Adriana Lima Welcomes Daughter Sienna

09/12/2012 at 11:30 PM ET
Joe Schildhorn /BFAnyc/Sipa

Bring on the beer for Adriana Lima!

The Victoria’s Secret Angel and her husband, former NBA player Marko Jaric, welcomed daughter Sienna on Wednesday, Sept. 12 in New York City, Lima announced via Twitter.

“Marko and I are overjoyed to welcome Sienna into our family and [2½-year-old daughter] Valentina is looking forward to becoming a big sister!” she writes.

The couple, who announced the pregnancy in March, were “excited” about their delivery surprise, with Lima passing the time indulging in (most!) of her unusual cravings.

“It’s very strange because I normally don’t like beer. Now I want some, but I cannot drink it,” the Brazilian beauty, 31, told PEOPLE in May.

“I’ve been craving crispy duck. All of a sudden, I cannot get enough of it!”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Today on

Congratulation…pretty name…

LPW on

I cannot understand why one of the most beautiful women on the planet would pick such an odd-looking guy to marry. Could it be that love truly is blind?

Sara on

Did it ever occur to you that maybe looks aren’t everything?? Obviously they are very happy together. What a stupid and shallow thing to say.

Erika on

Congratulations to Adriana and her family! Two little girls will be so much fun!

Tammy on

Congrats to Adriana and her handsome hubby!

jojo on

@lpw- he is a relatively good looking guy. this is not the best picture i’ve ever seen of him… it could also be that she is less b*tchy than you seem to be… calling people odd looking and all. how rude can you be? i know that you can’t possibly talk nasty about perfect strangers in real life, face to face conversations. sheesh!

congrats to the happy couple and the proud big sister!

Nicole on

Was she actually tweeting while in labor/surgery?

kay on

Nicole, Hehe nope. It was her agent, Chris, he has been handling her twitter ever since she went into labour & she only recently started tweeting just a few days ago.

KRS on

LPW, are you for real?! You must be either very young or very inexperienced (or just plain shallow) if you really have to ask that question. Anybody who’s ever been in love knows that looks are only one part of the whole package – and most people would probably agree not even the most important part! By the way…I think he’s pretty hot!!

Brooklyn on

Love the name! Valentina and Sienna go really well together!

whitefawn on

Love the comment about beer. Same thing happened to me! I never acquired the taste of beer, but when I was pregnant all of a sudden I craved it. Couldn’t have it of course, but I craved it! Interesting to see someone else went through that!

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m confused. The statement about the baby’s arrival ends with “Valentina is excited to become a big sister”. Um, if the baby is here, then hasn’t she already become a big sister?!

Anyway, congrats to the family, and I wonder if Sienna’s middle name is “Lima” like Valentina’s is (Adriana’s Brazillian if I’m not mistaken, and I know it’s common in Brazil to give babies their mother’s maiden name as their middle name)?

Lucy on

Beautiful name!!!! Blessings!

Holiday on

Sisters! How sweet!

Missunderstood83 on

Actually Anonymous, very few people have middle names in Brazil. Generally there people carry both parents last names (I have three), and they all count as last names.

Carolline on

Congratulations, Adriana! I believed that she would choose a common name in Brazil as Valentina, but it was not what happened this time… Good name, and sounds great. 🙂 I just hope that Sienna grows like her mother, because otherwise… poor little girl.

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Adriana, Marko & Valentina on the birth of baby Sienna.

Love love love that name!!

kasia on

beautiful name 🙂 but damn, he’s so strange looking. love is totally blind

Sandra on

Yes, I certainly agree he is a very odd looking guy and she is just gorgeous! What people see in each other is beyond me, but I guess love is blind as they say. Congrats on the new arrival.

notsosure on

This guy is NOT attractive. They don’t look right together. But congrats! Hopefully the baby gets her looks.

Julianna on

So happy for Adriana, Marko and little Valentina! Can’t wait to see the pictures of baby Sienna!

Dare on

What is wrong with his eyes…

Denise on

Congratulations to you all. Beautiful name.

abby on

Yes, LPW, love is blind and maybe “the looks” is not all that matters anyway. Congrats to the family!

Lisa on

A little scary to imagine what a child with him as a dad would look like!

Brianne on

Congrats, Adriana and Marco! I wish you all the best!!!

Robin on

There is a saying, “If you want to be happy the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife.” Maybe Adriana was thinking the same when she was looking for a husband. Wow! I just don’t get it! But maybe he is good to her. That makes someone more attractive.

crystal20 on

Congratulations cute name. It’s the personality that counts!

Cassie on

Congrats!! What a beautiful name!

Too all of those that primarily focus on looks being the determinant on picking a mate for life – good luck to you, you’ll need it. I have known many good looking people that have awful personalities….How you look doesn’t make you who you are!

Sara on

I could not agree with you more, Cassie! What a bunch of sad, shallow people! I’d like to see what the husbands of these women look like! Oh wait… They probably don’t have one! Lol

boohoobytch on

congrats to them

TM on

I think Marco is very handsome! Congrats on another girl!

Jen on

She is a pretty girl.. Too bad her husband is such a mean guy. I hope he’s changed for the sake of the children.

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulation to the happy family. Love the name!

Barbara on

I would rather be married to a man who looks a little “odd” and treats me like a queen, than be married to a man who is handsome and treats me like a doormat!

Congratulations to the family on the addition of their littlest angel. 🙂

public concensus on

Congrats. LOVE Adriana and everything about her and her family.

zee on

Yeah, love is especially blind to money, ’cause he is clearly a monkey with those little, bittie, circular buttons for eyes and those wavy ears. He is just not attractive at all. Odd.

Nicole on

I have no issues with how he looks. Her, on the other hand…she looks downright evil in every picture I see. I don’t see how anyone can think she is pretty.

Katie on

LPW-totally agree!!! Adriana Lima is absolutely GORGEOUS and her husband is not all that attractive. As long as they are in love that’s all that counts. Congratulations on the new baby! ❤

Anonymous on

Lisa- Actually, their eldest daughter, Valentina, is quite a cutie pie.

Jen- Where did you hear that Marco is mean?!

Anna on

Yes, here in Brazil our children don’t have middle names, just the first name. It’s like this: FIRST NAME + MOM’S MAIDEN SURNNAME + DAD’S SURNAME.

Anyway, congrats to Adriana and Marko on their two gorgeous little girls!

Pammy on

Actually Marko is rather nice looking.. google him…

K on

Yay! congrats to them! Adriana is GORGEOUS and I love the name!

Gina on

Hope the baby looks like her.

Guess who on

What people here dont know is,that Marko Jaric was pretty popular in Serbia amongst female population.COming across as a conceited basketball player,acted as real egoistic feminiser,dating all sorts of women whose”morality”u could easily put in question,so it seems unfair hes finished with one with totally different sensiblity.

MM on

He comes from my country and all I can say that he always had a great taste for women and they liked him as well. Maybe he is not handsome by book, but surely has something. Google his former girlfriend Aleksandra Melnicenko and compare…

Anonymous on

you look very beatiful together…you must continue to remain always together