Suri’s Burn Book Author Says It’s ‘All In Good Fun’

09/08/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Allie Hagan

It looks like Suri Cruise has a bone to pick!

Channeling the voice of the mini fashionista, blogger turned author Allie Hagan steps into the 6-year-old’s shoes (er, stilettos!) in Suri’s Burn Book, Well-Dressed Commentary From Hollywood’s Little Sweetheart.

Filled with Suri’s thoughts on everything from her fellow pint-size peers’ style (or lack thereof) to the swirling rumors surrounding her own high-end lifestyle, the book doesn’t pull any punches.

“I knew if I wrote [this blog] in my own voice it would come across as unnecessarily mean or crazy,” Hagan tells PEOPLE. “And then it came to me that it would be perfect if Suri did it.”

And for anyone doubting Suri’s kiddie credentials, Hagan notes that not only does she seem “very particular about her style,” but more importantly, has the spunk to match! “She’s definitely been able to roll her eyes since about the age of two,” she says.

However, Hagan — who has never heard from any of the stars personally — insists the commentary “is all in good fun” and should be taken lightly.

“I think the humor of it all comes from the fact that it’s ridiculous. We all pay way too much attention to these kids than we should,” she explains. “I’m trying to shine a light on how silly it is that we care at all by taking it to a satirically ridiculous level.”

With Suri’s superstar parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes having recently finalized their publicized divorce, Hagan is considerably more cautious with her wording.

“I probably give every single post a second glance now. It’s easy to imagine Suri as a sassy fashionista, but at the end of the day she’s a little girl whose parents are splitting up,” she says. “The last thing I want to do is poke at her.”

In fact, the author admits she’s found herself a part of Suri’s fan following. “I definitely admire her style,” Hagan shares. “If she and I were the same shoe size, I’d be all over it.”

So aside from Blue Ivy vying for her signature helicopter travel accommodations, what else is on Suri’s radar? “When Kate Middleton has a baby! Suri’s dreading it, but I as Allie can’t wait,” Hagan jokes.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Kim Hubbard

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Shawna on

How is she not getting sued for doing this? If someone wrote someone pretending to the voice of my child there is no way I would allow it!

Ham on

Satire is protected by law. Nothing her parents could do although I’m sure it’s the least of their worries. It’s just a silly website. Not sure why people are so upset about it.

MomofTwoBoys on

Calm down!

It’s so funny and super cute! I love blog and pics of the precious kids! Way to go Allie!

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

Don’t worry no one is going to write a book about your child…

Leah on

When your life becomes interesting enough for “Suri” to blog about, then you can have an opinion. It’s cute, sassy and disturbingly accurate and I will be willing to bet Suri will find it hilarious when she’s old enough.

Biscuit on

Get a sense of humor.

Pam on

This is absolutely ridiculous! Don’t buy it, complete waste of money.

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

Have you ever actually read the blog? Its fucking hilarious! Trash you say? No no that would be the minivan driving soccer moms who have nothing better to do than comment on articles all day. (although it seems i am doing that too… Hmm, time to go gas up the volvo in my spandex, i am one of you ladies!! Hugs and kisses XOXO)

Guest on

This blog is absolutely hilarious, and it is SOOO true,, US Weekly, etc. focus way too much on the lives of celeb’s children. Take this blog in good stride, she means no harm, and it is a bit sickening to think that these childrens’ wardrobe costs more than what the average American worker makes in a year!

codingmama on

This lady is using a celeb kindergartner to sell a book. Sounds pathetic to me.

V on

There are countless folks making their career over this kindergartener – not everything will be positive.

Ari on

I love Suri’s Burn Book, it’s hilarious! Congrats on the book Allie, we’ve been following the blog for many years at this point and look forward to many more!

Just sayin' on

I think its genius and all in good fun. I stumbled across this blog a few months ago and seriously… Funny stuff.

Rachel on

Allie is right since we’re all seeing this through celebrity babies, they do get a lot of our attention. Check out the site, she is tasteful and yet funny.

