Tonya on

Haha yes!! Or Camden Maxwell, or vice versa, so hes named after both newborns of Nicks exes:)

Amanda on

HAHA Camden Maxwell or Maxwell Camden so funny!!!

juanita on

Congratulations to nick and vanessa im happy for them can’t wait to see the baby’s pictures.

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them! I hope we see pictures soon! And as for baby’s name being so similar to Kristin Cavileri’s babies, so what? The parents have similar taste in names! What’s the problem with that?!

Tonya on

Similar taste in names, and men apparently.

mrst on

ahh…so happy for them. they are a sweet couple to watch. god bless them.=)

yay on

thrilled for them….especially Nick! he’s going to be an awesome dad!!!

phonograph on

gag me. Camden/Cameron/Camshaft/Camera/Chamomile…..

Brooklyn on

I’m pretty sure that if Nick and Vanessa loved the name, just because another ‘celebrity’ named her son the same a few days/weeks earlier didn’t mean they were just going to scrap it. Anyways, it’s a cute name and I’m really happy for them!

Denise on

Congratulations to the Lachey’s new addition. Love the name, Camden. I know they are going to make a beautiful family. Wishing health and happiness to all.

Alice on

Maybe Camden came from Camden Yards, the ballpark where the Baltimore Orioles play. Not sure about that though as he is supposed to be a big Cincinnati sports fan.

omerta138 on

Ugh not another place name disguised as a baby name. *groan*

Zoe on

Congrats Nick and Vanessa! Camden is a beautiful name.

Sherae on

Its kinda weird that they named him SO similar to Kristen Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s kid. Camden John and Camden Jack? Personally I think Camden Cutler sounds WAY better than Camden Lachey but whatever.

Stole Kristin's Name on

She copied Kristin Cavalari’s baby name.

Lulu on

Almost jus like Kristen Cavalaris son Camden Jack…

bart on

Camden (NJ) is a crime-ridden ghetto that is one of America’s most dangerous cities. Not something nice to name your child after!

Emily on

Agreed. Bet the baby’s cute, though!

Marie on

And Camden, Maine is a beautiful coastal town… perhaps you should visit sometime so you can change your perception and stop being so negative.

Anonymous on

Awww! Congrats to them! And what a great name!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Nick and Vanessa! If he is anything like my 7lb, 8oz, 21in. baby boy who is turning 31yrs old this year-watch out! He will surpass 6ft, 200 lbs as an adult! Make him eat right for best results!

Lindsay on

What does your adult son have to do with anything????

em on

Why are you such a prick?!! Let people comment what they want. Stop being so negative.

Heather on

Congrats to Nick and Jessica! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

At least they have a normal name unlike some Celebrity’s , Breeze Baretta really what’s that all about

Shelley on

AWE…..congrats to them!!!!

mariobailey on

Congulates nick & his wife and baby boy into this world.

Amy on

Some of these comments are rude!! They named their son Camden John, so what?? It’s none of anyone’s business. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all!

Anyway, Congrats to Nick & Vanessa!!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Nick & Vanessa on the birth of baby Camden!

Not my favourite name. For some reason I always find it strange when celebs name their baby when another celeb has just used that name. But then I realise they probably don’t know each other!!!

Tonya on

Ahhhh but they do know eachother. Intimately. Kristin was Nicks first “relationship” after splitting from Jessica. So it is kinda strange πŸ™‚

em on

So, you mean to say non-celebrities don’t name their children the same names? How dumb is that

Breda on

I can not believe how rude and nasty some people can be on here. Just because your mom probably should not have had you gives you no right to be so ugly (both inside and out)…Babies are a gift and those who can disrespect an infant or his parents over name or any other thing is a testament to why abortion should stay legal…Congratulations to the Lachey family!!!

pug_lover on

Wow so many people naming their baby boys Camden lately! I babysit a little 5 month old boy named Camden! Congrats, I’m sure he’s beautiful!

Lisa on

What a very nice name and I bet the little boy is so gorgeous because his parents are lovely. Hope they enjoy all the great moments that are ahead for them.

Bree on

So happy for them…congratulations!

Lisa d. on

I don’t like the name.Lately there are too many:Camdens,Jadens,Braydens……:(

Lori on

Camden is also the name of the oldest inland city in SC—dating back to the Revolutionary War. I think it’s a very nice name for a boy. Actually, anything that sounds moderately “normal” coming from celebrities is refreshing! Congratulations!

Tonya on

I really do like these two! But does no one else think its strange that they name their son the same thing Nick Lacheys ex “gf” Kristin, named her son only a month before?

