Dannielynn Birkhead’s Sixth Birthday Bash

09/10/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

Happy birthday Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead! The daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead celebrating turning six with a party for friends and family at Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark in Mason, Ohio.

Dannielynn prepared for the party with a manicure at Scooops Kid Spa, even asking Dad to get his own — Larry went for pink and purple upon his daughter’s request. Guests dined on cheese pizza and enjoyed a triple-tiered chocolate cake complete with pink tiger stripes and polka dots.

The birthday girl spent the night in a cabin-themed suite — the park is about two hours from the family’s Kentucky home — after a fun-filled day on River Canyon Run (which she rode 12 times!) and Fort Mackenzie, a four-story treehouse where Dannielynn enjoyed soaking Larry with buckets of water.

For more on Dannielynn’s sixth birthday bash, tune in to Access Hollywood starting Monday evening.

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Julianna on

Wow, time sure flies! Danni looks a lot like her daddy… I’m sure wherever she is, Anna Nicole is very proud of her daughter.

Minami86 on

I dont know much about Larry Birkhead (aside from the fact he dated Anna Nicole) but I LOVE him as a parent! His devotion to his daughter is plain to see. You NEVER see Dannielynn except for a few photos he allows to be printed. And unlike some people who try to cash in on the death of a loved one, he doesnt speak about Anna Nicole & hasnt tried a book deal. He honors her as the mother of his child & the woman he loved. This deserves awesome respect & you have it from me sir! Happy Birthday to your pride & joy! πŸ™‚

Stacey on

Well said! I totally agree. This guy could have gone a whole other direction. What a great man.

Anonymous on

I totally agree. Good daddy

Anonymous on

I thought Larry Birkhead was in it for all of the wrong reasons but I admire his parenting and I believe that little Dannielynn is growing up to be a beautiful young lady…something that she may not have been able to do under other circumstances.

Anonymous on

That is awesome parenting. I admire anyone who takes on their role as a single parent and it is also wonderful that he doesn’t use Anna Nichole’s fame to get by in life. That little girl looks so beautiful, kudos!

Alaina Duvall on

Happy 6th birthday danielynn I hope you have the best birthday memories your heart can hold and I’m sure your mom is looking down and smiling on you and is so very proud of you. So make the best of your life with every dream accomplished

Jane on

Aww a cutie! I hope she has a lifetime of happiness. Larry seems to be doing a GREAT job!

fairypoppin on

I totally agree with all the positive comments!! Dannielynn is such a beautiful little girl. I’m sure her Mum is looking down on her as proud as punch. Happy 6th Birthday Sweetheart!

Julie on

Larry seems like an amazing father!

guest on

Danni is very lucky to have a good father,Larry. He raises her very well. I am glad that they have a normal life.

Bel on

GWL if sooo much fun! How cute to see him do that and not try to go out all fancy! What a great Dad! So devoted to his kid. Great job Larry! Happy Bday Dannielynn! God bless you both!

JP on

Thank goodness Larry got the DNA test done and can truly say without doubt that this is his daughter. It appears he’s doing a GREAT job raising her and they both look very happy together. Larry sounds like a great man. Not too many men out there would fight to be a single parent.

stef24 on

I agree, Anonymous and shame on me. I very incorrectly assumed that he was in it for the money when he fought for custody of Dannielyn and I’m THRILLED to have been so incredibly wrong. This guy is a fantastic dad. He truly is. Danni comes first for him, above and beyond anything else. There is a great love between those two and no matter what anyone thinks of Anna Nicole, I say good for Larry for telling Dannielynn about her mom and how much she loved her and also her big brother Daniel. This little girl is going to grow up just fine, thankfully!

Paisley on

It’s so great to see this little girl happy and healthy. Great job, dad! I agree with the other posters about admiring his parenting.

May on

Aw! So cute πŸ™‚ She must be in first grade now, wow time goes by fast!

sindrii on


stunning lil girl!!

hope sheΒ΄s happy.