Anne on

Anyone that takes offense from this needs to grow a sense of humor. The blog itself as well as the book are all done in fun and not meant to offend anybody. It’s clearly meant as satire/parody and should be seen as such. I’d recommend it to anyone needing a laugh, because that’s just what it’s for.

As a society, we’ve become too obsessed with celebrities and their lives, so it’s not like those celebs aren’t thinking some of the same things.

Sarah on

The blog is hysterical!

Sara on

I love her blog; it’s hilarious.

guest on

hahaha. I just took a look at the blog. completely harmless, no need to scream for a law suite or “pathetic”.. it’s harmless fun. (unless you are a money grabbing american who needs to sue over every inch)

Jess on

People are so uptight these days! Relax and get a sense of humor!!

Mandy on

I do NOT dig this idea. I think the whole idea is creepy. This isn’t a book I’ll be buying.

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

And you are telling us this because?

anyone on

I dare any intelligent person to follow the blog for a week and determine it is nothing but incredibly clever, spot-on, satire! Just what the average person enjoys reading instead of “trash gossip” about celebtity children.

Shenae on

Sorry, but how stupid.

Sunny on

Making money off some kid you dont even know seems kind of weird. It’s as bad as the tabloids writing crazy stories about children of celebrities. Weird.

M on

Suri’s Burn Book is the best. I love her blog and I can’t wait to read her book. It’s hilarious.

Sunny on

Guest, is the author not a money grabbing American? Buy the book she wants your money.

Pips on

how stupid

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

Wow thankyou for that insightful not at all useless commentary

Katy on

Shawna – The Right to Free Speech covers satire which this clearly is. The author is in no way claiming Suri had any part in this.

Rupsmom on

I’m sorry, but this child (as well as, any other children of celebrities) has not petition herself to be in the public eye. She is out there through no fault of her own. I think it is a shame that people use them for financial gain and these children have no say in it. I think celebrity children should be off limits unless they make it known they want to be out there.

Jennifer on

This book seems so wrong. She sounds like a spoiled brat. C’mon Katie, you should know better, that is just bad parenting. I would almost call it bullying.

Emma on

I stumbled upon this blog just as it was starting and have found it quite funny. Quickly added as a bookmark when I needed a good laugh! I bought the book recently and was very disappointed. It wasn’t as laugh-aloud-funny as the blog, and it seemed to be a lot more mean spirited. After reading it I felt like it crossed the line and wished I could return it (an online purchase).

Kristina on

Of course comments are “closed” when looking at the author’s own website and “about Allie”. This is sick in all forms that she is commenting at all. I hope she gets sued. I hope she gets canned from her supposed day job of writing “policy”. It sounds like she doesn’t see the world through anything but her “wit”, an enclosed “inside-the-box”-ism in itself.

Kristina on


Dee on

Shame on her! She has no right using that child to sell her trash.

Missy on

Uh, Jennifer, you do realize that Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and Suri Cruise had nothing to do with this book. It’s an unauthorized satirical book. See? This is why this book is not a good idea. Satire or not, people will associate it with Suri.

For all you guys who are saying that it’s harmless, think about it from Suri’s perspective. Imagine how she’ll feel when she’s older and realizes someone has written a snarky book pretending to be her. I can’t imagine how creepy that would be. This child didn’t ask to be a celebrity and she shouldn’t be treated as one.

Nothing Nice, Nothing Sweet! on

What the hell?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

SaCha1689 on

Does this woman not realize that Suri is not a fictional character on which she can project her social commentaries? She’s a real little girl who didn’t choose to be famous. What’s she going to think of this when she’s older? Is nobody thinking of the child in this situation?

JJ on

The website is hilarious and original. I can’t believe everyone is so upset! Let’s remember, her parents were the first to put her on a magazine cover as a newborn.

me on

It’s “all in good fun,” the cry of bullies everywhere, right up with “can’t you take a joke?”

