Beyoncé: Jay-Z and I ‘Love Changing Diapers’

09/09/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Anderson Live

Since the birth of daughter Blue Ivy last January, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have had no qualms about getting down and dirty when it comes to diaper duty.

In fact, the proud parentsbaby bliss has left them loving the new chore.

“Actually, [Jay-Z] is very good. We both [change diapers]. I love changing diapers, I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all,” Beyoncé says during a Monday appearance on Anderson Live.

From diaper changing champ to singing sensation, the songstress admits she frequently lulls her baby girl to sleep with sweet songs.

“I make up actually a lot of crazy, corny songs,” she reveals, joking she would not give the host a taste of her talents unless he was willing to belt out “Single Ladies.”

“Believe me, no one wants to see that,” Cooper answers.

But, while the world may know her for her powerhouse performances, she insists she’s much like any other mother — especially in the eyes of Blue.

I’m Mommy and when [Blue] sees me — today was the first time she saw me perform in rehearsal — she was very confused,” Beyoncé, 31, shares.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

I highly doubt it’s beautiful when your baby has explosive diarrhea

Mellie on

We waited a very long time for our babies to come and despite gross poops we have never once complained about diapers, providing a need for our children builds trust aNd relationships!. We also have nursing backgrounds and baby poop is super cute compared to dying old man poop…

gwen on

I tried for 7 years to get pregnant. 9 miscarriages,3 years fertility counseling, 4 years of hormone therapy, 2 rounds of invitro, one divorce, one remarriage, and one accident that led to a pregnancy (and 4 months of in-hospital nearest) later, I had my miracle child. I love him and I love being a mom.

But he has diapers that are just plain nasty. I love him, but it’s foul.

Lovinit on

That’s just what I was thinking! Or projectile vomit!! Gives us all warm and fuzzy feelings! 😉

ebbytrice90@YouTube on

Best comment ever

Bj on

As someone whose dealing with the stinky diapers of a 5 month old…even though the diapers are yucky, even though your lil one spits up on you, all of those things don’t turn your stomach as much as not having the opportunity to do it all. What Beyonce is trying to get across is having a child, no matter what the challenges is a blessing. And no stinky diaper is going to change that. 🙂

Priscilla Campbell on


Marie on

I like Jay-Z and Beyonce, but they don’t change Blue’s diapers, they have six nannies to take care of their daughter. At least that is what I read.

Charlotte. on

Must be true then.

KAG on

People have a opinion on everything weather it’s good or bad. None of you know them personally so I find it funny that you can make up such assumptions. They are just like all of us. They work just like us so I’m sure they have a nanny. But I’m with some of you. Diaper changing is not a beautiful thing.

Therese on

And you should always believe everything you read. Lmbo! Get out of here! Smh! That’s the problem with the world. People believe everything they read and hear. Pathetic!

n tellinh on

dumbass u dont belive everyting u read

Charelle on

Marie, you can’t believe everything you hear. Regardless, if they have nannies or not i am pretty sure by this being their first child that they would want to spend as much time with their beautiful baby as possible, i know i would

Tolando Jones on

REALLY MARIE…..don’t believe everything you read just like I couldn’t believe when I read your post

Sarah on

They might have changed one or two just to say “no thank you.” The absurdity of these people is beyond recompense. This whole baby saga of theirs is just….whatever. I’m so done with this.

Olivia on

I soo agree with you!!! Love changing diapers??? She loves motherhood soo much that she faked her own pregnancy!!! Something is just not right with her if you ask me!!!

Anonymous on

I highly doubt that changing diapers is beautiful,breastfeeding now that is beautiful.

Anonymous on

Who think changin diaper is a beautiful thing i personaly dont like to get shyted on nor peed on now child birth is a beautiful thin bring a child into the world is beautiful watchin ur child grow is beautiful

patrice on

Actually I think Beyonce would be one of those hands on moms.. They waited to have her..

sw on

I second that!

shirley on

Beyonce/Jay-z seem to be really grounded people -they get it. Life is about your faith/family…and enjoying God”s blessings.