Faby on

I don’t think it’s strange. What I do find strange was naming their child Blue(Jay-z and Beyonce). Jay-z’s ex-gf is Blu!!!

carol on

to start off with congratulations on your new arrival I think nick and vanessa are great together I would rather see nick with her then jessica simpson I never did like her and. Who told her she could sing.again. I hope the 3of u will be happy . Carol from columbus,ga

Anonymous on

Congrats!! . . and a nice normal name. God Bless.

mindy on

I guess Camden is the “in” name for celebrities’ baby boys this year. Makes me think of a bad neighborhood in New Jersey.

Jen DC on

I bet he’s adorable. Congrats!

@Lisa: Probably the same thing people who named their daughters Jennifer between 1974 and 1985 – they liked the name. They probably don’t expect to have much contact with the Cutlers, probably didn’t consider that the name had been so recently and similarly used. From what I understand, the naming business is an exercise in (sometimes) frustration, negotiation and secrecy. And once settled…

nicole on

I like the name. Its not strange. Congrats to them. When it comes to names I had names picked out for a boy and girl long before I even thought of having children. But I got to use them both.. daughter Kennedy, son Blaine. When I was 14 my mom had triplets, 3 girls, and she let me name them too.. Jade, Jasmine and Jerrica. all the names I pick are uncommon in our small town but soon catch on and everyone is taking them. lol.

stef24 on

The very nerve of them, naming their child Camden just like Kristin C!!!! Are you SERIOUS with this nonsense, Lisa??? Gee, I wonder who YOUR mother copied off of when she named you “lisa”. You’re absolutely ridiculous.

Jenn on

Absolutely love the name!!! I have a son with a very similar name. I’m so glad, but not surprised that they choose a very normal name. I am sure he is beyond beautiful. Congrats to both Nick and Vanessa!!!

momma bear on

So what did the dumb a$$ end up wearing Victoria Secret? I’m glad the baby is healthy but I can’t stand his parents. Nick has always been attracted to airheads.

JoAnn on

Why would you name your kid after a city in New Jersey?

DEE on



Congrats!!! I’m not a fan of the first name, it’s too preppy sounding for my taste, but of course to each its own. It is their baby and what matters is that they love the name. I wonder who the little guy looks like more!

momofsoontobe3 on

Congrats to the lachey family!!! Cant wait to see pics of that handsome lil prince. Funny though me and my friends were talking on monday night wondering if she had the baby

Mandy on

Congrats to them! babies are such a blessing. Why can’t people get off the name being similar to Kristen’s? Do you all have no life? I had completely forgotten that they had even dated. Maybe they don’t keep up with news about her & her baby’s name. I have no clue what any of my ex’s named their kids. Could be similar to my daughter’s name & I’m not going to change it.

ali on

Im not a fan of either of these ppl but they seem like they will make great parents congrats to them on the new addition to their familly !!!

Anonymous on


JAK on

They probably had this name picked out for a while, so I feel bad for them that now their baby has a nearly identical name to Kristen Cavallari’s baby boy (his is Camden Jack)!

Anonymous on

Boring overused name. Jason Lee naming his kid Pilot Inspektor is insame. But I LOVE Blue Ivy. It’s unique and cute.

Anonymous on

Awesome! Congrats! Love the name. (Finally a normal celebrity baby name) Enjoy this time, it goes by fast…..

ace11 on

Feel sorry for the kid

Oh well

Now the parents will finally grow up

and realize it’s not all about them

Just wondering on

Isn’t it funny that Kristin cavallari also named her son Camden and she and Nick dated at one time? I wonder if Kristin is going to accuse them of taking “her” baby name?

Julianna on

Congratulations to the new parents. Even though I’m not a fan of Vanessa, I adore Nick and he deserves to be very happy. Can’t wait to see pictures of baby Camden!

Chloe on

LOVE the name, it will be a beautiful baby from this gorgeous couple! HUGE congrats to the both of them, they seem like they are really in love!!

M on

I would have named him Nicholas Camden Lachey or Andrew Camden after Nick’s brother Drew. Then if they chose to call him by his middle name of Camden, that would have been perfect. Not fond of Camden John, but I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Wendy on

With the success of Cam Newton, not surprised this has become a trendy name. Love the thought of Cam Lachey, or CJ Lachey, or even Camden Lachey. πŸ™‚

Angel on

Congrats Lachey Family! I’m sure he is adorable!

Melissa Rivera on

To Nick and Vanessa Lachey on your new baby boy Congrats.

Anonymous on

Get over the name thing!! You are supposed to be adults…picking on a newborn’s name?? You should be ashamed! As for the parents, congrats to you both!! I am sure he will be as beautiful as the two of you outside and in!

bh on

Cute name for a cute famiy. So glad someone decided to marry before baby. Very rare.

Rachel on

Everyone speculating about names … You desperately need a life. Yes I am sure they purposely “copied” someone’s baby name. Lives morons … Get it

Shari on

I’m so happy for the both of them! Great name!

