Go Inside Ivanka Trump’s All-White Nursery

09/04/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Elle Decor

Ivanka Trump has no problem admitting she’s made some mistakes as a first time parent, especially when discussing her decorating choices for the 10-room Manhattan apartment she shares with husband Jared Kushner and 13-month-old daughter Arabella Rose.

“As impractical as it is, what I wanted for my first baby was a simple, all-white nursery,” she explains in the October 2012 issue of Elle Decor.

“Then I started reading books that said babies need color for stimulation, and I was horrified. Within a month, I ‘d hung one of those ugly colored mobiles off the crib.”

Despite the color misstep, Trump succeeded in creating a “modern warm” baby room with sweet, personal touches (an “A” monogrammed pillow on a Restoration Hardware Baby & Child camelback swivel chair, a braided wool basket full of stuffed animals and a low hanging chandelier).

When the new mom isn’t hanging in her “favorite room,” you’ll find her whipping up culinary delights in the family’s “gleaming, high tech” kitchen.

“I didn’t cook at all until I was married,” admits Trump. “Three years ago, I couldn’t boil an egg, and now I’m curing my own duck prosciutto. I even impressed myself.”

Courtesy Elle Decor

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Shopgirl on

I cannot wait until said child is swinging off that low hung chandelier like its a tire swing on the playground.

momofSDG on

Lol! That was also my first thought! Great minds, huh? 😀

fairypoppin on

I hope she has GREAT FUN doing it too!

shannon on

It is a beautiful room, but I like kids rooms to look like little kids rooms. This is too adult and grown up for a 1 yr old.

Marie on

I think it’s beautiful. That’s the kind of nursery I’d love to have for my daughter.

Stephanie on

I love it, beautiful, soft and soothing. Hate bright, jarring designs for babies!

Janna on

That room is sterile.

amie on

I’m feeling fairly confident that there is a playroom that the child spends more time in and is more colorful than this room. From the one picture, it is interesting one window has a valance while the other one doesn’t. But, what do I know about interior design? Not much.

American Mom on

That’s because there is a crossbeam over the window with no valance- there isn’t room for one because of the architecture so they used a Roman blind instead. I think it looks wonderful.

Minami86 on

I gotta be honest, I hate white with a passion but I ADORE that room!!! It’s so girly, soft & just pretty!!! I love the way it’s decorated. I agree with Stephanie on the bright, jarring designs though. Babies do need stimulation but sometimes too much makes the room look cluttered or busy.

I dont know what I’m having yet but I know the baby’s theme will be Winnie the Pooh. There’s a lot of neutral colors & fun patterns & designs so it’ll be easy to decorate the baby’s side of the room & incorporate toys later on. Then as the baby gets more of a personality, he/she will decide how they want their room to go.

Kristen on

Winne the Pooh. How original.

Emily on

I hate when mom’s bash each other. Winnie the Pooh is awesome. An all white nursey is awesome. Direct your contempt at your bitter self.

deb on

There is no need to be nasty about her liking winnie the pooh.

Aunt Re on

OMG – that is quite rude in saying how original. Winnie the pooh has been around for ever and is a classic. Besides people can decorate their rooms however they like and not be judged for it. It’s not in your home is it?

Sandy on

cute but I agree, need SOME color! Even the toys seem to be white. Babies brains are stimulated by bright colors so better get some in there.

Just My Opinion on

People are so judgemental. Who told any of your that your babies nursery was perfect? You decorated it the way you wanted, just like she did. There is no such thing as a “perfect nursery”. To each it’s own! I personally like it.

lovely123 on

Her nursery is the size of my living room!

lovely123 on

Girlfriend may be on to something… Imagine everything in the room is white – nothing stimulating for the baby. Mother walks in to the room and the only thing the baby sees is the mother. Babies do not need toys for stimulation, they need human contact and love.

megan on

And I thought her wedding photos were bland. Eesh

Christie on

I have always felt that going all out on the nursery is unnecessary. Until you have a child, you really don’t understand. I love the thought and style behind some of the glam nurseries but having two little ones, I now know what is practical and what isn’t. Anything at kid level is going to end up on the floor. Cribs (no matter the cost or style) end up with teeth marks. Bedding get leaked and thrown up on.

