BumpWatch: Adele Debuts Baby Belly

09/04/2012 at 04:00 PM ET

Baby on board!

British singing sensation Adele stepped out in London Tuesday with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, giving us a glimpse of her growing baby bump.

“I’m delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together,” the Grammy winner, 24, said in a statement in June.

“I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously weโ€™re over the moon and very excited.”

If you’re looking for a wedding ring in the photo, you won’t find one. Of recent rumors the star secretly tied the knot, she Tweeted, “I’m not married…Zzzzzzz.”

Adele will welcome her babyย this fall.

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Krista on

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

robyn on

Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?

Megan on

She’s not American. I am, and I sure do exercise! she doesn’t look much different to me from when she wasn’t pregnant…

Kim on

Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing! Lol! She looks nasty pregnant. And I love Adele & her voice ๐Ÿ™‚

Cyrena on

I don’t understand, in this world you have to be freakishly thin to be “beautiful”.

Pam on

She’s not American, she’s British. And yes she’s huge but she was already pretty big to begin with. Who cares, she’s creating life! ๐Ÿ™‚

Adeleluv1 on

She was not ever Big as you say, and she is pregnant not huge. The only people who ever say she is fat are the boney, homely looking, “only wish they could be beautiful” women who have been brainwashed by Hollywood & the media into thinking you have to be paper thin to be pretty. Sorry, but you are wrong, statistics prove that the majority of men, from the beginning of time til now, prefer curvy, voluptious, women such as Adele. Get over your jealousy and go have a sandwich!

Casey on

First off she’s pregnant…pregnant women tend to gain weight…Second she’s British, not American

hello on

Hello she’s British and pregnant leave her alone

sarah on

Why did you click on an article about Adele when you clearly do not know the most basic thing about her? She’s British. Not American.

Clara on

I can’t tell if this was a failed attempt at being funny or if you’re just lacking intellegence. She isn’t American and she isn’t “huge” due to lack of excerise, she’s pregnant abd she’s obviously approaching her due date.

v.night on

She looks healthy to me.. and happy.. people don’t need to be discustingly skinny to be pretty.. curves are beautiful not to mention she’s pregnant!.. i have never met a man that said he wanted to cuddle with a bag of bones..lol…

Jenn on

Robyn you are stupid first off do your research before you post, she is from London second off Have you ever been pregnant? A baby is growing in her belly and she looks damn good being pregnant. Wait until you have a baby and you will see how it is. Then you excersise after you have the baby. Where ever you are from they must be ashame of your stupidity

guest on

she’s not american, genius !

Michelle on

I love how in the first sentence it says BRITISH MUSIC SENSATION, and you still don’t get that shes not American. Secondly, shes due THIS FALL, which means shes probably about 7-8 months pregnant….I dont know many who remain “tiny” during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester.

Ashley on

Yes we do. Too bad she’s originally from London and not America.

rana on

she isn’t American, she’s British.

sara on

She’s british u stupid bitch. And it’s plain to see u can’t read as well.

Jos on

Even if she wasn’t pregnant The comment of her being huge is totally unacceptable.

Some people are not THE avarage model figures, what really counts is THE inside.

And a lot off people can’t help it if they are ร  little bigger due to diseases.. So please show some respect and apologize for reacting like you did..

THE world would be so much nicer if we all accept that people are different and that is what makes life worth living!!

Funny funny! on

Bless your heart! You think she’s American! Hahahaha!

Anonymous on

She’s not American

jasmyne on

She’s not even American. And she’s PREGNANT she’s supposed to be big

denise on

best wishes

Jada on


argis crane on

Guess she won’t be touring in the near future :0( — So glad for her but selfishly wish she waited a couple of years !!

Nicole on

Congrats Adele! How does this make sense though? She debuted she was pregnant in june and its only september? how is she due this fall?

Rose on

Just because she announced her Pregnancy in June doesn’t mean she was only in her first trimester duh!

Casey on

Most people don’t announce their pregnancies until they’re farther along…by the time she announced it, she was probably already halfway through

guest on

not everyone in hollywood announces it when they’re three months along. & i do believe at a post grammys interview she said she was going to go off & have a/some babies …

MollyF on

I adore Adele and very happy for her and Simon. She’s so beautiful in a unique way and her voice is so wonderful. I have both her albums and listen to them a lot.

lol on

Best wishes!

Reesca on

Is she pregnant with triplets?

Anne Marie on

Poor thing. She is already looking like a water buffalo.

Mariana on

Good for her for keeping it quiet.

I just love her music.

Alanna on

Yay ๐Ÿ˜€

fanofboardwalkempire on

very happy for Adele and Simon- that is one heck of a baby bump and for sure there is a baby coming this Fall!
Wishing them great happiness as they wait for the baby!

