Bill and Giuliana Rancic Welcome Son Edward Duke

08/30/2012 at 06:30 AM ET
Jeff Kravitz /FilmMagic

He’s here!

Bill and Giuliana Rancic welcomed their first child, son Edward Duke Rancic, on Wednesday, Aug. 29 in Denver, the couple announced via Twitter Thursday morning.

“The ‘Duke’ has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7 lbs., 4 oz.,” the Apprentice winner writes. “G & I feel blessed beyond words…We did it!”

Born at 10:12 p.m. with the parents in the delivery room, the baby’s cord was cut by Bill and he was first held by Giuliana, the couple tell E! News.

After struggles with infertilitymiscarriage and a breast cancer battle for E! news anchor and Fashion Police co-host Giuliana, 37, the couple announced that they were expecting a baby via gestational surrogate.

In June, the Rancics shared that they’d be welcoming a boy whom they planned to give a traditional name.

“Our journey has a happy ending,” Bill, 41, tells PEOPLE. “We didn’t give up, we didn’t quit and we’re going to have a good ending to this.”

— Sarah Michaud

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beth on

So happy for them!!!!

Pam Uruburu on

God bless them! They will be wonderful parents.

Staci on

When I read that on twitter I had tears in my eyes. They’ve been through so much. I’m so happy for them!

Cassie on

I am beyond thrilled and happy for them! I’ve never commented before (although I’ve gotten a laugh or two from other peoples) but I just think they tried so hard and this is going to be one loved baby that’s for sure!

And I just LOVE the name!! Congrats!!

alicemsw on

I am elated! Have never posted before but had to send a congrats and welcome to baby Edward. Infertility is so painful, please allow the Ranics to celebrate with peace and love. Love you guys and can’t wait to see pics!

Mimi on

Enjoy him and always treat his real mom special. She gave you apart of her life.We had a b. that try to say my son was her baby dad and DNA came out 0 that really hurts. Leslie should given baby to people like Gillan and hubby . So LaLa don’t speak ..

Lorna on

So happy for them sure deserve him! Good bless!

michelle jones on

Congrats on the baby boy! You guys have been through so much, it’s time you get to enjoy life a bit. I know the two of you will make awesome parents. 🙂

Lala on

You did not do it – the surrogate did it!

B on

There always has to be one person to poo poo on someones happiness! They did do it they were there every step of the way! Congrats to you on being that jerk!

Maria b on

I agree they did do it, to the person who says they didn’t shame on u.

Charlene R on

Well said to the jerk who should have kept her opinions to herself. These 2 very great people have been through so much. Don’t rain on their happiness. Cudo’s to the surrogates out there who give so much of themselves for women who aren’t able too. Many of us have been waiting for this little bundle of joy to arrive. Congrats to Bill & Guiliana … Little man you are one blessed child!

Anonymous on


Normi on

Lala, you are such
an assO!!

Christie121 on

Seriously LaLa. What a spiteful and unkind comment. The baby is the result of collective effort. It is their child! Grow up.


I agree with you. They didn’t do dick. The surrogate did

jp on

Your trash! Good for them what a wonderful thing for a couple who have struggled so much

Ash on

Congrats to them! After such a difficult road if anyone was deserving of a baby it’s them.

To everyone out there who says they didn’t do anything, that baby is biologically theirs. Giuliana may not have been able to carry a pregnancy as a result of her chemo, but they did a lot.

Again, congrats to the family! So happy for them!

Heather on

No if you have followed their struggle to have a baby you would understand that tweet so that is a rude and undeserved comment dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!! Congratulations G and B

Kelly on

It’s obvious that “lala” has never been through trying times in his/her life. Let this person live in their little bubble. No one forced the surrogate to have their baby, it was her choice. Having been pregnant, I know how much work it is, BUT these two individuals had no other options and should be congratulated on their new arrival. Try being positive, it makes life worth living

Nik on

What a waste of your fathers sperm you are…….now where did I put my Romanian curse book…….

jp on

Your a pos. Sucking happiness away!

ACS1977 on

Wow, talk about crapping in someone’s Cheerios…..let’s say all three of them did it. Sheesh!!!

Cindy on

You sound like an Obama supporter 😉

Lindsay on

Congrats to you both Bill and Giuliana, don’t let these negative put you down. This is happy wonderful time for you both. A chapter in your life is finished with a miracle; a gift from God that yeah it maybe a little different by some people standards but in the end he is your gift your gift alone. I can’t imagine what you have went through to get to this moment that you are at right now. Giuliana I look up to you in how strong you are to go through all the tribulations. And how you never gave up in what you wanted. You both will be wonderful parents. I wish you all the happinesses with little Edward.

Belinda on

Are you kidding me? They did do it. You obviously don’t know the struggles they went through to have a baby. The baby is genetically theirs. That was a very insensitive comment to make. Shame on you!

how dare you on

After all the heart ache, tears and trying to get to this amazing moment, they most certainly did “do it”.

ko1298 on

Such a ridiculous comment! Have you ever had miscarriages, other fertility issues, and breast cancer??????? They deserve to have a baby just like everyone else. By them stating that they did it, their referring to the fact that they never gave up, kept on pursuing their dreams of being parents and were finally rewarded.

Get some class!

straightup on

You took the words right out of my mouth! Some people are just so full of jealousy that they can’t comprehend what they mean by saying “they did it”. You nailed it!

Tami on

Sometimes the best thing someone can do is keep their mouth closed. Have you had the desire to want a child and not be able to?, have you had cancer?. I have and it sucks. Most surrogate wants their name plastered all over the world?
You should be ashamed of your need to be negative regarding the joyous birth of a child, no matter how the child arrived.
I’m going to pray that your life improves and you no longer spew mean and nasty comments.

Ann on

It’s their baby genetically so what do mean they they didn’t do it the surragote did?

Boy-momma on

How rude…if ya can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. It’s not easy to have a baby for some people, my husband and I have had our own issues having our two sons, but by the grace if God it happened. I feel for couples who long to have their children, I know exactly how they feel. SHAME on you for that comment…Ooooooo! They, including the surrogate, did it…they DESERVE it.

Deby on

What the hell is wrong with you? Can you not just be happy for someone? Didn’t your parents teach you manners? If you can’t say something nice, KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!!

Phbartow on

Thats hurtful! They did it with her help. Let them enjoy their gift and happiness of their son!

Meredith on

The haters are just jealous. Congrats to the happy family

Crystal on

Seriously what is wrong with you?????

They did it, yes with help, but they didn’t give up and I’m proud of them for that. Sometimes we need to reach out to others during hard times and that is ok.

Congrats, you will both make perfect parents! Can’t wait for pictures.

guest on

Ur an idiot lala…yes their surrogate did give birth but it was their embryo & now their child!

Margi on

Really? A snarky comment? They all did it together,and I couldn’t be happier for them. He will be a much loved child

E. martinez on

Really???? Cannot believe people and how cruel they can be. You must have a sad life.
COngradulations!!! G& B you are blessed!

Cheri on

Maybe their “we did it” comment included the surrogate. Just because someone says we doesn’t mean it’s just two people.

MomX4GrandMommyX1 on

Why do you FEEL as though you MUST be NASTY? What harm comes from THEM stating “THEY did it”? If ANYONE is AWARE that a surrogate BLESSED THEM by carrying their child to term, in HER belly, IT IS THEM. I doubt they need YOUR {so rudely stated} reminder. Please go find some happiness in YOUR life, & stop blocking the SUNSHINE on THIS PARADE, with your SMOG. I’m going to pray you CAN do this. Blessings to the new Mommy & Daddy!; L’il Edward; AND, their Surrogate- for her selflessness & generosity!

lifeasahouse on

Congratulations to them! So happy that they are finally able to hold this blessing in their arms.

Juanita on

So happy for the two of them…. everyone deserves a happy ending……. YAY G&B

Mia on

Can’t wait to see a picture of the new Duke!

