BumpWatch: Holly Madison Debuts Her Baby Belly

08/31/2012 at 02:30 PM ET
Sam Sharma/Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News

Looks like pregnancy has this glam girl keeping it casual.

Holly Madison, who announced earlier this week that she’s expecting her first child, was spotted running errands in pajama pants Thursday in Las Vegas.

The former Holly’s World and Girls Next Door star, 32, is due in March.

“We’re in love and counting down the days until we meet our beautiful baby,” her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella tells PEOPLE. “I can hardly believe how lucky I am.”

Clouding their joy, Rotella was one of six individuals indicted on 29 counts of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest in Los Angeles — charges he denies.

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kendrajoi on

I am so happy for her- I know this is something she has wanted for a long time- even while she was with Hefner. I wish her the best, I hope she doesn’t end up rasing her baby alone. Good luck Holly!!!!

Mrs JP on

Awwwwww so happy for Holly and her BF

Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

Tiffany on

Where is the pic of the baby bump???

Dawne on

Due in March she is only about two months along. I guess everyone is so used to her tight shirts that when she when she wears a lose shirt, they assume she has a tell tale bump. I couldn’t really see it either. But she looks adorable in this picture.

Jill on

I love Holly! Congratulations! She looks beautiful in this pic, too!

Emily on

She looks like a mom already! 😀 I am so happy for her.

Tiffany on

Somehow it’s magically there:-)

Shenae on

Her hair looks like a normal shade of blonde now…as opposed to that whitish color she used to have! I bet she did it so she wouldn’t have to keep dyeing it while pregnant.

Lala on

I noticed that too. I hope she keeps it that way, it looks a lot better.

jenn on

Actually I think she’s a brunette. But I agree I like this color more than the platinum blonde.

Courtney on

I hope that everything works out in the end for her. She deserves it

Sarah on

I like her hair color!! Looks better than the platinum! Congrats on the baby!!

Tiffany on

Lucky??? I guess if you consider possibly going to prison lucky…Too bad she didn’t think about all that prior to getting knocked up.

nichole on

I am due in may:) awsome

mg on

pajama pants? nice.

abby on

I wonder when all these whores become respectable women.

Nici on

You should be ashamed … Judge yourself and stop being jealous.

Cortney on

Tiffany- he probly means hes lucky cause even if/when he goes to prison he will have money bags on the outside keeping him pampered and raising his kid.

Jacquie on

Baby bump!?! Really she is two seconds pregnant. The media will stretch anything for a story. Why not just Pregnant Holly Maddison run errands.

ali on

She’s probably at least out of her third month, as that’s when people usually save birth announcements for. So, four months, she’s probably got a teeny bump !

Emily on

Because this headline is much more clickable.

Kim on

She needs to debut a bra along with that bump. Trash, this one is.

Britt on

Sounds like a GREAT guy to have a baby with. Way to go Holly.

Lisa on

i am sooo happy for her!! I have liked her from thr GND show and followed her thru out her career. very awesome! Congrats holly

Anonymous on

So let me get this right. Although I’m happy for this chick (she’s wanted this for a very long time) and she is startling gorgeous, does being pregnant automatically mean its pajama pant wearing time in public? NO! Do not ever wear pajama pants in public. AAAHHHHH!

Dawne on

You’re right. Maybe she should wear a skin tight outfit with her boobs and belly hanging out like some. Heaven forbid a pregnant woman be comfortable. If she is like a lot of woman in her first trimester, she probably has morning sickness and feels like crap. The last thing you think about is fashion over comfort.

ali on

While I can see both sides, there MUST be an inbetween. You think??

sue on

Who is this Holly Madison and why should we care about a pregnancy from some unknown from a crappy show (whatever that show was). Does she even know who the father is?

Nici on

Jealously is a terrible thing to live with.

Minami86 on

Normally I dont comment much but I’m expecting too now & I’m due 03/29/12 (althought my NP told me dont get excited, it’s only an estimate. LOL). I’m 10 weeks today & trust me, I’m showing! People are picking it up fast. Every woman is different. I’ve seen women near the end of pregnancy & they dont look pregnant & then you have women like me that bloat up right away.

