Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Welcome Twins

09/11/2012 at 02:15 PM ET
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The True Blood twins have arrived.

“We can confirm that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer recently welcomed their twins into the world,” reps for the actors tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“The babies were born a few weeks early, but are in good health and both Mom and Dad are overjoyed.”

These are the first children together for Paquin, 30, and Moyer, 42, who were married in August 2010.

Moyer has two children — daughter Lilac, 10, and son Billy, 12 — from previous relationships.

The costars just wrapped their fifth season, with the finale of the hit HBO show airing Aug. 26.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Shea on

Congratulations! Where’s the details????

Brooke on

Holy Moly! Anyone else think that this was the fastest pregnancy ever?

Tressouthern on

Brooke, upon seeing the headline my immediate reaction was: wow! That was fast! I’m right there with you! Lol

Veets on

I’m with you on that one!! I thought for sure she was still a few months away!!

Erin on

She may have been. They were most likely a month or more early

Guestie on

YAY!!! Congratulations!! I love these two!!!

J on

Congratulations to them both! She never looked hardly big enough to be carrying ONE let alone twins. Suspect they may be quite a bit earlier than a few weeks… wishes to them and their family.

Julie Greenaway on

Yay little Sookie & little Bill are here!! So happy for them!! ❤ I know they will be the cutest things ever!! ❤

Mandy on

I wonder how early they were. Twins are usually born early, I hope they are doing well.

Cort on

That is a HORRIBLE picture of Stephen Moyer though. He literally looks mid-late 60’s in that photo!

Fee on


Anonymous on

LOL. I said the same thing. He looks like her dad.

Molly on

I’ve never watched True Blood, so I didn’t know that this guy’s name was Stephen Moyer. It’s really funny though if you think about it. He’s in a series about vampires and his name is so close to Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Okay, I thought that was funny. 🙂 Anyways, congrats!

Anne Marie on

Wow, there is a pic. of her a week ago and she was quite small. Hope those babies are okay. A twin pregnancy can be full of unexpected events.

merry on

I didn’t expect this news for several more weeks, hope everything is ok. Twins, really! Congratulations, I am very happy for them, they seem like a nice couple. Can’t wait to hear the names.

Alice on

Congrats to u and the babies

sookie on

Congratulations! Twins do usually come a few weeks early. Hope all are well and can’t wait to see the pics!

Ariel on

YAY Bill and Sookie!!!!

Puckersbabe on

Wow, that was insanely fast! Congrats to Anna and Stephen! Can’t wait to see the precious babies!

Sam on

She was HALF the size of Jessica Simpson and had TWINS??? Hahahaha…

Kat on

It did seem fast.

But the last photo I saw about 2 weeks ago Anna’s belly was huge! I imagine they are about a month early which is common for multiple births. Congrats to them.

Cathy on

This has got to be the laziest article; boys, girls, what? If he actually talked to someone at People, why didn’t they ask?

Mabby on

So, what are they – boys? Girls? Boy and Girl? Did they fly away before it could be determined? If of one sex, are they identical? I mean no harm, just kidding – just want to know more details. Whatever the circumstances, I hope everybody is healthy and happy.


Congrats to the happy couple, so thrilled for them 🙂

Marilyn on

According to People’s baby calendar, she was due in mid-October.

Bonnie on

They do not owe you any details. Respect the privacy of the stars. Honestly, just because they’re are in the public eye doesn’t mean they have to be like Snookie or the Kardashians and throw out every single detail of their lives. How about you have some class and grow up? It’s not about how much the babies weigh or the names. It’s unfortunate that so many people expect details. Just be happy and let them enjoy the babies before the news blows things up.

Maggie on

Cathy, they’re extremely private people. Obviously this is all the information they wanted to release, and they wanted to give PEOPLE the exclusive. She never even confirmed on the record they were having twins, we should be happy we ever got a rep quote. I’m not surprised they don’t want to share.

cherie on

Stephen did confirm they were having twins. He was doing an interview at Comic Con but didn’t reveal the sex of the babies.

JJ on

Twins? I wonder if she had invitro ferttilization like most celebs who have multiples.

jenn on

Wow! Does it really matter and is it any of your business how these twins were conceived?

