Alex O’Loughlin and Malia Jones Expecting a Baby

08/23/2012 at 06:00 PM ET
John Sciulli/Wireimage

Alex O’Loughlin is set to become a dad for the second time.

The Hawaii Five-0 star and his girlfriend, surfer and model Malia Jones, are expecting their first child together, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The couple, both 35, first stepped out in November.

Each have children from previous relationships — O’Loughlin is father to 15-year-old son Saxon, while Jones is mother to 3-year-old son Spike.

In addition to his role as Steve on the CBS show, O’Loughlin is also known for starring opposite Jennifer Lopez in The Back-up Plan.

— Sarah Michaud

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, congratulations to them! This is exciting.

Can’t wait for H50 to come back! I miss it.

Harley on

Was it really necessary to mention his addiction to pain killers and his successful treatment? What does that have to do with he and his gf and their expected child? Absolutely nothing. Sheesh. Congratulations to the two of them and to both of their boys.

A on

Sounds like a nice, stable environment for the baby ….

With Saxon and Spike they should just go ahead and name the 3rd child Stupid.

Mrs JP on

Awwwww congrats to the happy couple πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Don’t dating People use condoms and birth control pills anymore!! Of course no that people are having kids without being married is totally confusing!!

youngadultreads on

I have three children and id not married cause believe that marriage is in fact stupid and just a commitment signed on a piece of paper, and they probably were using condoms but then again condoms arent always 99% effective.. sperm are smart bastards and can get through anything including latex

Sheri on

CONGRATULATIONS to Alex and Malia !

Best wishes to you and your boys on this blessing !

Jen DC on

Huh – that’s gonna be one athletically talented kid! But I can’t imagine either of them with a “baby face,” so it will be interesting to see if baby comes out resembling a mini-adult, all lanky limbs and chiseled cheekbones. πŸ˜€

@A: Yes, a family with parents who actually DEAL WITH THEIR ISSUES instead of pretending to do so sounds much healthier than the alternative. If everyone with a “past” or “issues” chose not to have children, none of us – including you – would be here.

@Anonymous: How is having a child with your boy/girlfriend “confusing”? And for whom? It’s fairly clear and unambiguous…

BlueSkidoo on

” Of course no that people are having kids without being married is totally confusing!!”

No, this comment is very confusing. I’m assuming a word or punctuation mark is left out that would clarify it. But people having kids without being married isn’t confusing, it’s a personal choice.

shelleybean73 on

Yay Alex!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Ah don’t forget the under rated series Moonlight, which so totally would’ve stayed on TV had it comeout after Twilight.

Smurfette on

Hey shelleybean, I totally agree! Still, Moonlight kicks Twilights ass!!! πŸ˜‰

SMiaVS on

I’m guessing the third kid’s going to be named Pierce Anglo. πŸ˜€

NM on

I love Alex, but does no one believe in getting married BEFORE having kids anymore? Just have a kid with every Tom, Dick and Harry you meet?

K on

People don’t get married because it rarely works! I don’t know a single happily married couple. Most are miserable, then the women take the money from the men. No thanks! Congrats to them, beautiful couple!

Angela on

Really? You don’t know ANY married couples that are happy? Wow. Well let me introduce myself, I am married and very happy and love who I am with. πŸ™‚ you need to change who your friends are to keep you from being so pessimistic…

Carrie on

How many are heartbroken after reading this one? Just kidding. Best wishes to them. Shes one lucky girl. Can’t wait for H50 to start again!!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulation to Alex only. If you loved her so much you would marry her not live in sin.

Smurfette on

Can you people PLEASE leave the 19th and follow the rest of us into the 21st century already?!

Just because couples choose not to marry does in NO WAY mean that they are “living in sin”! Honestly!

Better to be happily unmarried than miserably married!!!

no one on

Congratulations! Why can’t people just butt out and be happy. People really must not be happy with their lives if they are acting like you got to control adults. I’m sorry your marriages didn’t work just because of yourselves being unhappy all the time or because you/yourself don’t make your partner happy but ALL I ASK IS DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE THE WAY THEY WANT TO RUN THEIR OWN LIVES………. THANKS.

no one on


Anonymous on

How can alex take care of another kid when he hardly ever had saxon.He lived with the mother in australia. He just came over to hawaii to live with alex when he got older.

lillijhanna on

Sin, investing wording. You judging others is a sin, moron must not be in your dictionary or you took your picture from the underlying definition.

jen vee on

he is soooo delicious.

