Ben Affleck: ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Stay-at-Home Dad’

09/13/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Mark Seliger/Details Magazine

He may want to expand his family with Jennifer Garner even further, but that doesn’t mean that Ben Affleck is ready to cool down his career.

“I don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. Work is very important to me. I like to work. But I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them,” the actor, 40, tells Details‘ October issue.

Noting that “running after three kids is very trying,” Affleck — who is dad to Violet, 6½, Seraphina, 3½, and Samuel, 6 months — admits his time away from his family is constantly competing with his work schedule.

“Anytime you think, ‘I’m wasting my time here,’ the first thought you have is, ‘I could go home and be with my kids,'” he says. “Now, you may go home and be with your kids and very quickly start thinking, ‘I wonder what’s on the work front?'”

And although the doting dad makes an effort to find time for his children, when Affleck becomes wrapped up in filming — he directed and stars in his latest movie, Argo — he relies heavily on Garner to pick up the slack.

“I am not very present in the rest of my life. My wife’s very patient. She does everything,” he shares. “If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever.”

But even in the midst of his brood’s bathtime, Affleck is the first to admit his mind is often elsewhere. “My mind’s always going, ‘How are we going to light that show tomorrow? What’s the master shot for that scene? Is there even going to be a master?'” he says.

“Just ruminating endlessly. Because for me — I wish it was discipline or being a great artist. But it’s just anxiety.”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

wow, most people do not admit they prefer over their children

A on

Typical man.

Amy on

I don’t think this article is showing him in such a great light…good for his wife to stick with him when it’s not sounding like his family life is one of his top priorities. If you don’t make time for your kids when they’re young than they’re not going to make time for you when you’re old. Sad to say, but your career is your career, but your family life? That’s your legacy. **shakes head**

Pam on

Exactly, my mom abused and ignored me my whole childhood and now I can’t stand her, don’t talk to her and she actually expects me to take care of her when she’s old, not gonna happen, you get what you give!

Ashley on

I couldn’t agree more! Thats exactly the relationship I have with my mother and I make sure to do the exact opposite with my daughter!

Brandi on


Sharlene on

What?? Where are all the comments about how his family should be his first priority? This speaks volumes as to how there is a double standard for women. I believe in traditional family values and to hear a dad pretty much confess that other things are more important to him and his mind is often not with his family even if he is physically present with them makes me pause.

Mel on

You have traditional values but a dad working out of the home and enjoying his work is against them? Now your being judgemental and hypocritical. Not every parent enjoys spending every second with their kids, in fact most don’t. It’s not abusive, it’s reality and parents should not be made to feel guilty.

Lisa on

Ben and Jennifer have certainly created a beautiful family and from what I see, they are a great Mom and Dad!

Re on

Sounds like my husband lol

Noa on

Sounds like a lot of my friend’s husbands. Affleck’s being honest and his situation/opinions reflect any married household where the man isn’t a stay-at-home dad. When women breast-feed from the start, kids get attached for feeding purposes, being lulled to sleep, emotional comfort.

It’s easy & understandable for the man to take a back seat, and continue that level of involvement as the child/children grow-up, save for disciplining the kids. Affleck & the like aren’t selfish so much as simply taking advantage of a child’s early desire for the Mom-specific nurturing.

Karen on

Very truthful, but very sad. Makes me appreciate my husband more.

Molly on

Wow. That doesn’t exactly put him in a good light. But the kids seem happy in all the pictures, so it’s probably all good. 🙂

Pam on

Yeah but is his wife happy? Doesn’t sound like it, doing everything on her own for 3 kids when you have a Husband! Not cool basically she has 4 kids or 3 kids as a single mom. Poor Jennifer, she does a great though, those kids do seem extremely happy. She is super mom!

Mel on

Assuming much? I have 4 kids and my husband is just like this (and I don’t even have a nanny!). I’m happy, he’s happy, and our kids are happy. I think your imagination is making it worse than it is. Some women don’t need their husband doing everything for/with them.

2lc on

Perhaps this article is misleading and/or left out chunks of his quotes…but I know one thing as a fact from personal experience: if you treat your kids like a 2nd or 3rd priority when they’re young, it will *definitely* come back to haunt you.

k on

I loved your comment! Thank you

John Marlin on

What career? Dude is the worse “actor” than Ryan Reynolds

Cheryl on

I guess you missed where he’s been nominated and/or won Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes for his acting, screenplay writing and directing..

Guest on

Plenty of people think about their jobs or chores or bills during their family time. It does not make them bad parents.

amanda k on

I think this article paints him in a bad light, but it\’s just poor wording. I understand what he is saying completely and my husband is the EXACT same way. My hubby is a manager and when he is home it\’s hard to turn his brain off of work – but that doesn\’t meant he doesn\’t spend time with our son or me… his mind just wanders.

He helps with dinner, reads to my little boy, sits in the bathroom with us when I do a bath. He’s very physically present but he will occasionally check e-mail, etc. and for us that’s ok because he has a lot of responsibility elsewhere. If it’s too much I gently remind him he needs to put the phone down and he always does!

I think THAT’S what he means. He obviously loves his children, he just can’t be the maternal nurturer his wife is. Jennifer is a great mom.

Kim on

Well said, I agree.

Dawn on


Dawn on

not a fan!

Dawn on

i agree with “John Marlin”

Alice on

I am sure his wife does do everything. No wonder she says she is done having children.

Anonymous on

I agree with ben. Most people don’t like to be home all the time. It seems like career and home are balanced out because both parents are on hand.

Anonymous on

Wow, he may want to expand his family but then he prefers his work over his family?

Tina on

We stick to what we are good at. Jennifer is a great mom and Ben is a great actor/producer/director. We do what we do. I can appreciate his honesty.

again...shut up on

This article was probably not the best idea for him. He is trying to publicize his movie and in the process has probably ruined the chances of it being successful. Saying you’re not a very present dad, you want more children, but you don’t want to be home and you expect your wife to take care of them while you are elsewhere is probably not the most positive light he could be seen in. After reading his remarks i have lost quite a bit of respect for both him and his wife. He leaves but she allows the behavior and she allows him to be absent in the lives of their children. I wouldn’t, however, expect anything less from a man who bring flowers to a married woman at a premier…Jennifer Lopez anyone?

