Angela Kinsey: I’m Grateful for My Late Nights with Isabel

09/12/2012 at 02:00 PM ET

All work and no play isn’t in the cards for Angela Kinsey each day.

Instead, the single mom attempts to balance long hours on the set of The Office with spending late nights making memories with 4-year-old Isabel Ruby.

“There are days I’m tired at work because I chose to have a late night with Isabel and watch a movie just so we can have time together,” the actress told PEOPLE during the unveiling of her new position as Citrus Lane‘s brand ambassador on Saturday in Los Angeles.

“And then I’m tired for that 5 a.m. call time, but I’m so glad I had that night with her.”

But despite her best efforts, the working mom has yet to perfect the juggling act — and admits she most likely never will.

“Yesterday was my day off and I took a bunch of meetings and felt horrible that I wasn’t the one who picked her up from school,” Kinsey, 41, says. “I could have said no to the meeting, but I felt I needed to go to it.”

When the “struggle” of it all gets to be too much, Kinsey finds a supportive shoulder — and fellow mom! — in costar Jenna Fischer, who welcomed son Weston last September.

“We totally are [good friends] and [compare notes] all the time. Jenna learned a little bit from my trial and error on set, too, and how to pump — we both breastfed,” she says.

“I have three sisters and they’re not in [L.A.] … so Jenna is that person for me that I call and say, ‘Isabel had a tantrum, did I handle it the right way?’ I need someone to bounce that off of.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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Mina on

Being a mother comes first! If you have to work, or want to work, do your hours and thats all! Your kids are at home, waiting for you! Her day off to be with her kids and she….i just cant believe this article….i just….such a shame. I feel bad her kids came second to an optional meeting! Especially when moms been gone all week to begin with, now they dont even get weekends when the meeting wasnt even required! OMG, I’m about to cry!

Angela Kinsey on

Hi Mina,

It’s me, Angela Kinsey, who this article is about. I have never responded on a message board before but I feel like I have to. When I read this I was immediately worried that some of this interview would be taken out of context.

The Friday that I had off from work I was able to make breakfast for my daughter and take her to school in the morning, and we had the whole afternoon and evening together.

I scheduled my meetings while she was in pre-k precisely so I wouldn’t miss extra time with her, but I was unable to pick her up and that made me sad. My daughter is my life and I am always upset when I miss any moment of her day.

I often say no to jobs and meetings just so we can have time together. These meetings were for new jobs, because as of April I will no longer have a job, so I thought I better go to them.

You always have guilt even when you know you are doing the best that you can. I was trying to be honest in the interview and explain that as a working Mom I never feel like I can juggle it all, but I try.

Mina on

I apologize if it seems like I lashed out. I’ll admit…I was forced to work, and hated every minute of it. My son would rave about the fun things other moms did that day with their kids (picnics, park trips, farm trips, ice cream, cartoons, etc)…to make a long story short my son wanted those memories and I was PAINED I couldnt give that to him. Thats why i become defensive to moms who want to work, even if they might not have to.

He hated daycare. He came home with headaches from the other kids crying and screaming. He was an only child so he was not used to this. I couldnt afford a nanny nor did I have any family. Friends all worked too. I had no choice but discount daycare. Summer vacation was the worst (once he started school). I would hear how other kids would have slumber parties and stay up late and then sleep in and hang around in jammies in the morning while I had to wake my son up and dress him to drag him to daycare.

So please understand where I come from. I would hope you can talk to your children about how THEY feel too. I know a womoan has a RIGHT to work and the CHOICE but those little voices are more important!

Mommytoane on

I think its awesome that Angela spends as much time with her little princess as she can. As a single mom, that can’t be easy. Many single moms work so many hours they either never, or barely see their children in the first place. That Angela takes the time and even stays up later and deprives herself of sleep to see her daughter proves shes one in a million.

Single parenting isn’t a walk in the park. Its not some glorious choice to stay home and parent…because they are both parents rolled into one. As women we can’t depend on a man to support us….we have to depend on ourselves. Yes, children do tend to come first, but then they always will.

Perhaps instead of judging in the future Mina, you will try to put yourself in someone elses shoes and think if how it would be to walk the path they have to walk. Life isn’t about easy choices. Its about the hard ones too.

Kudos to Angela for making every moment she has with her daughter count.

