Baby on the Way for Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

09/06/2012 at 08:00 PM ET
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Amber Rose is pregnant!

Wearing a floor-length lace Furne 1 gown, the model and fiancé Wiz Khalifa confirmed the happy news to PEOPLE as they debuted her bump at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday.

“We do know the sex, but we’re [keeping it private] for now,” Rose, 28, tells PEOPLE. “We just found out two days ago, so we’re super excited.”

Until this point, Khalifa, 24, had denied pregnancy rumors. Last month, he addressed the issue.

“She will have my baby in life,” the “Payphone” rapper said. “And you will know when she’s pregnant. But it’s not the time now for people to start going crazy.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Khalifa — who proposed to Rose in March — says he’s focused on the future.

“I’m superman!” he tells PEOPLE. “I’m going to the best dad and the best performer and the best husband that I can be.”

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— Maggie Coughlan with reporting by Gabrielle Olya

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Olivia on

Congrats to them! But if Wiz wants to be the best dad he can be, then he should really quit smoking weed.

:) on

Uhmmm that has absolutly nothing atall to do with it !!!

hi their on

Y is he going to be a bad dad for it or wht ?

me on

That does not have to do with him being a good or bad dad!!!! My husband smokes and he is responsible and a REALLY GOOD FATHER to our daughter!!!

Mike on

Come on.. you obviously don’t know much FACTS about smokeing pot. Not as evil/bad as you think. Do some real research before bashing pot smokers.

Karen on

2 freaky looking people having an offspring= fugly baby!

kayla on

Lol….yeah, but you’ve heard of ugly peeps having cute babies right? Maybe this will be the case

Anonymous on

Wtf amber is sweet though

tiyah on

Girl stfu. They baby is not about to be ugly. Let me see what you look like!

Guest on

Bunch of freaks!!! Some people should not procreate.

librababe on

I really like her dress with the lace. I didn’t realize Wiz was only 24. Best wishes to them.

Kim on

I feel bad for the tablecloths that had to die so she could have that dress.

Karen on

Looks like Miss Greasy Face needs a compact!

Kristen on

Wow, this is the first thing that’s made me think that she is female.

Beyiinca on

Yall muthafuckas needa stop hatin on dem hell

Krista on

two days ago……she been knew that she was pregnant….lol

kelly on

I’m sure they meant she just found out the sex two says ago.

L on

Congrats! Best wishes on a healthy & happy baby..

budburna on

Olivia u should stop smokin crack!

:) on

Rite! Lmao

Mrs.Bell on

Wow the rumors were true congrads

Crystal on

She looks beautiful! Congrats! Why do celebs always announce their pregnancies via the VMAs? First Beyonce and now Amber.

Rhonda on

I guess congratulations are in order for the happy couple. I don’t know much about either one of them. I think Amber is a pretty lady, but kinda wild looking.

CaliGemm on

She totally needs to feed Wiz.. he is soooooo skinny.. yuk. maybe try breastfeeding at least.. daYum

denise on

Best of luck!!

hazeone on

Amber aint no celebrity just a leach

hazeone on

Another kid thats going to be famous for just being born to two fading stars

hazeone on

No one cares

Pam on

Eww these two are so gross! That haircut does not look good on her, she has a pretty face but they’re nasty!

shanta winzer on

How do you know they are nasty?

jojo` on

oh my goodness, what a hate filled comments section. and half of you don’t even seem able to form a well structured sentence so you should be hating on your lack of education… good luck to the happy family! and @krista, learn to read boo. the article says they found out the baby’s gender two day ago (It’s not the baby’s “sex” people.)

Pam on

Yeah well they are trash, just because he knocked her up we’re supposed to like them? Um h e l l to the no!

kelly on

No one said you have to like them, Pam. You probably never even heard if either of them. Just stfu…

Fox on

It IS the baby’s sex. Sex is biological. Gender is the outward expression of one’s sex.