BlueSkidoo on

“Congratulation to Alex only. If you loved her so much you would marry her not live in sin.”

Or maybe he loves her too much to condemn her to something she doesn’t want or need. People who think marriage is the be all and end all needs to educate themselves.

Audra on

@K…Iyou don’t “Know” me- but I am happily married and am the major bread winner of my family (as a woman)…so now you can at least say you have heard of 1 happily married couple who doesn’t steal eachother’s money πŸ™‚

Twi-mom on

@ Harley….maybe I’m a little confused or maybe there is another article announcing the impending birth of a new baby, but where in this article did it mention his addiction and treatment????

Jen DC on

I do know several wonderfully happy couples, but I don’t find anything wrong with not getting married either. Perhaps they know something about themselves and the nature of their commitment we don’t… I also happen to think marriage isn’t for everyone.

For myself, if I wanted to have children, my commitment would be less about the public ceremony of marriage and about the togetherness. So in my case, the ceremony, the official “marriage” would be optional. Because if you’re pledging to stay, for me, the official “marriage” doesn’t ADD anything other than legal seal to it. Maybe for others, it does.

Emily on

Twimom, if you click his name, it takes you to the rehab article.

Nicole on

Whaaaat?! How did he escape from my basement?!

Anonymous on

BlueSkidoo- Exacty! I don’t get why people always blame the man in situations like this (saying things like “He should marry her!”), instead of realizing that maybe the WOMAN doesn’t want to marry the guy!

Anonymous (the one who asked whether people who date use condoms or other birth control anymore)- Obviously some don’t, but some might and still end up with a surprise pregnancy. No method of birth control except abstinence is one hundred percent effective (I’ve even heard of people getting pregnant while using multiple forms of birth control. Sometimes you just can’t stop a determined sperm!), and I don’t understand why people don’t get that!

Anyway, congrats to the couple!

Paige on

My mom and I LOVE Alex! He’s such a handsome guy. Loved him on Moonlight, in “The Back-Up Plan,” and on “Hawaii Five-0.”

Congratulations to Alex and Malia along with the coming little one’s big brothers! That is going to be one beautiful baby.

Nicole A. on

Broke my heart to have to think of Alex with another woman :s

But am I the only one to notice that they’ve only been together for 8 months? It’s feeling like the newest Hollywood trend is to do it all backwards baby, then (maybe) marriage.

BlueSkidoo on

To be clear, I’m not anti-marriage in the least. I’ve been happily married for over twenty years, and I plan to remain so the rest of my life. But I don’t expect anyone else to follow that belief (except my husband) and I don’t understand why people continue to insist marriage is a necessity for all mankind.

Pidge on

Nicole – you’re hilarious!! Best comment!

NickyAngel on

I simply love him in Hawaii Five O…that will be one beautiful baby

canadagirl66 on

Alex and Malia have been in a relationship for more than 8 months. She attended the GQ Austraila awards with him in November 2011 and when he was interviewed there he implied that they had been together for awhile. It’s more likely they started going out in July or August of 2011. Regardless, they make a lovely couple and they are going to have one beautiful baby!!!

Linda E. on

This is such exciting news !! I’m so happy for Alex.

Chicken Little on

Lucky her. He is drop dead gorgeous.

susan on

what is the deal with just starting to date an BAM you’re having a kid together?? I wish them the best but this whole
“out-of-wedlock” crap in Hollywood is ridiculous..

Momma G on

This child is going to be one gorgeous little person. Congratulations!

maof2boys on

Yeah congrats to them. I think he is insanely handsome, she is gorgeous- they will make a beautiful baby.

rlb237 on

Malia, you are one lucky lady!!

Congrats & best wishes.

rlb237 on

Malia is one lucky lady!!! Congrats & best wishes to both!

susan on

Have to agree with A – seriously they just started dating 7 months ago and now are expecting a child??!! Hollywood has made it too acceptable for this out of wedlock baby boom. It ishameful that they can’t get married and then have a child..instead they rush into bed, get knocked up and it’s HOORAY won’t last..

klutzy_girl on

Actually, they’ve been together longer than January – They stepped out together in November at the GQ Australia Men of the Year Awards, and he mentioned they’d been together for “awhile”:

Mirsulli on

@ Nicole: “Whaaaat?! How did he escape from my basement?!”
That made me laugh so hard I almost shot coffee out of my nose.

