Kristin Cavallari Tips Hat to Lachey’s Name Choice

09/13/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Looks like Kristin Cavallari was on to something when it came to naming her son!

Five weeks after the reality star gave birth to Camden Jack on Aug. 8, new parents Nick and Vanessa Lachey welcomed their first child Wednesday — and they named him Camden John.

And first-time mom Cavallari (who stepped out with her baby yesterday) has already taken notice of the coincidence.

“Apparently Camden is a popular name!” she Tweeted Thursday morning, before quickly following up with a second Tweet to clarify her well-wishes were sincere.

“By the way, that wasn’t a b—-y tweet at all … I obviously love the name and I’m glad other people do too,” Cavallari — who’s known Lachey since 2006, but denies they were ever more than friends — writes.

It seems as if the strikingly similar choices were by chance; In July Vanessa told PEOPLE she and Nick had already decided on baby boy’s name.

“I tell everybody we’ve been yelling it around the house. Nick and I love it,” she said at the time.

— Anya Leon

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maggiemai on

I serously do not like Kristen or Butler for that matter!!!!

Jane on

It’s an ugly name anyway.

Bonnie on

Seriously, it’s a name and they liked it.. It’s their kid not yours. Get over it. People are soooo lame these days people have cancer and are dying, and we have a bunch of Mexicans who take welfare and our hard earned money and you guys are worried about a name… Seriously??????

Ignorant on

Mexicans taking welfare and hard earned money?! Really? First of all most cant get welfare bc of legal status SECOND they work harder in one day then im sure you AND your family have ever worked in your life. Get your facts straight before you open up your mouth, you ignorant piece of trash. Oh, btw….all of this is coming from a white girl. 🙂

Anonymous on

Not all people who are on welfare are mexicans. There’s all kinds don’t just blame it on the mexicans. I’m proud to say I’m mexican and I don’t live on welfare, or any kind of government help. We work hard for our money and it bothers me as well that some people take advantage of these benefits. So please think before you speak.

Aimee on

Latinos have the second lowest rate of receiving government assistance in this country. I’m not sure where you are getting your information from but it’s incorrect, and racist comments like this only serve to make you look like a xenophobic moron.

Emily on

I really don’t see how being Mexican has anything to do with this. Please enlighten us?… Racist?

Vivienne on

There are as many Caucasians, African Americans and Hispanics on assistant programs, not only “Mexicans” as you call them.

It’s sad how people mistreat “Mexicans” and all other ethnics in this country. You’d be surprised how we are welcomed in their countries. The hospitality, friendliness, humbleness we are treated with is by far your imagination.This not only in tourist areas but rural areas as well. Try educating yourself before posting something so hateful.

Cristina on

Fuck you Bonnie I wish you had the balls to say that to a Mexican you white trashy bitch… worry about your self and not about other’s

Cassandra on

Wow Mexicans who take welfare and your hard earned money!! I hope you know how stupid you sound and those Mexicans probably are the ones who fix your car, mow your lawn, or do some other hard task you yourself cannot do.

chelle on

Its nit only Mexicans that take our welfare. Its ever person who is not legal or people that are that want a free ride

Heather on

Bonnie I can NOT believe you even thought that, let alone put it in writing. Your ignorance is dumbfounding. You should be so completely ashamed of yourself.

unkown on

Yo stfu…u make no sense

Mexican girl on

What an ignorant thing to say about mexicans!!! We do the work that you would never dream of doing!!! I would love to see you working in the fields picking fruits/veggies for a living without complaining about it!!! Mexicans work dam hard for everything that they have and nothing is ever handed to them!!! I suggest you do some research before making comments like that because right now you sound pretty dam stupid!!!

Bonnie is trash on

Bonnie- are you really that stupid? Do you have an education higher than the 8th grade? Apparently not!

Anonymous on

The mexican’s are taking your jobs because some americans are LAZY and rather be on welfare.

Anonymous on

Mexicans are not on welfare there working for less than minumun wage doing the work that perhaps your family refuses to do.

Ms Davis on

Hats off to you Bonnie and by the way…Kristin not even anybody.., Just say’nnnn

Ur Face on

Well your name sucks too, plain jane….

Jba on

Who cares what you think plain Jane it’s not youre baby you think they care if u don’t like the name

Ur Face on

I wasn’t talking about the babies name you moron!!! It was talking to a lady NAMED “JANE” who said the babies names sucked!! You should open your eyes and READ!!!

Maria on

Apparently, no celebrity has actually ever been to Camden, NJ…

Candi on

Lol. Yes, that’s what kept me from naming my daughter that. I do think it’s a nice name though.

Anonymous on

Apparently, they haven’t been to Camden, Arkansas, either. It’s just as delightful. Ugh.

gabby on

Oh please. When is this woman’s ‘5 minutes of fame’ going to be up? Obviously she tweeted that for attention. She is completely talentless and not easy on the eyes either. In any case, Nick and Vanessa are not exactly the most classiest celebs out there. The name Camden reminds me of a dirty and dangerous city in New Jersey.

Faye on

WoW its not that serious!!

Jennifer on

Kristin is so annoying! Does she own the name “Camden?” I have a cousin named Camden who is eight-years-old. So she stole the name from my Aunt and Uncle? Get a grip you D-Lister!

LizzyM on

Like the Lacheys even know who this chick is.

Elanor on

Let us hope that these two babies so close in age do not end up in the same Hollywood preschool.

Maybe Nick could call his son CJ. CJ Lachey has a catchy ring.