Dawn on

So few surprises left in life…this one made me smile. They didn’t tell anyone they were expecting twins!! Congrats to Anna & Stephen!

Janie757 on

WOW – I knew she was pregnant but didn’t hear anything about twins. So . . . were they boys, girls or one of each? What are their names – give us the details.

Kaylin on

I just want to point out that twins are usually carried until 36 weeks.

Congrats to them!!!

boohoobytch on

Beyonce’s pregnancy was a little faster, congrats to them

Jamie on

I thought she announced her pregnancy after Reese Witherspoon and she’s still pregnant. That was really fast! Didn’t even seem like a month went by.

Trish on

This show just keeps getting wackier and wackier. First, he’s a vamp, then she’s a fairy, and now they’re having half vampire/fairy twins… consider me a former viewer.

fred on

Really? Reality check Trish or do you live in Bon Temps?

Robyn on


Julianna on

So happy for them! Can’t wait to learn how they named the twins!

AllisonJ on

I’m so thrilled for Anna and Stephen! Glad to know the twins are OK, despite being born a bit early. This seemed like the fastest pregnancy ever, although I’m sure Anna would not agree with that!

I would love to know if they twins are boys, girls, or boy and girl, even if the names are not released. Looking forward to hearing more information. Congrats and love!

Hea on

Yay! Congrats!

sally on

It seems like we just heard she’s pregnant. That was incredibly fast! Congrats to the entire family! Love this couple!

jones on

@Dawn, yes it was previously announced that she was having twins. I hope everyone is happy and healthy. My guess is they had a boy and girl (I don’t know why I think that).

Anna on

Congrats and best wishes for happy, healthy babies!

BW on

Congratulations to them! They seem like such a great couple!

Ang on

That makes her about 34 weeks along when they were born…which is not unusual for twins. Hope they are healthy and everything is great with the new family.

Ariel on

Marilyn – I wouldn’t rely on people’s baby calendar. It’s not very accurate if a specific due date/time wasn’t said.

Thinking this was only confirmed because Anna was photographed over the weekend, and some people were speculating on whether or not the babies were alive or healthy. Sad.

Congratulations to the Anna and Stephen!

Anonymous on

I’M SOOO HAPPY FOR THIS COUPLE!!!! I wanna know everything!!! Did the cast come and visit? What are their names? How is Anna? How is everyone?!?! ugh! Just love this couple!

brittany on

Congratulations!!! So happy for the both of them, they desereve it ❤

Guest on

I saw a picture of her the other day and didn’t think she looked like she was carrying twins anymore. I wonder if they got “outed” like Anna Faris did. I hope they are not too early and are doing well.

Amber on

How did no one but me know they were having twins? It was mentioned months ago!

twinhappy on


ginny on

awesome congrats to them!!! I think typically twins do come early. I don’t care about pics cuz It seems their pretty private,but I would like to know the sexes and names 🙂

Cara on

Congrats! I bet those two babies are adorable already!

robyn on

wow, i never knew she was having twins!

trinity on

wonder what the twins’ names are

BlueSkidoo on

“That makes her about 34 weeks along when they were born.”

How? They announced five months ago, in mid-April. She could easily have been in her second trimester, which is normal for celebrity (and even normal folk) announcements. There’s really no way to say exactly how far along she was unless she gave out the info.

myladyeve on

Congrats! Boys? Girls?

Kelly on

She was so tiny for twins, I had no idea she was near her due date. Congrats!

Leslie on

Guess that explains the pictures from this weekend with Anna and Stephen looking stressed out and entering at a hotel near cedars sinai hospital… To be near the nicu no doubt.

These twins came very early… More than just a few weeks like they are saying. I wonder if they are identical? That would have increased the chances of complications and preterm delivery. Hope everything is ok and they are released soon.

Donna on

Congratulations Anna and Stephen!! Babies are a true blessing!!!

Heather on

That was quick! Congrats! All of us TB fans are very happy for you two! Can’t wait to see the pics!

Nina on

I hope they don’t name them something weird.

Hillary S. on

Can’t wait to hear the names they have chosen! Congrats to them both!

jm on

Congratulations! By the way, S. Moyer and A. Paquin totally look alike.

Amanda on

Congrats!!!! So happy for them!