Momof2in1year on

My husband’s only serious girlfriend (at age 19) other than me was Catherine, and I named my daughter Kathryn. I chose it, I love it– turns out it was my great-grandmother’s name (she went by her middle name). Big deal: I am in no way threatened by her. Also, I know a boy named Camden who turned 14 on 9/11 and I have a friend who has a son named Camden who is almost 3.

Kat on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!! Enjoy every minute with your son Camden. I have 1 year old son that he rocks my world. I love him. God bless you all

em on

Wow! Some of you people are downright rude!!! I bet you guys have miserable lives always complaining about someone else’s.

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa on the birth of their newborn, Camden πŸ™‚

Yvonne on

Perfectly said!!

Don’t you people have anything better to do with your time besides pick on what or why they gave there son his name, it’s no one’s business but there’s.

Congrats to all of them, having a child is a big blessing, I wish them all the best!!

tina on

Camden must be a popular name, that is what Kristen and Jay Cutler named their little boy. Only its Camden Jack, not John. (CJ)

Anonymous on

Both Nick/Vanessa and Kristin/Jay probably had each name picked out months before the babies were born. When Cutler’s was born the Lachey’s were probably like, “Oh sh!t that’s our name!” But good for them for not changing it. I’m sure Camden suits both babies.

gracie on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa. The name is cute…I know a young woman who was named Camden …after a lovely little town in Maine. Perhaps N&V just liked the sound of the name and the baby is not named after any particular place.

georgiaonmymind on

I am so very happy for them! Congrats to the family! Just a reminder to all the posters out here who think their opinion on what someone else should name THEIR baby. Guess what you don’t get one! It is their child and they can name it whatever THEY want to! This is one time I believe no one but the parents opinion counts!

guest on

Jessica has nothing to do with this baby leave her out. Remember it take2 to make a marriage and 2 to break one.

Congrats Nick and Vanessa.

Karen on

Yay! Can’t wait to see the photos.

Dawn on

Congrats !!! Nick & Vanessa….I’m sure Camden is as beautiful as the both of you..God Bless

CWB on

Congratulations to both of them!

Tammy on

Congrats to them! I love hearing what new parents say about their first born. As they said, it’s a love that redefines you.

Wildeyes on

Yay!! So happy for him and them both he’s been wanting this since forever!! Finally his wish came true congrats to the new happy family may blessed wishes come their way through out their lives!! Cant wait to see the little one!! So happy for you nick!!!!

who cares on

Why do people care so much that Kristin named her son the same name? I know for a fact that I never would’ve worried about whether or not someone else named their kids the same as mine. Who cares so many people have the same name as someone else out there. Just say congrats and move on!!!

Janice on

Congratulations! Much happiness to you all! Love the name.

Jessica on

A nice big baby!! Awesome!! That baby is going to be completely gorgeous.!

Darci on

Love the name!! My 2 yr old girl is named Camdyn and we have gotten so many compliments on her name!

Denise on

Congratulations!!!!!!! Beautiful name. Best wishes to you all. Enjoy your son, they grow up so fast!!!!

Jeanine on

@ Lisa….I am guessing these two couples don’t even know one another. If they both like the name it is their right to name him Camden! Congrats to them!

erica on

Having been born in NJ, I hear the name and like many others, think of the crime ridden ghetto of Camden, NJ- you know- the one that toop the top spot in murder rates from Detroit a few years back. But, to each his own….

Sarah on

To the person who questions why they chose the same name as Kristin Cavallari, I’m guessing it was already decided when Kristin announced her baby’s name….. Personally, I don’t care for it, but then again, I live in NJ. πŸ˜‰ Best of luck to them. I’m sure they’ll be great parents.

jennifer on

I love the name congrats!!! And kristen is not his ex people!!!!

Sandy on

Funny how people are picking on them cuz another celeb has used the name Camden! Did you give all the celebs who have a son named Jack a hard time??? There are many celebs with kids having the same name- so what???? Just look at the top five girls and boys names and you will find many who have used those names for their children. Saying it’s creepy is creepy in itself!

rlb237 on

I would have picked a different name after Cavallari named her kid the same first name.

Sandy on

Everyone is talking about a bad neighborhood in NJ….what about the beautiful coastal town of Camden, Maine??? Anyway, congrats to Nick and Vanessa!!

Sarah.S. on

There are other towns in the world called Camden, New Jersey isn’t the only one. There is a great place in London called Camden Town…it is a cool place to name a kid after.

Congrats Nick and Vanessa.

Lissa on

This baby will be the most beautiful baby. Congrats to the new Mommy & Daddy

Sarah on

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa! I know that baby will be beautiful!

Does anybody else find it ironic that after all that Jessica Simpson said about wanting to remain a virgin until she got married, that she is the one who had a baby out of wedlock and Nick didn’t? I know, nobody’s perfect, but just sayin…

Amy on

Yes!!!!!!! I have always found that ironic as well!

