Malia and Sasha Obama’s Chic DNC Style

09/07/2012 at 01:00 PM ET
Tannen Maury/EPA/Landov

Apparently, Michelle Obama‘s keen eye for style has rubbed off on her daughters.

The stylish tweens joined their father President Barack Obama and the First Lady (who wore a floral printed plum Laura Smalls number) last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. And they looked amazing.

Malia, 14, wore a bright blue sleeveless H&M dress paired with mustard yellow flats and a matching blue mani; while younger sister, Sasha, 11, donned a black-and-grey Maeve cap sleeve number (sold at Anthropologie) that was punctuated with a yellow belt and gold flats.

And though it was a big night for the Obama household, it doesn’t mean the First Children got to play hooky from school.

The girls flew from the White House to Charlotte right after school on Thursday, and they went straight back to the nation’s capital after their father’s speech. “You still have to go to school tomorrow,” the President said from the convention lectern.

Shawn Thew/Landov

— Jennifer Cress

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Sarah S. on

They’ve grown up so much these last few years–so ladylike and pretty! Loved when President Obama said, “You still have to go to school tomorrow.” The camera did a close-up on the girls’ faces…Sasha’s look said it all, like “Yeah don’t remind me” or “Do I really have to?” That was great and candid.


The President and First Lady have done a superb job raising two beautiful, intelligent, and well-mannered young ladies!

Marilyn on

Keen eye for style? Apparently People hasn’t seen some of her outfits (both before becoming first lady and after).

Guest on

Say what you want about his politics, but he seems like a good father and has raised some beautiful girls. I believe he truly loves his daughters.

hopeful7726 on

Yes, I agree! All politics aside, they seem like a great family and I appreciate that they are raising their girls to be down to earth.

Anonymous on

Why is this listed under the heading “babies” and “Moms and Babies”?

oops on


Anonymous on

Although I totally disagree with the President and will not be voting for him in November, he and Michelle appear to be great parents. I think the children of any President should be completely off limits to the media and to the haters. The Obama girls are pretty and poised and probably good students as well.

Melissa on

I love the Obama family.

JoD on

@Maria, it is irrelevant how much a flight costs the tax payers. Just as many republican presidents use those planes as democrats.

American Mom on

Does People Mag get paid by the Obama campaign to fawn over the Obama family? They’ve been nonstop printing what might as well be campaign ads! Did People run a story on what the Ryan kids were wearing or what the Romney sons were wearing at the GOP convention? Bias!

pax on

They did comment, and as for the cost of the flight the tax payers don’t pay illegal his campaign does that is public information check his Ocp

American Mom on

They barely said one word about Ann Romney and Janna Ryan’s outfits all week but they’ve done multiple features about not just Michelle but the kids, the other speakers, and on and on. That was my point. And I certainly didn’t say anything about flights but since you brought it up, yes campaigns pay for a lot but not secret service and so on. But this is part of being president and par for the course on both sides, so not really an issue in this case in my opinion.

Anya on

It’s not biased, it’s just that no one cares what designers little boys/men are wearing. I certainly don’t. Romney has all sons (grown too, so knowing their clothing brands would be kinda creepy), and Ryan has two sons and one young daughter.

Mg on

Um, ridiculous comment. Like it or not- this is our president, and the first family. So, we read about them. Not some wealthy pinhead who lies and thinks he can run this country. No one cares what he and his privileged adult sons are wearing. Get a grip.

American Mom on

Ummm…I answered with class but since you didn’t I’ll respond in kind. Obama is a “wealthy pinhead” and he’s run our country into the ground. Can’t wait for a successful man like Mitt Romney to fix it once he wins! You hate success, do you? Let’s just all be poor and on food stamps.

Jay on

Yeah cause no one cares

sm on

They look like beautiful young ladies that are very much loved by their parents.

Jess on

@Maria – Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want to be there supporting their father for something this huge?

Helen on

They are a great role model for all these crazy dysfuntional families in our country. Here’s a couple who love and respect each other…raising two beautiful young women. They emphasize education, they have dinners together, they talk to one another….it sounds like a family from another era. They show what love and respect can do to any family…great role model.