Lexi a.k.a Giuliana's biggest fan on

Congratz Giuliana and Bill i bet this is the cutest baby he has the best parents any kid could ask for Welcome Edward Duke

Anonymous on

So exiting! He said the journey has a happy ending. The journey is really just beginning. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood! 😀

Becky on

They’ve been through the ringer to have this baby! They certainly deserve him, and I hope they have a lifetime of happiness with him.

mom2theboss on

I am happy beyond words at this exciting, wonderful news!! They have been thru and endured SO very much,, and I am so glad that they can call this yet another success on this road!! They are both incredibly brave and strong, and I hope “The Duke” is the first in a large, happy family for them!! God bless you guys!!

carolyn on

Congrats, you both are so blessed and will make great parents. Welcome to the world Edward Duke!!!!!

Susan on


Anonymous on

I agree!

Jorja on

I think they use that name just to clarify that genetically its their baby

JM on

Welcome to the world Edward Duke Rancic!!! Congrats Guiliana & Bill – finally!!! So happy for you guys : )

Brandi on

So happy for them! Finally some joy out of all the sorrows they have faced!

Ellen on

So very happy for them! What a blessing.

Janja on

Couldn’t be more happy for them! Their story reminds us all that life is amazing and worth living. When it gets tough, we just need to do it like G&B and stick it out!!! Congrats!

klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! This is great news.

And Edward Duke is an awesome name!

Ellen on

So happy for them! They seem to be such a great couple that has been through so much. What a blessing.

Ann on

How exciting for them and wish them all the best!!!!

Natalie on

I’m so glad I’m in Sysney so I didn’t have to keep waking to see if there is any news! I feel like I know you, love your show and you are down to earth and funny, and I’m so happy for you because you both deserve the happiness that you have been so craving – Edward is one lucky little man! Congrats and I wish you well as you start this next chapter – well done!!!

sally on


mary on

Congrats on the arrival of baby Edward, they will be great parents.

Sara on

Some things are worth the wait!!! Congratulations on the new member of your family!

guest on

I dont like the name.

ACS1977 on

Bill and Giuliana do, and that is all that matters.

says on

This is great news. I am beyond happy for them and their child
The Duke is one lucky little boy, these two will be married til death do part, a little old couple laughing, holding hands and cracking jokes on each other. The unconditional love I know they will give him makes me smile, i wish they were my parents!

God blessed them all and they indeed deserve it.

DF on


Hayley on

Beyond thrilled for them! They deserve this happiness so much. Congrats!! And welcome to the world Edward!

Dawn James on

awwww, congrats!!! Can’t wait to see the pics!!!

Amy on

Congrats to the new parents! Love the name Edward Duke.

patti warner on

Who, in God’s name, would make a negative comment about this beautiful couple…Yes, they used a surrogate, but that was just a tool they needed to become beautiful, loving parents! How dare u?

patti warner on

Who would post a negative comment? u must be a miserable person!

Les Bales on

I couldn’t be happier! Congratulations G & Bill. No two people are more deserving. I KNOW you will be wonderful parents. Mazel Tov!! 🙂

Katrina on

@Susan- they know the womans name but I bet it would be in poor taste the spread it to the world. It’s none of your business who she is, To us she is the ‘gestational surrogate’ and that’s it.

Beth A on

Their journey has ended with a beautiful miracle. Sending my congrats to them having their dream come true!

Erica on

CONGRATUALTIONS!!! So happy for them, they will be amazing parents. Can’t wait to see the little guy!

Jeanne on

So happy for both of you ! I am from South Africa and followed your journey, congrats ! May you and Bill be blessesd with lots of love and happy happy memories. God bless !!

Heather on

Beyond happy for them:)))

diane on

Such amazing news!!! Congratulations G$B

Sunshine with a smile on

I so happy for Bill and Giulianna. They been through a lot in the last couple of years. They deserve happiness. Congratulations on your precious baby boy Edward Duke Rancic.

hannie on

Aww congrats!

em on

So happy for them, especially for mommy. I am sure they’ll be awesome parents! Congratulations

Monica on

I’m so happy for them!!

mytwocents on

I’m so happy for them!!! They worked so hard to be parents & they finally are & I don’t think it could happen to two better people… Congratulation to them!!

laura on

Congrats!!! So happy for them

Lisa Worsfold on

OMG!!!!!!!! Cried tears of happiness here in Australia for you both….we have followed this journey over the years and what a triumph….. we love you and what amazing parents you will be. You both are what a couple should be….you are both amazing!!

As for Lala who rained on the parade….you ought to be shamed of yourself!!!!!! Yay Bill & Giuliana xxxxx

Anonymous on

Welcome to the world Edward Duke Rancic. You have amazing parents that have been through so so much to have you in their world. You will be surrounded with love each and every day.

Congratulations Giuliana & Bill on the birth of your son. You have worked so hard to achieve this chapter of your lives. May the rest be just as blessed.

To the Gestational Surrogate. You are an amazing woman to do what you have done. I am amazed at your selflessness to carry a child for someone else.

Lyn Webb on

Congrats on the arrival of your baby boy Edward love wishes to you allxxxxxxxooooo

Donika on

Am soo happy for them they r great people love watching the show.. And right when they said she was due in aug I kept telling my son I hope they have him on my sons bday and she did yay am not to kin on the name but soo happy

margaret on

IM so relieved and happy for this wonderfull couple, they truly deserve all the blessings of a new born baby, all the pain and heartbreak they have been thru has gone, and finally the ultimate payoff A NEW LIFE………………………………………

Gladis on

So happy for them, what a blessing.

Genevieve on

Congratulations! May the love fest begin! ❤
Can't wait to see a pic! 🙂

Connie on

The surrogate did a great job, yes, but these parents endeared the process as well. To act like they did nothing truly shows the ignorance of people. Getting pregnant via means other than the obvious takes commitment, time, and lots of procedures for the biological parents. Yes the surrogate deserves B&G’s congratulations as well, and you can bet they have gone above and beyond the expected for her, but they deserve to reap the rewards of all this labor of love as well. For those who have not gone through this journey you have no idea how much labor goes into being a forever family, no matter how you got to the end. Congrats B&G!!!

Kelly on

I’ve never commented on a story before, but this just warms my heart!! What a wonderful thing to wake up to!!! Its so beautiful to hear about a truely happy ending 🙂

Happy mother and fatherhood

roxy on

It has brought tears to my eyes to find out that giuliana and bill are finally parents. Congrats to both. A blessing has come to you. To become parents is beautifull. Love u guys. Can’t wait to c the baby.

Marga Domingo on

over the moon for you guys. enjoy every second with him. many many blessings big hug from Bonaire

Stephanie Rogers on


Alissa on

I am so happy for them. Their story of struggles was heartbreaking. I am glad they finally!!! have the baby they have been wanting all these years! Also, I like the traditional name with a side off beat in the mix…Duke sounds like a little man already.

Roxana on

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I´m very happy for them.

God bless you and your baby.

Anonymous on

Congrats! now can they go AWAY!

susan on

I don’t think I have ever been so happy for 2 people I have never even met. Congratulations to them and welcome to the world baby Edward Duke, you are very loved already!

Navy Wife on

Comgratulations G&B!! Beyond happy for the both of you! May God bless your family with a lifetime of health and happiness!!

susan v on

God bless all of them and welcome to the world baby Edward. I am so so happy for G and Bill. They truly deserve this bundle of joy who will bring them so much happiness. They wanted to be parents so badly and it was a struggle. Now it finally happened and I for one couldn’t be more thrilled for them. Enjoy!! This is the best time of your lives.

Emma on

Welcome to the world Edward Duke Rancic. You have been long awaited and will have an amazing life full of love.

Congratulations Giuliana & Bill on the safe arrival of your son. You both deserve eternal happiness after everything you have gone through to make your dream of being parents a reality.

To the Gestational Surrogate. Giving another couple the gift of a child is a selfless act that is nothing short of amazing.

Anonymous on

However they received this blessing just let them enjoy it. Biological, surrogate, adoption it’s still a baby for them to cherish. People have some consideration and don’t rain on their joy. Congratulations to you all of you and enjoy the ride of parenthood

linda on

Ick on the name. Why name him Edward Duke? Family name? Reminds me of Penelope Scotland. Why do stars pick these awful names?

ACS1977 on

Their baby, their choice of name. Period. To be fair, it is m

ACS1977 on

Stupid touchscreen! I was saying, it is a m

ACS1977 on

Never mind. The universe does not want me to comment!!!!