Mina on

robyn, she is not American…she is British.

JustMe on

Oy Robyn – think before you speak. She is pregnant for one and for 2 she is BRITISH you moron.

Kasee on

Robyn, she’s British. But nice try at an insult to Americans…

Anonymous on

Robyn. She’s not American she is English. She was born in London, England.

Terry on

Robyn – She’s British, not American.

amy on

To all you who post hateful things, I pity you for being so ugly.

Anonymous on

No, American women do not exercise. But what does that have to do with Adele?

Funny funny! on

Seal for yourself! I’m a very fit working Mama of three. I’m also a very proud American. Huh…stereotype much?

Funny funny! on

And, I cNt type! SPEAK for yourself!

momofSDG on

@Robyn – she is British and, yes, American women exercise.

Ashley on

Last time I checked, Robyn, Adele is British. Guess you should fact check before trying to slam someone.

Julianna on

I am SO happy for Adele! I went through a painful breakup earlier this year, and her 21 record helped me work my feelings through the whole ordeal. I can’t wait to see that baby!

Ang on

Robyn: First off YES American women exercise…second off she is PREGNANT get over it…third you obviously don’t know how to read or know anything about her…she is BRITISH!!!!!

Caroline on

People are so cruel!!! First of all, she’s beautiful! Second, Fall starts in about 3 weeks so her due date could be soon! Good for her for keeping it quiet instead of announcing she’s pregnant after her first pregnancy test!!!

elizabeth on


Anonymous on

Ha ha Robin, you are getting your rewards for posting such a dumb comment. Duh…Adele is British….Duh…she is pregnant. Gotta run now….literally! Yep, I’m American.

hghfah on

To robyn: She’s not American, she’s British

Melissa on

You guys have commented more at Robyn’s comment then the actual article. If she can’t read, there’s really no point in a reply.

On another note, congrats to Adele!! Who cares if you’re bigger than the average anorexic? You’re glowing as you should be. Enjoy and come to Houston soon!

Natalie on

Robyn- Adele isn’t American, She’s British…

Morons-All-Of-You on

Dear God… the idiots are out in full force on this comment board.

Marta on

Said robyn on September 4th, 2012
“Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?”

Do you feel as dumb as you look? Do some reading, if your low sloping forehead doesn’t get in the way.

Anonymous on

Robyn… you need to do your research. Adele is from England. Maybe you need to exercise your brain to gain some knowledge before you open your mouth.

v.night on

I wish her the best with her beautiful new bundle to be.. and hope that people learn to care about others feelings and apreciate who they are more than the fact that she’s not self concious and is happy with herself unlike some people here!…

ELC on

Congrats to the couple and their future endeavor.

whatever.. on

By weird guy you mean her boyfriend? And so what if she doesn’t have a “natural birth”?

adub on

@robyn – she’s british. and who gives a hoot about her body type – she’s pregnant.

ashley on

@robyn dude she’s british

Presley on

@Robyn – She’s not American. She’s a Brit, moron.

Tammy on


allthingsfantasy91 on

Um, Nicole, just because she announced she was pregnant in June does not mean that she had JUST found out that she was pregnant. She was probably already three or four months along which means she would be delivering sometime between October and November.

It's me on

Congrats to Adele…..but that is NOT a cute baby bump!!! Poor thing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Anonymous on

Lol, she is a Brit Robyn.

Denise on

I think Robyn gets Adele’s British by now.

Chelsey on

Robyn, she is BRITISH! back off!

follybeachfoodie on

I won’t lie, she is huge for someone expecting in the fall and I would know as I’m due then, as well. Regardless, I am very happy for her and wish her the best in this new journey.

Tiffany on

for robyn that said “Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?”…ummm she definitely British and yes American Women do exercise but i bet you don’t!

jones on

@robyn, how rude. Plus, you do realize she is British not American, right?

Sarah on

Um, Robyn, she’s not American. Duh.

JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

Who could tell she’s pregnant, she always looked pregnant. Great voice, terrible body.

Amanda on

She looks beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ and most celebrities wait until their 2nd trimester to share the news! Congrats to her and her boyfriend!!

Julie on

Ha, Robyn! You crack me up! Made me laugh & shake my head. Probably should check your Adele facts…

Congrats, Adele! You look fabulous!! โค

Jamie on

Robyn… she isn’t American.

Alissa on

All you haters.. She’s a naturally curvy woman.. Pregnancy defines and makes more curves!! She’s beautiful because real women have curves and flaws.

G on

@Robyn- She is British, not American you dolt

AwwHeck on

@ robyn – About as much as y’all take care of your teeth.

Kayla on

These negative comments about Adele are very disheartening. I am sick of people judging her for her weight and not her amazing talent.

She’s PREGNANT people, and her due date is around the corner.

