Marisa Miller’s Blog: My Dreary, Cheery and Weary Trimesters

09/10/2012 at 08:00 PM ET
Self-portrait at 22 weeks – Courtesy Marisa Miller

Thanks for welcoming our newest expectant celebrity bloggerMarisa Miller!

Throughout her career, the model and former Victoria’s Secret star has graced over 80 covers — including Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Shape and GQ — and is a spokesperson for the NFL as well as the face of Harley Davidson.

She can next be seen in the upcoming film R.I.P.D., costarring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges.

Miller, 34, married husband Griffin Guess, a music producer and talent manager, on April 15, 2006 and they’re expecting their first child — a boy! — in early December.

You can find Miller on Facebook and Twitter @MarisaMiller.

At one of our appointments, my midwife told me that the best way to describe the three trimesters is dreary, cheery and weary.

I’ve just entered my third trimester and this has definitely been accurate for me! The first trimester was exhausting — the changes in my body were uncomfortable and I was trying to navigate the best way to adapt.

My clothes couldn’t comfortably accommodate my bloated belly and I didn’t even have a baby bump at that point. The baby was only the size of kiwi or something. This was just bloat! I had to unbutton and unzip just to get into my truck or sit down. How is this happening when the baby is this tiny?!

I loved my second trimester! I didn’t feel sick anymore and had more energy. My bloated belly turned into a baby bump and I definitely looked pregnant. That was a relief because when I was around 4.5 months, you could see people having this inner monologue with themselves, wondering if I ate too much pizza or if I was pregnant.

I also was seeing numbers on the scale I’d never seen before. I hadn’t ever owned a scale because you can become a bit obsessive and I didn’t want to focus on a number, but since becoming pregnant, it became an important part of charting my progress so I bought one. Of course, I then became obsessed.

I was a little nervous seeing how each week equaled another pound. My sister told me, “Your body knows what it’s doing. You are exercising and eating healthy so whatever weight you are gaining is healthy.” This was so great to hear because she was right. Whatever the number, was exactly what my baby and body needed.

It also helped that my husband was loving the extra weight and was telling me it looked better. Love him!

My bra size has gone up two cups already. When I told my mom, she said — with almost an evil laugh — “Oh honey, just wait until your milk comes in.” That’s comforting. There is a point when big boobs are overrated.

Then my sister started telling me how much your boobs change from pregnancy and breastfeeding. “Playboy to National Geographic in a matter of months,” as she put it. Awesome! Well, I guess I should enjoy it now.

Maui babymoon in August – Griffin Guess

My husband and I went to Maui for our babymoon and I’m so happy we did. We went back to the same hotel where we stayed for our honeymoon — it was really special to take the time to reflect on all that’s happened since we’ve been married. Griffin and I also wanted to take advantage of having some alone time and sleeping in because I’ve been told we will never sleep in again!

My body has started to get achy with the extra weight, but swimming in the warm ocean was amazing and really helped. It took so much pressure off my back and hips. I also discovered that I could hit the breakfast buffet and then be in a bikini five minutes later — nobody could tell the difference between my baby bump or multiple slices of french toast!

At this point, my husband could finally feel our son’s kicks and movement and it was priceless seeing his face light up. I think it’s hard for men to really grasp what’s going on until they see their baby. It’s a very important moment when they can feel the baby move so they can really try and connect with what’s going on.

Now that I’m at the beginning of my third trimester, I’m really starting to appreciate the steps I’ve taken to stay healthy. I’ve learned a lot from hearing other women’s tips, so I wanted to share what has worked for me and hopefully some of it can be helpful for you.

We all know how important exercise is, and during pregnancy it has really paid off. Pilates has been my saving grace. I’m definitely not working out as intensely as I was before — and it’s completely modified now — but it’s still very effective.

I’ve taken out ab work, really watch my heart rate and lowered the resistance weight. The focus is more on stretching, breathing, modified lunges, squats, arms, back and chest. On days I’m tired or not feeling great, I focus more on stretching. It’s more important to just take time each day to move my body and stay in a routine.

