Emily Robison Welcomes Daughter Violet Isabel

09/04/2012 at 03:15 PM ET
Mark Sullivan/WireImage

It’s another little chick!

Emily Robison welcomed her fourth child, Violet Isabel Strayer, on Tuesday, Sept. 4, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Violet, who is the first child together for the Dixie Chicks and Court Yard Hounds musician and boyfriend Martin Strayer, arrived at 3:01 a.m. weighing in at 8.5 lbs.

“Mom and baby Violet are doing well and Dad couldn’t be happier,” her rep tells PEOPLE.

Robison, 40, is also mom to twins Juliana Tex and Henry Benjamin, 7, and son Charles Augustus, 9½, with ex-husband Charlie Robison.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Kevin O’Donnell

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Julianna on

What a cute name! Congratulations to Emily and her boyfriend on the birth of baby Violet.

Lily on

Congrats! That is such a pretty name.

anonymous on

Cute name, but seriously – get married before having kids. Also, a different dad for each kid? Gosh, what a h*.

Catty on

Just two different dads, right?

Stacy on

Kids by different dads??
She’s got 3 with her ex husband and ONE with her bf;get a damn grip

Kaylin on

Wow. Until you’ve walked in some one else’s shoes, reserve your judgments and leave them up to a qualified individual.

Anonymous on

2 dads!! First aandto middle names.Don’t judge. Im sure you have gad sex with more than one man. Sometimes a baby is made ..seesh

Mrs JP on

Congrats to the family on their new arrival 🙂

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations Emily and Martin.
I really love the name for your daughter that you selected. it is very pretty!

Bambi on

@anonymous, very true!
No one seems to see the importance in getting married anymore, especially before having kids. It’s really not that hard, and we all know she could afford a license. Yes, marriage is proven by having a piece of paper and sharing a commitment. So, if you’ve already got the commitment part down, then why not take the next step and get a license, and have physical ‘proof’ of a marriage?

angel on

So dumb, why so you cam the get ‘proof’ of divorce. It’s about commitment, not a piece of paper…plz get some brains.

Bambi on

Please get some brains? Wow. Please get use some grammar. This is once again, a free forum where anyone can discuss their views.

guestthinker on

Ms Anonymous – not a diff dad for each kid, just 2 dads.

Anonymous on

anonymous- She had three kids with her ex husband and this lil bundle with her bf. That doesnt make her a ho!

lori on


Pammy on

Anonymous..she has four children – by two men. The first three were by her ex-husband…so….what is wrong with that?

Congratulations Emily and family!

martha washington on

cute name!!!! i love the dixie chicks!

Manon on

Congrats to you Emily! I saw The Dixie Chicks in concert 5 yrs. ago ( 6 th row back, center stage) Best concert I’ve ever been to & I’m 55 yrs. old! Thrilled for you & the rest of your family!

Devon on

Yeah, because the marriage thing totally worked out for her the first time. What a bunch of closed-minded idiots. Marriage is a legal state, not an assurance of stability.

Bambi on

Calling people idiots, now who is close minded? This is an open forum where anyone can express their views, and I highly doubt she gives a care what any of us are saying. So, as I state again, just because her first marriage didn’t work for her doesn’t mean she shouldn’t give it another chance being she’s already starting a family with the guy

Sidney on

HEY ANONYMOUS……Her first 3 are from her ex-husband. That hardly qualifies as being a ho…..get ur facts straight!!!!

mytwocents on

Who cares? She had a baby an that’s wonderful news! Does it makes you guys lose sleep at night over how many men fathered a Dixie chick’s baby? Get over it an quit judging… its her business.

Synclaire on

She hs 3 children with her ex noot a different Dad for each.

J on

Grow up, Anonymous…

Abbie on

She had a baby with her boyfriend. Who cares if she is married or not. She has enough money (she earned) to support herself and all four of her children with or without a man. Let her be happy. Who are we to say she has to be married or not. Congrats Emily, Martin and the kids on this wonderful new addition!!!

Suz on

Who is this??? Slow day, people

tellinit on

Anonymous ass, are you perfect? Are you God? Shut the hell up! Congrats to them both!!!

yup on

who really cares ??!!

Kim on

Congrats to Emily and Martin! So what if they aren’t married. They are in a committed relationship and if they should break up in the future I’m sure she won’t be turning to any of you prudes to help support her child.

Bambi on

Prudes? Marriage is a common and age old tradition. Or at least it should be.. But too many people try to go against the grain, instead of committing to an institution. This is, once again, an open forum in a free country where we can discuss anything under the sun.

Julie on

Congrats, what a beautiful name!

meghan on

Suz, she is a part of one of the most successful country music groups in history. If you could read you would know that.

teresa on

congrats what a wonderful blessing

Michelle on

Violet & Augustus … Kinda Willy Wonka -ish. Cute, though. Congrats!

Courtney on

Three of her kids are with her first husband. Read the article before you blast her. Idiots.

violetlove on

Umm….pretty sure she can afford these babies. So what’s the hype about ? Yup marriage is what some would prefer but stop judging.

Bambi on

Not judging, but stating an opinion, an opinion that is confirmed thru age old tradition. But, Heaven forbid, we remind people of this tradition.

Deborah on

And people say the Latinos & Blacks have multiple babies from different daddies…LOL!

