Bill Rancic: My Son Is Set to Arrive ‘Any Day Now’

08/21/2012 at 01:30 PM ET
Jeff Kravitz /FilmMagic

Bill and Giuliana Rancic will become parents any day now.

The E! News host, 37, and her reality TV star husband are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child, a son, via gestational surrogate. And they’re traveling to his birth place to be ready for the big day.

“Waiting for that call any day now!” Bill, 41, Tweeted on Tuesday. The day before, he and Giuliana flew to Colorado, where their son will be born, for a “babymoon” prior to the baby’s arrival.

“We’re setting up shop in Vail,” Bill recently told, explaining that their surrogate will deliver in Denver.

“We’re going to just chill out there until the little guy comes … He could come in 10 days, he could come in two weeks. He’s really going to dictate how long our babymoon is.”

Giuliana underwent a double lumpectomy in October and a double mastectomy in December after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease was discovered in the early stages while the couple were undergoing their third round of in-vitro fertilization.

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fanofboardwalkempire on

wishing them both a great Babymoon! so exciting to be so close to seeing you son very soon!

Me on

Awwe…so happy for them. Can you imagine how excited they must be right now?


Why does her head looks so big? It’s almost like her neck is straining to hold it up. She’s needs to eat some food, and gain some weight, so she won’t look like a walking, talking lollipop.

kaylin on

You ignorant baffoon. What is she supposed to look like after being diagnosed with cancer. I hope you never are able to have kids, and I hope you get cancer too you heartless no brained loser.

Lala on

Dang Kaylin — that was a bit harsh :\

Kristine on

Kailyn, you need to check yourself & apologize!! HOW DARE YOU wish cancer on someone!!!!! My dad just had his 3rd cancer surgery today & to wish cancer on someone, especially when they just said someone had a big head, is pure evil!!

jen bahr on

You are a heinous ugly person

Ur Mom on

Rudeness! We all learn in kindergarten ..If you can’t say nothing nice, Don’t say nothing at all! Why don’t you post YOUR PICTURE online on the most happiest day of your life and let the world judge you! I’m interested in what all the other rude people in the world would have to say about you!

Lisa on

That is a horrible thing to say…you should be ashamed of yourself…this is a woman who has been struggling with Cancer and is a lovely woman and then someone like you has to make a crack about how she looks! Sad. I actually feel sorry for you…not her

Pam on

Good for them! If anybody deserves a child, it’s these two. It was tough watching their struggles trying to conceive. What a blessing surrogates are for women who can’t conceive. I’m so happy for them!

agatha on

Finally,I’m so so happy 4 em, afta al dey hav bin thru 2 get a child dis Is a very very hugeeee consolation.congrats 2 Guiliana nd Bill.

Elle on

Speak English much?

Amber on

This is one of VERY few celeb couples that I love. I wish them all the happiness and joy in the world, and for a safe, healthy non complicated birth for the surrogate!

Anonymous on

So happy for them! Cant wait to see baby.

Karen on

I love a happy ending and this is as good as it gets 🙂

jen bahr on

So happy for them! @guest..what are you? Angelina jolie…

Cara on

So happy for them! They deserve so much happiness after everything they have been through.

claire on

@ Guest. you do realize that she has recently battled breast cancer. Generally when you’re sick you lose weight.

And I am so happy for these two, its been a rocky road for them both and have stayed together through thick and thin…

Kyla on

Oh my goodness, I am so excited for them! I could only imagine their anticipation, especially after all that they have been through.

Vail resident on

We here in Vail will welcome them, and respect their privacy during this wonderful time of their lives. Vail is the perfect place to celebrate a Babymoon!

Amanda on

Happy for them beyond words!

mine on


Julianna on

I’m so excited to see that baby!

lovely123 on

Guest, are you 16 or something. When people have cancer they do not look like they just walked off a photo shoot. People with cancer would love to eat, it is just keeping it down and trying to stay alive that is difficult. My mom had cancer for 4 years.