I haven’t had any round ligament pain and I still feel flexible and strong even throughout all the pregnancy changes. When I don’t work out, my back really starts to bother me and I can feel a huge difference in how my body feels.

My diet has been pretty healthy. I still allow myself to splurge, but I’ve been trying to prioitize and focus on getting enough protein each day. Eggs and Greek yogurt are great sources for breakfast, then I try to eat salads and lean meats for lunch and dinner. Lately, my snacks have been green apples and string cheese.

Swimming in Hawaii – Griffin Guess

As far as supplements, I like organic, whole food vitamins that are food-derived and not synthetic. I take a prenatal, DHA, Vitamin D3, calcium, bioflavonoids and a probiotic. My doctor recommended these and they’ve worked for my sisters and me. The bioflavonoids are from citrus and really help keep your skin and tissues strong.

With your blood supply doubling and the baby stretching everything, it’s important to make sure you’re getting that extra support. It can really be a task to take these each day, but I like having the insurance that if my diet wasn’t perfect that day my baby is still covered.

I can’t believe I’m in my third trimester already! I feel like I have so much to do in preparation for my son’s arrival. This is the fun part though. I can’t wait to finish the nursery and do our birthing class.

My focus is now shifting from my pregnancy to my labor. That’s right — labor. Oh my…

Let me know if you agree with my midwife — leave me a comment or send me a Tweet!

— Marisa Miller

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Susan on

Amazing woman people!!

Steph on

She doesn’t look very big for her third trimester.

Pam on

I know I was thinking the same thing! She needs to eat more!

Melanie on

Well she’s a tall model, so baby still has a lot of room to grow up before he has to grow out. Not to mention the captions say she’s 5.5 months in the first picture, and the second and third were taken last month on her babymoon. So she could have popped by now.

Anyway – totally agree with your midwife. I felt like DEATH the first three months, then once I hit 15 weeks, boom, felt AMAZING, had tons of energy, fabulous skin, great cleavage, thick hair, felt really fit. That lasted until about 34 weeks and then I was totally over it and felt like a whale. I ended up delivering at 41 weeks and by then I was a miserable bitch.

And the boobs – oh my god. I started out an A and at my largest (about a month post-partum) I was a DD. It was totally crazy and I had no idea what do with all the boob! Once my son weaned at 11 months I actually stayed a full B which I’m happy with. They do hang a little lower but not National Geographic levels. 😉 You may be fine!

Courtney on

Marisa barely goes one paragraph without mentioning something about weight gain, her body, or how she monitors what she eats. We get that you are a model and that your body makes you money, but anyone who has had a baby, or two in my case, knows that your body bounces back if you work out, and eat right after giving birth- especially if you breast feed. New moms are busy, busy, busy and the weight falls off; even more so if you were not overweight pre-pregnancy.

Quit obsessing over your looks and enjoy this time to fatten up that baby! Buying a scale? Really?! Get over yourself.

Stephanie on

Courtney, you’re a jealous bitch and stop hating on her.. damn!

Penelope on

Amen! What a negative thing for Courtney to post on the blog of a pregnant person. She’s a model; of course she’s going to be a little freaked out. Very nice of her to be so honest.

Michelle on

Breastfeeding does not burn that many calories or make the weight “fall off”. I wish moms would stop spreading this lie because it’s not true for half of women. I’m just correcting courtney because just because someone says it online doesn’t make it true. I breastfedy son for 28 months and the last ten pounds didn’t come off until he was weaned.

Lyn on

She’s rail thin, I’ve gained very little weight but still look healthy. :-/ she may be obsessing a little too much. Not a pretty pregnant body. 😦

Still Life in San Francisco on

Sounds like you’re doing really well, Marisa. I am at five months and people are giving me that look like I might have eaten too much pizza for lunch.

I wish you a happy and uneventful third trimester!