With my first child, I tried with a “theme” but my daughter was never in her room except to sleep and it was dark and had a darkening shade, so even during the day she never saw or played with her mobile or any of the stimulating things in the nursery, so when my son was born I kept things in the bedroom to minimum. Now that he is older, I am slowly bringing the sports theme into the room since he is able to enjoy and recognize them as a toddler.

I would never advise a first time mom to theme out a room with any over-priced things that are just for babies. Most of it will never get used. All of this to say, I like the style that Ivanka chose but I hope she realizes that kids make a mess, no matter what their last name is.

Anonymous on

Funnily, probably babies don’t care that much about stylish nurseries (it is just another mommy competition or a way to burn money, I guess). Babies usually just don’t want to be alone, so a place in the parents bedroom will make themprobably happier then a most expensive nusery 😉

Pat on

Beautiful room, but I agree the room needs more color and I had read about it while ago.

maya on

Babies need visual stimulation in their first year. This is a gorgeous room, but where are all of the ‘baby’ things that will help develop the child’s cognative skills? There’s a reason why baby things are bright, movable, and with sound – it all helps with their development. This is an adult’s room where they stick the kid.

Nic on

I am curious as to why there are no window guards on the windows. When you live in NYC & have children under 12 (I think it’s 12) years, you’re required to install window guards.

Hopefully, they were just removed for the photos.

American Mom on

Probably because in a skyscraper the windows don’t open.

lissa on

so many soothing colors around, white is sterile, bland and un-stimulating… well she admits to lesson learned.

love the comment abt swinging from that low-hanging chandelier haha ha

baby A needs some colorful toys in there

Amber on

Doesn’t everyone cure their own duck prosciutto?

Emily on


i need a name on

The room is so serene. I love it.

Rose on

@Shopgirl: Not every child acts that bratty.

@Maya: Most babies are only in their nursery when they’re sleeping. A baby doesn’t need stiumlation while they’re sleeping.

SM on

We didn’t design our nursery any which way, but it has evolved into a very colorful, coordinated, fun toddler room and we love it!

donna on

Ivanka Trump is a true lovely lady. She is so poised, confident and beautiful. She is darling! Although I am crazy for colors myself I am not surprised at her decorating taste. She has been surrounded by such plush decor her entire life. I love white but not everything white. Ivanka you are an inspiration to me. Your baby girl looks so sweet.

renee on

those windows don’t look like they actually open.

donna on

I love Ivanka Trump. I am not crazy for white in decor but I like some of it. I do like colors myself. As a mother of a 30 yr old daughter, good luck being a new mother. You will love it! Ivanka, I have always loved your beauty and style. God bless you.

Gamby74 on

Gorgeous! I’d be jealous if I still wanted to live in New York — love the city but I hate cold weather.

Anonymous on

Love white, but babies need visual stimulation, and a blank wall just does not cut it……

sabi on

ummm isnt a child brain stimulated by color….

Catherine on

Just wait until the baby projectile vomits
on that sea of creamy carpet!!!!!

guest on

Wow to have so much money and so little worries.

Lou Duignan on

Can’t be good at everything. Daddy can’t teach her how to be a good mommy – she should stick to real estate and hire a nanny!

Laila on

this is only one room of many her child probably has…

Jeannie on

Very dull and clinical looking throw some splashes of color in there!!!

guest on

What would be the point of opening the windows of a baby’s room in a high rise??
renee on September 9th, 2012
those windows don’t look like they actually open.

lemur on

let’s face it, we decorate nurseries for ourselves. Infants spend little time in them, perhaps sleeping and being changed. Obviously she styled the room according to her taste and it is beautiful. I am sure the lack of color and the impracticallity of white and low hanging anything is something she is learning fast. I say enjoy it, soon enough they will voice their own wants, likes and opinions. The nursery and infant clothing are the only time you truly get to do what you want.

I waited 52 years to be a mom and did my girls room in everything fluffy, girly and pink…yep, they hate it, they want a soccer room and I can’t get a dress on them without some serious guilt or bribe. But I have all those girly little pictures from when they were younger and they make me smile.

maya on

@Rose, stop being a know-it-all. Babies are in their nursaries a lot more than to sleep. And guess what? They wake up – probably before the parent or caretaker knows about it. Infants need stimulation – not starkness.

doseedo on

Pristine white and just WAITING to be finger painted brown….

Mike on

Is it gonna be all white when the kid shits everywhere? Or will that be all white to because the kid is part Trump?

