Tori Spelling Welcomes Son Finn Davey

08/30/2012 at 11:15 PM ET
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Tori Spelling has a new man in her life – her newborn son.

The Craft Wars host, 39, announced the arrival of her fourth child with husband Dean McDermott on her website, writing, “We are so excited to announce the birth of the newest member of the McDermott family!”

Finn Davey McDermott was born Thursday, Aug. 30 at 5:39 p.m. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 oz., and is 20 inches long. Baby’s middle name, the same as his mother’s, honors Spelling’s paternal grandfather.

Spelling and McDermott, 45, already have three children together — Liam Aaron, 5, Stella Doreen, 4, and Hattie Margaret, 10 months. McDermott is also father to son Jack, 13, from a prior marriage.

The actress announced her pregnancy just five months after delivering Hattie.

“I was shocked, obviously,” sheΒ told PEOPLE of getting pregnant so soon after her daughter’s arrival.

But Spelling, who chose a delivery surpriseΒ for the second time,Β was also pleased to expand her family even more. “We feel truly blessed that another little angel has found us,” she said.

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dawn on

Congratulations!!!! Many blessings

Deborah (Wolfolk) Johnson on

May you enjoy your new bundle of joy. God bless you and your family.

Megan on

Her kids have got the cutest names

Sani on

Congrats Tori and Dean!!

Lola on

Congrats, such cute names!!


Congratulations!!!! I know this isn’t my baby but Finn Davey is an ugly name but all her other children have cute names.

Florence on

Didn’t ur mother teach u: if u hav nothing nice 2 say, don’t say anything…

ACS1977 on

Poor kid, he already has an immature adult dissing him because of his name.

Lala on

How do you say congratulation, and an insult, in the same sentence??

Kelly on

Congratulations. Now follow doctors orders and go on bc

charly on

Exactly! These two need to stop reproducing

hopeful7726 on


Monika on

Why? If she wants one baby after another, that’s her business.

Gabby on

Well when you start paying their childrens child support you can have a say in that

Dana E. on

Awe congrats! Love the name! Best wishes to the family!

Anonymous on

Well damn i hope shes done now. 2boys and 2 girls, all within a week of eachother…must have gave birth rolled over and started again, Lawdy, shes like a gerbil!!! J/K But All jokes aside, Blessing to her and i wish her well!! Her chiildren are adorable, they seems taken care of and well raised, no Snooki nonsence, where ur scared for the offspring. She seems like a great person, awesome mommy and all around genuine soul. Congrats to her and her family, πŸ™‚

Kristine on

What do you mean, “2 boys & 2 girls within a week of each other??” That doesn’t even make sense!

charly on

Clearly she was joking. Where is your sense of humor? Retard

Lala on

She means that they’re all so close together, in age.

Kensington Scott on

Seriously so happy for them!!

Emily on

Was he born earlier than expected? Doesn’t even seem like she was pregnant very long.

Marilyn on

He was due September 20 but she said he might be born a week or two sooner.

angie on

Congrats 2 of each that is pretty cool!!!

Barb on

Congrats. On the new baby boy. I can’t say i’m liking the name, But, you do make beautiful babies.!

angie on

Congrats to her and her family!!!

Cathleen on

Love her kids’ names! Congrats to Tori and her family!

Maggie on

LOVE the name. All the kids names, actually. Just lovely. Congratulations.

Yes, I think she’s a couple of weeks early. She had said middle of September. But I watch their show and remember she went into labor early with Hattie as well. Finn is a good weight, though, so probably just a two or so weeks.

shootnstarr1126 on


sat on

love their names! congrats!

macey on


Janice p on

Congrats to them! They have such beautiful children πŸ™‚

Linda on

I am SO happy for all of them! 2 boys and 2 girls…how wonderful! I really like this family and wish them the very best of everything! I can’t wait till their family show comes back!

denise on

congratulations, all the best

Karen M. on

Congratulations! Wow, are they going to be busy….

Alexandra on

I think all of her children have classy names!

Jacqueline on

Your are a great mom your baby’s are so cute conrats on the new baby boy

Myrt Buoncuore on

Congratulations to you both, Tori and Dean. You are such a nice couple. Best wishes to you on the new arrival and may God richly bless your family as well as your marriage!!! ❀

ls on

Really? He’s got six kids n can’t support them. tori does. guess she does love him unconditionally.

Charleigh on

And that is your business…how? That’s a shallow thing to say. He may not have money but he’s a great father to all FIVE of his kids. That’s more important than money. I’m sure that’s what Tori is attracted to.

Anonymous on

Its 5 kids not 6….what a bunch of haters out there…..

Myrt Buoncuore on

Congrats to you both on the birth of your new child.

Kim P. on

UGH! I always love her baby names… So sweet!

Mother of 4 on

Congrats Tori & Dean, u r awesome. You have a beautiful family. Hope mom and baby are doing great.
Love uπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Jaxand Rhythm on


Jaxand Rhythm on

I remember them saying they wanted 4 children. I am so thrilled that they have the family they have always dreamed of– it’ll be cute to see the 2 little ones grow up so close in age. Now Dean– let Tori’s vagina’s heal b4 u stick it in her again! πŸ˜‰ Congrats to both of you!

pamelaleigh on

Tori’s middle name is Davey

Just_Me on

I think Liam and Stella are ADORABLE names. But Hattie I was kind of disappointed in and same with Finn. At least she likes the names πŸ™‚ congrats!

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to them, and I love the name! That being said, I have to say I’m dissapointed with PEOPLE. I thought they usually listed ALL of the older siblings’ names in birth announcements…but they left out Dean’s son Jack!