GreatDaddy on

This almost makes me tear up. He fought hard for her and clearly loves her so much. So nice to see a celebrity child too have an actual child friendly (not a catered event with adults) party that is normal and not over the top. They both look so happy. I have a daughter this age and I have to say that sadly 1/3 of the time the daddy of the birthday child doesn’t even attend. Kudos to one great daddy!

fairypoppin on


Your little munchkin may not have their Dad in their life as often as you/they would like but one thing IS very clear…YOUR LIL ONE IS VERY LUCKY TO HAVING A WONDERFUL MAMMA LIKE YOU!!! Wishing you BOTH all the very best of life, love, laughs and happiness…

Kim on

You can see a lot of her Mom in her smile. Larry seems to be a great father. She’s lucky to have him.

Anonymous on

that’s really cute that he got a manicure too!

Jeana on

Congrats to the Little Girl. It is nice to see her father spend so much time with her and that he basically keeps her out of the spotlight except for a few times a year. He seems like a good father.

crescentmoon on

Awesome, awesome, awesome. She seems to be a very happy child, so he is doing something right! (And kudos to him for getting a manicure with his daughter! That takes a brave man! LOL)

JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

Can’t he dress better than that he’s such a goof. She’s adorable.

Tiffany on

He seems like a really good dad. She seems like a happy little girl. Happy Birthday Danni!

Jackie Robinson on

This bring pride and happiness to my heart. I totally agree with everyone who has posted a comment. You rly know who someone is when times are hard. And he has shown who he truly is by not talking about Anna Nicole, and taking the high road and raising his daughter. So great to see when a man is being a great father. Keep up the good work.

sylvia on

I don’t understand why Larry and other people close to the child haven’t done something about her crossed eye. A slight twist to a weak eye muscle would help that immediately. What’s wrong with those people?

alie on

Hey insensitive, guess what surgery doesn’t always work. Even if he did opt for surgery right now it might not work. Eye muscles aren’t fully formed until 12! I’m 30 and have had 11 since only 6 months old and its still lazy! People like you are the ones that make people like myself with a DISEASE insecure. Congrats jerk.

Wendy on

She looks like she is going to be tall like her mother.

Kay on

She does favor Larry a great deal, but in that smile and that charmisma I see nothing but Anna Nicole Smith.

So happy that things worked out well for you, Larry.

pep on

he is such an incredible dad he is all about Dannilynn the way it should be i am sure Anna Nichole and her brother are up there smiling !!

Nancy on

She is adorable, and he seems to be a great Dad. But… about her eye. I thought that several years ago she DID have surgery to correct it. Did I dream that? Or… is it possible that surgery like that has to be done in stages? Because if she had it and it failed…. or if she hasn’t had it all….she really should have it done when it can be done.

Anon. on

He tried having it surgically corrected, Sylvia. I remember reading about the surgery. Perhaps doctors will give it another try down the road.

Wishing a beautiful life for this father and daughter. : )

donna on

seems like Larry Birkhead is all about making sure he keeps his daughter’s name in the media….shame on you Larry!…let that little girl be a little girl and not a mini-me of her momma

katie on

Donna – r u serious? This child is RARELY in the spotlight! Out of all these posts you are the only person who has had one negagtive thing to say about him! In fact, a lot of the other posts sat the exact opposite about him having her in the spotlight. So I say shame on you! Respectfully, of course.

Diane on

What a wonderful dad! So glad to see her having a normal life.

julie on

Happy birthday dear aweet Dannielynn. You daddy seems to be doing a great job raising you and keeping your mommy’s image in your heart so you will never question for a second who she is. I questioned at the beginning how it would work out with larry when he won custody after anna’s death but i’m very impressed with how well she is doing and how little we actually see of her (which is a good thing). Keep growing little girl i’m sure your mommy is so proud of you

SHar on

To person who commented on Danilynn’s eye problem Larry started on getting help from this a few years ago so I am sure he is still aware of this problem and is doing everything he can.

I knew this guy would be a great dad while others figured he was in it for the money. He fought so hard for her that I am so glad he was successful. She is beautiful and they look so happy together.

Vicki on

How cool that, instead of doing something over the top, he had her party at an indoor waterpark with friends. He seems to be a great dad; very down to earth and loving, with his daughter’s best interests at heart. Keep up the great work! There are some parents in Hollywood who could take a cue from this!