Mia on

So excited for them!! + wish them much health + happiness 🙂

Can’t wait for S6! True Blood x

Kat on

They announced back in mid-April, so the five months plus the three most wait to reveal, puts them at at least eight months. Not too bad for twins, especially with how tiny she is. Best health to all!

host on

do the kids have fangs? Awesome!

Me on

I think this was a “fast” pregnancy for a few reasons. She didn’t announce until she was showing. She then stayed out of the spotlight. Sometimes you’d see pics from an event…or her with her step-kids or dog. Each time we saw a new pic…her stomach was quite a bit bigger cause it had been some time. She’s not one of those celebs (ala Jessica Simpson) that was photographed several times a week…that’s why Simpson seemed pregnant for forever. We were bombarded with pics of her. Whereas we only saw Anna Paquin ever several weeks. Not to mention…they were early as most twins are for the most part.

Trish-you do realize that he’s not really a vampire…she’s not really a fairy…and therefore their kids aren’t really half fairy/half vampires. Learn to differentiate between real life and tv!!!

BlueSkidoo on

“now they’re having half vampire/fairy twins”

Err… You do realize the show isn’t real, right? And the babies were born to the actors, not the characters?

Angie on

Trish-I love the show, and books, but you sound like you are mixing up the real world and Bon Temps world. Half vampire/human twins? The way they film and the timing of her pregnancy/delivery of the babies, It’s not like they have to write a pregnancy storyline for Sookie.

stef24 on

I think she was due in November? I know twins usually come early…congratulations to everyone!

Venus Russell on

Congratulations!!! A few more details would be nice like:

Boys, Girls, On of each? We are very happy for you!

Stephanie on

Trish:”This show just keeps getting wackier and wackier. First, he’s a vamp, then she’s a fairy, and now they’re having half vampire/fairy twins… consider me a former viewer.”

Trish, you do realize this is not the show, right? The actors Anna and Stephen from the show really are married in real life and they just had twins. The article isn’t saying that the characters Sookie and Bill from the show True Blood are having kids! I hope you know the difference between imagination and reality!

Anyways, Congratulations Anna & Bill on the DOUBLE bundle of love & joy! 🙂

Amanda on

Wow, that seemed really fast. She wasn’t very big at all, expecially for twins. Congrats to them!

s on

COngrats to the happy parents! Hopefully everything is well with the babies.

Emry on

I knew she was pregnant, but i didn’t know she was pregnant with twins!!! Thats awesome!! CONGRATS!! My husband LOVES that show.

Mia on

I’m pretty sure she was due in October – since they announced it in April (3 months along) + would have began the pregnancy in January. I am hoping it’s boy/girl twins! 🙂

Heidi on

The theory on some other sites is that the pics of her last week were taken after the twins were already born. They aren’t listing the babies’ arrival date, so it could easily be that they kept quiet until they knew all was well. They are private people so it makes perfect sense. Best wishes to them!

Liz on

Well, I wish I could be happy for the couple, but there are two other children waking up each morning and going to bed each night without their dad there with them. It breaks my heart.

Heather A on

Wow Liz,really. So should they have not had any kids since it didnt work out between him and his ex. I guess life should just stop in your opinion. Im sure his kids are perfectly happy and see their dad and know they are loved. Oh my gosh,the older kids might even be excited to have 2 babies around. Anyway, I am so excited for them. I also have twins and they are amazing.

Kelly on

Wow! That seems like one of the fastest pregnancies that I heard! As long as they are healthy that’s all that matters!

Good Luck!

Sarah S. on

Oh my goodness, I had NO idea they were expecting twins–double happiness!! Congrats to them! 🙂

Alissa on

SurPriSed! Had no idea she was due soon AND had no idea about TWINS!!!! I can’t wait to hear the names and see the pictures.

Sally on

Congrats to everyone — the entire family I’m sure is over the moon!!

@Liz, so when other families grow it breaks your heart for the older children? Really?

Ashley Jackson on

I believe Perez had written that they were expecting two boys but I could be wrong, I will go back and try to find the article that he wrote, it was maybe three weeks ago.

macey on

surrogate can we say….