MomX4GrandMommyX1 on

To everyone commenting negatively on Baby Edward Duke’s name.. PARENTS choose their children’s names, last I knew.. {Obviously} THEY- must LOVE the name; THEY- have THEIR reasons for choosing his name; THEY- get to do that!.. I don’t recall ANY OF US being asked to let them know if we take issue with THEIR Sons name. Every Baby is an absolute MIRACLE, A beautiful GIFT from God.. WHY, AGAIN, do people FEEL they MUST be SO negative! I would wager that not everyone cares for the names you chose for YOUR children.. Do you even care? I hope not. It was YOUR choice! So it goes.. “If you can’t say something nice…”

Anonymous on

Yay,I’m sooo happy for them.Congrats

Leanne Allen on

Such wonderful news to a couple that truely deserves this happiness. Beautiful name in honour of their fathers.


Erin on

BEYOND happy for them!! They will make great parents!!!!!


Fantastic news, any news of a healthy baby is welcomed but more so when that baby has been wanted and desperately hoped for by two wonderful people, who have endured more than enough the last two years,this is not a time for haters to post comments and btw the way when she said “we did it” she was obviously referring to the fact that they got there in the end. I bet G&B will be eternally grateful.

anonymous on


jessicad on

I shed a tear as well, seems silly since I don’t even know them but I’m just so happy for them:) Love the name!

Lala, read what he wrote, “WE did it”, which implies more than one person, in this case they were all involved every step of the way.

Anonymous on

Congrats! So happy for you both!

BEC on

@LALA – what a$$ you are. Really?

luckymom on

I am beyond happy for this couple….I love that he said, “we did it”.

Here’s a couple that meant their vows, when it’s easy during the good, you have to have each other thru the bad.

Go love up your little boy!

bh on

Good for them. She deserves some good news.

heather on

Congrats on your little bundle. Its been a long hard road for you all but now you have such a precious gift. Enjoy every moment. Congrats!!!

Hub on

How about some thanks to the surrogate? She did it…..

Anonymous on

to susan, they did thank the surrogate and in your small mind did you ever consider that they didn’t name her out of respect for her privacy?

smilingface on

SOOOOO Happy for them!! What an amazing journey they have been on, CONGRATS!

rlb237 on

SO unbelievably happy for them! Two people who deserve all the happiness in the world, blessings, best wishes, and hearty congratulations to your family!!!

asa11 on

so now we can stop hearing about t??

People have kids every day….and 99 percent don’t ever get mentioned

lifeasahouse on

I am sure that G&B are beyond thankful to their surrogate and are thanking her as much as they possibly can. This article is about the arrival of the baby and not about every single detail of their personal conversations with the surrogate.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Bill and Guilliana! So happy for them. Welcome to the world Edward!

KJW on

Congratulations and so much love!! Can’t wait to see pictures of your precious son!

God Bless!

Anonymous on

A miracle…they do happen!

Janice on

Congratulations! So happy for them. Big thanks to their gestational carrier too!

KJW on

So much love! Can’t wait to see pictures of your precious son!

God Bless!

Krista on

Congrats to the happy couple!!!!

Malanie Burger on

I am sooooo happy for them. I follow their show and love it!! They feel like family to me. I wish them all the love in the world and I hope little “Eddy” will bring lots of joy to their family. Congratulations!!!

Lisa on

so glad everyone is as joyful as they should be and sooooooo glad they are serving it up to Lala…. its a beautiful time for Bill & Giuliana and no-one should be rude enough to be so negative. I can imagine Lala that you dont smile much in life. Yay for the little duke!!

Deborah on

Blessing to you and the “Duke”!!!! So happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, the public. You have been in our prayers and now God has Bless you with this precious bundle of love!!!! Take it from a Mom of 3, all grown now; enjoy each moment, savor all that being a parent brings. It is truly the greatest gift that our Heavenly Father can give to us. Much Love to you and your new family. God Bless!!!

Gladiola on

I’m overcome with emotions and just so extremely happy for Bill and Giuliana; welcome Baby Edward!

Jen on

I feel like I know them!! I am so happy that their long journey had a happy ending…although it is really a whole new begining. Good luck G & B, all the best

Melissa on

Congrats! I am so happy for them!

PS on

Congrats to Bill & Giuliana! I am so thrilled for you. You both deserve this fabulous bundle of joy so much. May God bless and enjoy Duke! Cheers!

sharon white on

Yay! Congratulations Mom and Dad!

cheryl hare on

You both will be awesome parents..This baby will sure be loved!…Thank god for the gift of surrogate she is a blessing.

sharon white on

Yay! Congratulations mommy and daddy! God Bless!

AndreC on

So happy for them! It’s so nice to see them get the happy ending they deserve.

Jennifer on

I am so happy for them! I cried when I heard the news. G has been through so much and their dream finally came true. Infertility is such a hard road for any woman and she has handled all of her obstacles with class. These two are going to be great parents. Congratulations to the happy new family.

Marie on

Congrats! Love the name! So glad their dream came true! 🙂

Eileen on

Congrats to you both !!!! How wonderful for you. !! 🙂

Kathie on

Congratulations! This is such great news and you two are so deserving! God Bless you all….especially the surrogate who made this possible…she is one special lady to do this for you!

Chy on

Am so happy for B&G. They deserve to be happy. Welcome DUKE.

Go Rancics on

Congrats and nothing but the best wishes and blessings for the three of them!!! It is so sweet that they named their first born son after BOTH of their fathers (especially since his father has passed away) and such a beautiful tribute to both men. “Duke” must also have a special meaning to them. I hope their wonderful surrogate has a healthy and speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see the three of them together!

PS- The reason why her name and photo have not been made public is for privacy reasons and probably part of her contract with them. She may have a family of her own to protect as well. Nicole kidman did not even anounce that they used a surrogate until after their baby was born. Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick’s surrogate was nearly blackmailed for information about the couple… etc.
So stop being hateful and judgemental, it’s “nunya.” They will share what they want.

Anonymous on

Congrats !! Sooo happy for you both!!!!

Cindy on

CONGRATS! I wish you much love and joy!!!

Eva on

A gestational surrogate is someone who carries the biological child of someone else; she carries the baby, but she does not create him/her, she isn’t genetically related. B&G did, indeed, participate, especially Giuliana, who had to endure fertility treatments-shots, egg harvesting, etc.-to create the baby so that the G.S. could gestate him. Little Edward is a miracle, shared equally by the three people who gave him life. Congratulations, Bill and Giuliana and welcome to the world, Little Miracle!

jones on

I am thrilled for them! I love their show and appreciate how open and honest they have been about their infertility struggles and G’s cancer. Wishing them and baby Edward the best (and Edward is a great name).

monkeybunch3 on

Lala – you are a flipping idiot. Do you know the struggles of infertility? I think it’s wonderful and yes, they did do it.

Anonymous on

So happy for them!! They will be great parents!

Brittany on

I am so so very happy for them. They deserve this happiness after all that they have been through. Very happy for them.

Kat1129 on

So happy for them!! they will be great parents!! God Bless their surrogate- what a gift!

shanon on

I am beyond happy for them. They are such a sweet couple and they deserved to have a baby. Congrats and many blessings. Also love the name very traditional…more people should do that.

Trudy on

Blessings on this new little one!

Go Rancics on

Congratulations and nothing but the best wishes and blessings for them! It is so sweet and such a touching tribute that they named their firstborn son after BOTH of their fathers, especially since his father has passed away and will never meet his namesake grandson. Duke must also have a significant meaning to them as well. Can’t wait to see them holding Baby Edward!

Melissa B on

So happy for them, I know they’ve wanted this for so long. Congratulations, I really like that name too!

Donna on

Congratulations! God has blessed you with your own little angle. Cherish him always. Praise God

Deb on

Congrats!! So excited for them. What a long journey they have had. Wishing all of them a happy and healthy life.

Melissa on

Congratulations to them! I have followed their journey to have a baby since the beginning and I couldn’t be happier for them! What a blessed baby!

Joan on


Jennifer WIliiams on

Congrats!!! You both deserve the chance to become parents!! Edward is one lucky little boy!!! Cherish him always!

Anonymous on

@ Lala….they “did it”, as in they became parents. Don’t be such a pedantic jerk.

