Snooki Welcomes Son Lorenzo Dominic

08/26/2012 at 09:00 AM ET

The world has just met its youngest guido.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi gave birth to a baby boy shortly before 3 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 26, at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, N.J.

“The world just got another guido!!! Lorenzo Dominic LaValle has entered the world weighing 6 lbs, 5 oz. Nicole, Jionni & Enzo are doing great!” MTV reports.

The new mom announced the news via her Twitter: “I am SO IN LOVE with my son Lorenzo Dominic! I had my little man last night, healthy at 6lbs! HE’S MY WORLD!”

News that the Jersey Shore star, 24, and her fiancé Jionni LaValle were expecting was officially announced in March. Polizzi revealed in May that she was having a boy.

Impending motherhood seemed to mellow the reality star, who slowed down her fast-paced lifestyle after learning she was pregnant.

“I guess [pregnancy] just made me more mature,” the Snooki & JWOWW star told reporters in April. “It’s different because now I’m not drinking. I’m usually partying and going to clubs, but pregnancy made me grow up a lot.”

In June, Snooki confessed to PEOPLE that she’d been afraid to tell her father she was pregnant, but once she broke the news, her family was thrilled.

“[My dad] is excited now. I think [my parents] are more excited than we are,” she said at the time. “I’m their only child and this is going to be their [first] grandchild.”

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Anonymous on

Congrats to Snooki & Jionni on their little one!!!! Lorenzo Dominic is very nice name!!! Not simple, but by the time no crazy!!! All good to them!!!!!!!!!!

Aly on

I heard she had a vaginal delivery. I’m not a mom so I don’t know, but I thought if under 4’11’ that your pelvis is really small and that they recommend c-sections. Is this true?

Regardless, happy that mom & baby are healthy.

E on

Not true at all, 4’11 & 2 perfect & natural births!

seila on

loveeeeeeeee the name! congratsss to snooki

Kim H. on

Wow only 6lbs. I had two children my son was 8lb 15oz and my daughter was 9lb 12oz. He is so tiny compared to mine. Congrats to you.

Meep on

I’ve never heard that before. I can see how that could make sense technically, but I don’t think that true at all. Your body will fit your pregnancy. I’ve seen my mother who is very small have five vaginal births while a close friend of mine, at five foot ten, had to have a c-section. Very good question though… but I don’t think that height has any bearing on how your child has to be delivered.

Congrats to her, I really hope that she can stick to her new mellowed lifestyle. I’ve never watched the show she’s on, so I don’t really know what it’s all about, I’ve just read the stories of her arrests for drunken disorderly. Motherhood can/does change people.

heroisms on

Congrats to the parents. Very pretty, classic name – I wonder if they’ll come up with a creative nickname!

ForeverMoore on

Ugh the world does NOT need another Guido! Gross is more like it. Congrats to her…hope they both stand up and be the great parents they can be.

Holiday on

Congrats to her! My son was 6.3 and my daughter 6.1 so I had tiny babies too… tiny ones are so delicate and they seem to stay tiny longer. My sisters son was 10.2 and he was born like a 3 month old!

Micheley on

Congrats to Snooki and Jionni!

I think Snooki will be a wonderful mother.

I look at women like Nicole Richie and Kourtney Kardashian, who originally everyone doubted, and they seem to be wonderful mothers! So I have full faith in Snooki

Lisa on

Wow, only 6 hours old and there’s an announcement. Will there be a ‘Snookie delivers!’ mtv special airing tonight… followed by ‘Mama Snookie’ series for the next 16 years?

Angelina on

Yay…LOVE the names…but I’m biased because I have 2 boys named Enzo and Domenic!! 🙂

Jennifer on

@Aly- That’s not true at all. Most of the women in my family are very short (under 5 feet) and not a single C-section for anyone.

My own daughter was 6 lbs and perfectly healthy (only 12 days early) so her son is by no means uncharacteristically small.

Anyways, congrats to her! Best of luck!

tyauspicious on

Wow , it’s amazing to hear that! Wish you luck for the new motherhood..

