Josh Lucas: My Son Is ‘Remarkably Unphotogenic’

09/07/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Larry Busacca/Getty

Parenthood has made a believer out of Josh Lucas!

The new dad admits he and his wifeΒ Jessica previously scoffed at overly enthusiastic parents, but the pair have had a change of heart since the birth of their first child, sonΒ Noah Rev, in June.

“My wife and I always joked about the fact that we thought people were just drinking the Kool-Aid, like the whole thing was a scam,” the Red Dog actor, 41, tells Access Hollywood Live.

Noting that “everyone says [parenthood is] the best thing you’ve ever done,” Lucas is completely head over heels for his 10-week-old baby boy.

“From day one it’s the most amazing thing,” he notes. “I will go sleepless and die for this child already.”

Only adding to Lucas’s wonderment is the current status of his son.

“I’m still dealing with a blob,” he says. “I’m still dealing with something that’s just now beginning to communicate through smiling and through these magical little moments that happen only very briefly through the day.”

Known for flashing his sweet smile onscreen, Lucas jokes that Noah doesn’t seem to be following in his father’s footsteps.

“My child, so far, is remarkably unphotogenic,” he says with a laugh. “It’s quite weird. He’s a great looking kid, but [in] every photograph he just looks bizarre!”

— Anya Leon

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Jill on

Ooookay. I’m going to chalk this one up as a new father who just doesn’t know how to express his sentiments over his newborn son. But, that’s the second celebrity who has referred to their child as a “blob” and, I’m sorry, but that moniker just rubs me the wrong way. Whatever. I’m glad he’s healthy and I’m sure he will be quite photogenic soon, Josh.

Gumby on

Ah relax….they are blobs in the beginning.

Moi on

People who focus merely on the negative, really must lead quite a tough life..okay, yes he referred to his baby as a blob (which let’s be honest, is true for a baby that’s just weeks old) he also did say that he would go sleepless and die for that baby, did he not..but of course that was just brushed off..

AlsoJill on

Oh, please. No matter what anyone says or does, SOMEONE is rubbed the wrong way. Life must be hard for people trying to please you.

Gojira on

Well said. Some folks believe the world revolves around them.

Samantha on

Babies are BLOBS. They are sweet and adorable blobs, but blobs nonetheless. They eat, sleep, and poo, and for people who have never been around newborns it is not exactly what you expect.

I read every book before my first, but was still surprised that there weren’t these ‘moments’ to have with a newborn that I expected. You give a lot, but don’t get a whole lot back in return.

When they get a few months older, do things on purpose, etc. it’s a BABY! They interact with you, it’s amazing! I dealt with the newborn hood better than my husband did. I think for a lot of men it is hard, it’s a lot of work and not what they expect.

I feel the more honest parents are with their children that post partum depression and baby blues will decline. The hardest thing for ME personally to hear was how wonderful having a newborn was, and how satisfying, etc. because I felt like what was wrong with me that I don’t think it’s the most wonderful thing in the world? Am I crazy to think my baby is a lot of work and pretty boring?

Hearing other parents with their honesty made me feel better and happier about my situation. I wasn’t weird! And knowing that I wasn’t alone made me happier because I just knew it was a stage and would be gone before I knew it.

Whenever i hear people’s honesty about tantrums, or sibling fighting, etc. I know I AM NOT ALONE. there are rough parts, funny parts, etc and it’s not PERFECT.

yael on

Well said. I completely agree.

Shannon on

Haha. Men are not exactly known for being the best communicators! I think what he’s getting at is that newborns don’t do much other than sleep πŸ™‚ Just wait til he’s mobile Josh!

Dervish on

Josh is a sweetheart and very endearing. I think it’s amazing how he’s gushing about his new baby. It’s all new and so what if he offends a few faint-of-hearts with a blob comment- come on!. Get over it and focus on your own. Love him!

Anonymous on

Seriously? That offends you? If his baby could understand him, I can assure even he would not be offended. Geez, people need to get a grip.