Ann S on

Congrats to the new parents!! EDR is going to be one loved child!!! Having gone through a similar struggle myself, I am really awed at their courage in sharing it with the world, you guys deserve your happy beginning 🙂

annie on

Congratulations to our hometown boy Bill and the lovely G, they are a wonderful couple and so blessed.

Anonymous on

I am crying for you’s god bless and congrats

thefunkyrooster on

Absolutely thrilled for them! My husband and I went thru infertility issues and miscarriage as well and have just welcomed our first born, 4 months ago. I know Bill & Giuliana are going to love this ride as much as we have. They so deserve this. Congratulations!

A on

Congratulations !!! You’ll be great parents 🙂

KD on

I am so so so happy for them…a baby is THE best blessing in the world, so glad they could have their dream come true. Love the name! congratulations!

Ella on

Aww, I’m so happy for them! They finally got their little baby. ❤

Tami on

I am so overjoyed for them. They deserve this happiness so much. I’m sure their son will be loved and welcomed more than most children.
Congratulations Bill and Guiliana, may God watch over you and your new child.

Siabird on

Congratulations! Happy to hear this. It saddens me that someone would post a negative comment. My sister in law and brother were trying to conceive for a while when she found out she had breast cancer. She was devastated that she would never have a baby and after a courageous fight with breast cancer passed away. My brother then a yr and a half later died of a heart attack. So its obvious that the person who made this comment must have a perfect life and nothing has ever happened and could never relate with something like this.

christine on

congrats! they are a great couple

jsp81355 on

Congratulations to a beautiful couple. I wish you and your new family many years of happiness and love.

Phyllis on

Congrats to you both! All the best to you and the bless the wonderful woman who helped you along the way!!!!

nori21grl on

As someone struggling with infertility, this makes my heart so happy. Congrats. G and B. All of us in Colorado are wishing you well!!!!

Audrey on

hooray for a normal name!

Brianne on

Congrats, Giuliana and Bill! SO happy for you 2!!!

Stephanie on

Congratulations!! Love the traditional name. Much luck and happiness to them:)

Deb on

So happy for them! They must be over the moon!!

Melissa on

So very happy for them!!!

Courtney on

What a strong name! Best wishes for the new parents.

Anonymous on

Your pain and struggle all these years have finally given you this blessed baby boy. So thrilled for you both and for Edward. He has wonderful parents. Thank you for your example.

rachel on

Congrats!!!!! Truly God is AMAZING!!!! cannot wait to see the new addition of “This extended family”…..

lol…..the feel like family

Ivona Serbia on

From Serbia lot of kisses and congratulations

Jess on

So incredably happy for them. This brings back memories of watching my own little girl being born and the feeling that rushed over me when they put her in my arms. Best wishes to everyone. I also want to wish the GC the best of luck she did such an amazingly selfless thing by caring this baby.

Jen on

Tears. So happy for them!

Diane on

Congratulations Bill & Guiliana! I am so happy for you. Can’t wait to see Baby Edward!

Monica on

Who goes by the name Lala? Anyways fxxk you Lala.
Grreat news! I love these guys! I also had tears in my eyes. What a lucky boy he is!

Danielle on

Happy Happy news!! Congrats to them!!!!

Melanie on

Such a blessing. I have been a gestational carrier and I can say that it is truly a blessing to be instrumental in helping a couple have a baby; there is no greater joy (except maybe the birth of your own children). Several people were blessed this day. 🙂

Connie on

Couldn’t happen to a NICER couple!!!! So happy for you♥

Lisa B on

Awesom! Congrats to the happy couple turned family! 🙂

rachel on

Congrats! Bless the woman that gave them such a wonderful gift! But all praise belongs to GOD.

G and Bill are like family and it is truly a miracle! That little fella is going to be loved by all….

Especially all his extended (FANS) family.

Amy on

Congratulations u guys!! May God bless ur family with many happy memories to have for a life time!! U guys r going to make great parents!!! 🙂 Enjoy the ride of parent hood!!! Its amazing!!! 🙂

gospelmisfit on

Beyond happy for them!! Congrats!

Annie on

So happy for them! They truly seem like a nice, down to earth couple. Congrats!!!

Stacey on

I’m not sure some folks understand about the surrogate. She was only the oven, they did not use her eggs, B & G made that baby and someone else gestated it. Now I am sure they thanked her, if you have ever seen the show they can’t appreciate her more. At the end of the day they interviewed women for this and the woman came from an agency. This woman was paid quite handsomely and that was understood right up front from the agency when they sent her over. Thank her, yes, but also she applied and set her cost to do this job for them. Now say congrats to B & G and poo pooing on their moment, they have been nothing but kind to everyone.

Daisy on

OMG, all you negative ninnies out there need to know that having your eggs harvested is one of the most painful procedures a person can endure. I’ve been thru it 3 times to get my little bundle of joy, so YES, THEY did it with the help of a very caring, amazing GC/Surrogate, which I was blessed not to need. Congrats on two parents that have been thru heII and back to get this beautiful end result. (From one that’s been thru it, too).

Jennifer on

Many congratulations to them!

Ann on

YEAH! Couldn’t be happier for them and their new son! Good thinks do happen to good people. All the best!

Tish on

Congratulations to Bill & Giuliana on the birth of their son Edward Duke Rancic! I wish you all of the love and joy your heart and hand can hold!!

Katie on

Congrats to them.
However, they put themselves through the ringer. She got cancer because of all the fertility she was under-going because she HAD to have her own baby.
Now they have done through a surrogate, again so they can have their OWN baby.
Plenty of parentless babies out there. They never gave that a thought. I just can’t agree with what they have done. To each their own, but that is my opinion.

Elizabeth on

You really think fertility treatments were the cause of her cancer? Then why wouldn’t more women undergoing fertility treatment be diagnosed with cancer as well? If you’ve seen any interview with Giuliana you would know they found her cancer due to the screening process before IVF. she credits the treatments with saving her life.
And honestly, you have no right to pronounce judgment on how G&B should grow their family. I am an advocate for adoption. My sister was adopted. But to criticize their choice is foolish. I’m so sick of people who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to bash people they don’t even know.
Giuliana and Bill, congrats. Enjoy your sweet baby boy.

Louise on

I could not agree with you more! I guess they can afford the “luxury” of paying someone to have their baby. I don’t care what anyone says – her egg or not – that baby is hers too. He lived through her for 9 months. Not to be judgmental or anything but as s Catholic I must ask – Do they intend to have little baby Edward baptized in the Catholic Church? As far as I know it’s against our religion to conceive through surrogacy. Bet they didn’t check with their priest – too busy keeping up with Jessica Parker and so on. Maybe if God didn’t send a kid their way was because it was his intend to have them adopt kids? Kudos to Tom Cruise for adopting two kids and think he’s supposed to be the crazy one when Nicole also went through surrogacy! Plenty of kids without parents – plenty of parents wanting kids and they can’t have them = God’s plan. Hello!

Bo on


Ann on

Lala: Evil and ugly is no way to go through life, honey. If you can’t be happy for this couple and their newborn, be quiet. No one needs or appreciates ugly at this joyful time for the family.

TJ on

Fabulous!! BIG HUGE congrats. Nice name also!

Corporate greed on

So happy for them! They will be wonderful parents!!

Anonymous on

YAYAYYAYAYAY congratulations, you two deserve this!!! Enjoy every second!

Mary on

Blessings 2 u both and enjoy your new son!

Lynn on

To those of you who thought it was appropriate to make negative comments and rain on their happiness, remember,

xoxo on

so they sticked with the name they mentioned on their show:))

Jennifer on

Congratulations Bill & Guiliana on the new arrival!! I’m so happy for you guys! 🙂

maria on

I can’t even describe the happines I feel for them. This couple have been thru so much and I dont know of anyone else so deserving of a child . I truly wish you the best..

kate on

sooo happy for them and I love the Rancic’s saying of never giving up I love the name – perfect ending can’t wait to see what he looks like I always watch their show –

L D'Ambrosio on

Best wishes to the whole family!

Anonymous on

Awwww so happy for them!

Bibi on

Congrats to B and G!

Just wondering about the surrogate – is she well, did she endure the delivery well?

Denise on

Congratulations Mommy and Daddy!!!!!! So excited and happy for you all. What a great gift.