Alex on

What a gorgeous girl and what an amazing Dad. I was also raised by a single father and it was a great way to be brought up. Go Dads!!

Bree on

I can’t believe she is six years old already!! Such a cutie pie and Larry seems like such a great hands on dad.

Like others I was really wary of his motives but he has done such a great job of protecting her from the press and had not sold her or Anna Nicole out, I have a lot of respect for him. He was in a really horrible position and he has handled it so well.

On a totally seperate note Dannielynn is ADORABLE!! I see so much of both Larry and Anna Nicole in her, such a cutie pie!!

WiddoMouse on

He seems to be a great dad. Most of the pictures I see of Dannielynn are with her father. She appears to be living a pretty normal life, which is what we all want for our children.

Rachael on

She’s beautiful and kudos to Larry for being such a great Dad! I can only imagine the life this little girl could’ve led under different circumstances and while it’s tragic she’ll never remember her Mom, I’m sure Anna Nicole is very proud of them both.

Jenn on

She’s too cute and I agree with everyone who has posted that Larry is doing a great job,

Whenever I read the occasional story about them, I can’t help but wonder what her life would be like if her mother was still alive. Not to speak ill of the dead, but I have a feeling that Dannielynn’s life would not be so private.

Becky on

She had surgery on her eye a couple of years back. There is no 100 percent fix. She may have another surgery as she grows. Thats up to the Doctors and what they can safely do. Focus on the good things. She is a beautiful, well adjusted child. She is happy and very well cared for and loved.

Rachel on

I was one who wanted him to be the father from the beginning. I thought from day one he was genuine and concerned and I’m glad he’s proven me right! He seems like such a wonderful dad and I love that we really don’t see much of Dannielynn except on her birthdays and very occasionally. Also love that he decided to settle down and stay in Kentucky with her. There are a few stars that live here in the Bluegrass state and I think they all lead fairly calm, paparazzi free lives.

As for her cross eye Sylvia. You clearly don’t know much about it. In many cases it doesn’t involve just a “simple twisting” of the muscle. Dannielynn has had surgery and Larry has said before that she will likely have to have it again. BUT, surgery is surgery and any surgery carries risks, especially for children. I’m sure he’s holding off until it’s absolutely necessary. And I’m sure he’s considering what’s best for HIS child.

Big Fan on

I turn 41 Friday. People care because?

cb on

Thank heavens he got her away from that creepy lawyer. Anyone with eyes to see could see she wasn’t even possibly related to that guy. But thank goodness for DNA, or father and child might never have been re-united.

K on

She’s the spitting image of her daddy.

Suzie on

I hope she grows up and lives a good life. I pray all of God’s blessings on her and Mr. Birkhead. I also hope that Mr. Birkhead finds true love and marries God’s best.

Misty on

I love how utterly devoted Larry is to his daughter.

Anonymous on

I’m glad the press/paparazzi are leaving him and Dannilynne alone so she can be raised in as normal a way as possible. Given all this child has been through before she was even a year old it’s nice to see her father stepping up, protecting her, being an involved parent and not trying to sell her pictures or write a disparaging book about her late Mom. Happy Birthday Dannilynne, she’s beautiful! : )

Anonymous on

Darling child , wonderful Father . So sad Anna could not see this peach growing-up…………………… I know she would have brought Anna alot of Joy……………plus her late brother……….

mytwocents on

She looks a lot like her dad!! Happy birthday πŸ™‚

Ava on

Larry IS an amazing father. I have seen him around town with his daughter and the love and devotion he has for this little girl is inspiring!

pattiann on

i agree . he is a great dad. he doesnt throw her in the spotlight and i like that his home has memories of anna nicole so his daughter knows who her mother was. she is such a beautiful girl.i think she will have a great life with him as her dad.

Karen M. on

From what I have seen, Larry has really stepped up and is a fine parent. She seems like a happy and well-adjusted little girl. I feel sad that she will only know her mother as somewhat of a caricature, but she looks to be doing well.

Lizzie on

Dannielynn is so adorable & cute, LARRY BIRKHEAD seems to be such a FABULOUS DADDY, she IS soooo fortunate to have such a LOVING, CARING, GIVING & LOVING, LOVING DADDY!!!! BLESSINGS(SSSSSSSS) to Dannielynn & her Daddy, LARRY BIRKHEAD!!!!