Jessica199 on

Very few celebrities have me convinced that they are “hands on”; jay-z and beyonc aren’t one of them.

Brandi on

I’m annoyed with these negative comments. Unless you’re a stay-at-home mom, most moms don’t change every single one of their babies’ diapers…whether it’s day care, a babysitter, or a nanny, quite a few mons have some degree of help in caring for their kids and it doesn’t make them any less of a mother. I’m personally happy for Beyonce and glad to see that she has such a positive outlook as a new mom instead of dwelling and complaining about the not-so-fun parts that can be challenging for new parents. To each their own…sad that some people are so jealous that they can’t find a single nice comment to make or wish Beyonce and her daughter well.

RSB on

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Melody on

I agree with you Brandi!

funnybamgs on

Well said

Cheryl on

Thanks Brandi…for positive thinking making. People can be so negative.

Amber829 on

Beyonce is an idiot. Changing diapers is an everyday part of parenting until a child is potty trained. It is not something that a normal person loves to do.

sw on

How do you know that she doesn’t love it? Damn haters!!!

Anonymous on

All yall talking crazy first thats not jay z first so do a background Check how u love this child but not ur son yes he has a teenage son an as far as his wife I can care less but I do love all kids

charm on

I love changing my baby’s diaper. I have a 3 yr old who was potty trained before 2 and a 1 yr old who will begin training soon. My point is they grow quickly so I cherish these moments when they are so precious and need me because they always wont.

shannon on

I think all she meant was that she loves being a mom…the good the bad and the ugly, whether it be dirty diapers, filthy bibs, up all night she loves it. Sometimes people take things too literal and quick to criticize. I think when your a first time mom you will love anything just because its your child.

As far as the nannies, I doubt she even has one. Any picture taken with their baby, you never once have seen a nanny in the background. And even the pictures of them on their yatch for beyonces birthday, jay’s mom is their to help…#teamnonannies. Lol.

Amanda on

I agree. I love being a mom and diaper changing doesn’t phase me (though honestly I changed someone else’s baby this past weekend and I gagged the whole way through, funny how that works). I have 4 kids, ages 1-8 so I have and do change a lot of diapers. I will say puke, that gets to me but it’s what you do as a mom.

As for the nannies, I don’t believe she has six and I think she is probably very hands-on but I’m sure she has a nanny for when she is working. Just like working moms send their kids to day care, except she doesn’t have to leave her baby she can bring baby and nanny with!

Yvonne on

Congrats and just take time to enjoy all the moments with lil Blue. Children grow so fast and then are out on the own.


bjo8 on

I disagree with people who say that she can’t love changing diapers. My daughter had so many digestive issues as a very young baby, that I get excited when it comes time to change a dirty diaper because it means that her tummy doesn’t hurt. Why does everyone have so much hate? Jealousy perhaps?

Anonymous on

Beyonce is extremely full of it…..she is one of the most ungenuine celebrities out there…everyone of her interviews screams “staged/planned” to me. Like you had a baby, millions do everyday, you change diapers, millions do everyday, who cares. She is just so self-righteous….lol

Anonymous on

And you’re an idiot for that comment. No matter what she says, people are constantly criticizing. How do you know she’s not genuine? Do you know her personally? Stop being such a judgemental person and leave her be. If you don’t like her, stop reading articles written about her. It’s not that difficult not to click on a link.

fairypoppin on


Life on

Beyonce is beautiful. I would love to see him do Single’s Ladies just to hear Beyonce sing live anytime. The girl vocals are magical.

Life on

She is so beautiful and I would like to hear Beyonce sings live any time even her singing nursery rhythm.

