Spotted: Benicio del Toro’s Lovely Ladies

08/27/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Baby’s day out!

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro were spotted leaving a friend’s home Saturday with daughter Delilah, who celebrated her first birthday Tuesday — the same day Mom turned 33.

The night prior, Stewart and del Toro, 45, along with her father Rod Stewart, stepmother Penny Lancaster Stewart and brother Sean commemorated the occasion at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive,” the Oscar-winning actor’s rep confirmed to PEOPLE upon the announcement of the pregnancy in April 2011.

“Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

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Kayte on

I’m confused…’Although they are not a couple…’ ?? What does this mean? Are they friends with benefits who made two babies? Is he just her sperm donor? Odd.

Suz.c on

I think it means they were together long enough to make a baby, but that they were never a couple!

Brooke on

Benicio is so handsome….but there he looks like a homeless man.

Brittany on

Kayte- They only have one child.

kendrajoi on

For being the result of the most random hook-up ever, Delilah is super cute!

Rachael on

Don’t know much about him, but just have to say – what is on his head?

Rachel on

Kayte the quote about her being pregnant is from a 2011 article. They only have one child. My guess is a one night stand after some Hollywood party.

Mina on

I think they should be the faces of advertisements for pro-life. Look at that amazingly beautiful little girl who was the result of an accident. I too have an amazingly smart little boy who was the result of an accident. There was much thought and talk about abortion, but I ultimatly could not do it and I thank my lucky starts every day that I didnt go thru with it!! He is the smartest boy in his whole grade. His friends parents love him because he is so mature, well-behaved, thoughtful, and just downright nice. And to think what I could have done. The choice I had….

Jessica on

Save your pro-life babble. You made the right choice for you, end of story. Your choice does not have to be the same as every other persons.

Rachel on

Her choice doesn’t have to be the same as everyone elae’s but she does have the right to state her opinion.

Lala on

She’s saying she made the right choice, for her. While it may not be the right choice for everyone, there are woman that struggle with that decision. So her experience is proof, that they can have a child, and be happy.

Liz on


Candy Barr on

Thank you! I am a substitute teacher and listen to stories everyday from some kid whose mother did not want him or her. Yet they have three and four more spread out over a 15-year span by three to four men. Sickening!

Hayley on

Happy for you that you made a good choice for YOU, Mina, but you have no right to take away another woman’s right to opt for abortion if she chooses it.

Kyla on

While I am pro-life for myself, I wouldn’t be so arrogant to believe my choice should be legislated into law for everyone.

K on

Same here. It was scary at first, how am I going to do this?! Now, it is like…life without my daughter I can’t imagine!

Elle on

Good for them and good for you, but mind your business! A cute kid is not a reason to decide for someone else.

moondancer on

Just wait to when your little darling turns 14 and becomes a rebellious teenager without a father you’ll have second thots about that one night stand.

srsly on

Jessica, I agree. Mina’s choice was just that – a choice, and the same choice every woman should be able to make for herself. As for Benicio and Kimberly, I am happy that they seem to be able to spend time together with their baby girl, whatever their relationship may be at this point or in the future.

Tiffany on

They should use the “choice” to use birth control. Don’t want a baby?? Use birth control. It’s that simple.

Melissa on

Because birth control is 100% effective, right? ::eyeroll::

mary on

Jessica, spot on. Thanks for saying what you said.

Meep on

Not so sounds like a jerk but when it comes to making babies… there are NO accidents. If two people, such as these two, have unprotected sex, then the resulting child was not an accident. I’m sure they both knew where babies came from and how they were made. They didn’t use protection and she got pregnant… not an accident.

Birth control failure, such as what happened in my case with this current pregnancy is also NOT an accident since we all know that birth control is not 100% in all cases. While pregnancy sometimes may not be intentional, having sex can result in pregnancy. We all know this.

I’m glad they have a mutual understanding and are both in the child’s life, they seem like they’ve found a great medium in parenting. By the way, my comment here is not in pro-life or pro-choice, just logic.

Randi on

I agree! Unless you are using birth control and it fails, pregnancy is NOT an accident.

Janna on

Meep… do you think you’re sharing some hidden knowledge with the world? WTH was that spiel all about anyway?

Anonymous on

Meep- Actually, birth control failure is an accident! The word can have many different definitions, one of which, per Merriam-Webster, is: “an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance”

Any pregnancy caused by birth control is certainly an unforseen, unplanned event (since although no birth control is 100 percent effective, you don’t expect to get pregnant while using it!)!

