Melissa Joan Hart’s Advice for Expectant Moms: Go See a Movie!

08/24/2012 at 05:00 PM ET
Kathy Kmonicek/Invision for Carousel Designs/AP

Where’s Melissa Joan Hart these days? Odds are you’ll find the Melissa & Joey star, who’s set to welcome her third child soon, at the cinema.

“I’ve been going to see a movie a week right now,” she tells PEOPLE with a laugh, adding that in fact, it’s her best advice for expectant moms.

“Go as much as you can before baby comes — it becomes twice as expensive to go to the movies [afterwards] because you have to get a babysitter involved.”

Hart — who most recently checked out The Campaign and highly recommends it — says summer hasn’t been all about the cinema though. On Wednesday, she hosted Operation Shower‘s group shower for expectant mothers whose spouses are deployed members of the military.

“My hat goes off to all of these women,” she says of the pregnant ladies treated to lunch and a host of gifts at the Carousel Designs-sponsored event. “They are so stoic and so strong and brave. Their husbands are the ones off fighting the war, but they’re the ones at home holding it down and raising these kids.”

As for her own child, Hart, 36, will discover the baby’s sex upon delivery — and his or her name will follow.

“We have a few favorites — we keep tossing ’em around,” she admits, telling PEOPLE she and husband Mark Wilkerson will make a final decision after they “see the baby’s face.”

Mum’s the word, however, on what those favorites may be. Turns out that discussing possible baby names hasn’t gone over so well in the past.

“I’ve shared with my family beforeΒ and they’ve bashed the names we’d chosen,” she says. “I’m just going to keep it to myself and figure it out on the day. I don’t like to name ’em before because I’m like, ‘What if I change my mind?'”

— Shakthi Jothianandan

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Sarah S. on

Looks like she is very READY to give birth any minute!

mamato3littles on

She looks as big as I did days before I had my 3rd a few months ago! Cant wait to hear her news πŸ™‚

lovely123 on

I say this one is a girl.

Amanda on

That’s a girl belly if I’ve ever seen one!

SAR on

Wow, she is ready to pop! I think it’s another boy.

penny on

seems like i’ve heard she’s not a very tall person, that might be why she looks so huge, i really like that orange dress!

Anonymous on

Okay, I’ll admit it, if I hadn’t read the other articles of the pregnancy (and therefore hadn’t known that she’s expecting only one baby), I would have taken one look at the picture in this article and assumed she was having twins!

I mean, seriously, does anyone else think that her belly here looks virtually identical to Angelina’s in the pictures of her (Angie) wearing the green dress at Cannes while expecting Knox and Viv?! Or maybe I’m just crazy!

Holiday on

Holy cow she is absolutely huge. Seriously she looks like she is having twins or triplets.

Penny on

Wow. She is sooooooooooooooo huge! I’m not saying that in a rude way. I just can’t believe how big her belly gets with her pregnancies!! I hope she has the baby soon! That has to be uncomfortable 😦

I’m guessing another boy…for sure.

lovely123 on

I had my third and final baby last year and was bigger than she is now. I will tell you I was not uncomfortable be so huge while pregnant. It is being so huge AFTER being pregnant that is uncomfortable.

lovely123 on

It is really cool not to find out what you are having until it comes out. I did this three times in a row. Each time the surprise got better and better.

jen on

huh…looks like Jessica simpsons belly yet everyone told her she was a fat cow who didn’t take care of herself! This belly may even be bigger than hers.

bebe on

I’m sure that there are people who will say the same thing about Melissa. The only difference is on a whole people LIKE Melissa more than Jessica. Personally, I find it distasteful when people call expectant mothers fat. Growing a life is a beautiful thing and should not disrepected.

Cortney on

Mel saw this picture of herself yesterday and tweeted she looked massive so maybe she really is about to pop! Cant wait to find out if its a boy or girl!

Kresta on

Her belly is huge. She looks so uncomfortable. This is not a very flattering photo at all.

ccct0304 on

I say its another boy!

Janna on

Penny, saying “Wow. She is sooooooooooooooo huge” and then saying that you’re not trying to be rude is HYSTERICAL!!!

I love how idiots can always justify the stupid things they say. You’re a complete moron! ! I’m not saying that in a rude way, though, so it’s okay, right?


Harley on

I *love* that she took part in Operation Shower – I have just that much more respect for her now (I grew up a military brat, so causes like this will always garner extra respect from me).

Some women just carry a little bigger than others; can’t believe how catty women can get about someone else. Judgemental much? How would you like it if someone looked at you and said, “Holy crap! You’re freakin’ huge!? Are you sure you aren’t carrying twins?!” Just, rude.

Sandra on

Wow, Melissa is huge!! If you didn’t know it, you would absolutely think that she is having twins or triplets with her humongous belly! She looks beautiful. I sure hope she has a little girl! I am sure the two boys would love to have a little baby sister to love and protect.

Doreen on

Wowsers!! Go Melissa!! Hope it’s a girl this time around!