I can see a small roundness in Holly’s tummy. Trust me, there’s a baby. And I’m speaking from a neutral corner as I dont know her. I just love reading the stories about excited parents on here!

mytwocents on

I second the whole pajama pants comment!! I’m super happy for her but pajamas in public?! Really???

Ava on

She and the baby daddy are only thinking of themselves. I can’t imagine being born to worse parents!

bostgal02 on

Two months and already showing? C’mon. If anything, it’s just bloat. The baby is about the size of a walnut, so it’s not causing the bump.

S on

Those of you who have nothing but negative and judgmental things to say, I hope you all are complete angels. It’s really sad and telling of the kind of person you are, that you feel the need to bash someone who you don’t even know.

ali on

Like, OMG, “S”, I am SO totally sure you’re an angel too!! Thanks for yelling at everyone though! 😉

natalie on

I’m due Feb. 14th and I am not sporting a baby bump like hers.

Mere on

Good for you Holly!!!!!

Ayla on

Awesome, just wait till the kid grows up and realizes his dad’s a criminal and his mom’s a playboy who dated and got dumped by an 80 something year old man. FYI, people can have a negative opinion on something without being jealous. Other than a ton of money this woman has nothing I want.

Taylor on

Her bump’s as big as mine and I’m due in Feb

KPerry on

@Natalie – I agree. I know everyone’s pregnancy is different, but her belly is quite large! I’m due with my 4th child at the end of January, and my belly is no where near that big!!

Julie on

Due in March could even be March 1 which puts her @ least 3 months. Most celebrities don’t announce until end of 1st tri, which again is 3 months. Quit bashing a woman for being pregnant. Do you bash every woman for being pregnant because you don’t approve? Does it affect you in any way? NO it doesn’t.

For those of you who call her ugly. Come-on now, that does sound like jealousy. Even if you don’t approve of her lifestyle choices you can’t tell me she’s ugly, i call bull**** on that. I guess I don’t understand why some of you feel you are above everyone else with the bashing, I’m sure you’re not perfect in anyone’s eyes but your own. If you don’t like it don’t read it and close your mouth and move on.

lifeasahouse on

I would not recognize her at all from this pic. She looks almost normal without the platinum hair and red lips. I am happy taht she is getting the baby she has longed for. However, the circumstances are not idea IMO. Better than sharing a geezer with 2 other ladies for sure!

itznia on

In my book – she and Snookie are pretty much in the same league.

Lillian Tussey on

Oh, classy. Pregnant by a jailbird. Way to go, Holly!

JRW on

Anonymous on August 31st, 2012
So let me get this right. Although I’m happy for this chick (she’s wanted this for a very long time) and she is startling gorgeous, does being pregnant automatically mean its pajama pant wearing time in public? NO! Do not ever wear pajama pants in public. AAAHHHHH!

K on

Thats hardly a bump. But congrats anyway.

Shannyn on

Everyone is sooo quick to judge, about Hollys partner, you only know the story thats been put in the headlines nothing else. As for saying this kid is going to have a horrible upbringing ra ra ra. There is children being brought up in America in much worse situations, drug addict parents, people who abuse their children and so on. This kid is going to be fine, he/she will have at least one loving parent as Holly has expressed her want for a child for a very long time. Though she has been a Playboy model, life does go on and people grow up and change. Congrats Holly on your impending arrive, and don’t listen to those who cant get out of their own little bubble world.

ali on

Sorry, truly I don’t want to sound mean or catty because that’s not where this is coming from… But, I wanted children when I was 5 and 6 and there are so many teens in this world who say they are”desperate” for a baby… Does their longing for one make them a good parent?

LM on

She’s so cute and sweet. I hope it’s a great pregnancy for her and that the bf is innocent of charges.

Emily on

She is disgusting. Pretty, yes. I would hate to have a daughter and have her grow up and follow in my shoes if I were Holly. She is known for being naked…not exactly role model material if you ask me. I’m glad I can tell my daughter proudly all about my past if she ever asks questions, and I am glad that not all of my childrens’ friends’ parents have seen me naked!

Court on

For those saying that you didn’t start showing so soon and all making negative comments, GET OVER IT. Every woman is different. It depends on your lifestyle and body type. I’ve never been a fan, but I am always ecstatic to see a new mother-to-be. My son is 2 now, and I didn’t even start showing until after 6 months. That was barely a pudge. Then I rapidly started to get more and more round. She is normally a pretty tiny person, so she will definitely show earlier than someone who is 5’7″ and 145 pounds. Congratulations to the parents-to-be! Praying all goes well!