Tina on

Lately, People have been a miss lately with their TOP STORIES. I don’t understand what’s going on?

notsosure on

At least he’s honest. I hate people who say they’re babies are GORGEOUS, yet they look like blobs. With their looks, this baby is destined to be photogenic in time.

val on

Yes, lately I have been witnessing some troll babies (maxwell drew anyone) and they certainly have faces only mothers can love. Such refreshing honesty! Lol

Marcia on

I dunno, my kids were getting awfully cute and alert by the time they were three months old like his son. That is a precious age.

sharkweek12 on

I don’t know if I am reading this out of context or something, but this guy sounds like a total tool.

Darkhog on

Congrats, Josh on the addition to the family.

Juli on

@Samantha….great post! Finally, some common sense posting. Newborns are blobs….precious little delicious blob!!!!

Sunny on

If he’s a good dad when the baby is all grown up he’ll look back and laugh at his dads comments.

rayanna on

I’ve never heard of this person, but he certainly doesn’t look photogenic in this feature.

Sue on

I love it when someone can admit that their newborn is a vegetable with legs. All this ‘my kid is amazing and is going to start Harvard next week’ stuff is a bunch of crap. We love babies; their cute and helpless but they’re blobs.

Lillian on

I hate it when people refer to newborns as “blobs” also. I don’t care if that upsets someone because its MY OPINION! Newborns aren’t “blobs” their human beings. Calling a child a blob makes them sound insignificant, as if their some kind of lifeless object.

Anonymous on

In MY OPINION you should learn the difference between “their” and “they’re” on

OMG! You just made me snort! Lmao πŸ™‚

judi on

Wait Josh, every day becomes a miracle.

Dutchie on

Hahahaha, i love his comments! So real and honest!

Gojira on

Who cares, it’s so superficial. Don’t lose sleep over it!!

MAB on

Samantha I wish I would have known you when my daughter was born in 2006. Everything you said is so true. I also want to say we as women need to talk about post partum and stop being ashamed and embarrassed by it.

Anonymous on

I don’t know-but I find some of the most good looking people look horrible in photos and the weirdest looking people look like a god/goddess in photos. You look at the photo, you look at the person and you think, what the freak?!? LoL

Mellynn on

I hope he’s just really sleep-deprived, because that just seems a little….cold… Maybe it’s just his way of getting out of releasing a picture of the little fellow, by telling everyone he’s not cute.

Kim on

He’s a GUY and that’s how GUYS see things. Besides, he could call ME a blob if he wants to, because anything he says in that sexy voice is fine with me! rrrrrrrr….

Schmerk on

I would love to pro-create with him, even if he called our baby a blob. lol

A on

You don’t have a kid, do you? I LOVE hearing parents who are honest and funny! Kids give nothing in the first few months (why should they?!) but it’s still a surprise to all us new parents.

Hugabear on

babies are not blobs they are bundlies of joy

Chelsea on


Laura on

Babies are wonderful little creatures who are most definitely blobs when they are first born. Some children are not photogenic. Some people are not photogenic. Did you not read the part where he says he would die for his child? He loves his little unphotogenic blob with all his heart! That’s all that matters.

Emily on

Lighten up, people. Have you ever joked around before? Sheesh! I wouldn’t call my 5 day old son a blob, but his sister DOES call him ‘poopsalot’. Sorry to offend anyone. *insert eye roll here*

Anonymous on

Jill- Actually, he’s at least the FOURTH celebrity to refer to their child as a blob, and the third to use the term without any prompting. Gwen Stefani, Dayna Devon, and Angelina Jolie (who only used the term after the person interviewing her suggested it) all referred to one of their babies as a “blob” (and actually, Gwen called both her baby AND Angie’s baby blobs, saying that Kingston and Shiloh were like “two little blobs” when they first met at the tender age of six weeks!).

Laura- I was just thinking the same thing. Obviously the people saying Josh sounds “cold” didn’t read or listen to the part where he talks about how he would die for his son! Clearly we don’t have to worry about him loving his baby boy! πŸ™‚

Brock on

regarding “the blob”– if you watched the interview Josh Lucas says “as you said, I’m still dealing with a blob”… so I’m guessing that the interviewer made the comment that he was a blob first and Josh was just agreeing with the fact that at his age he is just now learning how to communicate (so to speak)… He seems like a very doting father and very honest with everything.. kudos to him

Wondering on

What a horrible thing to say. I guess you would be happier with a prettier baby.