Anonymous on

Great point American Mom. The Obama’s have been able to keep the negative spotlight off of these two girls because they own the media.

pax on

No because they protect them and don’t pimp them out for votes

American Mom on

Of course they pimp them out for votes! President Obama live tweeted a photo of himself and his girls watching the convention and that’s the normal thing politicians do- on both sides of the aisle. Come on, all of them want their families to be seen as much as possible. You’re being naive.

American Mom on

I’m not saying a negative word about these kids.. I’m saying People Magazine isn’t reporting fairly. For instance, they went crazy over Michelle Obama’s dress in like 3 features and did many more features on the DNC convention but practically ignored Ann Romney’s dress and Janna Ryan’s & the RNC convention.

amber on

….i would have given my kids the day off…..omg i’m a bad parent!

Guest on

@American Mom
It’s technically not biased seeing as how these are the current president’s children, Ryan and Romney’s are in the white house so People is probably just showing the President’s children and not the Democratic Candidate’s children. America is more familiar with them than Romney or Ryan’s kids.

American Mom on

No because they are doing it in the context of the campaign.

Guest on

@Maria-any first family would fly wherever they need to no matter what their political affiliation is. Please don’t be all negative nancy just because it’s a democratic family in the white house right now. If it was a republican family in the white house their children would have flown there as well.

Gamby74 on

American Mom, this is the first time since Chelsea Clinton that there are younger kids in the White House, so this is relavent to this section of people. Laura and Jenna Bush would have been too old. And like her or not, Michelle Obama is a fashion icon. And the Obamas are the youngest family to occupy the White House since Kennedy and with that comes a certain hipness.

American Mom on

I do see your point, I agree, but we are in the middle of a campaign, so there should be some fair coverage- after all, we are talking about the possible or even probable future first family in the Romneys.

Mg on

Shudder. God I hope not.

American Mom on

Sorry @Mg, I know you canceled your “reply” but it’s gonna happen! Lol Get ready for President Romney 🙂

Alex on

Come on Americans can we at least said that the girls are beautiful and Romney’ sons are so good looking.

American Mom on

Amen to that! And Romney’s sons are indeed gorgeous!

Mg on

Wrong again.

Jen DC on is not a political news outlet. It’s entertainment. If there is bias, it’s against serious news, which this is not.

Further, the Ryan children are far too young and no one is familiar with them. It is also likely that their father and mother don’t want them in the spotlight due to their even-younger-than-the-Obamas ages.

The Romney kids are all grown and can make their own decisions with regard to whether to appear in as fashion icons. We have no way of knowing whether they were approached and what their responses might have been.

I also can’t imagine that given the Republican practice of tarring all Democratic connections with Hollywood that the Romneys or the Ryans want to be perceived as seeking this kind of attention.

Plus… These are the actual sitting President’s children. Built in interest. No matter what, Romney won’t have children in the WH and the Ryan kids would be the VPs kids, and less in the spotlight by virtue of their father’s lesser position.

How about before you go popping off at the mouth about “bias” you actually think about whether there could be legitimate reasons.

American Mom on

I think entertainment news unfortunately shapes our culture to a great degree these days. So, if one candidate gets vastly more coverage than another, there is indeed bias. And one should point it out. That’s not “popping off at the mouth”. If People didn’t influence these matters, Obama wouldn’t ignore the White House press Corps but give interviews to People! So I think I’m quite justified, thank you very much!

vanessa on

As a women I can’t vote for a man who wants to take away my right as a women. No one should tell a women what to do with their body. What else women’s right are they going to take away?

American Mom on

You’re buying every lie hook, line & sinker, aren’t you? They just love the scare tactics! They said the same thing about President Bush, the elder Bush, and Reagan, too. Did it happen? No! What a joke. Obama is the one who wants to control your body- Obamacare will take away ALL your health care choices- even life & death decisions. You just eat up the nonsense your fed based on no facts.

vanessa on

Thanks for Obama care I final getting the medical health I need. Working two jobs could not get health coverage.

Shawna on

Ah they looks so cute!!!! and SO age appropriate!! So much better than other young girls their age in the spotlight!

Alex on

So hateful all presidents and candidates bring the kids to the conventions. Ryan and Romney kids and grandkids were at the RNC and both have gorgeous families. The Obamas’ girls are beautiful. Savages

Kata on

Here you go again… pushing Obama via his lovely daughters. What is next to be fair… an expose on the lovely Romney sons? Stay the heck out of politics.

notsosure on

GAG! Two of the geekiest black girls around.

