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09/12/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
I think I’m officially showing – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Thank you for welcoming back celebrity blogger Jennie Finch.

After sharing her pregnancy with now 14-month-old son Diesel Dean with us, we asked the recently retired softball player for an update on family life.

It turns out that Finch had some news to break: she’s expecting her third child — a girl! — in January!

In addition to Baby D, the Olympian, 32 โ€” who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing โ€” and her husband, pitcher Casey Daigle, are also parents to son Ace Shane, 6.

You can find Finch — author of Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourselfon Facebook and @JFinch27 on Twitter.

This pregnancy is flying by! I’ve been keeping busy with my boys, and still traveling quite a bit for work, so that will pretty much make time fly. It’s all a blessing.

Ace is now a first grader. It’s official that summer has come and gone. We are back into bedtimes, packing lunches and homework — along with counting down the days until the weekend constantly!

Having two boys this go around, I’ve noticed that this pregnancy has been a little harder on me physically. I have to remind myself why I am so tired at times — being a working mom just like so many out there, you have to just keep pressing onward. My doctor described it as “survival mode for the first trimester” and I often still feel this way even though I’m into the second trimester.

I can’t tell you how much I respect all the single parents out there doing it all solo. I am so blessed to have Casey and the teamwork it takes to make it all go. When I do get a minute to think about our precious little girl inside of me I am reminded of what a true miracle it is. Incredible.

Yes, I said girl! We are so excited about our little darling inside of me. We are so beyond grateful for our boys, but it will be fun to add some pink in the mix. People always said, “Don’t you want a girl?” My reply has always been my boys are more than I could’ve imagined, and I am thankful for whatever we get!

I’ve been getting a lot of, “Now you have your softball player!” Yes, I get to share my pink Mizuno equipment with her — it is a fierce pink. Having two older brothers myself, I know just how special it is to have them. It’s so fun to think that she will have two older brothers to teach her, look out for her, toughen her up, to hang with and to love her.

I am so grateful she will get that same experience I had being the baby girl. I blame and credit my brothers for my competitive fire within me. Growing up, I lost at everything! My brothers are quite a bit older — 10 years and 5 years — so it was a challenge but I have some of the most amazing memories with my big brothers.

The entire family! – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Ace gets this little sweet smile every time we talk about his baby sister … it’s precious. I have no worries like I did the last time about what kind of big brother he’ll be, or that he’ll be sad with less attention. With one little brother already, he’s a pro! He is such a big help with Diesel, and such a loving, kind big brother. I know my boys will love their sister.

It was fun to be able to walk in the stores and get to look in the baby girl section. It can be dangerous, there are so many more girls clothes out there than boys. I had it easy with my boys and still do. They keep it pretty simple, and Diesel wears Ace’s hand-me-downs. As much as our little girl will have ruffles and bows, I am sure there will be a tomboy inside of her as well.

I’m feeling her kick more and more. I don’t remember my boys kicking this early, or maybe I didn’t recognize it my first couple times. She is really active and she often makes herself known when I’m rocking Diesel (our 14-month-old) and giving him a bottle.

I get tickled inside thinking how am I going to rock two little ones! It will all work out, and we have some time before she comes to figure it out. All you mamas out there with little ones right in a row, give me your tips! How did you balance two under two?

For now we are excited to get our fall softball camps going. We have a busy fall schedule with six of them. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me pitching and in shape. I love getting out there on the field with the girls who love the game.

It’s my favorite thing to do, and it’s a family affair for us. Everyone travels — my dad, mom, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sometimes even the cousins. Plus I have my former teammates come in. It’s a great time, and I look forward to those softball-centric mini-reunions!

Let me know how you handle two under two in the comments below, or send me a Tweet — I’m @JFinch27.

My Tuesday morning workout – Courtesy Jennie Finch

Still dreaming andย believing,

— Jennie Finch

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Lola on

You look gorgeous & your boys (all 3) are so handsome!! As a former softball player I certainly miss watching you play….best of luck over the next few months girl!