Mayra on

I am so excited for u both.. Praying for quick delivery of your bundle of joy.. You both will be fantastic parents couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple..god bless you All

Terri Miller on

I think it’s wonderful, I wish them lots of lock, and GOd’s speed and blessing in this special event,

TJ on

They have been through soo much!! This is the blessing they have been soo deserving of!! Congratulations!!


She’s always looked like that, even prior to her being diagnosed. Don’t blame the cancer diagnoses, for her appearance. She’s always been way too thin, for her body type, always looked like she was starving for a good meal.

Care on

Have you considered the fact that she may very well just be naturally thin and have a high metabolism? It may very well play into why she’s had issues conceiving naturally. It doesn’t give anyone the right to insult her. She’a never shown herself to be anything but a kind and loving woman who is family oriented and always trying her best to maintain a positive outlook on life. Maybe you should do the same.

Lisa on

***sheesh*** people! Give the like lady a break! Are you people who are critical of her,are you a supermodel? No,I didn’t think so…I know I’m not,and I am fine with that.

Anonymous on

” Guest”Jelouse ,much? Stop being a hater

Annie on

Did you know that Giuliana suffered from severe scoliosis and had painful corrective surgery? Her spine was extremely twisted. Also, she was not a native English speaker and learned English by watching tv. She has achieved so much and has fought and fought. She deserves happiness. It’s rude to comment on her looks, if I’d been through what she’s been through I’d be a mess.

Sunburn on

I wish them all the happiness in the world. They so deserve it after the year that they’ve had! God Bless them and their child and the surrogate too!

@ Guest…..Do you ever have a decent word to say about anybody or anything????? I think you should seek help because you seriously need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lady on

I’m soooo happy for them, I know they can’t wait to meet their son. He’s going to be one loved little boy after all they’ve been through!

Tre on

Congrats Guiliana and Bill. Hope u are blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

Gloria on

@Guest…There always has to be an idiot blogger making an ignorant-a$$ comment! Why can’t you just be happy for them! Stop hating and try congratulating!

Christina on

How exciting!! Congrats to the two of you :0) Wishing you all the best in delivery and in life, you deserve the happiness.

Dana S on

SO happy for them. I agree they are one of the very few celebrity couples that I love. I’m so happy for them. I cried watching her show and all the up and downs she went through. CONGRATS!

Vicky on

How exciting!!!! Congratulations!!!! I’m getting teary 🙂

lola on

Oh my, I’m actually so excited for them both!! I can’t wait to hear the little guys name. Bless you both and get some rest while you’re able to 🙂 In response to GUEST what kind of an idiot are you? I mean I know you’re an idiot, just not sure what kind. Yes, you are right she has always been very thin and Bill does always tease her about her head being a little larger than normal, but the fact that she seems like a lovely person and is a cancer survivor means SHUT UP!!! Go act like a horrible person somewhere else. Why mention anything negative here? They are awaiting the birth of their 1st child and their fans are very excited for them. GO AWAY!

Lisa on

Wonderful news! Wishing them all the best.

Anonymous on

I find it interesting that a person with the name of “Guest” seems like someone I would never want to have as a guest.

tami on

@guest You did read that she’s 9 months out from a double mastectomy, right? You do realize what that is, right? You do realize that cancer treatments make you lose weight, right? If not, read the article next time, and if you did know…shame on you for being mean!

Cara on

So happy for them!

tami on

“If you can’t say something nice…” Seriously @guest. Leave it be. No need for the mean jabs. We have eyes, we can see her. People like you just want to start stuff up so you feel accomplished or something. “ohhh look! People are responding to what I said!” Get a life and stop bashing other people. Giuliana, best wishes on the new bundle and the babymoon! Enjoy it while you can 😉

Vanessa on

How exciting! They must be on pins and needles. I’m very happy for them and hope everything goes smoothly. Parenthood is an amazing journey and I know they’ve wanted this for a long time.

All the best, Rancic’s!!

Erica on

I watch Giuliana and Bill and I absolutley love them, they are genuine, kind and loving. They deserve this so much! May God Bless their family always!

anni on

Iam so happy for them and can’t wait to hear the good news of the birth of their baby soon!! Congratulations! God Bless 🙂

Mya on

Agatha, your writing is horrific. You should be embarrassed.