Denise S. on

Very cute.


OBAMA 2012!!

Joannie brown on

Great family…. Kids are beautiful…..

Mabby on

These dresses are fresh and cute. They are appropriate for their ages. I find their mother’s taste highly questionable sometimes (no, I didn’t like the dress she wore for the speech, but it was better than a lot of her oufits). If Mrs. Obama had anything to do with dressing her daughters for this event, she did a good job!

Anonymous on

Such haters. Only dissing the family because of the opposing party. The taxpayers are still paying for the two Bushes as well as the Clintons. Once President you are protected for life. The girls are lovely and certainly graceful under pressure. No one commented about the Bush twins who partied and flew around a lot? At least the younger girls (so far) do not have teen kinds of bills but they will if re elected…same as the Bushes, Clintons, Nixons, etc. Their lives are under scrutiny…we should also be respectful.

Gigi on

You can tell that these two young ladies have awesome parents who take interest in every aspect of their lives. Lucky girls!!

Mommytoane on

Is it not common where you Negative Nancy’s are from to support your family? ALL the canidates had their families around. The Obama’s are no different….well. They are different in the fact that thier kids are always very well dressed.

I think these two young ladies look absolutely beautiful and the picture of happiness. Its kinda cute that their dad sent them back to school. To some of the people out there, school comes first. I guess I’m a bad parent because I wouldn’t let my daughter skip school for anything, I feel as tho school comes first.

misspiggie on

They are so tall and beautiful. I love both dresses, very sophisticated!

Toni on

Maria, whatever the costs are, they are nothing in comparison to what taxpayers pay for medical treatment and a heart transplant for 71 year old Dick Cheney. He’s barely alive!

American Mom on

I think Cheney has private medical insurance- he was very successful in the private sector before becoming vice president. You may be surprised but the vast, vast majority of this country does not want socialist medicine – DMV style care in which the government makes decisions for us, long waits for everything, shortages, and standards get lower and’s a shambles in the UK and every country that has it. You’ve been had by a fairytale!

Ashley on

Ha ha at Notsosure—I have to agree. And JenDC needs to chillllll out, wow

Shea on

@Toni- And you don’t think taxpayers will be paying for medical treatment and heart transplants for ALL who need it under Obamacare? As to your comment that he’s barely alive; does that mean we have a cut off point for those who need medical treatment? youch.

Chelsea on

Hey, how about we all agree on one thing. Leave all the kids alone, regardless of party affiliation. They didn’t ask to be put in the spotlight, that was chosen by their parents.

cris on

Loved seeing how grown up they’ve become…Everyone looked great. I love all you haters…..I’m a democrat but I watched both conventions and I’m so glad I did because now I see where all the hate comes all better pray Obama wins because if you’re a middle class american, if NITWIT Mitt gets in, you’ll have less then you do now, but dont worry, he’ll still have his millions off shore.

Edie on

Winner kids…


vanessa on

Y do you hate the president?

Dee on

@Peach…really? that’s all you got? I’m sure they look 100 times better than you…and they are worth more than you will ever be….jealousy is not cute…and even less so when you are jealous of kids…

Anonymous on

@notsosure…guess wat sweetheart in a couple of years im sure these “geeky girls” will be overseeing ur dumbass children

nobama on

i am sorry but the obama family is not good looking. i am really sick of people going on and on about how pretty michelle and their daughters are when they just arent. and i dont recall seeing this much media attention over any other canidate or ex pres. who cares what they are wearing anyways when the unemployment rate is down and our economy is in the toilet!! how about doing an article on whats being done about THAT?

sally on

This is posted under BABIES? If Malia can fly off to Mexico, then she really isn’t a baby…nor is the 11 year old!

Katy on

Wow @Peach – I hope you don’t have children. I assume you don’t. I also assume that you don’t have a heart or a conscience.

Who would speak like that about another mom’s children?