Maria b on

I’m not understanding all the negative comments, can’t u all just b happy for bill nd Juliana. They did do it idiots, it was his sperm nd her egg, nd I’m sure if u were compensated financially u haters would have carried a baby as well. Unbelievable u ppl who hate suck good luck bill nd Juliana God Bless u all

maritza on

Congrats 😉 what a very Lucky baby boy to be born to what are going to beGreat parents. He has a very Loving family welcoming him into the world.lets not forget that along with his parents he will have his Grandparents,uncles aunts and cousins waiting to share the Love., God bless you all xoxoxo

Aria on

So happy for them! What an awesome gift from God.

Congratulations Bill and Guiliana!

mg on

Congrats. Must be nice to buy a baby. I know so many childless couples that could never afford this.

Ava on

Congratulations on your baby boy! Great name!

Maria b on

How about all the parents who abuse there children who can have babies jerk, ur an ass. Hopefully u don’t have kids, regardless on how they chose to have a child @ least they’ll love their child how about u, la la get a life

Becky on

So happy for them..It doesn’t matter to me how they came to be parents, they are going to be great ones..I’m sure that they have shown great gratitude to the gestational mother, so why is it any of our business? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name..

Erin on

Lala, so do you also mean that because I’m adopted, my parents didn’t do anything even though they struggled for years to have a baby and were on the waiting list for over 3 years before they got the phone call I had arrived? That’s very insensitive and ignorant. I wish nothing but the best for this beautiful couple and their new baby boy. They will be the most amazing, loving parents and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Yvonne on

That is great news!! Beautiful name too! Congrats to the happy couple!

christina on

Congratulations! So happy for you! Now the fun really begins!

Kathy on

God Bless your beautiful Family today!! I am so happy for this precious miracle to be placed into your arms. You have been blessed!

Maria b on

La la ur a disgusting human being hopefully u don’t have kids

Kathy on

You have blessed!! I am so happy for both of you to have that precious miracle be placed into your arms.

Anna on

Awww… So happy for them! I bet he is the cutest baby!!

Gladiola on

Overcome with emotions for Bill and Giuliana; their dream has finally come true! Congratulations on the blessed arrival of Edward Duke! My heart goes out to the birth mother; may she be comforted knowing her selflessnish has given this couple the most wonder gift of all!

holly on

I am so happy for them both, they SO deserve this!! I have never been so excited over a celebrity baby before, I guess i just feel like after watching them on their show through all of this, I have been rooting for them SO much!!

Puckersbabe on

I knew his name was going to be Edward when they first talked about it! So truly happy and excited for them, they deserve this happiness, and they are going to be the most amazing parents! Congrats to G and B and Baby Edward!

Julianna on

YAY! So HAPPY for Bill and Giuliana! I love the name they’ve chosen for their baby boy, so classy and elegant. Can’t wait to see baby Edward’s face!

Emry on

Soo happy for them!!!! They are two very deserving people!

Felicidades on

Congratulations! I have been watching and following every move! GOD bless!

Nina on

I’m so happy for them! I love this couple, and they’ve had such a roller coaster ride getting here. I read last night that the gestational mom was in labor, so I knew there’d be some news today. Yay! I know Bill and Giuliana will cherish this lucky little man, and he will be loved beyond belief. I wish I knew where to send a congratulations card!

Anonymous on


Cindy on

Finally good news for G&B.
So happy for them!

Anonymous on

Very happy for them – horrible name!

Heather on

Yay…well done

Julie on

Congrats on your new addition!! What a blessing!!

Wow! There are really some ignorant people on here. Educate yourself before you speak. To think they did “nothing” to have this baby just shows how stupid some of you are. IVF is a very long process which includes many, many ultrasounds, giving yourself shots and surgical egg retrieval before even creating an embryo. All things SHE would have had to do BEFORE the embryo was implanted into the surrogate. SO, um yes, I think they did A LOT to get this baby… more than most peeople can even imagine. GROW UP!!

Tara on

Well said 🙂
God has blessed them…

boohoobytch on

congrats to them

Coreen on

God bless you all as you begin the exciting adventure of parenthood! I’m very happy for you and also am so thankful for the surrogate who was willing to be used in such a wonderful way like this for you!
And remember that when people criticize and say nasty things to and about you, it’s because they are unhappy with themselves!! They need to get over themselves and think about this: “Happiness is a choice” and they should try choosing to be happy and not negative!!!!!!!
Anyway, congratulations, Giuliana and Bill!!!

Raina on

Giuliana has a special place in my heart, this is all she ever wanted. I am so happy for them!

Anonymous on

Congrats Bill and Giuliana!! Welcome to the world little Edward. Your parents are so in love with you and have waited so long for you! So happy that your dreams have come true. Congrats on your healthy miracle. Wishing your family many happy, healthy years!

Andrea on

Congratulations. Another Virgo has been born :-). So happy that they were fortunate to have laws today that protect their right to CHOOSE to use a gestational carrier via invitro.

manahi on

Tearing eyes*** I’m so very happy for this wonderful couple! They’ve been through a lot and stuck together. God bless you. You are my inspiration.

bec on

yay!!! whooo hoooo!! i cant imagine that baby being any less than absolutely stunning!

Denise on

Always wonderful to see a baby welcomed into the world. They have given hope to many and so happy for them. Bless them and love the lil guys name.

Tina on

God bless the surrogate who provided this wonderful gift to Bill & Giuliana. Congratulations!

ali on

Congratulations to both of you!!!! Enjoy this time because they grow up so fast…… I can’t wait to see all the cute outfits
Guiliana puts him in….

donnamarieyoung on

Yay!!! I love the name and i am so happy for them! They will make amazing parents!:)

Barbara on

Congratulations to Bill and Giuliana on the birth of your precious baby. And many blessings to the surrogate who helped this miracle happen–she’s an angel indeed!

JusticeisBlindbutSeesintheDark on

Happy for them, seems to be one of the nicer hollywood couples.

barbara on

Edward is a horrible name? OK. I was wondering what criteria you haters use to deem a name a “good name”? How about Elephant? I had a child in my class named that. Or maybe Name? Had a kid named that too. My favorite? Tequila Corvette. Her parents thought it was funny, said it was like drinking and driving.

Christa on

Did u actually say they didn’t go through anything? I have been watching their reality show since it has been on tv. So let me tell you something…. They did everything!! They have been through fertility treatment after fertility treatment after fertility treatment and then CANCER!!! Then Giuliana has to sit and watch another woman do the one thing she has been trying and fighting to do for years. This is not a hit at the surrogate because she helped them with their miracle.

So excuse me I think they have every right to say they did it because…..
THEY DID IT!!!!! Congratulations!

Sandy on

Congrats on the baby….I carried a baby for my sister and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! It doesn’t matter how you become a parent. Congrats to you again!

sky on

congrats to all parties who have taken the journey (guiliana, bill, baby duke and the gestational carrier).

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the happy family- this is just wonderful news and I am thrilled to hear the name of Edward Duke- it is a lovely name- Just so happy for the family!

Lisa on

I am so happy for them. They are truly one of those couples that you just love and want good things to happen to after all they have been through.

tracy on

Congrats…..tears of joy for you two. We have been watching you try to havethis baby. I cried every time it did not work out. The lord has given you this beautiful baby with the perfecr name. My son is too named edward. Love you guys. You will be awesome parents.

Guest on

Wonderful name!!!!! So happy for them!

mel on

So happy for them! Just filled with tears; knowing what they went through. It doesn’t matter how he got here; they’re all gifts and I hope they cherish every second; as a mom of grown daughters, it happens so FAST!

Shakes on

Katie and Lala; you are sad people. I have had fertility issues and had to resign to not have children. A great deal of women I know have had fertility treatments and do not have breast cancer and breast cancers victims and survivors I know have never had fertility treatments, to blame her cancer on fertility is quite ignorant. They have had their struggles, more than most trying to have a family so a huge Congrats to Bill and Giuliana and a warm welcome for Edward. It is a wonderful day for them and they deserve it like anyone else. I’m happy they brought these struggles to light and shared their ups and downs. Nobody ever died from sharing warm and positive feelings and congratulating others on good news. Congrats to them and anyone who has overcome these struggles 🙂 !!