Veronica on

Congratulations to Ugly and Uglier!

gw on

Because I am a big TrueBlood fan I can not help myself and say one belongs to Bill and the other to Eric…

All jokes aside congratulations to both parents and bless the new bundle of joy.

Michelle on

Wow – this is a lot of mis-information about twins here.

No… twins do not “usually” come early. 37 weeks is average and considered full-term. Most women carry to 39 or even 40 weeks. It’s just common to hear stories about twins born early because it’s boring to talk about twins born on time.

No – not everyone who has twins (celebrity or commoner) uses IVF to get them. Twins are much more common in older women because of their age. And identical twins are a fluke of nature – no genetics or fertility treatments involved at all. If you have ever done IVF you know that no one would ever choose to put themselves, their family or their bodies through that unless it was medically necessary. It is not fun nor easy.

And not all babies who go to the NICU have life-threatening illnesses. Many hospitals require babies to stay in the NICU until they reach 5lbs, and the majority are there are feeders and growers.

kara on

I love these two and True Blood! These two always look so genuinely happy!!

Jrk1 on

Actually, 60% of twins are born early. That is indeed most.

Jrk1 on

Check the march of dimes website.

Becky on

Congrats! That pregnancy went super fast. They are adorable and I’m sure their babies are also! ❤

mel on

That was a fast pregnancy. Did she carry the babies or a surrogate? Can’t wait to hear the names.

Cheyane on

@ Brooke- I agree!!! It seems like they just confirmed a couple months ago. Congrats 2 them!!

Charlene on

Wow. I didn’t think they were due until late fall according to reports. (End of Oct./beginning of Nov.) Hope they are all doing ok. Will be praying for them.

lilly on

they were due 3rd week in october.

Shantell on

I am SOO happy for Anna & Stephen. Their chemistry on True Blood is electric and I figured early on in the series that if they weren’t together before the show, they would be eventually. Many blessings and felicitations to the couple on their twin bundles of joy!

notsosure on

Congrats! Pity the kids look’s though with these two. Ugh.

Mandy on

People really shouldn’t compare one pregnant woman to another! Each woman is different, each pregnancy is different. You people have made me lose faith in humanity. Stop your insensitive comments and being stupid about pregnant women. Stupid as hell to continue this crap.

Amanda_M87 on

I wish they’d at least reveal the gender (s) of the twins. Maybe in the next couple of days they will.

Mandy on

It is known that multiples tend to come early. That doesn’t mean ALL come early. Misinformation my ass. SOME make it that far others don’t. They even have a different time table for twins and when they typically come. I’m training to be a midwife so don’t tell me that I’m misinformed. I know exactly what I’m saying. Look around and find the typical time frame multiples come. Twins it’s usually around 35-37 weeks with some making it further than that.

fanofboardwalkempire on

congratulations to the happy family.

I hope the twins live long healthy happy lives and I wish the entire family great and happy times together!

Aunu1 on

My best to them both. she was carrying twins on the small side for sure. Hope they are doing well, and can’t wait to find out what they had. and of course their names. Congratulations Anna and Stephen.

Shiree on

WOW I didn’t even know she was expecting but Congrats…I had twins @ 36 weeks and they are so much fun. I wish them nothing but the best!!!

GW on

Props to stephanie.. omg Trish wake up honey.. they are married in real life, i think you need to stop watching tv and read more hun….

Stephanie on September 11th, 2012

Trish:”This show just keeps getting wackier and wackier. First, he’s a vamp, then she’s a fairy, and now they’re having half vampire/fairy twins… consider me a former viewer.”

Trish, you do realize this is not the show, right? The actors Anna and Stephen from the show really are married in real life and they just had twins. The article isn’t saying that the characters Sookie and Bill from the show True Blood are having kids! I hope you know the difference between imagination and reality!

Anyways, Congratulations Anna & Bill on the DOUBLE bundle of love & joy!

BlueSkidoo on

“Twins it’s usually around 35-37 weeks with some making it further than that.” No it’s “usually” 37 weeks or later, if you want to be statistically accurate. Yes, some make it further, some don’t. Just like singletons. But the average delivery for twins is 37 weeks, not 35-37.

