Bill Rancic: Baby’s On His Way!

08/29/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup

The final countdown is on: Baby boy is almost here!

After spending the last few days in Vail, Colo. exploring nature — from fly fishing to mountain hikes — and enjoying a variety of sweet and savory treats, Bill and Giuliana Rancic‘s babymoon is coming to a close.

Expecting their first child — a son! — via a gestational carrier, the couple have received the much anticipated call that their surrogate is now in labor, E! News confirms.

“It’s Game Time…” the proud dad-to-be Tweeted Wednesday evening.

And with fans eager to hear the news, Giuliana took to Twitter to confirm, “[You] all will be [first] to know.”

— Anya Leon

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Carrie on

I just got chills!! How exciting. They’ve waited so long. Best wishes for a safe delivery little guy!!!

nicole on

Miracles do come true. their journey they shared, the highs & the heart breaking lows, its easy to give up, so u no they r going to be loving,caring, protecting parents & gulianna has a beautiful spirit:) Bill will be their protecter, w/that combo that precious boy will hv a more love than material, god bless yr new family!

Sabrina on

I am so excited for them! They will be spectacular parents and that baby boy will be so loved. I hope he comes tonight before midnight. It’s my husbands birthday and he has followed their journey with me. Best of luck and I cannot wait to see this beautiful baby!

Kensington Scott on

So happy for them! They deserve this so much!

Unkown on

YES YES YES YES YES!!! So happy for them! Congrats!

Kaity on

Yay!! That’s so exciting! Finally, some happy, wonderful news for this amazing couple! They totally deserve this.

bonnie on

that will be great when they finally get their little baby..great way to have a baby given her situation.

B on

YAAAAAAAAY!!!! I am beyond exited to read this, ie followed their journey for so long and this is just so thrilling to see their dream come to fruition. All the best to you both and your carrier!

Aubrey on

There is nothing sweeter than the birth of a baby, but especially one so eagerly anticipated for so long! I’m so happy they are finally getting the baby of their dreams after a tough journey!!

hope1313 on

Congrats!! You both have waited so long for this and have overcome obstacles that would have made others quit. You will be amazing parents, and your son will be one lucky little boy!

Ladybug on

Every baby should be loved as much as this one!

Laura on

I am so happy for you guys!!!! You deserve all the happiness that is about to come your way and more. Congratulations and enjoy this new phase in your journey together as a family.

anon on

YAY! They really deserve it after all they’ve been through!

bonnie on

this is such a great way to have a child, especially after all she has gone thru with breast cancer and all..everything goes really well with the birth, and transfer from the gestational carrier.

essie on

who cares?!

dee on

Well, YOU care, since u read the story 😦

Angelia on

There are a lot of people who care!! 🍀

Chaz on

How can you be so bloody evil? You better hope that you don’t ever have to go through even a fraction of what this brave couple have had to endure, you twisted prick

Jules on

Wow… would hate to get on your bad side. Overkill on the comment.

kenya on

Rude idiot!! 😡

KittyKat48 on

You obviously don’t have a heart. This baby is coming home to two great parent’s that have suffered great heartbreak and now they are getting their wonderful son. So keep listening to Brittany and STFU!!!!

Jessica_H on

Im so excited for them!!

Alysia on

I am so so happy for them. I feel such love from them. This is such an exiting event. Come on baby boy Rancic!

kathy Bando on

i just got the chills while reading this!!Typically, i don’t care too much about celebs and their baby news, but they have been thru so much and deserve this. sooo happy for them!!

Melissa on

So hoping and praying that all goes well with a safe delivery!!!!

Happy! on

I’m so happy for them! It seems silly since I don’t even know them, but they seem like such a genuine couple and they’ve had so many challenges. I’m sure they will enjoy every minute!

Amber on

I could not be more happier for bill and Guiliana. AHHHHHHHH! This couple will be an amazing team of parents. Congrats and can’t wait to hear a name!

Emma on

How exciting!?!? If only every child was anticipated to be loved like this, the world would be a much better place.