PS on

This truly warms my heart. He’s such a devoted and loving father, bless him and that little girl.

As for the eye issue, my daughter had the same condition. She ended up needing two surgeries, one as a baby and another as a preteen. Correcting strabismus can be difficult and it can persist to a small degree despite surgery. Even now as an adult my daughter has to wear glasses in part to keep her eye alignment in check.

I would imagine Danni is under the care of a good specialist for her eye condition if Mr. Birkhead has proven himself to be as good of a parent as he appears to be.


What a beautiful child!

Ruby2 on

How sweet. He seems like a great, caring father!

Anna on

Happy Birthday Dannielynn and I am so glad that you have a dad that involved!

Becky on

It seems as if Larry has turned out to be a WONDERFUL Daddy…Beautiful little girl…

@Donna…I very seldom see her in the news or hear that much about her, only every 2-3 years, not a lot of media hunger in that…

Diana on

what is wrong with her eyes ?

mom of 2 on

I’m so happy Larry has stepped up to be what seems an amazing dad. Dannielynn is cute as can be. Wish them the best.

Anonymous on

What an amazing father and over all human-being…. Kudos to Larry for being a wonderful father & not a money grubber…. Happy Birthday Dannielynn!!!!!

amy on

Pretty little girl. She looks so much like her dad.

Jill on

She really is a gorgeous little girl.

jane on

wow! what a beautiful, happy, heartwarming story about a father and daughter. it’s great that’s he’s not shoving her in the spotlight and using her as a money funnel, either. from what i’ve read since anna nicole smith’s passing, he’s been a terrific, present and hands-on father. lucky, beautiful little girl, too!

Carrow on

I knew when he moved her to Kentucky that he was going to be a good dad. He got her the hell out of Hollywood.

She didn’t stand a chance at normalcy if she had been raised by Anna. She is beautiful and will only get more beautiful as she gets older. I hate to be Larry in 10 years. Boys will be falling at her feet. πŸ™‚

Mel on

Oh my gosh she is so beautiful!! WOW!!!

Spitting image of her father, very happy for the both of them.

js_chance on

Dad of the year,,, or 6!! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

wow! time flies!

Anonymous on

Anna Nicole kicking it gave this girl a real shot at life. Thank you Anna!

fairypoppin on

If you can’t say something nice…..

mimi on

she’s such a cutie! and it’s good to see that they have stayed private for the most part, and that she is being raised outside of the hollywood bubble/spotlight.

Rhonda on

A blessing this child didn’t grow up with Anna….things would be very different and not for the better. This child is happy and loved and living a very normal life with her Dad….way to go Larry! Happy Birthday Danni!

Hea on

I think her eyes looks fine these days? Surgery went well but perhaps it’s not perfect. Doesn’t matter, she’s a beautiful kid. I wish them both all the best.

Jess on

This little girl is going to grow up with 2 things her momma didn’t get enough of. Confidence and LOVE thanks to Larry. WAY to go daddy!!!! Happy birthday young lady I hope all your dreams come true.

Windy on

This is proof that there is always a plan and reason for everything in life. I agree with almost every poster. I too thought the worst of him in the beginning but every year on her b.day (which is when most the photos you ever see of Dannilynn are published) I see what seems to be a well adjusted happy healthy little girl being truly loved and cherished by her Daddy!

notsosure on

@Sylvia……….Larry HAS had operations on her eye. He has tried to correct it. It is not nearly as crossed as it used to be. Lighten up! She’s beautiful. To the person commenting on his clothing, and that he looked ridiculous. That outfit costs more than your Walmart outfit, so give him a break. He’s still a young dad, and if you ever visited Great Wolf Lodge, the people there dress MUCH worse. He looks fine!

notsosure on

BTW……….this guy turned out to be a CLASS ACT! She is so well taken care of, and looks so confident and secure. Nice to see a tragedy, turn into a happy ending. Good thing this girl ended up with him.