At any rate, I think we can probably agree that Kimberly’s pregnancy was unintended!

Anonymous on

I have to say that I wonder about what their situation is, too? I don’t mean to start rumors, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s another Clay Aiken situation (i.e., they’re friends, one or both of them is gay, and they both wanted children, leading them to make a decision to have and raise children together as friends)?

Or perhaps it WAS a one-night stand but they ended up becoming a couple after the baby was born.


Why are you comparing Kimberly S. choice to have a baby with other women’s? Kim could afford such mistakes with Random Hookups because her Dad is a Multi-Millionaire crooner and the Baby’s Daddy is also a multi-millionaire.

Kim’s life will never be derailed because when she has things to do, she has nannies. The bad timing of the baby will never have any effect on her life or the baby’s life. Even if Benicio were the worst person in the world, Kim wouldn’t NEED him!

Laura on

Kayte…it means they hooked up and she got pregnant. Regardless though it seems like they are civil and he his involved in his kid’s life.

Tiffany on

This is why I am glad I can say that I never “hooked up” with anyone. I believe that people who have sex should be in love. I am also glad that I can say that I have 3 children, all with 1 man who is also my husband, and NONE of them were accidents.

misspiggie on

This is a one night stand gone awry if I ever saw one.

Krista on

She is sooooo cute!!!


Congrats to the couple and their baby……a beautiful wife and a cute baby………..but the father needs to shave, please….thanks.

Courtney on

@Kayte-That was part of the statement from last year when they announced her pregnancy..Shes not pregnant again..They were a one night stand that resulted in a baby

Sharon on

Who cares why or how she became pregnant…or whether it was planned or not planned. That is a very old, useless discussion anymore in this day and age. The most important thing is that the child is well cared for and loved, no matter what.

K on

Exactly, thank you!! That child has a father and mother, money, family…who cares how it started?

Kimmie on

I’m not sure I’d call having a kid out of wedlock an accident or a mistake. There is a chance that we may get pregnant anytime we do the deed without protection. I’m married to my son’s father now, but we were not married when I got pregnant, so there is hope for these two. With all of the STD’s that have no cure and the ones that are making a comeback, it’s hard to believe that there are still so many people not using condoms.

Jen on

I’d say she looks like Grandpa Stewart!

SoNotHollywood on

Although they are not married, nor even a couple, it’s nice to see a guy take interest in his child. I know of a few guys that take no responsibility whatsoever and are just “sperm donors”, nothing close to a father. Way to go Benicio for stepping up and being responsible.

Side note, I can’t believe he is only 45. I thought he was at least 50…

SoNotHollywood on

Right there with Mina… Thank you. A baby is just that, a baby. NOT a choice.

Nene on

No one looks very happy!

Supastarr on

They dated for a few months and then decided to part ways and shortly after Kimberly found out she was pregnant. They still remained good friends after the break-up but when Benicio found out she was pregnant, he was very supportive and even went to some of her doctor’s visits when he was in town.

Misty on

Cute baby!

JustMe on

Married or not, when 2 parents can get along its ALWAYS better for the kids.

Nina on

Pretty little girl!

amw on

I agree with Rachel. We can all have different views and choices, but people who are pro life have the right to state their case just as people who are pro choice have the right to state theirs. I am getting a little sick of people getting all up in the faces of those who don’t agree with their choices. Peace!

zoedillinger on

wow they are adorable together! i hope they are a couple

i heard they were dating a while back hope its lasted

i have had a crush on him for ages sexy accent!

amelia on

@ Jessica…..geez why are you so angry about someone saying a positive thing about pro-life? Did you have an abortion and now regret it? A person can say they are pro-life and be happy about it. I think you need to save your angry/negative b/c they don’t reflect those of all the people here.

happy on

He looks like a hands on dad. Yikes, lights out with this one!

happy on

Made the right choice for her??? No, she had nothing and needed something to hang onto she means. Just like a lot of them, they have babies to fill a void. She doesn’t even look in love with him and he seems bored with the whole thing.

boohoobytch on

Benicio needs to get off the drugs, he looks like he hasn’t slept in years

Amy on

Stating that you are happy you didn’t choose to have an abortion in your personal situation is not necessarily a statement saying that you think abortion should be taken away as a choice from every woman everywhere. Can we please stop with the knee-jerk overreactions to simple comments, PLEASE?