TT on

@Peach: You call 2 young girls (Ages 11 &14) unfortunate looking. So inappropriate! Well guess what; you are ugly on the inside and I have no doubt on the outside too (double Woof!! for you). Its because of people like you that so many youths of America are growing up with self-esteem issues and trying to hurt themselves and others!
I see two beautiful young girl and the most refreshing thing…so appropriately dressed.

julie on

@american mom have you forgotten last years rnc where the entire Palin family plus baby daddy were flown in for that convention and the monetary amount spent on that families outfits??? And the story everyone was talking about after that convention was how adorable the youngest Palin girl was. Come on now, be fair why don’t you. What’s good for the goose “or RNC” is good for the gandor(or DNC) and current, sitting President….doncha think!

American Mom on

I do remember, and A- I never said I had a problem with anyone’s outfits or their costs, only with People giving fair coverage as a press outlet to both conventions and B- the Palins clothes & travel was paid for by the campaign & NOT by the government (not that this has anything to do with my comment whatsoever). I was simply stating that People should have some equal press coverage, that’s all!

American Mom on

Nothing in my original comment or any others criticized the choice of clothes or the cost of the clothes, or the children, or anything like that. All I said was that People should cover both conventions equally if they are going to cover them at all. They are going out of their way to promote the DNC convention to an unfair & absurd degree.

Brooke on

Malia’s dress looks lovely. However, I’m think the belted dress phenomenon is really overdone, so I’m not a huge fan of Sasha’s dress.

jackie benjamin on

It is sad when you Americans don’t have respect for the first family, I was taught you don’t have to like someone but you must respect their office. Why are his children being trashed, who do you want them to resemble, President Barack and Michelle are their parents, they must have some resemblence of their two parents and their extended families. Please be informed that taxpayers don’t pay for everthing for the President, do your research, the President gets a bill at the end of every month for his food and whatever else outside the pervue of his duties. Do some research and you will know more about your first families and the running of the Whitehouse. Makes me sad when I read some of these comments, just remember negativity reflects the person/s who speak or writes it, not the person/s spoken of or written about.

Mimi on

Seriously who cares what these spoiled little rich girls are wearing…

boohoobytch on

very nice

Dee on

tThe girls looked very age-appropriate and I do agree that the President and First Lady seem to be doing a good job raising them. they have my vote.

Tara on

Kids should be off limits. I am a republican but I felt that Chelsea Clinton was treated horribly in the press and I think the Bush Twins were put through much more scrutiny than any in the past. However it’s do blatant that PEOPLE is pushing their own agenda and bias with the continual coverage of the Obama’s. Yes Romney has older children but why not highlight the entire family to be fair.

Gaia on

Maria, Yours was a snarky little comment from another hater republican. I can spot your kind from miles away.

American Mom on

Yeah, we know there are never any “hater” democrats, right? Like you and your totally unfounded accusation about me? Regardless of that, we all know there are nasty people and troll types on every side- its got nothing to do with politics.

Marcia on

They look adorable! My daughter is 13 and she loves the Obama girls. We also both loved Michelle’s dress the other night.

Juli on

Strongly disagree with Obama’s politics, however, what a nice family. They appear to be raising lovely young ladies and this family seems to really enjoy one another….so nice to see!!! Beautiful family!!

And the comment about the flight costing tax payers money, well, that’s just stupid!!! It goes along with being the First Family, keeping them safe and it’s the right thing to do!!!

American Mom on

I agree 100% with you. Personally I abhor his politics & what he has done to our country. But he has perfectly nice kids & there’s nothing wrong with them being there.

Gaia on

I have read some very negative comments towards our President from American Mom on other threads on the internet. It is just awful the hatred that the republicans feel for our Obama. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if our nation experiences a modern day revolt. Things could get ugly before we finally learn to get along again.

American Mom on

Like where? I’ve never commented on anything until today when I stayed home sick! Must be someone else. Not a hard name to think up, like yours! And I’ve not said anything offensive whatsoever, not here, anywhere, ever.

American Mom on

Sounds like you spend a lot of time on the Internet, though.

American Mom on

Not to mention that we live in a free country- people are allowed to question and criticize our leaders here. You sound like you positively worship the president. Should those who disagree with him go to jail or worse in your world?

JM on

as an outsider, it is incomprehensible to me how any american could not vote for obama over romney, disgusting little creep that he is.

here’s an idea, how about we send you david cameron and you send us obama. believe me i would switch our conservative for your liberal any day!! and to be honest they would probably both be happier in each other’s countries anyway.

these two girls look lovely, and even though i don’t agree with everything obama stands for, he is clearly one of the better world leaders currently around and obviously a devoted father.