Congrats to both sets of parents on their new and cute Camdens

Elanor on

Let us hope that these two boys don;’t end up in the same Hollywood preschool. Maybe Nick could call his child CJ. CJ Lachey has a nice ring to it.

Congrats to both sets of parents on their respective Camdens

kristin on

Yeah yeah. Thats nice

Renee M. on

Yes Kristin, because you are THE VERY FIRST PERSON to ever use that name. What a dumb a$$.

Peanut on

get over yourself

kate on

Its a name … get over it. its not illegal to name your child the same name as someone else.

gabby on

What’s with the boring middle name of ‘John’? I bet they call him C.J. Stupid name.

Jocelyn on

Boring for you, but a family name for them.

Elspeth on

It’s not boring, it’s classic and timeless. I bet your kids have those trashy, trendy names with extraneous vowels.

Jo on

Who’s Kristin Cavallari? Who cares about names… I think she does feel like my name was so unique blah blah blah… Camden at the end is an ugly name anway Congrats Nick and Vanessa for stealing some nobodys ugly baby name

Mallory on

Camden is VERY popular this year. A co-worker is due next month with her son and his name will be Camden.

Lisa on

She couldn’t have simply sent them best wishes? She doesn’t have a copy write on the name.

Stacey on

Really??? It was a bitchy tweet! I am so sure they picked the name just because you did. Congrats ONLY would have shown a bit more class.

Debbie on

Sorry, but I do find that as being a b****y tweet. Vanessa & Nick are enjoying the birth of their son and now they have to defend the reason why they named him Camden, because it’s close to resembling another person’s son name. Kristin, keep to being a mother and think before you talk, cuz it really does make you sound like an Idiot!!!

JJ on

Have u ever watched “The Hills”? She is an idiot. She thinks everyone is so in luv w her. Bitch please, your 5min of fame was over like years ago!

Lb on

she has to get out in the news somehow, so complaining about this is one way. Good job, Kristin. Whatever.

Misty on

Oh for Pete’s sake, you all will b!tch about any story on here! Why even read if you’re just going to make hateful remarks? I don’t care about this girl, but she was just being playful in remarking about the similar names. Jeez.

Cyndee on

Love the name., 8 year old is named Kamden.

Pam on

Oh Gabby shut up! For all you know the name John could be an important family members name. My Husband’s dad was named John and he died of a heart attack when my Husband was 2. So someday we will name our son John and I don’t give a crap if anyone thinks its boring, it has a special meaning to it. So don’t be so quick to judge and say something so stupid. It’s not your child’s name so don’t worry about it and how often does someone use their middle name anyways?

Chris on

Okay folks….I think the entity you all should be griping at is “People Magazine” who most likely took license and added the word “stole”. It makes for great headlines. I seriously doubt Kristen used the word “stole” and I’m equally sure her comments were made with the best of intentions. If “People’s” goal was to stir up a hornet’s nest, they certainly have succeeded. Well done “People”, now make a retraction or an apology to Kristin so this will just all go away!

klutzy_girl on

gabby – John is Nick’s father’s name.

And why did Kristin feel the need to say anything? Sarah Michelle Gellar and another celeb both named their daughters Charlotte Grace, but neither of them mentioned that fact. (SMG doesn’t have Twitter, but that’s beside the point.)

AJ on

I know two Camdens, one who is around 7 yrs old and one around 6. Sorry Kristen, you weren’t the first to come up with it, you’re a bit too late.

Mariah on

My fiances sons name is Kamden and his nickname is kam…I love that name I think its adorable. I do agree that people should have not made a bug deal out of this. Kristen needs to remember that its just going to he a popular name. I’m due in January I was going to name my son Ayden but too kbt boys are named Ayden so I chose more of a unique name!

Tracy on

Its just a name. Get over it.

Ariel on

Interesting that in the top stories section of this is titled “Nick Lachey stole my baby name” when she actually didn’t say anything like that all. Sounds like People just want to watch people get all up in arms over a false headline.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with what she said, but to each their own.

Denise on

My daughter’s name is Camdyn (she’s four years old). She was name after Camden Yards (where the Orioles play in Baltimore). I think the name is now ranking on the social security site at 160 ….sorry Kristin it’s just not that unique.

Martha on

@ Maria,

I don’t think so either, you wouldn’t name your kid after a place like that

rd on

In response to Maria…Exactly!!!!

Bree on

She is an idiot.

sarah on

Why can’t people be nice now days. Congrats on having a baby boy. Camden is a cute name.

Amy on

I don’t think of NJ when I hear that name. I think of a little boy, If I were to think of a place, it would be the home of the ALE #1 seated team right now. Camden Yards. The BEST place to watch a baseball game. Congrats to both families on their new sons!

Jeana on

Copycat Lacheys

I mean…. not bad enough that Camden was chossen, but the chose John which Jack is a nickname for…

anonymous on

It’s just a coincidence. Like Vanessa said they picked the name months ago. Besides I don’t know why they would feel the need to copy Kristin Cavallari. Plus John is Nick’s Dad’s name.

Anonymous on

My son actually has a girl in his class named Camden. And they are freshmen in high school. So it’s not anything new to us.

Ladyjane on

WHY IS THIS NEWS???? And why did I waste my time reading it??

TAC on

Except nobody gives a shit about Kristen Cavallari or her 2nd string football husband. Don’t flatter yourself

Eli on

She shouldn’t have ever tweeted it. Attention whore!

a mom on

My daughter’s name is Camdyn Lee and she is 2 get over yourself Kristen- you didn’t invent the name.

