Spotted: Neve Campbell Beaches It with Her Newborn

08/20/2012 at 08:00 PM ET
Pedro Andrade//Pacific Coast News

Baby is here!

Neve Campbell and JJ Feild enjoyed a day at the beach with their newborn on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Although the actress, 38, announced the pregnancy in March, saying she was “thrilled,” the couple remain mum on the details of the birth of their first child.

Campbell, who played Julia on Party of Five and Sydney in the Scream series, can next be seen in Sworn to Silence, a Lifetime movie that she also executive produced.

Feild, 34, starred in Captain America: The First Avenger, and will next appear in Austenland. He recently filmed Not Safe For Work.

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krissa on

Aw congrats to her! I’ve always been big fan! (Probably because she grew up not far from me).

I first started watching her when she played a dancer on Catwalk!

Best wishes!!

Alyssa on

Yeah, Catwalk! I remember that show 🙂

Carrow on

I was only like 8 or 9 but I remember that show too! She played sweet Daisy.

Marie on

Omg!! I’ve been waiting for this!!! 🙂 so excited for jj and neve! Could their little boy be anymore gorgeous? Congrats!!!

Anonymous on

Marie- Where did you hear the baby is a boy? Just curious! Anyway, the baby is adorable, and I hope we hear the name and gender soon! 🙂

gigi on

People are always bringing their babies to places where they are uncomfortable.

jenni on

You’re so right!!!! Every infant should be kept indoors, inside their own home, at all times, until they are 5! No, wait, until they are 10!

You probably complain about noisy toddlers, messy kindergarteners, and rowdy teens, and have no clue what an @ss you are!!

Rusty on

I take it this isn’t a photo released by the parents. How intrusive, breaching new parents’ privacy to in order to scoop the competition. Best Wishes to the parents, but I’m assuming this isn’t the way they wanted their child introduced to the world.

claire on

I thought there was an article stating it was a boy, but maybe I’m wrong…

What a cute child. It’s also nice to have celebrities keep this stuff on the down low, as opposed to announcing it 5 seconds after their baby is born.

claire on

@ Anonymous, wasnt there an article where she said she was having a boy? I could mistaken though, but I thought I knew she was having a boy…

Tara on

If you check out her imdb page the name and gender of the baby is their and it is a boy and his name is caspian

Ava on

He’s so cute! Reminds me of Hilary Duff’s baby.

Sunshine on

@Rusty being that they are obviously at a public beach where people are sure to recognize them and want to snap photos, I don’t see how you would say someone’s breaching their privacy. Many celebrities have found ways to keep their children hidden until they are ready for the world to see them. I’m sure they could have done the same.

Anyways…beautiful baby!!!

Norah on

Oh gosh, that makes me a little nervous. A newborn does not need to be at the beach in this hot heat… Yikes.

jenni on

Yeah, newborns aren’t used to living in 98.6′ environments at all… Going to the breezy beach in the summer with an infant is practically child endangerment… They should all be kept indoors with air conditioners set at 72′ at all times!!! That’s safe.

Ash on

So, is all that you’re going to do, Jenni, is comment back to anyone that has a differing opinion then you? All you’ve done is criticize folks who are only saying that they don’t think a baby should be in the heat. Are you a mom? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? With SIDS, infants are more likely to die from overheating then from being to cold. But since you know everything, you probably already knew that, right??? Quit camping out and defending people you don’t even know with ridiculous arguments. No one is saying they’re bad parents, they just are saying they wouldn’t take their baby to the beach.

Hasn’t school started for you yet, anyway?

Maria on

Hey, Jenni:
You seem like a miserable ” Debbie downer”! Goodness, you have got issues. This is People, not some serious/critical message board. Relax, and possibly work on yourself, please!!

jenni on

WTF? Don’t have anything better to do, “ladies”…? Walmart is selling brand new senses of humor… Go check it out. And the new edition of “The Complete Guide to Sarcasm!” is on sale, too.

And, btw, I have kids. We live at the beach, go all the time, with infants, no less. Obviously, we are very wealthy and educated morons for doing so… LOL.. this sh*t made my day. I need to go work on myself now. Ha!

Bree on

@gigi and how exactly can you tell the baby is uncomfortable? My daughter makes the same face when she is yawning. She LOVES the beach as do her cousins, one of whom is only three weeks older than her.

Why do people need to make assumptions that just because their child doesn’t like certian places no baby likes to be there, or better yet, people who don’t even have kids and are just going on something random they heard.

Anyway, Congrats to Neve and JJ, such a cutie pie!!

Anonymous on

claire- I don’t think they ever said anything offically about the gender of their baby (or whether or not they’d even found out). I wouldn’t doubt that a tabloid or two claimed they were having a boy, though!

