Spotted: Kristin Cavallari – Baby’s Day Out

09/12/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Michael Simon/Startraks

It’s the look of love!

Basking in baby bliss, Kristin Cavallari gazes down at her son Camden Jack while strolling Chicago’s city streets on Tuesday.

Since welcoming her first child with fiancé Jay Cutler on Aug. 8, Cavallari has been keeping her fashion ensembles simple, telling PEOPLE,

“I’ve mostly been wearing my most comfortable clothes — lots of leggings and T-shirts and maxi dresses. I’ve been so tired, so whatever is easiest is what I’m wearing.”

But motherhood’s not the only thing on Cavallari’s plate: This December the designer will launch her capsule collection with Chinese Laundry.

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Ashley on

Kristin is great, I love her!


Awwwww congrats to the new parents 🙂

K from Canada on

Awwh soo happy for her! Nothing better then a momma & her baby boy. She has the best days of her life ahead of her! Congrats K, looking beautiful as always!

Ashley on

She looks gorgeous in that picture!! Congrats!

Tamara on

She looks great! So excited that she partnered with Chinese Laundry. They are one of my favorite shoe brands!

Kel on

Kristin has come a long way from her Laguna beach/The Hills days she has matured beautifully and I’m sure she will be an awesome mom I’m happy for her.

Pink on

Beautiful girl. But she seems kind of a bitch.

val on

Uh no, that would probably be you.

nancy on

Cant wait to see him…guess they will be doing a photo shoot sometime…GOOOOOOOOOO BEARS !!!! … :)…I sure hope Camden watches his daddy thurs nite, and cheers him on..Oooooooooh he should get together with the Rancic baby..oooooooh what a picture that would be.. 🙂

nancy on

I wanna c Camden wearing a Bears onies..would be sooooooo cute !!!…. :)..or a # 6 jersey… !!


hate the name but she looks so in love!

anonymous on

Maybe it’s just because I am from this area, but why did she choose the name Camden? I can’t help but think of Camden NJ, not the best town on the east coast.

Does anyone know why she chose the name Camden?

Sarah on

I am so excited for her shoe line with Chinese Laundry! I’ve heard a lot of great things already! Can’t wait till December!

Kristen on

The designer? Are you serious? She’s a reality “star”. Gosh – I feel sorry for people with real talent who struggle to make it in the fashion industry and see these idiots run in and become ‘designers’. Like all the moronic Real Housewives and their ‘lines’…

Shea on

Actually, she’s probably looking down thinking “oh geez, another icky diaper? I just had my mani!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Julie on

My son is named Camden. It was chosen because of family tie to Camden SC. There Camdens in several states. She may not even have chosen it after a city. She could have just heard the name. I didnt know any Camdens when we chose the name but Ive heard tons of them since.

sophie on

Ashley- you love her? Did you watch her reality tv shows where she stabbed everyone in the back and was an all around bitch? Not sure why she is suddenly a darling to People mag/online. That being said, I can’t say I’m not jealous that she never has had to or will have to worry about money.

Guest on

Just like you said, it was a tv show. Do you know “reality” tv isn’t real (especially Laguna Beach and The Hills)?

Another Camden's mom on

Camden ME, Camden NY, Camden DE, Camden CA, Camden TN, Camden AL, Camden England…to name a few. Camden NJ is the only one most have heard of but there are many others.

mandysandy on


jaintn on

I remember this girl was on the last couple seasons of an MTV reality show that ended a few years ago. I watched several episodes of the show and she had to be one of the nastiest pieces of work I’ve ever seen. A complete snob, conceited, selfish, and just downright mean. I was embarrassed for her and wondered how her parents could feel anything but shame to see how their daughter behaved toward other people. Now she’s latched onto some NFL player and her every move is documented by People magazine like she’s some academy award winning actress. What gives?

Guest on

The fact that you actually thought that her reality show was real pretty much discounts everything you just said. EVEN if it was real (which it wasn’t) she was probably 17-20 or so years old. Kids tend to be pretty immature at that age. Stop being so critical!

kargar on

Kristen always looks well put together. I can understand her launching a fashion line.

And another Camden's mom on

We chose Camden out of a baby name book-it means winding valley, and we love it!!

AJ on

Does anyone know anything about that stroller? Fixing to have baby and like the look of that one….

v on

A stroller of this design is what some london twit (peaches) just caught on the sidewalk in london and dumped the baby halfway onto the sidewalk!

Look for another design!

Nicole on

You do know when celebs get seen in CHI it’s because the paps were called. CHI is not know for celeb spottings, but believe what you want.

Anonymous on

The stroller is made by Orbit Baby….retails for around $950.

Kelly on

It is an Orbit stroller

Ash on

The stroller is an Orbit G2 system.

Lola on

She’s glowing, can’t wait to see pictures of Camden…loooove the name too!

Re on

She may be snobbish but she can still be a great mother. People usually change after having kids. Congrats on the baby and good luck! Being a first time mom isn’t easy!

Misty on

Of all the big named celebrities why is people magazine tracking this chic down in Chicago?

Misty on

Nancy you’re dumb, why would it matter if a 5 week old baby was watching a football game? Do you think he’s going to comprehend it?

Sara on

I also have a son named Camden. My friend’s little brother’s name was Camden and I loved the name. It’s a wonderful name. 🙂

Anonymous on

Our son’s middle name is Camden, named after the town we were living in in London when he was conceived and up through 20 weeks (when we moved back to the US). I live in Chicago and was just listening to a radio show with Cutler today, hoping they would mention Camden, but he was not brought up once. He does not have the best reputation nor respect among Chicagoans and Bears fans. It must have been hard to have to start your first game the day after your first son was born. I bet she hardly sees him lately. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before she heads back to Cali with Camden, minus Jay. That was the source of contention before she got pregnant.