Alexandra on

Leave it to Snooki, out of all celebrities, to give her son a perfectly nice name! Haha.

MollyF on

I’m not a big fan of hers, but from what I’ve heard, she’s mellowed out a lot. Maybe motherhood will be good for her. Congrats, and I love the name. 🙂

Amanda on

@Aly, I was told by my OB once that generally your body won’t grow a baby larger than you can deliver. Obviously there are exceptions, say the mom has diabetes or the dad is 7′ tall, but it seems pretty true for the women I know including myself.

torgster on

To Lisa: I sure hope so 🙂

Hilary on

I’m pretty sure she had him about three weeks early. I follow her on twitter and at one time she stated how many weeks she was into her pregnancy, which was exactly how far along my sister was at the time. My sister is due September 15. That might explain why he was small, along with the fact that both of his parents are small too.

Kara on

Congrats to Snooki. She chose a cute name. I like it a lot.

My kids were 6′ 5oz and 6′ 12 oz full term. I’m only 5’1 and was a small newborn also (6’9oz). Not sure any of it is related, however, it’s interesting that 6 lb babies are considered teeny tiny these days, when a generation ago, that was the norm. Are 9 lb newborns the norm now? Wow…

Anonymous on

heroism- The statement from MTV refers to the baby as “Enzo” at one point, so it seems they already have. 🙂

Kara- I was a small newborn, too (just under six pounds), and am 5′ even as an adult. My brother, however, was also small at birth (just under seven pounds), and as an adult he’s over 6′ tall. So I don’t think weight at birth has much to do with height in adulthood (length, on the other hand, may. I was a bit shorter than average at birth while my brother was longer than average). I DO agree with you that it’s interesting, though.

Hilary- Interesting! I wonder if they induced early to keep the baby from getting too big because she’s so small. I’ve heard of that happening before.

Anyway, congrats to Snooki and Jionni! I’m sure their son’s a cute, and I agree with the majority that she seems to have mellowed out quite a bit, just like Nicole Richie did!

melissa on

Let’s not forget that you should be taking any reality tv star with a grain of salt. DESPITE the show, the show makes them look that way because it gets ratings.

Do they drink? Sure! But I can promise it’s not nearly as much as they show. Are they stupid? Not as stupid as they seem. Snooki went to college. Deanna was a college graduate and Vinny was going into law school before he got on Jersey Shore! Mike literally lives a few houses down from me and he is the nicest guy to our family.

They aren’t dumb people – they are made to look that way for ratings… any reality star is. Take everything on TV with a grain of salt.

Angie on

@Aly-I know you have had many many responses to your question-because it is a good one! I’m 4′ 11” with congenital scoliosis, meaning my spine has a 39 degree curvature to it. Regardless, I safely delivered naturally and vaginally (no epidural due to the scoliosis, the Dr. was worried it wouldn’t place right) a gorgeous 5 pound 10 oz. girl who was early only because of me having toxemia. It’s difficult, but we shorties can get it done!! God Bless Snooki and Baby, she seems to really want to pull it together!

MollyF on

@Angie I know most reality shows aren’t real. And I’ve seen Nicole (I’m using her real name) in some interviews and she seems more down to Earth than she is shown on The Jersey Shore. I don’t know her in person, so I’m not going to judge what I see on the TV. They edit these shows so much to show the person’s worst parts, and it’s kind of sad. I’ve seen Mike (The Situation) in interviews and he seems like a really nice guy. As my Mom always says, “Reality shows aren’t real, because of all the editiing.”

Anonymous on


My friend’s mom is about 5’5″ and had to have three c-sections with her children because her pelvis was too small (I don’t know how to say this properly – she isn’t/wasn’t by any means skinny (like, Twiggy) but had a healthy weight). The dad is about 5’9″ and all the kids were around the 6lb. mark.

Reading everyone else’s comments, I’d say it’s just dependent on the mother. I knew up in PA for some time (don’t know if this is true now) you could choose vaginal or c-section. I’m sure they’ve limited that choice now.

