Kate Hudson: Bing’s Birth Was Like a ‘Woody Allen Film’

09/13/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

Kate Hudson was in labor for 18 hours with her son Bingham Hawn, and spent four and a half hours pushing. But that wasn’t all she had to do.

The actress, 33, had to deal with her mom Goldie Hawn‘s goofy antics in what became an increasingly bizarre scene in the delivery room, Hudson says in a hilarious interview airing Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I called my mom to tell her I’m in the hospital and in labor. And she was like, ‘Okay, well, how much time do I have? Because I was going to take a swim,'” Hudson begins. “She shows up, and I have not eaten in like 10 hours. She shows up with a pizza and Doritos. She’s like, ‘I’m starving.'”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Hawn’s advice on pushing was also a bit odd — and included props.

“She puts on these reading glasses that have headlights on them,” Hudson shares.

“I have my doctor and my mom kind of looking over with these headlights. And she brings a magnolia flower. And she sort of starts to do these visualizations with me. And she’s going, ‘Imagine your va-jay-jay as a large magnolia flower blossoming.'”

Meanwhile, her fiancΓ©, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, is getting ready to film the birth.

“I was like, ‘Stay back.’ I put up tarps,” she says. “I was like, ‘Don’t go anywhere near the area.’ And I see him start to creep. I’m like, ‘No, no, get back!’ … Meanwhile, my mom’s going [to the doctor], ‘That’s not normal. It that normal?’ It really was a Woody Allen film.”

In the end, of course, it all worked out, and they had a healthy baby boy, who is now 14 months old. “It was pretty intense, but it was incredible, and Matt was just amazing,” Hudson says.

On the topic of a wedding, Hudson admits she and Bellamy have been too busy parenting to really focus on planning it.

“We don’t really know,” she admits. “We’re sort of going back and forth about, you know, is it a big wedding? Are we going to get married on a mountaintop? You know, we’ve both been so into having a baby and our life schedules. We just want to make sure it’s right when it happens.”

— Tim Nudd

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Cliftola on

Too funny! What a great birh story!

klutzy_girl on

LOL. That is hilarious! Love Goldie (and Kurt) and Kate so much.

Hea on

I’m surprised Kurt wasn’t sitting in a corner reading a magazine and smoking a cigar occasionally telling everyone to “cool down”. πŸ˜€

lissa on

great diversionary tactics

couples who put off marrying till ‘the right time’ usually end up splitting up

just saying… but hope not

smalltwnfashion on

Oh my god, pushing for 4 1/2 hours?!? I thought the second baby was easier!! I hear stories like this and get *so* scared for labor one day!

Leigh on

Lol, its not that bad. I was terrified having my daughter. When the Doc told me it was time….I only pushed 3 times and she shot out like a rocket. Literally, the Doctor who was female screamed a loud yelp out loud bc she was not expecting that. My daughter had barely crowned. And them POW out came all of her in one push. It was HILARIOUS. I had staff members whispering and pointing from the nearbye nurses desk. “thats the one in that room. The super pusher!!!” ROFL I remember laughing so hard telling the Docs, I could do this all the time. That was easy! LOL they just looked at me in shock. For me, it was a cinch. πŸ˜€

smalltwnfashion on

That’s wonderful to hear!! I will be hoping for something like yours when the time comes for me!

Sun on

LOL — what a great birth story — that put a smile on my face!

CamdenAgain on

The more I read about birth horror stories, the least I’m inclined to have one… just saying. keep that story for yourselves, ladies.

Leigh on

Do not worry. Not to be gross, but this is the honest truth. Truth is essential on this topic. I have struggled more with everyday bodily functions than I did with having my daughter. the pain was not bad either. My monthly cramps hurt worse.

Alia on

Such a nice, real story instead of the typical celebrity “I gave birth in my backyard with flowers and birds chirping…” a la Josie Maran, or Gisele and others with perfect water births and classical music playing in the background!!

Pam on

Hahaha that’s hilarious! That reminds me of my family, but mine are worse, that’s why no one but my Husband is allowed to be in the room for delivery. Afterwards the crazies can come in. Lol

Anonymous on

let’s all see who the father of her 3rd will be….hmmmm?

can’t stand her….can’t act…just another holleywood harlet

Mandy on

I pushed for almost 4 hours with my first one. Epidurel didn’t work either. My baby girl was worth every bit of it & then some. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Jenny! on

Ah hahaha THATS why i love kate so much how much more down to earth can u get, even with a baby on the way. She makes me laugh alot.

kim on

i love her so much. she is so normal. πŸ™‚

bh on

I will translate for you – we are too busy to plan a wedding = we are never getting married. Okay?

val on

Bingo. We’re not too busy to create a child…just too busy to really care about marriage.

klutzy_girl on

I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re never getting married. Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam were engaged for three years before they got married last weekend, and she said with the baby, they were too busy to plan a wedding. And it did happen.