WiddoMouse on

I love the all white nursery. It looks calm and classy. I’m sure baby Arabella gets plenty of toys and the like in primary colors. Ivanka and Jared seem to be wonderful parents Ivanka, you sound like you are enjoying your new cooking skills. Cooking is also an expression of love.

Summer on

She has a beautiful home. Wishing her years of joy as a mom.

FV5216 on

Boring for a kid. Nothing interesting to look at.

Melinda Norris on

It isn’t color that you need, it is contrast for the first few months. Babies can’t even really see pastels/colors. I had a great black and white mobile. That would look great in an all white room.

Jumbybird on


sheila on

Beautiful room.It will have a lot more colour when the kid gets a hold of some crayons or markers.Trust me I know this from expierance.

Daisy on

Melinda, at 13 mos., she’s way past the black/white thing. That’s for newborns. As for the brown finger paint … that’s hilarious! I just cleaned up my dauighter’s “glitter explosion” and can only imagine how that white nursery would look after an event like that. Beautiful room if you’re into whites, but I really have to have some color (and my little girl loves her colors, too). She’s a first time mom, so give her a break. She’ll learn as she goes.and it won’t be long before her little girl is screaming for pink – or orange 😉

Gigi on

I did a monochromatic cream nursery for my daughter with a crystal chandelier. It looked so elegant and feminine without looking silly with all the pink that most people do with little girls…and I did it very economically.

Bree on

I love it, so pretty and peaceful.

Rose on

@Maya: Pot meet kettle. It always amuses me when a person like you demonstrates what a hypocrite they are.

Leah on

Rich people problems!

La La Outlandish on

I was expecting cool, but it’s surprisingly warm. Love the ceiling!

gwen on

She sees a room she’s horrified will provide no stimulation, I see a room too impractical for her (who a I kidding… Her hired help) to maintain once the child is a toddler. One leaky diaper, thrown toy, or forgotten bottle and her all-white nursery isn’t so white anymore… That’s what I’d notice, not this silly first-world fear that her white room isn’t stimulating enough.

This nursery, like most nurseries, are for the parent, not the child… Not to say that’s bad, but even now at 2, my son really doesn’t care about themes, color coordination, or matching accessories. I could have colored the wall with a bucket of mustard and he wouldn’t have cared. If she’s worried about her hospital room theme being not stimulating, get some colored lights and a projection for the ceiling. Done.

Brooke on

I think it’s a beautiful nursery, regardless of the color motif. There’s really no sense in a mother psyching herself out with tons of research on what color stimulates babies and what doesn’t; if a baby has love, warmth and encouragement from his or her parents, you can’t really ask for more!

Ashley on

I am an Interior Designer and love when people do non-traditional baby nurseries. We did ours in grays, golds and purples and people always had weird reactions to our grey walls. Baby nurseries dont have to look like a box of crayolas exploded. This nursery is beautiful!!

melody on

I love this!! So pretty and inviting!

Sarah on

I think it would be kinda funny to release her daughter in that room with a box of Crayolas!

Misty on

I dunno, I kind of like it.

Jennifer on

She does know that babies poop, spit up, and in general, make a mess, right?? She’s a brave woman for going with white!

Kristen on

Seeing as the baby is already 13 months old, I think he already figured that all out, Captain Obvious.

Sunny on

@ Nic I think the window guards are only if the windows open!

MSS on

Duck prosciutto ?? I thought she was keeping a strictly Kosher home !!

Deborah on

Yes..EVERYBODY CURES DUCK! Did I mention what a pain in the arse it is? I like her but come one honey…cant you come up with a 3 cheese sandwich, at LEAST?

Deborah on

Nice for an INFANT..but toddler? I will throw some color as they get older….

Marguerite on

that kid is going to pull that light fixture dwn first chance she gets. i feel sorry for the nannies and cleaning staff. how the heck do you keep a white apt clean with a baby? not to the fact it just has no personality

michelle on

I was just thinking the same thing…lol

Colleen on

Nic- I agree!! Why aren’t there window guards on there? Forget decorating. I keep seeing how high up they are, and all it takes is one minute alone. Remember Eric Clapton’s son? Ivanka needs to seriously fix that.

blessedwithboys on

Babies don’t need colorful rooms for stimulation, they need human interaction!

Today on


Ari on

It must be depressing growing up in NYC. Looking out the window and only seeing concrete.

kristin on

I knew I was having a girl but I did her room like a pond . The walls are green and the hangings are frogs and turtles. We have her name in wooden painted letter above her crib. It is cute and colorful and will be great now that she is a toddler.