Maria from Texas on

So happy for B & G! They deserve a babymoon and I hope their baby is born healthy! Many Blessings to the Rancic Family.

Susan on

I love these two, they’re down to earth people and are going to make excellent parents. I hope they name the baby Gilles, that would be a combination of both their names.

Besides, I love watching Gilles Marini on DWTS.

Emily on

Happy babymoon to them!

Anonymous on

Deserve a child?

not jealous on

Guest i would be willing to bet she looks better than you! she is beautiful outside and inside !

Anonymous on

Bill looks great in that picture… they are a very good looking couple! There son is going to be very handsome!

gail on

I wish them a healthy baby boy and a life filled with laughter, happiness, joy and all the Great times life brings you guys. Above all may you and your family be Healthy.

I feel the warmth and love they put out and they are very real people/not celebrity phonys as are to many couples.

Love and best wishes for a wonderful couple/family to be.

Love you folks.
Gail from Staten Island,NY

debianddaisy on

Many blessings for you and your little one. Lots of people wish you all well!!!

Beauty on

Human Trafficking. Buying Babies. Disgusting

Stephanie on

I am not a fan of hers, however, I am happy for the 2 of them on the arrival of their son! Much luck and happiness to you both and your new bundle of joy:) (After reading/hearing all the struggles they have been through, I am happy that their dream of being parents is coming true:)

Connie on

Can’t wait for the baby birth news!!! They have longed for this day and they are going to be so happy when they get their little guy home and can begin the process of parenthood. @Guest, you really shouldn’t say unkind things like that but especially when someone has gone through so much. Why even read the story if you aren’t a fan. I think this picture of the two of them is one of their best and she looks lovely, as always.

barbara on

@Beauty-What the heck are you talking about? Read much? Every heard of a gestational carrier? it is HER egg and HIS sperm, THEIR baby. So how is that buying a baby? Human trafficking? Read a little, get some information, make an informed comment.

denise on

Can’t wait to hear the baby news when he finally arrives. Hope all goes well and kisses and hugs all around!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Best wishes to them. It’s been a long , hard struggle but they have perservered.

Sadie on

What do you mean “Babymoon” I am sure they are over the moon waiting for their new bundle of joy to be delivered any day.Best wishes to them all.They will be great parents!!!!

Mary on

She has always been skinny, therefore making her head look big, look at the the other underweight stars. by the way, breast cancer does not make you skiiny, she had no chemo. just on a pill., I had breast cancer and no treatment, never looked any different.

Loanda Bender on

Mary u need to remember the everybody responds different to the treatments. I was in a Radiation pills and that was worse then quimo so don’t judge everybody the same. And we here not to judging her we here to CONGRATS this beautiful couple for the baby boy who’s not just them but right now the ENTIRE US is been waiting for. God Bless the Rancic!!!!

Lisa on

For the record “beauty”…Bill and.Guiliana are.not BUYING any child..yes,I’m sure the surrogate is getting,there is no denying that but this child is Bill and Guilianas biological child..the surrogate is only the “host”…I.hardly call that trafficing..there is a HUGE differance between this and buying some poor kid off the streets.

Lisa on

Meant to say “getting paid”…

Rachel on

By Golly! B & G are just like a close friends or a relative! I am sooooo happy for them and pray that God will bless their growing family! Isn’t God wonderful? To allow them to have a miracle baby!!!! Miracle because he saved his momma’s life and Miracle because he was born at all…. Love and peace to you and baby Rancic!!!! I just know he is gonna be a cutey!

Today on

Too bad she couldn’t give birth…Seeing your baby just being born and put on your chest is the best moment ever (if you like children of course)

leeslieMD on

If she would eat then it is more than likely she would have the healthy body that would allow her conceive.

Anonymous on

so excited to watch these two get the baby they have dreamed of for so long. I wish them nothing but the best!

Beauty on

To Barbara You are as digusting as they are. Go get a job

NKH on

Lots health happiness 2 them…mmmm Bill II (Bill Jr?).