Maggie on

Courtney, no need to be rude. If she’s not used to weighing herself, of course she’d want to check and make sure she’s on track for her baby boy.

I enjoy reading other people’s thoughts on motherhood and when people make nasty remarks it makes me think these celebs will be less and less open to blogging and sharing their experiences.

And no need to fatten a baby either. If you’re eating healthy you’ll be fine. An extra 300 calories a day is all you need. My ob/gyn was very clear on there being no need to “eat for two.”

And as mentioned above, she said in the captions that these aren’t the most recent pictures. I’m sure she’s bigger by now!

anonymous on

Sorry but she looks like a weird alien in that first pic, the way she is standing with the S curve in her back and the crazy Donald Trump do… need to be all Victoria Secret, pregnancy is beautiful, just be natural.

Penelope on

She could have a natural sway back. Some people are built that way.

janie on

It’s the best. Just wait til the little dude arrives, magical.

If you stay healthy and fit and don’t overindulge in sweets or junk, the baby weight comes off quick. Especially when nursing. I’m not a celebrity or organic guru, it’s just my experience. Being tall probably helps too.

Moneca on

Congratulations Marisa. Love your blog and how you are embracing this amazing time in your life. You have always been a real inspiration to me in regards to fitness and being healthy. I look forward to seeing the pictures or your new baby once he arrives. You are going to be a great mom!

Jessica on

I gained and gained when I was pregnant, even though I was still active and eating healthy. Finally, I came to terms with it and realized this was what my body needed for my baby to be healthy. I lost a ton of weight really fast from breastfeeding. Now my son is five months old! I’m struggling to lose the last 5 pounds but I know it will come. Each month I can tell a change in my body. Slowly it’s coming back.

Enjoy your son! Little boys are the greatest.

malisa on

Wow ur doing really well. Pregnancy is awesome until about the third trimester. It’s a good thing that ur careful about what you eat and have plenty of protein. I wish I had it took me a year to bounce back and that’s with breast feeding.

It’s also a good thing to take a babymoon (cute) because people don’t lie when they say u won’t be able to sleep very well the first couple of months . At least not until he sleeps through the night.

Congrats enjoy your pregnancy. And don’t listen to these mean people just keep being a good mother and following your midwife’s direction.

Karen on

I guess when you’re known primarily for your looks, you freak out if you think the way you look will change. Ultimately, though, the baby is the star now.

Leslie on

That is exactly how I feel too! I can relate to everything you are saying marisa… The body changes that go along with pregnancy have been crazy! I’m a couple months behind you with my first pregnancy but with surprise twins! I’m really tall and have always liked to be fit and healthy too. I haven’t had the guts to google twin pregnancy bellies yet… Be glad you won’t have to deal with that! 🙂

Im in my mid 30s, and after being used to my body being a certain way for three decades it’s been an adjustment to feel and see things change so much. I’m doing pretty much the same diet and supplements as you too. My midwife says a twin pregnancy needs a lot of protein, which I’m staying conscious of.

Thanks for sharing your photos and details of pregnancy with us. It made me feel good to read what you wrote because I related so much.

A Smithers on

I have an 8 month old boy and he is my first and my favorite person! They are so much fun but its so true that they grow so fast. He took his first steps today. I’m sure he is going to be your little side kick like my son is. Enjoy each second and congrats!!!

Catherine on

Would you please share the names of the prenatal vitamins and supplements you take? By the way, Congrats!! Enjoy this time. 🙂

S.Ross on

Get over YOURSELF! You said it within the first few sentences, she is a model, and makes money off her body! Its NOT rocket science that she would want to be concious of just HOW hard she will have to work post pregnancy to be able to get back to work. Why do women take the time to bash one another…how bout a united front for just doing what works for yourself…away with all the judgments!!

fed-up on

I wore my skin tight jordache jeans up to 8th month than i just blew up. It all depends on your diet before and during pregnancy. Getting knocked-up is not a license to gorge on crap.