I usually like you, PEOPLE, but you dropped the ball on this one!

Anonymous on

Try reading it again!

Leegree on

Quote from People…the article u read
“Spelling and McDermott, 45, already have three children together β€” Liam Aaron, 5, Stella Doreen, 4, and Hattie Margaret, 10 months. McDermott is also father to son Jack, 13, from a prior marriage.”

I probably don’t understand what you are saying, but they did mention the boy!

Cuteness on

No they didn’t. He is mentioned in the article.

Angie on

Does she just forget that Dean already had a biological son? His son is NEVER mentioned in any press for her…. poor little boy…

Carlette on

Don’t listen to what people say and espeacially -comments what you do and how many kids you have is up to you

Mare on

She must have gotten pregnant the day after Hattie was born! Cuz Hattie is 10 months!

Dawn on

Congrats love u both and the kids names. And people that r saying hateful crap if they can afford to have kids than they can and read the article it says Deans kids with Tori that’s why they didn’t mention Jack so since ur so hateful in ur own go be nasty to ur self.

Anonymous on

Jaxand Rhythm- Considering Tori had C-sections with her three other kids, she probably had a C-section with Finn as well. So her vagina techinically doesn’t need to heal. Her body, however, does and I see your point!

Angie- From what I’ve read, Jack’s mom doesn’t want him in the public eye (to the extent that his face is even blurred on th rare occasion he appears on the show). And considering he’s 13 or so, he probably doesn’t want to be either.

ls- He has five kids, not six. He has a son with his ex-wife and the four with Tori. He and his then-wife WERE in the process of adopting a baby girl when they split, but after the divorce his name was dropped from the papers and his ex went on to adopt the girl as a single parent (just like Sandra Bullock initially applied jointly with Jesse to adopt Louis only to complete the process on her own after leaving him).

Anonymous on

Dawn- I’m well aware of that. But they could have easily added something like, “In addition, Dean has son Jack Montgomery, 13, from his previous marriage”. They’e done that many times before for similar birth announcements.

ls- I also meant to say that I don’t see the problem with Tori being the main bread-winner. It’s not the 1950s anymore, and jt’s perfectly acceptable for men to stay at home with their children while their wives work.

Anonymous on

Can’t you read? His son is mentioned!

Leegree on

They did!!! Read the article again!

Sun on

Congrats! They better to get on birth control or they will having fifth baby in less a year like this newborn baby boy, Davey

Erose on

Best wishes to a happy and healthy family…

Kelly on

What a hateful and mean spirited thing to say. If you can’t say something nice, then maybe you should keep your ugly mouth closed. Noone wants to read your negative comments.

Florence on

I’m with u Kelly. People that leave mean & nasty comments have a cold heart!!!

Marilyn on

I like how u say that and then don’t follow your own advice. Lol

Marilyn on

“ugly mouth closed”…lol PERFECT example of “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

jasmineflowerr on

That’s a cute name. I’ve always had a soft spot for the name Davy / Davey.

Ann on

Very cute name. They seem like good parents. Ignore the ugly comments on here. Maybe they don’t mention his older son because the mother doesn’t want them to.

Charleigh on

What a nasty thing to say! First of all, she is not a tramp. All four of her kids are from ONE father. Second, who the heck are you to tell someone to go on birth control? How is that any of your business? It’s not like she’s living on welfare and popping out more kids. She and her husband live a very comfortable life. They can afford to have as many kids as they want. I hate to be a hypocrite but I say you should be the one to go on birth control. People like you shouldn’t be breeding.

Sarah on

Well said.

Florence on

Charleigh, u r my hero!!!!! Give it 2 those nasty unhappy w/their own lives mean B’s!!!!!

Bella on

Congrats…I thinks she’s a great Mom…

Megan on

Here’s a thought for you. Maybe they didn’t want to use protection. The People who say mean spirited things on here are full of themselves and are only showing the rest of the world how classless they are and their true, ugly character. These are some sad people with nothing better to do than bash others. Just don’t comment if you can’t say anything nice. It’s that simple.

Florence on

Right on Kelly!!!!!!

Marilyn on

Follow your own advice meanie!!

She even said herself that it was a mistake! Obviously, she should use protection if she doesn’t want it to happen again! Duh!

Megan on

How stupid for someone to call her a tramp. She’s a married woman who supports her family. How could that be classified as a tramp? Shame on you!

Reality check on

A married woman who begins an affair with a married man who has a young son and is adopting a newborn and essentially robs those children of a father so she can have him for herself can be classified as a tramp. At the very least a homewrecker.

Marilyn on


Kimberly on

@Emily-y is Tori a “tramp??? She’s had children w/her hubby 4 Gods sake! Yes, she should’ve been using birth control but then again, u arent even s’posed 2 have sex for 6 wks so…..she couldnt even start bc yet. That’s the only bad thing Ive got 2 say bout Tori. LADIES, THERE’S A REASON UR DR SAYS “NO SEX TIL UR 6 WK CHECKUP”! #1-INFECTIONS, #1-PREGNANCY! Who the hell wants 2 have sex w/a “loose va-jay jay” anyway, lol?

Britt on

Congrats!!! Love the name. Know you have 2 boys and 2 girls and its cool the 2 youngest are so close in age, but I am sure it will be a handful.

Britt on

Don’t you guys read? They mentioned Jack in the article and she announced she was pregnant when Hattie was 5 Months old. I believe Hattie was 2 or 3 months when she conceived

B on

If Hattie is 10 months and it takes 9-10 months for a baby to be born then it looks like she got pregnant before her 6 week check up possibly when Hattie was only 1 month old or younger.

susie on

Tori,may the Lord bless and keep your beautiful family always.Our family prayers are with you.