Catca on

I think the nursery is beautiful and I’m sure her daughter won’t lose any IQ points because she had a white nursery. Ivanka admitted that white is not practical and she knows that it will stain (will, not if), but she’s okay with it so why does everyone else have to criticize? My only concerns are both the low slung chandelier in the nursery and the even lower slung light in the living room – not to mention the low hanging picture behind the sofa. All of those look to be safety hazards. Arabella might not be walking yet or able to reach these things yet so it may not be a big deal now. But she’s going to need to move those soon because it won’t be long before she can reach them.

heather on

Yeah, mobiles are just terribly ugly. Who thinks that?

NM on

It’s amazing what money can buy!

L ANN on

It is very beautiful….but where are the toys ??

Let little ones be kids and enjoy childhood.

curly on

That is a beautiful room until the baby gets sick and throws up something orange or red 🙂

Honest Eddie Munster on

Go Inside Ivanka Trump’s All-White Nursery…
I know we all know this. But, I bet Ivanka knows this too!

If I were her, I’d go to Trump Land in Atlantic City… Or Trumpville in Las Vegas NV! It’s great when daddy Donald Trumbo Trump owns Casinos all over the WORLD! She’s like Peris Helton.. she gers free food, and a nites rent 4 free!

kathy on

looks like Ivanka has decorated the room for herself.

cb on

As I’ve noticed many times, there’s no accounting for taste, and money can’t buy it. That is one of the most boring and sterile rooms I’ve ever seen — and it’s a child’s room, for goodness sake! And the chandelier is hanging in the window, distracting from the view — not to mention posing a safety risk for her daughter! I’ll hope she takes it down before the child can reach it!
I was prepared to love this room… what a surprise…

Jennifer on

Even if I had the money to create a really nice nursery for my child, I still won’t do it. It’s not as if the kid is going to remember the extremely nice room her parents created for her when she gets older.

Donna on

To prissy…babies need soft colors .. this is dull. Nice thought but impractical.

w on

I love it as an adult, but not stimulating at all for a baby

JR on

I’m only mildly ashamed to find myself looking for a poop stain. 😉

jones on

I really like her. She is smart and seems grounded despite her upbringing. For the most part I like the nursery, except I think the chandelier is a bit impractical. She probably will take it down once her daughter gets a bit older.

Melissa on

I think it is very pretty, but as a mom of 4, not very practical having an all white room with a 1 year old.

ashely on

It looks like a hotel room – a very nice hotel room

Melissa Reed on

While this is a truly beautiful room, this is also a totally dumb first time mom decision. Babies are so freaking messy. I look at this room and I see a bunch of stuff that she is either going to have to replace and that is going to be so ruined that she is going to throw it out. There is a reason why the majority of nursery decor is colored, that reason is to cover up poop, spit-up, vomit, paint, food … the list goes on and on. If I was her cleaning lady I would be pi$$ed about this room.

boomerthing on

Glad that Ivanka so easily cooks duck prosciutto. I bet her kosher in-laws must love it.

Kaesha on

Let’s be real. A nursery is for the parent’s comfort not so much the baby. My son could have cared less about the “perfect” shade of sky blue I chose or that I hand stenciled a Paddington bear border. He didn’t sleep in his own room for the first 6 months. She is a Trump. What do you expect?

JessicaB on

Ivanka is my favorite Trump.The room looks very comfortable and soothing. Would have been nice to see a picture of the baby!

Gojiu on

As a teacher of 30 two and three year olds for the past 8 years, I can tell you this much: no colour is safe from toddlers, not even black. White is just one of the 8 million hues and shades in this world that is not toddler proof.

I actually love this room and can easily see how it can grow with the child AND provide stimulation. I will definitely be doing this kind of thing for a nursery and adding the colours my child enjoys with whatever I can find at the store using pillows, lights, rugs, accents, anything! Instead of having to repaint the walls every 2 years when my daughter decides she suddenly hates pink, purple, green, blue, zebra print, polka dots, Justin Bieber, the latest heart throb, me and everything I like, etc. Just sell the accents as she outgrows them, and save yourself the laborious painstaking task of repainting the walls – something I made my own parents do several times when I suddenly decided I hated everything and changed my mind every 30 seconds.