Lulu on

Congrats! I am beyond excited for them. I have watched their struggle and rooted for them the whole way. What a blessing! Many happy years ahead! God Bless!

lorraine on


Anonymous on

monkeybunch3…agreed …Lala is a flipping idoit….congrats to the new proud parents

layla on

Ok people, everybody is talking c… About the couple and feeling sorry for the surrogate….well ,I have about 3 friends that do that, first of all, yes ,u should b happy for G and B, they did it, yes u have the surrogate,but yes, nobody made her do that, that’s nice and everything, but let’s remember a lot of them do it for the money,do u know how much this”poor”surrogate made of this?? Exactly…..nothing compares to Gs pain battling cancer,I rest!

Elanor on

Welcome to the world baby Edward. You have two parents who worked so hard so many ways to try to have you. I am so glad their wish came true.

Kandyce on


Anonymous on

So HAPPY for them :):):)

Kandyce on

Lala – why are you such a wench? Seriously – the woman survived cancer, they had infertility struggles. Shut the h*ll up.

denise owen on

how wonderful for them!

Jessica on

SO happy for them!!! Congrats! What a blessing. Can’t wait to see pics!


Most gestational surrogates for celebrities are not identified for obvious reasons. Also, some states forbid financial compensation for surrogacy, though I am sure the Rancics have been very generous with their carrier. Some states, such as NY, outlaw surrogacy and that is completely wrong. Bill and Guiliana have been though alot and are so deserving of this,and theyre still young enough to be involved and be great parents. I do disagree with some forms of surrogacy,like what Robert Dinero and his wife did- their ages were 68 and 54 respectively- that is so wrong. Guiliana was recommended to avoid pregnancy due to her cancer treatment and with her clock ticking, they had to use a surrogate if they were to use her own eggs as she was already having infertility issues prior to this. I also think a surrogate was their best bet-Guiliana is too thin and I still think that was making it more difficult for her become pregnant. They can afford it also, may as well do it considering their circumstances. I can’t wait to see pics!!!

Anonymous on

Lala you are an idiot! Were you not taught, if you cannot say something nicwe, then DON’T say anything(at all!)

Anonymous on

Lala you are an idiot! Were you not taught that if you cannot say something nice DON’t say anything(at all!)

someone on

Happy for them. What a long, hard road it’s been. This is the ending they wanted so badly. Congrats, guys.

Nancy on

It’s nice to see the positive comments here. This couple truly deserves this happiness after what they went through.

And the few haters out there? They can curl up on the couch and let their black hearts consume them while the rest of us go on with our happy lives

Ellen on

Congratulations to the proud parents!! And thank you for giving him a traditional name and not one of those weird names that most celebrities do!! Enjoy Edward….they grow up too fast!!

Kathie on

WEcome Welcome Duke, You could not ask for better parents. You will be Loved beyond words can express. Enjoy Your son My paryers and Happy wishes go out to the three Have a Happy Life

ami on

So happy for them! They’ve been put through the wringer but now have a beautiful baby boy to show for it. Nothing but happiness from here on out.

ccct0304 on

Congrats to the family, they really have tried for so long. I just hope they are not in every single tabloid e-v-e-r-y single week for now on forever. They need to be more quiet about stufff, they are very overexposed in the media (though I understand them wanting to share struggles to help others). G, time to get rid of the extensions and about 7 inches of hair, it looks kind of weird now, lol.

Also why such an Anglo name Giuliana- you have such a rich ethnic background, born in Italy, etc. Such a shame not to share that with your son, esp since he already will carry your husband’s name. Awww

Congrats to them!

Ps I didn’t realize you change the term of the surrogate when you want to clarify both egg and sperm come from parents. So interesting– I always wondered about Sarah Jessica Parker. Hmmmm

a oliverlane on

Love the “royal” name, much love & Congrats!!

Kim on

Awwww, congratulations! So happy for them!

Anonymous on

Great name! So happy for them and wish the best for their surrogate that she is happy, healthy and proud for what she did for a very sweet and deserving couple.

Anonymous on

Happy for them, however give the surrogate some credit, she made it happen.

Tammy Brumm on

Congrats to the new parents. I am not a fan of much of reality tv crap out there, but their show is fun and honest. I was moved by how much they shared when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found a lot of common ground, even though I do not have cancer, I’m in renal failure and my husband takes care of me the way Bill takes care of G. It made me feel so not alone. 🙂

Erin on

I am SO happy for them! They deserve this and can’t wait to see how beautiful he is 🙂

Diane on

I am so happy for them. This is the best present they could have gotten. Good luck to two of the best parents a baby could have.

Crystal TS on

Congrats G and Bill!! We have been through alot with you guys sad tears happy tears and now the best tears of all joyful baby tears!! You both are an excellent example of team work and if you really work hard for what you want you can achieve almost anything.. Love you guys so much you guys rock and totally deserve to be happy!! Welcome to the world Baby Edward you have a pair of great parents!!

Missy on

So HAAPY for them!!!! They have waited a long time for thier little one and I know he will be very loved. I love his name its nice to see a celebrity couple name thier child something that means something to them

Anonymous on

Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see pix of there new little man.

Erin on

So happy for them!! I hope they enjoy every moment with Edward!!! As someone who needed IVF to get pregnant all the struggles are definitely worth it the moment you see your baby for the first time. Congrats Bill & Guiliana!!

Missy on

So HAPPY for them!!! He will be one very loved little boy. They have waited so long for him and been through so much to get to this point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sindrii on

god bless this beautiful family!!!

lissa on

it’s hard to find good news these days, and this is classic good news… best wishes

Terri on

i love them both and so happy for them , they will make awesome parents. I’m not crazy about the baby’s middle name but that’s just my taste, yet i wish them nothing but happiness and joy with their new ” little man “.

CrackofDawn on

Happy Birthday, Master Edward… Your parents have waited for you, for a VERY long time…

Terri on

i love them both and wish nothing but happiness and joy with their new baby boy!!!

Maddie on

Huge congratulations to Bill and Guiliana, no one is more deserving of this happiness! You will make amazing parents 🙂 Edward is extremely lucky!

Julie on

Congrats to Bill, Giuliana, and The Duke. I know you must be over the moon.

Ms Jordan on

Bill and Giuliana’s dream for a family has finally come true. My best to them and baby son Edward. I also wish to send out appreciation to the gestational surrogate mom who carried Edward for B & G. She is a selfless woman who obviously knows the dream of parenthood for those who are unable to be pregnant in the “traditional” way. Blessings to all involved in Edward’s birth and life.

Anonymous on

so happy for them both ! congratulations and enjoy the ride!!!

Cricket Wizer on

@ LALA, can’t you just be happy for them???

I love the name they chose for their son!

Robin on

Congratulations, so happy for them.
To Melaine who said she had been a G.S. – Thank you are a blessing.
There are so many happy positive comments, I only hope that if B & G or their family sees them that they don’t get stuck on the few negative ones. I am sure they have done above and beyond for there surrogate. Congrats.

Jill on

Congratulations, G & B! I wonder if the name Edward Duke has a special meaning or a story behind it. I’m always fascinated to know.

cathy on

So happy for you both. congratulations.

rose60 on

i am so happy she finally has her own baby in her arms–thanks to the awesome surrogate who made this happen..i am in awe…

cmp on

I’m so happy for them! Perfect name!!! YAY!

Samantha on

Biggest congratulations to the Rancic’s on the arrival of Edward Duke – their little miracle. This is clear proof that great things come to those who wait and never give up hope regardless of what obstacles may come about along the road.

@Lala – Yes a woman carried this baby for them and should be thanked graciously but Giuliana and Bill did this, this is THEIR baby. The baby is biologically theirs, so it is a gestational carrier because this child is a product of the Rancic’s vs. Bill’s sperm and a donor egg. Take your comments elsewhere, this is a wonderful time for this family!

Kathy on

A true blessing! To love and have a baby is to celebrate…whether you do it the “old fashinoned way”, by surrogate, test tube or adoption. After all the downs they have suffered lets not worry if “they did it” but rather celebrate a new life and a chance for a couple to love this new baby! Congrats!!!

Miss155 on

Congrats! I’m so happy for them.

SLS on

Happy for them! Congratulations 🙂

K.B. on

Awesome! I wish them both a lot of very healthy and happy years as a family!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for the two of them..I wish them nothing but joy and happiness as new parents.