Penelope on

Everyone is different and no pregnancy is the same. She’s a model; I seriously doubt that she’s gorging on crap.

blessedwiththunderthighs on

Even for such a beautiful woman, she still has her insecurities (such as the discomfort of seeing the number on the scale reach new highs).

Sounds like you’re doing wonderfully with eating healthfully and being active! Way to go!

steph on

I am 18 wks and hav no bump at all..I think the taller u are and further bak towards ur back u are carrying the less u show..I am eating like a horse..proper healthy meals lots of snacks liek fruit rolls and takeout once a week as a treat! Every woman is diff..I had a hard. Time realising my figure is GOING TO CHANGE no matter what..I’m used to being tiny..better to be preg over the winter months lol

yummyrecipeswelove on

I normally enjoy the celebrity baby blogs, but I didn’t like this one. Do we really need to hear about Marisa’s weight every single paragraph? Pregnancy is such a wonderful time and to spend all of those weeks only thinking about your weight/looks/body seems so sad to me. I know she’s a model and her body is her profession, but still. From this post I couldn’t even tell if she’s excited for the baby – all I heard is that she’s worried about the changes to her body.

lori on

Wow, she looks like me after I inhaled a big juicy hamburger.

Kristen on

Totally agree with your midwife! You are a beautiful momma-to-be.

AwwHeck on

Such a cute lil bump. Would not have guessed that she is in her 3rd trimester. Good for you with taking care of yourself. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to let yourself go.

tricia on

wow, this woman has a terrible sway back, she should see a doctor about that.

Erin on

This was such a nice blog – enjoyed reading it. Wishing the best of health to you and the baby!!

tellinit on

What a beautiful woman! Congrats to you and the little one to come.

Jholmar on

Love the photo of you swimming! I had a good chuckle out of the playboy to national geographic comment, It was true for me. You get used to being all full and perky with the milk, then after you wean it’s almost a shock to see the deflated ballons left behind. The midwife’s dreary, cheery, weary description is spot on (especially for my 3rd). Labor isnt as bad as the movies make it out to be. It was a pretty magical experience. Which birthing classes are you taking?

gross on

I’ve always loved Marisa. But seriously, she looks emaciated in this picture. Pregnant bodies are gorgeous. This is scary.

4mom on

I laugh at all of you worried about her “swayed” back. My 9 year old is the same way. That is just the way she is made and a doctor can’t fix something if there is nothing wrong with it.

Congrats on your baby and best of luck to you. I have four and each one was a different pregnancy experience but the rewards of having them to love and nurture and watch them grow far outweigh any of the aches and pains and weight gains!

Guest131 on

I agree with the dreary, cheery, weary thing. I’m just moving from cheery to weary and man was the first trimester dreary.

I would like to point out to those that say she’s not very big that the photos were taken at 22 weeks so not yet in her third trimester. Also, she is tall. Your fundal height is the same/similar regardless of your height so people with a longer torso will stick out less in front.

I’m surprised these celebrities bother to blog with all the catty comments. Being pregnant is hard enough.

Steph on

Love the writing voice. What a great insight into your pregnancy!

AnaC on

I really enjoyed the blog. I am going thru my first pregnancy too and just like Marissa I’m amazed with the changes in my body. I don’t own a scale either but any chance I get around I scale I weight myself and measure my waist. It’s natual to be scared yet in awe of all the changes your body goes thru in preparation for your lil one. It’s great to hear from other expecting mothers.

not a mom on

Wow, I don’t have any children but ican feel the hate coming from a few people and i don’t understand why! It is her pregnancy and her experience! What in her blog made some of you react so negatively! Shaking my head at the constant need to break each other down.

Kelly on

She’s barely showing…I wish my stomach looked like that in my 3rd trimester!

Stephanie on

Lighten up, people! Not everybody looks like they are going to deliver any moment during their last trimester. With my second son I had hyperemesis and gained a total of twenty pounds my entire pregnancy. People didn’t believe I was about to have a baby even four days before I delivered an 8lb 6oz boy. A mom can be super thin and still have a healthy sized baby.