Kat on

Who names their baby after some crappy New Jersey town????….apparently dumb Hollywood stars!

hbomb1225 on

Do people seriously think they named their kid after the city in NJ? Highly HIGHLY doubtful! And does that mean that any parent that names their child Lindsey is naming their child after Lindsey Lohan (which IMO no one would ever want to do). Sheesh…the stupidity of people…amazing…

Anonymous on

i bet they dont even know who she is*

Sandy on

come on! there is no hold on a name. ask how many celebs kids have the name Jack or Sophia. I have a friend who named her five girls- Emily, Isabella, Sophia- all names on the top five girls names list. I’m sure at least one of her friends has that name for one of their girls.

tina on

Whats wrong with all you retards, she was just kidding around and sincerely said she loved the name obviously and this “nobody” is the wife of Jay Cutler Q.B. for Chicago Bears.

Gina on

Pretty insensitive comment on the day Nick and Vanessa have their baby. Attention lover Kristen – always has been.

sir isaac lime on

are they friends or do they hang out together at all (Kristen and the Lachey’s)? if not, she needs to chill. its one thing to steal your friends’ or sister’s baby name, but quite another to pick a popular name and then complain that someone else picked it too. on

naming babies before they exist is creepy.

Lisa on

I named my daughter Charlotte a year before Sarah Michelle Gellar did. BUFFY STOLE MY NAME!!!!!!

Please. Maybe this is why celebs often choose such odd names; so other people don’t make a big deal out of overlap.

Sandy on

Um HELLO- you don’t own a name. I named my kids Colin and Shannon- should I expect no else to choose those names? Simply ridiculous!!

host on

Why do people choose wired name for their kids!! they should know the kids will be picked on school or bullied for that matter!


Chanel on

Wow. Everyone needs to get off this. So what?! Kristin didnt mean anything by this. Do u have anything better to do?

Congrats to both families! Its a cute name. its not your kids name…you dont need to stress over it.

Anonymous on

Who the fuck cares.

susie on

The towers fell,3000died,an ambassador lost his life, get over somebody naming ababy camden.

jill on

She acts like she owns the name….

T81 on

Getover it Kristen!!!!!!

Lori on

Kristin please, I don’t think anyone would want to steal anything from you.

TRenee on

When I hear Camden, I think of 7th Heaven (it was the family’s last name) & I think it’s beautiful for a first name. I doubt Nick & Vanessa knew that Kristen named her baby Camden. I don’t see why she cares so much.

mandy on

Not a new name people.. I have 2 friends with the name Camden. One is 30 years old and the other 28..get over it!

Blui14 on


Anonymous on

i was gonna name my son camden too but i named him brandon 😉

Jacie on

They have great taste. My Camden just turned 3 🙂

Michelle on

My son, Camdon Jon, will be 9 in November. Glad celebrities are taking notice of the best name ever!

Amanda on

What an idiot. Surely she didn’t think she came up with that name herself. >_>

CDN on

fyi…in the past the name Jack would be short for John so they really have the exact same name!

Betty on

I’d prefer to be Camden Lachey certainly has a better ring to it than Camden Cutler YUCK! She is so nauseating!

camden jack on

looks like u stole it from me….who cares?

cruz zapata on

fk you bonnie u must be a white piece of trash whore… not all mexicans are on welfare u dumb fuck get ur facts straight before u get ur ass killed hoe

donna on

either way Camden is a stupid first name…maybe middle name but definitely not a first name

Marianna on

First off,why even get so worked up over a simple thing like a name for a child?

Most of you all really need to stop sippin on that hateraid and get some business of your own and learn to let people be.
You’re only showing how ignorant you really are by stooping to such levels of pettiness and obvious jealousy. So don’t take this the wrong way when I say this but, MOVE AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!

IT WILL ONLY SERVE AS A MEANS TO YOUR INTELLECTUAL END. GO OUT AND GET A DECENT OR LUCRATIVE HOBBY LIKE COIN COLLECTING OR SPEND SPME TIME WITH AN ELDERLY PERSON. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE,THEIR EXPERIENCE AND SMARTS MIGHT RUB OFF ON YOU! And you won’t be inclined to behave like the emotionally and verbally careless assholes that you were behaving like before. But that’s just me…food for thought though.

Anonymous on

Amen girl





Cat on

She’s just stealing their thunder

Jen on

We too picked Camden if ours was a boy, but she was a girl and became Brynley and is now 3 1/3! I guess I had the name before all the stars 🙂

anonymous on

Agree 100% with Maria. My first thought was that it’s interesting that Kristen wants to name her child after a city that has one of the worst crime rates in America. But then again, I live in suburban Philly, so I’m not sure if many of those out in Calif realize that Camden is a bad NJ city . . .

wow! on

Camden is also a city in Florida and Georgia! You must live near NJ to keep making references to it! There’s a Camden street in Delaware Ohio, a Camden park in Huntington WV, and yea my 18 yr old son is Camden Brady and I have never been to NJ. I love the name!!!!

Amanda K on

Meh, I don’t think the name is anything special. She should be flattered anyone wanted to use it period.

Cinder Lou on

Kristen: Grow Up.

FE on

when will these celebrities stop naming their kids after parks, cities…never mind nouns.

Kristen on

The name is unfortunate regardless of who uses it. But congrats to Nick and Vanessa!