Brianne on

Congrats, Nick and Vanessa! I wish you all nothing but the best!!!

Anonymous on

If you were from NJ, you wouldn’t be so in awe over the name Camden. Ick

Rita on

Perhaps I am biased because I am from NJ, but I hate the name Camden because Camden NJ is one of the most dangerous cities in the US – let alone the planet. But hey-it’s thier choice in what they name their kid, so to each his own. Congrats to them anyway!

Cinder Lou on

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa! Very nice name! I’m sure their baby is adorable!

Kelly on

So happy for them! Love them both!! Congrats!

Kelli on

..and people had comments about Jessica Simpson’s baby being big? ha!

jones on

Excited for them. I have liked Nick since the Newlywed show with Jessica b/c he seems very down to earth and normal. I like the name Camden, but it seems like a trendy boy’s name. I know a few people with newish babies with that name and Kristen C. and Jay Cutler’s baby has that name too.

Anonymous on

Nice couple with an enormous happiness today!

Congrats to both of you and God bless you, guys!

Beautiful name choice.

Jessica on

My best friend is due in 4 weeks, if she has a boy his name will be Camden James. She has had this name picked out for months too! Purley coincidental. Although, I wonder if my friend will have second thoughts now.

KD on

second celebrity to name their boy Camden…cute name, so happy for them.

Rina on

Congratulations….finally a couple who selected a name their child can pronounce, spell and won’t be embarrassed about later life. At least they didn’t name him a fruit, animal, city, color, etc….

Kmt on

Uh, it is a city.. A VERY DANGEROUS city in NJ.

Kathy on

Congrats to them both. You can tell these two love each other and will make great parents. Very nice choice for his name….nothing crazy.

Tara on

Who cares if Kristin named her baby Camden- is noone else supposed to use the name? Its not like they are related and will be around eachother. And yes, Camden is a lovely village in Maine- I love it there, one of my fave places to go. I doubt they named their child after a city. Thats like saying all Chelsea’s are named after Chelsea, NY. Thats just stupid. People pick names for sentimental reasons or they simply like the name!!! Vanessa isnt an airhead and neither is Jessica. I dont know of too many self made millionnaires that are stupid! Might play ditzy, but stupid she is not.

Cindy on

Good for them. Glad to hear it. But, People, the symbol for “degrees” is a superscript circle….not an asterisk. Just saying.

Jeana on

So they copied Camden Jack Cutler…………….

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the happy family, welcome Camden! I must say, I am proud of Vanessa and Jessica Biel for holding out over a long period of time to get their men to put a ring on it first. It is so easy to do it the hollywood way, without formal commitment but they perceived and got the ring and marriage before the baby. Way to go ladies (yes, I know, Jessica is engaged to be married).

Kathy on

My ex always wanted a boy named Cal or Camden for the Baltimore Orioles. Who’s to say that Nick didn’t tell Kristen when they were going out that he always wanted a boy named Camden and she was the one that stole the name from him and maybe Vanessa was big enough to say it’s ok we’ll still name OUR son what you wanted… Besides, Nick and Vanessa are married. Let’s take bets that Kristen and Jay aren’t together come the New Year…

Robbie D on

So happy for those two plus one.

Daffygrams on

‘Bout time he arrived! Congratulations to the family!

Karen on

Huge congratulations to them! Such a cute name, short for CJ! Baby Lachey is here welcome to the world! :)))

scarly on

Such a great looking couple. I’m sure they are over the moon with their new baby.

Anonymous on

So beautiful…brought tears of joy(-: Luv them, and luv that precious baby boy!

Lacey on

I thought they weren’t going to annouce the name to the public until he knew his name. ?? I took that as until he could respond to his name, not just telling a sleeping newborn what is name is.

gabby on

Ugh another baby named after a horrible city in NJ. I guess they copied off that other trashy woman

Today on


Tammie on

Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations to the proud parents!!! I swear this is going to be one of the most beautiful babies in the world (just look at his parents and you can see why), but I have only said that about one other celebrity baby, and enjoy seeing pics of him (that would be Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s baby). I bet I am going to smile every time we see a pic of this little guy with a big smile, and a face that caves into dimples!

Guest on

Seriously…I am sure both Kristin/Jay and Nick/Vanessa had their baby’s name picked out months ago since both already knew the gender. I know I did when I was pregnant. What were Nick and Vanessa supposed to do…change their mind after they heard Kristin’s baby’s name was Camden? I am sure it is just coincidence.

Jill on

LOVE the name! I could be a little biased since it’s my daughter’s name πŸ™‚

Samantha Lowry on

I am sure they didn’t come up with this name on the fly. It’s probably what they decided MONTHS ago so to say she “stole” it from irrelevant Kristin Cavallari is absurd. What were they supposed to do? Come up with a different name the day fame w*hore Kristin gave birth?