Winnie on

I agree. Not the best move. I didn’t expect his response. I just assumed he put his family first. Sounds like even when he is with them he is thinking of other things. He’s not even there when he’s physically there. Sad.

Rachel on

This is exactly why I don’t want kids. Women are always stuck doing everything. Why did he have kids if he didn’t want to actually have to raise them. Women. Stop doing Everything. Expect men to do their part!!! I am never gonna get stuck raising a bunch of kids with some man who does he own thing and only cares about himself. It’s called birth control, ladies use it.

Izzy on

Would like to read the rest of the article as we all know that People can be misleading!

LuvLeeRita on

And that’s why Hollywood marriages don’t work. Don’t get me wrong I really like these two people and I wish only the best for them. Ben keeps talking about spending time with his kids but where does he find the time to spend with his wife?

Leslie on

Ben affleck is pretentious, washed up and over-rated. He’s lucky Jen garner came into his life. Best thing that ever happened to him other than meeting Matt Damon.

Alyce on

You said it best.

Heather on

I have a feeling that the writer forgot to say while he is directing a film he is sometimes preoccupied w/ work. We know that when Jennifer is working he is w/ the kids so I think that the article is just sloopy work.

Sonia on

This happens a lot, doesn’t mean he is a bad father

Belinda on

His comment was most likely taken out of context. They’re a great family and I hope they continue to make it work. I hope they stay together forever.

Anonymous on

90% of fathers are not stay-at-home dad so this is nonsense. seriously

Anonymous on

It seems like they both balance work and home right. They are a great couple.

Carmel on

hmmm a man more interested in work than the day-to-day drag of homelife? shocking! alert the media! lol oh wait, that’s EVERY dude

guest 1 on

geez people, why do you all think that your kids have to give all meaning and value to your life? there are plenty of other meaningful pursuits. Your kids do eventually grow up and live lives of their own, and they need an adult with diverse interests who is a global citizen as a role model. Acting like your kids are the only thing in the world of any importance is ultimately a disservice to them.

Guest on

Before you say “poor Jennifer”, just realize that this couple has at least two nannies. Neither is exactly overwhelmed with childcare responsibilities.

kayakkimi83 on

As a mom I have had to learn patience with my son….all parents get frustrated and if they say they dont they are lying. I think he was being truthful. He loves both his career and his kids and he seems to be balancing them the best way HE can. Stop hating…to each their own.

Huh? on

Why more kids then? Especially when your wife has said she likely didn’t want more and she’s the one, as you admit, doing most of the work. Selfish! I like these two, think they are good parents… but this sure makes me think 3 is enough!!! IMHO!

Anne Marie on

Before mawms get their panties in a bunch, a study showed that women enjoyed vacuuming and other chores to spending time with their children. The man just said what most mothers feel. No shame in it because parenting can be so tedious, repetitive, and dulling, especially when kids are small.

cvxixi on

He sounds conflicted and fickle

Diana Fetterman on

He won’t know what he has missed until the children grow up and have no time for him.

jla on

If my husband dared too say that I would pack our stuff and say C-YA.

Tikka on

Am I the only one who thought this was kind of….weird? I don’t think being a stay at home parent is for everyone. And I’m not saying he doesn’t love his kids. But the feeling I got was “this Dad thing is just not me”. I wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce is headed their way soon. Maybe after reading the whole article he’ll say something to redeem himself.

Sharon on

After his son was born he said that he wanted more children and Jennifer did not, now I can understand why she does not want more children, since he is not really present.. I respect his honesty, but this article does not make him look good at all.

Sunny on

When you think about it, is entertaining his fans more important than time with his kids? I guess it is. I bet he’ll wish it was the opposite when the kids are grown and hating him.

Anonymous on

This article doesn’t make him sound like Father-of-the-Year or anything (and certainly makes me appreciate my husband!). But I’m sure that it is spun a bit out of context. I’m sure he values his time with his children and, honestly, stay-at-home parenthood isn’t for everyone. He seems to have a well-adjusted, happy family, so they must be doing something right!

kaemicha on

I really appreciate his honesty and candor. Most men would be afraid to admit the truth about how they feel. This doesn’t make him a bad father, husband or person…rather it makes him the opposite.

sunniemonnie on

So he’s basically saying he wants more kids , but wants nothing to do with the daily business of raising them. What a jerk he says he not very “present in his life ” wow

Melissa on

I’m a single stay at home Mom Monday-Friday and then I work all weekend while the kids are with their father. I spend plenty of time during the week wishing I was at work! But that doesn’t mean I don’t adore my children or do everything for them or that I’m not present for them when they are with me. It just means that there is more to life! It’s okay to want to be something other than a parent and have other goals and aspirations.

Jen DC on

I’m disgusted here. Ben, why do you have three kids, then, if your “wife does everything”? The purpose was to make a family TOGETHER, was it not? I have loved my work, but I made a conscious decision not to have children BECAUSE I wanted to be that selfish and I didn’t want my attention divided like that. It wasn’t what I wanted for my life…

He now has 3 kids, the oldest of whom is 6. They are going to start to notice and demand that he pay attention to them instead of letting his mind wander while he’s with them. If he can give that respect to his work – as he says, he’s “not very present” – then he oughta consider giving the same respect to his children. Or don’t complain when they find another male role model to fill that spot.

@Sharlene: Not sure what time you posted, but you’re only the 4th to post on the story. Calm down, wait: Some of us have day jobs just ending and are only now coming to read this.

Pinky on

I love Jen and Ben and their family. However, I am not alarmed that he talks about his work as a main priority followed by his kids, I am alarmed that his wife isn’t a priority above any of these.

Anonymous on

Sounds just like my husband

Tee Tee on

Wow, that’s quite the article! I really hope his words just got twisted around pretty badly. I understand that a man needs to work and support his family but this interview is really sad. It comes across as if he’d just as soon not be home at all. If that’s the truth, he’ll live to regret his decisions.

Aunu1 on

you might want to tread carefully Mr. Affleck. Love isn’t always enough to make a marriage survive. I hope this article is missing something with what you said, because quite frankly, it just cast a light on you that I guess I just don’t care for. You men want to procreate, but you don’t want the hands on responsibility. What makes you think the wife will continue to tolerate your very presence?

Terri on

At least he is honest about it.

Cate on

Why would he want to have more children, then? Kind of sad.

jamie on

I don’t blame him for being honest…MOST men really don’t want kids and most women get married to be a mom more than a wife.