FE on

Reminds me of Seinfeld…w/George liking “Seven”.

kamden1130 on

I thought the same thing! I have a Kamden and a Jack, so I love both of their choices. Too much negativity! Congrats to them all!

sarah on

She should have called her kid Bimbo junior.

erin on

I love the name Camden, my 5 year old daughter is named Camden after her 96 year old great-grandfather. i think it’s a great classic name! (whoever is using it) Much better than Apple, Bear, etc. 🙂

Sally on

I have always loved People, mostly for the fact that they present factual Hollywood buzz, along with editorials on real news. However, this article leaves me disappointed. The title itself is entirely un-factual – Kristen never actually accused the Lachey’s of stealing her baby name, she just commented on the fact that they both have a child with the name Camden. Whether or not there was malice behind the tweet, we will never know, but People should know better than to post an article with a title such as that – please People, do not stoop to the levels of Us Weekly, Star and the like …

Gumby on

Did her and cry baby Jay ever tie the knot?

Molly on

Yeah well she stole my kids name. I have a Camden (named 4 years ago) .

FYI there is a Camden Missouri, a much more pleasant town than Camden NJ. My grandfather is from there, thus me naming my son Camden

Kathy on

Totally classless tweet by Kristen. You could have chosen to be kind and sweet and say, best wishes, love the name! or do something like you did. Such self-centered, self-serving and oblivious people out there. Considering you’ll probably be a single mom in the near future you need all the friends and fans you can get.

liz on

People can name there kids whatever they want! Just because they have the same name means squat lots of people have the same first name….geez

BabyB on

Don’t have heart attacks people she wast jst JOKING! Sheesh, she didn’t even say they stole the name, People wrote it in the headline. You all need to get off Kristin’s case and take a breather. At the end of the day what other people name thier children has no effect on your life so chill out!!

fer on

I think this is the strangest concept: stealing a baby name. I hate to tell her but a lot of people stole HER name; I’ve known many Kristens. Maybe she should make up something unique like ‘ Mpxvq’ or something.

Anonymous on

Have a bunch of teenagers taken over the comments section! It seems that way……..,.

Kitty on

Kristen needs to get over herself.

Ashley on

The Lacheys chose the name of their little boy in July but chose not to share it until he was born. There are many children named Camden in this country. The middle name John honors Nick’s father who MARRIED Nick and Vanessa.

Kayla Wood on

I named my daughter Kamden in 2004, so I had it

Teence on

Yep, it’s an UGLY name anyway.

ds on

Are you kidding me? They said they had the baby’s name picked out along time ago. At least they are married, Kristina you are a trashy slut who slept with every man on The Hills

Erin on

Camden is an awful city in new jersey with one of the highest murder rates in the country.

Stefanie on

Obviously she can’t read very well. Has she checked the baby name websites lately? That’s a VERY popular name right now. And yes, it did sound bitchy!

pixie on

Blah blah blah blah blah. Tune in tomorrow for more of this exciting drama.

sem on


Lisa on

Kidding or not, I freaking hate when people pull that “They stole my name!”

Anonymous on

oh stupid people, they are over there enjoying their lives and their money, and you guys are here arguing about their babies’ name. REALLY??? Get a life and go make some money….

Brooke on

Several years ago, I worked for a company & the owner’s daughter’s names were Heidi & Tiffany. Well, in getting to know different co-workers, I found out that one of these co-workers had two poodles named, you guessed it, Heidi & Tiffany! I always think about that and laugh when I hear this whole baby name drama thing going on.

Betty on

Apparently motherhood hasn’t softened Kristin’s cattiness. She’s a nightmare.

SL on

Stealing a baby name is when you tell your friend (who is also pregnant and due before you are) what you plan to name your baby and she says, “ooohhh, I love that, I’ve never heard that!” and then 3 weeks later what do you know?? She named her baby the exact name.

sara on

Camden is a very dangerous city in New Jersey! I’m sure neither of them would want to visit Camden! LOL!

Anonymous on

Like Jane is such a beautiful name? Good God people, where are your manners?

Bianca on

Woo woo woo Bonnie! Maybe you need to get off these gossip sites and start looking for facts on your ignorant comment. I also think you need to find one of those “Racist/Prejudice” websites to spit all your venom. How about your buy a clue and come back. Racit Biggot…

maryhelenc on

Seeing as a bunch of catty people this morning were accusing Vanessa of “stealing” the name from Kristin, I fail to see how Kristin’s joking comment is any different. She simply cracked a silly joke to someone she has been friends with for awhile. I’m sure the Lacheys are enjoying bonding with their little guy and it’s not the end of the world.

Alyssa on

Honestly way to steal their thunder Kristen! I somehow think that Camden was in their minds long before you named your baby. As for Camden, NJ is not the only state in the country with a place called Camden. There are Camdens in the south that are quite lovely.

Shelley on

Didn’t know you had the trademark on the name Kristen….you are so stupid and annoying. And I agree, that name isn’t that great anyways.

WhiteLily20 on

Why is everyone so angry on here?! Lighten up, people! Camden Jack is a cute name. Maybe I like it because I’ve never seen the “dirty” city of Camden, NJ, as some people on here have talked about. Regardless, I think she’s very pretty and wish her the best with her new baby! As a side point; I think the name Camden Jack is cuter than Camden John, not that it matters though, because both sets of parents will probably be yelling, “CJ put that down!!” soon 😉 lol

gabby on

Personally, I like the name Camden. It’s unique. Kristin is simply looking for attention in my opinion. She is a nobody. My own son is named CLAYTON (CLAY) PIGEON MCGRAW. People always wonder why I named him Clay, but it’s my son and it’s somewhat traditional. My father was named Clayton.