Lexi on

So Liam and Stella are a little over a year apart and Hattie and Finn are less than a year apart at least they will always have someone there when they are growing up now having 2 kids under 1 and 2 toddlers is going to be fun for her and Dean plus his teenage son. Her kids some pretty awesome names and not to outrageous but not very common.

Kris on

Omg are you people blind?! The article DOES list Jack. Right after Liam, Stella, and Hattie. It says, “McDermott also has son Jack, 13 from a previous marriage” Geez people come on! What did you just skim the article and then talk ish?

ANYWAY …. Tori and Dean: I Love you guys! You are my fav celeb couple, and I absolutely love the kids!! Congratulations on the birth of baby Finn!!! Great name btw πŸ™‚ This is a very special day for me as well. It is my daughters birthday! She turned 4 today, so I know how blessed you feel. Best of luck in the months ahead! Im sure you’ll need some extra hands around. (Better call Patsy!) Will Home Sweet Hollywood be coming back?? I hope so!!

Lots of Love to you all!!!! XoXoX ❀

veronica on

Congrates to Tori & Dean to a new angel in your family. I’m a new grandma & to all you haters shame on you.

Today on

Nice…very nice…4 kids …enjoy the life!

Florence on

Is ur life so bad u hav 2 say mean things 2 people u don’t even know???

Marilyn on

I find it do funny that people take offense to comments made to people they don’t even know. Did it hurt your feelings that they weren’t so nice to Tori? Awe…

Marilyn on

And don’t get snarky about the “do” auto correct-everyone knows how smart you are

mary on

Congrats, nice names for all her kids.

Deborah (Wolfolk) Johnson on

God bless you and your family take care of your new addition to the family.

Reality check on

For everyone dead set on defending Tori and Dean, here is a reminder of who they really are. Both were married when they began an affair with each other. Dean had a young son and a newborn daughter who he and his wife were adopting. They each left their spouses and Dean’s wife went on to adopt the baby without him. They can pop out more kids than the Duggars but it won’t change their despicable and illicit origins. And that is just the reality of it.

Pearl on

Oh dear, you are one bitter little piece of work. You can’t call a woman a homewrecker for breaking up a marriage because you can’t break or wreck something that was already broken or wrecked and this comment comes from me… a woman who was cheated on by her husband but in the end of the day thought that the other woman made no promise
to be honest n faithful n love me n whatnot. Stop being so bitter n minding people’s business or judging them bcz as the “Christian” I know you are, you aren’t making Jesus very proud.

Marilyn on


Anonymous on

Well said all of you ppl defending them sound stupid…why are you guys getting so defensive like you guys grew up together or something… They are not paying yall bills so who cares… She do need b.c it doesn’t matter how much money she has… Her career isn’t popping like that..damn!!!!

Kat on

Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella and Hattie, and welcome to the world Finn, it will be an amazing ride.

Blessings to the entire family.

anna on

Favorite celebrity couple. They deserve all the best. They seem like such a down to earth couple and really great parents. Congrats on your new angel. What a blessed life. Can’t wait to see pics of him!

Mia on

So excited for them! A boy – now they have 2 of each!! πŸ™‚

iLovez on

She is ugly & needs to stop having kids!

Marilyn on

She is def odd looking but her kids ate beautiful!

Marilyn on


marta on

Congrats they are so down to earth….I love their love….and the kids are adorable.

Lou on

Congrats Tori and Dean!!!

Laine on

I really just can’t support these two people who cheated on their spouses and wrecked lives completely recklessly to be together. I feel horrible for McDermott’s first son, who has been essentially forgotten by his “dad”. I feel for those kids, because inevitably there will be a messy divorce.

ACS1977 on

Their marriages were basically over by the time they got together……you can’t wreck what’s already broken.

B on

Good grief! She got preggers before her six week check up! Anywho congrats!

Melly on

I think it’s awesome they are still so hot for each other.

pat on

Congrats Tori and the family!!!

smartgirltoo on

Congrads , and on my birthday too!!! Two boys and Two girls …I call that a complete family!!

icky on

Congratulations to Tori and Dean. And I love the names of all her kids. Not that they would agree with me, but I’d like to see the McDermott’s have more kids just to hear the names.

K on

Oh my, that’s a handful I would never want and I’m an ex Nanny, learning center teacher and mother! I mean…I love kids, but that is too much! Wish them well tho, that is a posse. Finn, like Huckleberry Finn…kinda like it!

River on


Anonymous on

Congrats to Dean, Tori, Liam, Stella, Hattie and Jack on a baby Finn Davey McDermott!!!! I’m love all of them!!!!! All of Tori and Dean’s children have very beautiful names!!!!

Lady Margaret on

Sorry but she’s the only one in love. Husband is not. He loves her money and fame though

Anonymous on

For Emily and other. Yes, Finn was born 3 weeks premature, Tori’s due date was Sep. 20

sara on

2 girls and 2 boys! Perfect!
I prefer Finn as a nickname for Finlay or Finnian but it is a cute name nonetheless and it goes really well with their other kids names!

Shannyn on

Every time a post comes up about Tori and Deans son isn’t mentioned everyone goes mental, as far as ive read his mother doesnt want him to be in the public eye. Congrats Tori & Dean on another cute baby love his name, love all the kids names but was super disappoint with Hattie.

LJ on

Why the HELL are you wasting your time commenting if you clearly don’t like Tori?? Take your hated elsewhere. What a tool.

jbo on

I agree 100%. Good thing she is good at lying on her back to create and spit out babies, because she sure can’t act!