Katie on

If you read the actual article, his answer about not being present was to a question about how involved he gets when he directs his movies. It wasn’t meant to be a reflection of his attitude all the time. People just botched the wording.

denise on

It’s great that he wants to work and then he still gets time with his kids. They look very dedicated to their children. Good for them.

Jan Carlson on

If you have the time to spend with your kids… what the crap? You make the time dude, plain and simple. They aren’t going to give a rats booty about your movies… what they will care about is how many times you WEREN’T there for them. Is that really what you want your kids to remember the most about you?

crystal on

wow. he needs to do some waking up. work is work, it’s not your life, your family is your life. i hope his wife divorces him, who wants to be with someone who is not there physically, emotionally or mentally? not very smart of him….

Bertha on

Get a divorce and force the kids to live in 2 homes and have double lives? Show kids that working for a living and wanting to do meaningful work caused your mom to divorce? Really? Kids will respect this man who has the common sense to say he is a whole person in a family system with each parent growing and pursuing their passions while also raising children.

If you have nothing in your brain or life that matters enough for your mind to wander or be a bit anxious over when you are giving the kids a bath – you probably should not have kids. This guy is modeling to his children how to be honest with hus feelings and how he wants to be successful with his family and work. That is FAR better for his children.

These snappy negative comments are why so many divorce and their kids suffer. Bens kids will come out in top because he is so thoughtful.

jacky on

People really did a number with his interview. Read the actual interview between him and Details magazine. Here’s the main piece they based this false article on:

DETAILS: You’ve got three young kids now, so I imagine you’ve had to learn to conserve your resources.

Ben Affleck: Absolutely. Anytime you think, “I’m wasting my time here,” the first thought you have is “I could go home and be with my kids.” Now, you may go home and be with your kids and very quickly start thinking, “I wonder what’s on the work front?” Because running around after three kids is very trying. Now everything has to compete with being with my family. I don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. Work is very important to me. I like to work. So does my wife. But I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them.

Read More

Linda on

I agree…I was quite taken aback by his comments. I thought he was more of a family man/hands on father than that…Maybe he should have stuck with JLo….

Lisa on

STOP STOP STOP STOP before commenting on this crap, read the actual Details magazine article these select “quotes” came from (they have a link above). This is the WORST & LAZIEST reporting ever, taking select comments out of a full article to make it sound COMPLETELY different than what he really said. People Mag. should be ashamed of their lousy reporting.

Lee on

He wants to expand his family?!? Doesn’t sound like he has time for the children he currently has. He’s going to regret this interview. Not a great picture painted of him. I wonder if Jennifer has the energy for more children…..

Lisa on

“ reserves the right to remove comments at their discretion.” What about this crap article that takes select quotes out of an article to make someone sound completely different than what they actually said.? Maybe you should remove this article…or just provide the ACTUAL REAL article so people can make their correct judgments….

JM Rogers on

What a douche-bag!! Could he sound anymore self-absorbed???

Noodles on

He’s just saying what most guys think, but don’t say. My husband works, I stay at home. He loves our kids, and me =) However, I know he enjoys his work (secretly).

I pick up the all the extra because I enjoy the little things, he just likes to participate in the overall picture. It’s ok. He’s not less of a dad cause he doesn’t oversee every detail. There is a lot of little busy work details that come with 3 kids and that micromanaging of all that isn’t for everyone.

The bottom line is he (Ben) has a successful marriage where it seems they understand each others capabilities and respect each other and he is present as much as he can be for his kids and he provides them with a wonderful life. And you can’t put a price on having two happily married parents and your kids witnessing how to make a marriage work– especially in Hollywood!

audra426 on

If a woman was saying this, all hell would break loose. #doublestandard.

BBB on

I think a lot of women think like this as well, they just feel that they can’t say it or people will judge them. Many people, of both sexes, have big career ambitions and that doesn’t mean they don’t love their family too.

Anonymous on

Sad, but typical. It’s this way at my house for sure. But I don’t feel too sorry for Jennifer Garner. I am sure she has a few maids, nannies, and chefs on hand.

Brooke on

I have two young kids who I adore. There are no words that could adequately describe the love I have for them but I also happen to adore my job. It is not just something I use to pay the bills but my passion as well. My kids are my world but I could not imagine not working. Furthermore as a second grade teacher my work is always brought home. I am always thinking about the next day, or ways that I can make things easier for twenty-two extra kids.

Over the weekend I worried and prayed that they would all be safe, or that they would get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. My mind goes to a million places when I know it should be on my kids, but that is just how it works sometimes.

That does not make us bad parents though because the truth of the matter is everyone does it. Not a single parent on earth has devoted every second of their children’s lives solely thinking about them. It is impossible. That does not mean that Ben is a bad parent it means that he is human. We have a lot of things going on and balance is hard to find.

Becky on

haha John Marlin… he thinks highly of himself in many many regards… arrogant delusions

Anonymous on

I’m a mom and I think there is NOTHING wrong with what he said – try having 3 kids and see if you want to spend all day with them over adult interaction LOL

Katie on

Wow thats so not going to make Jen want a 4th kid with him! He sounds like an annoying workaholic.


Seems they both strive for a balance….when he’s working she’s at home but when she’s working he is at home…..isn’t that what most of us do?

Susan on

Sounds like my husband, its a man thing I think

Pam on

What an A$$! Poor Jennifer, she’s basically a single mom then, that sucks!

erica2 on

I’m sorry but Ben sounds like a complete a-hole!




Men think about their work, a lot. And this is a problem, because?

Just b/c a guy focuses on his work and it basically, never leaves his mind, is not any sort of gauge on how great a father he is.

Women expect men to act and think like women. Never gonna happen. And it shouldn’t.

Meg on

Well, he is very rarely out with Jen and their kids during her Daily photo ops. She is usually doing it alone, while he shows up especially when he has a film coming out!