Marky on

She looks just like Jessica Simpson did, where are the rude comments? Oh, wait! There aren’t any because Melissa hasn’t expressed her excitement about having a baby or said beforehand that she was going to go on WW to lose the weight after the baby was born. Why that should make a difference, who knows! Happy for Melissa, and hope she has a happy, healthy baby SOON!

Marie on

Wow she’s huge! But she looks happy. I say it will be a little girl, and that she is due any day now. She’s such a devoted mom and her husband is a devoted dad. You don’t see that around a lot. Their boys are adorable, and if it’s a girl, she’ll be beyond adorable! πŸ™‚

Mary on

I agree, going to the movies when i was prego was such a treat! I got to have yummy buttered popcorn and my favorite soft drink and sit in a cozy reclined seat and watch a great flick! πŸ˜€

Lisa on

She is supposedly due in about a month but I think it will be sooner! I’m feeling a girl but she saying that for the fun of guessing! She has 3 beautiful boys in her life already!

ava on

holy cow, she is enormous! She looks so tired.

K on

I think its another boy.

Lisa on

I highly doubt she’s “sooo huge!” as you people so unkindly put it, seems more of a bad camera angle or dress style to me. This is her third pregnancy, hate to break it to ya ladies, but thats what most women look like in their third trimester. Actually, i’ll bet its safe to say she looks better than 99% of you.

Marky on

Sorry, Lisa, but I never looked like that during any of my pregnancies! I am 5’3″ and weighed 130-132 lbs each time when I delivered, and weighed 110 within 2 weeks, max. Packed up the maternity clothes within 4 days of delivery. My problem is the double standard; criticize some, coddle others. Just sayin’ MJH doesn’t look better than Jessica, but I’m not BFFs with either of them. Just thought it was rude to say what people did about Jessica……..

Penny on

Janna, don’t be a smart a$$. I wasn’t being mean. There are tons of other people on this board saying she looks huge. I didn’t say she looked fat or overweight. I said she looked “soooooooo huge” in reference to her belly size. I didn’t say it was a BAD thing. I just said she looks big in the belly. Sheesh, right back at you….B*tch.

Penny on

Also, I’m justifying my calling Janna a b*tch for her calling me an idiot and a moron. Sorry.

Kat on

Melissa – looking beautiful. Prayers to you for an easy delivery. Can’t wait to hear if boy or girl! Wishing you and your family continued blessings.

Michelle on

I think she LOOKS huge i this photo, but I think that is because it is an unflattering angle. From a true profile shot, she looks much smaller I am sure.

And while I do agree it is distasteful to pick on Jessica Simpson for her size, she tends to open herself up to that kind of criticism. MJH tend to exhibit much more class and therefore less reason to be criticized.

chilly willy on

I think she looks like she is having twins! Her belly is pretty BIG!!! Not the rest of her, just her belly!

Jen on

Dollars to donuts this one’s a girl.

Catca on


You realize your experiences do not equate to everyone else’s experiences. Women carry pregnancies differently. My sister had a bigger belly than Melissa with both her pregnancies, delivered small babies (bottom 5%) and was out of maternity clothes within a week after giving birth as well. She’s also a doctor who runs marathons and is a size 0. I was also huge, but I had a baby that topped the charts even though he was born at 36 1/2 weeks, he was still bigger than the full term babies. So my belly was large partly because of the size of the baby who is not overweight (he’s around the 35 percentile for weight compared to height – but he’s off the charts in height – he’s just a tall dude). The point I’m making is that women can exercise and take great care of themselves during pregnancy and still have a large baby belly. Genetics comes into play big time. Same thing with stretch marks. If you’re genetically prone, you can put on all the stretch mark cream you want and you’ll still get them. We ladies should not be so hard on each other.

Brooklyn on

I think it’ll be a girl! Can’t wait to hear the name!

anon on

wow, I am just amazed at all these “she’s huge” comments! Jeeeze, she is in her 3rd trimester about to give birth..everyone sizes up differently in pregnancy. I gained lots of weight this pregnancy…and who the f**k cares! I lost it with the 1st and I will lose it with this one. I think she looks lovely and good for her for actually being healthy in pregnancy instead of trying to “diet” and stay super tiny and obsess over it like many other celebs do. She lost it before and she will again. I agree with her about the movies! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy MJH! πŸ™‚

BBB on

Woah, only one baby in there???!!

LuLu on

Melissa looks absolutely stunning! She is glowing with this pregnancy. What a special time for her family and this pic shows a happy and healthy pregnant woman.

Anonymous on

It’s a girl in that belly, melly j hart! Congrats!

Liz on

It’s for sure a girl! She’s carry her high and round. Boys stick straight out and aren’t so round. : )

Amber on

Looks like she has a baby elephant in there!

Charli Mabriel on

Ugh! Stop with the wives tales – there is no such thing about carrying this or that w/ boy or girl. I had one of each and they both basically stood straight up, I barely had a bump at all. I was 9 months prego & still being asked if I wanted to try @ margarita @ a restaurant.

Anyway, back to the topic, first, I think she looks GR8! Very happy and healthy. I love her – she seems like a wonderful woman and a great mommy. Can’t wait to hear boy or girl & the name they choose. Congratulations!