Who really knows? on

Tori said on the Talk, tv show, that she was proof you can get pregnant while nursing, and that nursing is NOT a for of birth control. Most of us know that. They have been blessed with 4 beautiful children, but I have always been disappointed in how their relationship began, and I remember the statements they made at the time. As the saying goes, it’s hard to unring a bell!

guest144 on

Great news for the family. Congratulations to all. Tori, you are going to be one busy lady.

guest144 on

Congratulations to Tori and Dean. Tori, you are going to be one busy lady!

JR on

hmmm….not sure what happened to my comment.
I posted the very first one and it’s gone.

I said, “I love his name!” I had also come to look today to see when she was due. It must have been good timing because the story had just been posted.

Now, after reading other comments, I have to wonder why anyone would call a woman who has had 4 babies, with her husband, a tramp. Is it because they are close in age? If so, then I’m a tramp too. I had my 2nd exactly 15 months after my 1st & then my 3rd 15 months later. So all 3 were 2.5 & under. It was hard work but sooooo worth it.
Also, why would it be any of your business if she is on birth control or not or when she had sex with her husband. Ya, she was “supposed” to wait but she didn’t. She is a wonderful mom and she has been blessed. Celebrate that! Don’t criticize it!

ACS1977 on

They’re calling her a tramp because they see her as a homewrecker. It seems that, 4 kids later and 7 years later, this is still an issue for people. Hmmmm.

guest144 on

Best wishes to all. Tori, you are going to be one busy lady!

CC on

Must be easy to have a c-section a month before your due date when your rich. She was suppose to give birth around september 20th.

Rita on

Congratulations!! Love love his name and love this family!! Tori and Dean have a beautiful family!! Best wishes to all of them!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I love his name.

Anonymous on

She has a 10 month old baby already that means she did not wait 6 weeks to have intercouse …Tori …well not very smart. Her uterus had not even recovered from her previous pregnancy.

ACS1977 on

Irish twins–it has been happening for years. Women have survived it.

Monika on

Get a life!

ACS1977 on

Tramp? How is she different from any other woman who has 4 children with her husband? I suppose my grandmother who had 5 children with her husband (my grandfather) is also a tramp who needed birth control. Wow!

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the family. Not so crazy about a Hattie’s name, but love the name Finn.

Anonymous on

Yay! Cute name, and they all have meaning.

Amy on

Congrats to the McDermott/Spelling family πŸ™‚ They have such gorgeous children.

Anonymous on

Ange and those of you who can’t read properly they did mentioned his older son Jack in the article. They did not list his last name bur they did mentioned that McDermott have any older son from a previous marriage. ” Reading is fundamental”

Kris on

I wonder if Dean has jumped her again yet? After all, it’s been 5 minutes since she’s given birth.


Anonymous on

Well congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby boy. Although I personally don’t care for this woman as she is a home wrecker, it’s not the baby’s fault.

Janna on

@RealityCheck… Are you saying that there is NOTHING these people could ever do to redeem themselves? Everything they do will ALWAYS be tainted by their affair?

Should they just kill themselves and their whole family now since every single article about them is going to reference their “illicit origins” and if the article doesn’t, you’ll do it for them?


kitty62862 on

Thank Heaven Tori is okay! Another baby, right after a C-Section! Best wishes to the whole family

Jen on

Oh… what a horrible first name! Meaningless!

ACS1977 on

Poor baby, he’s not even 24 hours old and already adults are bashing him for his name. T and D like it, that’s what matters.

Jen on

Is he from Finland?? So stupid name, hate it!

Connie on

First Congratulations on the newest addition. I love when people post on here “knowing” all the facts about this couples personal life. So you may know that technically they were both married but come on, if either of those marriages were strong then neither of them would have broken up regardless if there were children involved or not. Goodness, can’t people just be happy that this family appears to be thriving and happy?! It appears that Jack’s mother isn’t talking and has gone on to live her life and raise her child with Dean in a loving and supportive environment. Geesh if they can leave it alone, why can’t the public.

Tiffany on

Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn – that as an amazing ring to it! Best wishes for them. I can see them going for 6. Anybody else??

neen on

Read the article people…..It says Dean is father to Jack from a previous marriage!!!!

Sam on

Congrats! I love the name Finn. It would seem that she likes the Irish soundung names.

Rachel on

Aw yay! Another sweet boy πŸ™‚ I love the name Finn (not big on Davey, but it’s not bad and it’s his middle name anyway). Congratulations to their family!

Anonymous on

They pick the worst names for their kids. Congratulations though.

donnamarieyoung on

Congrats and blessings!:)

JustMe on

congratulations tori, dean and family. what a cute name

rocky mountain girl on

Great name!! ….. now STOP having babies. P.S… you really should acknowledge Jack AND spend time with him. I doubt his “monthly check” is any consolation for not having his father around.

ACS1977 on

From what I have read numerous places, Dean’s ex does not like to have Jack in the public eye. Even when he was visiting them on their reality show, his face was blurred.

auroramia on

I love his name. Good Job.

Sherry on


Anonymous on

Congrats! Dean stay away from Tori so that her body can properly heal. πŸ™‚

Abbie on

that is awesome! so happy for the family and love all their children’s names!!!

Mia on

Finn really Tori??? he is not a fish!!!! Congrats to you and your family

mytwocents on

Congratulations Tori and Dean!! Enjoy your new baby πŸ™‚

Kat on

Hello people read the article again, it mentions Jack as 13 yrs old from a previous marriage. I do not know why people say he is never mentioned, I always see his name mentioned in articles. Congrats Tori and Dean I am happy on your sweet little angel ! I love the name.

