Claire Danes: I’m Expecting … a Human

09/04/2012 at 01:00 PM ET

She may be keeping mum on the sex of her baby on the way, but Claire Danes is more than willing to divulge one big secret.

“It is a human being, which is a profound relief,” the actress joked while appearing on Live! with Kelly on Tuesday (the same day the new co-host Michael Strahan was confirmed).

Due early next year with her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, Danes — who is “feeling good and balanced” — has managed to keep her “soccer ball” belly under wraps.

As a result, the Homeland star, who reveals the pregnancy will not be written into her storyline, has had no trouble disguising her bump in front of the camera — until now!

“I’ve been pretty fortunate thus far — we’re in the middle of filming our second season and luckily we’ve been able to conceal it,” Danes, 33, explains.

“It’s now getting to the point where I’m looking a little knocked up. They haven’t written it in, but they’ll be able to manipulate it in post and do some CGI trickery and make Carrie not so pregnant.”

— Anya Leon

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Mrs JP on

Awwww congrats to the happy couple 🙂

Lisa on

Love the “human” comment! I have 3 boys and people always ask if we’re going to try for a girl, and I’ve taken to saying, “No, we’re trying for a pony next time!”

KrYstal on


Katie on

Lol everytime anyone asked what we are having I said “puppy”. Lol

iluvdavidarchuleta on

Good for her! I am glad she is taking a moment to recognize that this child is a human being. Now I don’t know if this was her intention or not but, it seems to me she is sending us a very important message and telling us to respect human beings and human life from the moment of conception on. She is telling us that her baby is already a human being should already be recognized as such! This is one smart mama! She is super deserving of this little boy or girl 🙂

Elspeth on

Claire is pro choice. Just FYI. She was making a joke. Don’t be a weirdo.

anonymous on

Really? You read way too far into her not revealing the sex of her baby. I agree. Don’t be a weirdo.

boohoobytch on

exxxactly – mind your business

cat on

So happy for Claire and her husband. I think they are having a boy!

Tressouthern on

@ ilovedavid….while I support human life from the moment of conception, you sure read a lot into that! Lol. You are right (IMO) about the humanity points. But, it seems she’d really just guarding hers and her husband’s privacy, as she should if she chooses. I don’t know if she was really making a strong statement as you mentioned. Of course, you could be right, and I wrong. But that would be a majorly BOLD step for a Hollywood celeb to make. And dangerous as well.

Katy on

iluvdavidarchuleta – I think you may be reading a little much into this. I think she was making a joke out of keeping her baby’s gender a personal matter.

Colleen on

Sorry but she will ALWAYS be the homewrecker who had the affair with that actor who left his seven months pregnant girlfriend for. (MARY LOUISE PARKER) I can’t stand looking at her and hearing her annoying voice that sounds like she is a teen boy with his voice cracking because he is going through puberty.

susan on

I so agree with you!! I felt bad for MLP and her baby… Wonder how CD would feel if her husband cheated on her when she was 7 months pregnant with her “human being” and left her for a younger woman. Shame on cheaters!! She should be ashamed of herself… Even if it was several years ago!!! I hope for her sake…. What comes around doesn’t go around!!!

J on

Yeah, maybe in your head Lisa…

Kate on

@Lisa. Ha!

nothughdancy on

@colleen – it was Billy Crudup who dumped Mary Louise Parker, not Hugh Dancy.

Lily on

She makes such bizarre comments sometimes.

Bambi on

Colleen, I agree. I will always see her as such. Then again, men can be scum and it was his decision too. Hardly anyone respects marriage anymore.

@Lisa, LOL, love it!

@iluv, it would be great, of that’s what she was meaning by her comment, but I feel she was just keeping the gender quiet

Mary on

Didn’t she start dating Billy Crudup while Mary Louise Parker was 7 months pregnant with his son? But I waste my breadth by pointing out these facts. As the saying goes you can’t insult a pig.

kendrajoi on

She’s so funny. Love this!

T1111 on

Love this! Claire Danes and her husband had such wonderful chemistry in the movie, Evening. Fabulous actors and all the best to them as they begin their family.

Tiffany on

Everybody always asks what you are having. It’s not to be rude, it’s natural curiosity. I didn’t mind when people asked me. And I didn’t mind when they would say I bet you are hoping for a boy after I had 2 girls. Fact is we were hoping for a boy, and got one! Anyone who says they are not hoping for one sex over the other is telling fibs. There’s nothing wrong with it either.