Their kids are the most overexposed & photographed in Hollywood. Other more famous celebs manage to not see paps everyday. It is very possible,



Sarah on

I didn’t take this to mean he didn’t want to be with his kids. If you read it what he is saying is when he is working on a movie he is preoccupied by that and that Jen picks up the slack during that time. He didn’t say he would rather work than spend time with his family just that work was important and it needed to be meaningful to justify the time away from them. Just because you don’t want to be a stay at home mom or dad doesn’t make you a bad parent.

jacklyn lauren on

he sounds like alot of men do when there un happy they want to say they have a wife and family at home but when it comes down to it he admits basically jen is doing all the work at some point someone is going to be very unhappy and want out if it continues on the path there on…bathing your child and ignoring everything they say because your mind is somewhere else begins to wear on the children to where they will no longer go to him for advice or want his attention hopefully someone speaks up about how he feels

Elya on

Ben you sound like a jerk. And no woman wants a man who can’t even focus on his family when he’s with them. Your kids will remember how absent you were, and you will never get that back. Shame on you.

Sunny on

Sounds like anyone with a professional job.

Bertha on

Agreed. Sounds like anyone with a half of brain and a heart beat!

sly on

I certainly sympathize … it was never in my plans to be a stay-at-home mom … when I’m at work, I think about home and vice versa … but I’ve never regretted my decision – to each his own and good on Ben for standing up for what he wants – if it works for he and Jennifer, it’s not anyone’s business to judge.

Jazyy on

U guys should read the question b4 reacting to his answer. The interviewer asked whether he’s the kind of person who, WHILE SHOOTING, is constantly thinking about the movie, and he said that’s pretty much the only think on his mind WHILE SHOOTING! And that Jen takes over most of the duties and whatever time he has he’ll be with his kids.

He only spent 2 months and a half shooting Argo and he hasn’t been directing anything other than that since the town! Don’t take his words out of context, read the full interview or at least the question he’s answering before u comment

T in Texas on

Seems like he’s in a dillema . Wanting to keep Jennifer happy with popping out kids . But yet , he really wants to be working , instead of staying at home . Run , Jen run . Not a good sign for things to come .

Tdog311 on

i wouldn’t want to be married to him, if thats how he truly feels. ugh.

Athina on

He sounds incredibly selfish loading off the kids on his wife like that while he’s an absentee father. It sounds like he’s a workaholic with work being his priority Staying home would be very difficult for him. Yep, classic workaholic and it’s really not even about the money. They’re just driven to work otherwise they’re restless and bored.

justlise on

Wow, how charming. Poor Jennifer. Unless she enjoys being a single mother.

lizzie on

I would never want to have children with a man like him.

MBC on

Working mom here. I completely agree and understand where he’s coming from. I think what he’s trying to say is that for some parents (maybe most) it’s hard to shut off your brain at certain times.

When at work, sometimes you think about your kids. And, vice versa. I know that I’m a better parent when I’m working outside the house. When I’m home, I’m mom. When at work, I’m a bread winner. But, sometimes that line is blurred. It doesn’t mean we are bad parents or workers simply that we are human.

Lastly, raising healthy children is a delicate dance between parents and its not always equal but if you have quality time and the kids know they’re loved, it’s all good in my book.

Heather on

OMG! his attitude sucks!! Seems he likes the idea of having children but in reality could care less whether he is with them or not.. I don’t have or want kids but even I know what he said is not what a father should say! wow….

ECP on

Wow.. what a jerk!!

Anonymous on

“If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids” hm…. not the best message, must admit.

mistymae on

typical self centered man and shame on Jennifer for having kids with a man that would rather be without kids. shame ln u
Ben and shame on Jennifer for being so blindsided. at least she is there more than him and hopefully not 150% Nanny time for the kids

Rachel on

@ Amanda … Your a moron. First of all hubby is not a word. Your husband puts you and his child last and you put up with it .. Awesome!

melody1228 on

Well, now we know why their family isn’t expanding beyond the three. Ben keeps saying he wants more, but Jennifer has been very clear in interviews that there won’t be more kids unless Ben is willing to contribute more to caring for them. I don’t blame her. Leaving her to juggle three kids when he can’t even keep his brain on his family when he’s spending time with them is just sad.

guest on

he’s a fabulous director, glad he’s not slowing down. And I agree, you can have both, kids and career (men and women)

Meryl on

I got what he said.

I wish people read the whole interview before coment on quotes, that are totally out of context

Anonymous on

I think his honesty is great. Don’t slam him for it. A lot of the people who are the first to publicly gush over their kids are insincere. He says he loves his kids and misses them when working. Anyone who works knows how hard balance is. Nice to hear someone be real for a change.

Meryl on

Detail Magazine – question: When you’re shooting, are you the kind of guy who goes to sleep thinking about the movie?

Ben Affleck- Answer: Always, always. I’m not very present in the rest of my life. My wife’s very patient. She does everything. If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever. But my mind’s always going, “How are we going to light that shot tomorrow? What’s the master shot for that scene? Is there even going to be a master?” Just ruminating endlessly. Because for me—I wish it was discipline or being a great artist. But it’s just anxiety.

Anonymous on

He is being very honest about it, but somehow I feel sad for Jennifer and the kids. It might be only me but I smell trouble in the paradise.

veggiemama on

Uh-oh. Not a good sign. I agree, not the ‘discipline of being a great artist’ and I sure hope he doesn’t trade in what is real for what is surreal. Children are our best creative collaboration with Divine! And the future of our topsy-turvy world. Not a movie one will forget in time…

Licia on

So everyone commenting has never thought of work/money/etc while spending time with their children? I actually appreciate Ben’s honesty.

Anonymous on

Why are you people so surprised by Ben’s statement? It has always been obvious that he wasn’t committed to his wife and kids. His non-verbal body language has always been, “WTF am I doing with them?!” Jen, on the other hand, has always looked delighted to be with Ben and the kids. Their partnership has always been unequal. This should come as no surprise to anyone with half a brain.

But he will probably never divorce her. It would be a PR nightmare for him. Plus I think Jen is too much of a martyr to ever let him go.

Amanda on

Wow everyone, live and let live. My husband has a very demanding job so when he is home and the kids are awake I am happy to let him have fun time with them, I love being a mom and taking care of my home and family. It works for us.

The only issue I have is the fact that he wants more babies and she does not. It is easy to want more if you aren’t doing the work (coming from someone with 4 children).

Guest on

If he can’t take watching his very own kids, maybe he should keep it in his pants!!!

Courtney on

He clearly states that his work has to be compelling enough to leave his kids for… I think he is honest, genuine, and totally adorable. Not every parent can or wants to spend 24/7 with their children. I am just glad he is with this Jen and not JLo, or else he’d have been dumped by now and his children would be raised by Casper Smart. Yikes.

kvnlawt on

Hopefully this interview was edited. If not, OUCH!!!