Irene on

Congrats !!!! Many prayers and joys coming to you both – so deserving of this birth !! B

Anonymous on

I dont know u. but i watch the show…congrats!!!! u both deserve it..he is ur miracle and he is the reason Guiliana is alive n well..they say things happen for a reason. n that doctor ordering mammo first ..was a good thing! enjoy your little Ranic…

Peaches on

So happy for them!!! It will be a beautiful baby for a lovely couple- Love and prayers for a happy healthy baby

Tara on

Beyond thrilled! Couldn’t be more excited if it was my baby! They’ve been through so much and their dreams are finally coming true!! God Bless them all!!!

Kellie on

Super excited for them! 🙂 Long time coming…

terry on

welcome baby rancic. you are one lucky little one

Peaches on

so happy for them- a beautiful baby for a great couple- best of luck

Safira on

So happy for them!

terry on

We are soooooo happy for you guys. How wonderful to be so loved.

Angelia on

Why say such hurtful things?

Jennifer on

Congratulations and hopes for a healthy safe delivery! Anyone who has faced infertility would not be anything but thrilled for this loving, committed, and deserving couple. Parenthood is the most wonderful, challenging job on earth!!

anonymous on

You are absolutely right. I have dealt with infertility and not able to have a baby. So so so happy for them.

Patricia Ramsey on

Congrats to you both and may GOD bless your new little one. All the best to you.

Natalie on

I got chills too! Soo happy for them : )

Anonymous on

I am not a fan of hers but I am so happy for her and Bill. Congrats and I cannot wait to see them holding that baby

Lori on

Prayers for a safe delivery!

Cameron's Mommy on

congrats, i am so happy for you both….happy,happy…joy,joy !!!!

Lauren on

So excited for them! Congrats!!

Andrea on

I love love love this couple! So exciting! I believe they will make great parents!!

denise on

Oh my god almost there. Best wishes to everyone. Cheers to baby boy Rancic.

Angelia on

Dear GOD,
Please bless this family with a safe delivery of their baby boy. We thank you for your mercy and grace!!

Heather M. on

SOOOOO Happy for Giuliana & Bill!!! So exciting!!! You are gonna be awesome parents!!

Anna on

If u can’t say anything F… nice, keep ur mouth shut!!!!

CJ on

Hey Jan… come across as 100% mean, nasty and just plain ugly inside!

Ari on

They’ve been through so much to get here! Congrats and best wishes for a speedy and safe delivery!

Anonymous on

What a lucky Baby Boy to have parents like Bill and Giuliana!

Marcia on

Hope everything goes well and they all experience a smooth birth.

xtina on

So happy!!!

Harrietta on

So happy for them both. Praying for a save labor & arrival of baby R.


One lucky baby is on his way. Blessings to them all.

Anonymous on

Congratulations!….so happy for you guys!

Ashley on

Yayyy! I was hoping he’d come on September 1, their anniversary and my son’s 1st birthday. I am over the moon for these two! They are amazing people.

betty on

Best of luck have a beautiful. Baby .

Puckersbabe on

YAY!!!! I just cannot wait! I’ve been waiting for this moment for them for what seems like forever! Grats to the Rancics, and I can’t wait to hear his name (even though I heard Edward was tossed around!) Woo hoo!!!

Anna on

I am happy for them, but STOP TRAVELLING! E! is not important and neither are the business ventures! I hope they raise their son, not a nanny!

emily on

Bless your hearts and congratulations! So happy to see two people so excited to meet their miracle, he’s already so loved. And well done surrogate!

Lola on

Gotta say…I am so excited for them. This baby is so desired by them, and I just have to imagine they are going to be such wonderful parents. Praying for all involved and wishing them much joy, happiness and health.

lucy on

Congrats …..lots of luck…may you have a healthy bouncing baby boy!

Nicole on

Congratulations!!!! ❤ Cant wait to hear what his name is. xoxoxoxoxoxox.

Linda Reich on

I am happy for them too but how long has this baby been coming? It is like Jessica Simpson’s birth. It took 13 months!

me on

You come across as 100% ignorant. Really? Was that necessary?

susan v on

I am beyond thrilled for G and Bill. I feel like I know this couple. I’ve always loved her and was so happy when she found such a great husband. I watch their show and felt so sad for them between the infertility problems and G’s breast cancer. I am so thrilled for them and they truly deseve this beautiful baby boy and all the happiness and joy he will bring. God bless all 3 of them and congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Phillips Family on

Sending prayers for a safe, healthy delivery of your little blessing and a swift recovery for your beautiful surrogate.