I think these two will end up getting married.

Sandy Fulton on

Whoopity dooooooo!

shelliec69 on

Love Kate and Goldie! That is a really funny story. Kate is really lucky to have a great mom like Goldie.

JoRod on

Great Story! Lighten up people, I think that was the point of the story.

sally on

Kate is so funny! I always enjoy her on and off screen.

Julianna on

Gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now (and Hea’s comment just made me laugh even harder because I can totally see that happening)! To grow up with Goldie Hawn as a member of your family must be amazing.

PS on

Wow, she should have pitched a tent over everyone and charged admission with that kind of circus!

As for difficult births, yes they happen but not all of them are horror stories. There’s just as many that end up requiring the OB to have a catcher’s mitt from coming out so fast πŸ™‚

Janis on

Yikes! My daughter had twins & only pushed for 25 minutes total before both were born!

Cynthia Knock on

that poor child.

Michelle Petoskey on

Hahahahaha! I hope my mom is that funny while I’m in labor!

Just Sayin' on

Okay, so it’s not the right time to get married? But, it was definitely the right time to have a baby? This is a bright girl, she knows what birth control is…I think she just wanted the baby without the commitment…which is fine if that’s what she wants. Just don’t dance around the “right time” thing…not buying it.

Dee on

It only takes a few minutes to drive down to the courthouse and get married by the justice of the peace. Have the big party some other time.

Tracie on

An entertaining story, for sure, and one I quite believe as Goldie seems to have always been “unique!”

I had two easy and uneventful births, and I think most really are like that (like Leigh, I had my son out in three pushes – Dr said I ought to give lessons, LOL). We only tend to hear about the difficult ones, unfortunately. I always feel bad when women are super-scared by other people’s horror stories!

I do agree with those who say “we’re too busy to plan a wedding” often means it ain’t gonna happen in celebrity-speak. Whatever, most of them wind up divorced any way. Saves $$ on lawyers!

Sarah, too on

I pushed for four hours, but what can ya do? He was worth it πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Alia- So celebrities who are fortunate enough to have nice, easy waterbirths aren’t allowed to share their stories?! Wow, just wow!

Dee- Maybe they don’t want to have a quckie wedding at the courthouse. I know that I wouldn’t want that if I ever got married! And it wouldn’t be because I wanted the party, either. It would be because, as the daughter of a Lutheran Minister, I’d want to say my vows before God and my church family (along with my blood-related family, of course!).

Anyway, this article makes me feel bad for Ryder, as the way it’s written makes it sound as though Bing is Kate’s only child (especially considering that PEOPLE normally lists older siblings in articles like this)!

And speaking of Ryder, I’ve noticed that ever since Bing was born, we seem to see Kate with the latter far more than the former, where as prior to Bing’s arrival we saw her with Ryder all the time. Don’t forget your other son, Kate!

Anonymous on

Yes, she has forgotten her other son! (roll my eyes) maybe he is in school, or at his father’s house, or maybe he is with her when these photos are taken, and he is just not in the photo. The baby needs to be carried in her arms, so of course he is in the photo. You are only catching a quick glimpse of their lives. Do not be so stupid!!

JM on

i know this may just absolutely ASTONISH some people who have yet to venture outside of the 1950s, but marriage is just not that important to some people. that does not make them bad or immoral people, in fact, hold on to your seats now, it says absolutely NOTHING about the kind of people they are. NOTHING. or is there, in your experience, something inherently superior about those people who are married?

get over yourselves, get out there and experience the world. you just might find that there are all kinds of different people out there, with all kinds of different lifestyles, diversity is a good thing. don’t be afraid, open your mind to the possibility that your way may not be the only way….

christ sake, some people …..

mom, ph.d. on

f*ck off, anonymous. same sh*t, different post.

Kresta on

I pushed for around an hour and a half for my first son. I didn’t have any urge to push at all. He was 8lbs 11. My second son I pushed for around ten minutes and the urge to push was overwhelming which I liked. He was 8lbs 2. With my daughter who was posterior I had no urge to push either. It took half an hour to push her out. She was 8lbs 13. I’d have been too exhausted to push for over 4 hours. I would have thought forceps would have been used.

boohoobytch on

Goldie is hilarious and I think Kate’s a cool, down to earth chick.