Jieun on

That is sooo stupid… why do you need a separate nursery? What a waste of money~

Erose on

I own a white car and I hate it… but a an all white bedroom….how dull and boring. Oh well they are loaded with money who cares just as long as the baby is healthy!

Anonymous on

and her child will be just as obnoxious as she is!

Michelle on

That kid is going to grow up and completely ruin that white, chic nursery! LOL! At least her parents can afford to re-do the entire room again.

Congratulations! All babies need to have a warm, positive welcome into the world.

Anonymous on

Im so bored looking at this picture. I guess this image will help me sleep now. Boring room, At least the baby will have a lot of sleep

Anna on

I hope that kid pukes everywhere….gotta love rich, ignorant people with maids and nannies

ILuvMyBabies on

During my first year of graduate school studying child development I learned about many myths and realized how much misinformation is out there (and how much $$$ people spend believing them).

The MOST important ingredient in the development of cognitive, social, and emotional development is face-to-face contact with a loving caregiver (more than one consistent, predictable caregiver is great). There’s nothing – not a toy, school, or thing – that delivers such a positive impact (which can be seen on the brain) as being held and nurtured by a loving parent (or parent figure). 

For the record, babies’ vision is poor in their first few months and they can only see a few inches — enough to make out a face close-up (funny how nature made sure they know what’s important). Babies’ color vision is not well developed either. Decades ago when this knowledge got in the hands of capitalists it gave rise to the items still marketed today — the high contrast designs such as b&w striped mobiles, patterns, etc. It’s fine to offer visual stimulation, which I’m sure Ivanka’s baby gets in books and toys. But it doesn’t make or break baby’s development to go without. 

(Healthy) Social interaction is the key to a growing brain and all areas of development, which include playing with the parent / caregiver. That’s why babies are so dependent on adults. Talking and laughing with baby, comforting baby, reading to baby is what adds up in brain cells, socialization competencies, and overall growth. Just google Harry Harlow’s monkeys (“contact comfort”).

As for the baby’s room, it should only be associated with sleep, including the crib. Sleep specialists and child development experts agree on that. It prevents later sleep struggles and issues. Regular play needs to be outside the sleep zone for optimal sleep health, however I’m sure that’s not always possible for some families. But each family has their challenges, and in struggling economic times, giving a child a separate play area might be a low priority.

There’s a ton of research supporting the above and more, but I’m not here to argue. People ultimately do what they want to do in spite of empirical data. After 20 years as a child therapist and parent educator, I’m finishing a PhD in child development and still surprised how resistant to data the myths of child development are, and how much they get perpetuated in our society. Before all the scientific research, parents did what their parents did or they followed the latest parenting trends (such as the “cry it out” method, which does more harm than good! But the author who led the way was convincing enough to steer a generation of parents down the wrong path). In the end, most of the time, following your instinct works better than following the misinformation out there. 

Congratulations to Ivanka and families for the addition of a healthy baby girl.

icky on

This would not do well with my black-haired dog and five cats. The nursery is beautiful, but I have to have animal-friendly rooms.

Rhonda on

The nursery is nice, but does not look kid-friendly. It’s too white and sterile.

Ann on

It looks very classy and elegant just like the mother…….very clean and crisp!!!!

Dians on

I have to chuckle reading all the comments about the need for bright colors to stimulate a baby’s developing brain. I have been in nurseries and playrooms that looked like Toys R Us blew up. And the kids for whom all the stimulating colors and “educational” toys were supposedly benefitting were loud, restless and not particularly bright. Somehow I doubt if Einstein had a designer nursery. I’m guessing his room had drab walls and uncomfortable furniture. And he probably had a few simple toys and building blocks. He certainly didn’t have any computer games to stimulate his developing brain and he turned out okay in the smarts department. Too much time and effort is put into nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Some great brains have developed in the dullest, most unstimulating little rooms.

fairypoppin on


Lia on

I think that’s more of her room than the child’s. The low hung lighting is white colors is a dure sign.

T in Texas on

That has to be so boring for the baby ! Nothing to let the one year old to look at . Nothing to catch it’s attention !

