Jennie Finch Is Expecting a Daughter

08/18/2012 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Jennie Finch

It’ll be a girl for Jennie Finch!

The Olympic softball star has announced that the baby she and husband Casey Daigle expect in January will be their first daughter.

Finch — who broke the news of her third pregnancy in her PEOPLE blog — teased the happy surprise Friday evening, tweeting a photo captioned, “A little family ice cream celebration night! Celebrating some exciting news!”

She built more suspense Saturday, tweeting, “Drum roll! Our exciting news yesterday was… We’re gonna have… It’s a…” before providing a link to a photo of sons Diesel, 14 months, and Ace, 6, officially breaking the news.

“I love my boys, and I just didn’t feel like I was finished having babies, so this pregnancy is truly another blessing,” Finch, 31, wrote in her blog.

— Sarah Michaud

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Lola on

Congrats, that’s going to be one protected little girl with two older brothers! Their oldest son is very handsome šŸ™‚

Jen on

So? And? Why would anyone care unless you’re them or their family? Pregnant women crack me up, they act like they’re the only ones to ever have a baby. I had FOUR, so there!

Anonymous on

Well if you didn’t care, why did you click in the story or comment on it?

Just Me on

Jen, are you SERIOUS?! She’s simply sharing exciting news! You don’t need to criticize! I bet YOU were just as excited. Just think before you speak. You sound so rude and arrogant. Keep it to yourself. CONGRATS JENNIE!! šŸ™‚ I bet she’ll be adorable šŸ™‚

Just Me on

Jen, you sound like the most stuck up, arrogant person. What did Jennie do to deserve that? Have you ever met her? I think not. Just be quiet. I bet Jennie will have the cutest baby ever. Congrats Jennie šŸ™‚

nicole on

How cool is that!!! Congrats to the whole Finch/Dagle family!!!!

Jen… really? Jealous much? Drink a bit too much HaterAde? Geez Louise… Go pout in the corner some place!

Barbara on

Someone like Jen sits in front of the computer in stained stretched sweats, stuffing her face with Twinkies and Diet Coke while waiting for a child support check from the 4th baby daddy. Ignore the troll.

Congratulations to Jennie on the AWESOME news of a little girl on the way! She’s definitely been blessed with a wonderful husband and two great sons, and I’m sure a beautiful little lady to round out the group. šŸ™‚

Laurie on

Congratulations to the Daigle family!!! What a blessing to you & your family. She will be a beautiful baby girl.

jill diaz on

Jen you sound like a Bitch

JessicaB on

i didn’t even know softball was an olympic sport.

charly on

Its not… anymore

Nia on

Congrats Jennie!! A baby is the biggest blessing in anyones life šŸ™‚

Jen u r a sad patheitc woman who needs to lay off. If ur miserable with urself thats fine. Just dnt try to ruin another persons excitement cux ur a bitter old hag

Rosey on

Wow, didn’t know that announcing an expected baby’s gender meant that you thought you were the only one in the world who can ever have a baby. Thanks Jen!!

Heather on

If their little girl turns out to be even half as cute as those two darling little boys, watch out! What cute, cute boys!! Congrats on your upcoming pink bundle! I bet she’ll be super precious!

And Jen, really? Jennie is excited about her pregnancy and her children, which most mommies are. Get over yourself.

bh on

She’s excited now but will soon find out boys are better.

Anonymous on

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! Jennie was needed in a little girl in her male world!!! And this girl will be protected by three main men of her life!!!! BIG CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ALL THIS FAMILY!!!!!

Cinder Lou on

Jen, not sure why you even commented on Jennie’s news. You have four children to take care of. What are they doing while you are wasting time reading People Magazine articles on the computer?

Congrats Jennie, Casey and boys! Think pink!

Tee Tee on

Aw, a daughter! That’s exciting! Congratulations!

MollyF on

I’m not condoning what Jen said, but geez people, talk about bullying someone. What give you the right to trash jen for stating her opinion? Yeah, it wasn’t nice, but going after her personally is rude and uncalled for.

Great news about the baby girl. šŸ™‚

charly on

I agree with u

JDB on

JessicaB-Softball used to be an Olympic sport, along with baseball. After 2008, they removed both as Olympic sports. Currently, baseball and softball are trying to get added back.

janb55 on

Congrats to the Daigle family from a Rochester Red Wings fan.

Holiday on

Congrats! Im sure she is beyond excited to have a girl after 2 boys! I had a boy first and soooo badly wanted a girl for my 2nd and did get my girl! bh I bet you are just jealous you dont have a sweet daughter! Girls are amazing and a mother daughter relationship is something all women should experience.

Krystin on

Congratualtions!!!! Hopefully she follows in your footsteps!!! Softball = ā¤

Jenn on

Funny how some people don’t care but yet, here you are reading and commenting. Grow up.