This woman is making money off a child and really doesn’t care who she hurts to do it. Just because its funny, doesn’t make it right.

How would all of you defending it like it if it was your child she was making fun of? A child is not fair game.

guest on

Sunny, no. she had an idea, wrote a blog and a book. it’s called working for your money. quite the opposite of suing someones pants off.

sally on

Oh wow! Making fast money off a 6 year old!

Ell on

wow this shouldn’t be allowed

Jeanetta on

Suri definitely has an eye for style! I believe she and her mom Katie love to sew fashions together! Quality time for mom and daughter. I forsee a great future in fashion for Suri. It’s natural for her, which is a bonus in any career.

lovely123 on

It’s legal. Also, if someone(stranger) takes pictures of your child in public it is NOT illegal.

Anonymous on

Her blog is absolutely hilarious. Cant wait to buy the book.

MRJ on

I don’t think without reading the blog anyone should comment on it. I haven’t so therefor all I am saying is before you get all up in arms about something, check it out. People spend way to much time getting upset about nothing.

Jenn on

I think it’s really funny. We all come to this site and make comments about the children of strangers, and the media is way too interested in celeb kids, why not satirize it.

Cammy on

Shawna, regarding being “sued” I’m not a lawyer, but I believe anything that’s “libel” or untrue or harmful to someone’s image can be taken to court. Suri is NOT a public figure, even if her parents are. Now whether any of this is libelous, is unclear, and I’m sure the author checked this out before “writing” this “book.” I won’t read this garbage. So even if this book is perfectly legal, as consumers we can vote with our wallet and not buy this poor excuse for literature.

Elaine on

Oh, so an adult pretending to be a child trashing other children. Gee, how hilarious.

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

I know, right?!

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

That was sarcasm in case you didn’t get that 😉

Kim on

This is surely one of the dumbest things I’ve seen for a very, very long time.

guest144 on

The author knew it wouldn’t sell using her own name, so use a kid instead to make money. I’m not impressed, nor would i buy the book.

Candy on

Can anyone share the link to the blogger’s website?

Melanie on

Candy, just click the pink first link. If it’s pink, it’s a link. 😉

CJ on

suri still an ugly kid

Sarah on

And u are still a nut case

Marguerite on

Lighten up people. its a joke and she is laughing all the way to the bank.

ladyofargonne on

Since when can you use someone else’s likeness without their permission to make money? And a minor at that. This author is as exploitative as the paparazzi.

Jamie on

This book was cute and so is the blog! Nothing wrong with making people laugh and no harm done to Suri! 🙂 On a similar note, another book I enjoyed with a similar celebrity theme (only more of a novel like Sophie Kinsella books) was TANNED, TONED AND TOTALLY FAKING IT by Whitney Boyd. I know some people on here would prob enjoy it alot! 🙂

Jill on

I wouldn’t want her writing about my child, especially from my child’s perspective and in my child’s “voice,” so I can’t imagine how Tom or Katie would be okay with this. I read her disclaimers about it all being in good fun and such, but fun according to whom? She admitted she is foisting her own opinions off on a celeb child and using that child’s pretend voice to reveal her own snarky opinions so she doesn’t appear too mean and judgmental, but hiding behind a child is just pathetic. Using a child’s voice for yellow journalism is just plain low down, is counterproductive and hypocritical to the whole “we focus too much on these celeb children” rationale and is a good way to get sued.

Jill on

I find it more than a little disconcerting that so many people justify the “okay-ness” of this book with, “It’s hilarious!” So what? It’s hilarious at the expense of a child. Yeah, roll in the floor laughing over that one…not.

Alayna P. on

I read through that blog, and while some jokes are funny, others are not at all. It is neither funny nor nice to make fun of CHILDREN, especially while portraying another child. I am ashamed that people actually like this or will buy it. Leave these poor children alone.

Millie on

I am guessing that if there was anything that Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes could do to block the blog and book, they would have done it or tried it. Either that or it doesn’t bother them enough to even try.