Court on

12 weeks is 3 months sweetheart. And YES, MANY women show after their 1st trimester. Some show sooner than that. She’s a small girl, so she will show sooner than a taller or heavier person.

Nanci on

I agree wth Abby. This woman has no talent other than having sex with anything that is still over 1 minute. She is nothing but silicone.

renee on

I bet anything she is way further along than they are saying only because a while back they were saying she had a baby bump but of course she denied it .. so who really knows good luck with this one..lol

amy on

The funny thing is my husband and I just saw her show in Vegas last weekend and i can tell you there is no baby bump yet! I was only 3 rows back in that show, i think someone had a big lunch. But I am very excited for her!!

Leigh on

She is barely two months pregnant and already showing? Right.

Jorge on

To bad her baby daddy is a no good worthless piece of shit who get arrested. Mother fucker should rot in jail for what he did

Happy on

You call that a debut?

kathy barrow on

Congratulations Holly! I have watched you for years and know what a caring, sweet person you are! I know you will make a great mommy too! Heck with the haters, I hope that you feel the love of your many fans! Good Luck and take care of yourself and your beautiful new baby! Loved watching you at the mansion and hope to see you again on the tv waves again soon. Perhaps a new reality show? : )

khloe on

How in the world does she “look like a mom already”??? I have two kids and NEVER leave this house in my pajamas. While I am glad she is happy lets be honest here….why would you want to get pregnant by a guy that seems to be bad news? I wouldn’t want to raise a baby with it’s daddy in jail.

Leslie on

Every child is a gift from God. I’m a mom of 3 miracles, and I thank God every day for them. Holly, congrats on your miracle and blessing. Good luck to you.

Katie on

You call that a baby bump? Try a chinese dinner the night before this photo was taken!!

Jess on

She is still TRASH!!!!

Tisha on

Wow, there are a lot of judgemental people on here. Not everyone has a perfect past or has always made the best decisions. Instead of trashing her, how about we wish her good luck.

marie wolford on

Way to go telling it like it should be. Sounds like there’s a lot of perfect angels around. Holly has really found happiness and someone truly to love her. Its her time to have the true life she wants. Everyone deserves that in life!

Bella on

She looks about 20 years younger without all of that makeup. She really is a beautiful girl

Me on

Her last “peep show” in vegas is set for dec. 30…I’m thinking she may move that exit date up. I personally wouldn’t care if she performed with a growing belly…but I am curious as to what will happen with that now.

heidi on

That looks like Misha Barton

Julianna on

I am so happy for Holly. She’s going to be an amazing mama.

Guest on

That’s a big belly for just being a couple of months pregnant.

carpe diem on

I was a size 0-2 pre-pregnancy and I had a bump by 12 weeks. I hope this baby has a good life ahead…admittedly the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy are not ideal.

TV on

Hmm. I’m a little confused as to why her due date is listed as being in March. If Holly is already 3 1/2 months along she should be due sometime in February then. I know two of her co-stars from Peepshow and they’ve known about her pregnancy since July. Not the best kept secret in Las Vegas when you are in a show barely wearing anything.

Anonymous on

sue- It says right in the post that the father is her boyfriend.

That being said, why is everyone calling Holly’s bf a criminal? Here in the U.S., people are innocent until proven guilty…and he hasn’t been proven guilty yet. I say we let him have his day in court before we condemn him!

As for Holly…yes, she’s done some questionable things, but people change and grow up. Look at Nicole Richie, for example. Nobody thought she would be a good mom….but she proved us all wrong by cleaning up and her act and becoming, from what we can see, one of the most devoted, loving moms in Hollywood!

A lot of people didn’t think Kourtney Kardashian and Angelina Jolie would be good mothers either, but they are. So don’t count Holly out just yet! 😉

Karen M. on

Umm, do women really leave the house wearing pajama pants such as these? I don’t – I mean, I have seen them out and about but I would never wear them out in public. Holly is a beautiful, probably well-off woman – does she have something else pretty and fashionable to wear? And before you say it, no I’m not jeaolous! LOL

Anonymous on

And we are supposed to give a rat’s a$$ because this user slut got herself knocked up?

iLovez on

She does not even look pregnant, she looks like she needs 2 eat a healthy meal & gain weight she is ugly !