Connie on


Tiffany on

It’s a boy…He kept saying he. if they already know the sex, they wouldn’t call her a he. SN- He is not cute.

James Moore on

who the hell are they? I’ve never heard of either of them – so who cares.



Laverne on

The lord bless u 2 with a special gift. Congratulaion.

Lili on

Congrats amber n wiz

tenisha on

I am happy to see a man step up to be a good dad. Congratulation

Anonymous on

Horrible dress

Bigg on

Wow… LeBron said these people are going to live their life oblivious to you all and your life won’t be any better for the hate you have spewed.

An for the shallow who comment on peoples appearance UGLY COMES FROM WITHIN NOT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE ON THE OUTSIDE…..BAM¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non Hater on

To all who hate and express it may your words fall back upon you this life next generation or the following generation of your lineage. This has nothing to do with Wiz or Amber just a perfect place to address the ugly face of hate…

isy on

U all act like y’all know them…let them b happy n smoke as much as u can wiz! Ur gonna need it.

Robert on

Wow to the comments on here. Just wow.

Anonymous on

Tht baby gonna come out smelling like cush

ada on

way to pull a beyonce…

pooh on

Dmn wiz i wish u kuldve dne betta nick cannon did way betta dn u she luk lyk a dmn man smh nt hatin just telin sum rns

Sandra on

Wow, two freaky looking people are having a baby!! Freaky and creepy!! They sure do belong together!!

isy on

Smell another hater….Robert!!

Anna on

They are both nasty! She is a golddigger! UGH

Nena on

Yall all sum fuckin haters they r a cute couple and best of wishes to yall on ur bundle of joy u gonna b a good father Wiz

Julianna on


I don’t understand why celebrity couples insist on denying they have a child on the way when that’s not true. I can understand the wish to keep it private until the first trimester passes, but instead of flat out denying, why can’t they just refuse to address the rumors? In my opinion it’s better than denying then weeks later have to confirm it, be it by a statement or the belly growing.

SoFab1 on

Congratz to the Wild onez on the new edition!! Yall hataz need to take a long look in the mirror…cause yall still the same broke ass muthafuckaz that hate on progression…get cha shit right before you fuckin judge pplz abilities to be good parents……bitchasszz

Denise on

Why do you instantly have to start with the cussing and name calling? You’re a hater yourself, and even a worse one than some of the people on here who are just stating the fact that these two are not you’re average ‘pretty people’. Get off your high horse already.

silv on

i love wiz! congrats to him and amber… they really look in love 🙂

honeyb on

I wonder if this is the reason Kanye really cancelled his previously scheduled performance.

em on

the baby might as well just come out with a blunt already rolled.

nicki on

people kill me ummm your child must be ugly or your ugly to be talking about two people who are bring a baby into this world smh nobody should be this rude if you dont like them than there is no need for you to say anything go on with your life……JUST CAUSE HE SMOKE DOES NOT MAKE HIM A BAD PERSON OR A BAD FATHER

Patricia on

Olivia, would you same the same thing about drinking beer or wine? Why aren’t you attacking the quality of parenting by all the millions of dedicated beer and wine drinkers in this country?

Jenny on

Wow! I would say that 90% of the people that have commented on here cannot spell or speak English worth a lick!! My goodness people, learn to type words out all the way so you can at least try to get your point across…. Some of these posts I couldn’t even read!! Give me a break, I only know she is Kanye’s ex but hey if there happy then cool, having a baby is exciting!!! If you’re gonna trash talk at least spell it out all the way hahaha

Kaylin on

Glad to know she’s still bleaching.

T in Texas on

How is she a model ?

lyoness leo on

Hmmm now I see from the ignorance that spewing all over this comment feed for no apparent reason is why America will end up in the hands of Satan and by Satan I do mean Mitt Romney…please do the rest of America a favor don’t vote unless its for OBAMA and mess it for the rest!!! #enoughsaid

bozbun on

Weed and parenting don’t mix. The evidence is sitting in classrooms right now. The future’s engineers and Drs are not coming from doped up homes.