It’s a hilarious blog and is not done in bad taste. Actually, I think the blog has endeared Suri to me more than anything.

passonthiscrap on

Gross. Nobody wants a stranger attributing comments they never made to them. It’s worse when they’re making a profit and the voice they’re claiming belongs to a child. Whose child would she dare do this to, if they weren’t famous?

Liz on

This book and blog makes me sad. On the blog she is making fun of other celeb kids and often times the photos are taken by paparazzi invading the lives of these families. It is one thing to go after Ben Affleck or Jennifer Garner, but to make fun of the appearance of their kids – especially non-red-carpet non-asking for publicity, just trying to go to the park pics – is absolutely cruel. If I were Tom, Katie and these other celebs, I would follow this author around and start a site full of crappy pics of her.

MRJ on

She put a disclaimer so I doubt she’ll get sued. I went to Amazon and read an excerpt and it seems like the book is making fun of other celebrity kids including their names. Maybe it gets better but so far from what I’ve read, I think it’s catty.

For example, it shows a pic of a pregnant Jessica Simpson and says “Jessica Simpsons daughter could turn out to be a genuinely lovely person but she will never overcome the stigma of having lived inside of this” That isn’t funny, it’s mean. Maybe make it from a baby Joan Rivers standpoint and it might….maybe… some minute way be a little tiny bit funny.

Amanda on

How is this fair to Suri in anyway? When did it become ok to poke fun at an innocent little girl? Yes her parents are famous but Suri did not ask to be. I think this is sick.

Anonymous on

Mille- I think the same thing. Tom was pretty darn quick to take action against on unauthorized biography someone wrote about him (that apparently, like a lot of unauthorized celebrity biograhies, is basically a tabloid in book form), so I’m sure he (and/or Katie) would have done the same with this book and blog “written” by Suri if they could and/or thought it was neccesary.

Liz- I sincerely hope they DON’T do that. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and being mean and/or snarky back to someone is never the right answer, in my opinion. All it does is make you look just as bad as the bully/snark-lover.

Leah- Exactly! Hopefully Suri will grow up with a sense of humor, realize that the book was meant to be silly and that the author meant no harm, and have a good laugh about it!

Anonymous on

I haven’t read the blog, but from the description here it sounds pretty harmless. As long as the blogger is poking fun at celebrity kids in a way that is clearly satricial and all in fun rather than mean-spirited, I don’t see the issue.

And now something that’s slightly off-topic (I say “slightly” because it IS about Suri!)! I recieved my copy of PEOPLE magazine in the mail yesterday, and in the StarTraks section there was a picture of Suri swinging on a tire-swing at an NYC park…with some friends (some of her new classmates, I’m guessing. I know it’s not uncommon for parents to try to help their child adjust to a new school by inviting some of his/her classmates over for playdates before school starts so that not everyone will be unfamilar on that big first day!)! And she is positively beaming!

I think this is the first time I’ve seen her with other kids her own age (she HAS been seen hanging out with the daughter of Katie’s co-fashion designer, but she appears to be several years older than Suri, maybe about 10 or so), and I must say I find it heart-warming!

It especially made me smile to see her so happy when normally she looks upset and/or grumpy in pictures. It seems as though friends may have been just what she needed! 🙂

Anonymous on

Jennifer- Suri has two parents. I don’t get why you’re putting the blame for how she may or may not be (obviously none of us can know for sure) solely on Katie!

Mia on

It seems a little weird to me…but I understand the point of the media being so obsessed with celebs’ kids.

JM on

I find suri’s burn book hilarious. i think it’s funny all the people here who are like, ‘i wouldn’t want people attributing false comments to my daughter…’ how much of an idiot would you have to be to see this and think that it actually came from suri? yeah, i think, i THINK she’s safe 🙂

harmless fun, grow a sense of humour and stop being so eager to censor everything you personally don’t agree with.

deta on

you make suri looks bad…..poor suri she just an ordinary little girl with beautiful face

lovely123 on

Tom, the Super Hero of Scientology to the Rescue!”

lovely123 on

“Ordinary girl…”, let’s try SUPER crazy rich girl.