Kat on

Reality Check: get over yourself! I am sure you have never made a mistake. I do not condone their behavior however, none of us were in their lives and know what their situations were, we are on the outside looking in and have no idea what their lives were like and therefore should not judge them. Though I am sure you are without any sins or misdeeds and are pure perfection, so go ahead and judge away…since obviously you are perfect.

Shell on

10 months apart?! Really?! I guess someone didn’t wait until their 6-week check up. Dang!

sal on

Im so happy for them! They seriously make the cutest kids ever!

crystal20 on


Annie on

Irish twins!

Amanda on

Hey, ‘Reality Check’, sometimes people’s pasts do not define them. I sure hope you have never done anything, even many years ago, that isn’t perfect.

Congrats Tori and Dean! Every baby is a blessing, I too have 2 boys and 2 girls and it is wonderful. Busy at times but at the end of the day I am so thankful for each one of them an so glad they all have each other as well.

Terri on

i like the name Finn but not the baby’s middle name .. just my taste. I hope she doesnt have any more children i think 4 is enough and she should go on bc or get her tubes tied.. something. anyway i love her and wish her and Dean many happy days/ memories with her new baby.

donna on

they are beginning to be like the Duggars

T in Texas on

Congratulations . But REMEMBER , you can get pregnant again right away . So be careful . . . . . lol

Emily on

Who cares about the past? They are together now and obviously happy. I’m sure Dean’s ex is over it by now and is probably a lot more adult that some of you rude posters. It really hurts my feelings when people make negative comments about my kids’ names if they don’t like them, but I’m sure Tori and Dean just take it in stride. Congrats to your whole family!

donna on

for all of you who either don’t read or don’t know how to read…the article plainly makes reference to his eldest son Jack, 13 from his first marriage

Kittenbutt on

Finn & Hattie! Ha! Nicely done Ms. Spelling.

Melissa on

Congrats now please remember not to have sex until you know its ok and you won’t get pregnant..Again!! hehehe

Jillian on

God bless her and her beautiful family!

Brenda on

I hope she gets spayed now…

Co on

some of these comments are so negative, lay off. Tori you can have a football team if you want. I love all their names! Welcome FINN! She is married for pete’s sake!

Cinamez on

Congrats babies are beautiful…. To all the haters if u hate her so much and think she’s ugly then what are u even doing on here reading bout it anyways…. I guess u don’t have nothing else better to do…..

Karrie on

Sweet news! Congrats to them! I love the names that Tori chooses for her kids! Different yet classic!

Co on

She is not the first or the last to be pregnant so soon atleast she owned up to it. Tori and her hubby are great parents! We need more parents like that!

DharmasMommy on

Congratulations to Tori & Dean & all the kids!!!
You have been so blessed with such a beautiful family & more so, you enjoy eah & everyone of them so much!!
Parenting isn’t easy, but you make it look real – not Hollywood! For that, I think a lot of us fans appreciate your candor & honesty. I wish you & your family nothing but happiness, health, success, & of course, FUN!!! (Which we all can see there is plenty of fun to go around!!) God Bless You All! xoxo

Randi on

Cute name!

Marge on

I think it’s nice to have 2 of each and for the kids to be so close in age. Congrats to the McDermott/Spelling clan. I wish them nothing but the best!

Jen on

I love Tori. She seems like a really good mom. She will definitely have her hands full but I’m sure she can handle it. Love the name too!! Congrats to the Mcdermott Family!!!

Anonymous on

Dear McDermott’s, PLEASE STOP REPRODUCING. Sincerely, The World.

Nikol on

Well, she is a home wrecker. No tolerance when someone does that.

gloria on

I think its sad that people leaving these ugly comments think they are better than everyone. Tori and Dean are GREAT parents and if they want to have more then that’s their business. To call Tori a tramp when ALL of her kids are by the same man is ludacris. What right does anyone have to judge anybody? What happened in their past is exactly that THE PAST!!! Stop being haters because this couple is happy and obviously some of you aren’t? Using your sad pathetic lives to rain on someone elses life. Congrats Tori and Dean!! Welcome to the world Finn!!

Mira on

Congrats! They pick good names for their kids.

Lella on

Okay, am I missing something? They do mention ‘Jack’ as Dean’s son from a previous marriage. Why is everyone up in arms? Also, why are people calling her a slut? She’s had ALL 4 kids with her husband. In my book that the wholesome conventional way. Okay, you’re all going to state that she WAS married – old news – move on already!

melissa on

Wow so having kids with your husband makes you a tramp. Your insides but be shrivled up and barren. You sound jealous, does no one want to make kids with you or mabey you cant have kids. You seem so delightful.

MJ on

I saw a headline – Tori Spelling Pregnant Again! – I got wide eyed and surprised until I realized it was an old article from many months ago. I knew it was not possible but sometimes you never know….CONGRATS!!!

Ava on

Congratulations! Absolutely love the name!!

Chris on

Congrats to U all on Ur new son. I am so happy for Dean & U what a wonderful, amazing, awesome & fantastic family you all are. (((hugs&kisses))) β™₯β™₯β™₯πŸ’—πŸ’—

Alissa on

Congrats! Love the name..glad she got to use it since she had it picked out,but had little Hattie!


Congrats, but I could not imagine having 2 babies in 10 months. The 18 months inbetween my two is close enough!!!

Lillian on

Congrats!! So sweet that all her kids are close in age (mine are too!) She will definitely have her hands full. I hope her and Dean enjoy every bit of it, even though it will be crazy at times.

Leslie on

I hope she closes her vagina already! GEEZ!

Tee Tee on

Oh, I’m so excited to read this! Congratulations to the family! Nothing like a good set of Irish twins to liven things up!