Bree- Exactly! The baby may have also been having a little gas or doing something in his/her diaper. It may have even been something as simple as a tag or something else in his/her clothing causing some discomfort. Newborns get fussy for all sorts of reasons, and it’s rarely because they don’t like a place! 🙂

a oliverlane on

Congrats, they’ll announce soon enoughor a family member will “slip”

They aren’t the 1st not to.. isn’t there a celeb that hasn’t announced their child’s name yet after several years..the star’s name is escaping me now….

kasia on

poor woman, she can’t even relax with her baby in the beach, creeps paparazzi follows…

Marie on

I’m not trying to start anything but, all of u need to rethink ur comments about the baby being in the heat. Neve and JJ made sure their son was under an UMBRELLA! Not laying in the sun. You guys need to take a chill pill. 😒

kriss on

Agree with Gigi and Norah. Too hot and these babies shouldn’t be in the sun at the beach even if cloudy. Their skin is too delicate. Most babies skin peels for a while. What are you going to put sunscreen on the baby…no because they are too little. Some of these moms! the baby would rather be home. But these ridiculous moms want to try to be at the beach with their newborn…trying to look skinny for a picture so it looks like they are back in shape already. Very sad. Be protective of your baby. I’m a fan of Neve but be responsible.

Denise on

Congratulations, the baby is beautiful. All the best to you all.

Anonymous on

Agree with you Gigi. That kid looks so unhappy. Get it home where its comfortable and cool…. dumb….

KGP on

@Der Kaiser, I’m the kind of idiot takes a newborn to the beach. I took a family vacation with my parents, sister, nephews and my own two boys when my baby was two weeks old last summer. We had a lovely time — the baby stayed in the shade and napped wonderfully in his stroller in the fresh air. So thanks for your judgment.

Nikita on

What a sweet photo! Love her!!!

Heather on

I think it’s great to get out of the house with a newborn. Babies are born on islands every day and somehow they are just fine. My baby was born in South Florida in the summer. Impossible to avoid the sun and heat. We went to the beach. It’s good for mama and baby to get outside. The air inside most homes is more polluted with toxins than the outdoors in most areas too. Congrats to Neve and her family!

mel on

I agree with the people who said the baby shouldn’t be at the beach. Too young. She better have a ton of sunscreen on that baby and have him/her under an umbrella too. Good luck to the little family.

Cassie on

Aww what a cutie!!

STOP judging ladies. She can do what she likes. To those saying the baby looks unhappy, ummmmm babies tend to fuss, and cry, and have gas. Chill out. Honestly, does it make you feel better about your lives to nit pick at others!?

anonymous on

Well if you would all look the baby is clearly under an umbrella and wearing a baby shirt its not like they have him/her right out smack dab in the middle of the beach without protecting it gees people get a life…… did u ever think that hey maybe it might of been cooler at the beach then at the house or in closer to the city i know when i lived in cali it was alot cooler at the beach then more inland so ya i would go to the beach…..grow up people it is only a picture of a baby at the beach let the parents make that decision on what they want to do and not want to do i am sure since it is someone famous ya’ll want to make a comment if it had not been someone famous ya’ll wouldn’t of said a thing so get over it and move and let them live their own life geesh people…..

anonymous on

Oops move on…

tlc on

So I guess babies born in the Carribean or Hawaii then, should be locked in their homes not to see the light until an appropriate cool day? Ridiculous!!!

We had our son in early summer and when he was 3 weeks old, we went on our yearly vacation to the cottage. He is now 11 and healthy as a horse. No damage from not being locked inside. Babies also need to be exposed to germs so that their immunity builds up. This told to me by my PEDIATRICIAN! So yeah, I’m sure that baby was fine.

Sheesh, no backlash when Brad and Angie took their very young twins to Vietnam or had Shiloh out and about in France in the very HOT summer now was there? Nope…

Marina on

What a darling baby. It may be a boy, but it’s as beautiful as a girl. I just watched Scream (again) last night, a real action packed horror send-up.

Chelsea on

Seriously, some of you people need to worry more about what goes on in your own lives than about celebrities that you don’t even know. I am sure none of you would appreciate people making comments about how you raise your children or live your life, would you?

J on

To Der Kaiser: Ever think that she might be under an umbrella??

Jessica on

@ Kriss—how is she “trying to look skinny for a picture so it looks like they are back in shape already” when it’s the papparazzi that are following her to take pictures?!?! it’s not like she’s posing—you can’t even see her figure! What a stupid thing to say.

