Lily Aldridge and Caleb Followill Introduce Daughter Dixie Pearl

08/19/2012 at 07:00 PM ET
Courtesy Lily Aldridge

Meet Dixie Pearl Followill!

On Saturday, Lily Aldridge tweeted a photo of husband Caleb Followill holding their 8-week-old daughter as the model mama offers a toy.

“Glad everyone liked our family pic,” Aldridge, 26, writes. “She’s our angel!”

The Followill family is rapidly expanding — the Kings of Leon frontman’s brother Nathan and wife Jessie Baylin are set to welcome their first child in December, while brother Jared proposed to Martha Patterson in May. Cousin Matthew and wife Johanna Bennett are already parents to son Knox, 16 months.

Aldridge and Followill, 30, were married on May 12, 2011.

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Emily Constantine on

Thank you for sharing! Beautiful girl!

Hope to see y’all out on the road soon. Cause y’all are “THE KINGS WE WANT TO SEEEEeeeee”. Love, Em

Emry on

Dixie Pearl? They never gave her a chance, poor kid.

Mop on

Nice to see that they are all married before having kids. Very rare in Hollywood these days.

Crick on

Lol. They weren’t married the first time she got pregnant. She just miscarried.

Marriage or not, kids are the bigger commitment. With a 55% failure rate you can’t advocate marriage as this sure fire way for commitment and family.

Lily on

I’m sure she’s beautiful, but that’s a terrible name for a girl to endure.

Anonymous on

AWWW, what a cutie! And for what it’s worth, I think Dixie is a beautiful name (and if she doesn’t like it when she’s older, she can always go by Pearl!)!

Tonya on

Pearl? Even worse:)

Charli on

not really a face shot but a great pic. Happy for them!!!

Catca on

It’s a beautiful picture of a family enjoying time together. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous on

Shes pretty

Leslie on

That is such a sweet photo. Just radiates happiness.

Kara on

Wow. Hideous name. Sounds like an old lady. Not even a decent middle name to fall back on… 😦

chelsea on

You can’t even see her face. So i guess she has a cute ear?

jojo` on

@crick- why would you “LOL” in the same breath when speaking of one’s miscarriage?? seems like an odd, almost evil thing to giggle while saying… and no one mentioned anything about marriage. how about instead of trying to stir the pot when nothing is cooking, you post your sweet sentiments or move on?

for what it’s worth, i know three dixie’s- a teen, a 20- something and a 30-something. all three are happy with their names. the teen dixie absolutely adores her unique name, a nod to her heritage that her parents passed on. i doubt their little dixie will dislike her name as much as some people seem to think..

Meredith on

This is to your comment to Crick. It sounds to me that she is either really mean and hateful or jealous. I can’t believe she laughed either when she mentioned miscarriage.

jeff on

congrats on your new daughter you guys!

and for you haters… I’m sure Caleb and Lily just can’t sleep at night worrying about what you rude losers think about what they named their daughter.

vgrly on

@JoJo Where are you frome? Because the only Dixie I know is a Dixie cup.

Gloria on

These names are getting more and more ridiculous. Dixie Pearl…..go figure!

fanofboardwalkempire on

thank you for sharing such a wonderful family photo! the baby Dixie Pearl looks just beautiful! congratulations to everyone and wishing the family many years of good health and lots of happiness!

Jen on

It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful daughter. Didn’t stop Dixie Carter from doing whatever she wanted to do. God bless the family.

Anonymous on

JoJo- Actually, a commentor called “Mop” DID say that it’s nice to see that they were married before having kids. So marriage WAS mentioned before Cricket commented!

That being said, I agree with you completely! A miscarriage is no laughing matter!

Kara on

Exactly, Jen.

Dixie Carter, is, what–75 years old?

I get that the trend is to name baby girls old lady names. I’m just not a huge fan of said trend. That’s all. To each their own…

MommaBia on

Kara just wondering what they should have named the baby? Kaylee, Haley, Baileigh…I can’t tell u how often I hear these names! It’s nice to hear names that are more original…maybe it’s a family name?

Kara on

No, trendy names are annoying, too. If I hear of another Ava, Isabella, Emma, or Olivia, I think I’ll cry.

Classic, not overused, not too masculine (Maxwell? Ugh!!) but not a grandma name would get my vote. Im talking “old” grandma: Mabel, Gertrude, Eleanor, Harriet, etc. Those are just bad.
There are tons of good girl names out there, IMO. I guess what makes a “good” name is in the opinion of the parent.

Anonymous on

Kara- Old ladies were once babies too, you know. 😉

Deme on

Congratulations! A happy family photo, really good.