Carrie on

I’ve been waiting to here this news for days!!! Congrats to the new parents. Love the name. She’s said in articles that they had the name picked for awhile now but weren’t releasing it till after he was born. Glad they stuck with it.

Guest on

WTH is wrong with you people?? I mean, When Kristen Cavallari names her son Camden Jack everyone said that it’s a trashy name after a trashy city, And when Nick and Vanessa name their son Camden John you say it’s such an adorable name and you love it!! WOW!!!!

Team Jessica on

Look at this name and Maxwell is bad? Please! Not happy for them. They’re nobodies and will now try to compete with Jessica. Maxwell’s photos have stolen my heart plus I’ve always hated Vanessa. Team Jessica!

Michelle on

Congratulations!! They’re obviously not from east coast or else they would’ve thought of a different name. Camden, NJ has the 2nd highest crime rate in the country — don’t think they’d want to name their child after that statistic;(

Pauline on

Wow! 8lbs 9oz, for a first baby, and 21 inches, that is big for a first baby. Congrats to them.

JP on

Camden is beautiful Irish name. I have always loved it. Congratulations.

jsp81355 on

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa. I am so happy your dream of becoming parents has come true and I wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness.

Lisa on

Congratulations to the Lachey’s!! I love the baby boy’s name…

Melissa on

Breda, how rude and nasty can you be, inside and out?! You talk about how children are a gift and then in the same breath say how abortion should stay legal. So, your all about the murder, right? Children are a gift and blessing from GOD. You need help. Maybe your the one who is upset about your parents naming you something stupid as Breda. Your a horrible person!!!!

boohoobytch on

awww, he’s a good sized little pumpkin, cute name and congrats to them

Ro on

I am thrilled for the two of them. They are so happy and such a beautiful couple. I love them. Wishing them the best.. ‘They are so adorable!!!!

Ashley on

Congratulations Nick and Vanessa Lachey and welcome Camden John Lachey. Can’t wait to see your pictures. As for comments about the name, how many Johns, Vanessas or any name do we have is this world. Whether I like a name or not, whether 100 other people have named a recent born that name, it is no one’s business but the parents who chose the name.

By the way, love the name which honors Nick’s father John.

Terri on

Congratulations to Nick & Vanessa on their bundle of joy!! πŸ™‚

burger on

A normal name? Camden is a crappy city in Jersey. I do not understand how it can be so popular.

Lillian on

Finally!! It seemed as if she was pregnant forever! lol Congrats to Vanessa and Nick!

Shari on

awww, such a sweet and “normal” name – so happy for them and little Camden.

Summer on

Congrats. They are a beoutiful couple with alot of dignity and respect for each other. This is wonderful, wonderful news.

stacey on

Congrats and CUTE name!!! That’s so ridiculous how some people think you shouldn’t use a name that you like b/c a friend’s child or some family member already used the name. since when do people have ownership of certain names?????

Anyway, I’m just SO surprised that two celebrities in a row have named their child a normal name!!!

Wendy on

Is Camden the new celebrity “it” baby name? Maybe Nick and Kristin picked it out when they were dating…

Tee Tee on

Ach, what a great name! Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa!

Denise on

Funny how everybody hated the name Camden when Kristin named her son that, but now Nick and Vanessa named their son Camden, everybody loves it.

Kate on

Camden seems to be the “it” name in Hollywood right now. Didn’t Kristin and Jay Cutler just name their son Camden Jack?

stacie on


Nancy on

Finally a Hooluwood couple that got MARRIED and then had a kid!

Tina on

Huge Congrats! She’s wanted to be married and have kids for a long time with Nick. Glad it’s happening for her.

Kim on

So happy for them!

erin on

It wouldn’t be as weird to me that they gave their baby almost the exact same name as Cavallari/Cutler… but didn’t Nick and Kristin date and/or isn’t she someone he supposedly cheated with when he was still married to Jessica? That makes it a little weird. Nevertheless, great to hear that all are happy & healthy!

Gemma on

Three words – Camden, New Jersey .



Kat on

I’m surprised to learn that Kristin Cavalli (sp) is Nick’s ex. They probably hadn’t heard that she named her son Camden otherwise may be the’d have named theirs differently.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa. What a great blessing!
Love the name- wishing eveyone a life time of great health and Happiness!

Kim on

Yeah!!!!!….Congrats to y’all……can’t wait to see pictures, I’m sure he is beautiful….

Anonymous on

This couple totally deserves all the happiness in the world! Nick is such a stellar guy. I remember watching him on newlyweds thinking “whyyy is he with this kind of girl, he could do so much better”. And here he is today with a gorgeous awesome wife and a beautiful new baby boy. You go NICK!!

annie on

Congratulations to the happy parents!