Liam on

Even if it’s written in a light-hearted way, it’s a bit crude to satirize a small girl. And, it is actionable in court. Tied up in your right to privacy is a right of publicity, i.e., the right to control the commercial use of your name, likeness, etc. So, while my taking a picture of your baby doesn’t violate the law, or you or your baby’s rights, using that picture on the labels that come out of my baby food factory does.

M on

She is not getting sued because it does not say Suri Cruise. She is only using the first name of Suri, which could be any little 6 yr old girl’s name. Ahh, don’t you just love technicalities and the law?

Anonymous on

Best blog out there! Wishing her lots of success with her book and with this fun. Lighten up, people.

d.k. on

She thinks we all pay too much attention to these hollywood kids but she wrote a book based on what she believes the child thinks? Is she a fool or does she think we all are? Just another person out to make a buck wherever she can.

mimi on

i love her blog, it’s so funny and spot on. very clever satire.

anyone who reads allie’s blog knows she’s suri’s biggest proponent and does actually paint suri in a funny and protective light. and it’s is so clearly not associated with the cruises, anyone to think otherwise would be very idiotic.

Sarah on

Seriously this blog is hilarious. I know I should be horrified that she is kinda making fun of kids but the way she does it makes it seem not as bad and she said it is all in good fun, plus she is just saying what we are all thinking most of the time 🙂

Carolin on

I thinking she is shooting herself in the foot when she admits she’s found herself a part of Suri’s fan following. “I definitely admire her style,” Hagan shares. “If she and I were the same shoe size, I’d be all over it.”

wavgirl on

So she’s trying to show us how ridiculous it is that “we” pay attention to celebrity kids… by writing a satirical book from the perspective of one of them. Why, that makes perfect sense. Please continue to exploit innocent children for your own monetary gain, idiot.

Caroline on

I think she shoots herself in the foot when she declares that she is “a part of Suri’s fan following” and that she “definitely admires her style”. If the whole point is to ridiculize our obsession with celebrities, it sounds strange to admire a 6 year old’s style.

For me, Suri is a kindergartner with a more expensive warderobe than most others; she may pick and choose some of her own clothes, but talking about 6-year olds having a “style” is precisely what I thought this book and blog would poke fun at. However, it seems not to be so. I would not buy this book ever, and I do dislike the use of Suris name, which seems like a giant PR stunt.

Mady on

I’m sure you’ll remove this…however I will continue, the book is thoughtless, not fun
Audrey Hepburn always had her hair combed, her clothes fit her, she was beautiful on the inside and out and extremely photogenic so the comparison doesn’t come close…

Breanna on

Building a name for yourself by exploiting someone else’s name is bad. Doing it by exploiting a child’s name is disgusting. She deserves to get sued for this. Big time.

tlc on

Have you ever read the blog? It’s hilarious…I’m sure Katie and Tom have a sense of humour and they don’t seem to mind or she would have been shut down long ago!

This is not a blog/book bashing’s what Suri would be thinking in a FUN way…it’s really fun and it’s not hurting anyone. Man..people need to lighten up and take the stick out of their asses!

tlc on

Also, I’ve seen WORSE things written HERE about all these celebrity kids than anything on Allie’s blog. You people are so hypocritcial!! You don’t have a problem YOURSELVES ripping Tori/Angelina/Jennifer/whoever to shreds EVERY DAY but somehow it’s okay for you and not for Allie?

Get over don’t care about these kids or about Suri…only when it’s convienent to look like you do. GAH>

Jennifer on

The people on this site are so self righteous, it’s hilarious! Get off your own motherly high horses and have a laugh once in a while. It will do you good to step off of your judging platform.

Julie on

All in good fun or not. All this book is showing the author to come across as a bully. I think it’s very inappropriate in a world were we are trying to teach children not to be a bully.