Anonymous on

I believe it was a one night stand and she got pregnant. He doesn’t want to marry her but he is being a supportive father.

Adriana on

Save your pro-choice babble, Jessica…err…oops, that was rude.

What I mean is, Jessica I disagree with your opinion. It goes without saying that you have a right to express your thoughts in this public forum, and I have the right to respectfully disagree. I say that a child is a gift from God, and He never gives us more than we can handle. We are also called to love our neighbor, so I say this with good intentions and not to make anyone feel bad about choices they’ve made. God will always forgive you.

Tracey on

Abortion stops a beating heart. Truth is the truth, you can spin it anyway you want but you cannot run from the TRUTH! “Kill” a mistake…No wonder this world is so corrupt and WOMEN think the Government should pay for their birth control, please you should be ashamed of yourselves. Enough already!

Deborah on

No Kate, that quote was from 2011. She is not currently pregnant and it looks like they are distance from each other. so it seems like it’s over, they are just raising their daughter as it should be.

marie on

I must be looking at a different baby cuz I think she is kind of homely.

Anonymous on

I wish there was a like or dislike button for some of these comments!! I think it is great that these two are still friendly and can be a father and a mother to this cute little girl. Better to be happy and stable apart than to get married for a couple of years and then divorce. What’s the point? They have a little surprise to raise and nurture and hopefully they will do a good job!

carla on

My question is, why is pro-life or pro choice even being brought up in this article? It makes no sense at all under the circumstances. This is a photo of parents with their child, not an article about abortion rights or legislation. We don’t know Kimberly’s views on abortion or if it was even considered as an option in her case so why should she and her family be the faces for Pro-Life more than anyone else? Again, it makes no sense.

Penelope on

Years from now, I wonder how the baby will feel when she hears she was “an accident”………

K on

Really?! Do you live in a convent? Sex results in pregnancy, birth control doesn’t always work and most kids are not planned you twit. Most all people I know were not planned, including myself and my second child. Grow up.

Karen on

That child is adorable.

cris on

Very odd couple..whoever says he’s handsome is obviously blind and isnt she the stupid girl who fell of a motorcycle on a red carpet somewhere…baby is cute though.

Pamela on

I think yhis is an appropriate quote right now: “Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.”

Pamela on

I think this is an appropriate quote right now: “Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.”

Mina on

Carla, because most people choose not to have a baby that is an accident or to bring a child into the world if the parents are not together. That is usually the excuse of people who abort…totally not realizing that either parent can die at any moment and one income might have to raise the child themselves anyway! Happened to me. My father died and left us 4 kids to my mom.

There are better options to abortion. If you cannot afford the child, do an open adoption. You get to see your kid and be in his life, even have him know you are his birth mother! You get pics, visits, updates, news on your child…without spending a dime! AND someone who WANTS a kid, gets him! So you know he is going somewhere that he is loved and treated well!

Audieme on

@Kayte No no, I got confused as well – the article is reiterating what was announced in 2011, they don’t have another baby on the way and they are still not a “couple,” just co-parenting I assume.

Abby on

Gosh, you pro abortion people are always so angry! Lighten up! Everyone is allowed their opinion and your snapping at someone who disagrees with you is moronic.

ladyofargonne on

Unsafe sex with someone you are not dating in Hollywood no less. They are lucky a baby is what was the result. A lucky baby too. Child support on one side. Trust fund on the other.

EW on

The argument for choice is not to undergo an abortion or not, it has to do with the tax payer paying for it. I have the right for my tax dollars not to fund abortion. A woman should have the choice to pay for it herself. Get educated before commenting.

deleelee on

He looks thrilled, and I know the baby loves that hideous tobacco smell all over his clothes and hair. UGH!

as for abortion, there are plenty of “unplanned” humans who do not turn into assets or ” blessings.” It’s all pretty random, the raw material and DNA and splashes of cell division. There’s nothing particularly glamorous about humans over crocodiles or manatees or sea stars.

Her father already produced way way too many children, so this is unfortunate

Carolyn on

He looks hideous.

K.B. on

Whatever they are to each other, Benicio does not look like he’s very happy. At second look, neither does she. WTF?

JM on

If you are anti-abortion (i refuse to use the term ‘pro-life’ as it is a ridiculous description of the stance) then you are anti-women’s rights. it IS that simple. by being against the choice to abort or not abort you are setting feminism back decades. it’s a harsh truth most ‘pro-lifers’ don’t want to admit to so they pretend like it isn’t the case. but it is.

i believe in women having the right to determine their own lives, therefore i believe in the right to to choose. simple as that.