J on

Barbara relax, there’s no need to be so rude…

Heather on

Enjoy every second they grow sooo fast!!

Pam on

I’m so happy for them! They must be outta their mind in anticipation of their son’s arrival. God Bless the woman for carrying their child.

Beth on

I always thought she was too thin, almost verging on sickly looking thin. But then, she actually got sick, with breast cancer. And she struggled so much with the fertility issues, that really, I felt bad for judging her.

I’m happy for her, she really deserves this family. She has gone through a lot.

Amber on

I’m so sick of hearing about this couple, sheesh!

Ladybug on

How exciting! Wishing them much happiness as new parents.

Anonymous on

Kudos to the Rancics for persevering. Its been a very long road for both of them! How blessed they are to have found a surrogate they can work with. Many happy blessings are ahead!

Manon on

These 2 will be fabulous parents. SO CLASSY,INTELLIGENT & genuinely decent, Wait until they actually see & hold the little fella– their lives will change forever & bring out qualities they probably were never aware they had- Good Luck!

sue on

All the best to you happy for you guys..can’t wait to hear of your son’s birth..God Bless YOU ALL

Ambynicole on

G & B,

I am so excited for you. Best wishes and lots of love. Life changes drastically. Every second is full of love, laughter, self doubt and worry. My husband and I have three. We started young and we would still love more!

Chelsea on

Amazing and beautiful! What a great spot light on the world of surrogacy !! I am a gestational carrier and Beauty you couldn’t be further off base. You are entitled to your opinions but do some research beforehand. God has blessed this couple with a family…

argis crane on

I know what GUEST is talking about. I don’t think it has anything to do with her cancer. She just seems to have a very large forehead or something, hair grows too far back or something. Never the less, she is pretty and has never hurt anyone – sure she and her husband will be great parents. Whats with the ‘babymoon’ though?? I would leave that out of the press bragging that they are living it up in Vail, if I were them

Liz on

So happy for them and can’t think of a more deserving couple! Congratulations!!!

Josie on

Oh my… I wonder how a baby is going to fit into their busy schedules!!! Oh yeah, leave it with a nanny… Maybe if she ate something and gained some weight she might have been able to get pregnant on her own?

barbara on

having had to explain to way too many people how my child was brought into our lives, via gestational carrier, it makes me wonder about the people who have no clue in this world. Why would anyone think surrogacy, adoption, gestational carrier is human trafficking. So, call me rude. I at least read, and know what the heck I am talking about, and not trashing people on website sites behind pseudonyms.

Barbara is the name, Sarasota Florida is where I am from.

Susan on

Congrats! I am so happy for them, they seem so down to earth. They will make great parents.

meemaw on

A babymoon? Gimme a break!!!!!!!

Faith Savell on

I love them! So glad that they are finally going to have their baby! And I freaking LOVE that they are in DENVER!

Sara on

So I’m gonna admit it – I’m totally jealous! While I of course don’t envy anyone a cancer diagnosis, it must be nice to have the money to just “hang out” in Vail, CO until your baby comes, with no concern about costs or loss of income. Congrats to them though.

Audrey on

I am so very excited for them!!!

Jes on

I don’t want to speak for them because I don’t know them, but could it be that by “babymoon” they are simply referring to a wonderfully, fun and exciting time of anticipation as a couple before the baby arrives? Quality couple time in advance of being busy welcoming, enjoying and caring for their baby son? She doesn’t get to have the experience of giving birth, so perhaps they are having a time of celebration of his impending arrival in their own unique way as a couple. “Babymoon” is a cute and appropriate way to describe all of the above. Congrats, Bill & Guiliana! Can’t wait to hear his name and see him.

Anonymous on

Delightful. Nothing more precious than a bay who is so wanted, loved, and wished for. Awesome.

Anonymous on

how very exciting….wishing the VERY best with their new baby boy….enjoy every minute of him!!!!!!

Kathy on

So happy for both of you!! Your lives will be changed forever very shortly! Enjoy every minute!!

melody on

happy for them

Mandy on

I am so excited for them. The time has come fast. Wishing them the best with baby boy Rancic.