LIsa on

Seriously, how do any of the haters know if the loves it or not? Personally, I think if she said she loves it, she loves it. I have never *not* liked changing my baby’s diapers and sometimes, i admit, even look forward to it! I think Beyonce and Jay-Z are very good parents and both seem very grounded considering how successful they are. Much love and happiness to all of them!

carla on

I don’t know how people are saying that they doubt she loves changing diapers. She had a miscarrage prior to having baby Blue…so yeah, she’s not taking the chore of changing diapers for granted.

heather on

A lot of women have miscarriages, it’s not just Beyonce.

bluez on

They literally have like 5 to 10 nannys who change shifts. I doubt Beyonce really takes care of the baby.

Shuddup on

& how exactly do you know that !? You read it on a blog ? -_- like seriously

Fab on

There are some real HATINJACKAZZ’s on this site… She was asked questions and she answered them… Calling her self righteous and an idiot really just says what kind of person you are.. She was asked to come and do and interview and that’s what she did… ALL THE DUMBAZZBYTCHES ON THIS POST NEED TO FIND THE NEAREST EXIT!!! Bey is doing her thing with her family and makin it work… Haters make you GREATER!!! Keep doing what ya doing Bey and Jay!!!

Brie on

I agree wth bjo8. My daughter sometimes goes days without pooping. So when she does I don’t mind changing it because her tummy feels better. That makes me happy and I don’t care how dirty the diaper is, as long as she feels better thats what matters.

Anonymous on

Enjoy every moment …time go by so fast…haters please get some business of your own and stop judging others…what would they say if they had a look into your life?

Serika on

She was clearly talking about motherhood in general. If you are a good parent the you love it all. I think it’s funny the people with the biggest thing to say are anonyous, cowards always hide their hands. Being critical of a new mother loving her baby is just silly and shows you truely have NOTHING else to talk about. How about you use your venom for the election.

anonymous on

Who the Hell cares about beyonce changing diapers she is no different than any other mother

noneya on

but yet & still, YOU clicked on the link to read the article – so obviously, YOU care.

EM on

You people crack me up. Beyonce actually has FANS who are interested in her personal life, simple. So all this “who cares?” is irrelevent. Secondly, no one who has ever worked with beyonce has ever said anything negative about her character, but you believe RUMORS. It’s gets underneath your skin because she slays your favorite artist. Just because people kiss her ass, don’t blame her!

Anon on

That’s because they sign confidentiality agreements…

Sheri on

Funny thing is, I loved changing my sons diaper when he was an infant. He had major colic and was an overall fussy baby. If he was crying the second I laid him on the changing table he stopped. I am not sure if it was the mobile over the changing table or if it was just a different view of things but he loved it. When life is hectic as a first time mom it is amazing how you cherish the little things. I loved the whole process. I wonder if this is the same for her, she is always so busy that slowing down and just doing something as simple as caring for your child is a wonderful thing. Happy for her!

shannon on

Why do people get so upset when beyonce talks about her baby when someone ASKS her a question. Beyonce and jay z are the most private celebrities out here…are we forgetting that they never sold their baby for ANY magazine covers.

Also, why be mad at the celebrities when you should be blaming the media, paparazzi and bloggers for all the hype. They don’t write stories about themselves…we do.

Laila on

Guess lucky for me my baby never had “explosive diarrhea” and I had absolutely no issue changing his diapers and it not being the most terrible thing ever. But that’s believable because I don’t have millions? GTFOH here people…

Cheryl on

Hey Sarah…the word “recompense” means compensation or pay back! Before you attempt to go off on a jealous tangent about Beyonce, learn the proper use of a word…IDIOT!!!

cmonppl on

oh please. like she ever changes a diaper. i’m sure they have a hundred nannies.

Elena on

lol so because you read somewhere that they have nannies it’s true?? You people are a piece of work! It makes no sense that you believe something made up and written than the word of this woman who said she is happy to change her own daughters diapers, you don’t even see Beyonce with a nanny when she is in tow with her daughter.

I’m the Queen of England….So there, it’s true case i wrote it! , the Queen is on Commenting! Print Screen this, and send it to TMZ.

feistymom4 on

Drum roll plz……trumpets start trumping…hearey hearey..Queen Elena has spoken LMAO.So eat those words Queen Elizabeth.