Anonymous on

Mina is always negative and her response to Angela’s comment is hilarious. More celebrities should respond to hateful posts and make the commenters feel dumb.

hollybecks on

I am a single working Mum and I understand this guilt! After my divorce, not my choice, I had to go back to work and it was so hard to be away missing little things. We all have to make choices to find ways to be there as much as we can for our kids.

Hang in there angela! For me it got easier once my guys were in school because then I knew they were occupied and happy instead of with a sitter.

Jessica on

Being a working single mother must be the hardest thing in the world! You have to be pulled in a million directions at once all the time and then feel guilty/unsure about your every decision. From what I have learned its a waste of energy to feel guilty about those decisions or defend your actions to other people!

I have worked as a Professional Nanny for many years and cannot believe the way mothers judge other mothers. I see it everyday. Being a mother is hard enough you don’t need negativity coming from someone who thinks they know what is best for your child! Do what works for you and don’t judge others who do what works for them!

A career is something to be proud of. Being a mother is something to be proud of. The fact that Angela is doing both to the best of her ability is something her daughter will be proud of one day!

Mia on

Wow….does she look like her father.

ANJ on

Ms. Kinsey,

I am glad you stuck up for yourself! I think some people forget the beautiful woman and daughter in the picture are PEOPLE, who have feelings, especially regarding the raising of their children.


Mina on

I don’t feel dumb at all. I dont usually judge, but if you are downright choosing optional work over your kids, it bothers me, and I have a right to an opinion.

Kids only get ONE childhood. ONE time to be carefree. They too, will have to work for the rest of their lives. Make it as best of a childhood as possible. Dont choose optional work over time with your children.

I dont think this woman is hurting for money…shes famous. She probably makes what I make in 3 months. If you budget what you earn instead of living lavishly, you wouldnt have to work so much or so often.

Mommytoane on

Mina, you are correct you have a right to your opinion. But bashing someone and being completely rude over the internet to someone when you would never actually say those things to your face..isn’t right. Its down right childish, and immature. If you’re angry. Fine. Be angry.

But who are you really angry at? Yourself for the missed moments you had, or Angela? Its not your right to judge tho. I would guess that you would feel pretty bad if someone were to judge your parenting choices. Everyone parents their way. You parent yours and keep your nose out of others business.

JM on

Mina, would you say the same to the many fathers who CHOOSE to work? why is it the mum’s job to stay at home?

Mina on

Actually JM you bring up a good point. I would not mind at all if a father stayed home and mom worked. As long as the child has a parent present to make memories…..and not be thrown on a stranger to raise.

Nannies, daycares, babysitters….your kids are paychecks to them. How would you feel your child is telling their grandchildren that instead of out catching frogs in the creek he was at daycare all the time with strangers. Or that the first time he took his first step, mom or dad wasnt there to see it….Miss Nancy was!

I wouldnt mind a father staying home JM. I do have a problem with people who throw their kids to others in favor of optional work.

Its hard enough on single mothers who have no choice, but to take on more hours when you dont have to makes me as a single mother who longs to spend as much time with her child but CANT, angry.

Emily on

Mina, my mother-in-law has babysat children for 30 years while their parents have gone off to work. She charges less than most daycares because the children are more to her than a paycheck. She loves them like family. Please rest assured there are many happy kids out there making great memories while their parents work–whether the parent really needed the money or not. (Even if the money is not necessary, working for sanity and/or personal fulfillment constitute necessities in my book.)

nala7299 on

I never respond on here either, but I felt compelled because I’ve never seen a celebrity take the time to reply. So, she has the courtesy to further explain what she feels and what she meant, and yet, Mina, you continue to be rude and judge her? That makes me sad for you.

I am sorry that your life has been such a hardship, but you probably would benefit from doing some self healing rather than projecting your resentment and opinions onto a person you don’t even know. I hope Angela isn’t continuing to read this board because it would be of no benefit to her to read your follow-up comments.

Treat yourself with respect, deal with your own stuff, and then you will understand and have more compassion toward other human beings. It’s easy to sit in judgement of famous people on here, but they’re people.

Shelbee McKinnon on

Wow, Mina obviously doesn’t follow Angela Kinsey on twitter, huh? All she tweets about is Iz, and it’s adorable. And she spends so much time with her all of the time. Ridiculous. A+ Angela, you go girl!