On a lighter note, I can’t wait to know the sex and name of the baby!

Congratulations Adele and Simon!

Tara on

I just hope she gives birth to a little ginger!!! I love her. (I wish everyone would stop body snarking on other women, especially pregnant women. All women are gorgeous) Her voice is ridiculously amazing!

Yuri on

“robyn on September 4th, 2012
Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?”

SHE IS BRITISH!!! Americans might not exercise, but you certainly don’t live in this world. People should talk only if well informed, or they just show their own prejudices…

Debbie on

Congratulations to u both! And by the way she looks great being pregnant

Kim on

@robyn – She’s from the UK, you idiot.

guest on

Robyn, she is not american, you idiot!

Kelly on

Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?

Umm, Adele is English and she is beautiful!!!

Lex on

Robyn if you read the article it says “British”

Anonymous on

Wow, what a lovely couple. LOL

guest on

Robyn, that’s a tacky comment. And Adele is fortunately not American but British. big difference.

Kay on

She is not American, she is British. She looks great! Best of luck Adele with your soon to be new baby!!!

Anonymous on

she isn’t american so…. robyn

mg on

Congrats to them. But really…I wish this whole “baby bump” and “post baby body” thing would just go away.

haley on

Haha she doesn’t even look pregnant!!

emraki on

@robyn She isn’t American, educate yourself before making asinine comments.

Chris on

Geez does anyone read previous comments before they post? Almost everyone on here say the same thing!!

tired of reading about Robyn on

Thank you!!!!

KarenB on

Ah Robyn she isn’t American.

Julie on

@robyn, not that you will see this – but Adele is British, not American.

Katie on

@ robyn- Adele is British

neลพa on

ok it’s incredibly annoying to read the same comment 32425 times… I guess the first ones are because of the approval delay, but now it’s just stupid

teresa on

robyn you realize adele is british right?

Anonymous on

She looks damn good for being pregnant, and if anyone noticed she wasn’t skinny to begin with…She looks like an average woman…Also she could be due this fall, and Not everyone announces their pregnant as soon as they find out. First and second trimesters are the hardest to get through.

Jamie on

robyn- she isn’t American she is British. Get your facts straight before insulting people.

Me on

Ok first of all Robyn your an ASS. She is heavily pregnant and British. 2nd yes Americans do work out not all of us are size 2. Most of us Americans do have hips and boobs. When I was pregnant I was skinny went up to 193 now I’m 135 and a size 6. Think before you type because you just sounded retarted

bh on

Her booyfriend and not her husband? Figures.

Lucy on

For those who don’t understand that she’s due this Fall here is some info. Fall starts September 22 and ends on Dec 20th. She’s probably due in October or November by the looks of her, which clearly lands in Fall!

Me on

Congrates Adele on the baby hope he/she is happy and healthy

Sara on

In response to Robyn’s comment:

“Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?”

Adele is British.

anyone on

She will be a great mum, but her fans really want another album desperately…and soon!!! Please!!

sara on

Love, Love Adele and am so happy for her and Simon. It would be wonderful if her baby has both her talent and her beauty. I wish I was so gorgeous and talented. In any case, her baby will be special treat for everyone.

Carolyn on

Robyn . She’s British! That aside, some women look great when they’re pregnant; she’s not one of them. And the boyfriend looks like he’s been sleeping in the streets!

Scarlet on

robyn – You’re an idiot…she’s NOT American, she’s British. I love when people run their mouths without having any knowledge of what they’re talking about.

Jamie on

Robyn, she’s not American, she’s from the UK..get that one straight….not all Americans are the fat and lazy people portrayed on television.

Nancy on

OK, all you morons. I think Robyn gets the idea that Adele is NOT American! Get over it already! How many posts do you have to type to ream somebody out!?

Sam on

I mean…that thing’s gotta be due tomorrow at the rate she’s going.

Anonymous on

Congrats Adele..=) She is a beautiful Woman. Just because she is bigger boned doe not make her ugly. There are women of all shapes and sizes in this world not everyone is a size zero. Some people are just rude for thinking that you should be a certain weight to be beautiful and you don’t!

Laine on

Robyn–not only is Adele British, not American, but she’s also PREGNANT. What a shallow person you must be.

JP on

@ Robyn 1. Um yeah she is pregnant and 2. She isn’t American.

tabitha on

Too funny Robyn and too true. The US is by far the most over-weight country in the world! Adele is british and also VERY pregnant. She doesn’t have any obligations to anyone as to when she should announce her pregnancy, her business, her life.

Aria on

Hey Robyn…Adele is British not American!

Lori on

Robyn, you do realize Adele’s English right? Oh and also pregnant.