Erika on

Bh- I find it really sad that you find one gender ‘better’ than another. You must be really closed minded. Girls actually can play sports and do things other than cook and clean. Boys can play dress up and like pink and do things commonly thought of as ‘girls’ things. You should treat children as individuals, not as the gender they are born as.

That being said, I do think it’s nice for Jennie to have a little girl. There is definitely a very special mother/daughter relationship (and a father/daughter relationship too, for her husband) that is wonderful to experience. I’m sure her sons are excited to have a sister, and the announcement picture is really adorable!

bh on

Well, I have 2 girls and 2 boys and the girls are wonderful but a lot more work than my sons. That’s all I was saying but I guess I should have worded it better. I love all my children.

Someone You Know on

I love how they announced that…very sweet.

Congrats and many blessings to the family and their little angel!

Traxie on

God, I can’t wait to see what dreadful “unisex” (ie masculine) name she foists on that poor girl.

Anonymous on

MollyF- I couldn’t agree more! We don’t know anything about Jen, so to assume that her four kids each have a different father, that she lives off child support, that’s she’s fat, etc. is downright cruel!

And the assumption that she ignores her kids while she’s on the computer just makes me laugh. If the person who wrote that has kids themself, than they are being a HUGE hypocrit (since obviously they, too, are on the computer and not with their kids!)!

I mean, geesh, people! Have we really forgotten how to disagree with someone without ripping them to shreds?!

Anyway, congrats to Jennie and her husband. I’ll bet they’re so happy to finally be having a girl (not that they don’t love their boys!)! šŸ™‚

straightup on

Jen, you sound like a very self absorbed person, I know people like you and I wish I didn’t. That being said, congratulations to the family and enjoy your beautiful little girl.

KC on

@Jen…Who peed in your cheerios that you had to be a b!tch? What have you done that’s so great? Are you an actress or somebody that has been in the Olympics? No, that means nobody cares about your life or how many kids you had. She announced it on her blog and is excited about having a girl. How is that acting like she’s the only one to have a baby when there’s a cute picture of her boys announcing the sex of the baby?

@Molly.. Why people are being negative to her is because she’s being a b!tch. She acts like Jennie is acting like she’s the only one to have a baby when she’s not. She’s just excited and Jen is bashing her for that. Plus Jennie is in the spotlight after the Olympics. What makes Jen think anybody cares about her life when she hasn’t done anything like Jennie or work as an actress.?

Roxanne on

Congrats to you Jennie on your pending arrival. I’m sure she will be a cutie. Hey Jen. Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

jessicad on

That’s so awesome, congrats to them! The boys look so cute and excited!

Anonymous on

I wonder what they are going to name this kid

Sydney on

Congrats she is my idol i love her and jen u suck and i bet ur kids dont like u that much

SSM on

Everyone has a right to be excited over every baby. And it’s a celebrity baby website–wouldn’t it be a little weird if celebrities weren’t allowed to glow happily about their babies here?

Brittany on

Okay seriously . Some of you need to grow up !

Congrats to Jennie and her new baby girl !! I’m so excited ! Maybe one day I’ll be watching her in the Olympics ! (:

Vanessa on

I wish someone who stick a dynamite up Holiday’s a** already and light the mothereffer.

Siera on

Congratulations to Jennie and her family šŸ™‚

@Holiday Please stop insinuating that every woman longs to have a baby girl. That may be your dream but it is not everyone’s. Thanks.

Isabel on

Congratulations! She has a beautiful family.

Holiday, please don’t speak for every woman. While you may have been desperate for a daughter, not everyone is. I actually longed for a son, had two, and now my family’s complete.

Nancy on

Wow…Some people can be so rude.Congrs. on your exciting news.Despite what some people say,it is exciting to find out and share the news that your having a boy/gorl.Also,boy are not better then girls.They are both great.

Lisa on

BREAKING NEWS: I just did a load of laundry!

This really could have gone under a typical posting without the ‘breaking news’ banner. Im happy for them and all, but this seems a bit overkill. šŸ˜‰

Holiday on

Vanessa you seem like a real classy lady ….I’m hoping you are just an immature teenager but you are probably just a jealous mom of all boys who longs for a daughter. In that case I feel bad for you

sharon on

Aaaw…congrats!!! I’m sure she will be very spoiled and protected by her big brothers!

Jen, go crawl back under the rock you came from.

Vanessa on

Wrong as usual, Holiday. It must be painful to being so stupid. But with that said, I feel awful for your poor son. Always getting the shit end of the stick. Hopefully he’ll find a wife to show him the love and adoration he deserves since it’s evident he never gets it from you.

sharon on

My God Holiday. Why do you dislike boys so much? Every baby is a blessing. Jeez. I actually know many women who PREFER boys. And no i am not a jealous woman who doesnt have a daughter. I do not have any children yet, but would love either sex just as much.

Holiday on

Sharon I never once said anything about disliking boys. Do oh have a problem reading or comprehending?