Tara on

Give me a break. As someone who lived in the UK for over fifteen years I can tell you that your system and country is so backwards it’s pathetic. Of course you like Obama- you live in a country full of freeloaders. Never met a bunch of lazy people as my coworkers from the UK. You guys expected everything for nothing.

American Mom on

Thanks for telling it like it is. I love the British people- been there many times, but the country is a mess- especially the National Health Service, which is dead broke and in a shambles. Anyone who can afford it gets private health care or comes here. Socialized medicine does not work- when will people learn?!

Tara on

Please enlighten us about how Romney is a “disgusting little creep”. Exactly what do you know about him that is not a result of propogandized rhetoric. I am always amused to hear pearls of wisdom from people who have only ever lived in a socialist country.

American Mom on

Thank you, Tara! Only in the America under Obama would a good man like Romney- someone who has made a success of his life, helped thousands of people, raised a great family, been a strong man of faith, be trashed in this way. It’s upside down!

Showbizmom on

AmericanMom, Someone from the Romeny campaign did tweet a picture of him with his grand kids during the RNC. That’s just what the campaigns do. Also there is coverage of the Romney kids, I think the reason why we don’t see so much of it, is because there is so many of them. And to be frank, no one cares that much to read about ALL of the Romney kids and grand kids. The people that like these kinds of stories want quick and cute, you can get quick with the Romney’s. I do agree though as a hardcore Dem, the Romney boys are good looking, except for one. 🙂

American Mom on

I only pointed out the Obama photo tweet to make a point to someone – I never said I had an issue with it. I said politicians have their families involved front and center in campaigns all the time for a reason on both sides. Did you read that? There’s no problem with that in my opinion.

American Mom on

And thanks for agreeing about the Romney guys- they are cute! And I think the Obama girls are very adorable! See? We can agree! 🙂 yay! Bipartisanship! 🙂

Mg on

Wow peach. You must be gorgeous. Make you feel superior to make fun of kids? Sad for you.

ES on

The older daughter look so much like her dad. They got the same smile.

Just Sayin' on

Why all the hate over two young girls and what they wore to the DNC Convention? They are the sitting Presidents children. Of course they are going to be there. To think otherwise, is simply a moronic viewpoint. I can’t remember all these questions regarding any other President and as to who pays what….fact is the campaign pays, just like all the other Presidents before him.

You may not like him or his politics….however, to leave such hurtful comments in regard to them is unnecessary, boorish, uncouth, and generally speaks to those saying these things intelligence or rather lack of intelligence.

To all others who “get it” and have the civility to keep any disparaging remarks to themselves…Bravo!

Honey Badger Press on

I don’t like him as our President BUT they get huge points for being superb parents and those girls are always perfectly mannered and incredibly smart. We need more families like them.

Carrie on

American mom, did you miss the Romney/Ryan interview in PEOPLE magazine a few weeks ago? I haven’t seen one for Obama.

American Mom on

Obama just did a huge one with People- even though he ignored his own White House press corps for like 2months!

Chelsea on

Carrie – the article on the Obamas is coming. There was a teaser about it on yesterday’s site – a story about Michelle and her dream date for their 20th anniversary.

doro on

Mrs. Obama has NO ‘keen eye for style’. She does not know how to dress her body type and most often wears clothing that does not fit her or her body type. She has brought trash and poor taste to the White House. What an embarrassment!!

megan on

Since when is a 14 year old a tween ?

Guest2 on

The girls are so pretty and poised. This family is very loving and a real class act!!

tellinit on

@ Peach…God, I can only imagine what you, your parents, and not too mention everyone on both sides, way down the gene line of your family look like. You and your entire family, including your children, I am certain, look like the back of your foot. Have a great day “Peach.”

Liz on

Ann Romney is not a fashion icon that’s just a fact.

American Mom on

Neither is Michelle Obama. A few twinsets & some blue nail polish does not an icon make. She wishes!

Tara on

Completely agree and this is coming from a former fashion marketIng director. I do not care either way about her politics but seriously she is no way a style icon.

amber on

And u aren’t either.