Noelle on

Who cares if she’s American, British, Chinese or from Mars….she’s a pregnant woman and her weight is none of anyones business but her own. How would you feel if you stepped out and a bunch of strangers critisized you over and over again? Probably wouldn’t feel so great. Before you speak so with such cruelty, look in the mirror…I’m sure you’ll find a flaw or two.

I’m happy for Adele and that’s one lucky baby to be sung beautiful lullabies by his/her amazingly talented mommy!

Anonymous on

For people commenting on how big she is for just saying she was pregnant in June, I just have one thing to say. Just because she announced her pregnancy in June doesn’t mean anything. She looks to be at least 7 months or so pregnant., which would put her due in the Fall. A lot of people wait until after the first trimester to announce thier pregnancy.And stop making fun of her for being too big, she is probably going to have a healthy baby. And that is what matters the most. Congratulations to her on all her happiness.

Guest on

Holy crap what a bloody cow!!!

CAL on

Wow, I love all you internet bullies….

Congrats Adele, you will have a beautiful child!

Ana on

I love Adele, but she is too big even for a pregnant woman and that belly is not attractive at all. Well, maybe it’s the dress that is not flattering on her. Sorry!

Millie on

@Robyn – Adele is British not American!

s on

Robyn, she is British, you douche.

T~ on

@robin she is not american so you might want to re-think that statement

Anonymous on

Robyn..she isn’t American! So go ask the Brits!

Yesica on

I don’t know what kind of people you are to be offending a pregnant woman for being fat. Hello, she was never a size one model and pregnancy isn’t exactly going to make her drop weight. What did you expect? Stop being so inconsiderate and rude, why don’t you try actually feeling happy for her cause she is going to be a mom. And if you can’t do that, don’t voice your simple minded and superficial opinions.

Deb Ragosta on

Robyn, Not only is she British (as several others have pointed out) but she lives in Britain, so she hasn’t had a chance to pick up any bad habits from us lazy American women!

Nina on

@ Robyn she isn’t American and she was overweight before she got pregnant and why the hell are you so damn rude?

Candice on

@Nicole Obviously she waited a few months before announcing the pregnancy to the whole world. Few people, if anyone, announce that they’re pregnant straight off the bat.

Vanessa on

Oh Robyn, you fool — Adele is British! Sorry, I just had to throw that tidbit in real quick in case you didn’t read the other 230495873204952093532 comments prior to mine. Carry on.

Elizabeth Greene on

People don’t get married first anymore. I wish them all the best. It’s going to be difficult to get the weight off. Rolling in the deep…………………

Rhonda on

Adele is a beautiful woman and I am happy for her. I hope that she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Suz on

Robyn…..Adele is not American…..she’s English. Oh, and btw, she’s pregnant if you couldn’t tell.

girl on

She’s British..

Bella on

FYI Robyn, she’s English.

Melissa on

I love Adele!! Congrats to her and Simon…I can’t wait for her to put more albums out!! Her voice is amazing and people are so rude to be saying things about her weight especially females who have been pregnant! She’s is beautiful and AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to see that cute little baby(maybe she/he will get mommy’s vocal talents!!)

Denise Smith on

Wow! Make-up truly can make an average looking woman look beautiful.

Olivia on

@Robyn She’s british

KellyB on

@Robyn, Adele is British, not American, idiot.

Anonymous on

@robyn: except the part where she’s a brit, but that’s okay.

Glojean on

Great voice! Congratulations!

@Robyn What Country are you from?Should I assume all women in that Country are as ignorant as you?

rockymtnhigh on

FYI robyn: Adele is from England, shes not American. I for one watched how much I gained when I was preggers. I did not fall into “THE EATING FOR TWO TRAP!”

Today on

he could wash that jeans

Jessi on

*in sarcastic tone due to everyone and their mum saying Adele IS, in fact, a Brit* So what you’re saying is, Adele is British?

Anonymous on

That baby is going to get some bad ass lullabies.

Jaxx on

Robyn, if you are going to throw around insults at least get your facts straight. Adele is British and yes, American women exercise plenty.

Lynda on

Robyn…American women do exercise. Not that Adele doesn’t exercise…however she is from the UK. Congrats!

Geez Louise on

Robyn, Robyn, Robyn… you are so stupid. Go reread the second sentence of the article again.

SigEppe on

Robyn – Are you for real? 1) She’s pregnant 2) She’s English

Sandra on

I think it super wonderful! Congrats Adele & Simon.

Jen on

ahahhahaha robyn, you moron, she’s British!!

Anonymous on

Wow Robyn, live under a rock much? Adele is from the UK not the US!!

sarah on

Robyn…. She’s actually from England. Idiot. How rude.

Anonymous on

@robyn, she’ s british (laughing)………..you just proved you’re an idiot…….check your facts next time!!

Guest on

Huge? She needs to put an orange triangle on her clothes.