Anonymous on

really jan gay that is so wrong and obnoxious you are ignorant

suz on

I mean really Jan?? how ignorant selfish and pathetic can you be?? Best of luck to both of them and their baby boy and the birthing mom!

Anonymous on

Sooooooooo excited for them!!!!! Its about time they found happiness & a new bundle of joy!!!

Betty on

I think of all the celeb pregnancies that have been announced this year, this is is the one that I am most excited about. They have been through so much and to have it culminate in a beautiful baby boy is absolutely fantastic. I have t admit when I found out that these two were getting married I thought it wouldn’t last mainly because of him. But he truly seems to lover her very much and I am totally excited for them. Can’t wait to hear what they name him and pictures. Congratulations to Giuliana and Bill

suz on

really Jan – please you are pathetic and ignorant – I feel sorry for you – God bless the baby, Bill and G and the surrogate who carried him……

flower on

YEAH!!!! I am so happy for them!!!!!

michelle on

I am so excited for you guys !!! You guys went through so much !! cant wait until we see your new bundle of joy !!!

Amber on

Omg….and so it begins. We’re going to be hearing about this kid non-stop…

Randi on

If you dont care for it, why read it? You must not have anything better to do!

ha! on

I know a nice little church for you.

Kiki on

Yay!!!!! God bless your family. Keep us posted.

Tiffany on

Aww yay! Always exciting when there’s a baby coming.

mytwocents on

I’m so excited for them!! They are such an inspiring couple an this couldn’t happen to two better people!!

Cinder Lou on

This is so sweet … how exciting and wonderful for them. And bless the heart of the woman who agreed to become their surrogate. Congratulations all around.

Anonymous on

So happy for you both!!!!!!!

Eli on

She looks like ET in that photo. Just sayin.

Anonymous on

Am so excited for them all…come on healthy wonderful baby boy xoxoxox

missy on

At first I thought this couple was sweet and everything that was happening to her was truly sad. But now each and everydetail put out there is a way too public way for these events , what , I feel should be private moments in a couples Life together , not for the whole world to see. JMHO

Randi on

To each their own….but if you think things should be private why are you on a gossip site?

Mesa on

Jan: thanks for reminding me of all the pathetic, close-minded, judgmental dumbasses in our country! For 1, what of he is gay??? Is that illegal? For 2, he is very well educated & successful, who just happens to be good-looking. Pull your head out of Fred Phelps backside and join the rest of us Americans in 2012!

Kathy K. on

Prayers for a safe and JOYFUL arrival of this most wanted gift of life!

nicole on

Gay,straight, a wanted baby that will have love & a good family people who will love him & protect him. Who cares if they both were gay. U must not no real luv, feel sorry for u. Karma! & what a beautiful boy they will have:) a baby, a blessing, to gay, straight, bi, trans, love & security & values is a all a child needs. Go Bill & G, so happy happy for u & can’t wait till u intro yr lil man;) god bless

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them. After all these two have been through, they are so deserving of this blessing!!!

Anonymous on

Anna- Who says they won’t take the baby with them when they travel? Babies are very adaptable, and baby boy Rancic may very well grow to enjoy all the travels with his parents! 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them, and I hope for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby boy!

Anonymous on

I am so happy for them!! They have been through so much together, they deserve this blessing more than anybody. And what a lucky little boy to be born into such a loving family!

Anonymous on

Anyone else think that the headline E!Online used to announce this is incredibly disrespectful to the surrogate? It reads: “It’s Game Time! Giuliana and Bill Rancic in Labor!” Uh, newsflash, E!, it’s the surrogate that’s in labor, not Giuliana and Bill!

anne on

So excited for you both.

Brock on

Let’s all take one shot for every unnecessary and rude comment.

You may not like these two, but really think about everything they have been through as a couple- infertility, miscarriage, breast cancer. It has not been an easy ride, but Bill has stuck by his wife and Guliana has stuck by her husband. They are very caring and supportive of each other and deserve to be treated with respect. If you don’t care or don’t like them don’t read an article. The “who cares” comments that people post about every article has run its course, be more creative…

tufenuf55 on

Your fan base knows how long you have been waiting for meeting your first born. I have been a fan of Bill’s since the first Apprentice show. Love you too, G. Best wishes!