She is gorgeous, witty, and let us nosy folk share in her joy and experience. Be nice!

Marky on

This is an interesting blog and I look forward to reading about her delivery and hearing about their life with their new son.

I find it so odd that some of you are on her case about being “rail-thin”, needing to “fatten up the baby”, and other rude comments, in the light of how you carry on forever when someone gains more weight, and ridicule them for the rest of their days. Good grief! What is WRONG with some of you??

I gained 25 lbs with each pregnancy; I ate very healthy and exercised about 4 times a week as well. I was back to my pre-baby weight within 2 weeks, and back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in less than a week after delivery, and I was 5’3″. I didn’t feel as if I was so exhausted from taking care of the new baby that I couldn’t shower or comb my hair. I also didn’t feel the need to make fun of someone who had those problems.

I breastfed and didn’t end up with boobs hanging to my waist, either, though some do. People have different pregnancies and different BF experiences. What makes you people think if someone has a different experience than yours, theirs must be wrong! This blogger looks just fine, and I’m sure her baby will be big enough–she’s eating just fine!

sadie on

Marisa’s body is her livelihood, its only natural that she is aware of the changes that are occurring. And her diet is healthy – it’s funny, would you all be critical if she said she sat on her bum and ate junk food all day??? Healthy food and exercise is a service to your baby.

Women are so critical of each other – we all make our way through pregnancy the best we can!!!
I am about 2 weeks behind Marisa and I was about the same size at 22 weeks – I am by no means a model so I don’t think she is small.

hateR Courtney on

Courtney, YOUR SUCH A HATER. Sorry your life is pathetic and pointless that you have to come on and try to tear Marisa Miller down. Your so stupid for even trying. Marisa is the healthiest and strong women I have seen. Maybe you should run to 7/11 real quick and get some nachos, a slurppie and hurry back to drop more hate on people you stupid bitch!

Lindsey on

I enjoyed reading your experience going through motherhood. I am of similar age and have the same profession with no babies yet so your post is very intriguing to me. I wish you all the luck on becoming a first time mommy. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

amber on

Seriously people chill. She is totally obsessed with her food and how her body looks ect. And she doesn’t look at that healthy in that pic..she needs more meat on her bones if she wants a healthy baby

pcornacchione on

Folks, unless you are medical doctors stop the bashing. The only person that can say for def if she is eating enough is the OB that is monitoring her pregnancy! While personally I think she should weigh more it all comes down to what her doc deems is healthy for her!

FYI…I have a friend that only gained 7pounds during her pregnancy and her doc considered her completely healthy! She barely looked 4months pregnant at delivery.


In my opinion Marisa is a tad too thin especially for her being in her third trimester. Her belly looks very small. I didn’t really believe she was almost due until I read the article. I understand she is tall and a model and obviously her looks are her career and I get the fact that she needs to take care of herself.

I’ve seen plenty of other models who did not look this tiny in their third trimester, but once again every pregnancy is different and every woman is different. I’m sure that Marisa is healthy and her baby is healthy as well, I don’t think she would want to put herself or her baby in any harm so I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.

I hope she enjoys the end of her pregnancy, and doesn’t worry about the scale for now, I’m sure she will lose the baby weight quickly. Can’t wait to hear what they will name their little guy!

Btw love the last picture! 🙂

Sarah on

Oh my! Why are women so mean to each other! Marisa looks beautiful pregnant or not, and these mean comments about her being overly concerned with her weight or body image… Seriously? Perhaps the same great genes and healthy lifestyle that make her a model also keep her svelt-ish during pregnancy (well, compared to how a lot of women look)?

Marisa might actually be reading these & now worrying she’s depriving her baby or something. Ppl are mean! She’s just thin & healthy & probably doesn’t put on water weight. Jealous biotches!