Dan on

Captain, we have over-pressurized the fuel cell. She is going to blow!!!!

Carole on

Oh Adele and SImon…..I am so happy for you both and wish you and baby the best! Fall babies are wonderful. Hope its in mid october! My Daughters!! We will be celebrating her 30th abroad too!

Beast on

Holy crap this chick is huge.

Beast on

And to the retard below robyn, she is not American.

Rawlo on

If there were before and after pics you wouldnt notice. She’s always had a huge stomach

Daisy on

Love her to pieces! Best of luck honey!

John on

It’s called ‘being pregnant’.

Shayne on

Hey Robyn, she’s British, you tw@t.

AskZilla on

Her size doesn’t seem to bother her man-friend any. Maybe we need to re-examine our prejudices against fat/obese women. She looked like a supermodel when she was slender though.

Terri on

Congrats to Adele and Simon! An amazing women and soon to be amazing mother!!!

AskZilla on

And the question should be, “Why don’t British women exercise?” since Adele is from ‘across the pond’ (England)

Carolina on

@robyn She’s English you dumb s***

Bob on

Bump ???? Looks more like a Volkswagon attached to her…lol

Sue on

Robyn Sounds like you are in deep doo doo tonight. Best rude comment of the evening.

JQ53 on

Is it my eyes or is her stomach shaped weird?

AH on

@Nicole: Generally women like to wait until after the first trimester to break the news because that’s when the highest risk is i.e. they could miscarry. So she probably conceived in February/March. due around October/November

udontne2kno on

wow ” The way people talk about other ppl without giving a fuck about how they would feel when they read posting like i seen on this site …. Hopefully those who talk about other their parents get a slow painful death ..

Janet on

Adele,Love your songs and lyrics.Please excuse comments from negative people. With the beautiful lyrics expelled from your heart, the baby will thrive having you as a mother. You look wonderful. I gained 50+ lbs. with all my three pregnancies.

I gradually lost the weight with a sensible eating plan (mine) and Looked great. Sweet babies are a true gift from God.I’m looking forward to hearing the songs and lyrics that motherhood blesses you with. Prayers and blessings to you all.

heather on

How is she huge to be due this fall? She is in her 3rd trimester?? WOW – I cannot believe the ignorant comments, especially since they are from women! REAL women gain weight, swell in the heat and from increased blood/fluids to support your baby, and care more about being healthy for their child instead of themselves. GROW UP! She looks beautiful and CONGRATS!!!

Shenae on

Oh dear. Pregnancy does not look well on her.

Andi on

to robyn: she’s british and why does it matter how big she is? she is an amazing singer!!! I’m so happy for her

Ashley on

@robyn ummm. She isn’t American….

alison on

Wow So soon! Hope she passes down her talent! Shes amazing =D And BTW @Robyn Shes not american.. shes british.

tracee on

I wonder what country Robin is from?

Frank on

@Robyn – showing your ignorance there…Adele is British not American.

IG on

wow she’s huge

zmopardude on

She looks just like she always does. Are you sure she is pregnant?

meanoldmom on

OK negatives!!! Be happy for her and the baby!!!! Doubt if she will go on the equivalent of English welfare as a single mom!!!! Who gives a rats a*** how much she weighs as long as she and the baby are healthy!!!!! CONGRATS ADELE!!!!!


Wow !! Looks like someone is taking the Jessica-Simpson approach to pregnancy. Ick.

Shannon on

Finally get to see a “baby bump” pic of Adele! To bad the outfit she has on isnt very flattering ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh well, I โค Adele and am soo happy for her!

American Keith on

I wish everyone would stop saying how beautiful she looks. She had a face like a wildebeest before she got pregnant, now she looks like very fat wildebeest. Nothing beautiful about her at all. Fashion is not her strong suit either.

Susan on

Geez Robyn, if you are going to insult someone, at least get your facts straight. Adele is not American. You are not just nasty, but stupid as well!

Dslr on

Two big pigs having a piglet. Ouch!

Kelsey on

I hope that one day we can all learn to look past weight- Adele is a beautiful, talented woman- and she is hopefully passing on her gift to another generation! I personally love the fact that we are seeing more “real” bodies in Hollywood! Congratulations to her and her family- and best wishes for the delivery! =]

Anna on

RobynOn She is british not American, you jackass!

Josh on

Looks like she has been pregnant for 3 years now.

Nia on

Firstly: Robyn, Adele is from the UK… Secondly: Congrats Adele ๐Ÿ™‚

anomisme on

I am happy for her, and for those who put her down it is only because they want people to hurt like they are hurting. Congratulations to both of them.

Alexis on

She looks like Jessica Simpson did when she was pregnant. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Alexis on

That aside – Adele is a wonderful singer – I can’t wait to see the baby!

katie on

Um…adele is british not american….and yes some american women do exercise….and what does it matter she is pregnant some pregnant women get huge…..but anyways congrats to adele ๐Ÿ™‚

Vero on

Robyn: She’s not American, you dunce!