Winston Blake on

Jim Walton wasn’t gay enough for CNN, so he had to resign… Anderson Cooper is too gay to go to the Middle East again…

The chicken hawks at CNN would have us believe that selling Chik-fil-A chicken sandwiches has something to do with sodomy, maybe they could give us an exclusive interview with the Muppets and Jerry Sandusky about the halal chili dog they have between their buns?

In the game of political correctness, what are the trump cards?

What does happen when perversity and diversity clash?

Do liberals ‘spread the other cheek’ for their new Islamic masters?

The communists infiltrating the American government protested too much when Putin won the election because they tried to steal the Russian election for their comrades and failed.

Hillary Clinton is on a world tour with Madonna preaching the homosexual religion and Leon Puñettas is having gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon. Sodom Hussein Obama wants to turn the Boy Scouts into a dating club for NAMBLA…

In your unabridged Oxford Dictionaries, the word “faggotry” denotes the bundling of steel to be hammered or rolled together.

Mammalian evolution is entirely heterosexual.

Monogamy is not required for evolution, monogamy is a tenet of religion.

To prohibit polyandry and polygyny is an ecclesiastic rule of law.

To establish an ecclesiastic standard of monogamy for homosexuals is nothing but RELIGIOUS FAGGOTRY.

All men are born of a woman.

If you have to tell grown men that babies will not come out of their rectums, there is no hope for any rational discourse…

Priscilla Campbell on

Dude, your a nut. Just sayin…

fairypoppin on

Sighs….Next please.

Kat on

She is so full of it!!!! nobody, i mean nobody enjoys a poopy diaper!! when u have somebody doing it for u then yeah it’s “beautiful”….

Shuddup on

Alot of mothers do you dont know thr story behind anyones past. My sister could’nt have kids for years and when she finally did and finally had her baby she loved every moment from changing dippers to the waking up in the middle of the night with the crying. You’re just jealous I think

Shuddup on

All these who care comments are irrelevant clearly you do if you’re pressing the link

Summer on

Beyonce is a very powerful and gifted woman. I’m delighted that she is enjoying motherhood so deeply.

fatu sankoh on

bey and jay are good parent they change diapers very hand down you hatemongers are still mad bey bey got pregnate the natural way and have her beautiful blue safe and sound bey you are love by god and good people their is norting to hate about you may god continue to bless protect you jay blue ivy c and your family for life long live queen bey

fairypoppin on

‘Pregnate’??? Impregnated? Pregnant? The spellchecking option on your computer/phone is your friend.

Schmerk on

I adore my children, but there was nothing that I loved about changing diarpers. lol


IF U were rich,famous,extremely sucessful but busier than busy with a career and being a new mom would U refuse the help of a Nanny? Also, does having a Nanny or not changing every single diaper make U any less of a mother? I am happy4both of them as I would be4any other new parents entralled in the joys of babyhood. Friends, enough w/all the hate and discontent. My mother taught me well. If U dont have something nice2say than say nothing@all. Hate is easy2vomit out but Love takes finess.

Sammie on

Are they kidding? Are they trying to pretend they are like every one else and change diapers is just the most fun they’ve ever had? that tells me that they don’t change those diapers on a regular basis because I’ve had 3 children and changing diapers is not fun. It’s something that you do to keep your child clean and happy. Man these 2 are so not on the same planet as the rest of us.

queeraura on

Beyonce could cure cancer and people would still find SOMETHING to hate about her. How do any of you people know what she’s like with her daughter when the cameras are turned off. I don’t get it. People are quick to believe rumors and even quicker to disbelieve the words that come out of her mouth.

michele on

I don’t see why people are doubtful about this. When my children were babies, after I cleaned them up at diaper change time, I would kiss their little tooshies before putting on the clean diaper. Fond memories of ALL the things I did for them, including diaper changes.

Anonymous on

Most of you are so negative! I am sure Beyonce merely meant that she loves being a mom. I personally think she is a CLASS ACT and am glad that she is enjoying motherhood. She and Jay-Z seem like fantastic parents to their little girl!!