Joanna on

Have you all forgotten that since Ben settle down and had children he has not been a very active actor? Jennifer works too and it seems to me that since this article is in relation to his upcoming movie that he’s starring in and directing that he’s busy at this current time. He said that his work has to mean something to him for him to be able to go to work and leave his kids.

I also like to work, so does my husband, our children have both of us. When he works I am available and when I work he is available. Its not a crime to enjoy what you do, he’s not even that active of an actor

PplRdr on

Common but still sad. There really are rewards with full engagement. If you are not fully present at the moment then you add very little value there. Soon the kids will realize this and the wife will get burned out.

LM on

This reminds me of a woman I work with. Her husband keeps pressuring her to have more kids, but he doesn’t actively raise the few he has. It’s like he enjoys the idea of kids, but not really raising them.
I understand that raising kids is super challenging and let’s face it, not ALWAYS enjoyable, but putting his honest feelings into print may strain the way his wife sees him, and his children too in the future.

cb on

He’s honest, and more-and-more people — male and female — feel as he does. However, most people aren’t raising their own kids, and I’m glad they do.

the truth on

sheesh I actually feel sorry for Jennifer Garner now

caution on

oooo….be careful Ben….it is sounding like you could be taking advantage of that beautiful “patient” woman by your side. You should be leaving your work outside the door….once you cross that threshold, family should be first on your mind!

n on

That one quote was taken out of context – you have to read the Details article to be fair, not this exerpt. He was responding to a question about where his mind is at when he’s in production. Not his everyday mindset.

Shannon on

Whoever sliced and diced the excerpts from the article is a moron. If you go to other celebrity gossip websites, everything makes so much more sense. When talking about work and family what he actually says is “I don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. Work is very important to me. I like to work. So does my wife. But I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them.”

Cammy on

Uggg…who is asking you Ben, to be a stay at home Dad. If I were his wife I’d be rolling my eyes….

carl on

WOW! what an asshole. What type of “father” puts their kids second to their career? And men wonder why people value mothers more than fathers.

Had this been any woman who said this, she’d be teared up to shreds. smh

Anonymous on

ben affleck is a douche, i mean come on when was the last time he made a decent movie, he’s a horrible actor he could atleast try and be a good dad. i’m not judging but why would you not want to be with your kids some of us can’t even have kids no matter how hard the try. This man is bless with kids he’s rich what the fuck. get you head out your ass dude. main point he should spend as much time with them before the turn into horrible teens

Local Girl on

What i find so sad is how he can be with his family physically and yet still be emotionally and mentally absent. When ur with ur family, you should give them ir undivided attention. Everything else can take the back burner for a few hours im sure!!!!

Andrea on

I actually really commend him for being so transparent. I think that some people might be viewing this from the wrong angle. I think that men tend to get their self worth from working to provide for their family. It’s a natural instinct for a man to be very focused on his work.

He admitted that he missed his family when he’s at work. Their marriage obviously works and it seems that they pick up the slack where it’s needed. I don’t think he’s choosing work over family. They actually seem to be quite hands on most of the time with their kids.

missy on

You all would rip a mother to shreds if she said this. So it’s okay for a man to say he’s “not present”, but women are demonized for the smallest indescretion.

postathread on

He should stay home with his kids. His acting sucks…

momma bear on

Wow! That took balls to admit to all of that. At least he’s honest, but I just wouldn’t want something like that published and then my kids seeing it when they’re older, you don’t know how they could take it.

T on

You know what? If it works for them, awesome. They’ve already been together longer than most of the couples in Hollywood these days, so clearly it’s working for them…but uh, on the other side of that…why would he want MORE kids if he doesn’t really spend that much time with the ones he’s got? :p

Guest on

Should have kept his big mouth shut. Dumb ass. Pityu Jen

Shay on

Mr. Affleck try to be in the moment with your kids 100% because they grow up so fast. Work will always be there.

Anonymous on

Once a loser, always a loser. Never thought he was a decent actor, husband, or family-man. He’s a selfish A–.

Ben-why don’t you just keep having kids so your doormat wife can do EVERYTHING!! Egotistical fool who will one day leave her for getting so fat and out of shape having all those kids he never spent time with anyway.

Jen on

Stupid article. Most people that have successful careers they love and a family they love feel the same way, I’m sure his wife feels that way too. Get over yourself Ben!

Meena on

Some of you are married to some sorry azz men.

Alia on

So if all the comments are bashing him for thinking about his work…who is supposed to provide for his family? Can’t be Jennifer…someone has to take care of the kids and I’m sure they’d rather it be Mom. If he’s passionate about his work and he also wants to provide for his family, what’s so wrong with that? Now..different story if Jennifer also wants to direct which I’m sure takes a lot of time and work, don’t know ’cause I don’t know them!

Anonymous on

At least he is honest. He is not trying to be a big pretender like some of these celebrity people who portray themselves as parents of the year. I am sure he is a good father though. Just maybe not as hands on as some are.

irascibleashlee on

I feel bad for Ben, because I feel that what was said was taken out of context. He loves his job, and there’s nothing wrong with that; but if you read the article, he says that while he loves his work, he doesn’t just take any role that comes along: ” I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them.”

In addition, I get what he’s saying about his mind being on other things while at home. When you are focused on a project nearly all day everyday, it can be hard to suddenly switch gears and focus on something else. Give the man a break. He is obviously committed to his family and committed to his craft. It can’t be easy trying to find balance between the two.

Kasey on

One word: Workaholic! There is nothing good about being a workaholic. It is one thing to enjoy work, but if he’s saying things like “I’m constantly thinking about other things” or “I try to spend time with the kids, even if it’s just a physical presence…” , that just sounds really dangerous to me.

You have to really be there for your kids. My dad was the same way and still is. He’s physically there when he isn’t working, but every parent has to be there emotionally and ‘spiritually’ if you will, as well. I hope he doesn’t turn into a father never there for his kids.

Morpheos on

This article is so edited it’s very misleading. When he says that his work is important to him, he also points out how it’s important to his wife too.

When talking about work, in the context of the interview he says that for him to take a job that takes him away from his family it has to be meaningful. The part where he talks about thinking of the work while at home is adressing his mindset while making the movies, something that can be compared to working on a project with a set deadline and jugling that with parenthood. It’s normal.