Anonymous on

love this!!!

Deserie on

Congrats to this couple not to many people can bare babys I am one if I can afford a suragate I will do the same but I leave it in gods hands this babyboy will be loved god bless u both 🙂

Erin on

so excited for them!!

stacey mc on

Children are such a wonderful gift and a blessing and a privilege. I know from personal experience, the road to parenthood was not one that was unpaved. Guiliana and Bill clearly have such big hearts and an endless amount of desire and love to fill their home with one child or a handful. Nasty, ignorant comments by a select few are hateful and ignorant, shame on you for being so inhumane- God bless the Depandi and Rancic families 🙂

Mrs JP on

Awwww that is wonderful, congrats to the happy couple 🙂

Tisha on

Im so Happy for the Rancic family….Congratulations and God’s most wonderful blessings!

rebecca on

so happy for them!!!! im sure its gonna be a really lucky baby because he is going to have two amzing parents!!!! they deserve the best

Anonymous on

I am sick of these two and I stopped caring after they became ridiculously over exposed. There I said it…..
Why are these people the new Mary and Joseph?????
Let us read stories from you of ppl that have had the same challenges who aren’t rich.

twxas attitude on

If your so sick of this couple then why are you reading this article ??? Seems to that all the people on here saying negative things about something so special in this couples lives are nothing but attention seekers. Go somewhere else with your negative comments and get your attention somewhere else because I’m sure I can say this for most of the people on here we could care less about you

Randi on

Misery loves company!


Oh gosh.. The baby isn’t even born yet and here they are blabbering on about him already.

Sophie on

Is that how you get your kicks? Making completely stupid remarks on a blog? These two have gone through an awful lot to be parents. Here’s hoping someone like you hasn’t had the privilege to be a parent.

Jeff on

gee kinda strange that they were on vaction while waiting kinda of disrespectful to the women carring their child

Randi on

They were on a “babymoon” in the same state she is delivering in! Get the story straight before trying to make a rude comment…

Mac on

I am soooooo urber excited for these two. Their dream is finally coming true. She is going to be a beautiful mommy. I love her. May you all feel the love …

Kelli on

And you come off as a complete asshole…

Aria on

I’m so excited for them!

someone on

@Jan.. LOL. Too funny.

Mrs JP on

@ Jan and your ignorant comment ( jan on August 29th, 2012
He comes across as 100% gay. )

Why just you admit it to yourself! Your a bigot and ignorant!

meghan on

Longest pregnancy ever. Maybe if this poor boy’s parents weren’t such attention whores…

Randi on

Yet they have YOUR attention….

Sunny on

Really? We have had to liten to every second of this couples issues. Talk about attention addicts.

Randi on

Yet, they have YOUR attention!

Amanda on

So happy for them! May God continue to bless the Rancics!

Kat on

I am so happy. I got chills. I am so happy for you both. I have 17 months old son. You will love him right away ❤❤

sm on

How exciting this is for these two genuine people.

Janet on

God bless, the surrogate, baby, and Bill and G!! May everyone be healthy and happy, Congrats!!!!

meghan on

It says a lot that this man’s first thought was, “Must tweet my followers”.

Randi on

Its the same as people texting and calling….

bec on

so very happy and excited for them! i love them both and i cant wait to see the babe and see what they named him!

mandt711 on

So very happy for them!!!!

texas attitude on

Congratulations Rancics!! May god keep everyone safe during this delivery

Stormy on

So happy for them I know they have waited so long for
this moment to hear the babies first cries is so
emotional ! Best wishes …
So what if they travel , I had a baby that was only 4 months
old when we took a cross country trip in a car and he
did just fine the same with my daughter she was only
3 months old when we did the same trip with her
and my son , Babies are amazing at adapting
and quite the awesome little travelers !

tabitha on

They are not attention addicts. They are taking us all on their journey of infertility, breast cancer and a miracle birth of their son. That is why they are documenting every moment. They are beyong excited and happy that they will finally be having a child. A thing a lot of women take for granted and women whom should never have had a child take for granted. This is for all the couples trying to have a child, gay or straight, black or white. It is their journey and while I don’t really know them, I am priveledged to be able to have a smile on my face at the thought they will now know the joys of parenthood..