LV on

I think that just makes her like the rest of us. I have one child and I had her in my 30s. Diaper changes are a bonding experience especially for working mothers. I saw them as a chance at intimacy. I look back on those times now and cherish them because it goes by so fast. Bey has stated before that she realizes how fast her life goes by so I think she knows that she needs to enjoy the moments while she’s in them because they will not last forever — good for her. So what if she has nannies. That does not mean that she never changes diapers. Most working parents have a thing call daycare …

Mona Smile on

to all you mothers, who thinks, that changing diapers, wasn’t fun, Please speak for yourself. I, as a mother of 3 children 22, 18,17 , and loved changing my children’s diapers. had not a single issue. When you are a mother, you love the good and not so nice about your kids. changing diapers are a part of life, just as when you go to the restroom and have to wipe your backside. I understood totally, what she meant. Beyonce’ has no reason to lie about how she feels about diapers, just as we have no reason not believe any of you, when your share personal information about your and you family. It is one thing to express your opinion, and its another to express assumptions, on hearsay, or what you read. We don’t know this young lady, just as she don’t know us. Stop making yourself look like a jacka$$, by being petty. If you don’t like Beyonce, that is cool, however, you don’t have to spread venom, when clearly, nothing she does or do will ever affect any of you. Just saying!

Kai on

You go beyonce and that you are now proud and happy parents..

Jen DC on

I don’t know… Beyoncé is a down-home girl from Texas. She may have overnight help and help now that she’s back to her career, but honestly? I think they do it themselves. I think, like someone else said, they waited to have her. Looking at each of their faces in the early pictures of her, and how well they have generally guarded the baby’s privacy – I think they are hands on.

Of course, I don’t live with them and neither do the rest of you. If you don’t believe, don’t believe! I think it’s hilarious that they are still in the whole “I LOVE IT ALL!” phase, but then again, maybe she didn’t want the other comments, the “She hates her baby!” ones. I’d think those would be harder to take…

And for the record, explosive diarrhea can be funny. This one time, oh gosh, the baby had crap up to his hairline in back… I didn’t even bother to take off his clothes: I put him in the utility sink in the diaper AND the onesie (after checking the temp first). I power washed the kid, the clothes, all of it. And then I undressed him.

allthingsfantasy91 on

I hate how people make these comments about she’s an idiot because she loves to change her babies diaper or that she has six nannies or whatever else. I think the point here, is that, as Shannon said, she really just loves being a mom, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is their first baby, so everything’s new, everything’s an adventure, and I think its awesome that they see things that way. As for the six nannies or however many, where did you read that? The National Enquirer? They are so private, that I’m sure they have maybe one nanny to help take care of Blue since they both work but I’m also willing to bet they do as much as they can.

gwen on

Who cares if she does or doesn’t have a nanny? Many parents who work rely on daycare, still others friends and family, so they can earn a living and provide… Or simply just get adult time. So what’s the difference between that and a nanny? You better believe that if I could have afforded it when I worked out-of-the home, I’d have done it. I don’t fault her for it… It’s not not like considering who she and her husband are, with their schedules, work demands, and travel that they can just put the kid in daycare…

I’m not a fan of the woman and I’m tired of the “perfect family” stories we’ve been bombarded with about her, the baby, and her former drug dealer/gang member/probable murderer husband… But the nanny thing isn’t something I’d hold against her.

Anonymous on

ur such Beyonce a freakin LIAR do u really LOVE changing diapers!!! c”mon !!! Be 4 Real !!!! Even Anderson questioned that!!!

TML on

Oh look at me I’m Beyonce I’m perfect at everything including motherhood! Even cleaning crappy diapers is wonderful and I love it because I really don’t change them at all-the nanny does it but I still tell the public I do it and it’s beautiful because everyone must know how happy and robotically perfect I am at absolutely everything!

bh on

Diaper changing is beautiful? What is she smoking?

