Rachel Reynolds Expecting First Child

08/29/2012 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Rachel Reynolds

There’s never a lack of excitement at the set of the game show The Price Is Right set, and Monday afternoon’s taping was no exception.

During the taping of the season premiere episode, which will air on Sept. 24, model Rachel Reynolds announced to host Drew Carey and the live studio audience that she and her husband, David Dellucci, are expecting their first child in February.

“David and I are so thrilled!” Reynolds tells PEOPLE. “In early June, David and I took our summer vacation to Maui and Kauai, Hawaii. While we were there, it seemed that everywhere we turned there was a pregnant woman. David looked at me with a big grin on his face and said ‘Maybe it’s a sign!’ Well, a week after returning from our trip we found out that I was pregnant!”

Reynolds, 29, has been a Price Is Right model since 2003. She and Dellucci, a former major league baseball player and member of the 2001 World Series Champion Arizona Diamondbacks, married in 2010. Dellucci now does TV color commentary for college baseball.

“I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career on The Price Is Right, an amazing husband, loving friends and family, and now we are expecting our first child together,” Reynolds says. “I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m a very lucky girl!”

Sonja Flemming/CBS

— Monica Rizzo

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Audrey Whitbeck on


juliet on

Who?? What?? Congratulations to Rachel but it must be an INCREDIBLY slow news day. I am excited for her, as I’d be excited for any woman newly pregnant.

colleen on

Congrats! They look like 2 different people esp. her husband in 2nd picture, younger looking.

DaisyMoon on

I can’t watch the show with any other host but Bob Barker…

zoe on

Congrats! I’m happy for anyone expecting…but why is this on people.com?

maggi on

why is it news that some bimbo on a game show is pregnant???

Alanna on

Then don’t read it maggi.

Tiffany on

Congrats to the parents-to-be 🙂

Charleigh on

I don’t know who she is but I definitely know her husband. Dellucci used to be one of my favorite Dbacks players. It will be great to see him at Alumni Night at Chase in a few weeks. Congrats to them!

Rebecca on

This is news worthy? Sorry, never heard of either of them in my life. Must have been a very SLOW day in the news room.

Rebecca on

Never heard of either of them! It must have been a very SLOW day in the news room. She’s a giant standing next to him or maybe because she’s pregnant. ? Congrats anyway!

DaisyMoon on

Congrats to you Rachel & David!!

Rebecca on

Never heard of either of them before! It must have been a very SLOW day in the news room. She looks like she’s a giant next to him, maybe because she’s pregnant or he’s really short. Congrats anyway!

boohoobytch on

I’m sorry, what?

Rebecca on

Who are they and who cares? I want to hear about real celebrities!

Rebecca on

I’m with you ladies. Who? Who cares! They look like an odd couple, can’t put my finger on it! Congrats to expecting though, I have 2 myself.

Jen K on

I would have never guessed that was Dave Dellucci! I used to have such a crush on him when he was on the Diamondbacks. Nice guy. Congrats to them both!

Rebecca on

Come on! Let’s write about something we really care about! This is not news worthy at all. Price is right model? I love reading your celeb baby blogs.

Rebecca on

Congrats to them. But WHO?? & Who cares! Sorry just being honest! They look very different in each photo, I’ll be nice.

Rebecca on

Who cares! Poor Drew and all these pregnant models. No more price is right for me!

Rebecca on

Congrats! but i don’t know who these people are, never heard of them, so who cares! Slow day in the news room is right, instead of the price is right. lol

Big Fan on

Awesome. I love Rachel….she’ll be a great mom!

Big Fan on

I hope they don’t can her like they did with Shane and Brandi, she’s awesome on the show, and it’s my fav show ever!

Hercules on

I agree, this is a bit strange. I mean, I feel like some of these ‘celebrity’ pregnancy announcements on People are getting a bit out of control. I might as well call up People and announce my pregnancy for goodness sake!