Samantha Lowry on

Umm hello did you see the total softball fluff interview People gave to Mitt and Paul Ryan last week? It was a joke. People is an equal opportunity softball magazine to anyone in the spotlight. So nice theory that there are a bunch of liberal blow hards at People but they deliver the same fluffy crap on Republicans all the time.

Leslie on

If you pay attention to policy, there is very little difference between Obama and Romney. This election is like asking, which do you prefer, coke or Pepsi? The two political parties will try to convince you there is some great divide, but when it comes down to issues of war, economy, bankers, foreign policy etc… Obama and Romney are the same beast.

But go ahead and wave our team flag folks, entertain yourselves with party politics and media spin all while you are being duped into thinking this is a functioning democracy with real freedom of choice.

Liza on

Where does the time go? They have grown so much. Regardless of the politics, they seem to be doing a good job making sure their girls are on the right track and being normal teenagers. (or at least as normal as possible when your father is the President of the US)

Jen DC on

Like I said: You can’t have equal coverage when the other team either (1) doesn’t have the same elements to draw the public’s attention (e.g., children potentially in the WH) or (2) don’t espouse the values that would allow them to be in the publication.

I honestly can’t imagine that the Ryans – the only couple with children who can be coerced to be in – would allow their kids to appear here. As far as Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Ryan are concerned, again, I honestly don’t perceive them as the type to want’s attention. I don’t think that’s an issue of bias; I think the subjects simply aren’t cooperating. And the Obamas do cooperate.

I think the girls look lovely and age appropriate. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I find them quite beautiful and seem to be very emotionally connected to their parents and family generally. I love Sasha’s dimple and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Malia is almost as tall as her dad. Kills me every time.

And the Palins still receive a lot of attention from people – at least Bristol’s show was receiving attention recently. That’s the thing: The Palins and the oldest McCain daughter – who’s a political commentator now – cooperated. Made it interesting.

I can’t see the Romney family of men – and yes, they are quite handsome and talented – participating nor the Ryans. It’s just not their schtick. They are proud of how they have operated “outside the mainstream,” and I think meddling with would sully that brand. If I were Paul Ryan, if I wanted to give interviews, would turn to a hunting and fishing magazine, since those are his interests. And obviously, as a businessman, Romney has a lock on the WSJ,, etc.

And yeah, it is “popping off at the mouth” when you’re whinging about “fawning” and bias where none exist… Being in is like a high school popularity contest: It only matters to the unpopular… Because they’re losing.

American Mom on

First, Mitt Romney is ahead in every poll, so sorry to tell you that but it’s true!! Second, and you may be shocked here, but I don’t care at all for the Palins and they just don’t count to me. Lastly, I’ve made my point about People magazine’s coverage choices & don’t really have anything to add on that front. So you can “pop off at the mouth” about something else, maybe?

Tara on

Stop trying to debate with some of these posters. Their fail safe reply is to call conservatives nasty and haters, when in fact the liberal news anchors and pundits come up with some of the most vitriolic statements yet are never called on it. Shall we remind them of the horrendous jokes about Trig palin and his older sisters.
It’s a double standard. I think all children are off limits regardless of political affiliation. However Michelle and Obama are open for scrutiny.

RealMom on

American Mom, on the issue of polls you are very wrong. The polls show a tight race, with neither ahead aside from Fox News polls. I believe Gallup actually has Obama ahead going into the DNC.

I was an RNC delegate for two cycles, I interned in the Bush WH, people like you make me wonder what the heck happened to my party? We can be hard line on issues, but this is ridiculous.

I am willing to bet you don’t even care for Romney, you just want to beat Obama. It isn’t about country like it was with Reagan, Bush and Bush, it’s about some deep-seated hatred or better yet, anger because you feel those lesser are where you want to be.

I say this as a moderate, a vet wife, people like you have highjacked my party. Goldwater, Eisenhower, Bush, Reagan— Reagan was legendary for epic battles with dems yet he managed to still have a more than cordial relationship with them. He was a hard liner, but he knew where the line should be drawn.

What happened to those values? And please don’t blame the other party, because at the end of the day, it is our country and our party. When did we become the snarling crazies and the left became the happy faces?

We want to be heard, well it starts with changing the tone. Starting now, with you. I’m an alienated voter, because of this horse dung right here.