Realist on

she didnt even give birth to blue so why would I even believe she loves changing diapers. I stopped liking bey after her belly deflated…

Lisa d. on

Oh,Beyonce shup up!We all know you are perfect(Eyeroll).

doggie on

anybody ever change an elderly diaper before? sorry grandma but it stinks.

sara on

Beyonce lost a baby and is just thankful to have her little girl. Some of you on here may not even have kids but yet willing to put her down b/c she answered a simple question. And for those of you who say you don’t care why click on a story , read it , and then comment. STUPID HATING ASS BITCHES

sam on

She must love changing diapers because does it once in a blue moon, either that or she is superhuman. After the first week of around the clock foul smelling dirty diaper changing, it gets to be a chore.

Tanya on

I understand what she is saying. It’s not about the diaper, its about the connection you have with your baby at that moment.

Kassie on

These comments are more entertaining than the articles themselves!! The very 1st comment about the explosive diarrhea gave me huge hearty laugh! Please..the regular folk like you & I are the real heroes in life. Love Beyonce but seriously let’s get real..stop shitting us all, no pun intended..

Eve on

I don’t smoke or drink, I have no help & I’ve loved changing each of my children’s diapers. Get over it behind computer haters. Since when are you experts on every single human being

MedSchool on

Some of you are so bitter. My mother is no entertainer, but even I had a live-in babysitter until I was 11. She just had to work a lot as a single mom, and she sounds like Bey with this “I love every moment of it…I planned for you…I wanted to have you so bad” gushing and I’m in my twenties now. It happens, some moms are just that excited about mothering.

Anonymous on

Its funny to me that people will believe and repeat all of the stuff they read on the internet. Did she ever say she has any nannies ? If she does so what ? If she is loving motherhood, good for her- do any you know her personally to know she didnt carry her baby ? All anyone knows is what is published about her whether it lies or truth, stop judging people and criticizing her, if you dont like her dont click on posts about her to be rude and obnoxious. The world would be a much better place if people kept their thoughts and their miserable opinions to themselves. She is a human being just like all of you commenting, she has feelings- treat others as you would want to be treated.

Ann on

Nobody knows what goes on inside their house but them so why do some have to be mean…….they are parents so quite sure they have changed diapers which is no big deal so this should be been kept private but anything to see a magazine.

Tee on

i love the fact that she and her husband enjoy changing diapers. there is no greater feeling than being able to meet the needs of your children, and that is love unspoken. despite what some of you people may think, she is probably a wonderful and loving mother to Blue Ivy behind the scenes, and some of us need to stop reading and believing everything in the media. who the hell cares what half of you people think about beyonce and jay-z to begin with? i see more pictures of them with their daughter than i see with other celebrities, and half of you are probably envious of them, so shove it.

fairypoppin on


disturbed on

I’m not going to say they are bad parents but like a lot of other celebs I’m sure hired help provides a majority of Blue’s care, including diaper duty. Seriously they were worried about hiring a Nanny shortly after announcing her pregnancy.

disturbed on

To elaborate on my prior comment because I’m positive it might be misconstrued, maybe she is learning to help care for her baby. A lot of celebrities depend on Nannies to help provide care to their children especially when they have busy careers. But its not also uncommon for working parents regardless of income or status to need babysitters to allow the person to return to work after child birth. Beyonce’s popularity depends on keeping herself in the headlines and promotion of whatever she’s doing at the moment. Maybe the Nanny is just there so she can work or perhaps the kid just comes out for photo ops being raised by nannies behind the scenes who knows but It’s her business. The perfect mother routine might be just another way to self promote her career. Or just maybe she is a good mom, who does try to help care for Blue.

star on

Funny because every time I see a pic of Blue she is in her parents hands. They still do have a demanding life style and probably do have 6 nannies but from pics I’ve seen they seem very involved. HATERS.

Anonymous on

My goodness, why all the hate for people you don’t know. This world is messed up with messed up people. Good luck and Be Blessed.

Anonymous on

Is she serious???