I’m baffled by the popularity of the name Camden. It doesn’t flow nicely, has a very harsh sound to it and, as others have noted, it is a crime ridden, struggling city in New Jersey. Why?

SCgirl on

I named one of my twin girls Camden, last year. I had only heard of one other person naming their child Camden. I had no idea it was so popular. Oh well. I still LOVE it

valerie on

People, no one has a monopoly on a name…if that were true there would not be so many ashleys, saras. emilys. justins, michaels, etc,etc…a parents can name their child anything they like, if you don’t like it…OH WELL! And it not like Camden John and Camden Jack are going to be hanging out together. PLEASE!

Cindy on

Congrats, cute name! My 9 year old niece is named Camden. I think its more of a girls name. But what do I know!!!

Big Fan on

Since she doesn’t really work maybe they can sell baby pics for big money!

Anonymous on

Really? I highly doubt they “copied” anybody’s childs name…how do you any of you know when they chose the name they did? Get a grip!

Leslie on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa! Camden John – what a great name! I think John is after Nick’s dad; not sure where Camden came from, but it’s an awesome name.

karuna on

same name that LC gave her kid isn’t it? but it is a cute name though. wish them all the best. i love them as a couple… so charming and down to earth…

Sam on

Obviously, they can name their child whatever they want, but, as many others have said, all I associate with the name “Camden” is the city in NJ with a horrible reputation, as well as Camden Yards.

Nicole on

Congrats to you two! All the BEST! I’ve always felt this love will last… Cheers to your new family!

CamdenAgain on

Camden again? REALLY? Ugh! A month ago, Kristin Cavallari gave birth to CAMDEN JACK and it was very cute!!! So why did you guys feel the need to name your son CAMDEN JOHN, so eerily similar to Kristin’s son? Two CJ’s…. come on, be AUTHENTIC, Lacheys!!

Jennifer Bell on

I bet they don’t care one whit what anyone thinks of their baby’s name, nor did they ask! They can name him anything they want. People are so arrogant and ignorant. Congrats to them and their new precious addition.

really on

Again I will ask, why doesn’t anyone mention that people are naming children after one of the most vial cities in america?

KLO on

I’m so happy for these two! I love them and I love them as a couple. Love Camden John. Hate how everyone is saying something about Kristin/Jay’s little Camden. I bet Nick and Vanessa had this named pick out way before Camden Cutler was born. They were probably like “oh-sh*T, that’s our name too” when Kristin had her little guy. Glad they didn’t change what they wanted. For the record, Vanessa said months ago that they had a named picked out. I named one of my twin boys Camden last year. It’s a good name! Wishing them all the best.

KLO on

BTW, didn’t Vanessa grow up is South Carolina? Isn’t there a Camden, SC? I bet she had that name in mind for years. Just sayin…..

kayla on

I named my son that 9 years ago this past sunday and I never heard it….I got mine from 7th Heaven a show on CW The Camden’s…

Michelle White on

Love the name, I have a 4 year old named Camden David. Beautiful strong name for our sons to become men with. Congrats on starting your family with your beautiful boy!

Anonymous on

Interesting,,,, didnt Kristin Cavalari just has a son and name him Camden? Must be the new Hollywood name! At least they gave him a decent name and not something weird! Congrats- I know that Nick has wanted a child for a long time!

KJH on

Who cares if that’s what Kristin Cavallari just named her son? Most likely, they are strangers to each other. I wouldn’t care if a stranger named their baby something similar to the name my husband and I like….

I like the name Camden. Congrats to the new parents!

Meg on

I’m glad Nick found someone to make him a father who he can hold an intelligent conversation with, and who didn’t blow up to gigantic proportions, and who doesn’t have a creepy, interfering dad around. Congrats to the happy couple.

Rebecca on

camden. is’nt there a camden new jersey? ok. well anyway, can’t wait to see the baby pics!!!

k10 on

laughing at the comments that say “congrats Nick & Jessica!”

too funny.

but good name–maybe Camden will probably be the new Michael!

Lizzie on

CONGRATS to this beautiful couple, they seem soooooo in LOVE w/ each other & now Baby makes 3!!!! I agree w/ the “C.J.” name! BLESSINGS(SSSSSSSSSSSS) Galore to Nick, Vanessa & Baby Camden John!!!! πŸ˜€

Karen on

Congratulations to you both! And It sounds like he may have been names after someone in the family….maybe?

Carol on

CONGRATS. finally a NORMAL celebrity name, I love it.

May on

Congratulation to Nick and Venessa and I wish them all the best .

Lo on

Another Camden?! And also with the middle name starting with a J so they can call him CJ?

Just like EVERYONE calling their babies Harper now. No one can be remotely original these days.

Joan on

Congrats to both I know they’ll make great parents.

Jenn on

Maybe he will marry Jessica’s daughter Maxwell and really cause a stir for everyone!