Shannon on


I found out I was pregnant with my third just before my 2nd had seen her first birthday! It is hard having two under two, but my advice is to try to get them to nap at the same time. Then, forget the dishes or the work you have to get caught up on, and take a nap yourself!

I liked to read a book to my toddler while I nursed my newborn, that way she didn’t feel left out and wasn’t AS jealous of the closeness I was having with the new baby!

Good luck to you and your beautiful family!

Lisa on

What a beautiful family! Such a cute bump! I am sure Ace is going to help with this baby as well, and maybe the little one will start to help!

What’s nice is because you are married each one of you, you and your husband can each handle one of the little ones and when they are napping spend some extra special time with Ace. Or make outings just with the boys!

Holiday on

You will love having a girl after 2 boys! It really is fun to have both genders ๐Ÿ™‚ My son came first and then 4.5 years later my little girl.

Jessica on

I have three under 5. The only advice I can give is just to enjoy all the moments, and don’t even think that everything will be perfect. Things will be messy, chaotic, and not under control most of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ But there is nothing like watching your kids love eachother, grow with eachother, learn from eachother and create memories that you will cherish your entire life.

I have no doubt you will manage just fine, you seem like a wonderful mother, and it sounds like you have some great support. Don’t worry about how things will go, just live in the moment and enjoy!

Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

K-B!* on

You are an AMAZING softball player, Jennie! & absolutely beautiful! You & your family! You seem like a wonderful mother with what looks to be two VERY happy boys & a stunned husband! You’re an amazing woman & I look up to you, very much!

Mary on

Jennie – mine are 16 months apart and honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You make it work. Knowing that I was pregnant when my 1st was 7.5 months old, scary! But, you change one, you change another!

Napping at the same time if possible is huge! And they shared a room. They are super close (boy and girl) now 5 and almost 4.

Seems like you already are rocking it and have lots of support. You’ll shine! Congrats!

Cheryl on

Congratulations Jennie!! My daughter went to your softball camp in New York 2 years ago and was thrilled to have her picture taken with you and your medals. Her pitching has improved so much since the camp – we can’t thank you enough!! Can’t wait to see your little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Jessica on

I had 4 kids in 6 years; my first two are 13.5 months apart then there is a 4 year gap between #2 & #3. #3 & #4 are 16 months apart. Having them nap at the same time was crucial for my survival.

You have to learn to let the housework go. If you’re picking laundry out of a basket so what? At least it’s clean and dry.

Take time to find your “groove”. Having three takes some juggling and my experience from talking to a lot of other mothers of 3 or more is that the 3rd one is always different; not better or worse, but very different. That has been my experience with my #3 for sure!

Amy D. on

We are currently expecting our third (a boy!) after having 2 girls, so congratulations to your family for the newest addition!

My girls are 20 months apart and it was so hard not to look at my older daughter as a “big girl” when her sister arrived. The blessing was having them be in similar stages, like taking multiple naps per day and being in diapers. Not a big change, just another little body to keep track of!

And you are lucky to have Ace who is old enough to help with his little brother and baby sister. Take advantage of that if you can and good luck!

Kat on

I enjoy reading your pregnancy blog! You seem grateful and truly know you are blessed!

I have 3 girls under 3 right now ๐Ÿ˜› my oldest will be 3 in 1 month, an 18 month old and a 10 week old and I agree with the others getting them to nap at the same time or at least overlap for a half hour is huge and worth the effort!!

Good luck to you! I’m a former softball player (pitcher) and look forward to sharing the sport with my girls as well!!

Heather A on

I had boy,girl twins when my oldest son was just 2. It will come naturally as to how to handle 2 little ones and an older child.

The worst part for me was trying to get over the guilt of not being able to give my 2 yr old all the attention he had been getting before twins. I felt guilty through my entire twin pregnancy with thoughts of my oldest is going to dislike the babies or be sad all the time. I was completely wrong. From the minute we brought our twins home,my 2 yr old was an angel! He was so sweet to them and helpful.

My advice is to try and get some one on one time with each of your babies. Just enjoy everything. Now my oldest is 6 and my twins are 4 and they all fight like cats and dogs with eachother,but the are all amazing. Honestly I think it was easier when they were 2 and newborns!

