Graham Elliot Welcomes Son Jedediah Lindsay

08/27/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Graham Elliot

The tiniest cook in the kitchen has arrived.

MasterChef judge Graham Elliot and wife Allie welcomed son Jedediah Lindsay Bowles on Saturday, Aug. 25, he confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby boy weighed in at 9 lbs., 2 oz. and joins big brothers Conrad, 23 months, and Mylo, 5.

“They’re super excited for a new baby and can’t wait to play with him,” says Elliot, 35, of his elder sons, who wore big brother t-shirts to welcome Jedidiah home.

“Allie’s dad’s name is Jed and my dad’s middle name is Lindsay,” the chef and owner of G.E.B. explains of the name choice.

“The names Jed and [Lindsay] don’t get used often, and they’re part of our family history, so why not embrace that?”

MasterChef airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Courtesy Graham Elliot

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Liza Hamm

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kristin on

Congrats Chef! He is beautiful! Love those cheecks!

ccct0304 on

Yeah, now he needs to get healthy so he’s here to watch his kids grow up.

Karen on

Not the place or time .in fact none of youe business. If you cant find it in your heart to wish them well then please say nothinf at all. Perhaps you werent taught that lesson

claudio on

what a cute chubby boy. he looks like his dad. congrats on your new bundle of joy.

Emily on

Congrats Chef!

Maggie on

Yeah he definitely needs to lose some weight so he’ll be around for his kids 😦 Beautiful baby!

Karen on

Lets keep the focus on this beautiful baby and a truly happy family

Aria on

What a little sweetheart! He looks like his daddy.

Anonymous on

Now THAT’S a cute baby!

Dee on

He is a sweet baby!!! Congrats to the family πŸ™‚

Krista on

Too cute!!!!

Crick on

Cute baby, brutal name, fat@ss dad.

Karen on

Adorable baby wonderful name ( i will assume they didnt ask for your input) and handsome successful blessed man

April on

Congratulations Graham and Family! Love the onesie !!! πŸ™‚

Melissa on

seriously?! WTH is wrong with you….you people are so miserable you can’t even just say congratulations?? You have to attack Chef on his weight. You shoudl be ashamed. CONGRATULATIONS Chef, he’s gorgeous.

Julie on

Congratulations on the beautiful baby!

@ccct0304 & Maggie
Despite popular belief, you cannot presume to know a person’s health based solely on their size. There are plenty of overweight and obese people who are perfectly healthy. Just like there are plenty of “ideal” and under weight people who are unhealthy.

Anonymous on

Cute baby….movie bad guy name. They probably should have let those names slip right on out of the family. Baby looks a lot like dad already!

trissy on

Mom is very cute and thin. Hope she gets to be on top.

Karen on

Really? They have just been blessed with this child and thats your comment? Obviously you dont have a filter between your ‘brain’ and mouth so it might be wise to just say congratulations and leave it at that.

and hope that no one is rude to you and other half like yoy have been. Just really rude.

Anonymous on

Okay, I’m confused. In the post where they announced the pregnancy (which is linked to from this post), they mentioned that they were going to name him Jedidah Pope and that Pope was the middle name of everyone on Graham’s father’s side. Yet now they’re saying that Graham’s father’s middle name was Lindsay (and thus NOT all males on that side have the middle name Pope)?! What gives?!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Also, is Graham’s real last name Bowles or something (I’m asssuming so, since that’s the baby’s last name)?

Anonymous on

Okay, nevermind my second post. I was just reading a post about the birth of his second son, and his mother commented on it, listing her last name as Bowles. So obviously that answers my question about whether that’s his real last name! πŸ™‚

ccct0304 on

Someone copied my screenname cause I definetly did NOT write that mean comment.. That is crazy to me!!

Anonymous on

congrats- cute baby!

Anonymous on

Absolutely cute boy! Very weird name, but is not bad because a boy got his name in legacy of his grandfathers!

Rhonda on

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. He’s so cute with his chubby, kissable cheeks.

Nannyto1 on

I can’t believe some of the rude things people post on a story about the arrival of a baby…. how rude!!!! Congrats Graham and Allie. What a sweet baby boy and I think it’s awesome that you embraced family names for your new arrival.

Guest on

WTH is it with some of these people commenting on this man’s weight when the article is about the birth of his son?! Congratulations to him and his wife on their newest bundle of joy. He’s absolutely adorable. πŸ™‚

Dafftygrams on

Congratulations to the family.

Negative comments have no place here. Geezus.

Darlene Bomnskie on

The name Jedediah comes from Yedidya, a Hebrew name meaning “Friend of God” or “beloved of God”. What a beautiful name!

Kait on

@ Anon – Elliot is his middle name – professionally he dropped his last name.

Jen on

Congrats on that beautiful boy. Love the onesie, too!

Jeana on

very cute and nice looking family

Whoa on

Too bad he most likely wont be around to see his kid grow up…that dude is a HOUSE!!!

trishdish2001 on

Congrats Chef!!!! Beautiful baby!!! Wish people could just post positive comments! Remember this is about his family!!!

Vanessa on

If you have ever watched MasterChef, you would know that Graham Elliot is a kind person. Who cares if he’s overweight!

Congrats to the family!

boohoobytch on

he really needs to lose weight – congrats

Melissa on

Congrats on the adorable baby! To the people commenting in his weight, most people know when they are overweight, you don’t need to point it out and make them feel bad!


He is adorable!!! Those cheeks are a good match for Jessica Simpson’s daughter, LOL. He does look like his Dad already.

Jaylynn on

Precious! Love Graham Elliot!

Olivienne on

I LOVE that he used the middle name Lindsay for his son — I’m planning on doing the same, since it’s an old family name on my mom’s side. πŸ™‚ I thought the baby wasn’t supposed to be born until September — he was early and he still was a big one!

Laura on

Cute baby! I think he looks like his dad πŸ™‚

tlc on

So I assume that all of you commenting on Graham’s weight are stick thin and work out every day? If not, then SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES!!!

Graham is an AMAZING chef, a Michelin star winner and one of the most popular “famous” chefs in the country. HE is kind and sweet and is an amazing man who’s accomplished a lot in his life. Why all the hate?

It digusts me the amount of sanctimonious, judgemental people that read here. Most times, I think you just bash others to make your own miserable lives better.

Congrats to Graham and Allie….he is adorable, just like your other two boys. πŸ™‚

yandelina on

congratulations…. Pretty big boy… I love masterchef!!!! πŸ˜ƒ

meghan on

Thank you to all the wonderful people choosing this moment for making the gentleman feel like crap about his weight. I’m sure he never noticed before that he is overweight. I’m sure he is SO grateful for having it brought to his attention!

Nicole on

Congratulations to the happy Family! πŸ™‚ Love the name of your boys they are so neat and differnt. πŸ™‚

To some of the people who are posting mean things it is not really your Busisness to be judging any one on the way they look. Remember we are not all PERFECT.

Sharon on

Aaaw he is adorable!! Cant people just congratulate the family without nasty comments?!

Anonymous on

As other posters have said, I’m sure Graham is well aware that he’s overweight. And for all we know, maybe he’s trying to do something about it! Losing weight, especially when you’re as big as Graham, is often very difficult and can take year.

This is because most of the time you have to both lose the weight AND change your behavior towards food (i.e., stop comfort-eating or otherwise overeating) in order to keep it off. And considering Graham’s profession, the latter is probably going to be a lot more difficult for him than for most people!

All of that aside, who would trust a skinny chef anyway?! πŸ˜‰

Megan on

Awwwww so chubby and adorable he has cheeks like my daughter does so cute