Thursday on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa. Anonymous you need to go get a job or a hobby……let your voice be heard somewhere else darling. I’d count how many times you comment on a single post but quite frankly I don’t have the energy or time.

Anonymous on

Another Camden. First Kristen Cavallari now Vanessa Lachey and just a couple months apart and with basicaly the same middle name as John is usually short for Jack. Personaly I don’t like the name I think there are way more cute names to choose from. But to each their own, I wish the best, congratulations.

kim on

congrats! geesh, this seemed like THE longest pregnancy EVER!! love them tho, so cute.

Holly on

Good for them!! Congratulations!!

Kara on

Lisa, Maybe they had that name picked out for a long time, and it’s just a coincendence that a reality star named her son that. Do you know how many people have the same name? Alot of people, it’s not weird.

Jessica on

A nice big baby, I love it πŸ™‚
Congrats to them and that baby is going to be super gorgeous!

Amber on

@Lisa…Nicks fathers name is John so I’m guessing that’s why they picked it for the babies middle name.. I don’t think it has anything to do with Kristen Cav.

kikiandkyle on

Kristin Cavallari is not going to be happy!

Debbie on

Congrats to Nick & Vanessa!!! Who cares what they named their son!!! We all have reasons why we name our children certain names and really it isn’t anyones business why we they name them these names.

Avery on

Ughhh…you whiny housewives need to get a life. Kristin named her son that, Vanessa named her son that. I’m sure your children’s names haven’t been used by anyone else. Anywhere.

soph on

“I can not believe how rude and nasty some people can be on here. Just because your mom probably should not have had you gives you no right to be so ugly”

So…what gives you the right, then, Breda? God, what an idiot…

Misty on

Good for them, they’ve wanted this baby for a while! Congratulations on your boy!

cdub on

our baby boy was also 8lb9oz, and was born at 6:53pm…. very similar!!! and very exciting.

Stayce on

Love the name! Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Isn’t that funny. I was just wondering about them yesterday and whether or not they had their baby yet. Glad everyone is happy and healthy.

tigerlily on

So glad that their baby has finally arrived and that all are well and happy. And they really couldn’t have said it any better. Being new parents and experiencing that life-changing moment for the first time, it truly is “love redifined.” Congrats to them πŸ™‚

public concensus on

Picture perfect family for two working celebrities. Congrats!

Irishgal on

Nick made a great choice in Vanessa. She is a class act, smart and beautiful. Plus I am sure she wont’ need weight watchere to loss the weight since she takes care of herself not like Jessica the “pig”!

Anonymous on

Happy for them Wouldn’f it be funny if Camden married Jessica,s daughter someday, πŸ˜‰

Sara on

LOVE the name! Congratulations!!


OBVIOUSLY anonymous below is KC…

mom of 2 on

what a great normal name, so happy for them! Congrats! Can’t wait to see pics, I’m sure he is gorgeous!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the new family of 3! I am so happy to hear of their son’s arrival, and that Nick finally has the family he has always wanted! Cute name, and good sized baby boy (my son was 8lbs7oz & 21″ at birth)- and those boys grow faster than ever! Enjoy every second of that tiny, sweet, and I’m sure beautiful baby boy, they grow up in the blink of an eye! There’s nothing better in life than becoming a parent, and that first time is extra special. All the best to them! πŸ™‚

Lydia on

I am sure that Vanessa isn’t out of the loop as to who nick dated. I would also venture to guess that they are somewhat in the know as to, what other celebrities (ex girlfriends or not) have named their children. Why all of the conspiracy theories? Many people name their children after the first three months of pregnancy, or earlier! Why should they change the name because it is that of a woman that is in Nick’s past? The past is the past. Vanessa seems very sure of Nick’s love for her, and doesn’t seem threatened by his past, and he probably isn’t by hers. They are married, in love, and now have a new baby! What wonderful news! Congrats to them, although I hope they don’t read their own press, people can be so mean.

Barbi on

I do not like the name but I’m thrilled for them! Congratulations on the birth of your baby… I’m sure he’s going to be gorgeous.

Manomer on

Kristen’s baby is 5 weeks old, we had our baby name picked out since the day we found out we were pregnant and wouldn’t have changed it if someone we knew used the same name. Does anyone ever think that maybe JUST maybe they already had the name picked out? GEEZ.

Anonymous on

Who cares if Kristin C and Vanessa L both have sons with the same name? How many people have children who start preschool or kindergarten to find that three other children in their child’s class have the same name as their child? It happens.

Blondie on

First, congratulations. Love you both, and now, the little guy. Like a blogger below, I thought, it would be fun if he grows up to marry Jessica’s daughter. πŸ™‚

vitasblog2011 on

Very Nice. Congrats to them!

dlv on

Love the name! For those questioning their choice of name–John is Nick’s father’s name.