And the woman can take her child wherever she chooses—the baby is covered AND under an umbrella! Give her a break–fresh air never harmed anyone including newborns

Guest on

That doesn’t even look like Neve

Samantha Miller on

Does anyone know where she delivered and who her doctor was?

Whoknows on

I guess Im wondering here, if you all who are berating her for taking her baby out to beach…actually do have any kids!!! What do you all do, keep your kids indoors all the time! Get a grip here, they have a life too even if you all dont! She wasnt intruded upon, she was at a public beach, she knows the rules being a celebrity, people will notice you and they WILL take pictures! The baby will be fine, looks as if they are under shade anyhow…..

cn tower on

Samantha Miller, are you for real??

Anja on

Babies skin doesn’t peel after birth. Vernix is a coating that comes off after they’re bathed, anyway. Vernix isn’t their skin peeling off.

TJ on

Beautiful Baby, but I don’t think that’s the place to take a newborn…kinda hot!

Dallas tx on

Re:Samantha Miller: yeah, who was her doctor, where did she deliver, what time did her water break, when did she have her first contraction??? Really??? Get a freakin life!

heather on

mel, shows how much you don’t know. newborns shouldn’t be slathered in sunscreen, ever.

Anonymous on

Adorably baby! Very happy for Neve.

Charli on

The photogs never give celebrities a chance to be in public and just enjoy it. Still, congrats to her and her mate.

jaci on

i have to say im always secretly relieved to see babies are oblivious to their status>> they cry just like any other baby born to any other mom, famous or not. dont care if the cameras are on them ; ) this is such a cute pic….a typical mommy trying to console her crying baby….

Alli on

Wow. So many nasty people attacking others, attacking this new mom. Nothing wrong with sitting with your babe in the shade at the beach… Jeez.

Anonymous on

tlc- Mostly I agree with you, but as far as Angie and Brad taking the twins to Vietnam, I fail to see the comparassion. If you’re referring to the quote from Angie in the interview with the twins’ first photoshoot, yes, she DID say that they “owed Vietnam a visit” because Pax was overdue.

However, there is no evidence that they actually did go that year, and in fact it was only last year that we finally saw them doing so. I DO see your point, though. 🙂

Anonymous on

anonymous (comment number 31 if I counted correctly)- Exactly! My family has a cottage by a river, and on hot days it’s actually cooler on the beach than it is indoors (granted, we don’t have air conditioning there). Not only that, but it is, on average, actually a few degrees cooler where our place is situated than it is in the town (which is just up the hill).

So yes, the beach IS often cooler than other places, due to the breeze that’s often coming off the water.

Also, I saw other pictures from this site over at PopSugar, and noticed two things:

1. The baby appears to be happy and even smiling (although I’m sure it was just gas or something else, since he or she appears to be only a few weeks old and therefore not old enough for “social smiling”!) in a few of them, indicating that s/he was NOT uncomfortable at the beach (or if s/he was, it was only a temporary discomfort).

and 2. Neve clearly hasn’t lost all her baby weight yet, refuting the claims by some posters that she was trying to get photographed “looking skinny” (if she’s in a bikini while still have a bit of a tummy, obviously she isn’t ashamed that she doesn’t completely have her pre-baby body back yet!).

Anonymous on

Oh and in regards to Samantha Miller’s comment, I’m pretty sure she was just joking (likely poking fun at the fact that we often seem to want to know a little too much about celebrities’ private lives!). 😉

Shenae on

Yikes – look at Neve’s acne!

I wouldn’t take my newborn to the beach either. Thankfully he/she is under the umbrella, but what about the sand that may get blown in his/her face? And wind chapping?

jackie2830 on

Congrats! He’s a cutie………..but what’s his name???????

jenny on

Note the big white pole in the photo?? Could that be an umbrella? And to the sunscreen goers, the baby sunscreen that I am familiar with is not intended for babies under 6 months of age. Not saying it doesnt exist, just my experience. Some of you people are just plain dumb..

Anonymous on

Aww, congrats to Neve and JJ. Considering that they still haven’t revealed the sex of their baby, it’s clear they wouldn’t like have the paps intrude, but this snapshot of the baby is just precious. He/she’s beautiful.

Anonymous on

Honey Boo Boo- Babies aren’t supposed to be attractive. They aren’t adults who are looking for dates, after all! What they ARE supposed to be is adorable….which this baby is (and even if s/he wasn’t, you don’t say things like that about an innocent baby!)!

MiB on

My nephew was born during a heat wave and hardly enyone has air conditioning where I live. The beach was way cooler than our homes, so that is where he spent the first week of his life, under an umbrella off course! (And they are obviously sitting under an umbrella, the pole is clearly visible and they are under shade judging by the light on objects in fornt of the picture.)

Congratulations to Neve and JJ!