Christy Turlington Burns: Grace Is ‘8 Going on 14’

08/21/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Bruce Weber

The model known for being the face of Calvin Klein’s Eternity fragrance and strutting sexily in the video for George Michael’s song “Freedom! ’90,” now spends her time prancing with her 8½-year-old daughter Grace, whom she describes as “a really tough cookie” and son Finn, 6½, whom she says is “a real mush.”

Christy Turlington Burns graces the September issue of DuJour, which features her and her daughter horseback riding.

“I started to take it back into my life once I was spending all my time at the barn with Grace,” the model, 43, says of her daughter, whom she describes as “8 going on 14.”

Bruce Weber

After spending the summer in East Hampton, the family is heading to Africa, but it’s not thrilling for everyone — yet. Her kids aren’t happy about getting the necessary vaccinations, and Grace doesn’t want to leave her pony, Blackbird, for two weeks, but Turlington Burns is confident they’ll soon feel differently.

“I don’t know anyone who hasn’t fallen in love with Africa,” she admits.

She’s especially excited for the kids and husband Ed Burns to meet the mothers and children she worked with while filming No Woman, No Cry, the 2010 documentary she directed and funded after her own experience with postpartum hemorrhaging.

Afterwards, Turlington Burns founded Every Mother Counts, with the goal of reducing the maternal death rate.

“I started doing this work after I gave birth to Grace — that’s very, very clearly why I’m doing this,” she explains. “But I’m also the mother of a son. It’s important to teach him to be aware of women’s issues and to be kind and respectful.”

Bruce Weber

— Michael Cohen

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Marcie Cooper on

It’s nice to see her taking her kids to Africa to help out and see what life is like there. Kids today have so many more things than we did and don’t always stop to appreciate what they have. They always want more, more, more. My own 2 kids can be like that. Although we like to give them things they want, we have to find a balance between that and raising spoiled children. I would love for them to be able to visit 3rd world countries so they can see how hard life is for others.

Anonymous on

Riiiiight. You can start dressing her as a ‘slut’ then with tons of makeup.

Shenae on

Gag me…they’re going to Africa for a vacation? I’d never take my small kids there!

Shenaebitch on

You are a loser that never travels anywhere.

jamie on

Have you ever been to Africa? It’s a beautiful, wild and wonderful continent. My husband is South African and we go back to visit as often as possible…I’ve developed a deepseated love of the country through his eyes and other countries in Africa as we travel through. You do have to be aware of cultural differences, but please don’t judge based on what you think it is…it’s much more that what is seen on the news lately.

Jan on

Why wasBono so mesmerized by this fugly woman I’ll never see….why the whole world for that matter?

Models or hoes just get their hooks into rockers and Sports dopes its amazing.( I know her husbands an actor.)

There’s nothing appealing about her and no I dont even see the bones structer but maybe her sluty strut?

Oh yes she was young…blah blah.

Some of theses girls get lucky I guess…

Mary on

Most kids in this country are so ignorant of so many issues around the world;
Good for her to get kids involved in which ever way possible

paulina on

good for her!!!!
Kids in this country are so self-asorbed, spoiled and mostly ignorant of anything going on in the world

Aotearovian on

@Shenae: Why not?

Ana on

She’s always been quite beautiful.

SMiaVS on

“Gag me?!” Shenae, are you a thirteen year-old girl from the early nineties who somehow managed to find her way here? Shut up until you grow up.

victoria on

she is beautful- still- she gives me hope!! 😉

Isabel on

Shenae, clearly you know nothing about the continent.


She is a modern model and mother who is instilling love and respect for all people at their early age. Congrats to Ed and Christy.