Daffygrams on

He’s a wonderful father and she’s grown into a pretty little lady…mind you, she was always cute. In that picture, she’s Daddy’s “Mini Me”.

tlc on

I admire Larry for keeping Dannilynn’s life out of the media and spotlight since he was awarded full custody. Donna, I don’t know what you are talking about!!! This is the first photo I have seen of Danni since she as about 3 or 4, so media hounding is NOT happening.

So glad Howard Stern (the lawyer, not the radio host) did NOT get custody of Danni. Larry seems so down to earth and an amazing father. She looks happy and healthy! That’s all we ask! Good luck and Happy Birthday Princess!!!

Melisa on

I don’t want to seem like a horrible person……but this little girl is SO MUCH better off with her father than she EVER could have been with her mother. It’s easy to see he is devoted to her….and Anna Nicole was only devoted to herself.

Maria on

I saw them on Access Hollywood last night and I must admit that after a little while of watching them what popped into my head was that Howard K. Stern sure did luck out by not being this child’s father. She’s a HANDFUL and a HALF, and I don’t know if it’s because Larry indulges her or what, but I was exhausted for him just watching her.

I’m not sure these updates are all that necessary, although I guess Larry needs to get an income in any way that he can, but it seems evident from the way that he talks about Dannilynn that he thinks she’s going to go into showbiz.

jsp81355 on

He is doing such a wonderful job raising that beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Dannielynn!

lola on

So glad she is having a normal loved life. I hate to think what would have happened if that Snake Howard had got her.

Jenny! on

It was a sad moment when ppl know a small child lost a parent, but yea he has been wonderful to her and taken on being a full time dad.

If anything makes u feel any older kids will do it haha, she’s already six and the death on anna didn’t seem that long ago.

Joanna @ I Won't Be a Hoarder Too on

Any guy who is willing to get a purple and pink manicure because his daughter asks him to is AMAZING. What a great dad!

Katherine on

It’s amazing that little girl turned out as normal as she did given all the drugs her monther took while pregnant. She is adorable!

Jeronimo on

Get her eyes checked!

Hooty on

No denying her. He is so hot.

guest on

aww shes too cute..she looks alot like her mom… i hope she doesnt want the attention her mom wanted, although i love Anna, she just wasnt geting the attention that she needed…im not suprised that this little girl is getting her fame..he looks like a good father figure someone Anna needed in her life, sure she will grow up well..good luck

tamara on

awwwwwwww she’s a very pretty girl… Happy Birthday Danielynn!

Mandy on

Wow she really does look like him! He’s such a doting father! She is so lucky to have him!

Melody on

This little girl appears to have a healthier home life with her daddy than she would’ve had with her unstable mother. Yet if Anna Nicole Smith hadn’t died Larry Birkhead probably wouldn’t have gotten the chance to know his daughter, because Smith lied about the paternity along with her slimy lawyer boyfriend.

This is an example why courts shouldn’t automatically favor the mother in child custody cases.

Jen DC on

He seems to be doing a really great job with Dannilynn and not exploiting her or her poor mama in any way. They always appear happy in photos… She looks so much like him, but those eyebrows are certainly her mommy’s!

hannie on

Awww, Larry is such a good dad!!! Happy bday Dannielynn!

Tee Tee on

I’ll be another one to admit that I had doubts about Larry getting custody of Danielynn but I have no problems admitting I was wrong! He really does seem to be an excellent father and that little girl is such a cutie!

Tammy on

Her mother Anna was just a despicable human being. Thank the Lord that Dannielynn gets to grow up with her father raising her.

Anonymous on

Melisa- While I agree that Anna Nicole was a very messed up lady, I don’t think it’s true that she was devoted only to herself. It was quite obvious that she loved her son, Daniel, more than anything (and was devestated when he died. In fact, I suspect that losing him was a big part of what caused the downward spiral that ultimately led to her own death.) and also adored and loved Dannielynn.

Now, I’m not saying she was mother of the year or anything like that, and I actually agree that Dannielynn is better off with Larry. Just that, as fixiated as she was on herself, she DID seem, at least in my mind, to be devoted to her children. πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Maria- I don’t think it’s fair to say from having watched just one video that Dannielynn is a “handful and a half”. For all we know, she’s usually very well-behaved and was just having a bad day. Not to mention the fact that filming for a TV show can be exhausting and tedious even for adults! πŸ™‚