Audieme on

Normally, I eye roll at celebrity couples who are constantly showcased by the media on their looming pregnancy, as if no one every had a baby before. But, I’m really excited and happy for this couple. They’ve gone through tremendous leaps and bounds to build a healthy life and a family. I wish them all the best and look forward to news on how they’re doing with the wee one.

notsosure on

I cannot stand the way he talks. Going to “set up shop in Vail”. He’s a walking B.S. machine, trying to sound all cool and important. But at least they are finally having what they so wanted.

Anonymous on

Hope they give that little miracle a strong, great, name! Best Wishes to you all.

kk on

Seriously the best way EVER to have a baby! lol No morning sickness, no weight gain, no pain or stiches. Sign me up! So happy for them!

Jennifer on

I feel like they are part of my family and I’m becoming an auntie! I really should get a life but I’m just so happy for this great couple and wish them the happiest live ever! They deserve it!

ELC on

Congratulations to the soon to be parents. Just have loads of health and happiness.

AnnoyingCouple on

UGH her neck, my eyes, poor baby to have to look at Giuliana. BTW, it’s not their baby!

Anonymous on

It is their baby!!! Know anything on gestational carriers? Obviously not.

alysha on

So excited for them!!! Cant wait to hear the baby’s same.

Debbie on

i wish them all the health, love and happiness that they so deserve, you two are brave souls, and i know God will always be with you & your new little guy. you are truly blessed to have each other. HAPPY, HAPPY FOR YOU!

Erin on

If anyone can read this and know their story…and think anything about her appearance or the fact that they’re nothing but open and honest, then I hope those people can take the time to look at themselves to figure out what their issue is.

I wish these two nothing but happiness! They’ve wanted this little one for so long.

Laurie on

They really do seem like a really nice couple. I wish them all the happiness in the world! Best wishes on the birth of your baby boy!

Debbie on

Soooooo happy for you both. You both are the greatest and will be wonderful parents too. Cannot wait to see the little guy. He is going to be beautiful. Dreams do come true and so do blessings from God.

notsosure on

@KK………I’m sure she’d trade all of the radiation, throwing up from chemo, pain of surgery, and removal of her breasts, to go through pregnancy. Pregnancies a CAKE WALK compared to what this woman has been through, and the pain from surgery she has endured. You don’t think having cancer is an EASY thing to go through, do you??? Educate yourself before you speak.

Cate on

I’m still thinking of the comment/joke Bill made about their surrogate. Something like “…we’re worried she’s going to take crack.” Tacky and disrespectful. I mean, this woman is carrying your CHILD.

Tracey on

Congratulations ~ I am so happy for you both!! Baby boy Rancic is so lucky to have such wonderful parents!!

Cher630 on

I’m so excited for them. Out of all the celebrity couples, Guiliana and Bill seem genuine…they went through so much with the IVF and cancer, so to have a baby is very exciting. Congrats 🙂

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for them!! Wishing them all the best!! They really do deserve it!!

abby on

Congrats guys! I wish the surrogate carrier a happy and safe delievery. I hope that the delievery goes smoothly with no complications! I wish you guys nothing but the best wishes and the best luck in the world! Enjoy each moment!

abby on

I wish Bill and Guliana a happy and safe delievery. I hope that it runs smoothly and with no complications. Enjoy your maternity leave guys and enjoy every second! Congrats guys!

tiffany on

Love them both and have followed them for a long time. So happy for them and this little baby boy will be loved so very much and has a wonderful family waiting for him. If you have ever seen the E story on Guilianna or their show, they always make fun of her head size. Bill specifically grabbed her head and made a joke about it, because she does have a big head and was born with it. Being skinny and losing some weight during her battle emphasizes it more but it is a joke with them.

tiffany on

Kailyn that was just awful what you could possibly wish on someone, may be time for your meds.

xoxo on

G&B you are the best!!! Love you, watch all your shows, I cry with you and laugh with you. You are an awesome couple! Hope you finally got you Cameleon stroller for the LIL MIRACLE. I love my pink and black. I am seriously gonna cry when the small Rancic comes. Can you believe that the next time you come home it will be with this miracle baby? Not 2 any more :O)) LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU Such a lucky boy to have the 2 of U as his parents.
…and to you all jealous people. Let THEM decide how to spend their money. They might have a lot but they work hard for it , did not steal from you or anybody so get lost.