BFD on

Well good for them. I just have one question, Why do people name their kids “Spike”? Isn’t that the dogs name?

Jennifer on

Congratulations on their future child.

What I don’t understand is why would anyone let their child grow up with the name of Spike??? Spike was the name of my pet hamster that I had when I was a kid.

boohoobytch on

he’s hot, congrats

Denise Smith on

I don’t understand people who have babies with someone they have only known 8 months. That’s still a “dating” phase, not play house and have a baby phase.

lilly on

Congratulations! I’m a fan of him since I saw him in August Rush!!!

Linda N. on

I’ve made comments on a couple sites on the baby announcement for Alex and Malia and what I don’t understand is why I, myself, am so shocked about this. Both are still young and very attractive and why shouldn’t they have a child together? I guess maybe because many of us ladies look at him as ‘the ideal’ dream guy. He’s just everything wrapped in one package and to see him having another child his like….there goes another! Now today I wish him happiness and love on his 36th birthday and that he and Malia have a healthy bouncing baby and they remain together and in love!

meghan on

Still less then a year, klutzygirl. Hardly longtime.

Rach on

Awww congratulations!!! I love Hawaii Five-O and The Back Up Plan is one of my favorite movies! I’m sure they will have a gorgeous baby πŸ™‚

canadagirl66 on

Again…they’ve been together more than a year…so many judgy people…it’s really not our business…for me I’m just surprised it took her this long to get pregnant… cause I’m pretty sure I’d get knocked up the first time he LOOKED at me!!!

hunny_bee1 on

Hahaha! canadagirl66, I nearly spat out my tea when I read the last part of your comment! A look is all it would take for me too πŸ˜›

B on

Best to them both!

Michele on

Congratulations to both of them. Babies are such a blessing. Who are we to judge, it’s their business. I’m one of those ladies who melts watching him and I’m happily married for 26 years. I wish them all the best. That baby will be beautiful and loved by everyone. I agree with some of these comments, marriage isn’t for everyone, who cares how long they have been dating, people fall in love in shorter times. We should all just be happy for them and give them our best wishes.

canadagirl66 on

Well said!!!

Barbara on

Why are people defending this by arguing that the couple have been together three or four months longer than others assume? That’s not a distinction with a difference. I read somewhere she’s only separated from Spike’s father, and they are not divorced so Alex couldn’t marry her even if he wanted to. She left her husband shortly after Spike was born, which seems odd. Now she’s having another baby with some other guy, while still married to the father of the her first. Not much to defend here as modern day romance. Seems like a new episode of “How I Trapped Your Father” to me.

canadagirl66 on

It’s well known that Malia’s husband Luke cheated on her while she was pregnant with their baby….and they split before he was born…I don’t think anyone knows for sure if they are divorced or not…again none of our business!!

Gigi on

For the record Alex may have known Malia for over a year, but they did not officially start dating until October/November of last year. Go back and look at all the interviews he did in the month of September and October last year regarding the start of S2 H50. What everyone is pissed about is the fact that instead of trending Alex O’Loughlin for the actor he is and the start of S3, he is now trending do to someone being pregnant. What I want to know is she divorced?

Gigi on

Barbara you really said what I wanted to. Ditto with well said!!!!

Barbara on

Dude just can’t catch a break!

Alicia on

They should name the new baby Anglo.

Linda E. on

Why are their lives anybody’s business? Some people should shut the eff up !! I’m deleriously happy for Alex. I know he loves kids. I hope they have a girl.

canadagirl66 on

What the he//…just want to clarify….when I commented earlier and wrote “Well said!!!” …that was in response to Michele’s comment (smart lady!!)…don’t know why it posted under Barbara’s comment.

karen on

Nobody knows what is going on in Alex and Malia’s private life. It’s not really my business, even though I’ll admit I’m curious. And as for them not knowing each other long enough? My husband and I were engaged 6 weeks after we met. It was a long distance relationship. That was 27 years ago and we still like each other. LOL. It happens. I hope they make this work. He seems terribly smitten.

therednightbird on

Too short time together?