B on


Geez… as a mom suffering from postpartum depression and the sense of NEVER feeling good enough I cannot imagine what it would be like to read online that everone thinks I will be the worst mother in the world.

How cruel.

I happen to LIKE Nicole and I think that she’s playing a role, this is her paycheque and she is “Snooki” when she needs to be.

Everyone needs to give her a break.

Dessi on

Who’s being mean ? I have read almost all the comments on here and everyone seems to be saying nice things . But anyways , congrats Snooki ! Your going to be a great mother ! (: don’t worry about anything negative that anybody says about you , Enzo is your son and you can raise him how you decide too ! Cute name by the way ! The baby is gunna pretty spoiled tho ! Haha wish you the best .

Tam on

I don’t think it’s true Aly I’m tiny height wise average weight wise just over 5 foot i delivered a 7 lb and 9 lb babies through vagina birth

Sharon on

Congrats to her! I’ve never been a big Snookie fan, but i do love the name. I can’t wait to see a pic…I’m sure he is beautiful. If he was about 3 wks early, thats about right. My husband’s mom said he was 3 wks early and i think she said he was like 6 lb 5 oz. I’m glad she said she grew up. Im sure she will be a great mom.

Anonymous on

melissa- I couldn’t agree more! It’s very important to remember that only a very tiny fraction of what we see on reality shows is actually real (and that even in interviews, the actors who star in them are probably acting like a ditz-head or whatever on purpose in order to promote the show).

In fact, I think a good way to think of reality shows is to look at them is though we’re watching a group of actors put on a play.

Ava on

***CONGRATS TO THE NEW PARENTS*** It goes by fast so dont blink because it will fly right passed you… Hugs and Love

Aly- I am 4′ 8″ and had 3 vaginal deliveries. My biggest was 9lbs 13oz 23inches long. So, little pelvises can have babies vaginal too!!!

Rachel on

Congrats girl!!!! Just love him! If you do that, that’s half the battle….

Tell me what it is like to put aside your pre-occupations for your little man???

Kate on

Congrats to both of them!! I am 5’2″ and EASILY delivered two boys at 6lb4oz and 7lb5oz!! It depends on your body, how you prep for delivery, etc!

JJJ on

The thing that matters when you are giving birth is the size of the opening in your pelvis, not your external dimensions, (like height, for example). You can be very short and have a big enough pelvis to deliver an above average size baby, or unusually tall, but with a narrow pelvis that means you can’t deliver vaginally.

jkm on

@ B – What the? Out of 24 comments posted before you, a total of two were negative. That’s 8% of the comments before your comment. Get a grip. That means 92% of the people on this forum before you were positive. Slow down, stop chomping at the bit, inhale then exhale.

And I say a big congrats to Snooki too! I love the name they picked, and I’m sure that is going to be one beautiful baby. Can’t wait to see pics.

Anonymous on

I just want to say that I LOVE the fact that Snooki decided to give breastfeeding a go (there’s an article about that on the main PEOPLE site) even though she was really nervous about it while pregnant and said planned to pump instead. Go Snooki!

Anonymous on

Was Snooki still “partying hard” when she found out she was pregnant? One of the signs of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is low birth weight. Sorry baby.

Anonymous on

Anonymous (August 30th)- Snooki’s pretty tiny herself (4′ 11” according to a few other posters!) and so is her husband, so Lorenzo’s size isn’t that shocking (and is more than likely due to simple genetics)!

And as another poster pointed out, Snooki was probably portrayed to be way more of a partier on the show than she actually was. Reality shows are usually anything but!

bubbb on

Dum ass

anonymous on

To anonymous august 30th. Just because a women has a child that is 6 lbs does not mean that the baby has F.A.S. I had a set of twins 6lbs and 6.4 I never drank during pregnancy. My second pregnancy was a single, she weighed 6.8 again never drank.

Before people go making assumptions, think. Just because someone looks like they would be the world worst parent doesnt mean they are. And as everyone else pointed out we only saw what the tv show producers wanted us to see.

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