Congrats. Not too fond of the name though, I prefer Newark πŸ˜›

Jc on

Cincinnati can’t wait to see baby Lachey…we love Nick and Vanessa and now we will love Camden too. Congrats to your family.

Blythe on

I’m pleased they are a celebrity couple that chose to marry BEFORE having a child. Congrats to all three of them.

Joe Candeloro on

All I think of is Camden, NJ and that place is a dump. Bad name choice.

s on

I always thought he was gay!!!! but congrats to him and his wife. its an adorable name

Anonymous on

Nick and Vanessa are going to be great parents. Tony

Kristy on

I love the name. My son’s name is Aiden John. Congrats to the Beautiful Parents on their Beautiful Baby Boy! ❀

msgoth on

I cant stand him but love her. Congrats on baby Cam to both of you.

stef24 on

Seriously, Lisa??? They got pregnant because they were jealous of Jessica being pregnant??? WOW!!!

First of all, prior to his marriage to Jessica, during his marriage and after his marriage to her he has ALWAYS made his desire to be a father known. Always.

You’re ridiculous to imply they got pregnant out of jealousy…but I’ll amuse you and your ridiculous comment for a second. Pretend you’re right. They got pregnant out of sheer jealousy towards Jessica because she got pregnant first. That means Jessica got pregnant out of sheer jealousy because Tony Romo and his wife got pregnant before she did.

See?? RIDICULOUS comment you made which makes NO sense.

Doreen on

Woohoooooo!! Finally!! Congrats to Nick & Vanessa!! Can’t wait to see pics of their lil guy!!

AnonNoMore on

Nick strikes me as the type of guy who will make an amazing dad. Vanessa seems like the type who will be amazing when cameras are around and when they go away, the nanny will take over. I don’t like her. He seems genuine and caring though.

Michael Kessler on

Congradulations. One of the greatest miracles in the world is having a child and being part of the birth. I hope your baby brings both of you love, joy, happiness, and makes the world a better place to live. GOD Bless

soonergirl on

Congrats! I think they’ll be wonderful parents.

Anonymous on

A d-List baby.

liz on

sooooo happy for them. I welcomed a daughter 2 weeks ago & know the joy they feel. its amazing!!

Julesy on

Wonderful news and wonderful (and normal, lol) name! Congrats!

LIsa on

Yeah!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!! She is SOOOOOOO lucky!!!! That man will be the BEST dad EVER!!!!!! They are amazing together & can’t wait to see pictures!!!!

LIsa on


Anonymous on

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa! Camden is a beautiful name and I love it. Sorry to all the folks whining about what a horrible name choice Camden is, but not everyone associates the name with Camden, NJ. There are other places named Camden that are just lovely, and in fact, Camden, NJ, never even crossed my mind when I saw the birth announcement on here. I seriously doubt Nick and Vanessa would name their sweet baby boy after one of the worst cities in America.

curtis on

God bless

Anonymous on

Lacey- They never said they were going to tell the baby his name before they released it to the public, not that they were going to hold off until he could respond to it!

To everyone saying that Kristin C. is Nick’s ex…she isn’t. In the recent article about Kristin tweeting how pleased she is that Nick and Vanessa named their son Camden, there’s a link to an article about the supposed hook-up between Nick and Kristin.

Among other things, it has Kristin stating that “nothing was going on” and they were “just friends” and a pal of Nick’s saying that Nick was single and not looking “for a girlfriend or anything serious” at the time. Plus, the descriptions of their “outings” together hardly sound like dating!

Here’s a link to the article if you want to read it for yourself:,,1170634,00.html

Anyway, my point is that it sounds like they were more acqauntinces than anything! πŸ™‚

Lois Adamek on

Finally! A celebrity uses a great name. Just love it! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

Ashley on

For those equating the name Camden only to the city in NJ obviously do not know that there are eleven additional states in the US that have a city with the name of Camden. These are: SC, MO, AR, TN, ME, AL, OH, NC, MI, MS and IN. Additionally, there is a Camden in the UK. The parents love the name for their precious son and that is what counts.

DharmasMommy on

Congratulations Nick & Vanessa! So glad you found each other & now have a gorgeous baby Camden. Enjoy every minute of parenthood (even the sleepless nights & dirty diapers)!! May Camden be one of many beautiful babies that the two of you bring into the world. There is no doubt how excited you both have been awaiting lil’ Camden’s arrival. πŸ™‚

K on

Congrats to them! Although, I don’t care for Nick Lachey. The name is alright..

K on

Congrats to them!

cc on

I will be so glad when people can just say “CONGRATS” AND MOVE ON. I really dont think this family gives 2 SH*TS if you like the baby’s name or not. YOU SHOULD REALLY GET A GRIP AND A LIFE.

Sherry on

I bet that’s one beautiful baby!

deb on

I have had a son named camden john for over 6 years now. Looks like we set the trend.