Mandy on

I would have never have thought of an all white nursery, but to each their own. I think it does look beautiful & I don’t understand all the hateful comments. I have a 4 month old & no we didn’t go all out on the room but only because we didn’t have the money. My baby is only in her room to sleep at night. The rest of the time she is usually in the living room or den with us. If she wakes up after us, we run into get her to change her & feed her. Stop attacking the women.

fairypoppin on

I completely agree with you Mandy. Wouldn’t it be great if all mothers could SUPPORT each other instead of finding a way to put someone down based on how they decorate a nursery in THEIR OWN HOUSE for THEIR OWN CHILD??!
Good Luck to you Ivanka- I wish you hours of happiness with your daughter whatever room you love and play with her in.

Josie on

Is anything ever not about her?

Lola on

Stupid woman. Great look for a 20 yr old, a child needs lots of stimulation. Hope it doesn’t grow up as bland as this room. Too much money not enough sense.

Tina on

I thought the same thing about the chandelier….way too low to have in a kids room..that kid will be swinging from it for sure!! And although these rooms are pretty, they just are not functional…people are putting their own design tastes before that of what is safe or stimulating for their kids!

Anonymous on

“I ‘d hung one of those ugly colored mobiles off the crib.”…thanks Ivanka. You just insulted 99% of parents.

Snow on

Very chic, but obviously done without accounting for a babies need for stimulation by color. Typical.

BFD on

Can’t wait for the first exploding diaper.

Dawn on

It’s a beautiful room.

If y’can’t say something nice….

Anonymous on

@mss and @boomerthing- duck prosciutto is kosher.

trish on

Pretty, but very unpractical.

Tee on

I saw this article earlieri the week, showing 3 or 4 pics of the “10 room apartment” and its what you would expect of a Trump….white, white and more white = ugly and impratical!

Anonymous on

Is it just me or is white not the ideal color for a room where an infant’s diaper will be changed?

Marky on

I had 4 children, have 6 grandchildren and had many foster children who I did nurseries for. My oldest son had a calm mild nursery, and he was always calm natured, easily self-soothed, played well with others, and was also able to self-entertain. His IQ is sky-high, and is probably one of the best fathers I have ever met. Their children’s nurseries were calm, pretty, and both children are intelligent, very responsive, and extremely clever by everyone’s account.

The second daughter came along when the news was out about color, vibrancy and lots of stimulation. She could go to sleep fairly well, but couldn’t “play alone” until she was 38 years old! Sheesh! She has ADHD, has always had to have lots of people around, and frankly, if she had been the first–she would have been an only child! The last thing she needed was all that stimulation from the get-go. She is intelligent and highly motivated, but I don’t think it’s because she was surrounded by color! Her son is the same; very intelligent (no ADHD), but still can’t sleep without difficulty and self-soothing is almost non-existant, even in college! His nursery was wild with color, “so he would be stimulated”. Something to be said for being able to sleep by yourself by the time you are 10!

What I have seen in my many years of child-rearing and grand-parenting, as well as being a foster-parent who really cared and had a nursery that supposedly fit the bill to a “T” for what was thought to be wonderful for kids, is that Kids today are over-stimulated by well-meaning parents and grandparents who are terrified their child might be average. Children actually love some tranquillity in these days of constant “framming” by TV shows even in their rooms, super stimulating color, toys, and going to classes from the time they are 10 months old. No wonder we see so much ADD and ADHD, Autism, and other issues with children. Parents are too busy, over-stimulating their kids to be sure they are smarter than the kid next door, and making certain they don’t fall behind by not being in sports from the age of 3. Ivanka is more right than you realize.

And WHY do you criticize people just because they have money?? Good for them; work harder, choose a different field, whatever….but don’t just pee in their cheerios because they have more money than you do. We had 3 kids in 4 years, one an international adoption that meant we had $25 left in the world, and we could still paint our kids’ rooms every year, if we wanted to. We just planned for it, and we didn’t think we had to have a 5000sq. ft. house to raise 4 kids. If they can, good for them!

Angela on

Shopgirl- that’s the first thing I thought too!

Angela on

A white room wouldn’t last long in my house. Not with a 3 year old anyways. If not for a kid then I might be able to pull it off, if I didn’t let my husband into the room lol.

lana brooks on

This young lady stands for everything thats good about America. Her Dad(& Mother) were positive role-models for her and her siblings and she has followed in their footsteps. This girl is grounded and uncorrupted by her wealth. I admire the Trumps. No sex tapes, no drugs or rehab issues, no drama on a daily basis, no babies out of wedlock, nothing but positive to post. Bless them and the sweet kids their raising.


Really… this is a helpful web page