No wonder the guy hates the tabloids when they mislead like this.

Tyler on

KayakKimi…. Spell check girl!! It just amazes me how many of you on here will start ranting to everyone to quit hating, etc… but you cannot even spell correctly!! It is LYING!! Not LIEING!! You can tell a LIE and then you would be LYING!!!! Did you seriously get a diploma in high school??

Anonymous on

He Doesn’t Want to be A Stay at Home Dad. I think majority of Dads does. I don’t think majority of Moms do not want them to be too! Men can’t multi task

Glojean on

I think they are a great couple! I think some of you need to read the article again, or maybe I do?

WHEN HE IS MAKING A FILM, he is not at home as much, or when he is at home, his mind is on the film! How is that any different than someone in another job, with a dead line coming up and not being able to spend the time you normally do with your kids? YOU might be thinking about your work, even when you are at your kids baseball, soccer or rehearsals.

Jennifer has said they same things in articles. When she is making a movie, he picks up the slack. They are no different than a lot of people. Yep, they make a lot more money than us, but THEY earned it. They look like loving parents and they are married, trying to work everything out together.

I can see them making it!

Stefanie on

@people mag .. trying to ruin a guy out of nothing? idiots!

Detail Magazine – question: When you’re shooting, are you the kind of guy who goes to sleep thinking about the movie?

Ben Affleck- Answer: Always, always. I’m not very present in the rest of my life. My wife’s very patient. She does everything. If I have time, I try to spend time with the kids, even if just to be a physical presence, the bath, whatever. But my mind’s always going, “How are we going to light that shot tomorrow? What’s the master shot for that scene? Is there even going to be a master?” Just ruminating endlessly. Because for me—I wish it was discipline or being a great artist. But it’s just anxiety.

Anonymous on

Overrated and pretentious . This guy is just a terrible and greedy actor.

Anonymous on

What is wrong w/ him liking his job? At least he has one! And he’s providing for his family! He is there for his kids and his wife. I think Ben and Jen are a great couple and are able to balance their family life pretty well. Stop hating on him. He isn’t perfect, but who is?

Anonymous on

Sounds like any family out there! LOVE your kids and family and all, but sometimes it CAN get crazy and ‘work’ is consider the normal part of your life!

Good for them! – at least he is Jennifer are honest! not just saying stuff to be ‘stars’!

jason breezesent on

Dear Ben, Your work means NOTHING to this world. Maybe it means something to you, but to the world it means nothing. It has zero value. You have an ego big enough to drive a truck through.

RubyRed on

No wonder he wants more kids. It’s easy to want and have more if you’re not helping with the least-fun parts of raising children!

Nannyto1 on

I applaud him for being honest. There’s nothing wrong with needing more in your life than your children. Some people are fine staying at home with their children all the time. I only have one, who’s grown now, but I never wanted to be a stay at home Mom. I like to work and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as you have a good balance.

Karen on

MBC mentioned that if there’s “quality time” it’s all good in her “book”. Quality Time! Now there’s a blast from the past! It’s a term from the 80s and was meant to assuage guilt for parents who were too busy to spend time with their kids, but as long as they found time in their schedule to time to be with them and it was “quality” all was well. ( This applied to parents working and otherwise)

Ben was not talking about even this. He mentioned not being around much, and when he WAS present “the bath, whatever” he was thinking about getting the “master shot” My kids are older now, and trust me parents have to make time and be fully present. It’s something we all have to do.

Anonymous on

I think one day he is really going to regret his attitude towards his family. Kids grow up way too fast and once it is over it is over.

Michele on

So quick to judge people. He said his work has to mean something in order for him to leave his family. He is fortunate to have a job that he can pick and choose when he works. Every picture I have seen of him in last 6 years he is holding one of his kids. He looks like a doting dad. I think him saying that when he is immersed in work he has a hard time balancing the two. I am a full time working mom and have trouble balancing too. I think the article made him look like human and not typical Hollywood that kids are being raised by nannies.

Kari on

Might have been better just to keep his mouth shut…….


I just read the entire Details article. The writer did a really bad job of putting out there what Ben was saying.

Sharlene on

I think when you have children part of the equation is sacrifice. If you can afford it, I believe one parent should stay home with them until they reach kindergarten. It gives them the best foundation and it is selfless, as most parenting should be. Don’t have children if you will continue to put you and your needs first.

jane on

PEOPLE BUTCHERED this interview and pulled out pieces out of context, READ the real one and you will see what you are reading is completely opposite what he said.

patty on

Selfish prick is what he is. “If I have time I try to spend time with the kids”.. .really? You mean in between poker, strip clubs, and badly made B movies? What a loser!

Sandy on

Sounds like he needs to get his priorities in order. Yeah work is important- but come on- children are only going to be little and available for so long- then they want to be with friends, etc.. I don’t like that he says even when he is there-like during bath time–his mind is often somewhere else. That S*CKS! Especially for the kids cuz they can tell.

Sandy on

This article makes him sound like a self-centered-all about me jerk. To bad, now we will think of him this way. Thank God the kids have such a great mom.

Danielle on

Ben what you need is areal job…….Go to the Mall….they are hiring…….you were a movie star when you dated J.LO but now you are just a Hillbilly….that’s all.

Julia on

Holy hatchet job, People. Way to destroy any semblance of honest quoting. Sounds like Ben was being very forthright in his analysis of parenting (trying, difficult, not always fun) but also forthright in his adoration of his kids (if he’s not going to be with his kids because of work, the work had better be worth his time). And re: the “not being present in life” quite — he was answering a question specifically about while he is shooting a movie (which is not often). It would be like asking a corporate drone “are you preoccupied before you have to deliver a big presentation.” Horrible, horrible hatchet job.

Anonymous on

Tons of judgmental people on this site. Makes me wish People Mag would shut down the comments again…

Danielle on


kastia on

Wow… reading People’s quotes from the article vs. the actual article put him in very different lights.

Lesson: Read the actual article.

Kat on

LOL as soon as I saw how many “angry faces” were clicked in the “your reaction” section I knew there would be a bunch of my fellow women bitching about how he had the gall to be honest!

BMC on

This is about the most real thing I’ve heard from anyone in Hollywood lately. Thanks Ben for being honest about parenting, especially as a full-time working parent. People are lying to themselves if they say they haven’t confronted these same issues/feelings/etc.