Diane on

Yeeeeeey!! That is EXCELLENT news!! Congratulations to ALL of you. I love the name you chose as well. :0)

me on

LaLa you are a hateful person… they DID do it, they dreamed of having a child, tried to have one on their own and despite all the obstacles they faced they continued to pursue the dream and explored all options to have one…and WITH the surrogate THEY did do it….What ever happened to don’t say anything at all if you dont have anything nice to say…

texaschickeee on

happy they have the baby. I still dont buy the problems as all real. She is super skinny which yes helps the problem more. BUT E! network is nothing but super skinny girls competing with short dresses. my gut is saying she did not have the baby so she can keep that job of hers.

Brooklyn on

Happy for them, but not really a fan of the name.

Simone on

They seem like they will be great parents! Very happy for them. Nice name too! Glad to see they ddin’t choose to name their child after an animal or chemical element haha!

CJ on

what the heck is wrong with her head/face? it’s very odd shaped/looking…

Anonymous on

CONGRATULATIONS to Bill and Giuliana, You two created a life and your blessed surrogate gave him a home — till his birth — God bless you all for sharing this with others that may have lost hope in the circle of life. take care, terry foose

Misty on

Good for them – they’ve been wanting this for a while.

Traci on

CONGRATS!!! So happy for the both of you and so glad you’ve finally got this blessing… Welcome little Edward, your parents have gone through alot too get you here, please be a happy and easy baby…I cried when i read this!!! :0) LOVE YOU B AND G

Jan on

I too have never commented on a story here but I literally cried when I read that baby Ransic had finally arrived. I’ve recently begun the journey with an amazing couple to become a gestational carrier for their little angel. To say the biological parents have done nothing is absurd. There are countless tests, procedures and grueling months of appointments for the parents to endure as well as the surrogate. God bless this beautiful family as well as the surrogate and her family. What an amazing gift to give and to receive! I can’t wait to be able to deliver the same gift to another family. ❤

amanda on

congrats !

Anonymous on

Im beyond Happy for this beautiful couple, they deserve it! THEY DID IT!! @lala

Liz on

Surrogates don’t get paid “good money.” They get compensated for their pain and hardship but the agency rate for a surrogate equates out to about 3.00/hr, less if the surrogacy process takes longer than the average 9 months. Gestational carriers don’t do it for the money normally. They do it because they themselves have been effected by infertility or they know someone else who has struggled.

Besides, I don’t think Lala’s comment was spiteful. People just wanted to look at it as a reason to be argumentative.

sosewcute on

I’m not an overly mushy person but this story brought tears to my eyes. I love G&B, they have remained “real” even with the hoopla they get from being famous. I’m so happy they’ve become a family, they deserve every happiness in the world!



Ally on

So happy for them. I love them on tv, and they deserve all the happiness in the world. Best wishes 🙂

Anonymous on

Please don’t let idiotic LALA (Attention Seeker) opaque the birth of Bill and Giuliana’s baby. Congrats to them!

amanda on

So happy for them! Congratulations!

liz on

Normally i dont csre anbout tjis kind of thing but I am thrilled for these two. May they have many happy years!

JK on

No one seems to realize that Edward is the name of Bill’s father who passed away from cancer. His name is a nice tribute to that man who was so influential in Bill’s life.

Congratulations to everyone involved for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

AllisonJ on

so thrilled for them! Congrats and blessings on baby Duke!

Carolyn on

Thank goodness no Apple or Pilot Inspektor!

Amanda K on

No doubt little Edward is loved beyond words. I couldn’t be more happy for them! This couple was what inspired me to never give up during my own infertility struggles and now after all these years and heartaches, I will welcome my own son shortly. Congrats to the Rancic family!

Tiffany on

Congrats to them. Can’t wait to see what he looks like:)

Erin on

At long last, Giuliana is a mommy…:) Great news! So happy for them!!

Carol on

As a person who has fertility problems, I know exactly what the pain of that is. I ended up adopting two great kids! Congratulations to the Guiliana and Bill, what a happy day!

Linda on

I remember Bill from the Apprentice and have watched the struggles he and his wife have gone through. I am thrilled beyond words at the birth of their son, Edward Duke. I wish them nothing but the very best. This baby is going to be so loved!

Amy on

Congrats to the new parents, and thank you for sharing your special journey with all of us. May you experience all the happiness that parenthood has to bring. Little Edward is one lucky baby! XOXO.

Rancics rock Love you guys !!!!!!!!! on

I have been waiting for this news for so long. I am beyond happy for them. Love them to death. Can’t wait to see Edward. If I had to pick one celebrity I could meet it would be the RANCICS. LOVE YOU !!!

mom of 2 on

I am so happy for them!!!

Janine Marie on

How exciting! Though kind of inconsiderate to not mention how the GC is doing after giving them a baby.

Anonymous on

To Lala; seriously??? Did you need to go there? What a sad human being you must be.

Nicole on

So excited for them! The gestational carrier along with Bill and Giuliana, made this all happen. It was the best kind of teamwork with the best kind of outcome!

With everything they’ve been through I’m absolutely so happy for them!


Tee on

Congrats to the entire family! I like the name as well, however, when most people my age (and older) hear/read Duke, they think of John Wayne (The Duke), or Duke the hound dog in Beverly Hills, or even The Duke of Earl, LOL. Edward, definitely traditional and common, Duke not so much, but I am happy the baby is here and hope for smooth sailing and lots of precious, loving moments ahead for the family.

cheryl on

Congratulations Giuliana and Bill on the birth of your son Edward! you guys are goung to be great parents!!

cabrhb on

Congratulations ! Giuliana and Bill you guys are going to be great parents!!

my2cents on

Congrats to you both…can’t wait to see little “Duke”. Sometimes you have to experience hard times to really appreciate the best times and I’m so glad you have hurdled over all that bad stuff…It can only be better from here on out.
God bless all …including the surrougate who made this miracle possible!

cabrhb on

congrats!! you guys are going to wonderful parents!

Margo on

I’m SOOO happy for them!!
COngrats G and B!!!! 😀

Anonymous on

So happy to hear the great news and Congratulations! you guys are going to be wonderful parents!! 😀

Josh Strickland on

People post negetive comments for multiple reasons, mostly because they are bored and stupid. I’m just glad that they were still allowed to have a child, even though politics is trying to ban in vitro so that people who are unable to have children cannot. Middle Class infertile couples don’t have the luxury of buying a surrogate, and I’m sure this couple is very grateful that they have the money and support from everyone in their family to make sure they have whats important to them…a biological family. Although I don’t agree with Romney on this issue, I do think that he would be ok with this couple using invitro since they are responsible enough and Rich so they can afford a kid and not have to drain our society. But Romeny is right that we should not be creating these babies because then they are later thrown in the garbage or used for stem cells and cloning. So he is right in some ways, but in this case, he isn’t because this family deserves to have a biological kid so I’m glad it’s legal now. GO ROMNEY!

annie on

Congrats!! so happpy to hear the great news! 😀

mik1of3 on

“We”? That’s like a grocery store saying, “We did it” when someone makes a cake. They may have supplied the ingredients, but the surrogate baked the cake!
Congrats to them, though.

edward duke LOVE THE NAME on

LOVE YOU GUYS, beyond happy with you !!!!!!

Stormy on

So thrilled he;s here now they can relax

Anonymous on

Very happy for them , But she said we did it which they did not do it,, They did not cary the baby or had to go throuh anything but giving their sperm and agg..Glad the carier did it for you and wishing you a happy and healthy family.

Penelope on

Congratulations G&B…something so precious at the end of a long road it took to get there is the biggest blessing….enjoy the duke

Rebecca on

So, so happy for Bill & Guiliana – they have been through so much – they deserve this. This baby will have so much love – congratulations to the happy family!

Karyn Pedersen on

Congratulations Giuliana & Bill,I am so happy for you,God Bless You & Your Little Miracle!

Monica on

I couldn’t be any happier for them if I actually knew them- I feel like I do after watching the show for years. CONGRATULATIONS!! I can’t wait to see pictures. What a lucky baby to have 2 parents who have waited years for him. Yay yay yay!!