Dee on

Baby girl is very adorable….her daddy is so handsome and my biggest crush ever!!!

Who cares if they are together, they made a decision to bring her into the world and seem to be co-parenting as best they can. That is to be commended.

B on

Jesus why are women so hard on each other.

So tired of seeing all the negativity.

zee on

Please get it a rest and give us a break by saying a birth is an accident. It’s pretty simple folks. If the woman isn’t using birth control and the man isn’t using a condom, no matter what words are coming out of their mouths, they want a baby. If sex is intentional, then the baby that is produced from unprotected sex is intentional. Having a child is no accident!!

carla on


My point is this is not the platform for a pro-life/pro-choice debate. Again, we do not know Kimberly’s stance on abortion or the circumstances under which her child was conceived. To say that she should be the face for a movement that she may or may not be an advocate of is ridiculous.

Cheryl on

Well, she has a source of income now ! Ha Ha

Daffygrams on

Kayte, they only have the one child. They were friends with benefits or didn’t date long.

Article is referring to the news when it first came out last year. She is not pregnant again.

Daffygrams on

Rachel, I apologize. I didn’t see that you already answered Kayte’s question.

Lacey on

It doesn’t matter what the situation was when Deliliah was conceived. She has 2 devoted loving parents. Benicio could have easliy just paid Kimberly off and kept himself away from public knowledge, and Deliliah’s knowledge that is her father, but he didn’t. I think that speak volumes of him making himself responsible and mature.

Anonymous on

Who is homeless guy???

Kim on

Kimberly has little income and no real career to speak of so she saw some celebrity peen and she had to jump on it. Women who have unsafe sex with no birth control want to get pregnant it is not that hard to figure out. She now gets a big fat child support check for the next 18 years. Next time Benicio will hopefully be more careful.

pamiry on

he is wrong for that red belt

1coolgranny on

Is this a new hollywood trend??

Denise on

You’re all disgusting. How can you just assume this little girl was a mistake? You don’t know anything about Kimberly or Benicio, about their relationship or why they chose to have this baby. I hope little Delilah will never read these stupid comments, as she WILL question whether she was an accident or not. You lot have no right to make these stupid assumptions.

Kayte on

You claim that ‘most kids are not planned’…What a sad world you must live in if you really believe that. I’m sorry that you and your child were not planned, but that is simply not true of most babies.

Alison on

@ Kayte: They made it clear the baby was just the result of a one-night stand. It was never a relationship.

Colleen on

I don’t think Jessica’s angry ….I think she feels what I do in the sense that it’s one thing if anonymous is pro-life, but this is a people blog in response to an article. We DONT need to her about anonymous’s “mistake” as she called her child and hearing about her one night stand. Jesus, keep SOME THINGS PRIVATE, and don’t air that type of laundry. Is she going to share her cycle with us also? ??????

Anonymous on

To Kayte (below) it means that they effed one time in the heat of the moment and neither of them was smart enough to think about protection. That’s what it means.

shalalala on

Delilah is adorable! Yeah, *I* would never kill someone, but hey, if my neighbor wants to kill someone who could potentially inconvenience her life, it’s not my place to judge. oh, wait… that’s wrong. But abortion is different, right?

Denise on

1952 called, it wants it oldfashioned, ridiculous opinions back. My god, the world be so much better without judgemental, ignorant people like yourself. Shame on you.

Shea on

Wow. Article about two people leaving a party with their child turns into a political forum. Is it November already?

Dee on

Hey Haley, Just because a woman has a right to choose to k i l l her baby doesn’t make it right or moral.

amber on

well, it means that they broke up before the baby was born…..hence, not a couple…

leslie on

This is the most jacked up article I have ever read. It’s titled “Toro’s Lovely Two Ladies”…then it ends “although they are not a couple”.

Anonymous on

Pregnancy wasn’t very kind, her face has aged. I remember seeing pictures of her, she was so gorgeous before the kid.

Carrie on

What is that on his head?

zoe on

What an adorable baby!!! Also why is it anyone’s business how or why the child was conceived. I’m a bit confused as to why so many people feel the need to judge them.

Charli on

It’s nice that you don’t hear any drama from these two. Regardless of the status of their relationships people should get along and focus on being great parents to their children.

tlc on

WTF? Some of you people are so freaking bitchy!!!