JM on

Some people walk around with their head in the clouds. honestly, you’d think that some sensitive souls here believe that everything needs to be described in a world of puppy dogs and rainbows and lambs. i know plenty of parents (probably more fathers) who felt the same way about their babies as he is describing. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them.

we asked our friend, a new dad, about his baby daughter and what it had been like since they got home from the hospital after she was born. his response: ‘a bit boring, she doesn’t do much’. of course he adores and loves her, it’s just that not everyone feels the need to gush and go on about their newborn.

stop nitpicking and looking for a fault where there isn’t one.

Juli007 on

They are totally little blobs! Sweet, precious, little slobbery blobs of goodness and I could just look at my little blob all day! Her little chunky blob legs and that little chin. Lol! She does love to eat!! She would nurse 24/7 if I’d let her. People need to seriously lighten up. Maybe take a refresher on there, their, and they’re while they’re at it. πŸ˜‰

drasch on

This guy sounds entirely too normal. I may like him.

ChillPill on

He stopped by the coffee shop I work at randomly last month, he was with his wife and said “blob” (Who is adorable btw.) He said they were on a road trip and just passing through and we didn’t even realize who he was until after he left. We thought he looked like the guy from Sweet Home Alabama, so we googled him and compared the name with what had been on his credit card. It was him! He was SO nice and totally unassuming, and they were so good with the baby. People need to lighten up.

Anonymous on

Call them anything you want as long as they are loved, nutured, and protected.

Chloe on

I totally agree with Samantha. I had NO newborn experience until I had my twins and you dont get much back at first (well except for simply loving your new babies I mean!) It takes a few weeks for them to look right back at you and hold your gaze, for them to smile back at you…for them to start to sit up on their own.

I totally get what he is saying. And dont forget, he is sleep deprived! Its hard to even form a sentence in the beginning months of taking care of a newborn! Congrats to you both on your new baby!!

Shenae on

Hate to break it to you, Josh, but you’re not that photogenic either!

Sue on

It’s really refreshing that he is so honest. Everyone is always gushing about the joys of a newborn and yes, having a child is indeed a beautiful blessing. BUT when the magic is gone, it is difficult handling a little person who can only communicate by crying. Coupled with sleepless nights, it does become so arduous. But nobody talks about that part!

A close friend who had a baby was so honest – she said at first she felt really unfulfilled because there was no interaction with her child. It helped alot of my other friends to start being more truthful and it took the pressure of them to create this perfect narrative of joy and bliss. There needs to be more honesty about parenthood -the good AND the bad.

Sandy on

come on we know what he means- he means blob, as in he just lays there and can’t do anything- which is totally true. I love blobs because they allow you to hold them and kiss them as many times as you want! I almost kissed the cheeks off my daughter.

boston on

One of my babies was totally unphotogenic too to the point where I INSISTED they’d given me the wrong newborn photo from the hospital. I totally understand why he said this! And BTW she was a beautiful baby and still takes terrible pictures as a beautiful 12-year-old.

Rachelle on

I think if he wants to call his son a blob, let him. Babies at that age ARE blobs. And I LOVE that he’s not saying “OMG my child is the cutest, smartest, most photogenic child on the planet.” He’s being honest and admitting that maybe his child has a flaw, an adorable quirk.

Kai on

HE’S JOKING!! He’ a comedic actor! Everyone calm down. I’m sure he loves his baby as much as you love yours. He even says how obsessed they are with the baby!

Katy on

He might be unphotogenic because his wife’s face looks like she got hit with a frying pan. Not an attractive woman.

Anonymous on

That was a dumb thing to say, but I’m sure it was taken out of context among lots of great comments. He is such an adorable guy. I used to always confuse him with Matthew Mc Conaughay, but he is much more adorable than Matthew

hope on

Give the man a break people! He is in love with his new son. Very sweet!

macey on


Anonymous on

I’m sure their baby is adorable.