Anonymous on

@robyn Just FYI she is British.

Stan on

Good for you, just had a grand-daughter of my own and she is the greatest. Good luck Adele all the best.


lr on

Oh Robyn, your comment was beyond stupid. First of all, Adele is not American. She’s from London, England. Also, where do you think most of these celebrities come from that you’re reading about? America, you dumb a*s! You’re probably some fat, lazy chick sitting behind a computer ready to criticize other women.

Anonymous on

shes not american you stupid @@@k

snakeriver on

Robyn…….She is not American. She is British….

soccergirl on

@robyn…shes british.

Kathleen on

@Robyn, she’s not American…

two cents on

Oh no not marriage that is just old fashioned. I don’t get it. People like Adele; sign mortgages, make babies together but can’t sign a marriage license. Backwards!

reesa on

Dear robyn,
Dear Lord, I hope you are kidding….. She is BRITISH. As said in the first word of the freaking article! You are kidding, right?

Shannon on

“Hi. My name is Adelle. Yes, I’m having a bastard child as it’s the norm these days. Screw marriage, it’s just too inconvenient! My kid doesn’t need to know it’s daddy!”


hailey on

I thought she was really fat.. WHO cares!

Kaitlin on

Robyn, Adele isn’t American, the fattie is a Brit. Do any BRITISH women exercise?

Allyson on

I hope she stopped smoking…

Kaitlin on

I think she was eating for two before she was pregnant. I don’t like her voice. Too screechy.

tori on

Congratulations Adele I truly love your music.

SAL on

yeah……it’s great………have kids …..maybe five years later get engaged …..think about marriage ..have a few more kids….but the guy is probably gone before then….or bring in a new boyfriend to meet your kids…….great society today

Snickers on

robyn on September 4th, 2012

Oh shit, she is huge!..wow, do any american woman exercise?


Actually, I think she’s British. She was a pretty big girl before. She looks alright anyway. Now as far as her boyfriend goes…..

Nancy on

Ummm, Robin. Adele is from the U.K.

Anonymous on

Hello Robyn she’s not American.

Anonymous on

Um robyn Adele is British

Chrissy on

Perhaps the people ridiculing the appearance of a pregnant woman should post their pictures too so we can critique their looks. If you don’t like her or her looks why click on the article and comment? You think you’re so clever calling her water buffalo or Volkswagen but whose life is more fulfiling? The Grammy award winner who’s having a baby or the sad troll who sits online anonymously ripping apart someone elses looks? Grow up. No one said you had to like her or post wow what a hottie but there’s such a thing as not saying anything if you have nothing nice to say at all.

on board with Chrissy! on

Amen sister!

Carolline on

Seems that someone has to come back to the chair… this baby should be weighing so much! Poor Adele.

lolo on

In response to robyn, Adele is not American. She is British. And, yes, she does look pretty big. But, she was already pretty big before she got pregnant, so, obviously, she is going to be even bigger than she was. As for the comment that she only announced that she was pregnant in June, it doesn’t mean she, herself, just found out she was pregers. It just means that is when she chose to share the news with the public. Regardless of her size, I think she is such a beautiful woman. Her face is like a work of art. Just stunning! Although, I have to say, she absolutely looks much older than her real age. If I didn’t know any different, I would say that she is in her late 30’s. Her look is very mature. In any case, I wish her the best of luck with her pregnancy and for a quick and easy delivery. That little baby will be sung lots of beautiful lullabies, lucky little rugrat! Congrats and best wishes, Adele!

Felcisgirl on

robyn – first of all, don’t go judging all American WOMEN by one WOMAN in a photo …. second, Adele isn’t American, she’s a Brit…

mel on

robyn, you are a complete moron. She’s British. And she’s a beautiful person.

mai on

@robyn, if you actually read the article instead of just judging on the picture, you’d know she’s british ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy on

To Robyn… Shes NOT American you ignorant fool!!! And Brits arent as obsessed with weight as Americans, like evidently, yourself!

Kim on

I find it amusing that people are saying she was “pretty big to begin with”. That’s why many people love Adele. She broke the “you have to weigh 100lbs to have a music career” mold. Good for her! She has an amazing voice, several grammys, millions of dollars, has been a GREAT role model to thousands of young girls who are probably fighting body image issues in our looks induced society, probably has her own body image issues because of the public and media, and a baby on the way. To those posting these nasty comments, what (besides maybe having a baby) have you done that is included on this list?

lovely123 on

Wow, people can be really mean. Usually it is these same people that are posting mean things that are not perfect. Save your meanness for the playground.

