Meet Snooki’s Son Lorenzo Dominic

09/05/2012 at 12:00 AM ET
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Just six days after Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her fiancรฉ Jionni LaValle welcomed their first child, Lorenzo Dominic, they opened their home to PEOPLE to help introduce him to the world.

“It’s a different kind of love that I never felt before,” says Polizzi, 24, who is currently filming the second season of her MTV spin-off Snooki & JWOWW.

It took more than 24 hours of labor, but the pint-sized reality star finally gave birth to her son on Aug. 26. Happily, she and LaValle, 25, say that choosing a moniker was much easier.

“We were going back and forth, and I just happened to think of Lorenzo,” says LaValle, who adds that he was inspired by a child he knew from his hometown, where he and Polizzi now live with his parents. “She loved it.”

The baby’s middle name, Dominic, is in memory of Polizzi’s uncle, who died. “I did it for my dad,” she says.

Now, the happy couple are enjoying spending time with their family and of course, their “adorable” son.

“When I got pregnant, everything changed,” says Polizzi, who will also appear on the final season of MTV’s Jersey Shore, premiering Oct. 4. “The partying is long gone. I’m a new person.”

Jamie McCarthy/Getty

For exclusive photos of Lorenzo — plus details about Polizzi’s delivery, upcoming wedding, weight loss plan and life as a mom — pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

MTV PHOTO: See Snooki at home with Lorenzo and Jionni!

— Lesley Messer

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Carolline on

Oh, Snooki! I’m so happy for her. And also happy to know that her will change habits. Party and drinks all the time is not a good thing when you have a little man in your arms.

Vanessa on

I hope she has changed and doesn’t return to the partying and boozing. What a gorgeous little boy.

Holiday on

He is adorable.

Mia on

He’s a cutie! A nice mix of Chilean + Italian! Happy for them!

Melissa on

Awwww, congrats Snooki. I had a feeling she would be very maternal and a great mom, despite her partying ways in the past. And WOW what a cutie!!! He sure is adorable. :)))

Anonymous on

What a cutie! That being said, as much as I like PEOPLE magazine, I wish that they (and other celebrity magazines) would stop asking new celeb moms how they plan to lose the baby weight!

I mean, with all the pressure the media places on women and girls to be thin, it’s no wonder eating disorders are so rampant these days! It’s okay not to be able to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital, and the media needs to wake up and realize that!

meghan on

Hope you didn’t spend too much money for the exclusive pics. This one ain’t gonna fly off the news stand.

Zoe on

He’s adorable!

Hea on

He is simply adorable.

Just my 2 cents on

Funny you say that Meghan, you commented pretty quickly, which gave this article a view and a comment, pretty much the same!

Congrats Snooki! She’ll be a great mum!!

laurenscrazydreams on

I’m no Snooki fan, but that is one gorgeous baby!

Jen DC on

I’m … oddly proud of Snooki! That baby is adorable, she seems calmer and less, I dunno, wacky. I think she’ll always be goofy and silly, but it seems she’s matured a little more than I anticipated. Lorenzo is a beautiful boy and I love his little glitter booties in the Italian flag!

I wonder how much of her family’s history (through her adoption) she knows or is familiar with and I wonder if having the baby will spark a deeper interest.

KD on

baby is beautiful!

Still on

She is still an uneducated reality personality who has yet to display even the most remotely useful skills, instead getting paid to do nothing. Anyone can do what she does. Why does our society celebrate people who don’t value higher education, career success and contributing to the progress of humanity and community through the use of personal strengths and interests? Why is having a baby such an event for public personalities (not that she does anything beneficial for the public)?

Anyone can become a parent, show me some real people who know what it means to work (real, laborious, and/or multiple jobs), who aspire to more than being a reality television personality (how about a woman who wants to be a lawyer, CEO, surgeon – and has a feasible plan for how to achieve it) and understands the significance of their individual strengths, talents and interests to improve the local and global community so this world is a place a rational person would want to raise a family.