Jeanne on

I remember when my oldest nephew was born, the day they brought him home my brother called my mom all concerned because the baby wasn’t doing anything. Poor guy thought something was wrong with him. Babies really are blob-like at that age, I don’t see the problem with that term.

cardsnation on

I always said the same thing about my baby, about being unphotogenic….that she was such a gorgeous baby in person, but for some reason her pics somehow did not capture how she really looked. it’s weird but true.

Lauren on

Calling a newborn child a BLOB is horrid. He should be ashamed of himself. This is a human being at its most vulnerable. Very sad. People are losing respect for humans – babies are simply a commodity nowadays.

BBB on

hahaha I enjoyed his commentary. It was very realistic. Babies can look rather odd (though most times parents are so blinded they only see their baby as the most attractive angelic being on Earth)! How is it possible that some people are offended by his comments or simply brush them aside saying that he’s a man and doesn’t know anything? So silly.

Summer on

I had the amusing experience of finding my son to be the most beautiful child who was ever born. Friends realized how much I loved him and the expressions on their faces when they first saw him was hilarious. They did not see him the same way and tried to hide their gut response. To this day I look at pictures of him and still see the most beautiful baby ever born. Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder.

Michelle on

Oh yes, lets harp on the fact that he referred to his infant son a blob and skip right over the fact that he easily admits he would die for his son. Sadly, not all parents feel that way.

ladyofargonne on

I think he just wants to preserve their privacy and not peddle his child out for the media like a lot of celebrities. It’s a choice not a prerequisite. But instead of saying that he made up the worse excuse in the world. This is why actors read scripts.

sflisa on

This man is in love with that child, and you can tell. Babies ARE blobs who steel our hearts and turn into these amazing little human beings. If you’re insulted, too bad.

Harley on

lol; congrats to Josh and his wife. Ladies, keep in mind it’s still somewhat “difficult” for a guy to bond with his kid when it’s not exactly ‘interactive’. It’s a little human that doesn’t really acknowledge you, doesn’t do anything other than eat, cry, sleep, and sh*t for the first 3 months. They’re adorable, but they really aren’t “fun” in the first 3 months of their life. They are work and an unexpected kind of work if people aren’t honest with you (note Samantha’s post earlier; bless you!). Get the hell over it; he used the word “blob”; how else would you describe a little human that doesn’t do much of anything?

Anonymous on

ladyofargonne- Actually, I don’t think some celebs DO have much of a choice. For the mega-famous ones (Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie, etc.), it’s pretty much either release pictures of your baby in a manner of your choosing (selling them to a magazine, donating them to a magazine for free, sharing them on Twitter or your website, etc.) or have the paparazzi stalk you until THEY get the first photos, potentially injuring you, your baby, your children, or even other people walking down the street or whatever in the process.

I DO agree, however, that for less-famous celebs like Josh, it definitely is a choice.

Sheesh on

Some of you cracking me up!!!!! Don’t most men just look at a new born thinking…what now!!! Walk, talk, laugh but instead they get crying, sleeping and non stop poopy diapers!!!! Hahahah come on, new borns are NOT glamorous and you know it!!!!

Dee on

LMAO, love it…he is so right!!!!

Anonymous on

BBB- Right on! From reading some of these comments, you’d think the only thing men are good at when it comes to babies is making them! While I’m sure some men DO find life with a newborn hard and dissapointing at first, that certainly isn’t true of all men.

Take my father, for example. There are pictures of him with both my brother and I shortly after our births, and they make it quite obvious that he bonded and was smitten with both of us right away! And pictures from the weeks after show that he was not “bored” with us in the slightest! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Also, I find it rather ironic that celebs get criticized for gushing about their newborns (with people saying that they aren’t painting a realistic picture of life with a newborn, that just once they’d like to hear a celebrity admit how exhausting those first weeks can be, etc.)….but yet when one is honest about new parenthood, they get blasted for that, too! I mean, what exactly are they supposed to say?!

Luinil on

Oh give me a break. My parents have told me the story my whole life about how the first thing my dad said when I (a woman by the way) was born was that I looked like a “Wrinkled Old Man” with a sunburn. I can assure you, I laugh every time I hear it, and have never once doubted that my father would have happily died for this “Wrinkled Old Man”, just as Josh would happily die for his “blob”. Get a grip people.