Kelly on

And you Jan sound 100% ignorant !!!!

KittyKat48 on

You are a Douche

Liza on

As a new grandma to a 3 month old baby boy, many prayers for this lovely little family. This baby has been loved and wanted for a long time!! I know you will be great parents.

anyone on

It appears that he does not work and she reports on celebrities. This hardly makes them an amazing couple. She did have breast cancer, which was fortunately detected at a very early stage, which she chose to treat aggressively. I feel these two are a bit disingenuous in their release of information to their “fans”.

Julianne on

Game time? Idiotic.

anyone on

Uber gross anorexic couple.

Penny on

100% agree. I don’t like either one of them.

Brandy on

@ Penny, if you don’t like either one of them then why the hell are you reading an article about them! You’re a 100% bitch!!!!

Anonymous on

Anonymous (the one who asked why Giuliana and Bill are “the new Mary and Joseph”)- PEOPLE is a celebrity website, so it’s a little unreasonable to expect them to post about “regular’ people going through infertility.

Jeff- They went to Colorado to be closer to the surrogate as she approached her due date (she lives there and they didn’t want to take her away from her home to give birth). The vacation is secondary to that (they decided they may as well make the best of it and have a “babymoon” in CO while they were waiting!).

And to everyone complaining about how much they’ve shared about their son….They’ve been wanting to be parents for YEARS and have gone through h*$l to achieve that goal. I’d say they’ve more than earned the right to gush about their greatest dream coming true!

Penny on

I just wanted to comment that peopke go through this every day. They are not put as a “top story”. Congratulations on your baby bay. News worthy? Not really. Snookie wasn’t either. Come on People there is a lot better news out there. Maybe I would care if I liked them. I don’t so I don’t care..

Penny on

* people. ** they are not news worthy to be a top story.

Penny on

They are rich and they bought their baby. Thats not a miracle.

crystal on

they’re gonna be 60 when their kid graduates high school…yay for them being selfish….i couldn’t imagine being in my 40’s and JUST starting a family.

Amy on

Is anything private with these two? What’s going to happen when the cameras go away?

Brandy on

And you come across as 100% duchebag!!!

Cassandra on

I wish them health and happiness. Its wonderful and I’m very happy for you both. That child will be blessed to have you as parents. Thanks for making my night and for sharing your joy. Xo

Lisa d. on

Oh,well.From now on we will be hearing updates about this boy every single day:(

sojourner on

I am so tired of your obsession with babies! There are too many people on this planet, why don’t you focus on something else? For example, why don’t you focus on people who chose to not contribute to the population explosion?

Heidi on

So happy for them!!!!! What an amazing dream come true!!!!;) I wish them both much joy in the years to come!!!

Anonymous on

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited like i’m gives birth myself;))

sojourner on

I’ve been waiting to see my post and do not know why it has not been published. My comment is: I am weary of your website’s obsession about babies! Our planet is way overpopulated. Why don’t you applaud those who chose to NOT contribute to overpopulation? Thank you.

Kelli W on

Jan: And you come across as 100% ignorant.

sunshine on

i watched thier journey in having a baby on their reality show and now the time has come. B&G deserve all the happiness and joy!

Andriana on

when women wait to be 40 to have a child, they end up with a surrogate, best case. It’s not fair to the girl that is giving birth to the baby, even if she gets money.

Sash on

I am soooo happy for you guys 🙂 🙂 ! I hope he is one healthy handsome boy 🙂 🙂 !! You def deserve this 🙂 🙂 !!

Lucy on

Soooo happy for them!~~ Are people confused? Log on to Fox news or others hard news website!! Seriously do you go to a clothing store and bitch that they don’t sell food?!!!
Go awayyy!!!!

linda on

That name is AWFUL! It’s just as bad as Penelope Scotland. Poor kid. Bet Bill picked this name. He always seems to demand to get his way

Pam on

i am absolutely thrilled. I love love love Bill and Giuliana and couldnt be happier. That baby will be so very very loved…Big congrats

Eva on

Sojurner, you’re a twit.

Marie on

So exciting! Congrats You guys!