What is misleading though is saying 37 weeks is full term. A pregnancy is not full term and in the safe zone automatically at 37 weeks. Full term varies from woman to woman, and baby to baby, and depends much more on the baby’s (or babies’) condition at the time of birth. In fact, it’s entirely possible for one twin to be considered premature while the other born at the same time is considered full term. The terms are often used incorrectly, even by lazy doctors.

C.K. on

Congrats but Anna, please get some braces !!!!

Dee on

CONGRATS to them both 🙂

Whitney on

Congratulations! I am so happy for them.

Jen on

She was not “quite small”. This is a picture taken almost two weeks ago.

Anonymous on


guest on

Gross! He is too old for her and he looks like her dad!

Greetings on

Dang that was a faster pregnancy than that fairie’s on True Blood!

Teresa Hardy on

Oh my goodness thats so wonderful… I’m sure that they are too cute for words. Best wishes To them

Teresa Hardy on

Oh my goodness thats wondweful! I sure they are two cute for words. Best Wishes

Mommytoane on

Holy buckets! Congrats tho the happy mum and dad!!

Cheshire on

Oh awesome! Congratulations Anna and Steven.

Cheshire on


suzy diamond on

Nice article….that tells NOTHING!

Tee on

When I saw the headline, my immediate thought is she delivered very early. I was guessing perhaps up to 8 weeks early. Considering there is no full disclosure on weight, height for the twins, I’m thinking the parents are spending alot of time in the NICU (low birth weights, perhaps certain things not fully developed) but medicine and those who administer it has come so very far with saving the tiniest of babies. I have a friend that gave birth to a less than 2 pound daughter who just celebrated her 10th bday last month. She spent several months in NICU but amazingly she is a healthy, happy, energetic 10 yr old, and didnt suffer major damage. She was the absolute tiniest baby I had ever seen, her lil hands were smaller than a dime. I hope their twins come thru with shining colors and eventually all the fear they have now will be replaced with such joy and love that they got through all of it and such grattitude when it comes time to bring them home. Blessings and patience to the twins along with Mom and Dad.

Anonymous on

BlueSkidoo- Actually, 37 weeks IS considered full term for twins.

Leslie- What you said about identical twins is not entirely true from my understanding. There’s an increased risk of complications and early delivery if they share the same amniotic sack or placenta (among other things, the latter can lead to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome), but if they don’t (and not all identicals do) the risks are no higher than with fraternal twins.

Ashley Jackson- Anna and Stephen never announced the twins’ gender(s) during the pregnancy, so I would take the Perez Hilton article with a huge grain of salt.

Anyway, I’m personally hoping they had two girls, because their co-star Sam Trammel (sp?) and his wife/gf (I don’t remember which one she is at the moment) had twin boys not too long ago. It would cute for their to be a set of True Blood boys and a set of True Blood girls! 🙂

In anycase, I hope we at the very least here the gender(s) of the babies soon. I kind of think we will, along with names (even if it isn’t until they mention them in an interview or something), since we know the names, genders, and even ages of Stephen’s other two kids (and their mothers aren’t even celebs, if I’m remembering correctly!)! 🙂

Oh, and congrats to the proud parents!

Barbara on

Her pregnancy wasn’t that fast. The fact is they just announced it quite late. There is a video on youtube where Janina Gavankar (she plays Luna on TB) says that when they finished filming TB (in late July) Anna was already 5 and a half months pregnant. Do the math.

Hea on

Hilarious. Trish makes a joke and nobody gets it.

mileysucks on

Awwwww! Congratulations!

Katie on

Whoa.. Didn’t even know they were expecting twins thought it was just 1 then again no pics of her lately either.. so.. well glad she is doing good and so are the babies! Can’t wait to see the pics and if they had boys, girls, or one of each!

Nef on

It seems like she just announced, but if you look at the last few episodes of season 5, they were already some doing things to “hide” her stomach. She was holding pillows, standing behind something, only shot from the front or chest higher. They finish filming early, so I think they announced when they had to – when the season premiered.

Christie on

Congrats Stephen on having the unique distinction to now have 3 women calling you ‘baby daddy!’

Jenn on

Congratulations on the birth of their twins. I have twin girls and they were born just shy of 35 weeks. They are happy and healthy and will be 2 in November. Twins are double the blessing.