Kristi on

Like she could really hide it in that dress!!

tb on

In Bob Barkers’ day the girls had no pregnancy clauses in their contracts. Think back did you ever see any of them pregnant? Glad the times have changed.

Anonymous on

To those who watch Price is Right, she is a celebrity! Hey…we all know who Vanna White is, right? Congrats to Rachel and David.

Anonymous on

Thank you exactly

jsp81355 on

She is such a beautiful girl. I wish she and her husband all the best. That will certainly be one gorgeous baby!

Rebecca on

She looks like a bleach blonde hussy and him, a short, mole faced exbaseball player that sucked! Why would you write about this?

Sue on

Congrats to her. The show is so much more fan friendly with Drew and the models. They have made it more fun for the contestants.

Guest on

Gotta love all these mouth-breathing idiots posting, “who cares” all over this post. Obviously YOU do, because you read it!

Congrats Rachel…love TPIR!!

DaisyMoon on

Never heard of her so who cares!!

Rebecca on

I’ve always thought she had the widest face on TV. Bleach blonde game show model with a short latino guy announcing something we don’t care about! NEXT!

Cinder Lou on

Come on, posters, just because YOU don’t watch The Price is Right doesn’t mean others don’t know who Rachel Reynolds is. Quit showing your ignorance. Just say congratulations and move on.

Rebecca on

Bob Barker days were the best days! Who wants to see pregnant models in swimwear? No guy out there! Defiantly CAN her and get some young, hot models! I’m just a guy being honest with y’all! She looks horrible in that spandex dress. Total turn off!

Claire on

Love you, Rachel. Congrats to you both.

kjc on

I watch the Price is Right now, and always have. Sue is right that since Drew started hosting it is definitely a more laid back, friendly environment. Don’t get me wrong, there will never be another Bob Barker, but the show has definitely gotten more light-hearted.

I’m so sick of the the ‘Who Cares’ ‘and Slow newsday’ comments.

Number one, it’s annoying reading the same comment 32 times. Get a new line.

Number two, how about just not commenting to begin with.

-I read all the pregnancy and birth announcements, and yeah, I often don’t know who the celebrities are. …but unless I’m going to make a comment worth reading, I don’t do it.

Anyways, I know who Rachel is, and to her and her husband I wish them a healthy pregnancy and baby. Congrats!

K on

I agree with you! If you “don’t care”, why take the time to read the article AND comment?! Slow day for you?! Not much to do so you come on here and post rude things?! And really, do you have to ask “Who?” It says on there who she is! Don’t be so stupid, surely to God you have ALL heard of The Price is Right and you KNOW they have models on there, well duh! That’s who she is! You can’t say nobody knows her, TPIR has like how many people watch it, of course lots of people know who she is! Just because you don’t doesn’t mean she’s a nobody! Anyway, enough with idiots! Congrats Rachel and David! Your baby will be beautiful, I’m sure! 🙂

Anonymous on

People that are complaining about this story being “news worthy” are idiots! Is anything on this site news worthy? It’s pure entertainment. It’s very rare anything Put on this site is real news. You want news pick up a paper!

T in Texas on

WHO ? Really WHO ? Does anyone even watch the show now that Bob isn’t on it anymore ?

DaisyMoon on

Congrats to all! There is another model also expecting! Best wishes .. i watch this all the time!

Sally J. on

If you dont have good to say, SHUT UP,

T in Texas on

Who ? And no one watches the show anymore w/o good old Bob .

Susan on

WHY is this news!? Who is she?? People must really be having a slow news day…

Rebecca on

I don’t watch the price is right, haven’t in years. The dress does nothing for me, jawline I agree with. However, congrats to them and to a healthy baby. I came across this because I don’t get the magazine, that’s why i added a comment. You have to remember, when something’s in the press, it’s fair game, good or bad! You can’t get so defensive because people don’t know or care about these people.