J Biiird on

I’m amazed at the “Wow she’s huge!” comments. I’m having my first & I get so sick of being called “fat mama” & asked if I’m having twins & the “you must be due anytime soon now! You’re so big!” People in this society have no filter when it comes to pregnant women. For God sakes, she’s carrying a child in her third trimester! We’re not all built to look like skinny-Minnie’s when we’re pregnant; believe it or not, most of us GAIN WEIGHT. *gasp* She looks absolutely beautiful & can’t wait to see what she’s having, & no point in speculating ’cause every woman carries different.

Good luck, Mama!

Charli Mabriel on

Marky, I agree with you and don’t understand why so many are missing your point. I also detest the way people talk about Jessica Simpson and cannot wait for her WW reveal and all those mean people to eat their sour words.

I also agree that we women need to be nicer to each other. IMO, I truly believe that until we can leave the catty at the door there won’t be a female president. We just can’t stand it when another woman does better, looks better or has better than we do. ENOUGH, life is too short ladies & I know that’s not the karmic signature I want to leave.

Annie on

It’s the dress that is making her look so big. I was huge when I gave birth to my second child….he was 8lb 13oz. My doctor told me “you just have a very efficient placenta”…lol. Congrats!!!!

Marky on

Charli, thanks for understanding what I meant. I don’t care whether a woman gains 20 lbs, or 70 lbs, as long as she is healthy, BUT why do some women get criticized and ridiculed, while others are complimented and told they are adorable, when they don’t really look different? I think all the imeanness needs to get “laid down and put away” as far as insulting the women on this whole baby site is concerned. I am convinced we should think before keyboarding, and if you were rude, have the guts to admit it and back off.

Catca, I agree wholeheartedly that genetics and body-type have a lot to do with how you carry the baby and how big your babies are; diet makes some difference. My sister knew she was only going to be pg once and she went crazy, gained a lot of weight, and had a 6 lb 2 ox baby, but she had lost the weight by the time he was 6 months old, and none of us made fun of her; she had waited a long time for that baby, and we were happy for her. Guess that’s what I think we should do here; we don’t know these women, and many have said they DO read these posts. Would posters say those hateful things to some stranger’s face in the mall?

Anonymous on

I love Melissa Joan Hart, awesome actress. Good luck with labor and delivery. Can’t wait to see new addition. Love the dress, so fall like.

Noodles on

I found that with my 3rd, the weight gain was faster, I went right into pregnancy mode as soon as I found out— also, I think when youre pregnant in the late summer, you do a lot more swelling from the heat and tend to look a lil puffier. While she does look like she’s ready to pop, having three kids is hard on your body, I refain from comments on mom’s of 3 and 4, I felt like no matter how good I ate and how active I was, I couldn’t control how comfortable my body was with immediately getting large =)

I always liked her. I like her when I was a kid on Clarissa explains it all and now my niece and I watch her on her show-she always seems so real, I don’t think most celebrities would be phased by the cost of sitters and be able to offer relatable advice to the non Hollywood crowd. I wish her the best!

Emily on

Definitely a girl belly! Poor Melissa lol

Pau on

Woowww!!! im so glad i had a cute little belly when i was pregnant.

sueanne on

i think she looks great good for her for not being to worried about her body to gain weight while pregnant everyone nobody carries the same

Anne on

The Operation Shower organization is wonderful! I hope Melissa has a successful delivery and a healthy baby πŸ™‚

Mom on

So annoying hearing the “she’s huge” and “looks like she’s ready to pop” comments. Everyone carries different and no one has a right to judge. I am due in 9 weeks and I get the it must be twins or are you due any day now but I’ve gained less than with my son. Keep your rude comments to yourself people. She looks beautiful and her body is doing something amazing.

tina on

Not trying to be rude, but going to a movie every week kind of gets expense. And it’s sort of not fun if you are going by yourself. So, with that being said, most likely have to pay for your husband’s ticket. Or he’ll pay for both of the tickets. And then there is the popcorn, which is usually 5 or 6 dollars, the soda- another 3, plus anything else you might want to snack on, esp. when you are pregnant.

Haley W. on

shes as big as a house.

momofsoontobe3 on

Congrats!!! I am.pregnant with my third, I’m due in march my husband and I decided to wait to find out the sex. I’m glad to see there are celebrities wanting to wait to find out what they are having too it gives me motivation lol. Its really the only real surprise nowadays….and for yall making rude comments shame on you. How would you like it if yall heard someone say wow shes huggggggee about your own pregnant belly. she has another life growing in her she’s beautiful!!

Jadey on

I went to see Transformers 9 days .before I gave birth….was v uncomfortable as my little one .kicked the he’ll put of me every time there was a loud noise….there were a lot of loud noises Lol! Melissa ‘s bump is beautiful, can’t wait to find out the sex and name of the baby! πŸ™‚

Jadey on

A lot of typos there…bloody auto-correct!!

amy on

wow!!1 what a trip that shes this far along being pregnany when i just seen last week her series finale. wow i thought she was barely pregnant, wow and 3 kids im going crazy with just 1!!! congrats melissa ive watched your entire career from clarissa-melisssa and joey.