So she had a baby instead of going to college, how much does she expect to teach her son? She has no perspective or world-view because she made a ton of money for being a televised drunken train wreck instead of spending these critical years furthering her education and gaining internal/external perspective, becoming a better person; she will not be able to intelligently answer hes sons questions about the world as he grows. She has no practical life skills to demonstrate to him how and why things are the way they are.

jessicad on

He is adorable!! I think she’ll be a great mom, yes she’s whacky and silly at times but as long as they are happy that’s all that matters!

Emily on

Still, I agree with most of your points. Snooki did go to community college to become a vet tech though so she has some higher education.

Jen on

Omg he is so precious! Good for her they all loo lovely as a family! People seem to forget her age and the fact she was on a tv show and ALOT of it was for show.. People change and are different than we see!

Congrats to her she will do great, and love being a mommy!

kristin on

Adorable baby! Glad to know that the mother also gained a brain along with baby..hope she get to spend more time with the cute bundle of joy.

jkm on

Still – So you know Nicole personally then, to be able to say all those things about her?

She actually seems quite intelligent, and she has furthered her education by training to become a vet tech. Something that she has said she’d like to go back to school for, despite the fact that she’s a reality TV star.

MTV has a real good knack for showing what sells, and only what sells. They’re great at editing and twisting things to make it appealing to the masses. I have no doubt in my mind that the people on Jersey Shore are more intelligent than they are made out to be on TV. They are actors and actresses, and while what they do isn’t the same as what you’d see in a movie, it’s really no difference. It’s a public persona, it doesn’t mean that that’s who they are 24/7.

It’s not her fault that what they’ve shown is what sells. I have no doubt that without MTV, we’ll all be seeing a different side of Nicole.

Erin on

In all honesty, I’m not trying to bash or stir trouble…why is she famous? Is it just from that trashy MTV show, or is she an actress? I swear, sometimes I’m so out-of-the-loop on pop culture that it is scary. Regardless, cute baby!

Anonymous on

“Still” You could have said the same thing about Nicole Ritchie 7-8 years ago. You can’t base somebody’s future on their past… PS Lorenzo is adorable

S. Allen on

Nicole your baby is so cute. how big was he when he was born. he is super cute. My sons name is Lorenzo as well except he is 8 months old. congrats to you and your little men. lol. hope you are very successful with this little one. he needs all the love he can get!!!!

Lacey Cornelius on

Your family is absolutely beautiful! I’m one of your biggest fans! I know you will be a great mom! What you did before you were a parent shouldn’t be used against you now! Most of us have had our wild days and grew out of it! Good luck to your little family! He is absolutely adorable!

Cortney on

That baby is gorgeous but way to photoshop the hell out of Snooki on the cover!

Liz on

There are people who really care about Snooki? Just because she gave birth does not mean she is or will be a good mom. People will be watching! Oh god, I must be bored tonight to even be making a comment here .

h on

@Liz, wow, bitter much? I’m not even a fan of Snooki, but your comment reeks of snotty, bitchy entitlement. Why don’t you try pulling the stick out of your ass?

@Still, if you’re so desperate to find “highly educated women”, a celebrity baby site is not the place to find that. Maybe think before you type next time? If you hate people for having children, then you really shouldn’t be here.

Jill on

That is one beautiful baby! He’s gorgeous!

Amy on

What a cutie! Not a fan of her, but still a beautiful baby.

Holiday on

Why would they live with his parents? They are an adult couple with a baby and better off financially then most people. I cant imagine living at home with my fiancee/baby as an adult of that age.

Kat A. on

Welcome to the world Lorenzo, you have just begun an amazing journey. Congratulations Nicole and Jionni, savor every moment, it’s amazing how fast they grow. Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous on

Liz- No, but most people didn’t think Nicole Richie would be a good mom either! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mia on

I don’t think they really have that much money….I know she has made a comfortable amount from MTV…etc….but minus taxes, spending + hopefully savings – not that much $.