Janet on

Gulianna & Bill you have both been on the rough road for a long time. Now it is the road to parenthood and all the joy in celebrating the new life you have created. Enjoy you deserve it.

Anonymous on

I’m so excited for them! After struggling with infertility for nearly 6 years myself, I know how it feels to want something so badly and not be able to have it and then later to be on the verge of having your greatest dream come true. I wish them all the luck in the world!

wpsegura on

Glad they are going to have a child that is biologically theirs, so happy for them

Amy on

Love, love, love them!!! They are going to make awesome parents.

a oliverlane on

IT IS THEIR BABY, her egg, his sperm, again, don’t you people read or pay attention, but even if it wasn’t bio, it still would BE THEIR BABY.. most parents don’t differentiate..
Don’t be so nasty..know their story before you open your big mouths, they have been through so much. She has had health problems, trouble gaining weight, miscarried, IVF..Cancer..sheesh..God has blessed them..
Love you G & B

Anyone on

I am crying right now because I think what B & G have accomplished is beautiful, heart warming and wonderful. For anyone with negative comments, or remarks shame on you. I speak from experience on all of their trials and tribulations. I had Cancer (not breast) but Cancer none the less and have been a survivor for almost 11 years. It was the hardest moments in my life but I am so much the better for it and love who I am. It is so trying and taxing, good for them to come out shining on the other side. Regarding a gestational carrier, I think it is wonderful. My husband and I can not biologically conceive, so adoption is our option to be parents. It is a wonderful and selfless gift of a birth mother (or gestational carrier) to carry “your” child. It takes courage, love and a deep respect for ones self and the child that will create a family. Shame on anyone who looks down on a way for a couple to become parents. I would give anything to be able to be pregnant and will wonder my whole life what it would have been like, however, being a parent is the most important goal and I know I will be a great mom, and my husband will be a wonderful father whenever we are blessed with our miracle baby. God bless Guilanna, Bill and their sweet baby boy.

Ambert on

There r so many people in this world that are infertile an would do anything for a child. I am so happy for this couple that they were able to make one of their dreams come true after such a
Hard year and her health. I’m a nurse
And see the toll that cancer does to a person. She is a strong women by telling her story to the world and wish her and her family a lifetime of happiness

Anonymous on

Happy, Happy, Happy, for you both…this is only the beginning for you both…they’ll be another…”)

Tina ") on

Happy, Happy, Happy for you both “) there will be another one soon too…”)

Holiday on

What an exciting time for them! They are in for the best years of their lives soon! Raising a child is the most rewarding job in the world!

Anonymous on

Hoping the best comes their way.

amylouise on

Perfect Couple, I’m sure they will both be amazeball parents!!!! xxxxx

janie on

I wish them the best with their new baby. They have been through a lot, they deserve this happy ending.

As for all of the nasty commenters, Jesus thinks you’re a jerk, go repent.

Sunspotbaby2U on

i’m so happy for these two… He is gonna be one lucky baby..!

teresa on

She needs Bangs and her dresses are way too short. and yes after their baby is born the nanny has it

Stormy on

Wishing them the best , this is wonderful news for a couple
who have wanted a child of their very own .

Christine on

I love this couple! Soo happy for them, cant wait to see their baby! Congrats Giuliana and Bill!

Jeanetta on

The very best of health to all three!

Just Me on

GUEST, you had to ruin in didn’t you? They are so happy and excited. And you have to be the negative one?! If you were about to have a baby (Whether you are carrying it or not) Would you really like if someone had to come and point out all your flaws? I thinkk NOT. CONGRATS Bill and Giuliana!! I bet you’re son will be SO cute! 🙂

SpencersMum on

I am so so happy for these two. After watching all the hardship and pain it’s so exciting to see this really happening. I am sure they will both be wonderful & loving parents. What a blessing!