Ali on

robyn : Research! Adele is not from America. And to answer your ignorant statement/question, a lot of women in America exercise.

Mia on

Agree on the marriage thing – how about make a life commitment by marrying + then having kids/real estate together…… not the other way around – be committed by the bonds of love and the law.

In other news – Not to be rude….but she was always a little on the heavier side + it probably was difficult to tell she was pregnant until she really POPPED….Thinking girl!

Anonymous on

I can’t believe she is only 24, she look super old

michelle on

OMG!! are you serious !! she is not even married and she is already having a child, wow how are people now

Beth on

Robyn, she’s British, you idiot.

Ashley Golden on

robyn, She is British, not American

MoC on


hahahaha, you know she is British right? Gosh girl, at least know what you’re talking about when you throw nasty comments around. Talking about your comment, I hope you outgrow this shallow part of your personality, it doesn’t flatter you.

Anonymous on

Wow-what an attack.

Adele is not American and it is amazing to me that this is a debate.

Hea on

200 posts saying she’s British and not American. How darn exciting to read!

mileysucks on

Awwww! This baby is going to get the most beautiful lullabies ever!

diplobear on

Is this a new bump?

How can we tell ??

Momma on

People are so hurtful. She is nine months pregnant!! Of course she is going to be fuller. There is an entire human being in there!

Best of luck to them. What a lucky baby that gets Adele to sing them to sleep!

Ann on

Thats a big baby bump no doubt but wish them all the best…..

1b3ggon@yahoo.com on

Happy for Adele!!being a mum,is the best thing that can happen to You!!

Diana Fetterman on

To answer Robyn, she is English, not American.

Lisa on

@Robyn -Adele is from the UK – not America. But we’d be glad to claim her.

Angelina on

@Robyn, she is not from America she’s English…Best Wishes…

notsosure on

That is the most unflattering baby bump ever. She just looks like every other obese person you see in THIS country, walking around in bikini’s on the beach with their flab hanging all out. She looks flabby pregnant. Not firm like most. Yick! And Robyn, she’s from the U.K. She’s not American.

Anonymous on

@robyn she’s British

Anonymous on

Anonymous on

And she’s always been a curvy girl, and she’s probably far more pregnant than she let on

illeryial on

Don’t say things that you know nothing about. She is NOT AMERICAN! She is from Great Britian. And she is due this fall, meaning in the next two months. She looks great! Don’t talk negativly about pregnant women, they are incredible and creating an entire human life takes a lot out of us. (I am due right after thanksgiving) so Shut it!

Sara on

@Robyn … A) She’s pregnant & she wasn’t the smallest person to start.
B) She’s not American!! You must have not read the article & just looked at the picture since the second sentence says “British singing sensation”

Dee on

Happy for her…..lucky baby to have a cool mama crooning to him/her w/ that amazing voice ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s not often you get to see a square-shaped baby lump … oops … I mean bump.

C Snyder on

Robyn, you need to do some research before you start making stupid comments. Adele is British!!!!

Daisy on

OMG people, enough about the Robyn comment. I swear I think People needs to cut off the comment section when the posts start getting this ridiculous. This article is about a woman about to give birth, not about stupid posters. So congrats to the new parents-to-be and ignore ignorance.

meghan on

Some of the people on here are the nastiest scumbags I have encountered in some time! Adele was never a waif, but you people are acting like she was so morbidly obese they had to knock a wall down to get her out of her house! Make fun of her all you want, but she made more money last year than any of you will make in a lifetime. She has more Grammys then you simpletons can count. And she’s a damn sight nicer than 98% of the people who have posted on this thread!

Anonymous on

@ robyn: She’s not American -she’s British. She’s a big girl, yes. Was glad to hear she’s due this fall…it’s the first pic of her I’ve seen since the announcement in June.

Ceci on

Robyn, you shouldn’t have started! I think you get it by now, Adele is not American.

Adia on

@ Robyn (Trollolio) — Get a clue, she’s pregnant! BTW, in case you don’t get out much, she’s English.

kiki on

her old-ass boyfriend is majorly creeping me out

angela on

@Robyn… umm… she is british

anon on

@robyn … first, you’re an a$$. second, she’s british as it says at the very beginning of this story (and you’d seriously have to live under a rock NOT to know). so you’re not just an a$$, you’re a DUMBa$$.

DeeAnn Pruitt on

wow Robyn, are you ignorant?
#1 – Adele is not American, she’s British!
#2 – American women do exercise. Not all of us stay a size zero while pregnant!

Lisa on

If any thread made me want to poke my eyeballs out with a hot fork it would be this one.


Leelou42 on

I know eh. Everyone shut the f*** up about Robyn. She made a simple mistake and didn’t realize Adele was British. People get a f****** life already.