Easyup on

Yes, they have four children (which is a normal size family) but the Duggars and the Bakers are the ones to take to task, Tori is small potatoes compared to them! And, for those who only pick out spot words to read instead of the who article, Jack is mentioned. Congratulations Tori and Dean, happy families to you.

fanofboardwalkempire on

Congratulations on the newest addition Tori and Dean.

What a wonderful blessing! Love the name and we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

Janis on

Congratulations! They seem to be pretty decent parents.

Maryam on

I’m so happy for Tori and Dean. I knew that he was having a boy. Since she announced it not to long ago, i always knew she was having a boy.

Beth on

If anyone with negative comments had read the article… it says the baby was born early which means she did wait Dr. recommended 6 weeks, the baby just arrived a little early. Besides, why do people feel the need to put so.many negative comments about another persons relationship. You have no clue what goes on in someone’s house behind closed doors. Everyone has different parenting styles and all marriages are different. Obviously whatever they are doing is working for them so anyone with negative comments shouldn’t comment at all, its just plain mean. What if you choose a name for your child and you LOVE it and a stranger told you it was an ugly choice. It was your choice, when you have kids, that is a right to choose a baby name that you love and others don’t have to like it.

willowmayhem on

Finn, interesting name. Congrats on #4

Summer on

Wishing this wonderful woman years of happiness and joy. Glad to know the pregancy and birth went well.

Anonymous on

@anon, are we not reading the same article? It does mention his son Jack. However, he did walk out on Jack so maybe an ommision wouldn’t be a surprize.

Jennifer on

Many congratulations to her! I’m happy it’s another little boy. Liam was gonna be in trouble with so many sisters. πŸ˜‰

Her little Hattie has the same birthday as my daughter, and Tori and I have the same birthday. Hee!! Though I’m glad I didn’t just have another one! Whew! Blessings to her!

mary on

Congrats! I love your childrens names! I also have four kids my advise is to always laugh with your partner. When things get rough we talk and laugh. Usually we do this at night when everyone is in bed, we talk about that days events. Those times with my husband are special, so is looking back.

happy on

Congrats Tori! Wishing you so much happiness with your beautiful family.

Keri on

Still can’t believe she had a 10-mo-old and a newborn, I can’t even imaging that! I am totally in love with all her kids’ names! So cute!

Sunny on

Four babies in a little over 5 years! That is stamina!

y3lL0w on

Tie those damn tubes. Her poor body.

doseedo on

Two boys, two girls. Nice job.

Mommytoane on

Congrats to Tori and her beautiful family!! Those little ones are so darn cute…I can see why they keep having more!

For the haters out there….you realize that there are thousands of people that are 10-11 months apart in age? My best friend is only 11 months younger than her older brother. Children are often made with love…and there is nothing wrong with that. If you look back in history at farm families, they often had children very very close in age. There is nothing wrong with it. Get over yourselves….and stop eating grumpy charms for breakfast.


I didn’t know she was still pregnant. It’s hard to keep up with her and I can’t believe she had 2 kids within 10 months!!! At least she has the money to raise these children.

Jenny! on

BREAKING NEWS! she’s preggo again!

scarlett on

Like her or not, these kids have 2 parents that love them, are supported financially and emotionally, and seem to have a life filled with love. Maybe you can’t handle 4 kids-it doesn’t mean that Tori can’t. Enjoy your babies and be healthy!

Jennifer on

I love the name!

momofsoontobe3 on

Congrats!! That’s cool she waited to find out the sex….my husband and I are doing the same thing…our 3rd baby is due in march.

Maggie on

I just don’t understand the comments on this board. It’s not like any of you (if that maybe 1 person) knows Tori. How can you comment that she had too many kids, her husband is using her, the kids names are ugly, there is no meaning behind their names, they shun his son. Not one of you even knows these people. So easy for anyone to sit behind a keyboard and spew things about people you do not know.

joann on

congrats Tori & Dean,
i am a huge fan of both of you. when i was at the check out line, i seen a magazine that stated you two were getting divorced. i was so shocked. so i am so pleased to see that you two are still together, and adding more to your family. congrats on the thrill of finding out you two are having a beautiful son. your’re both beautiful people. inside and out. i would love to meet you. but i know that’s like a one in a million chance. so good luck not that you need it. i wish u both all the best that your life has to offer.
joann hakes

robinepowell on

Congrats to the McDermotts. Now I know where Finn’s middle name comes from. Also that’s why Holly Marie Combs named her first one – actually it’s Finley.

If Tori could have waited another two weeks, then Hattie and Finn would be 11 months apart. πŸ˜‰

Anna on

Congrats and love the name! They are such a cute family!

Britt on

Oh Lord, how can you have an argument Anonymous about his son Jack not being mentioned and then not mentioned by name when several people have quoted the article plus it is at the top of the page that his son is mentioned by name….seriously?

Dean hasn’t forgotten about Jack, his mother won’t let him be in the public eye on their show…I am sure he sees plenty of him. He seems like a good father…

Marie on

shouldn’t Hattie be 14 months old if she got pregnant when Hattie was 5 months old? if she gave girth while Hattie is 10 months old then she got pregnant when Hattie was a month old

Cassie on

Absolutely LOVE her kids names.. Not really a big fan of hers ( although like many of you was obsessed with 90210 πŸ™‚ ) but congrats to her and her beautiful family!

Marie on

should t Hattie be 14 months old if she got pregnant when Hattie was 5 months old? πŸ™‚

Julesy on

They make beautiful children and I’m sure Finn is just as beautiful.

AllisonJ on

Love the name. So thrilled for them!!

Anonymous on

Is she pg again yet??