Sp on

Giuliana you are beautiful! Congrats on ur baby boy!

angie love on

ladies and gentlemen the best thing to do is not to respond or pay attention to ignorant comments obviously the people that are posting bad comments are losers that seek attention misery loves company

Leslie on

Congratulations to them both.

As for all you mean spirited people get a life. Who are you to judge anyone? Are you perfect looking and have a perfect life? No. Everyone has things they are struggling with. Maybe concentrate on yourself and quite worrying about, in your opinion, what is wrong with others.

Blondie on

What kind of a heartless and pathetic human being would wish cancer on anyone? I think you need to look yourself in the mirror and wonder why you would be so harsh… Perhaps you should consider therapy. I hope you don’t have children to pass such ugliness down to. Set an example… Keep your mouth shut!!!!!

Blondie on

P.s…. Bill and Giuliana deserve this baby, they are going to make such wonderful parents….. So excited for them.

Diana on

Dear G & B you will be amazing parent’s i am so happy for you both this beautiful baby boy will will bring so much joy and and love to your life witch you are so deserving of you have been through many struggles this will be a new start and a new chapter of you story I truly appreciate you sharing your life with the world you are a true inspiration my prayers are always with you much love Diana Brookfield Ny

Beauty on

To idiot Barbara in Sarasota Fl. STAY THERE. Can you say “You want fries with that?” Can’t have your own kids? You were not meant to . Get a job and shut your dumb illiterate mouth.

Loretta on

I am so excited for the both of you. I feel like I personally know you two. Love to watch your show. I can’t wait to see the baby.

Lisa on

Wow…is all I have to say. This all has gotten completely out of control,meanspirited and un-called for…the topic wad,and IS about Bill and Guiliana R welcoming a son,and instead its turned into hate…peoples opinion on her looks and whether or not it is “baby trafficking”…it is all just.ridiculous,I can only.hope they are not reading any of this. Done.

rachel on

I love them and cannot wait to see the newest member of our extended family. For all you hater and negative Nellies….. It really is like waiting with anticipation with a well loved family member to see their dreams come true!!!

They will be great parents and their son will be much loved and SPOILED…. Bill and G-Rizzle are getting their miracle and have every right to be nothing short of OVERJOYED!!!

As a fan, I love them and I personally cannot wait to see what GOD has brought to fruition in their lives… they deserve to be happy and to love and to extend that love to their child…

I PRAY they will be able to have another…. a girl on the next go round….

Let’s all just love and rejoice and celebrate with them…

God bless their family!

Jasmine on

These two think that parenthood is going to be a walk in the park. They are use to picking up and going where ever they want to go. What a rude awakening they are in store for. I am sick of hearing about them. They have all the money in the world to do whatever they want. I do think that a nanny will be the one carrying around this kid all the time. Guiliana will hold him for the cameras but he better not spit up on her.

Jasmine on

These people could care less what anyone says about them. They are in their own little world. So don’t worry if someone writes something “not nice”. I am sure they are not going to lose any sleep over it. People can say what they want. Not everyone shares the same views.

ameliagray on

I am so happy for the two of them and wish them well. I really never comment on celebrity couples but I really like them and am very excited for them to welcome their baby. As someone who also struggled with infertility I am also grateful to them for their openness with their struggle.

Gia on

God bless them both they are wonderful people. I wish them all the love and health in the world. They must be beyond elated awaiting the arrival of their blessing.

Twin mommy on

G is beautiful. I love her positive attitude. We had a very difficult time conceiving as well, but after 8 years we were blessed with twins. Then shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. It is extremely hard to keep a positive attitude when it feels that the odds are stacked against you. She is an inspiration, and I thank her for being so open with her issues. I am so happy for Guiliana and Bill. They are going to be great loving parents.

Omo 'bee' on

G and B rancic. I am so happy for you guys. Really happy for you beyond the words! I cann’t wait to see the Bundle of joy ‘Baby Bill Rancic.’ Edward Duke. Ride on G and B. Congratulations!!!! ? ?