Robertnica Stevens on


rarrr on

She’s still nasty, and will always be nasty. I’m willing to bet good money from now we’ll be seeing her go back to her old habits – being a drunk skank – baby or not. They’ll probably take the kid away, and rightly so. People like her is what is wrong with America.

Sophie on

cute !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

He is so adorable. Congratulations!

Anonymous on

rarrr- All I’m going to say to your comment is that Lorenzo has a father, too, and CPS wouldn’t remove him from the home unless he (the father) was also unfit to care for him!

Anonymous on

Mia- Right on! People tend to assume that being famous automatically equals being super-rich. But that isn’t always the case!

Amanda on

Adorable little baby! Kuddos to Snooki for changing her life around.

Holiday on

Mia I am not assuming she is super rich but she did make a lot off that show. Most couples her age do not live with their parents but she is probably just a free loader.

anen on

I thought Lavalle was French???

Anonymous on

I love snooki….if you dont say anything at all shes a human and has feelings…..cute family

Anonymous on

where she got her baby shoes I love I try find buy for my niece!

Heidi on

Just want to suggest that Nicole reads up a bit on Alcohol Related Neuro deficiencies (or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). She won’t really know if drinking early in her pregnancy before she knew, will affect Lorenzo until he’s school age, but its good to be informed and prepared so she can parent with patience. 90% of those with FASD have no physical symptoms, and they can have really great lives especially if their moms can honestly say (between them and their doctor) that there could possibly be an issue. There is help out there, she’d never need to go public with it.

If I’m wrong, I’d still love for Nicole to publicize FASD Awareness Day which is September 20th – she can advertise ‘mocktails’ , and send an important message to so many fans of hers that binge drink.

NoCollegeMom on

@ Still.. so you judge how someone will raise their children based on whether they’ve attended college? That’s pretty ignorant. Many parents have raised highly intelligent children without having a college education of their own.

Why do people who “don’t care” even read past the title of the article ?

Rachel on

What an absolutely adorable little man!!!! he’s soooo cute!

Anonymous on

it’s just… the most horrible baby ever.

I thought that she was ugly, now she’s uglier.

Me on

She should not be breeding. Again, just another reason you have to take a test to be a parent.

Jennifer on

Lorenzo is SO sweet! Love the Italian flag shoes. too much:) Congrats.

deborah A Pease on

Im no snooki fan but thats on gorgeous beautiful Baby boy I see he got his good looks from daddy look at those cute Italian shoes awww no more meme me snooki now its all about yr son. N that’s a beautiful name he has.

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats Snooki on Son. He is so cute.

Kat on

He is adorable. He looks like his dad. Having a baby at 24 changes your life! Now that my daughter is 16 and I am 40, I loved being a young mom. Enjoy it Snooki! It is 10 million times better than the partying a boozing!

Anonymous on

cute baby shoes

Luana on

Awwwwwwww what a cutie…can’t wait to see pictures of him as he gets bigger. Congratulations to the proud parents



Sandy on

MY GOD just one of her boobs is as big as the baby!

Anonymous on

Oh he is a beautiful little boy and I love those SHOES!!!

renee on

Say what you want to about her but there is no denieing that is the cutest little guy ๐Ÿ™‚ People change their ways for various reason it seems to me like she decided to the right thing for her child and that is a real mother. Very Proud Of Them Both..

Anonymous on

He’s adorable! And she looks good.

Ally on

I really hope this gorgeaous little guy helps her change, but they live with his parents? I don’t see that as a good sign…

melody on

good for her i hope she acts better now

Anonymous on

He is a BEAUTIFUL little boy. You are both very blessed and all the best !

Mom of 3 on

Whoever said that the indicators of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome won’t show up until school age: Please go back and do some research. The signs and symptoms show up as early as weeks after birth. They will have trouble achieving their developmental milestones on time also. That is WAYYYY before school age. But I digress, I am not a fan of Snooki, but I hope she does drop the MTV persona for this beautiful little boy.

wyntirblake on

Does anyone else think Snooki looks a bit like a witch? Not trying to be mean or anything, just saying.