Hea on

What do you gain from calling someone whore, trash, ugly, slutty and so on? Does it make you feel better about yourself? She is neither of those names you are calling her. You all seem very keen on judging her boyfriend for his supposed crimes as well. As far as I know he hasn’t been on trial yet and there is no sentence? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If anything is trashy here it’s the way some of you speak about people you don’t know. Disgusting.

Lisa on

Is she stopping by Walmart to grab some Cheetos? classic.

lola on

I wish her all the best for a healthy baby. Why do people now think it is okay to wear pajamas out in public? It is so tacky & trashy! My Mother & Grandmother would have killed me if I would have tried this, but then again I wouldn’t be caught in pj’s !

Staci on

She looks fantastic, PJ pants and all. She shouldn’t be judged because of her former “jobs” thats not fair! I think Playboy is very respectable and there are alot of jealous people! Go Holly!!!

lola on

What is with the pajamas in public?! It looks tacky and trashy and I am so tired of going to the market, movies, you name it people are wearing their pj’s out in public like it’ the normal thing to do. It is not ok! Get dressed before you leave your home!

Anonymous on

Most of these comments are flat out rude and stupid. What a bunch of grandiose snobs…. Oh no…She’s wearing pajama pants outdoors! End of the world. She worked for Hooters and posed for playboy in her past. Call the authorities! Please…

Cass on

She sleeps with a man in his 80’s for money and now she’s respectable? pfft…NOT. And her b/f is headed for prison! She is a trash bag and a moron.

Nichole on

What “baby bump”?????

taunyacurry on

awwww. congratulations again to them both

sxj on

She got famous by being gross. How many times did she have sex with Kendra and Bridget? Will her kid look at those pictures? Ewwww……..

denise on

Cute girl, adorable bump but whyyyyyy did she violate all things good by wearing pajama pants in public ??? So sick of this lazy look, whatever happened to sweat or yoga pants ??

fed-up on

Hair looks so much better! Good for her she wanted baby for so long now, as for the negative comments about baby daddy better check ur own old man im sure most of you would be vying for a spot on jerry. Hurray for pajama pants!!!

Tee Tee on

I will readily admit to not knowing much about Holly Madison beyond what I’ve read online. (Never seen that show.) I did cringe a little bit when she announced a pregnancy but then I started to think… I never would have thought that Nicole Richie, Kourtney or Kendra would have made good Moms either but they seem to have really turned their lives around! Maybe Holly will be the same way! This baby might be a blessing for her in that sense.

I will say that I really find her to be a very pretty young woman with the normal colored hair and minimal makeup! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look this toned down before and I wouldn’t have recognized her!

As for those that are debating as to if she’s showing or not… she clearly is! Not everyone shows at the same time. It’s possible she is just showing early! She might have fudged on her due date, you know.

And sorry, but I don’t get the whole wearing pajamas in public thing.

Chris on

That kid is probably going to be riddled with syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs, and every other STD out there.

Anonymous on


Jen on

We can’t pick our parents folks. Not everyone is blessed with perfect parents. I’m sure Holly will be just fine and congrats to her, God bless, and wish her all the best.

Kim Harris on

Best of luck, Holly. I am glad that you are finally getting the happiness you deserve. What I would have liked to have seen in the article is more on the father of the child. The article states he is facing some pretty serious charges, but that was all it said. I hope she will still have the happiness she has been looking for if the father of the child ends up in a federal prison.

Maggie on

Kim, all the pink words are links. So just click on “indicted on 29 charges to read more.

nnanci on

I wonder if she knows who the father is? She is sooooooo trailer trash

Ashley on

She looks so much like Emily Maynard!

Hea on

nnanci on September 3rd, 2012
“I wonder if she knows who the father is? She is sooooooo trailer trash”

And I wonder if you can read, nnanci. 🙂

Jeaneen on

2 months , and already showing ? I’m 20 weeks (5 months) , and hardly showing .. Hmmm , okay .

Lynne on

What a bunch of RUDE, HATEFUL and JEALOUS people, making such negative comments.