Dee on

She looks gorgeous!!!! Congrats to them both 🙂

Jen DC on

Aw, I think she’s cute pregnant! But yes, Wiz Khalifa is mad thin. Gives me the shivers.

Carolline on

Oh, she’s glowing with the pregnancy! Congratulations, Wiz and Amber.

2timeMom on

She finally got her claws on someone!! lol. She’s one of the most famous GDer’s in hollywood! And a major beyotch!

Mel on

She looks cute with her baby belly! But whoever did her make-up should get fired. She looks washed out and it doesn’t match her skin tone at all.

meghan on

Meanest thread I have read in a while. Damn. That any of these nasty comments got posted floors me. I’m done with this site. I can’t stand the nastiness.

Emily on

Yes, when you choose to participate in activity that is illegal and could potentially compromise your family, that does make you a bad father.

Horsegirl on

I am floored by the absuridity in some of these comments. Pot smokers make great parents! What next…crackheads do too? Last time I checked Pot was still illegal for “most” Americans. Truely good parents give up illegal actions when their children are born. Not keep them in a home with it. Maybe it is time we all held parenting to a higher standard. And I agree about the spelling–> words like dem & dey do not exisit try using actual English Grammer to get your point across.

Rendubi on

You are an idiot. Just because it is still technically “illegal” makes it bad? So I suppose once it becomes legal than its all good. Marijuana is a natural substance unlike crack which is man made. Do your research before making idiotic comments

kyliekoo on

She is having twins… the one out of her backside will be first

kyliekoo on

Hey Mike, go smoke some more pot and then learn how to spell smoking

Karen on

“The future’s engineers and Drs are not coming from doped up homes.”

I work as a legal secretary making $30 an hour, I am a mother of two, and a proud pot smoker. Everyone on here is ignorant and rude. Talking about an unborn child and someone appearances. Beauty is within and you all are obviously ugly.

Olivia A. on

All I can say is congrats to Amber and Wiz. Gonna be a pretty lil mixed baby! TO ALL THE HATERS your just mad cause You:
Can’t pull off a shaved platinum blonde head
Are not a millionaire
Haven’t got the skills or looks to pull a millionaire
Haven’t got a major recording deal
Can’t have children of your own
Can’t smoke pot cause your on papers and you are or have had a bad father
Are insanely jealous of other people’s happiness …. A majority of the US are Christians, and if I’m not mistaken that word preaches being nonjudgmental y’all need to go to church #justsayin

Em momma on

I don’t think smoking weed makes you a bad parent it just makes you a very immature parent that needs to grow up.

kyliekoo on

So Karen.. you proud pot smoker with two children; are they proud of you? You also don’t know the correct use of a comma. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Daaisvokkol on

Tina ur mama shouldnt have reproduced. Ur mamas collided with a rot to produce al u haters.haters can keep on hating, it aint gone do shit to wiz nd amber they stil gone b gettin paper nd theyl stil b up in ur faces they aint goin no wer so sit down n stfu.if yol didnt care about them u wouldnt have commented.they are living the life yol haters wish u had. Congrats amber n wiz

Kasia on


Beth on

I love all of these people who claim they are proud pot smokers. Do you let your employers know how much you smoke? I know very few successful pot smokers. They might have nice jobs, but when it comes down to it they put parting first and can’t grow up.

jackie2830 on

Who the hell are these weird people??????? Everyday, we’re inundated with pics of NO BODIES!!!!!!!!!!! The media is getting hard up.

Adri on

They just found out the sex two days ago, not that she is pregnant.

Wiz has been very vocal about how much he loves Amber, and she has said that she feels very supported and respected by him. They are unusual people, and they are lucky to have found each other. The baby will be beautiful to them, and that is all that matters.

To all the haters, not everybody is white, not everybody has a typical body shape, not everybody buys into the same idea of what is attractive. They look good to each other, and in the culture they live in they are seen as very attractive. So please stop applying white, middle class standards of beauty to rich non-white people.