I have to disagree (met and married the man of my dreams within 353 days over 30 years ago)…when you meet the RIGHT person YOU know.

Evidently Alex and Malia know something we don’t.

Malia’s Mom passed away in 2011 from ALS, if only she could be with Malia for this wonderful time.

How about sending the couple some good vibes? A blended family is always an adventure…….

LaHagela (The Tinkler) on

Wow, what a judgey bunch of people on here!

Who are any of you bashing them to say what two financially secure people in their mid 30’s should do? Does that piece of paper filed at town hall make their relationship (which you know nothing about) any more legitimate? Get out of 1956 people. These are not teenagers.

And to clear up Malia’s background, her husband pro-surfer Luke Stedman left her in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy for another woman, she did not leave her husband shortly after their son was born.

Get your facts straight before posting lies and rumors that you want so desperately to believe. I’m sorry your delusional fantasy world is shattered by the fact that your celebrity crush does in fact have a private personal life that doesn’t involve you. Move on.

Let them be happy and have a healthy happy beautiful bay-bee!

Barbara on

I wonder how Miss Tinkles knows Malia’s marital history so well. I bet she read it on the Internet. That’s a very reliable source. There’s also a source called real-life which tells us guys don’t up and leave wife in third trimester unless they were seeing other woman for awhile and maybe before wifey got preggers. How do you know Malia didn’t get pregnant with first child to try to trap Luke in the marriage? Maybe he tried to leave her before that. You don’t know she didn’t any more than anyone knows for sure she did. It’s super weird they haven’t gotten divorced yet.

Mia on

To the poster below – You say you’re against marriage….yet you act married? If you play house – then make it official. Obviously acting married isn’t the problem….but yet making it official by actually getting married seems to be an issue. If you’re willing to act married + have kids because it’s with somebody you love. Get married – it’s the biggest commitment you can make to the person you are with. Having kids is a commitment towards responsibility and the new lives you’ve made with somebody.

I have three children and id not married cause believe that marriage is in fact stupid and just a commitment signed on a piece of paper, and they probably were using condoms but then again condoms arent always 99% effective.. sperm are smart bastards and can get through anything including latex

Josie on

Isn’t Malia still married to some other guy? For all of you wanting these two to get married, I think they might have to wait. Hopefully she will be divorced before the baby is born because in some states the husband is automaticallly viewed as the legal father. Awkward.

LaHagela (The Tinkler) on

Hey Barbara….maybe you should get off the hate train. You so obviously just want to hate this woman because she’s got Alex and you don’t….it’s that simple. Jealousy is ugly.

I stated that her husband left her during her 3rd trimester of pregnancy for another woman, that is a fact. Do I know how long he was with the other woman? No. Did I say I did? No.

Did she trap him by getting pregnant? I don’t know, I don’t know her and I’m not inside her head….but apparently you are… why don’t YOU tell us all EXACTLY how it went down? What other conspiracy theories do you believe in?

These are two very private people, so unless you can transform yourself to a fly on the wall in their home, or are some sort of amazing psychic everything you say is just speculation and assumptions about 2 people YOU HAVE NEVER MET.

LaHagela (The Tinkler) on

oh and Barbara, which of your super powers told you that her divorce isn’t final yet? There has been nothing in the media regarding that status of her divorce……

Barbara on

LaHagla/Tinker, there’s this place you might have heard of called a courthouse. The one on Oahu is on Punchbowl Street. When you stop by there to check this out, go to the Family Court division. You can view the file for the child support case Malia filed in 2009 there and make copies. There is no divorce case under her name, only a custody case. She resides in Oahu. Ask the clerk and she will tell you that is where it would be filed. Any good reporter or anyone else over the age of 12 knows this.

LaHagela (The Tinkler) on

Hey Barbara…..stalk much?

You actually pulled her paperwork?

Yeah I’ve heard of a courthouse, it’s where they give out the RESTRAINING ORDERS.

They were married in Sydney…..have you ever considered that is why you can’t find the paperwork?