Lola on

I love changing my baby’s diaper too. Maybe it’s the fact that he still needs me. Idk. Lol. I just love doing things for my son, & I’m sure it’s no different with her.

scarlett on

That’s probably because you and Jay change one or two a day, and your nanny does them the rest of the time. Us mere mortals don’t have the option.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Love hearing that the family enjoys the everyday routines of taking care of their baby- good for them! Blue Ivy will always know how deeply she is loved!

Lola on

You people think that what you see in the magazines is who these people are….they are not those images. She was happy to have her baby so, how do you know she is not happy to change diapers? Quit the hate!!!

Anonymous on

Haters haters haters… She suffered a miscarriage before Blue. That makes everything you experience with the beautiful baby you brought into this world even more cherished and beautiful in my opinion. Diapers included

Anonymous on

SHE FAKED HER ENTIRE PREGNANCY!!! SHE’S CRAZY whyyy can’t people see that!!!!

Lakeshia on

You people are sooooo negative. What Beyonce and Jay are enjoying and loving is the experience and interactions that they are having with Blue. Whether it be a dirty diaper or whateva…….I enjoyed/loved alll my experiences with my one and only baby girl.

Cindy on

If haters exist it is by the Celebrities own hand…..NO ONE likes to be Exaggerated too…..And that is just what Celebrities do now a day Exaggerate in a HUGE way….I am a Mom and I LOVE my Children does that mean I was giddy when I had to change a dirty diaper NO………All these Celebrities NEED to be FAKE I get it but they don’t have to Exaggerate it a thousand times over – Only to have the truth come out that they change diapers twice a week on a slow week!!!! Everything is Fantastic when you have endless amounts of money at your disposal if ALL these Celebrities would STOP Exaggerating maybe just maybe ALL the Haters that do exist wouldn’t

Millie on

I doubt they will love it once she starts running around and refusing to have a diaper put on!

kate on

What a crock of Shit no pun intended

KLO on

damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. I feel sorry for celebrities because almost everything they say or do just gets ripped apart by people . Gauranteed if she had said she doesn’t change diapers, the haters would come out if in full force and rip her apart for being a bad parent. I don’t know them personally, but my guess is they are good parents who love their daughter and are involved in her life.

soonergirl on

Gimme a break. Nobody says that kind of stuff. We love taking care of our babies, but nobody specifies they LOOOOOVE changing diapers. She sounds like a ditz.

Marco on

It is always amazing to me how bitter and angry people’s comments come across. Whether Beyonce changes every diaper or even any diapers seems beyond the point to me. She is trying to express that she loves her daughter and the experience of motherhood. Diapers aren’t fun (I changed all three of my boys diapers all the time!) but a good attitude towards them can make the experience less distasteful. Let’s celebrate that she is a hands on mom and that Jay Z is a hands on dad. Way to go-especially Jay Z! Especially after seeing ridiculous and insulting Us Magazine Headlines like “Scott Dusick still has never changed a diaper!” It is nice to see hands on and positive images of dads!

Julianna on

True, Beyoncé isn’t the first woman to have a child, or to go through a miscarriage. But she’s a celebrity new mom. It’s natural that interviewers ask her about Blue and Bey’s experience with motherhood, and it would be impolite of her not to answer them.

Ruby2 on

Yeah right. I’m sure the nannies do all the dirty work and you guys get the pretty smelling clean baby who is all happy at the moment! Then pass her back when she starts crying or has a poopy diaper. But honestly who wouldn’t take advantage of being rich and having nannies to do the hard stuff.

Lola on

Why do you people hate this amazing woman so much? My gosh…never been in the news for anything negative…dated her husband for about 7 years before marriage…been together about 11…waited to have a child & now is relishing every moment & she gets bashed for it? Grow up….sounds like a lot of jelly bellies around here

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Whoa, this sounds like it could be even more intense than we d ever like to believe. While Bey and Jay have faced divorce rumors several times over their nearly eight-year marriage, the source said that things have reached a whole new level as Beyonce is in her second pregnancy, as  she wants him to be at her beck and call, but Jay isn t having it. Could this really mean the end for them?!