Guest on

I remember watching Wiz rap at fraternity parties in college (3 years ago!). Congrats to them!

sherquetta on

congrats to them

tina on


Anonymous on

The majority of the comments here are so gramatically incorrect, it only helps strengthen the arguement that smoking weed destroys brain cells. Learn to properly structure a sentence, it will have a much more dramatic effect of the points some of you are trying to convey!!

Anonymous on

I ain’t saying she a gold digger…

Losa on

24 and 28 years old? I thought they are much more older.

Lady on

Don’t be ignorant people, you don’t know them…you only know what the media WANTS you to know. Wiz is actually a very sweet man, I said she seriously UPGRADED from Kanye….yuck.

Congrats to them, i’m sure their baby will be absolutely gorgeous!

tellinit on

Congrats to the blessed couple and for the haters, get a life! Incidentally, not only does the shape of a womans body change during pregnancy, but so does her skin. Research your facts…to the freak who made the comment re: Amber needing a compact. Have a great day!

Jennifer on

I swear, the people who should NOT be reproducing do.

Jen on

Who really cares if he smokes weed I no alot of men that do and it never affects there parenting ability…. This woman had cancer and over came it she is lucky that she can have children after Kemo…. So all of you people making nasty comments really look stuipded as you are making fun of a former cancer paitent who was able to overcome and have a child…. Ever thought of looking at it that way I think not!

Danielle on

Wow u ppl have some serious issues all that matters is that they are happy ppl are worked up cause he smoke and I guess what everybody say she is a golddigger but they are not worried about what u think

Anonymous on

Why would that make him a better dad. See people nowadays always look oh if you smoke your a bad person. Crock of shit. I know great parents who are district attorneys lawyers police officers etc. they smoke and they are great at what they do and great parents. Condoning it to your children is where the line is crossed.

boohoobytch on

congrats to them, neither one bothers me

h3lL0! on

I think its cool. Rather her and Wiz then her and Kanye. By the way, that’s who will be next. IDK? Kim seems to selfish to have offspring. Did’t Amber Rose just do a Vodka commercial too? Marshmello Ciroc or something?

Vanessa on

101 comments of illiterate, ghetto trash in the comments. No wonder stereotypes exist.

Tasha on

They didn’t announce that she was pregnant because she got that deal with Smirnoff…how would that look to have a pregnant women endorsing liquor???? Now we know…Congrats anyways! It’s not like she was drinking it!

Anonymous on

I hope the baby wl be famous as his daddy.

Anonymous on

amber layoff the products good greif your head is starting to look like a lightbulb.. and lol at wiz tryna be fashion forward

Maria on

Ok…Did anyone else just catch this? “We just found out 2 days ago.” …..That’s a huge baby bump! HAAAA Really? You had no idea before that?

Congratulations….maybe looks (styles) are deceiving and they will be wonderful parents. Best Wishes. But…I had to laugh! 🙂

Anonymous on

a lot of you have the reading comprehension of a third grader. they found out the SEX of the baby – not the fact that she’s pregnant- two days ago

Anonymous on

She’s beautiful and he seems like a humble guy. I’m happy for the both of them.

layla on

I love their love. I hope it lasts.

And to everyone who is calling them ugly- you are uglier than they could ever be. They have done nothing to anyone of you. Their kids wil be better looking than any you have or ever will have.

Marcele on

Love them as a couple truly and congrats on the baby that you will be blessed with in a few months.

Leigh on

I don’t think I have ever seen such language on one of these posts!!! Does no one look at these before they are approved for posting?!?!?!

lola on

she needs that paycheck.

Anabel on

They would scare me in the middle of the night.

Valerie on

I go with Jojo…they are gonna be nice parents!! and damn i think they both look nice 🙂

Bombz on

Congratulations to them both and y’all h8rz shld go get a life!!!

Keviyanta Allen on

Baby u think u all that wat a baby amber rose u just don’t know u a heo:):):)