Why does Rod’s kids have anything to do with Kimberley and Benicio having a baby? Why even COMPARE them? Rod and Penny have a wonderful family and Rod is a father to ALL of his kids.

Kim isn’t homeless or poor. Her freaking father is ROD STEWART, a multi millionaire!! She is not hurting for anything, so why the comments that she hooked Benicio for the money? That’s ridiculous and insane!!! Maybe she liked him, they were dating before her pregnancy and split before she found out..nothing malicious there!

Lastly, what the heck does it matter if they are together, not together,co parenting, not co parenting or if they just get together for the baby’s sake. As long as THEY ARE HAPPY with their decisions, it’s nobody’s business!

Baby is a cutie. Can’t believe she’s one already!

pro chick on

Your not worried about your tax dollars paying for all the unwanted children ew ? I sure am.

KLP82 on

Hahaha Rachael! He’s normally a handsome man, but he just looks horrible in this picture. Nice to know they’re friends and he’s in his baby’s life đŸ™‚

Michelle on

From what I understand, the baby was the result of a one night hookup. Surprise!!

Lily on

The pro-abortion comments seem very harsh. And if you are pro-life you are anti-woman. what about the 50% of babies murdered who are female. That is about as anti-woman as you can get. Save me your trying to make a purse out of a sow’s ear.

Killing is wrong no matter how you spin it, people.

a oliverlane on

B, Z, Lacey, Denise, you said it all, thank you..couldn’t have said it better:):)

Anonymous on

daddy issues!

pro chick on

Child abuse is ok by all the “WOMEN” that have babies they dnt want. Yes child abuse is ok n abortion is not. Smart people.

Anonymous on

pro chick- No, child abuse is NOT okay. And not having an abortion doesn’t mean you have to keep the baby…because there’s this little thing called ADOPTION! For every innocent baby that’s killed in the womb, there are tons of couples (and single women and men, for that matter) who would have gladly given him or her a home!

Anonymous on

Why are so many of you assuming Kimberly and Benicio didn’t use birth control? Were you in the bedroom with them when this child was concieved?! I didn’t think so!

Anonymous on

Also, Benicio doesn’t look like he’s unhappy to me. Rather, he looks like he was squinting because of the bright sun or camera flashes, or he was unfortunate enough to be having some bad gas pain while a bunch of strange men were shoving cameras in his face!

Momma Elise on

Why does everyone feel the need to put in their own situations or beliefs?? Seriously. This is two rich people living their lives with a baby. Who, where or why doesn’t matter. The baby is being taken care of. And at least hes involved. And a side note: I really don’t need to hear everyone’s life stories. If you wanna share your personal business, tweet it. Everyone is entitled to our own opinions. Mine is: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I don’t care if you had unprotected sex, or what your beliefs are about abortion. I have my own and it’s not my place to tell anyone what to do. Every single one of us has a different story and you have no right to tell anyone what They should or shouldn’t do. Dont point fingersbuntil you walk those shoes of those your condemning. Smh.

ccct0304 on

Wonder if she got knocked up by Benicio “Gonzales” (aka a bus boy or bartender and not an Oscar nominated, millionaire actor) – if she would have had the baby. Doubt it.

Mina on

How come its nobody’s business when it comes to abortion, sex, concieving a child, giving it up for adoption, raising it, etc… but the minute a child or spouse is abused, its EVERYONE’S business?? Why are SOME things others’ business, but some things aren’t??

Its because your “choice” is a dirty little secret that you feel guilty about! Dont sugar coat it! Calling an abortion a choice makes it sound nicer dont you think? When you are terminating a living thing, its called killing. I kill bugs. I kill plants. I kill germs with bleach. All those are living things in different forms. But they are living and you are killing! If you terminate “cells” you are KILLING them!

Sugar coat it some more all you pro-choicers! If it makes you feel better and helps you get to sleep at night to change around your language to make it sound better, then ok!

pro chick on

Yeah but most people dnt choose adoption either. N I’m not ashamed of anything. My ex bf tried to kill me and wanted to adopt my child if you all get that one.

Anonymous on

moondancer- Since Delilah obviously DOES have her father in her life, I fail to see how your point is relevant. Besides which, most teenagers go through a rebelious phase whether or not both parents are in their lives!

anna on

Benicio always brings his A game to the red carpet, it’s almost like his delibrately opting to look a hot mess.

Anonymous on

I noticed in most pictures he’s missing, Imean she always has the baby. I hope he mans up and be a real father to his daughter. He seems busy with his career and skirt chasing.