Noodles on

who is this girl and why do I even care what she’s naming her kid? Reality TV doesn’t equal celebrity (baby blog)

CuzISayzSo on

Clearly neither Ms. Cavalari nor Mr. Lachey has ever been to Camden, NJ

Guest on

My nephew’s name is Camden and he is going on 3. Makes you a name thief too, Kristen – which is so weird since YOU are the only woman in the world named Kristen…. What an idiot.

Michelle White on

Camden is a great name, my sons name is Camden. People need to seriously quit comparing it to Camden, NJ. I personally never even thought of the city when I named my son 4 years ago. If we didnt name kids after something unpleasant our children would go around nameless. Vanessa and Kristen picked a great name!!

Anonymous on

my son is 16 and his name is Camden – thanks I had it before ya’ll

Camden on

Dear Kristin C. It’s actually a good thing that everyone is trying to diss on you, it means they care enough to take two minutes from their extraordinary day to comment on how “talentless” you are. Us normals know your intentions were not bad. Such negative energy out there. Haterade anyone?

Julia on

Others have said it…When I think Camden, I think of that cesspool in Southern NJ that has been on the most dangerous cities list for decades…

camdenisnotunique on

Camden is not that unique a name. I have a cousin named Camden who is 3. I guess Kristen liked his name and stole it from him? Get over yourself! Stealing a name would have meant he knew you wanted the name and named his child that before you had yours.

Amber on

Maria, I agree with you, wehave a Camden, SC as well… 🙂

I know a few girls named Camden, but I like it for a boy or a girl… 🙂

Terry on

At least neither one named the poor kid Banjo, Pilot Inspektor, Zuma, or any one of the other stupid celebrity baby names on the past few years

ctoINoc on

Really, Kristen . . . really???????

Get over yourself . . .please

Veronica on

I know a “Camden” who’s 3 years old. This name is not new.

Nancy on

Camden? What a horrible name! I equate this to Camden, NJ, just across the river from my original homebase, Philadelphia. The ugliest city in the world!



Heather A on

It seems like she was joking to me. Maybe everyone on here should get a sense of humor. I think peopole took it a little to serious.

rebec on

In my opinion, I think it was wrong of Kristen to tweet what she did just hours after Nick and Vanessa welcomed their baby boy into the world.

Similar names happen all the time with celebrities (and us regular folks, too!) Look at how popular Harper is right now. Before that it was Lola, then Ella, then Ava. For boys it was Aiden for a while then Liam also became a bit popular and Henry and Jack were always hugely popular.

Both Heather Locklear and Reese Witherspoon named their daughters Ava Elizabeth (born 2 years apart) and Candice Bergen and Olivia Newton-John named their daughters Chloe (born 2 months apart).

As mentioned already, in July Jen Schefft named her daughter Charlotte Grace, same as Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze did back in 2009 when they welcomed their daughter.

Toni Braxton named her second son Diezel Ky in 2003, Jennie Finch named her second Son Diesel Dean Daigle in 2011.

Jennifer Connelly named her son Kai in 1997, Naomi Watts chose Kai for her second son’s name more than a decade late (actually his middle name is Kai but she calls him that).

Sometimes you just hear a name, or a combination of names, and they just stick with you.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict named her first child, a son, Cree. The only other Cree I had heard before was the actress Cree Summer who was named for the Cree First Nations, of which her mother is a member.

Conan O’Brien’s daughter is named Neve. The only other person I heard named Neve was the actress Neve Campbell whose first name (just like Beyonce’s) was her mother’s maiden name (Beyonce’s mom’s surname had an “i” instead of an “o”). I’m sure Neve and Cree are established names but I personally had never heard them before.

Even Joey Fatone got in on the fun….naming his second daughter Kloey Alexandra back in 2010, the exact same name as one Khloe Alexandra Kardashian. (I’m not a fan of using the letter “K” for the name, no matter the spelling.)

Dougray Scott, who appeared on Desperate Housewives, has boy/girl twins born in 1998, the girl is named Eden. Marcia Cross (Bree on DH) also had twins, in 2007 and named one of her girls Eden. Coincidence? Only she knows.

Mila Jovovich named her baby girl Ever in 2007 (stating that it was a Scottish boy’s name), Alanis Morissette’s baby boy (born on Christmas Day, 2010) was also named Ever. Let’s not forget Ever Carridine who started it all!

Everyone laughed at Julia Robert’s son’s (twin to Hazel) name, Phinnaeus back in 2004 but, since then A LOT of Phinns and Finns have popped up (Tori Spelling just had a Finn two weeks ago).

Willow Smith was born in 2000, Pink named her baby girl Willow in 2011. Is that considered copying, too?
I’d rather see more same name celebrity babies then have another Pilot Inspektor or Moxie Crimefighter any day!

Just my two cents.

Jennifer on

My 3 year old daughter’s name is Camden. I got it from a high school friend (who’s 7 year old daughter is Camden). Not just a boys name and not new. But hopefully not something that will end up like the 7 Jennifer’s in my classes growing up.

Kat on

She shouldn’t have publicly said they stole her baby’s name. It makes her look stupid and childish.

hater on

Anything to get the attention back on her….

My2cents on

Yeah, because they are the only ones that thought of that name….idiot.

ds on

I see she changed her tune when she seen all of the responses to this article

sand67 on

Wow, I can’t believe all the catty posts here. None of it is even a big deal yet all these people are name calling and hating on these celebs. Many of you need to find a hobby or something.