Mommytoane on

I agree…I would definately be suing too. Particularly after reading a couple pages of the blog and seeing now negative, and rude it is. I don’t see anything funny about picking apart what people wear, or how people look.

Tracee on

People actually buy this shit?

cheyenne on

omg so cool

cheyenne on

how is she getting sued for this?Itsjust plain weird.

Danielle on

The book is funny and childish with a taste of truth, so no malice intended on the part of the author…..Remember that it’s your mind who is malicious……!

cj on

A so called ‘grown’ woman wrote this garbage/trash/crap/piece of s$&#???

Pathetic how some people ‘make’ their money!

Jessica on

I had never heard of this blog until now, so of course I checked it out. So stinking funny! I just spent an hour reading it and enjoyed a good laugh.

Nicki on

She thinks it’s a great idea if “Suri did it?” I think this author is nuts and obviously not a mother!! Who in the world would think it’s OK to write something like this using the guise of a child that’s not hers? That’s horrible…. and SO not funny or appropriate.

SmiaVS on

This book is in no way offensive to Suri. The only people are getting worked up about it is because it holds a mirror up to their own pathetic lives. You know the sort that comment on every single post on here, and can list Brangelina’s kids’ birthdays, and recognize a celebrity’s outfit if they’ve worn it before….

h on

Okay, first off, all of the women on here who are insulting the others who don’t agree with this book, that makes you no better than bullies yourselves. You heard me tlc, Get a sense of humor soccer moms, etc. No one insulted you or anything like that, so stop acting like the bitches that you probably are. You are acting far, far worse than anyone else here who disagrees with the book. You need to get lives yourselves.

Jen DC on

Truthfully? If it were my kid, I’d probably send in suggestions for posts. Or comment. Because her character “Suri” wouldn’t be my Suri, and I would recognize that. I would teach my Suri to recognize that, that people are going to think she is one way or another because of who her famous parents are; because of the amount of money she has; because of where she goes to school; because we let her wear high heels as a toddler and no coats in the wintertime… But that all these people can’t possibly know who she is and their imaginary “Suri” has nothing to do with the person she is on the inside, whom we (her parents and siblings, etc) love.

And if it really bothered her, I would have my highly paid attorneys send a cease and desist letter, claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress, libel, slander and anything else s/he could think of for $500/hr. Of course, only IIED might stick if we’re lucky, but who knows? Maybe the blogger is actually as reasonable as she sounds in interviews and would stop because we asked…

Anonymous on

h- So you just told the people who disagree with the comments bashing the book that they shouldn’t insult others…by insulting them?! That sounds logical!

I also forgot that you can only state an opinion on this blog if it happens to agree with majority!

Anonymous on

As for the author possibly getting sued…In addition to what others have said, if she has any sense at all, she probably talked to a lawyer or two before writing the book (and going public with the blog) to make sure she wasn’t doing anything that could land her in court!

Bella on

Learn something about the law an your rights…
we live in america ppl..
it’s called freedom of speech..
congrats on the book Allie…

Sandy on

Stupid and inappropriate.

meg on

People need to get a sense of humor. The blog is funny and witty and it’s no big deal. I’m sure Tom and Katie don’t even care. Suri will probably laugh at it someday. And of course she isn’t going to get sued, do you honestly think her publishing company would let her publish it without talking to a lawyer? Wow, people, get there faster.

tlc on

Hey h, get over yourself. There has been MUCH much worse crap posted here by the very people who are complaining about this book. Truth hurt????

Go read any post here about Tori Spelling and then you come back and tell me that people here aren’t doing anything that’s not the same (or worse) than this book. Kids get slammed here EVERY SINGLE DAY with comments about their looks, their parents, their clothes, their intelligence…etc etc.

Again, I state it…hypocrisy at it’s best!!!

Get a sense of humor soccermoms on

If any of you actually took the time to read the blog you would realize that most of it is actually about the parents …