Just me on

Congratulations. It’s nice to see someone who seems really happy with their family.

gail on

Have him get the operation already!!!!!
OR you know what will happen in 5 months!!!!!!

Unreal on

Wow, so many hateful comments! They’re a happy family with beautiful children. It’s their business how many kids they have and when they have them not anyone elses. As grown adults some of you should really keep your horrible comments to yourself. Would you want your own kids or friends cyber bullied? Bullying and hate comments are WRONG! If you don’t like it, then don’t read it!

Unreal on

Maybe all you perfect people could start a reality show about the jealous people who read about celebrities. If you dont like what she does dont read it!

Jen on

Congrats! I’m sure he’s beautiful. And hey, watch it Anoymous, I have four kids, too. Don’t mess with us mega moms.

bevvie on


Ivy. on

All of their names sound so great together. They make cute kids. Congrats to them!

Olivia on

I like the boy’s names they picked, but the girls, ugh

Amy on

I don’t know why everyone is saying to use protection…you use protection when you don’t want additional children. These people are married, are wonderful, loving parents and had planned on having 4 babies. Not that they necessarily planned the latest two so close together, but this baby was always a blessing to their family, planned or not. Why use protection? However, I think Tori will follow docs orders and wait the 6 weeks before doing “married things” with hubby this time around! πŸ™‚ I love this family and am super thrilled for them!!!

Easyup on

I will say it again – why are you browbeating her about her Irish twins? The Duggars and Bakers do it all the time to the tune of 19 / 20 plus kids. Leave Tori alone, I don’t think its the same as quiver full. I think Tori believes in birth control, she just had a slip.

maria on

I see she gave all her kids nice Jewish names, lol.

Ana on

Really? This couple are awesome parents…who cares how many kids they have they have the money to support them!!!!

meghan on

She keeps having kids to hold onto him. It’s pathetic. As soon as they stop, he’s going to get bore.

Anonymous on

to Idiot Emily-how exactly did your small little mind equate being a “tramp” with having 4 beautiful children while being married? by the way, if YOU have ever had unmarried sex, well gosh….doesn’t that make you a tramp too? Huh…maybe it would be best if you were a tad less judgemental…by the way, i am not a Tori Spelling fan but i’m also not not into bashing mommies and babies….

MollyF on

YAY Tori & Dean!!!! And Finn is such a great name. Tori and Dean’s kids have very Irish sounding names and I love it. πŸ™‚

Tegan on

I love her and Dean they are so normal they don’t put on a front like a lot of ‘Hollywood’ couples.
I have to laugh at all the people calling her a tramp for breaking up a martiage and saying she has too many kids ummm hello Angelina…..

Cher630 on

Congrats to Tori & Dean on their birth of their baby! The names are old-fashioned and cute.

And how is Tori a tramp? She had ALL her children with her husband AFTER they were married. So many celebrities have babies out of wedlock, so I’m guessing they’re all tramps too. How about Heidi Klum? She has 4 kids with 2 different fathers, so I’m guessing she’s a tramp too?

As long as Tori & Dean are supporting themselves and not on welfare, they can have as many kdis as they want.

flyonthewall on

Super amusing string of comments…leave T&D alone to celebrate their family. Names are personal choices and who cares if you foolish haters care if you approve. Truthfully I am more concerned that you bitter small minded people might reproduce than I am about the McDermotts or other couples who obviously love their children.

Oh and just for the record I am the 7th of 7 kids within 10 years…if you are so smart…do that math. Some of you apparently need to practice…and yes my siblings and I are all from the same parents who paid their own way. Get a life and stop hating on people who get more love’n than you!

I bet they get lost in their lovemaking…as they should!

Mia on

They announced the pregnancy when she was 5 months old – meaning Tori got pregnant within 4 weeks – 6 weeks after her birth. They are 10 months apart. Oct. 2011 vs. Aug. 2012

flyonthewall on

It wasn’t a challenge Mia…but your response certainly speaks to your level of comprehension.
Now do you understand who should and shouldn’t have kids???

Unreal on

The hateful comments on here are disgusting! Some of you need to grow up. This isn;t high school and bullying people is wrong. If you don’t like the fact the a married woman had a baby then don’t read about it!

the truth on

Congrats to Tori and family, i actually really like her after watching their show. Glad Finn came out healthy, now tie them tubes girl! πŸ˜‰

Christa on

Congrats to Tori and Dean…and also to Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Jack!!! I’m happy for them…and disappointed in the rude comments people have made!!!

Crazee4mm on

About a month ago I swear I saw her in Hometown Buffet in Oxnard. The friend I was with said I was crazy and convinced me of it. Still, I kept an eye on her as she grazed through a bunch of the items on the buffet. She was VERY pregnant and had her kids with her. I would have introduced myself if I was sure that it was her. Now I’m convinced that it was indeed her. Congrats Tori & Dean. It was nice seeing you in person (even if I never introduced myself).

stew on

They have fairly normal names for being children of a “Hollywood” family. Congrats!

maijken b on

congrats to the family. my daughter, who was 6 weeks 2 days early, weighed in at 6 pounds 3 oz, so he could have been pretty early and still been a decent size. altho i do think he was pretty early considering she didn’t seem to be pregnant that long.

Mia on

Not really sure how any comment directed @ me is necessary? I don’t read every single comment…..only read the one where someone was confused about the age difference. Thanks.

Horsegirl on

I have been waiting for Tori to have her baby! I don’t care how they got togther that is the past. Being married then having children is so rare in Hollywood. It is wonderful to see. Jack is in the picture ( he was on their show!) But I believe they are respecting his mama’s wishes and trying to keep him more private. I would say that shows all parties have moved on…and maybe it is time you all did too.