Anonymous on


Lexi on

Yes, Camden is a popular name. Long before Kristen had her son, my sister had a son a couple of years ago she named Camdyn. So before getting snarky over a baby name, as if she came up with it and someone else stole it, remember that your own name is a very popular name but it didn’t define you as a person. I happen to really like the name, it’s certainly better than Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee). And Jane….it’s not an ugly name, you’re just an ugly person.

Camden's Mom on

I have a Camden and he is 23 . Who is Kristin Cavallari and why did she name her baby after my son?

Sharon on

I don’t think it was necessary for her to post that on Twitter, seems like she is in need of some attention. I personally think it is taking away the moment from Vanessa and Nick, it is a nice name and leave it at that,

jones on

Way to make something all about you Kristin.

Anonymous on

she makes it sound as if she was the one who invented that name..get over yourself….

MyTwoCents on

I’ve only know Kristen to say “bitchy” things… I think she has a lot of growing up to do. From what I’ve seen on Tv, she’s petty and that’s exactly what these recent comments are. Personally, I don’t think the name is anything to fight over but leave it to her.

Diana on

Seriously people its a name and she was joking. Some people just like to hate for being hateful. IMO i dont like the name Camden but thats my opinion. I dont have to hate on someone because they choose to use it. I dont understand why people have to be so mean to others just because of their opinion.

Jill on

This name is so butchered. It’s like a Brandon and Cameron combo gone wrong.

JP63 on

When you’re a first time mom you notice stuff like this. I still notice people with my daughter’s name because it’s spelled differently than most and it makes you wonder how that other person arrived at it like you did. It’s a kindred spirit kind of thing. I like the name Camden!

Anonymous on

I think you mean Cutler…

Elle on

I see the trolls are out en force on this issue for some odd reason. Here is what I find a bit odd about this coincidence of the Camdens:

1) Kristin was very close with Nick a few years ago. Were they more than friends? Only they know. Maybe they were and discussed baby names then?

2) Kristin had her Camden only 5 weeks ago and it was splashed all over the media. Odd name, even more odd another Hollywood couple (well, they think they are relevant in Hollywood) would choose that name so close to another celebrity’s son’s birth.

3) With so many names to choose from nowadays, why choose a name someone else chose just one month ago? Middle name is similar, too. Why do that when you will obviously be sharing pages in People and other rags hopefully, for you, for years to come?

4) Maybe things happened the other way around and the Lacheys did choose the name first and Kristin – or a friend of hers who suggested it to her – heard it from them (while they shouted it around their home) and copied it from them?

In any case, Kristin used the name Camden first, it is not a very common name, and the Lacheys and she will now have to share press with it for years to come. Let’s just hope the press doesn’t number them Camden 1 and Camden 2. Ouch. They will, because of their names and age closeness, always, always be compared, looks, smarts, accomplishments, and that is a crime. That is, unless their parents fade into Hollywood oblivion which is more than possible.

Anonymous on

she did not invent the name, here it’s a girls name.

babyfat on

lol: the tweet wars is jus begun : i’m going to love watching this

Sai on

I find it funny that people changed the original title posted a few hours ago of this article from “Nick Lachey Stole My Baby Name” to “Nick Lachey Has Great Taste” I suppose people’s mag is actually reading these comments…

laur on

I can’t believe this is even a big deal its a free country and anyone has the right to name their child whatever they want I’m sure there are millions of other Camden’s out in the world not just Kristens.

Anonymous on

Nobody stole anybody’s name my son’s name is Camden too but spelt Kamden so it’s different. Haha

meghan on

All the people giving Kristin a hard time. It’s funny because in the birth announcement thread half the posts are about the Lacheys “stealing” the name or acting like they should have picked something else because another celebrity used it so recently. It’s the name of their child! Why change a name that resonate with them because someone else used it? Even if it is the dismembered body capital of the east coast.

meghan on

rebec, get a hobby.

Elle on

If I were an overpaid, spoiled, egocentric celebrity followed throughout my pregnancy by rabid paparazzi, (not that these celebrities in question are, I’m just sayin…) and I thought I had come up with a fairly unique name as far as celebrities go for my newborn (as we all know, celebrities enjoy coming up with unique names for our newborns) I might be a bit miffed if another overpaid, spoiled, egocentric celebrity couple, one of whom I was actually friends with and trusted, chose that same name just one month after me. After all, now MY little bundle of spoiled, egocentric, uniquely-named joy seems now not so special to anyone but me, and I can’t have that!

Anna on

I love how she acts like she came up with the name and is flattered someone wants to copy her and use it as well…..thats how she acts. First off the name camden has been around for a LONG time, secondly its not that great of a name, and thirdly who cares what the freak you named your kid. Its about handsome Nick and gorgeous Vanessa. Not about you and you fat nasty husband. Stop trying to steal their spot light.

Elle on

People wants to make Kristen look really upset. First the title of this article inferred the Lacheys stole the name Camden from her, now it reads a smarmy Nick and ONLY Nick has great taste, and then, in parentheses, “in baby names,” inferring, most definitely NOT in wives! Ha! People, you take the proverbial baby cakes.

Ava on


Anonymous on

I’d rather hear news on Kristin Cavallari than Heidi plastic face!