ACS1977 on

I gotta be honest–personally knowing two women who each had a stillborn child, I was hoping for a healthy baby, not one sex or the other. No fibbing here! ;). There is nothing wrong with hoping for one or the other, but that was not my personal experience. My two daughters were delivery room surprises. 🙂

cornycollins on

I love her answer on what she’s having

zombie_hands on

I hope Claire keeps in mind that when Mary Louise Parker was pregnant with Billy Crudup Claire was sleeping with him. He ended up living ML for Claire. Karma is a bitch…

Abbie on

@iluvdavidarchuleta – I think she was making the comment as a way to keep her pregnancy private. It wasn’t her stance on abortion. It was her way of saying yes I am pregnant and that is as far as I will go discussing it publicly.

Sammie on

I hope she starts eating some food. She does have to nourish that human.

jess on

@Lisa: That’s hilarious! People ask us the same thing. We have a boy already and we’re expecting another in a few months and people assume we’re disappointed about that. I love our boy(s) and I don’t feel like I’m mising out on anything.

Jen DC on

hahahaha probably means she’s waiting for a delivery surprise. I bet she also only looks pregnant from the front; seen from the back you probably wouldn’t be able to tell!

@ iluv: Reading way too much into it. WAAAAY too much. Life continues after birth but far too many people are more concerned with hawking pregnancy than what comes after.

@ Mary et al: People make mistakes. We all know it’s wrong to participate in the destruction of one relationship while seeking our own, but it does and will continue to happen. If MLP isn’t bitter – AND IT HAPPENED TO HER, NOT YOU – why are you still tar and feathering Claire Danes nearly a decade later? And if MLP went so far as to name her son after his father – both Williams – it seems likely that she’s the forgiving and forgetting type.

Emily on

Jen, she said on the show that she knows but wants to keep it a secret. Then made that joke. It was a cute appearance! She is barely showing.

cbaker on

i think she is being an arogant b!@#$. if she doesnt want to be in the public eye, then quit acting and stay out of it !!!!

celebrities are like that: pay to come see my movies, watch me play with my kids, take my picture………then if they are asked a question is: private, leave me alone.

make up your mind !!!!!

Jenni on

Why do people on here always feel the need to bring up people’s past mistakes? She was young when that happened and you don’t know the side of MLP. Stay out of their business and just congratulate them for their baby!!! Congrats guys!!!!

Snow on

I just want to know why is there a different posting format every week? One week you can log in, then you can’t. Sometimes you can reply, sometimes the reply link disappears. I wish these magazine websites would stick with one format.

Oh, and congrats to both. Don’t care how they got together – I just know she’s a great actress.

G on

what a pretentious jackass

Ana on

Well, Ms. Danes,I hope you are and I hope you are also growing boobs!

Ana on


kathyfromNJ on

I hope her man doesn’t fall in love with another woman and leave her and her “human” before the birth.

Lilly on

I don’t care for Claire Danes after what she did to Mary Louise Parker.

ccct0304 on

While I want to congratulate her on her pregnancy since a baby is always a beautiful thing, I have no tolerance for homewreckers.. She was young not to understand that sleeping w/ a married man is a NO NO but I bet she understood when it was time to open up her legs…..

Cheryl on

Not excusing what happened but they weren’t married..

Today on

not a kitty cat :))

Misty on

Wow, it seems that people are forgetting the fact that there were 3 sides to that story, and SHE was not the one that broke the “commitment” that they had with another person. It takes 2 to tango ladies. Have none of you ever been lied to by a man? What we see as regular people are stories put out there by the tabloids and people that get paid to write the worst about celebrities.

Really on

@ iluvdavidarchuleta…i think you read waaaaay too much into what she said and interpreted it into what you would say.

NM on

I love the “human” comment as well. What else would it be? It’s a human being!

NM on

I love that she acknowledges that her baby is indeed a HUMAN!

sharon on

congrats for saying it’s going to be a human being no ones business , enjoy this it’s your time!

@guest on

no, that’s not what it is about. stop pretending it is more than it is. the only message she sent was it’s none of anyones business whether it’s a girl or a boy.