Anonymous on

love them both. They seem like a honest married couple. We all have to pick up our spouse’s slack sometimes.

sad on

I don’t think this article paints him in a bad light. He’s admitting that he’s torn between work & home. When he’s at work he’s thinking about home & when he’s at home he’s thinking about work. It just means he wants to be at both places at the same time but can’t and he thanks goodness his wife is in charge at home because she’s fabulous at it and he’s not. This isn’t so different from most dads of most families.

Anonymous on

I don’t think the article is well written to convey his point. I am a stay at home mom, and my husband works long hours as well. I pretty much take care of all the house duties, as well as child duties, however, my husband provides all the money for us to have a house, and food, and allow me the luxury of being home with my kids. I have nothing but profound respect for my husband who works so hard to provide for us. Every family is different, so noone should pass judgement.

Anonymous on

i am disappointed in ben….when you start valuing work over your kids……hmmmmm….

gagirl on

Regardless of whether or not his comments were taken out of context, I still don’t think that’s a happy marriage. How soon people forget that Jennifer Garner “accidentally” got pregnant in an effort to keep him in the first place. She doesn’t have me fooled for one minute. And there are more than one blind items out there about his cheating ways. His relationships in the past have ended over his love of strippers and other women.

I don’t know why everyone has this particular marriage on a pedestal. I’m telling you, it is not what it seems. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. He looks f-ing miserable every time you see him. And the laughable part is that he acts like he’s got alllllll these blockbuster movies coming out and just cannot find the free time. He’s not a good actor and should stay on the other side of the camera anyway.

JM on

From some of the reactions here you’d think that a lot of you were married to him. it’s odd you know, and easy to be judgemental.

surely what matters at the end of the day is that he, his wife and kids are happy with the situation. now, from this article we don’t know if that is the case, we can’t say either way. many women are happy with men who’s priority is their work, only jennifer can speak for herself and say if she is or isn’t. in which case it is not my place to condemn their situation if it works for them.

i understand where everyone is coming from, there is no way i could put up with a man like that. my husband works hard but our family is his top priority and he loves spending time with us. if that wasn’t the case i wouldn’t be with him and wouldn’t have had kids with him. it’s one of the reason i have chosen to spend my life with him. i would not choose to spend my life with ben affleck, that’s why i haven’t… simple as that. it doesn’t mean i have to say all kinds of nasty things about him, because his decisions don’t affect me. it’s between him and his family…

Brandi on

If you are a working parent then you understand exactly what he means. You can’t me 100% at everything 100% of the time. That is what life is all about. You do your best trying to balance everything. Sometimes you are better at it than other times.

Every relationship that involves kids is about compromise and working together. Everyone who is hating on him is either not a working parent or just not being honest. I say kudos to him for being honest. At least he isn’t saying he is super dad all the time because that would be the popular thing to say.

Diane on

Should have stayed with J Lo. Their narcissism and values match.

Anonymous on

that is not a flattering picture but I still love him!

Monica on

Well dang, at least he is honest about it, as ugly as it is. Jennifer just wanted a family, just needed to fill the spot of a husband. I see that with women all the time, they just want to be Mum and Wife so they hunt for a male, any male. So she’s thankful she got what she wanted and she runs the show while he shows up occasionally. She spoke about wanting kids and to be married again after her fist marriage failed, and she was gonna push that one to work if he allowed her, he was the one that wanted out. So it is what it is, she certainly seems happy and eager to please.

Rachel on

good for you Ben! You turned out to be a good hubby and dad!

Amy on

“I don’t want to be a stay-at-home dad. Work is very important to me. I like to work. But I need my work to mean something to me in order for me to not be home with them”

I’m not sure I see what people are so up-in-arms about on this thread. He’s honest and torn. We should all be so lucky to have a careeer we love and a family we don’t want tobe apart from for something trivial.

qt8625 on

At least he’s honest but it doesn’t surprise me as he always came across like that. There is a coldness about him but he is a smart man as he married a woman who is warm and patient which is something he needs.

traycee on

He never seemed that into his family. At least he is honest though…

Sarah S on

I can certainly understand what he is saying. My mind is always going about work as well. Then the guilt sets in that I’m not giving my kid the time he needs. It’s a viscious cycle but I don’t think it’s hurting his kids, they look happy and mom and dad toggle the work, so it’s not as bad as they make it seem in this article.

Jill on

No surprises in this article.

Monica on

For those who say this is probably taken out of context, why don’t you go on Details website and read the whole thing? I can save you time and tell you nothing here is taken out of context. That’s literally all that he says about his family and it is in this context. One sentence is incomplete, when he says that he likes to work, he says “so does my wife.”

Jennifer on

You prefer work over kids?? Oh then by all means, keep popping those kids out!!

Marie on

More kids is not what he needs. He is cute, but not that cute! Jennifer Garner is adorable & she may get sick of it sometime.

Veronica on

@gagirl- IA completely. I never bought into this family man image of his. He’s always been into gambling, strippers, and booze. I think he’s still the same. He just has Jennifer pushing this happy and everyday family image of them.

He comes around when he has something to promote or when she was pregnant with the son he always wanted. I don’t think his comments were taken out of context either. He never looks interested or engaged in his family. Now we hear from Ben that he isn’t “present” with his family because he’s thinking of other things.

This is a classic case of being careful what you wish for. Jennifer got what she wanted “Ben”. She had a crush on him during Daredevil, and has always been an ambitious social climber. Dumps Scott Foley to take up with Michael Vartan, then blindsides Michael to take up with Ben when she saw her opening. I think as long as there isn’t photographic evidence presented to the public of Ben’s activities, then she’s content to the look the other way.

Ben probably wants more children so Jennifer is so busy with them that she isn’t keeping up with what he’s doing away from home + wanting him to get more involved in parenting.

I love how he manages to always insert Blake Lively into his interviews. He sure looked “present” and happy on The Town set with her. Wonder how he feels about her marriage.

Lynda on

The kids are ok, it’s what they have been accustomed to since birth. We are the ones that get upset about the article, it does sound awful the way he thinks, but he admitted it and evidently Jen is ok with it, it must work for both of them, time away from each other, and be grateful for the little bit of time they do spend together. we all have made comments about how we never see Ben with the family that often. So it’s not really shocking.