Holiday on

My kids are equally loved and spoiled. After having a boy I really wanted a girl…. Just like all of my friends and family did when they had boys first. I’m sorry you don’t get to know what it’s like to have a daughter…. Are you one of those moms of tons of boys who get looks of pity all the time?

Isabel on

Holiday, why would people pity a person for having all boys? You can have just as special of a bond with a son as you can with a daughter. What an odd comment to continue to make.

Holiday on

Yes you can Isabel and I know that since I have a son that I adore. However my friends with all boys get comments all the time and looks of pity. Most people think boys are the loud, rowdy and hard children so moms with many boys get looks and comments like ” better you than me!” ” I don’t pity you one bit ” I was just at the county fair this after noon with my son and daughter. We met my friend who has 3 rowdy and wild boys there and I saw the looks and comments she got.

meghan on

“Vanessa you seem like a real classy lady ā€¦.Iā€™m hoping you are just an immature teenager but you are probably just a jealous mom of all boys who longs for a daughter. In that case I feel bad for you”

Holiday, you have the mentality of a junior high school girl. Jealous? Really? Maybe she just doesn’t think one should make blanket declarations like they are an expert in all things.

Vanessa on

You really are strange, Holiday. It’s odd how you obsess over people’s family gender makeup. Apparently having a daughter hasn’t cured you of being a twat. Fingers double crossed she doesn’t follow in your footsteps.

With that said, I’m not sure why you keep assuming I have all boys or any children for that matter, but okay. Your distaste for boys always sticks out in posts and I genuinely feel awful for your kid.

If you think girls crap out glitter and rainbows, you are sorely mistaken. Not all girls are angels and not all boys are loud and obnoxious. Sorry you feel that way about your son. Poor kiddo.

Anonymous on

Holiday- The other posters are right. Not every woman wants a daughter, just like not every man wants a son! It’s fine that you longed for a daughter after you had your son, but please understand that not everyone does, and that you can’t speak for everyone!

Anonymous on

Vanessa- Holiday never said she thinks that about her son. She said that, in her experience, OTHER PEOPLE tend to feel that way about boys.

She also said that she loves her son just as much as her daughter, and spoils both her children equally. I don’t agree with her comments either, but at the end of the day it’s up to her son to decide whether his mom prefers his sister over him, not a bunch of strangers on an Internet message board!


ACTUALLY… for those of you who dont know her.. she is truly and inspiring woman. I grew up with her as my idol.. my role model.. eveything I ever wanted to be as I played softball and went on to college to play.. and guess what… I MET THE WHOLE USA TEAM !!!! I held the OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS AROUND MY NECK (they are heavy) !!!

This little girl is going to be very well taken care of.. and hopefully one day she will shine just like her mother!! Those of you who act like you don’t care.. just want to be in the spotlight. I wouldnt want to be in the limelight.. as I wouldnt want every little thing I do to be on the news and for people to bash me.. LIKE YOU DO !!

Congrats Jennie.. I know she is going to be just like you for other girls to look up to one day just as I did as a child! May God Bless You and Your Family !

Vanessa on

Anon, apparently you don’t read her other posts. I’ll leave it at that. My stance still stays.

Lorelei on

Congratulations on their little girl! She’s going to have two fantastic older brothers!

sharon on

No, Holiday, i dont have a problem reading or comprehending. It is just obvious that you have a problem with boys…apparently I’m not the only one who sees it. Why do you think moms of boys want pity? I have a friend who has a son and is hoping for another. She feels girls are harder to raise, but if she had one, she will love her just as much. Also, you can say the same thing for moms of all girls who want a boy…there are moms out there who want a son.

Abbie on

That is great, soooo happy for them!

Jen DC on

Don’t bother replying to Holiday. She can’t imagine any life being as perfect or as wanted as her own – lacks empathy that way. If you don’t have siblings, even if you’re a perfectly happy and unspoiled only child, she’s crying for you. If you have boys but no girls, she’s crying for you. If you have a sibling with whom you don’t get along, Holiday’s crying for you; her sister’s her best friend. You’re not an attachment parent? Holiday’s kids haven’t been out of her sight since they were born and you’re an abuser and a bad mother for letting yours go.

Holiday is very much her way or the highway…

Vanessa on

Wish I could “like” Jen DC’s comment a thousand times.

sharon on

So just to prove Holiday doesnt like boys like everyone says, i went back to other posts. Read the one on Nick Lachey. That confirmed what everyone thinks. Boys are a consolation prize? Wow. Plus she is a liar. In this post she said she had a boy first and hoped for a girl the second time. In that post she said she had a girl first and everyone wished she had a second. I really feel sorry for her son. So sad.

Alyssa on

Congratulations Jennie I bet Ace and Diesel are over the moon excited about them getting a little sister and Jen lay off of Jennie Finch she’s a great mom to her kids and to the little one on the way