Anonymous on

Double miracle!

shelldogga on

@ Trish their babies are not vampire/fairies they didn’t have them on the show. Are you 12?

Beth on

This is great! Congrats you two. Can’t wait to see some pictures or at least know the sex of them?? Please

Karen on

Congratulations, Anna and Stephen! I agree, it did seem like a fast pregnancy, but it seems all is well and that is the most important thing. Welcome, babies!

tara on

You can look up due dates and birthday dates there is a header at the top of the website. She was due the week of October 14th so they were born 4 weeks early.

Mandy on

I think I read somewhere a boy and a girl but since they never actually acknowledged having twins, I guess we have to wait on that. I know at Comic Con people yelled out “Congratulations on the twins!” and Anna did say thank you but that’s about it.

As for filming for the show, Alan Ball, creator, said they were going to postpone filming a bit to give Anna time and then they’d be right back to filming. There’s no need to write in the pregnancy. Did you see the last few episodes? You couldn’t tell really.

Congratulations to them and I hope all is well with their new additions. The NICU can be a scary place, my triplet sisters were born 9 weeks early and spent awhile in there.

Umm you cannot ever EVER rely on’s due date indicator/calendar. No celebrity has ever given their exact due date out for the sole purpose that the paparazzi isn’t hounding them and stalking them. To give an exact date of October 12th is a guess. That’s all.

I highly doubt if Anna wouldn’t even acknowledge having twins she would give any clue as to her exact due date. C’mon people…

Sandy on

Twins? She hardly looked pregnant! How can that be?

Mrs G on

Congratulations to them both

Carolline on

Yay, so happy for then! Can wait to see more news about the babies! Congratulations, Stephen and Anna!

Wendy on

Congratulations to Anna and Stephen! I am so happy for them! I love them!!

Anonymous on

Christie- Actually, only two can. Stephen is married to Anna and has been for two years (as opposed to just a few months as is the case with some celeb parents). Therefore, he is much more than just a “baby daddy” to her!

Hea- I’m glad I’m not the only one who caught the fact that Trish was clearly joking!

Mandy- Actually, a few celebs HAVE given out their exact due dates (Tori Spelling is one example. She shared her exact due date with Liam….which turned out not be a very wise decision as the paps ended up getting a not-very flattering photo of her in labor heading into the hospital!).

However, you are correct that the vast majortity DON’T disclose their due dates (in fact, I can probably count the number who have on the the fingers of one hand!), and that the due dates on PEOPLE’s calander are often just guesses based on what the celeb has said (or, if the celeb is one of the rare few who doesn’t say a word about the pregnancy other than confirming it, the fact that most celebs wait until around the three or four month mark to announce a pregnancy).

The fact of the matter is that no one but Anna and Stephen know when the babies were actually due. However, if she was indeed 5 1/2 months along at the end of July (as another poster mentioned that someone else from True Blood said), that would mean that she did indeed deliver very early, around 7 1/2 months or so.

I hope the babies get to go home soon!

Mia on

“True Blood” starts filming again in January!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Stephen, Anna, Billy & Lilac on the birth of your twins!!

I can’t wait to hear names etc.

dd on

The only reason MOST twins come early is because they are sectioned early, often for no real reason. Women who are having twin homebirths or are being otherwise left alone to have vaginal twin births ROUTINELY go to 38-40 weeks.

Eden on

how come they aren’t telling you what sex they are? i’ve read several articles now about her giving birth but how come no details? seems odd. i mean did she have 2 girls, 2 boys or a boy and a girl? are they identical?

B.J. (the girl) on

Stephen Moyer looks like a granddad. Maybe it’s just a bad picture.

Anonymous on

Eden- They’re very private people, from what I understand, and probably just want to keep all of their babies’ info to themselves for now!

Izzee on

I dreamt that they had a boy and a girl. The boy was named Sebastian London and the girl was named Lotus Earl! Oh, those crazy dreams I have… 😀

deeppurple64 on

Any news on the sexes of the twins yet? It’s been weeks. Ridiculous to not say the sexes at least. Sheesh.

CaraW on

The names must be really bad because it is already October and they still have not provided details.

Marilyn on

On Wikipedia, it states she had a boy and a girl.

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