Not Quite Sure on

Hey…..is she AMERICAN OR BRITTISH?? I am not quite sure.

Suzie on

Robyn, are you stupid? She’s not American. And she isn’t fat. She has curves, an amazing personality and a great voice. Do you have any of that? More than likely not to come up with a discriminative remark like that about Americans. You disgust me. I am American by the way, obviously you are not otherwise you’d know the whole country isn’t large. So shut up before you make yourself look like an even bigger jackass than you do.

Katie on

Dear Robyn, Adele is British. It clearly states she is a BRITISH singing sensation.

She had to be pregnant before June for it to make sense.

Jen on

Wow, ladies. Yes, she’s pregnant. She is going to have a belly. This is not new news. Women are supposed to have a belly, even a big one. We are not all supposed to exercise by the way. My doctor said swim and that’s it.

Anonymous on

love her! congrats too her! (little bit of a wierd shape baby bump!)

KO on

Looks like Simon shares Benicio del Toro’s stylist! Can’t wait for the name!

A on

Okay, I think Robyn clearly now knows, that she’s not American and she’s Brirish that point is across. Congrats to Adele! She looks good!

Dee on

Wow insulting much? So what if shes a bigger woman, shes having a fricken baby! I think she looks wonderful, all the best to them.

meghan on

281 posts and 250 are directed at Robyn. Seriously? Are that many of you too stupid to read a few of the other posts before piling on?

robynisamoron on

robyn: she’s British. But, you are right. Absolutely no American women exercise. None of us. We’re all just constantly eating hamburgers and watching TV. God, if only we weren’t American, then we could exercise.


You guys make me SICK! You are offended that someone is bashing Americans (which is not okay) but at the same time you insult a pregnant woman because she’s not supermodel size? Are u 4 real???????

And for all those critisizing Adele for having a child before getting married….shut the —- up! Europeans can only laugh about this kind of superficiality. It doesn’t matter if you signed a stupid paper. it’s important to love your partner and to love your child. How many of these marriages nowadays last longer than a few years? Grow up people and open your eyes.

anniegrey on

Robyn- Adele is British.

Manal from Jordan on

I love ADELEEEEEEE! shes the bestt! and shes beautiful! so what if she gained weight…

Nadia on

Best luck to them both! As for dumb comments, not every woman is underweight. Plus, she has the AVERAGE woman\โ€™s body. Iโ€™m so sadden to see that some people have been blinding by false image. Not to lose focus, again, congrats to the new soon to be parents.

Anonymous on

you guys need to calm down who cares if her stomick is big she brittish and robyn LOOK IT UP shes british but all of us need to calm down and CONGRATS on you baby adele

Itโ€™s me on

OMG…..her bump has a bump…is that what you call a pregnancy FUPA? She should not wear see through dresses! AND she needs to wear a belly band to smooth that thing out some! Luv ya voice though Adele and congrats to you!

Itโ€™s me on

ROBYN….it’s like the comment heard round the world…..I hope you got the picture that she’s British….LOL! it’s like people were not mad at your snarky comment but holy sh*t they are ready to fry you for not knowing she is British….LOL so funny!!!!


The dress is probably just see through in a certain light.

JM on

ok, robyn’s comment was dumb, but this thread has turned into something absolutely hysterically funny. does no one feel a bit silly telling robyn that adele is british after about 100 people have already told her?

i THINK the point has been made, now let’s end this farce! you guys look just as ridiculous as robyn at this point. jesus! behave like grown ups would you?!

Lea on

Ok, Robyn showed her ignorance with her comment, but the majority of you guys are even more ridiculous repeating the same thing over and over.

albert41 on

@robyn first Adele isn’t American she is British you dipshit and second she was already pudgy so its only natural that she gained weight.

albert41 on

what the hell Adele is British i always thought she was from canada


Adele you have an AMAZING voice an you can feel the emotions in your songs…You look VERY happy an i wish you the very best of EVERYTHING!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy your going to be a exceptionally wonderful mother.

Hey robyn on

Robyn, think before you speak! Adele is not from America…geez!

Tiffany Gliem on

Gongratulations Adele on Ur Baby .

Alexandra on

Oh my…Reading some of these comments, American women seem to be able to choose the shape and form of their belly when pregnant. Amazing! In Europe – and especially in the UK – where Adele comes from (did anybody mention that, btw?) that is still impossible. Shame…

Honestly, how can the picture of a heavily pregnant woman in an -admittedly – not very flattering outfit- cause so many nasty comments? I bet most of the ladies complaining here spent half of their pregnancy time in comfy track suits…

Oh and for the rest complaining about her having a baby without being married – I am European and I am dumbfunded by these comments. Take a look at divorce statistics and have a guess about how many children are involved…

Itโ€™s me on

Who cares Adele will be on VH1 where are they now soon enough……