Congrats and enjoy your beautiful family!

Catie on

First, Congratulations! A little girl…yea! I have 3 girls. The only boys are my brother-in-law, who is 4 (he’s adopted) and my nephew who is 2. They are rough and rowdy, and although my girls can hang with them, they are NOTHING like boys! Girls have way different personalities…and their demeanor is also very different.

My middle one and the youngest are 18 months apart. Yes, I had a 1 1/2 year old when I had the baby! Things were actually really easy. Since they were all girls, the youngest ones looked up to the older ones. The baby was off the pacifier, bottle and out of diapers before I knew it! She was the easiest to ween off of everything, and all because she saw her sisters and wanted to be like them. It seems like you will be running around non-stop (not that you don’t already!), and you will be. You will figure out what works for you though, it’s just mother’s instinct.

Well, we can’t wait to see the beautiful new addition to your family! Love reading your blog…having girls that play softball makes it even more exciting to hear what you are up to! Good luck, and again CONGRATS!

Anonymous on

My oldest was 10 months old when we got pregnant with my second. It was easy to rock them both because he loved to coddle with her too so we just all cuddled together. Nap when they nap and don’t sweat the small stuff. As the saying goes if things aren’t perfect the ones that matter won’t care and the one’s who care don’t matter. Just spend time with your family they grow up fast mine are now 6 and almost 8 and it has flown by. Congratulations ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen S on

Mine are a year apart and I didn’t sleep for a really long time. Even without sleep, the hardest part for me was not being able to tend to both of them at the same time. I had to let it go and tell myself that it was ok to let one cry while I cared for the other. The rest of it was really a blur. I LOVE having kids so close together in age. They are truly best friends and I hope they are friends for life.

Kaylyn on

Tip #1 – sleep is huge. Trade off, hire a bit if you can but you need some sleep to stay healthy and strong. Tip #2 – whenever it is overwhelming (and it likely will be at times) think of how many would love to be so blessed. This was advice given to me and I found it incredibly valid with my little ones (14 months apart.)

momof2in1year on

My two are 11 days less than a year apart. My daughter will be 15 in October and my son 14 in 8 days. My sister had her 4th about 4 months after her oldest turned 4 (twins in the middle) and my brother’s 2nd and 3rd are 15 months apart.

I agree with those who had trouble remembering that their older one is still a baby. It did not help that my daughter was physically and verbally advanced and seemed older.

My other piece of advice is to cut yourself a TON of slack! Be as laid back as possible– everything is going to be fine. Good luck!

Emili on

I had 4 children under 2. I had a set of twins in there. Keep a tight schedule and hire a housekeeper to at least do your bathrooms and kitchen. My boys are now 6,5,5and3.5.

Angie on

I can tell you having THREE under the age of four (mine are all grown 25,22,21) it was hard but like anything else with kids rewarding. I was “surprised” to find out that I was pregnant with my daughter (she is the baby with two older brothers too) when my son was 8 months old but the three of them have always been very close.

I would suggest that whenever you can get a chance to have a “date night”, take it! You will need some grown up time. Like when pregnant, when the little ones take a nap, you do also….I was fortunate that I didn’t have to work at that time but it just meant that I did everything with the 3 of them running around.

Good luck! What a blessing and ride you will have! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Lovely girl and family . . God Bless.

Halley on

My sister had three under three, and she said that creating a schedule, and sticking to it like glue, was the name of the game. Her oldest is 7 now, and they’re great kids!

mom of 4 in 2 1/2 years on

Congrats on the impending arrival of your little girl! How fun to be adding more children to your family. I had 4 kids in 2 1/2 years. My youngest are twins. Yes, it is crazy but so much fun. I had 4 in diapers, 4 in cribs, 4 stroller age, etc. Surprisingly I never feel outnumbered. Exhausted, of course but hard to complain about 4 beautiful healthy children! Like you, I have an amazing husband who makes parenting fun.