Tara on

@jen dc. For the most part I agree with you. However isn’t saying “values” and PEOPLE magazine kind of an oxymoron?

American Mom on

Thank you Tara, you’re SO right on every level. I guess it’s not really worth the energy debating but I’ve tried for the first time today to correct a few misconceptions. Oh, well. People are going to get what they ask for. Let’s just hope America asks for the right thing this time! 🙂

joan on

Oh, face it “American mom”, you are a cynical republican dumb a$$ who believes everything that fox spews about the healthcare.

And to those who said the Obama girls are not beautiful must be blind, hateful and dumb. They are beautiful girls who always look appropriate.

And to say the First Lady doesn’t have style, stop being hateful. She dresses great, and is a great role model. A smart capable woman raising smart capable young girls, who by the way, are growing so TALL!

SAR on

Beautiful girls, but that’s no surprise, given their parents.

kimba on

@American Mom…what a loser you are! Did u do anything else today other than make idiotic comments…ALL DAY LONG?!?!! Get a life sweetie. 🙂

ohb on

aint nobody care what tia and tamara be wearing!

RealMom on

It is really sad and very telling of the individual character in how one can pick apart children. I have to wonder if the color of this family bothers Peach, AmericanMom and other commenters. That this family debunks the myth of the ethnic family. These are the first daughters, therefore they are going to be covered. They are the youngest first children in the WH since Amy Carter.

Must everything be about party politics? I am a Republican and I don’t even recognize my party anymore. Hell, some of you make me wonder about this country. They’re kids. Our kids. Leave politics at the door, stop with the conspiracy theories, and learn to appreciate life.

This vitriol, nastiness, twisting, turns my stomach. As a mom, I can’t see how any mother would disparage another child, which makes me wonder about your heart. What kind of values are in your home?

And I don’t blame Obama for the division, I blame the blind ignorance of those within my own party.

Tara on

@real mom, some of your points are valid. However you act as though the hard liners are the total sum of the Republican party. As someone who too worked for GW Bush, I can tell you that much of the negativity and intolerance stems from the liberal biased media and social culture.

If one is against big government, government controlled medical care, a reliance on welfare and tighter border control they are labeled “hateful”, “racist”, “greedy”… The list goes on. Yet on the other side if you are for everything above you are “compassionate”, “noble” and “humanitarian”. I ask you where did the tables turn and the fact of self reliance and making your own way become something insidious?

You claim the party is not as it was in the past. To be honest the Democrats of today are unrecognizable of those from the days of FDR, Kennedy and even Clinton. The fact is, when government tried to rewrite the foundations our country was created on and to furthermore completely become a secular society there is such a blatant agenda at hand. Trying to create a country of complete equality does nothing more than make its citizens apathetic and discouraged.

This anger aimed at “American Mom” is undeserved. She has been nothing but respectful of others here despite the numerous attacks on her beliefs. I hope Romney will get in the office to bring some pride back but I am realistic that it’s not going to be an easy fight. All we can do is pray that regardless of the outcome all sides get the respect that is warranted by their actions. Sadly I won’t hold my breath.

Lisa on

“First, Mitt Romney is ahead in every poll, so sorry to tell you that but it’s true!!”

American Mom, please cite your sources. Gallup shows Obama leading Romney by 3%. Even Fox News is showing that Obama is leading by a little less than 1%. CNN shows them as tied. These polls are from September 4th or later.

kiran on

Why don’t these idiotic people realize that Obama is the current sitting president of USA and his family therefore will be important and covered by the media in that respect. Nothing biased about it. Romney is “just” the running mate from Republican Party. So why would they cover his whole family or what clothes his wife wears?? Now “if”( and God forbids), Romney became US president then he will be covered by the media in the same manner. Why don’t all you goofballs understand that ??

And all you Obama haters, you praise on your candidate and parties good morals,character, ethics, good hearts etc….hating on children is the best you can do ?? is this how you present your party and its stance?? Because reading your posts, i have my doubts. Sometime when i see y’all post. i wonder if you’re really here because you’re undecided and want something, some reason, to convince yourself, to vote for your so called candidate.

JM on

American Mom, people like you are the reason that people outside of America have such a negative stereotypical image of Americans.