You have just proven that you are a lunatic, and for that I thank you (it’s good to know a persons mental state when engaging with them). Your RL must be very very dull, for you to go to these lengths to stalk Alex. I’m done bantering with you because as any good reporter or anyone over the age of 12 can tell you need your medication adjusted.

canadagirl66 on

Okay, this is scary…how do you say RESTRAINING ORDER?!!!..please tell me that people aren’t this depraved that they would go to these lengths to investigate this type of information on PEOPLE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW…how many different ways can it be said here..IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS how these people conduct their lives. If you are a TRUE fan of Alex you would wish him nothing but the best and stop posting mean-spirited (untrue) comments about the woman he loves, and most of all allow him the privacy he deserves!!!!

canadagirl66 on

Hey Tink…were we typing out the same thing at exactly the same time? I guess great minds (a.k.a. SANE) think alike!!

Barbara on

LaHag, you are the one who asked what power was used for the knowledge, so you are clearly the one obsessed with the issue. I never said anything about pulling paperwork. I just told you where anyone with two legs and half a brain could find it. I realize your anger is based on the fact you didn’t expect anyone to call you on your ignorant question.

Now, as for where they married, how would you know that unless YOU are the one stalking her. Either way, the location of the marriage doesn’t matter, it’s where the person resides at the time of divorce that determines where the case is filed. That too is something anyone over 12, other than you, already knows.

By the way, canadadry, accessing public records is legal and something frequently done by people who like to get the facts straight — you know people like reporters or newscasters.

LaHagela (The Tinkler) on

Canadagirl – so now the loon is recanting her story about pulling the paperwork, although she stated the year it was filed and that it was custody and not divorce paperwork. And now because I know where a famous couple in the surf world was married I’m the stalker…..She’s really turned the tables and shown me who the loon is…… asking where she got information on the status of their divorce I am therefore obsessed and ignorant….and by responding to her courthouse stalking admission I am angry……I’ve learned so much about myself this evening…its been so enlightening.

I’ll talk to u later CG ;-P

FOYcination on


This Barbara chick is crazy. I feel much safer with Maha. Does that make me a dangling FUCCUP stalker?

I don’t know Alex OR his girlfriend, but a baby is a joyous occasion, so congrats to them both.

ateofi on

Congratulations to Alex and Malia. They will have a gorgeous looking baby πŸ™‚ By the way, I’m really disgusted by the number of vicious comments about “living in sin” or giving bad names to previous kids etc.. Some people really need to get a life 😦

Beth on

I love the comment someone made about another episode of “How I Trapped Your Father to Me”. I like Alex… Never heard of Malia until today. Seems getting pregnant these days is the way to make a name for yourself.

Beth on

I liked the comment about “How I trapped your father to me”. I love Alex as an actor. I loved him as a vampire. I never heard of Malia until today. It seems the best way to make a name for yourself these days is to hook up with a star and get pregnant.

Amber Dye on

Love Alex! Congratulations Alex and Malia! People who seem to do nothing but throw stones, 1st, them being married has nothing to do with how they will love the baby, a marriage certificate doesn’t make or break your love for your child. 2nd, learn to spell because it makes you look even more stupid then whats already coming out of your mouths!!!!!

Anonymous on

well they cant be married cause shes already married to someone else

scott caan on

I work with Alex a lot, and honestly I don’t like malia at all. The baby will be lucky enough to have a great father like him…the mother, not so much. Best wishes though, buddy.

JustMe on

LOL @ Sctott Caan! Nice try.

Brucalita on

Fyi, Roddick lost, today, and is crying about his career being over. Does he return like other addicted athletes?

scott caan on

Just to let you know “justme” your the reason celebrities don’t go online to defend their buddies. It’s really fine that you belive I’m not Scott but I know I am.

Ella on

I was wondering the same thing about them being together so short a time. He was with Holly for 4 years and never had children so maybe this baby was planned. I don’t know. Wish them the best though.

Kara on

Woa, big surprise. In an interview done Sept 20th Alex says shes due in just over a month!

Tanya R. on

Personally, I do not think marriage is important for people which have children. Parents’ love to baby not increase if they are married! I’m lives in Russia to my big sad and there when an unmarried woman gives birth the baby’s father is forced to adopt his own child like a stranger child from an orphanage! This is long and humiliation procedure for our russians men and because more of them trying to get married their baby mama after she being pregnant or shortly after she had baby.