My advice is to nap when you can, which I never did and wished I had! Sounds like your extended family will be a good support so never turn down help. Regular date nights with your husband and time for yourself are a must! I also learned pretty quickly to have small goals for what you can get done on a daily basis, then you cant be hard on yourself when you look around and everything is a mess and you “to do” list is still long!

You and your husband seems well prepared and your older son can be a help. My first 2 were boys and my twins are girls – you will enjoy adding some pink – I certainly did!

cynthia on

beautiful boys and im sure girl will be too congrats :)i actualy have 5 oldest was born in 90, twins 91 and twins again in 93 all grown and i survived lol now i have 2 beautiful grandbabies people always ask howd u do it i said you just do its a mommy thing

Athena on

Hi Jennie! I had 5 children under the age of 10 with 4 of those under the age of 3 all at one time! It was wonderful and crazy and I would trade a moment of it. I no longer have little ones (almost all grown up) but I remember getting them into a (somewhat) routine for naptime, dinnertime, bathing. I did this all on my own (unexpectedly) but felt so blessed just to the have those precious little ones.

I agree with most of the comments here, don’t fret if the housework is not always done or something has to wait until the next day. Just enjoy them all now because, as we all know, they grow up much too quickly! God bless you and your family.

4mom on

When my son was born I already had three girls ages 8, 3.5, and 14 months. The oldest was of course in school so I had the other three full time. My 14 month old gave up her second nap 2 months before the baby was born and the 3.5 year old gave up all naps when she turned 3. So even on days when I could get the youngest two to have an overlapping nap I had the older one to try and keep quiet and busy. At first daddy took her to work with him so I could rest and later we just made it work with lots of fun time together.

I did a lot of book reading while the baby nursed as others have commented and you will find the double kid hold will come pretty natural to you. I still walk around with a 2 year old on one side and an 11 month old on the other. Sometimes mom is the only one they want and it usually happens when I am out with them somewhere. I sat in a chair at my oldest daughters basketball game yesterday with the baby on one leg facing me asleep and the toddler on the other asleep.

Cherish these moments because all too soon they grow up and run off to do their own thing!

erin on

Hi Jennie,

Congrats on expanding your family. I had 3 children in 3 years. Not what I would have planned but now that they are 11, 10, and 8, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. My first two children are 11 months apart, with my third following 2 years later. The best advice that I can give you, is to remember to make time for yourself, and the rest will work itself out. Each child is so very different, with their level of independence, sleep patterns, the only thing you can do is maintain your level of sanity, and muddle on through like the rest of you.

As well, Thank you for being such a fantastic role model for girls and young women, my 8 and 10 year old girls worship you and your colleagues thoroughly. Something that when I played, didn’t have. Both are hoping that you might consider having a clinic in Southwestern Ontario in the future.

Good luck with your family, to a speedy and safe delivery, and back to the diamond sooner than later.

Casey on

I have 3 under 2, 2 under 2 is a piece of cake, youโ€™ll be able to do it!

themommamaven on

My 2 dudes are 18 months apart and are now 2 1/2 and 1 and it has been quite the crazy ride for sure! Best advice is to realize that the craziness wont last forever. My second didn’t sleep through the night until he was 10 months old which was insanely hard with a VERY active toddler to chase after during the day. Once they could finally play with one another it got even more fun but also more crazy, I have to remember that the chaos wont last forever, some days it’s manageable some days I want to beg someone to come give me a break but here I am and I’m still standing ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other thing I have to remember is that the good precious moments wont last forever either, so despite the frustrating times you HAVE to cherish every single day… it goes too fast… and the next thing you know they’ll both be headed to college. Lots of deep breaths, extra snuggles, and tons of pictures- that’s the key to 2U2!

Anon. on

My mother had my brother and I back to back!! We are 13 months apart….yes I mean 13 months!! I always thought she was absolutely crazy but she keeps telling me that when I decide to start a family, that back to back is the way to go. Her best advice was to get them to nap at the same time to and try to get them on the same exact schedule:) it worked out really well with us I guess! haha anyways Congrats on the bundle of joy!!!