Tee on

Is it really any of your business whether she is married or not? NO it isn’t! Pretty sure she will not be asking for taxpayer assistance in raising her children, so take your Republican opinion and shove it!

Ray on

Who cares about the Dixie Chicks anymore. Seriously this is news -yawn-

InsGirl72 on

Being married does not make you a better parent so get over it ….Congrats!!!!

Bambi on

No, being married doesn’t make anyone a better parent, but it does teach children about commitment, and respecting the sanctity of an age old tradition. The children of unmarried parents are far more likely to to share their parents’ same views, and not get married themselves. Then all we are left with are people getting pregnant and moving on from relationship to relationship. Yeah, that’s a great way to raise kids.

Hypocrite?? on

In an open forum, in a free country, people are going to disagree with you. Responding to every post that does so just makes you look like you are trying to force your opinion on people. The only thing you are really doing is annoying people. Your passion for age old tradition would be better served volunteering for organizations like Focus On The Family or in church.

angel on

anonymous, such an idiot, narrow minded moron. she s not a ho, but I bet you’re pretty darn close to being one, which would be fine I guess if you were a smart ho, but a dumb ho like yourself…ncncnc, such a sad state. Congrats to the new mom, welcome in this world little one. stay away from dumb hos like the one above.

Eliza on

I love that name! All her kids have great names, actually. Congrats to her and Martin!

meghan on

Bambi, five posts? Seriously? You couldn’t get your brain cells firing enough to put it all in one post?

Bambi on

For one, you have no idea who I am.
And, two for you to single out one person abd think you know them, leads me to believe, you feel so badly about yourself, and are so cowardly that the only way you can ‘mouth off’ is thru a forum because you’re too chicken shit to do it in person.

Holiday on

Such a pretty name ! I think Violet Isabel sounds perfect.

Bonnie on

Congratulations on another treasured addition to the world! As a single parent to a very loved little girl; not only by me but also family and friends, my biggest concern is that throughout her life she will encounter narrow minded judgmental people. I would rather she grow up in a harmonious positive environment then with societies “ideals” of what a family should be.

Becky on

Congrats on the new baby..

I love both names, I’m just not sure that I like them together..

A. on

I know people are going to really chew me out for this, but why is it so wonderful when bastard children are brought this world? Almost 40% of kids these days are bastards which is unfortunate. The only good thing about this baby is her name.

Believe it or not, I don’t belong to any religion. So don’t give me the bullshit excuse that babies are blessings and gifts from God.

Carolline on

Or Violet, or Isabel. The both just don’t combine so much. Cute names (I really love Violet), but not together, you know.

Bree on

Congrats!! LOVE the name!! I wanted to name my own daughter Violet my hubby vetoed it 😦

As for everyone saying that she should be married, WHO CARES!! Marriage is great, I love it but really my life has not changed at all, I am no less commited to my guy than I was before we got married, we had an expensive party and wear some expensive jewlery, day to day everything is the same.

My MIL got married at 19 and two kids later was divorced, she has been with my FIL for close to 30 years now, they are not married, don’t want to get married and no one cares!! Technically that makes my husband and BIL bastards, it hasn’t had any affect on their lives. They are both amazing, loving, stable guys and that has to do with the fact that their parents love them and love each other and nothing to do with their parents marital status!!

AJ on

Hey, “anonymous” – learn to read – the first three children were with her now ex-husband (they were married at the time she had them all), and the most recent child is with her boyfriend. She is not a ho.

meghan on

Actually Bambi, I just can’t stand stupid. I’d happily tell you to your face if I could.

meghan on

A., if you don’t believe in God, what do you care about the sanctity of marriage or whether or not a child is legitimate?

JM on

Bambi, your logic is flawed. you say that being married doesn’t make you a better parent but people should still be married when they have kids as it provides your children with a role model for commitment. that is ludicrous! first of all, plenty of people get divorced, what does that teach children? second of all, do you want your children to think that that commitment only exists between mummy and daddy because of a piece of paper? or in your airy fairy words because of an age old institution?

i would rather my children understood that i stay with their dad not because we are married but because we love each other, respect each other, and want to be together. that somehow makes sense to me.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Emily, Martin, Charles, Henry and Juliana on a baby Violet Isabel!!!! Very cute name!!!

Momof2in1year on


A different Dad for each kid… she has twins, so THAT would be quite a feat (though I know it has happened in a few rare cases). I think you’ve been sufficiently taken to task for the rest of your comment. When you make hyperbolic statements, everything you have to say loses all credibility.

Pam on

it’s easy to point fingers under “anonymous” if read it correctly, her 3 other children are with her ex-husband…people have children after divorce ALLTHE TIME!! Stop being so mean….

Pam on

It is so easy to be rude under “anonymous” if read the story correctly this time…you will see her first 3 children were with her ex-husband…people have children after divorce all the time…stop being so rude by calling her names

Isabel on

Bastard children? What is this? 1957? Because marriages have such a high success rate these days.

Mariana on

Love the name! So cute!

Betsy on

Who cares! Anybody even really care about thus band????

Savannah on

Violet Isabel! What a beautiful name, but it makes me wonder if she’s as obsessed with Downton Abbey as I am!

queenofhearts on

Wow, what a pretty name!!

Congratulations Martin & Emily on the birth of baby Violet Isabel!