People in here are so ignorant…they have never read a book or know anything about the rest of the World……

Just Me on

Anonymous, you’re quite the nasty female dog aren’t you? Get up from the couch, get some exercise to lose some of the cellulite on your ugly fat behind, and worry about yourself and not the way someone dresses their child. It takes a really miserable self despising scum bag to criticize an 8 year old child.

k-10 on

I think this awesome. I would love to be able to travel with my kids! They need to see the world outside of the US. I got to help out in Romania and build a playground for handicapped orphans, as well as the dirty work of cleaning their septic systems when I was in high school.
Kudos to her…..

kate on

who gives a crap anyway

gigi on

I don’t think I’d take my kids there either till they are teens. Would make more of an impact. But she probably has the money to return there many times.

Anonymous on

Just Me- So you’re critcizing the first anonymous for making a snarky comment about Christy’s daughter’s looks by insulting hers (when you have absolutely no idea what she looks like, how much she weighs, or how active or not she is)? Pretty hypocritical f you ask me!

Honestly, why is that we’ve turned to attacking one another instead of respectfuly disagreeing with one another?!

Anyway, I think it’s great that Christy and her husband are taking their kids to Africa. It’ll be good for the kids to see that not everyone is as fortunate as they are. And hopefully it will also help them to be tolerante of people of different racial backgrounds than them.

Holiday on

She seems like a good mom

Shenae on

I think it’s just so pretentious what she’s doing…hence the “gag me” comment.

I’d never take my small kids there bc I think Africa is an unsafe country, and i dont have her kind of money. Of course, they will most likely be in luxurious accommodations and will have security. And they’ll go visit the poor people for a couple of days, but then spend the rest of the time living it up on a high priced safari.

I would love to go to Africa – if I could afford it. But I’d wait until my kids were a lot older. I agree – it would make more of an impact when they’re older.

Lolabean on

Africa is a continent. And there are safe places and unsafe places everywhere.

Ivy. on

Well, it’s all relative. They can afford the luxury and take the kids when they’re that young, good for them. She can continue taking them as they get older so whether or not they will be “impacted” now or then isn’t that significant.

Also – Africa is a continent, not a country.

heather on

some people are so stupid. africa is not a country shenae. its a diverse continent with many different countries from Morocco to South Africa- many of which are quite safe.

Anonymous on

She’s pretty, but she isnt beautiful.

Amit on

Christy was always gorgeous, but it’s great to see how educated and involved in women’s issues she’s become. I think it’s wonderful for kids to travel and get to know different cultures and places.

Shenae on

Heather – yes, some people are stupid, especially those who don’t know the difference between the correct use of “it’s” and “its.” In case you’re wondering, yes it was you who used the wrong form.

It has been well documented that South Africa is not perfectly safe. It has a very high level of crime, including rape. It’s noted in the travel advisory on the state department’s website!

Why are you all bent out of shape bc I simply stated an opinion that I wouldn’t take small kids there?

meghan on

Unlike the high crime level here in America, right Shenae?

Hannah on

As an African myself growing up with very little,I salute this woman for thinking of bringing her kids here and to all those who think Africa is hell and unsafe the good Lord must forgive u,not every country here is dangerous, Malawi here we can still bring a total stranger in our homes just to give him a grass of water while he is passing by,so if I may ask u guys out there, can u do that in your lovely,secured,disease free countries?

Shenae on

I’d be scared of AIDS!

Anonymous on

Shenae- Christy never said the family is going to South Africa. She just said Africa, which could mean any number of countries. And as far as AIDs goes, I highly doubt Christy’s kids are going to be at risk for that, since it’s transmitted primarily through risky behaviors that they almost certainly won’t be doing (such as having unprotected sex or sharing needles while using illegal drugs).

Also, with as much security as Christy has, I doubt there’s much of a risk that her kids (or her or her husband, for that matter) will he raped there!

Quinn on

Shenae-people aren’t bent out of shape about your opinion, but the ignorance present in your responses. Stop trying to justify your opinions and really read what people are saying to you. And in the future, when you do make statements – make sure you know what you’re talking about!

Shenae on

Um ok Quinn. I haven’t said anything that was ignoratn or untrue.

It is known that Africa is unsafe.

I stated I would not take my small kids there, period.

I also would be afraid of AIDS if I went there.

Why do you have a problem with that?