Sarah on

In my experience – boobs bounce back after one pregnancy & 13 months of nursing (6 months exclusively). I gained 40 to 50 lbs with each of my 3 pregnancies & lost all of the weight within 6 months. It wasn’t until after nursing #2 that my boobs disappeared and otherwise forever changed. We’re the ppl they created breast augmentation for 😉

Shayla on

Wow I find it so appalling that all the negativity is about how she looks. This is why so many women have negative self body image and eating disorders. Didn’t your mothers ever teach you “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? We as women need to stand up for each other not break each other down. I think she looks wonderful and I wish her all the best.

Meredith on

I don’t know who this is, but she’ awesome! Way to keep it real- I like her writing style,.

Stef on

What is wrong with her back? It looks so sway that it almost looks broken..

Alayna on

That is one skinny pregnant woman! I hope I look that good when I am expecting but truthfully if I was at my third trimester I would want to weigh more than this – it just doesn’t seem healthy to be that thin when you’re so pregnant.

Anonymous on

I have always been a Marisa fan, she seems very down to earth. I am also due in early December. I may be not be a model but I worry about my weight and overall health because I’m in the military. We are given 6 months to get back in shape, of course I think about it all the time. I am 5’1″ and have gained 18 lbs in 7 months. I exercise and eat healthy because IT’S EXPECTED of me and I that’s what I get paid for and I want a healthy baby.

Like her I was also born and raised in CA and being healthy is ingrained in our heads from a young age.

Some people’s comments are downright rude and inconsiderate. Being pregnant does not give you the excuse to overindulge, gluttony is not pretty on anyone. Every pregnancy is different. Look at Jessica Simpson, if anything she should be the precautionary tale of what not to do when you’re expecting.

Congratulations to her and hope she has a healthy baby.

Sugar Madison on

Marisa its Lauren Benoit. We worked together for Rosa Cha at the Miami swim shows in 2005. Then we ran into each other during the VMAS in Miami when you and Griffin were first together. You guys were in town with your friend Gabe

First congrats on your pregnancy. I just gave birth in June to my first child, a boy, Lucca. It is the most amazing thing in the world. It’s literally everything everyone tells you. Yes I understand what your talking about.

The last trimester there is so much pressure on every part of your body. I did alot of Pilates and yoga modified as well. And let me tell you it works wonders. Good luck with your labor and delivery!!! Xo

Stef on

Hey Marisa
I love all the pics of u preggers. U look so beautiful as always 🙂 and I love reading ur blog about ur experiences being pregnant. Miss u around the gym hope u come by after the lil guy is born to say hi. Xoxoxo

Jenny on

@Courtney, what’s wrong with buying a scale? I bought a scale too. My doctor told me I am not gaining enough and how am I supposed to monitor my weight w/o a scale? and yes, once you own a scale, you become a bit obsessive, so I can identify here.

Carley on

Have any of you read, “Bringing Up Bebe’?” The book, in part, compares the difference between women who are pregnant in France vs. those pregnant in America. The French believe in staying healthy, not using pregnancy as an excuse to, “Eat for two,” and just letting yourself go which the marjority of the time leads to an unhealthy mother and also baby.

Marisa is hitting the nail on the head with her pregnancy. She is eating healthy, exercising and staying healthy so she has a healthy baby. Were any of you aware that over 60% of pregnant women in the United States are overweight when they conceive? (What to Expect When You’re Expecting)

I unfortunately, am one of those women. I am being very attentive to working out and getting good exercise seven days a week and I am also very cautious about my food choices.

Do not use negative comments to reference her, it is unfair, especially because she is doing what is right for her during her pregnancy!

Ellie on

How can you recommend to women who look up to you to take bioflavonoids?? They are known to cause miscarriages!

Marcela on

you poor jealous bitches!!!! What do you know about medicine or good taste…

get a life!!!!

carolyn on

Wow, after all of this being said & that being said on here, you had a perfectly beautiful healhy baby, like yourself. You did good. Hubby too. Love you xoxoxo