Rebecca on

Yikes! So much for a positive announcement! Poor girl has never had press and when she does, its all NEGATIVE! First, no one can help the shape of their face, that’s low! I don’t know who they are either or really care, but I wish them a healthy pregnancy. The mom blogs on here are the best. Thanks People Online! Jessica

Rhonda on

I don’t watch the show or know who she is, but congratulations to her and her husband.

DaisyMoon on

Congratulations. I love to see a couple so excited about starting or adding an addition to their family! Good for you.

Big Fan on

If TPIR sucks so bad, why is it the longest-running game show on TV? Rachel is STUNNING, pregnant or not, and her husband is drop dead gorgeous. Sounds like a lot of haters and jealousy here. Grow up!

mary on

That will be one gorgeous baby. Congrats

Rebecca on

certainly not jealous, no one seems to know who these kids are! sounds like we got some family members in the house. can’t take this stuff so seriously. lol i have to admit kind of fun reading the comments.

Kathy on

Its refreshing to hear the couple is married! Maybe that’s the news part!

DaisyMoon on

What is Drew’s diet? Tapeworms? Wow he’s lost a lot of weight. Good for him.

Rebecca on

The Rebecca’s need to put a last name initial. I have a common name too, so I get that a lot! I guess I’m another one that doesn’t know either of these two. Best of luck regardless.

margo on

happy for her / nothing wrong with a lady expecting and on tv, the lady on Wipeout is very pretty and very preg. Some comments remind me of when teachers were not married and certainly not expecting.,was not right , they want a family like most everyone else. These babies are wanted

Kim on

Wow I have not heard the name David Dellucci in years! He used to play for the AZ diamondbacks and was a popular eligible bachelor out here. He also used to date Gena Nolin. Congrats to them both.

Angela on

I wonder if she will get to keep her job since she’s pregnant.

Jess on

I love Rachel. She seems really sweet & down to earth, well, they all are, but Rachel has that something extra. Congratulatons!

Anonymous on

Rebecca- (the one who commented about nobody wanting to see pregnant models in swimwear)- If you really ARE a guy (hard to believe, as I’ve yet to meet a man named Rebecca!), I hope you never get married and have kids. If you do, I feel sorry for your future wife!

Luckily, there ARE guys out there that realize that pregnancy does not make a woman less attractive, and in fact find their wives MORE attractive when they’re pregnant! A man who is disgusted by the idea of a pregnant body, in my opinion, has no business procreating!

Anonymous on

Okay, why are so many people asking who she is? IT SAYS SO RIGHT IN THE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!! And if you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t be commenting.

Anyway, congrats to Rachel and her husband!

DaisyMoon on

Damn Rebecca chill and get a life!!!

Maggie on

Celebbabylover, it’s the same two people (Rebecca and DaisyMoon) posting over and over again. Just ignore the crazy.

Robyn on

First, Rachel is not 29!!!!! I absolutely LOVE host Drew Carey. He makes the show FUN and not boring like Bob Barker. The models are allowed to speak and interact now. Stay on forever Drew….

LSU on

It looks to us like JB had a few too many and I’m not talking TD’s! Don’t listen to that banter.

Congratulations y’all!

dg01 on

Po’ ole Bob Barker,,

Gene on

Wow Rebecca this must be newsworthy enough for you to leave 20 comments! Put the bag of chips down, turn off the computer, loose the jealousy, and get a life! Hey go get a job because you can’t make any money posting comments for a living. Congrats to the lovely couple!

Gene on

Rebecca, the only way you can get on PEOPLE is to make negative comments!

Anonymous on

Congrats to both of you im sure u both will have a beautiful baby ur a beautiful model I watch price is right everyday

Chuck on

Oh, and plenty of people continue to watch TPiR since Barker’s departure (myself included)…besides, since she’s a model on TV’s longest running game show, I think Rachel’s pregnancy is def worthy of a story here.

I'm Here on

Disgusting! I don’t tune it to watch fat cow pregnant models. She should be off the air and fired.

jean on

I think its great
Love Rachael watch Price is Right everyday or record
Miss Bob also like Drew, he is great
congrats to Rach & David she is adorable