PeopleReader13 on

It is a bit weird that Nick and Vanessa named their son Camden John…why didn’t they just go all the way and keep Jack as the middle name too. They probably did it on purpose to gain some publicity since both of them are losers who can’t accept the fact that they’re careers are over. I mean what do they even do nowadays? Are they even in the public eye anymore? He is known as Jessica Simpson’s ex and she is just…what is she exactly?

Shannon on

I am so ready for the Camden, Cayden, Jayden, Caden phase to be over!!! At least they both gave their kids normal middle names that they could always go by in the future.

PeopleReader13 on

I’m sorry, but it is just weird that Nick and Vanessa named their son Camden John…I mean why not just go all the way and keep Jack as the middle name?? If I were K Cav I would be completely weirded out by it. Nick and Vanessa probably did it on purpose to gain publicity…I mean what do they even do nowadays? Are they even in the public eye anymore? I know him has Jessica Simpson’s ex husband and I know her as…? What did she even do?

tatiana on

shit name anyways

Anonymous on

If it wasn’t a B____y comment, why’d you bother posting it? You’re full of it. You know good and well it was received just as it was meant to be. Get over yourself. You’re not famous; you just got knocked up by a famous dude.

Becky on

I am glad that People decided to change the title. Earlier it read “Nick Lachey Stole My Baby Name!” making it look like that was a quote from Kristin. I thought that was pretty crappy for her to say since one can’t “steal” a name since nobody “owns” names. When I read the story, I saw that she hadn’t said that at all so I felt the title was misleading.

pixie on

Oh, but it was a stab….that’s how many women are. “Oh, I was just kidding,” or “No offense, but…” There was no point in even bringing it up. I like how the headline was changed on here too.

erica on

I personally don’t like the name (too trendy), but to each their own!

Kristin on

I named my son Camden James. He was born April of this year. Funny how another girl named Kristin named her son Camden J and now Nick has a Camden J!

Elisabeth on

Hey Kristen….my son Jack wants his name back you baby name stealer!

Elisabeth on

Cutler is not Kristens husband. She wishes I am sure. Doubt he will ever marry her. Unless she tricks him into getting knocked up again.

Guest on

Kind of creepy when two people who used to date use almost identical names for their kids – John = Jack in lots of families. Creepy.

Karen on

ugh its just a name? who cares they didnt really copy it since they were going to name him that for awhile now, nick said he liked the nick name CJ.

Tiffany on

I guess it would kind of suck to have someone name their child the same as yours but it happens. I was going to name my son Jackson but my cousin had a baby boy before me and that is what she named him. I could have stuck with the name since they live in a different state but I chose Jackson and I am glad I did 🙂

Maggie on

Whoa everyone needs to calm down. She was addressing the name because everyone was talking about it. No way she thought that they stole her son’s name.

dysturbed on

It is interesting to read when people say how it is such a horrible name, then others to come on and point out that they named their child the same. Maybe the people who used the insult should think before posting. I’m sure that we all agree that opinions are welcome but some people are just flat out aholes.

Summer on

Nick and Vanessa picked out their baby’s name in July . Really sad D-lister Kristen needed to try and get attention on Nick and Vanessa’s day.

Kristen on

If this is her biggest problem, she should count her blessings. Some people have zero perspective in life.

Lizzie on

CONGRATS to NICK & VANESSA on the birth of their precious Baby Boy!! This couple seems SOOOO much in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, they are an adorable couple; & I’m sure/I KNOW Baby Camden WILL BE LOVED!!!! Haaaa haaaa beautiful VANESSA didn’t gain 492 pounds and now ole HAG jessica is claiming she lost a little over 40 pounds, WHERE?? Dumb of you, ole jessica for putting your kid in a bikini~daaaaaaah!! Hoooooray 2 NICK & VANESSA!!!!

KLO on

Think of how the Lachey’s felt when they found out Kristin named her boy Camden last month. There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on a name to find out that some one else named their kid the name you wanted. They shouldn’t have to change what they wanted because someone else who just so happens to be in the spotlight named their kid the name they had picked out.

Vanessa has said in the past (way before Kristin had her kid) that they love the named they have picked out. It is purely a coincidence. Camden is a great name. BTW, didn’t Tiffani Thiessen (however you spell her name) name her daughter Harper then like 2 months later the Beckham’s named their kid Harper. It happens. Thumbs up to the Lachey’s for still using what they wanted.

Danielle on

I’m from Candem New Jersey and I like the name for a boy…!

Sarah on

I like the name Camden Jack more than the name Camden John.

Tara on

Well, if you think Camden NJ is the only Camden around, google the sweet little village of Camden Maine- one of the loveliest places in the world- and its like literally a village with a port- its BEAUTIFUL so I for one LOVE the name!

Another Camden's mom on

Wow – some of you people are so cruel with respect to others’ choice of baby names. I have a Camden. I did not name him after Camden NJ, or Camden Yards, or any other location named Camden. I read it in a baby name book and loved it. If you are so stuck on it coming from a physical place, then google “places named Camden” and you’ll find there are 18 in the U.S., not to mention an area of London which is also called Camden.

Jess on

ok- i don’t get this. camden is a TERRIBLE city….why why why call your child camden?

guest on

to everyone who is saying the name Camden reminds them of a dirty city in NJ…they have obviously never been to Camden Maine! It is beautiful and I’m sure their baby it too!

SheHasNoClass on

This woman is pathetic. She is a NOBODY. Not an actress, not a singer, nothing. So rude and selfish to even post this. Let me rain on their parade and make sure everyone knows they stole my baby’s name which is a totally ridiculous thought! If you ever need to note that the message is not witchy, then that should be a sign to yourself not to send it. Get a life Kristin.