C. on

Wishing them all the happiness in the world. God Bless your family and YES!!! you certainly did do it!!!!

Sharon on

I’m so happy for them!! This child will be given so much love! Really Lala….I’m sure you wouldnt want people saying that about you if the tables were turned. Some people should just shut up already.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Bill and Giuliana on the arrival of their precious son, Edward – I am so happy for them all. And a big THANK YOU to their surrogate for her selfless act of kindness.

caro on

Tears from argentina beautiful news!

Anonymous on

Congrat im happy for them.

Brenda on

Colorado has no existing case law on surrogacy, so I assume this is treated like an open adoption. In Massachusetts, the mother has four days to revoke her decision to give up the child.

Df on

This child is in no way related to the surrogate, she has no legal rights to this child. He is 100% G&B’s child, their DNA, blood type and genetics. The surrogate, who by the way is incredibly selfless, does not have 4 days to revoke the agreement. It is not an adoption. He is 100% G&B biological son, therefore the surrogate has ZERO rights to the child, and would be criminally charged if she tried anything. Get your facts straight!

Nkechi on

Am so hapi for them welcm month mate

Emily on

Could NOT be happier for these two! What an awesome couple and for them to finally be blessed with a baby after so much heartache is just fantastic. Congrats Bill, Giuliana and little Edward!!

NKH on

Like the name duke rancic/ed giluiana (even though its using his moms 1st name. and do anything these days) Pray 4 healthy happy future 4 the 3 of U, congrats.

NKH on

so happy for all 3 congrats like the name duke rancic

meghan on

All the people laying into Lala are coming across as 10 times more juvenile and nasty than she did. Grow the hell up.

Amy on

So happy for them both! Such great joy for a very special couple 🙂

meghan on

All the people crying and thrilled and acing as if they know these two narcisists are pathetic. They have gone to a lot of time effort and stress to have a baby that the NANNY is going to raise. Yippee.

Lacrista on

I think they will make wonderful parents. This couple truly deserves happiness in their lives.

denise on

Best wishes all around. Especially to your surrogate. Big hug and kiss to her she truly is a generous person to give Bill and Giuliana such a beautiful gift Bay Edward Duke Rancic. Welcome to the world little man.

khloe on

This brings tears to my eyes. So happy for them! Such an awesome end to a rough year.

Jon on

I am happy for B & G but I always wondered if G were a healthier weight could she have conceived a child on her own? Just wondering……at least you get to keep your girlish figure. Let’s hope you raise him and not the nanny!

Anonymous on

soooo happy for you guys, thank God for the happy ending,

Jill on

Okay, to answer part of my own question: “Edward” is Bill’s middle name AND the name of his father, who passed away with cancer. Love that the name is in their honor and a family name with history! Still don’t know if “Duke” has a story behind it, but would be interested to know.

Pinky on

Congrats, they will be wonderful parents, I’m so happy for them!! Having a child is such a blessing!!

dorahelechu on

I am so happy for you both and may you have a wonderful life free of cancer and that he grows to be like his wonderful parents.

soonergirl on

That’s fabulous news! Congratulations to them, and this baby boy picked wonderful parents.

Judi D. on

After 8 yrs of our own infertility issues, and 8 yrs on various adoption lists, we were blessed to adopt out son at birth, he is now 28 and has blessed us with 4 grandbabys….I wish you 3 all the love in the world…you deserve it…Judi

samkia2 on

So very happy for the three of them!!!!! Edward has some amazing parents there!!!!!!! It couldn’t happen to a better couple!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Bill and Guiliana!! So thrilled for you. I will Also be beyond ecstatic when Kloe and Lamar have their baby.

Mrs. A on

After struggling with infertility for so long, it is hard to be happy for them. Lucky them. Poor me.

Lynn on

Congrats 2 Bill & Giuliana. I am sooo HAPPY 4 them. They have struggled 4 soooo long. I wish them nothing but happiness in their blessed joy on their son. Welcome 2 the world Edward Duke. God bless u all.

michele lee on

i never miss an episode of your show and i feel like your family. i cant think of a more deserving couple and i cant wait till the new season starts and CONGRADULATIONS

Anonymous on

Congrats to them, and I love the first name (the middle name, not so much, but they didn’t ask for my opinion! ;))! 🙂

icky on

That’s our family’s motto – Never give up, never quit. That must be why after all these years we’re still going strong. Many happy thoughts for Bill and Giuliana.

Belinda on

Congrats is in order so happy for u 2,its been a long road,when I saw the article all I could do was cry,but they were happy tears for such a lucky couple and very deserving,young Edward will be very happy to have u as parents,shout out to the surrogate also,may god bless ur union…….and to the idiot LaLa go get educated.

marion on

Careful how you dress that baby or the Fashion Police will be after him! Congrats!

Joyous on

Congrats to both of you. it’s been a long journey and I am glad God has seen you through. Enjoy! the little guy and don’t blink otherwise you will miss something. They grow up fast!

Sandy on

Only 4 hours of labor!!! This woman was made for this and what an unselfish gift to give. So happy for them.

Bulmer on

Lala— That is just plain ignorant. The baby has their genetics, she couldn’t carry the baby due to medical issues. You would be one of the I’m sure FEW nasty, judgemental and heartless people to make a nasty comment. It’s called KARMA and by that one comment I’m sure you having nothing nice to ever say and it’s going to bite you in the A$$ someday. God forbid you have fertility issues I hope someone looks at you and says Karma’s a Biotch.

Virginia on

Wow! I can’t believe all the miserable people on here with their negative comments ruining such a happy & blessed event! And Katie your comment wasn’t any better! Really, blaming G for her own cancer? Thats ridiculous & awful! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to B & G on your new son! You deserve all the happiness in the world!! Can’t wait to see pics of you two with your new bundle of joy!!

Tonya on

Congradulations G!!!!! So happy for you!!!!

Anonymous on

congratulations you two and God bless. couldn’t happen to a sweeter couple.

Sam & Freya's mum on

Not keen on his name at all, expected something Italian and more modern sounding for some reason, like Matteo, Luca etc, but am happy for them that their dream of becoming parents has finally come true!!

Lyn on

I am so happy for you guys. I enjoy watching your show in Australia and have followed your very tough time to becoming parents. This is the best possible outcome a child of your own even when you were unfortunately not able to carry. Your surrogate is a blessing and your baby an even bigger blessing for now and forever. Congrats!! Enjoy this special time with your new family.

Jen on

So good to hear. Blessings for them and their sweet boy.

Jax on

I mean, sure…good for them. Money can get you anything. Including “A Happy Ending”

Sheila on

Please Bill make sure you let all of us know when the little guy takes a crap. Better yet, put it on twitter for us because the world revolves around you and your wife.

yvettie on

So happy for the new little family, not many people don’t understand that both of y’all made baby Duke… let them haters hate! 🙂

Sherry on

Awwww, so happy for you both!! What great parents you are going to be..Love your show!! It is a very postitive and we need more of that!! Blessings to you and your family!! Love the name!!

Mary Ann on

In the road of Life, you never give up!! Keep going! That is what Life is all about!!

Mary Ann on

God Bless all!! You did it!! I too believe you never give up!! This is the only way something ever gets done!! The Duke was waiting!!

Diana on

Love your show and congrats G & B all the way from Australia on the birth of Edward Duke. A new chapter has begun. Enjoy every moment and can’t wait for pictures.

candz on

Al u haters, u looking for a happy ending where G is pregnant and names it some name that u like. She has been given the gift of a lifetime and she wil cherish it just as she wud hav if she had gotten pregnant wit edward herself. Just take a moment 2 realise that, if one of ur friends cudnt get pregnant and used a surrogate,u wudnt hav anything nasty 2 say 2 them, so don’t say something nasty 2 G and B, just because they celebrities, they normal ppl just like us. I wish G and B all the happiness in the world and I’m sure little man will grow up 2 be a very handsome fellow. P.S: the nanny wudnt be the one 2 raise edward, not all couples are able 2 not work and just stay at home, so yes edward may get looked after during the day by someone else or he may go 2 creche, but so what, no every 1 can stay at home and not work. They work so they can provide for their family and little edward.

May on

What do you mean, here he is?! Where’s the picture? I’m dying for pictures of the new little family!! Please 🙂

jennifer on

little cutie