Lilly on

No one seems to appreciate his honesty. Fact is, he loves his wife, and especially his kids. But, he still has to work to support and feed them. His life isn’t solely based on raising children; he has to have something for himself, too! He’s just saying he needs a balance for both. That not only makes for a good parent, but also a good human being.

farrell on

my husband is awesome. He loves being home with me and the kids after he comes home from work. He helps me out all the time with my kids. I am so lucky to have him in my life. i feel sorry for women who have men that would rather work than be home with the kids.

Anonymous on

This article does not paint him in a good light. Definitely changes my opinion of him 😦

NNI616 on

I appreciate the honesty, but it makes me very sad for Jennifer Garner and their girls.

KD on

I”m a mom and I don’t like to be home all the time with my child either…it’s normal…for those who judge oh well, get over it and stick to your own life. I have to work as a single mom. I’ve had a job since I was 14 and I love the interaction, my time, my work friends, etc.

I think the article was poorly written and makes Ben out to be a bad dad…I give him credit for being honest, whatever he and Jennifer are doing works for them.

sookie on

What a jerk!

Kimmie on

Ben said that it’s just anxiety. I’m not sure why they decided to have 3 kids, if he has anxiety. I believe the more responsiblity we have, the more anxiety we experience. They should probably stick with the 3 and not even think about more kids, ever.

farrell on

when i was little my dad didn’t spend very much time with me. So, to this day i feel neglected and don’t have a great relationship with him. It’s really hurtful.

Bree on

Sounds like he puts work before family. The article made him sound as if he couldn’t be bothered by his kids. I used to be a fan but the attitude portrayed in this article has changed my mind.

Danielle on

A man without a job ….feels bad and that affect his self worth….

LuvLeeRita on

This song is dedicated to the many Dad’s out there who think work is sometimes more important than spending good time with their children and their wives:

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon
Little boy blue and the man on the moon
When you comin’ home, Dad
I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then
You know we’ll have a good time then.

Anonymous on

…you dont say

Ann S on

Hmmm…. no time for kids… kids are trying… then why want more? I think of my child all the time, when I am at work, when I am driving home from work and especially when I am with her 🙂 Although it might be a male thing. My husband, loving dad that he is, seems to like dealing with a nice, clean, changed, fed baby, not so much the process it takes to get her there. I certainly don’t let him get away with it.

Julie on

Where he said the he is not a duting dad? i read the full interview and that quote was referred at time he was filming/ diretcting Argo (spent 2 months of his life and since he dircets in each 2 or 3 years). in the article he says that slows down work since becoming a family man )… The same way he stay at home with the kids, while Jen is working on a movie, as she has said in her interviews and that says she is a great dating dad.

Emily on

He is saying his mind is constantly going and his wife picks up the slack WHEN HE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF FILMING A MOVIE, which is not all the time. Egads people. Must we assume the worst?

Sue on

Wow, I had the impressiono he was a doting dad, but guess the truth comes from the horses mouth! No wonder he wants more kids, he doesn’t have to take care of them!

Rachel on

READ the article guys. It says when he’s in the middle of a job (directing/acting/etc…) he’s not the most present dad. He didn’t say he’s like that 100% of the time. Now my dad was a working dad and he was an awesome dad (still is – and an awesome grandfather!), but there were plenty of times I can remember him worrying about work or having to bring some work home with him. It’s not the end of the world. He said he’s anxious about it during that time and I’m sure he is. Doesn’t make him a bad dad… at least he’s THERE! That’s what his kids will remember.

Anonymous on

At least he’s admitting it now! We don’t have to wait 20-30 years for his kids to come out with a tell-all about their absentee dad! I never cared for Ben, but his admittance takes a lot of ‘balls’–something I never thought he had, except for wasting a lot of money at gambling.

Sharon on

Amy I agree if you don’t make time for your children now chances are they won’t make time for you…however, I’ve raised two boys and one I see a lot and the other not as often.

It also depends on who they marry! So that statement isn’t always true. My children were given a lot of time by both parents. I think that the Afflects probably have it balanced out good with their work schedule. It just isn’t written well.

SamiDanny on

I can relate to him. I love my kids, but I just cant stay at home 24/7. Some may call it selfish, but I do need time to grow myself also. On another note, he never seems to age, and Jennifer gets even more beautiful everytime I see her.

P on

Can’t see where he can even be called a mediocre actor.
He should re-think his objection on becoming a “stay at home” DAD. !!

NOW …. his buddy ……. Matt Damon is a really terrific actor !!

loatbxgirl68 on

Why have kids if you don’t really want to be with them? You are with them for 5 minutes and start thinking about work, how is that being a parent?

Joyce on

He’s honest and he’s right. Most women do pick up the slack. She doesn’t work as much as he does and she chooses her children over her career. He isn’t built like that. Nothing wrong with that. It works for them.

susan on

My advice to him would be, “slow down and enjoy the moment.” As a mother of 2 grown kids, times goes by quicker than you think and nothing is worse than “I should have” or worse “I wish”..Enjoy your kids now, they are only this age once!!

Anonymous on

“I am not very present with the rest of my life” Actors are idiots.

Walter on

Hey Ben,I admire you work ethics but your family takes precedent over that. That kind of attitude and you will be a visting Dad!

Walter on

So you removed mine!!

Dorinda on

When you are old one day Mr. Affleck, what will mean the most to you is your children stopping by and being there for you. Be there for them now. There is NOTHING more important than your family. Nothing. Spending time with your kids pays dividends.

usmc on

Hey Ben you will eventually be a visiting Dad!!

John on

Why is it that is seems like women today only want men for their sperm and than once these women get what THET want
( i.e. a kid or two) all they care about this their choild and forget about the guy they married?

anonymous on

I find it admirable that he is not afraid to admit this. I am a part time stay at home mom. Honestly, most of the time I’d rather be at work.

Anonymous on

Everybody, a man who sits home and watches his kids and doesn’t bring home the money is worthless. He is proving he is a good parent by going out to work. I can’t believe there is a story about how he doesn’t want to stay home. Let the mother stay at home. It’s only natural.

judi on

I think a whole lot is being taken out of context here, I think they are both great parents and on the internet you see them out and about all the time with their kids. In the old days father brought home the money and women stayed home with the kids, that did not make them bad parents. It was concidered a mans responsibility to take care of his family.