Heather on

Get over yourself, you stupid smug-a$$ b!tch. Your 15 minutes are long gone, and your fiance is just as washed up as you are. My BFF’s nephew’s name is Camden and he is 4…wanna say some stupid petty remark to her as well?

I love that all the other commenters hate Kristin as much as I do!

LOL on

when i heard it i immediately thought of Camden, NJ… so i don’t know what to think of it lol

Heather on

Get over yourself, you stupid smug-a$$ b!tch. Lord knows the rest of the world is. Act like you invented the name…you’re good at being petty and unoriginal, keep doing your thing Kristin. My friend’s son’s name is Camden and he is 4, do you want to make some stupid, low class remark to her as well? Oh Kristin, you have so much to learn in life. You and your washed up fiance’s 15 minutes are over. I just hope your son doesn’t end up as self-centered, vain and vulgar as his mother, but that would be wishful thinking!

Heather on

GAH she is annoying!

momof4 on

Hey People, please stop posting and reposting on this Kristen chic, WHO CARES, she is so dumb, anyone can use any name they want for their child, she’s SO annoying

jordan on

love this name! it reminds me of 7th heaven when i hear it! great choice – both for the lachey’s and kristen and jay! congrats to both families! 🙂

Amanda_M87 on

I really don’t care for the name Camden.

guest on

I was not aware that once a name is taken for a child, no other child can ever be named that. . .seriously Kristin.

The reason why it is not smart to tweet every thought that comes into your head.

Sophia on

Hmm, this article was titled earlier “Nick Lachey stole my baby name”… Looks like someone got her PR people to do some damage control. We all remember you’re a bitch Kristin…..

Anonymous on

Holy moly people get over it. Don’t you all have better things to do with your time than worry about what someone names their child. Think ratio: millions of people only so many names. People will end up naming their children the same. It happens it’s life so forget about it congratulate all the new parents on their wonderful bundles of joy and the rest of you find something else to occupy your time with jeez……

Camden's Mama on

I love the name Camden John. I also loved it 3 years ago when I named my son that and 6 years ago when I thought of it. I too was disappointed when I saw these celebrities were naming their children that, but whatever. As for the people calling it ugly, some nerve with the names you have. And John may be a traditional name, but for me it has meaning.

susie jojo on

Wow, the hate in the comments section. can’t anyone ever just say, how nice, and move on? do you really have to tear someone else apart to get through your day? rude people are what’s wrong with the world. obviously, kristen didn’t think the name was never going to be used again. it’s quite popular lately. you people that are hating have no clue what she meant so stop ASSuming. it makes you look like a mean person. and no one really likes the mean person in real life.

Anonymous on

I’m glad that people changed the title of this story, since before it announced that she said they stole her name. Which she didn’t say at all. I love, but sometimes I think they try to create drama and a story where there is none.

JaxnRhythm on

I am so happy for them– I can’t wait to see what Baby Lachey looks like– I wonder if they will nick name him “CJ”?? Can’t wait to see more lachey’s in the future.

T on

Anyone else think she looks like Piper Perabo in this picture?

Shonda on

How funny that so many people are hating on this story and the name and of the new mom. Why read the story then? The heading clearly stated what the story was about. She did not do or say anything rude at all. She made sure she quickly followed up with a 2nd tweet. She was just saying she loves the name since it is so close to her new son’s name. Congrats to her and I hope she does not read what some people said about her on here. It was just a story about names.

guest on

Ugh! People need to quit referencing Camden to an apparently awful city in NJ! We got Camden from a baby name book. It means “winding valley”and we love it!

suzy diamond on

Well, now I’m sick of the name!

Anonymous on

Named after most dangerous city in the US.

Ann on

Who truly cares….what you name your baby is your business and at least it wasn’t some off the wall name.

ellie on

There’s a camden town in London, lovely place 🙂 it’s not a name that’s popular over here,

newsfan on

John is Nick’s dad’s first name for those wondering why they picke that.

kelly on

I live in South Jersey and I agree with Maria, apparently they have never been to Camden, NJ…..believe worst crime in country

Linda on

I wish Kristin would just shut up and enjoy her son, I don’t think the name of the Lachey’s son had anything to do with her. Don’t destroy the moment trying to get attention.

Milla on

Ok, i’ve been reading this site for a long time and never posted anything. It probably is pointless anyway, cause idiots stay idiots most of the time. Still, I really don’t get how you all can get so angry about something as stupid as this…

I am from Europe and don’t know that Kristin girl at all, so I have no clue where all the hate is coming from, I just can say that I don’t think she said something bad. She just said that the name is obviously popular, no word that somebody stole it.

So don’t take stuff like that so seriously… It’s just stress over nothing and all that bitching starts to make me sad. I really don’t want to read your hateful comments anymore or I am starting to think there are just horrible people left in the world. Thanks and bye bye.

lola on

Nick and Kristen date briefly after his split…..weird….

Anonymous on

All I can say is wtf are all americans really petty and stupid

Love Camden on

Shame on all you people saying someone elses name is ugly! My 7 year old nephews name is Camden, and to us its beautiful and unique. The name Camden has a beautiful meaning, maybe all you people hating on the name should look it up!

Camden's mom on

Elle, you are in fact correct. KC did hear the name from a friend who happens to be my son’s aunt. Guess she liked it enough to take it. It does have a lovely meaning, but we chose it for different reasons. Not to be trendy, just because it meant something to my husband.

bxLQE on

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