Carolline on

And what you expected? An alien?

selina on


Anonymous on

cbaker- Becoming a celebrity doesn’t mean you sign away all of your rights to privacy! Paying to see their movies doesn’t give us the right to know every detail about their lives (not to mention that most of the money goes to the theater anyway, with the majority of the rest going to the movie studio. Only a small percent goes toward paying the actors!)!

Also, just because we see a celeb out and about with their kids doesn’t mean they want us to “watch them play with their kids”. While there ARE some celebs out there who actively court the media and the paparazzi, most seem to simply be living their lives, and unfourtnately the paps are part of it.

Short of keeping them indoors all the time, there’s not a lot most celebs can do to avoid being photographed with their kids.

Anonymous on

Misty- Exactly! It’s very possible that Billy lied and said he and Mary-Louise had broken up (or simply that he was single, depending on whether or not Claire knew they had been a couple), and thus Claire didn’t knowingly help break up a relationship. And if that WAS the case, who knows? Maybe she even apologized to M-L after finding out that Billy had lied!

I’m not saying that makes it right, just that we don’t know the whole story, nor will we ever, and Claire may not be the villian everyone makes her out to be. Ultimately, I think Billy deserves more of the blame than Claire, since he was the one that was in a relationship.

Anonymous on

I love her comment about her baby’s gender! 🙂

Lisa d. on

they both are nnoying full of themselves cretins!

Kelly on

So, tell me again why we are not castigating her the way Angelina Jolie was? Because after all, what she did was worse. Not only did she hook up with Billy Crudup while he was with Mary Louise Parker, but Parker was pregnant at the time, unlike Jennifer Aniston, who was not. So why is Angelina the demon, and we’re all sending Claire good wishes?

aurora on

Claire is so clever and beautiful actress.

Mia on

That’s why you have kids with husbands and not boyfriends – husbands are ready for the life long commitment….boyfriends are hit/or miss. Nice to see she got it right – congrats to them!

Dona Brooks on

Please be careful. I have seen some of the scenes where it gets really rough. I know it is a “show”, but be careful sweetie!

Marky on

Happy for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, and hope all goes well with the pregnancy, etc. HATE the term “knocked up”! It sounds so “gutter”……

Dee on

It’s so funny because while I was pregnant this is exactly how I came out to family and friends and everytime I did an ultrasound my reply would be…”It’s still human!” LOL

Congrats to them, I wish her a healthy pregnancy and delivery 🙂

Kim on

Awww Congrats, Lisa your comment was so funny….it really made my day, I have two boys and we get that comment all the time I should try that comment the next time I hear someone ask, are you trying for the girl!

Just My Opinion on

Congrats to them both!

Tammy on

I always replied, when asked if I knew what I was carrying, “A hamster. And we are looking forward to it!” We didn’t find out with our 1st, a son, but we did find out with the other 3, (ALL girls) and yes, with #1, I wanted a boy, #2 I wanted a girl, #3 was a ”gimme’ since we had one of each already…and #4 I REALLY wanted a boy to even things out, but we got a girl and we were okay, a teeny bit disappointed, but really okay with it. Now I’ll sell all 4 for mere pennies on the dollar! (JOKING…we are getting to the teenage angst years…which is very confusing with all these girls in the house.)

Courtney on

I just find her to be annoying and condescending.

@Tressouthern-loved your comment to ilovedavid–well said!

mistie on

Yes, there are 3 sides to every story, but her side is tat she slept with a man who was not available and having a child with another woman. He is just as to blame as her, but no one forced her to become the ‘other’ woman. I wish her a happy pregnancy.

Tee Tee on

Yea, a human! Those are the best kind! ::grins::

Anonymous on

mistie- As I said last night, she may not have known he was “taken”. Men lie all the time about stuff like that (and before anyone calls me a man-hater, women do, too!)!

Kelly- Why do people castigate Angelina Jolie? Because she’s Angelina Jolie! People can’t handle the fact that she’s gorgeous, managed to land one of the most famous, handsome men on the planet, and has six adorable kids. As a result, they critcize her practically just for existing!

That being said, I agree with you completely! There are such double-standards on this sight!

Finally, as far as sending Claire good-wishes goes…I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but I’m not about to wish her any ill or not be happy for her at such a special time in her life just because she made a mistake years ago!