Tori is not a Tramp. If she wants to have more children it is perfectly within her right. Why not? She is a great mother, and can afford it. Dang by the way some of you speak I wish you had no right, because if you can’t say something nice some of us don’t care to see it at all. Congrats Tori & Dean. Keep the happy family rolling.

Louise M on

Congratulations Tori & Dean!

Love the name Finn. In fact I love all the names πŸ™‚ I have a Stella and a Finn & my littlest daughters name is Annabel Hattie πŸ™‚
I do commend her being so game having her babies so close in age. I couldnt. My oldest is 7 and my youngest is 6 months. Each to their own I guess..

And lastly, to the people bashing her for having 4 kids in 5.5 years, or close enough too. Heidi Klum has a 7,6,5 & 3 year old. Uhm do the math. 4 in 4 years.

Annie B on

Congratulations! Love the name! To those who are “confused” about the early arrival, delivery at 37/38 weeks is very common and the safest choice for both mom and baby after a previous c-section less than one year ago. Waiting any longer increases the risk (uterine rupture, placental abruption) to mom and baby.

katrinaq on

Congrats!! I was so hoping Tori would have another boy. I have always wanted 2 boys and 2 girls myself. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. πŸ™‚ Kids are a blessing. If you can support your kids then have as many as you want. Look at the Duggars they have 19 kids and even say they dont use birth control. Enjoy those gorgeous babies Tori. Cant wait to see how cute this new baby boy is. πŸ™‚

AClan on

THe Duggars have the older and middle age kids helping take care of the newer arrivals and the other younger ones.
If a woman needs her children to help take care of “her” babies….she don’t need to have any more. It’s alright to let them helpif they want to, but it is not right to make it their job. They did not lay down and get them, they should be able to be a kid, not perparing for the next, and the next, and the next babies arrival.

Sharon on

Congrats!! Not sure on the name, though. I know this was many comments ago, but to say she is a tramp? Really? My great grandmother had 10 kids with my great grandfather many years ago!!! I guess she was a tramp, too. Maybe you should look up the meaning.

Also, not that i agree with it, but they are not the only people who had affairs. Tori and Dean seem like the real deal…also seem like great parents, which is the most important thing. Yes, they had sex before the 6 weeks. Tori pretty much admitted it when she first announced the pregnancy.

Shawna on

For all of the people bickering about how soon after Hattie’s birth she got pregnant the math is very simple. She was due September 20 which means she conceived on December 27. That is ELEVEN weeks after Hattie was born. Lots of people are having sex by that point after a baby’s birth. So what is the problem here??

siasy on

She is a great mom. I don’t know where she gets her energy. She is awesome.

AClan on

She is a good mom, I always see both mom and dad out with them, even if it is just for ice cream. They do not try to hide the kids from cameras, if anything I have seen the way they continue on with their happy life with kids as if the cameras are nott looking. You can tell they are a REAL family. I do not know the story on how they came to be, both of them know the truth, as well as Brad and Angelina. Children are involved now, and I hope they continue to do the best they can at keeping the family together.

carol on

she’s a homewrecker tramp…. god bless the children..get your tubes done now

Jen on

Jeez Carol! Don’t like Tori? Don’t come on and give her attention. Don’t like kids? Don’t have any. She can have as many kids as she damn well pleases.

KLO on

Congrats to the entire family! Such cute names the have picked out for all of their kids.

Anonymous on

Love the name Finn , so cute……………….. I think she should slow down a bit now though before shes becomes the new Michelle Dumber……………………………….

Mia on

Pretty sure he was a planned c-section – based on Dean’s letter here!

tlc on

Love his name! Congratulations Tori, Dean and family! πŸ™‚

tlc on

@ Reality you feel the same way about Angelina and Brad? If not, then shut it….everyone has moved on (even Mary Jo). I’m sick of hearing of this every single time there’s an article on Tori. She and Dean are not the only celebs to fall in love under different circumstances and both were VERY UNHAPPY in their marriages or they WOULD NOT HAVE LOOKED ELSEWHERE!!!!

I can’t stand the hypocrisy on this site…Angelina cheats with a MARRIED Brad Pitt and she is revered to a God like status and Tori is dragged through the mud. GET OVER IT!!!!!

AClan on

Congrads to Tori and Dean,they are a nice couple and unlike Jay Z and Beyonce they are real hands on parents. I love the fact that they don’t put money and fame over spending lots of time with their babies. I See so many rich peope who leave their children on the nanny to raise them. To me, I feel like just because you have all the money in the world, does not mean you should have kids and especially have as many as you want. If you don’t have time to stay at home and bond with a baby, then maybe you are not ready for them. Beyonce was out with in a week after she brought her baby home.The doctor gives you 6 weeks off from work, it just make you wonder, why a woman wouldbe in such a rush to leave her baby? If you have the money and time have as many babies you can care for emotional and physically.

jenny on

Of course it was a scheduled c-section….gotta get that tummy tuck in, right?

Rhonda on

Congratulations Tori and Dean!

notsosure on

Time to singe those tubes now………since neither of you really has a career. Craft Wars won’t last long. It’s a fad type show.

Vero on

Is she a woman or a rabbit?

Lace on

I have a big feeling that this will not be the last we hear of Tori being pregnant. She has two sons and two daughters. I bet she gets pregnant again for a tiebreaker! But congrats all the same, Finn is a cute name!

queenofhearts on

Congratulations Tori, Dean, Liam, Stella & Hattie on the birth of baby Finn!!

Love love love the name!!

kay on

Why does everyone keep commenting on how BUSY she will be with four little kids? If she wants or needs a nanny, she will get one.