I have met enough to know that thankfully not all Americans ARE like that. but i know that the stereotype is a paranoid, bible thumping, arch capitalist who believes anything FOX news tells them. i can tell you, that that comes off as ridiculous and slightly scary.

i remember being terrified at the last American election of someone like sarah palin actually becoming VP. now mitt romney as potential president of one of the most powerful countries in the world? the rest of the world shudders!

Jen DC on

American Mom: I do spend a lot of time on the internet, because it allows me broader access to news not produced by the regular suspects, including international outlets. So when I read your posts distilling the President’s positions to “let’s all be poor and on welfare” and repeating debunked claims like “you won’t have rights over your own body and death,” I know from where you get your information and how shallow your analysis of the problems facing the country and the solutions proffered by each side has been. Not that I wasn’t when you started crying about bias in this outlet, but you’ve more than confirmed it now.

I have this to say for you, however: At least you vote. I’m sad that you’re voting for someone who has no interest in your needs, but at least you’re making a choice.

Jen DC on

RealMom: I’m with you. I can have a conversation with you. I can compromise with you, and THAT IS WHAT GOVERNING IS ALL ABOUT. I am sorry that your Party has been hijacked by shallow minded, xenophobic culture warriors who espose the “my way or the highway” brand of legislating. That is not how Congress was meant to function; we are not meant to be in a constant state of reelection.

The problem – as I see it, anyway – is the exploitation of biases and unnameable (in polite company, anyway) fears. The Southern Strategy, reinvigorated. There are myriad stories questioning whether this strategy will continue to be successful – the strategy of drumming up fears of a cultural “other” to win. There are now too many minorities to win an election that way. (And I know American Mom, in her head, reads “illegal immigrants” and “lazy welfare recipients voting for the people who promise to give them the most,” which is a really insulting, untrue and unprovable assertion, but there you have it.)

This tone is one of the reasons I refused to return to politics. This, and the Citizens United decision, which is why this will be a $2.5 billion campaign cycle (my guesstimate of what will be spent).

I wish you luck with your Party, I really do. I felt very alienated from it watching the Convention – so few non-white faces in the crowd, which is not a representation of what America is and more importantly, not a representation of what it is becoming. Big demographic change is coming, and I fear the foot soldiers of the Republican Party are the least prepared for that future.

Jen DC on

hahaha @Tara: Yes, complete oxymoron! Although sometimes they have their moments… I can’t think of one, but I’ll try. 😀

Real Mom, a link for you:

Bo Sockes on

They sure do exploit this family on the news.

Too bad they don’t share their wealth!

Bo Sockes on

so why remove my comment? Does it not please thee?????

Mar on

How do you haters live with yourselves? It must be awful to be you. What has those 2 young ladies ever done to deserve that type of vitriol?

me on

I love that these girls are always stylish but they do it in H&M and Anthropoligie… no nonesense brand name crap. Love the Obamas

Angi on

If some of you mothers who spoke about these lovely girls in such a hateful way had someone say that about your child, you would be very upset. These are lovely young girls and you are very childish if you are calling them names and speaking about their appearance in a very negative way.

meghan on

When responding to someone, address them. No one knows what the hell you are talking about.

Lauren on

@American Mom, the recession started in 2007, under your beloved “Dubya.” Obama has been cleaning up Republican messes for four years. Please drop it and let people admire respectful, appropriately dressed young women. This is not a political site. Go away.

Guest on

Sorry, the oldest one is UGLY!!!!!!! Wow.

fed-up on

I agree with melissa i luv the Obamas,i have a huge crush in them ! As far as the politics go there was so much damage caused by that stupid hillbilly (w). We dont know half if what obama had/has to fix in a short amount of time. It’ll take more than 4 yrs to clean up W mess.

Sylvia on

I love our President and the First Family!!! They are a beautiful, intelligent and classy. The president’s girls are always posed, well mannered and well-dressed young ladies. I am very proud of them. I am also happy to announce President Obama is in the lead in the Polls. The numbers were on CNN today! It is not looking too good for lying ass Romney or his partner Ryan. It’s a good thing America is seeing their true colors now. President Obama all the way!!!!!

Sylvia on

I love our President and the First Family, they are beautiful, intelligent and awesome. Go Obama Family!!!

Jennifer on

@American Mom: Sorry, No President Romney. Have a nice Day!

Heather on

@American Mom: you’re an idiot